Hunting INVASIVE Iguanas! Catch Clean Cook (2 Amazing Iguana Recipes)

28-Sen, 2020
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*** Iguanas are invasive and highly encouraged by the FWC to be removed from our ecosystem. Everything you see in this video abides with FWC's laws and animals were dispatched humanely***
Green Iguanas are highly invasive reptiles that were introduced to South Florida as part of the pet trade. People released them into the wild after they became too big to be kept as pets. They have flourished in South Florida for decades now and are becoming a huge problem for farmers, homeowners and causing structural damage as well. There is no season for iguanas and no limit as to how many you can harvest. They are impossible to eradicate completely, but keeping their numbers down is important for Floridas natural ecosystem to stay in check. Iguanas are a great lean protein source often consumed in Mexico , Central and South America. They are delicious if prepared properly! We made our iguana into fried iguana legs and iguana sliders. To learn more about iguana hunting in Florida:
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    Landshark OutdoorsLandshark Outdoors21 kun oldin
    • I have a air hawk elite 2 and I wanna go iguana hunting for food as well where can I go

      Jones DoeJones Doe16 kun oldin
    • Python hunting next?

      Chad Seraph FernendesChad Seraph Fernendes19 kun oldin
    • Vic you have to try Iguana Soup. Here in Aruba the traditional is iguana soup.

      D_ sportfishingD_ sportfishing19 kun oldin
    • You made yangneyom iguana wings

      thadius barnelsnatchthadius barnelsnatch21 kun oldin
    • I just started an IG the other week, and I followed both you and Yames. Follow back if yall want. Same username as on here. 🤘🏻

      MudRunner2005MudRunner200521 kun oldin
  • Maybe the difference in toughness on the legs was the difference in between the front legs and the back legs just a thought though

    Stevie DeLauderJrStevie DeLauderJr16 soat oldin

  • We had to protect them in our country because they almost got wiped out it would be a good thing if there's a way to return them back to belize to make the population what it used to be. Iguanas.

    Teres AndersonTeres Anderson9 kun oldin
  • Mini whisk!!!

    Brandon RinehartBrandon Rinehart10 kun oldin
    • P.s. Iguana sausage sammiches looked bomb. 🦎

      Brandon RinehartBrandon Rinehart10 kun oldin
  • You shouldn't take the green ones. They aren't ripe yet ;-)

    Ab17Ab1711 kun oldin
  • James looks...he swings.....he got under that one!!!!!'s gone!...HOME RUN, HOME RUN!, Home run!!!!!

    Greg KerrGreg Kerr12 kun oldin
  • My freind has a iguana there cool looking

    Patrick rashPatrick rash13 kun oldin
  • In my country there were millions of invasive green iguanas, if killed one youd get a dollar, i dint do it but its sad

    ReMarQableReMarQable14 kun oldin
  • I dislike so much how ppl get all in their feels about iguanas. I own an iguana, it’s far different from them being in your home and relying on you than being invasive in the wild destroying ecosystems. Sometimes it’s what you have to do and the fact that you don’t waste the animal just makes it better.

    Unity DissUnity Diss14 kun oldin
  • Hey guys! I love your channel, you’re a true Slav🤣 (why should I pay for my food when I can catch it) ((or grow it))🤣🤣 I love the iguana series bcs you can catch them as much as you can... no such thing in Europe😢 no invasive species here... better then Mcdonalds😆 you guys... best regards from Croatia... btw VEGETA is from Croatia

    Marko SeguljaMarko Segulja14 kun oldin
  • Looks delicious!

    Luz PizarroLuz Pizarro15 kun oldin

    Pearl's KoffeePearl's Koffee15 kun oldin
  • Will have a much different perspective when I take Mr. Z (my 4 ft green ig) on his walk this afternoon.

    M BM B15 kun oldin
  • The food looked wonderful, but I have to say that shooting towards occupied dwellings is a big no-no, and I hope to god you do not encourage this.

