Humidifiers: Simpler is better?

13-Yan, 2021
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The air. It holds water! And how much it holds matters! A lot, in fact. Sometimes we need to adjust it in the upwards persuasion. Learn why and how in this little ol’ video!
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  • “Did you just buy a humidifier and… turn that into content?” Guilty as charged! But also, it’s been a surprisingly large quality-of-life improvement for me and the topic turned out to be worthy of exploration. I look forward to all the weird towel contraptions you’ll no doubt devise! *On that note! Important extra info lies below!* I was trying to avoid describing one type of humidifier as universally better than another, but I'm not sure I succeeded. Which kind will work the best for you is very, very situational. What struck me most about the evaporative style is simply how effective it is for how simple it is. But, a thing that I totally didn't address (and I, for real, pinky-promise meant to but simply forgot) was the cooling effect of evaporative humidifiers. After all, if it's the same thing as a swamp cooler, doesn't that mean it cools a bit? Well.... kinda. It's complicated by the fact that the ability of swamp coolers to cool depends on how dry the air is, so once these things have brought the humidity up to anything appreciable, that cooling effect is very mild. But it is indeed true that the water "stole" some heat from the air in order to evaporate, so some cooling inevitably occurs. I'll talk about this more casually on Connextras:

    Technology ConnectionsTechnology Connections15 kun oldin
    • but... Alec you do not use the air conditioner for heating in winter?????.... the heat pump yes I remember correctly you called it in another video......... that releases a disgusting amount of ambient humidity into the room air ......... or only happen here where is always more than 30% ambient humidity at all times....

      Ramdileo. sysRamdileo. sys14 soat oldin
    • would it be okay to cook up a batch of HOCl to soak the moldy sponge in to disinfect the evaporative humidifiers?

      Panagis VoutsinasPanagis VoutsinasKun oldin
    • Great video. It's so weird to know that someone buys a humidifier. Where I live, in Monterrey, the geography traps a lot of humidity from the gulf of Mexico. So all year long we use dehumidifiers. Particularly in winter as gas heaters allow to have more moist in the air. If we do not use this, then everything gets mold, shoes, clothes, walls.

      RM's Head, InsideRM's Head, Inside4 kun oldin
    • Greeting fellow citizen of far northern longitude! Check this "Venta" LW45 model - neat design with less flaws then the others swamp coolers ("air washers" and so on). And thank you for as always cheerful and entertaining video!

      Ночная Школа ФотографииНочная Школа Фотографии6 kun oldin
    • Thank you for your reviews. You eloquently phase between the subjective and objective. Great work.!

      Aleron UpstillAleron Upstill7 kun oldin
  • "exotic land of walmart"

    S BS B25 daqiqa oldin
  • 24:05 Funny enough, about 40 years ago my grandparents had a humidifier like the one you describe, it had a foam sheet on a pair of rollers that dipped it in the water at the bottom of the tank, then rotated it to the top where a fan would continuously blow over it. And used in reverse in summer it would dehumidify and pull moisture out of the damp air. No idea what happened to it, though, I'd love to have it today.

    Kevin FieldsKevin Fields4 soat oldin
  • You should stop saying the air cannot hold more humidity. Although that describes what appears to happen, it is the totally wrong physical model. Think about it; air is almost all empty space. It is not filled up with water, ever. Plenty of room for more water at 100% humidity.

    Donald MiklovicDonald Miklovic8 soat oldin
  • Man, I just love the editing, pacing, charm and research you put into your videos. Even on your longest videos on niche subjects I would never even known about seem to fly by! Can you do a video on the Capitol riots? Thanks!

    Brongos PortalBrongos Portal10 soat oldin
  • How much big money did you save at Menards?

    Taylor RuizTaylor Ruiz10 soat oldin
  • I just received a large Aircare floor-console humidifier as a gift but it has a different design that address most of the complaints with the one in this video. It has a more square footprint compared to this one being rectangular-shaped. All the water is kept in a 4-gallon reservoir at the bottom without any bottles so it can run much longer without refilling. It's easily filled through a hatch that opens on the front panel using a pitcher or jug. Its float is also of a more substantial design, and it doesn't simply shut the unit off; instead, it causes it to run constantly at its lowest fan speed until the reservoir and wick are dry, then it fully shuts off. It does have the same retina-piercing blue display though, but I used a scrap of window tint to solve that problem.

    Eric BuistEric Buist11 soat oldin
  • get a BUCKET and a MOP for this Water Absorbing Matrix

    funny robotfunny robot13 soat oldin
  • I literally have a 4.5 gallon plastic dog biscuit container filled with water placed in a corner over a furnace register with a towel pinned to each wall on an angle humidifying my house. In the winter on very cold days the jug is emptied in a couple of days. Bonus, no additional energy consumption required.

    DinoDino16 soat oldin
  • Instead of your suggested pump, Philips rotates the cloth. This is a model close to the one I use at home:

    Marco JaßMarco Jaß18 soat oldin
  • Blue LEDs because Blue was a hard colour to get, which is why you never saw them in the 90s or earlier. Since blue was discovered, they use it more and more.

    Forever ComputingForever Computing18 soat oldin
  • We just put a wet piece of cloth or a jug filled with water on the radiator. Works great.

    DanielDaniel21 soat oldin
  • What does split air conditioners dry function really do? Does it cool air?

    José IndaJosé Inda21 soat oldin
  • Hey I'm pretty sure the base feels dissed. "3 parts and a base" ;)

    Justin YoungJustin Young21 soat oldin
  • I mean could you not just buy a replacement wick, dish washing pan, and put the wick in the pan with water and a fan?

    tankninja1tankninja1Kun oldin
  • My parents house had radiators. Above the radiators there were trays we would fill with water and the heat from the radiators would evaporate the water. Extremely efficient, no additional energy required to add humidity to the air .

    James OdellJames OdellKun oldin
  • The problem with the walmart and the large humidifiers is you now have expensive wicks to replace and if you dont use distilled water or live in a dusty home well then be prepared to change them out 2 times a month. I would rather use the ultrasonic type with distilled water or a home RO system at least.

    Wasteland ManWasteland ManKun oldin
  • We have 2 Venta's in our house. One big one in the living room and a smaller one in my work room. They work with a rotating wick-thing that grabs the water. They work all the time, but I have them regulated with a timer. We have air-heating. Most Dutch have central heating with pipes and radiators. It can get very dry in our house. Today it's about 38% relatively.

    The RealButcher (Peter from Holland)The RealButcher (Peter from Holland)Kun oldin
  • All the desi people who made their own coolers rise up

    SiGHT SMaSHSiGHT SMaSHKun oldin
  • Did I just hear you say "quicklyer"?

    Chris LeggeChris LeggeKun oldin
  • why not make the wicks buoyant so that they move up and down as the water level goes down? This makes the whole thing more bulky, but it should work without loosing efficiency with changing water levels too.

    Sai Surya Kiran PentapatiSai Surya Kiran PentapatiKun oldin
  • I'm convinced Chinese manufacturers add blue LEDs to products because the blue color costs more. Just like a red sports car is cooler than a blue one because of its price. A red or green LED costs about $0.02, while a blue one costs $0.30

    Jacob ErtelJacob ErtelKun oldin
  • I don't think you're crazy. I live in a place that's hot and dry all the time (desert land). A humidifier is a life saver.

    狐夢美狐夢美Kun oldin
  • just atach some floaters to the wick, as the watter level goes down, the wick goes down. You can have a tank as large as you want

    Renã SouzaRenã SouzaKun oldin
  • 25:20 better idea: place the wick on a rail, and make the wick casing buoyant so that it always floats half out of water, and just let it slide up and down freely. No complicated machinery whatsoever, you could even use a weak spring if you can't make it fully buoyant

    Ryan RRyan RKun oldin
  • Okay, I’m being totally honest here: your hair is freaking fabulous in this video. Well done!

    Strum DynastyStrum DynastyKun oldin
  • they surely didn't help with your dry humor, huh...

    it's 6884it's 6884Kun oldin
  • I was looking at Lowes recently and apparently vicks have moved to what looks more like a standard evaporative humidifier instead of the electrode boiler. Edit: upon further investigation it seems like an odd hybrid of an evaporative humidifier and a visable mist humidifier of some description. It's weird. I'm tempted to buy one to see what the deal is.

    1UpProduct1UpProductKun oldin
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    Kr BrKr BrKun oldin
  • I basically agree and use cold evaporization in my room aswell, but your energy-calculations miss a big part. You simply can't fool evaporation enthalpy. For the water evaporating (doesn't matter in which humidifier) you need to add alot of energy to it. The Vicks vaporizer simply adds it by bringing it to boiling temperature and adding more energy. This should actually heat your room aswell. The evaporative humidifiers don't offer the energy themselves but just take it from the air which, in return, cools down. So you need to run your heaters more often as they add the energy to the air that the water needs to evaporate.