    Dave JonesDave Jones15 kun oldin
  • Shooting and not concerned about BACKGROUND

    links B460links B46015 kun oldin
  • @yames2 Rodney gonna get a strongly worded email from me requesting Iguana be put on the Sassafras menu, how much more southern can ya get?!

    Justin ChiatJustin Chiat16 kun oldin
  • Hey guys I love your channel and videos fishing catch cook and clean but most of all I love to EAT lol Uhm the iguanas I love to eat to especially stewed with rice and whatever else. Something else I'd like to say I love the hat u were wearing while catching the iguanas, keep it up and I'll keep watching 👍 P.s those iguana burgers looked so delicious and the fried wings 👍perfect , I love to cook and I have to try these recipes that I saw on your video. Great job guys

    Mr CommentMr Comment16 kun oldin
  • Yes Victor, you would never know they were iguanas, well I safely say that is the only way anyone's going to get me to eat them

    Ohtoobe!! Fishin!!Ohtoobe!! Fishin!!16 kun oldin
  • Do you think these species are gonna get so out of hand that Florida pays people to kill them

    Chimpkin with 1k subsChimpkin with 1k subs16 kun oldin
  • you guys should try to catch a mackerel and just barbecue it until the skin is almost burnt or burnt and just add lime after with raw onion.(only season with SALT, no preparation needed just barbecue it).DONT FILLET IT! barbecue it whole. gut it tho

    Texas Jeremy LoTexas Jeremy Lo16 kun oldin
  • Nothing worst than commercials, now we have to hear you yap about your fucking sponsor .

    Isaac RasconIsaac Rascon16 kun oldin
  • Chewy iguanas

    GYoloMac15GYoloMac1517 kun oldin
  • My dad told me that when he use to hunt and eat iguanas and armadillo when out range riding growing up and they would spend days out and eventually they would get tried of eating dry meat or run out of meat.

    DAVID BernalDAVID Bernal17 kun oldin
  • I can’t imagine how many more they could of gotten if everyone had their own pellet gun

    DAVID BernalDAVID Bernal17 kun oldin
  • Awesome content!!! Keep it Up!!! Lovely

    Marine Biodiversity and AquacultureMarine Biodiversity and Aquaculture18 kun oldin
  • Wood caliber pellet gun are you using

    Jazzy BellJazzy Bell18 kun oldin
  • Thanks for another fantastic video! I want to share with you and James a couple methods I invented for cutting up mangoes. Unfortunately I only have one of them on video, as I let yet another mango season slip by without filming the new and improved method. These are better if you want big chunks, so not as important for slaw, but you might prefer to peel last better after trying this. I'm attempting to add a link, but idk if that works in comments. I wish I could be as charismatic as you are on camera...maybe one day with enough practice lol.

    Michael AdlerMichael Adler18 kun oldin
  • The males have femoral pores, dots running on the inside of their thighs. Females don’t but you can often feel the eggs inside them. Females do not have dorsal spines. Males are usually more attractive, in iguanas,😉 and have large dewlaps, or the skin under their chin.

    Anneka BrimhallAnneka Brimhall18 kun oldin
  • Probably the difference between the front legs in the back legs

    Charlie SmithCharlie Smith19 kun oldin
  • Hawaii is starting to have a tons of iguanas. I’m pretty sure we’re going have to start hunting them too

    Kelz 808Kelz 80819 kun oldin
  • He made those creatures look so Delicious. I like the ingredients he used for marinating and cooking the fish and igs. Would've been funny to see the skinned tails wiggle after you've cut them off...weird, but funny. 😆 😆 😆

    Ron Parcke-WmsRon Parcke-Wms19 kun oldin
  • What's unethically illegal are your Marxist leaning politicians making illegal to have iguanas as pets recently passed. Only Dems and some RINOs would would pass unconditional laws as such to restrict your freedoms to more govt control just as thr Marxist mindset is similar to cuba, china, venezuela.