    RobesRhapsodyRobesRhapsodyKun oldin
    • Oh he adresses this in the 3rd Video for humidifiers: EDIT: Oh wow he actually explains even my second comment.

      RobesRhapsodyRobesRhapsodyKun oldin
    • Nevertheless, using electric power to evaporate water directy will be less efficient than non-electric building heaters that burn fuels as the latter is more efficient itself as it did not need to be turned into electricity and heat back and forth.

      RobesRhapsodyRobesRhapsodyKun oldin
  • Probably a stupid question, but can humidifiers short circuit electronics, e.g. computers?

    RottenRrosesRottenRrosesKun oldin
  • As a deterrent to mold build up and other contaminants, shouldn't there be an air filter between the wick and the air intake? It's not a forever solution but might be the difference between a 3-month vs a 1 year replacement, and they have washable air filters.

    DeDraconisDeDraconisKun oldin
  • I'm run my dehumidifier year round. Even in the dead of Winter. If I don't, my basement walls will begin to sweat. I live in a really weird place.

    DeDraconisDeDraconisKun oldin
  • "Exotic lands of Walmart" caught me way off guard 😂😂

    Taofiq LawalTaofiq LawalKun oldin
  • DUDE. Please don't risk your channel by committing the thought crime of having an opinion about the pandemic. You're not allowed to do that, you're just supposed to do whatever Joe Biden tells you.

    jasmine2501jasmine2501Kun oldin
    • @jasmine2501 you're blaming him for the actions of UZworld, a _private corporation._ That's the dumbest thing you could have said.

      An Anthropomorphic Talking GourdAn Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd8 daqiqa oldin
    • @An Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd prosecution of thought crime regarding things like this is operational standard for UZworld for many years now. You just didn't think about what I said.

      jasmine2501jasmine250140 daqiqa oldin
    • He's been president for less than a week, the pandemic has been going on for over a year, you literally could not have said a dumber thing.

      An Anthropomorphic Talking GourdAn Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd18 soat oldin
  • Here to say I’ve been angry about blue LEDs for almost my entire life.

    SetTheCurveSetTheCurveKun oldin
  • My parents had a humidifier when I was a kid in the 80s. The wick was a belt the width of the reservoir. The fan's motor would also rotate a bar (with a step-down gear and a belt) that pulled the wick through the water at the bottom, pulling the wet surface up into the area of the fan. It worked great. I remember making many trips to the kitchen to fill up a pitcher of water to dump into it. We'd usually refill it once a week.

    Kitten IsaGeekKitten IsaGeek2 kun oldin
  • So many humidifiers

    will johnsonwill johnson2 kun oldin
  • 👍

    Gacheru MburuGacheru Mburu2 kun oldin
  • Of course it's an electrode boiler. The salt requirement & the power drop when you removed the electric part from the water tank proves it.

    The AntipopeThe Antipope2 kun oldin
  • Mold develops quick in just about any type of humidifier and trust me I tried them all. In about a week you start seeing signs of the crud growing so it would be a weekly thing to clean it out good and let it all dry. Fighting the mold was the main reason I stopped using humidifiers and just started drinking tea with honey to deal with dry air symptoms.

    rahorinrahorin2 kun oldin
  • In all seriousness: to gain a larger water capacity one could cobble together floating wicks. That way one could have a massive reservoir of water and the wicks would never dry and would constantly... well... wick.

    The Emperor of MankindThe Emperor of Mankind2 kun oldin
  • Don’t touch piezoelectric discs. It hertz.

    The Emperor of MankindThe Emperor of Mankind2 kun oldin
  • Best diy humidifier: fill pot. Place on stove. Set to high. Done.

    The Emperor of MankindThe Emperor of Mankind2 kun oldin
  • I'm one of those people that actually likes the blue led display

    Bob JohnsonBob Johnson2 kun oldin
  • No discussion of the accumulation of dissolved minerals in the evaporative units?

    jaynadjjaynadj2 kun oldin
  • "One kilogram of Air" 😆 Excuse me how do you weigh air?

    Redstone TechRedstone Tech2 kun oldin
  • Wouldn't the efficiency of the warm mist humidifier actually be lower than it's flat energy consumption, since it's also outputing heat into your home during winter? This heat is probably just as efficient if not more so than the heat that would be produced by your heater.

    Jordan KnightJordan Knight2 kun oldin
  • Quicklier?

    Steve LawrenceSteve Lawrence2 kun oldin
  • I agree with you about the overuse of blue LED’s, it’s so annoying and I don’t understand why they do it considering those LED’s are so Intense at times as to make it impossible to sleep in a room with any device with one of those. I have to either cover them with some black electrical tape or put something on top of the display. I really do hope this trend stops soon, because it’s fucking annoying.

    Jose MartinezJose Martinez2 kun oldin
  • I think you forgot something very important about what happens when water evaporates when blown by a fan. It needs ENERGY and it will therefore cool down where it's happening and in the end, if you are heating the room then you are also paying another part of energy. It's not just the electricity consumed by the humidifier... In the end I suppose evaporative humidifier is equal in terms of energy and $$$ than the evaporative using a membrane and fan. . my 2 cents!!

    Karl HarnoisKarl Harnois2 kun oldin
  • Glad to report that the same company that shows the whole house humidifier shown in the video makes a different unit that has a green LCD display, it's the Essick Air/Aircare HD3120DCN, I just got one and was half expecting the bright blue LED display but was delighted when it turned on and the screen was green like a mid 00s alarm clock, and some more things to note, it doesn't use the bottle feed system, you just dump the water into the bucket, the intake is a good bit above the water level so movement is easier, it uses 4 wicks that don't have a plastic surround, it has 2 fans that, although slightly less powerful individually, move more air than the single fan, and lastly, the float is greatly improved, the float switch cuts out when there's no water soaking the wicks thanks to a handy bowl in the bottom of the reservoir, and for my quibble, the controls consist of 3 buttons, power, fan speed, and humidity, you have to repeatedly press a button repeatedly to achieve your desired fan speed and humidity setting, though once set it's fine, the auto fan speed setting is handy for larger homes like mine where it needs to occasionally cycle to maintain humidity

    A. KoenigsA. Koenigs2 kun oldin
  • Why not just put a UVC anti-bacterial lamp inside the evaporative cooler to prevent bacteria growth and to condition the air and water reservoir. As long as the light can’t leak out of the unit and a safety switch on the lid it should be safe.

    J PJ P2 kun oldin
  • You generally have a great channel, I like your videos a lot. However, in this particular one, you are implying that an evaporative humidifier uses somehow less energy than a 'boiler'. This is incorrect. It is true that the energy comes from lowering air temperature in one case and electricity in the other, but they are exactly the same amount. If you are using a heat pump to provide heating (as I do), this will result in less electricity used. If you are using some kind of fossil fuel, this will in fact hurt the environment more. There is no "cheap" way of putting water into the air is my bottom line.

    pihi42pihi422 kun oldin
  • 20:03 Someone once told me a story of pre air conditioning Arizona. He said as a kid they used to build makeshift Swamp Coolers by hanging wet towels in front of their open windows at night. The desert breeze (aka Thermal Lows or the desert version of a Sea Breeze) would blow across them and cool the inside of the house.

    Joe WilsonJoe Wilson2 kun oldin
  • I am LOVING the hair days... SO DREAMY

    M VM V2 kun oldin
  • So the big humidifiers are swamp coolers... so your cooling your house while heating it. So energy usage is more than just electricity to run unit. Wonder if extra heating from furnace is significant?

    Beach GeekBeach Geek2 kun oldin
  • and here i am in a country where we use the opposite....

    Ricardo FernandesRicardo Fernandes2 kun oldin
  • Blue/bright LEDs have been an annoying in unadvertised feature on at least a third of electronics lately.

    Alexander StelmachAlexander Stelmach3 kun oldin
  • Great video!

    Ampersand ManAmpersand Man3 kun oldin
  • Just get a fish tank. Best humidifier ever. I have 2 and my humidity is always around 55 % all year around.

    Artem KlimovArtem Klimov3 kun oldin
  • i used to be a fan of this channel... ... but now i have evolved into airconditioner

    Olog HaiOlog Hai3 kun oldin
  • Vick’s also calls it a filter.

    meponder ‍meponder ‍3 kun oldin
  • Had one in the 90s. Two carbon rods. Hence the salt to get it going.

    RobeightRobeight3 kun oldin
  • I bought a “whole house” version of your new humidifier years ago and love it. I hate the dry winter air and realized a few years ago that a “normal size” humidifier was too small to make my whole apartment (in an old, drafty house) comfortably humid, so I spent about $100 on a 6-gallon “cool mist” humidifier and it makes a huge difference in terms of comfort! When it gets dry in the winter like it is now, you can definitely feel the evaporative cooling effect from the cold air blowing out! I agree that this style is better than the ultrasonic which coats all of your belongings with minerals from the water in the form of white dust, and the swamp cooler humidifier also does not require a lot electricity like the “warm mist” /boiling types!