    Ron Parcke-WmsRon Parcke-Wms19 kun oldin
  • Re 10:57, Zack calls that the "death roll" when they cspin around when caught in a noose like that.

    Ron Parcke-WmsRon Parcke-Wms19 kun oldin
  • Dispatch them? What does that mean to you? Sounds like a radio operator's term meaning to call someone.

    Ron Parcke-WmsRon Parcke-Wms19 kun oldin
  • Yay my new favourite idiot! Ha ha damn u :D

    FishFish19 kun oldin
  • Ur such a monster ur just killing our nature

    Narendra VenkataramanappaNarendra Venkataramanappa19 kun oldin
  • Shooting towards houses???

    dan pacettidan pacetti19 kun oldin
  • Awesome video Vick, it's amazing how you guys make those ugly creatures look and taste so good!

    Jamie HowardJamie Howard19 kun oldin
  • Nobody from apartment calls cops

    msacco175msacco17519 kun oldin
  • This guy's videos feel like they are sponsored by the animals themselves always over selling how great the "product" really is 😂

    Adan DeLeonAdan DeLeon19 kun oldin
  • The invasive is in caps and i know why,, nice video!

    Ichai AssedoIchai Assedo20 kun oldin
  • Iguanas eat plants treated with weed killer and Florida residents poison them with antifreeze treated veggies and fruits. DO NOT EAT THEM !

    Awesome Things InvestmentsAwesome Things Investments20 kun oldin
  • Nice work!

    Boyd GilbreathBoyd Gilbreath20 kun oldin
  • Iguanas are extremely destructive. They have very few predators here. They need to be hunted to extinction here.

    Boyd GilbreathBoyd Gilbreath20 kun oldin
  • I did not watch the video, I happen to like iguanas and I love to see them all over Florida. I do have a quick question, should we be eating iguana? Apparently we learned nothing from China and their eating habits🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇

    Jody CJody C20 kun oldin
  • You could make a business up,feeding the homeless,with all that free food you catch. Now that would be a respective business adventure.

    HectorbusInspectorHectorbusInspector20 kun oldin
  • Once again you hit it out of the park Vic and Brooke 👍👍😉..loved it

    john marshalljohn marshall20 kun oldin
  • man this guy needs to open up his own restaurant, id eat there, he could make alot of money

    dan3naddan3nad20 kun oldin
    • Right?!?! I’ve impressed so many people with his recipes I can’t imagine how well he’d do as a restaurant owner.

      Unity DissUnity Diss14 kun oldin
  • Don’t change anything. Keep cooking it like your doing it. That’s why I love your videos. You come up with the best recipes.

    R. V.R. V.20 kun oldin
  • I am very disappointed that you would hunt in an urban environment with an air rifle. It is simply not safe. Modern air rifles can produce 20-30 ft-lbs of energy; pellets can bounce off of rocks and bones with low angle hits and potentially injure someone down range.

    Doug PearceDoug Pearce20 kun oldin
  • why gringos .... put so much seasoning on food .. at one point all you taste is the seasoning and not the meat

    raymond mendezraymond mendez20 kun oldin
  • I have some crab I want to use for an appetizer. Do you have a good recipe other than crab cakes you would recommend

    Steven SandersSteven Sanders20 kun oldin
  • For white boy you got a lot of soul you sure not from the Caribbean

    Willis BriceWillis Brice20 kun oldin
  • 350. BH

  • That's not cheating, Yames, buy infusing.

    Tan DoTan Do20 kun oldin
  • What do you get when you cross an iguana and a joint? Why a mariguana of coarse.

    Philip PerkinsPhilip Perkins20 kun oldin
  • I got bit by an iguana the other day made a video if u wanna check it out

    Nicolas FishiNNicolas FishiN20 kun oldin
  • You can't be doing this !!! Its illegal if it's not on your own property it's sad because now a bunch of people will start doing the same thing

    chris carterchris carter21 kun oldin
    • bruh shut up this is his job and nobody likes snitches like you

      Creety _Creety _20 kun oldin
  • Curried Iguana is much more satisfying with coconut milk,The longer you cook Iguana the better it is....

    Stay wet Bettas T&TStay wet Bettas T&T21 kun oldin
  • Love your videos. But you really should NOT be shooting any kind of gun toward a building.

    Amy De VriesAmy De Vries21 kun oldin
  • Hey, ha e you ever cooked squirrel? I have hunted them and eaten them forever and was wondering if it is similar to iguana because of the mostly vegetarian diet and toughness due to being climbers.

    Al GaitoAl Gaito21 kun oldin
  • I'd try that ...

    paco1008paco100821 kun oldin
  • I was a little disappointed you didn't share how you made the Chile Lime Mayo - awesome video! Love the Chef portion at the end!

    A1AA1A21 kun oldin
  • Lol I can't believe you're shooting towards a buildings if you miss you're going to put little tiny holes all in that aluminum porch not to mention if you hit somebody that may be out on their porch or walking out their door. I hunt for a living I am in no way against any of that but I totally am against shooting towards them houses that's crazy somebody's dog a kid anybody could walk out while you're shooting something and if you miss you could hit them.

    huntfishandeathuntfishandeat21 kun oldin
  • No windows where shot in the making of this video..... I think.... LOL

    Deeper FrequenciesDeeper Frequencies21 kun oldin
  • Buffalo have no wings... just sayin 😁

    tom genseltom gensel21 kun oldin
  • make some Iguanas salad it is yummy bro!

    Khonesavanh ChanthalimaKhonesavanh Chanthalima21 kun oldin
  • love the iguana videos. still waiting for a mullet catch and cook

    Mike YatesMike Yates21 kun oldin
  • You should tan and use the hides to make Landshark Outdoors wallets & belts!

    Alexandre TolletAlexandre Tollet21 kun oldin
  • Turkey its called a wattle

    sfdjaysfdjay21 kun oldin
    • Pretty sure it’s Wattle.

      Old Man FredOld Man Fred16 kun oldin
  • Where brooks dad i love that guy straight up honest gr8 vid b safe muh love from Barbados u n the family b safe

    cuirst cumberbatchcuirst cumberbatch21 kun oldin
  • Sick recipes! But a little thought on this: I agree with what your doing and erradicating an invasive species. No argument there. And I'm certain they're delicious too! Certainly look that way. But should it be a concern that they are herbivores and are harvested from all the backyards where f**ktards worth of pesticides are used? Will it contaminate the meat? All comments welcome. Love your vids. Keep up the great work! Thanks

    MrB7873MrB787321 kun oldin
    • @magyar127 Nah, in South FL, lawns are always getting treated with all kinds of toxic crap. Some folks have contracts for pesticide applications and some folks don't. You only know when you see the little signs out front that say "do not walk on grass until dry", but iguanas can't read. There's weed and feed, and pre-emergence herbicides, and a insecticides for the dozen different insects that eat St. Aug grass and all have to be killed all the time. I saw some herbicide-killed veg in the video, but that would be about my least concern. When I see a really pretty St. Aug lawn with nothing else growing in there, I would get worried. We put more agricultural chemicals on our lawns in this country than on any other crop. So are iguanas living in intensively-treated suburban landscapes safe to eat? That's a good question. All that stuff washes into the canals when it rains too. The state says they've done testing and that there's no problem in the fish from that stuff, just mercury, which comes from other sources. Also we get occasional blooms of toxic algae from the fertilizers.

      Michael AdlerMichael Adler18 kun oldin
    • Living in the environment that they due is one that promotes healthy vegetation growth all year and pesticides are only used on grasses and flowers when they show distress. This is different than cash crops where as soon as farmers notice any type of damaging pests they will treat the entire crop

      magyar127magyar12720 kun oldin
  • Plus chef James makes that food look good . my wife says I need to get on his level

    rene romerorene romero21 kun oldin
  • Very professional way to do business . I watch these as they post and the iguana videos are my favorite .

    rene romerorene romero21 kun oldin
  • Enjoy the Yames cooking!