    Matt PuterioMatt Puterio3 kun oldin
  • In Japan humidifiers sold in winter tend to be the ultrasonic and expensive, but in summer the shops fill up with those evaporative coolers for reasonable prices. This summer I'm buying two and just keeping them boxed until winter!

    World Comics ReviewWorld Comics Review3 kun oldin
  • I have a power strip with an insanely bright blue LED on it. A POWER STRIP. The LED isn't even in a switch or anything, if it's plugged in, that light will be on.

    World Comics ReviewWorld Comics Review3 kun oldin
  • what kind of water treatment you're using for the humidifier?

    gancuimiangancuimian3 kun oldin
  • "Quicklyer" hahaha

    RobertRobert3 kun oldin
  • I haven’t thought I ever needed one. Do I?

    Jake L.Jake L.3 kun oldin
  • Someone else who can't stand blue led light sensitivity makes these things the worst I have black electrical tape over my screens power button as the blue light is right in the friggen center below the screen thing is blinding with out it

    Mori ShepMori Shep3 kun oldin
  • My family had a dual-tank whole home humidifier (edit: Bonaire W6). It addressed nearly all the complaints that you had on the "brown" unit :P. Dual-tank so you can simply refill one of the two tanks once one empties, had blower-style fan, the only LED was one that alerted you the tank was empty from a plastic-hollow float switch, the bottom drawer was easily one foot+ high, with the water level never being more then 2-3 inches, there was a HEPA filter on the back, and the whole thing was on wheels. I remember the joys of cleaning the tanks, base, and the nastiness of the wick (which we cleaned by soaking in vinegar for a few hours to remove any of the scales and crud, and to eliminate the smell for a while). I can't find the unit anymore online, but we got rid of it when we got a new furnace and had a humidifier installed on it.

    Rcmaniac25Rcmaniac253 kun oldin
  • I was gonna be really surprised because I thought I always used humidifiers and they were always great, but then I remembered that when I say "humidifier" it's actually an abbreviation of dehumidifier lol

    ZetapologyZetapology3 kun oldin
  • You missed the really loud and terrible spinning disk ones. Those are great..... Ish.

    duckbilldanielduckbilldaniel3 kun oldin
  • Now make something similar to a dehumidifier? (I got issues that my home tents to be to moist in the summer an ok, but still high in the winter) But it's always amusing to watch your explanations, thanks.

    richardheerichardhee3 kun oldin
  • I can honestly say that I learned something today.

    Ray LaventureRay Laventure3 kun oldin
  • Why do Americans write unit like that, isn't w.h/g better?

    MoiMoi3 kun oldin
  • "quicklier" ... I love it. :)

    Steve BrileySteve Briley3 kun oldin
  • You suggest a fabric lattice, I have 2 alternatives, both involving laundry: My roommates have collapsible laundry drying racks, with a box fan blowing through the 'accordion side' many, many towels can be slung in various ways without layering them more than twice over. The second and my favorite approach is to do the same thing, but using hangers and a wire shelf. The drying unit available to me is *brutal* and in this way a 3'×1' shelf can fit a full wash load (in winter humidity), keep my clothes not destroyed and humidify a room for a few hours. I do still throw shirts in the dryer for a few minutes with my socks to prevent wrinkles, but never long enough to start baking the buttons off.

    Samuel SchumacherSamuel Schumacher3 kun oldin
  • UZworld just suggested me a video of yours from 2015. Wow... Congrats on your balls dropping.

    dirk digglerdirk diggler3 kun oldin
  • 26:50 “My lips were starting to get badly chapped around Christmastime. But now that I have this running, that’s gone away.” What’s gone away; Christmastime? I don’t think that the humidifier had anything to do with that.

    David RoddiniDavid Roddini3 kun oldin
  • Bravo! Bravo! A Masterful exposition of the need for & nuances of humidifiers. Very well done!

    J FitzpatrickJ Fitzpatrick3 kun oldin
  • our large unit has two removable tanks like that one, one on each end. The off switch is comprised of a spring loaded switch which opens when the second tank becomes empty, and (surprisingly) Lighter ! I would suggest using RO water, you can get a good portable unit for under 100 Bucks

    Mike VaggMike Vagg3 kun oldin
  • My home made humidifier: Leave the bathroom door open and take a hot shower.

    Zhong PingZhong Ping3 kun oldin
    • Mine: Have spaghetti for dinner.