    NGNG21 kun oldin
  • I like this kind of film very much. I come from Mongolia. I am a beautiful and life loving girl. I am now showing the colorful life of Mongolian people on the UZworld.

    敖红豆敖红豆21 kun oldin
  • I wish you happiness and prosperity!God bless you. I am a chef from Mongolia.

    敖红豆敖红豆21 kun oldin
  • GOD bless you with all the success in LIFE.

    敖红豆敖红豆21 kun oldin
  • I want this channel to be the best in the world.

    敖红豆敖红豆21 kun oldin
  • You guys are awesome! Gotta try incorporating some locally sourced honey. A million times better than the bear bottle.

    Alejandro TuyaAlejandro Tuya21 kun oldin
  • That’s so fkn gross ..PERIOD..that girl in the Navy Guy Harvey shirt tho.. is NOT

    CleSwag24CleSwag2421 kun oldin
  • Man if you will have me and my family i will come all the way from Australia to fish and eat with you all

    Kelvin BarlowKelvin Barlow21 kun oldin
  • The wings looked though

    Random Rivas5Random Rivas521 kun oldin
  • Love the Iguana recipes and educating the public on invasive species! Love to see Python catch and cook! Maybe people will start removing more of these from the ecosystem..

    Randy DunningRandy Dunning21 kun oldin
  • You tear brookie up like that?

    Kevin CastrilloKevin Castrillo21 kun oldin
  • Emily has better biceps than the guys lol

    Random Rivas5Random Rivas521 kun oldin
  • Hey guys thanks for agian for an amazing show and Vic you always step your game up when you cook with chef James you will be a pro soon

    Andrew IoannouAndrew Ioannou21 kun oldin
  • Gotta get me some lizard here downunder

    Aiden SnackladAiden Snacklad21 kun oldin
  • I am an experienced reptile keeper and seeing iguanas shot with a bb gun makes me queesy but I know they are a cancer on the Florida ecosystem so more power to you

    Underground Shelter MaleUnderground Shelter Male21 kun oldin
  • I appreciate all your videos but regarding cooking fish some folk just like the taste of the fish with a little salt as i do but paprika and garlic are far to strong for fish unless you like the garlic taste .They do have their uses and i have a will continue to use some of your recipes , Thanks for the uploads :-)

    Steve CSteve C21 kun oldin
  • You just continue to impress me every other video! Amazing work! Love Yames in the kitchen As I always say in every video, I just love how real this is This is definitely true entertainment My favorite channel on UZworld and I’ll always be a fan of you brookie and Yames Love y’all! Have an amazing blessed week ❤️

    Loïc SeepaulLoïc Seepaul21 kun oldin
  • Why TF are you shooting air rifles towards peoples apartments? I’m all for killing invasive species but your dumbass is hurting our hunting culture. Stick to your fishing and dexter knives.

    chbarrett22chbarrett2221 kun oldin
  • Welcome covid 20

    Blurberry FishingBlurberry Fishing21 kun oldin
  • Maybe have me come down and make Iguana Tacos or Burritos 🌯

    Berlin9 TowneBerlin9 Towne21 kun oldin
  • master chef

    Fernando penalvaFernando penalva21 kun oldin
  • You should use the carcass to for fishing bait

    Henry BHenry B21 kun oldin
  • Yames is such a natural in front of the camera! love to see him in the videos

    diexgodiexgo21 kun oldin
  • Y’all eat the lizards?

    JoeyJoey233 03JoeyJoey233 0321 kun oldin
  • Great use of what's available. Iguana burger looked delicious and the "wings" did too. Missed Mom and Dad .

    Bobby HugginsBobby Huggins21 kun oldin