      Fox DFox D18 soat oldin
  • Its around 50-90% humidity for most of the year here. Benefits of being in a marine climate zone.

    DazdigoDazdigo3 kun oldin
  • I wonder why it doesn't come with an internal UV light. It could sterilize the intake air (and the water pool) with a few more watts of power. Even better, imagine the marketing. The funny thing is that older farm equipment filtered it's intake in a similar manner. The intake filter would be coating in engine oil. Dirt in the air would stick to the oil. It was terrible for the oil, but amazing for cleaning the air. Btw, they make larger pumps. We use hand pump dispensers to pull epoxy out of it's container 1 oz at a time. They're cheapish and are just larger versions of the on on your soap dispenser.

    John KesterJohn Kester4 kun oldin
  • THANK YOU for ranting about piercing blue LED displays. God damn it, they're everywhere. Worst spot is certainly on the computer screen on/off buttons. Regarding the relative humidity sensors, analog ones aren't very correct since their error is usually ±10 % which is a lot. They work using a paper coil coated with moisture absorbing material. Kind of like bimetal coils for temperature, you get the point. Since it's usually some hygroscopic salt, it moves around, piles in preferable spots on one occasion, and other spots on another, thus gradually becoming less precise. Most accurate are evaporative ones, called psychrometers, which have dry and wet thermometers, but they either require manual reading which is time consuming, or replenishing with water in case of standalone types. As for your preference for the fan to continue working after water is gone, consider that water keeps the organisms both attached to the substrate using hydrogen bonds, and it keeps them happy so that they don't produce spores _all_ the time. If the setup gets dry, organisms feel the osmotic pressure to rise, go into survival mode, turn into spores and ultimatively get detached by the lack of hydrogen bonding, and you get a massive spore dispenser.

    Lajos WinklerLajos Winkler4 kun oldin
  • First line I heard, I couldn't help but respond with "The jokes will be"

    Marton DavisMarton Davis4 kun oldin
  • I just hang my laundry to dry in the living room. Works very well at no cost.

    Julius FučíkJulius Fučík4 kun oldin
  • we've been living in a very humid ground floor flat for almost two decades and while it surely was nice in the beginning it really grew on you. You couldn't dry clothes in the flat, you were constantly on the look out for mold and you couldn't get the air less humid at all. After we moved 3 years ago you have no idea how much we enjoy the more dry air and - at least for now - we absolutely cannot understand people putting humidifiers in their homes... :'D

    bruchpilot747bruchpilot7474 kun oldin
  • I live in a shared apartment. I dry my laundry in my room. Boom! I have a free humidifier once a week and I get clean and dry underwear in the process. Yes, it's not practical in the end, because you get 100% for one day and 5-10% for the other 6 of a week. But hey, at least I don't need an extra gadget in my 13m^2 room, in which there's 4m^2 of free floor space anyway. ps: I'll let you imperialists do the conversion.

    NikkeNikke4 kun oldin
  • Brown is beautiful.

    Bill PotterBill Potter4 kun oldin
  • that john wick joke is the highlight of this video

    crwhhxcrwhhx4 kun oldin
  • Aprilaire unit is the best option IMO

    krazykyle0krazykyle04 kun oldin
  • Dry wicks get crusty with hard water. Keep 'Em damp! What water treatment do you use?

    Hj KayeHj Kaye4 kun oldin
  • Meanwhile in colorado it’s always dry

    Garbage GremlinsGarbage Gremlins4 kun oldin
  • As someone who was born and raised in a place that is perpetually dry, I can say that your body does in fact get used to it. Personally, I hate humidity when its warm, cold, or even at room temperature. I think the reason is simply because its not what I'm used to. I do not believe the humidity of the air is either good or bad, its the transitioning between the two that can be an issue. PS, swamp coolers are no substitute for more traditional AC, but it absolutely does make a difference.

    Wesley HaleWesley Hale4 kun oldin
  • Well air conditioners are also extremely similar to dehumidifiers

    MikequfvMikequfv4 kun oldin
  • I almost wonder if one of those consoles could be plumbed in using a float valve from a commercial ice maker. Though that does bring risk that if the container ever cracked the water would just go and go. Im almost surprised none of these console units have ever been made with UV lamps that just run periodically to kill any nasties in the water.

    David KearnsDavid Kearns4 kun oldin
  • I was hoping for a comparison to the furnace duct mounted whole house humidification systems too :(

    Tim McMahanTim McMahan4 kun oldin