How to Crush a High-Stake Meeting

8-Sen, 2020
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Patrick Bet-David shares 14 effective strategies and tips for your next high stakes meeting. Subscribe for weekly videos
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  • Thank you🙏🏽

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  • amazing !

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  • Letter written in the 1980s

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  • Immediately bought the book. Kill rippin it Pat🇺🇲📖🔥✅

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  • This is Awesome’. I took notes. Sooo my question is. What should I do /say when it is so obvious the other person is just going threw these very same tactics, exactly! Word for word. I have said before “ I see you took the same seminar as I did” lol.. we are at step 3 right? Lol

    J WiseJ Wise4 oy oldin
  • Hi Pat, I haven trying to figure this out but couldn’t. Who are the two figures between MLK and Lincoln? Many thanks in advance.

    GoogleUser2004GoogleUser20044 oy oldin
  • Interesting part that you need to have a strong opinion when dealing with important people. I usually try to stay as diplomatic as possible when I have no clue what the other person is thinking. Perhaps this is where I need to grow.

    SoftTech TutorialsSoftTech Tutorials4 oy oldin
  • Here is the list: 1. Think about them - Understand their desires, needs, and frustrations 2. Don't Act, be 3. Do you research 4. Have an opinion with weight behind it 5. Respecting sensitive issues of the other party 6. Prepare 3-5 questions to ask 7. Avoid Flattery 8. Anticipate the other party's concerns. Pick each one out from their head. 9. Develop an outline of points to discuss. 10. Roleplay the meeting several times 11. Ask trusted advisor's feedback to keep in mind prior to the meeting 12. Put yourself in the best frame of mind 13. Build a reputation of over-delivering 14. Action items (What are our next moves)

    S MS M4 oy oldin
  • This sounds like prep for an interview.

    David ShauckDavid Shauck4 oy oldin
  • I need a good name for my website that is a food blog that promotes other food blogs, any suggestion would be appreciated!

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  • Grate value Patrick

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  • Bitcoin is the future, Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise

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  • I saw this too late. Had a potentially life changing interview yesterday...but I did every one of these things! Wow. I am ready for this role.

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  • Hello PBD i am from india and love your valuetainment channel 😎😎😎😎🎉🎉🎉👍👍. I have a request for making a video about high ticket sale closing in Real estate , .I have been watching your videos since the last three years . I subscribed your channel 👍👍👍. I watched your video when you visited in india . Cheers for india and US friendship 🇺🇲🇳🇪🤝

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  • Hi Patrick! A good interview would be rabbi Johnathan Cahn. He is an author of the coming age of what is going to happen in the US by bible prophasy.

    John ZagamiJohn Zagami4 oy oldin
  • I'm preparing for a meeting that can change my business life, I really needed this video. For all of you working very hard everyday, good luck to all of us, we will do it! :)

    Frasi IndelebiliFrasi Indelebili4 oy oldin
  • Pat could get peter zeihand he forecasts geopolitics 20-40 years into the future. He also talks about policy that will happen no matter who's president

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  • Everything is also applicable to an interview for a job. The more prepared you are the better chance you have!

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  • Why is Patrick wearing watches on both hands?

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    • Fitbit

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  • Got to this an hour too late. Meeting over 😅 great advice and stuff I hadn’t considered before. Top darts !

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  • Give your allegiance to Jehovah's Kingdom (theocratic heavenly government) because very soon it's going to destroy Satan's system and all who support it! Daniel 2:44 Revelation 16:14-16

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  • Hey Pat, So interesting that you keep putting out content that people don’t even know they need to hear and once they do, it’s like a light just turned on and they realize how unique and useful the content is. Love and respect.

    Moe MirksMoe Mirks4 oy oldin
  • I had read that chapter yesterday. Your book is an artwork. Thank you for writing it.

    Ritesh SainiRitesh Saini4 oy oldin

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  • Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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  • Just bought your book Pat. Thank you in advance.

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  • This was phenomenal!!!! I do most of these things but nice to “hear over preparing it GREAT!”

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  • Excellent video Brother. I love that painting too.

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  • Hi Patrick, Could you please do a video about making proposals? Thank you for the amazing content, I'll have you know it's really helped me personally and professionally.

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  • More of this

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  • *I feel like Patrick would be intense with the waitress at Dennys* *What do you mean do I want ice in my water* ? *Do you know the meaning of water* ? *Why on earth would you ask if I want ice in my water if ice is water*

    A Real GemA Real Gem4 oy oldin

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  • Thanks a lot, im glad about finally getting your book into my hands and my head!

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  • Was working on the angle that the only one that benefits at this time would be way things are set up is those that invest in private prisons. While society as a whole is who's really is fitting the bill in every way. Losing out because these people get out cause chaos get locked back up come back out over and over and over. The whole time never truly being able to add to community because real reform has never been introduced. The cost on community and the innocent lives of these people's families are the ones who are suffering. Now, we can easily see it becoming a generational trend because they come back without reform and a mindset of glorifying prison because they know nothing different.

    Joshua ThompsonJoshua Thompson4 oy oldin
  • Really appreciate the video Patrick and comes at a much needed time trying to present a re-entry reform here in Texas to a judge and a DA at a Harris county over the next few days and it really helped me get all my thoughts together and a lot of different ways I'm open to more input if you have anything that you could add that could help my situation. Trying to introduce a softer reentry for parolees that allows them to have the time to adapt to society and also donate some of their time back to the community so they have a connection to the community as well as an opportunity to start working and paying for their self basically and taking on that responsibility. in essence instead of allowing people to parole out at 20%, they would be able to go to one of these facilities do another 20% have another eval and move to the next stage that way by the time they get out the mindset of prison has been taken away and the mindset of community and self-worth is installed and we can curb this trend of generational imprisonment

    Joshua ThompsonJoshua Thompson4 oy oldin
  • "The more you learn, the more you earn" -Warren Buffet

    The Triumphant HustlerThe Triumphant Hustler4 oy oldin
  • Preparing for a city council zoning meeting. I plan to do these things.

  • High States for me is a 10-12k commission on the initial sale. ... before they buy other things down the road.

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  • I wish I found your channel LONG TIME AGO!! I don't even know how I came across your channel, so glad I did!!!

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  • I wanna know why people who call themselves 2020 business player or admin that doesn't respond to all of their customers

    Alexander SpoorAlexander Spoor4 oy oldin
    • Or is it the philosophy u get imaginary Street credit???

      Alexander SpoorAlexander Spoor4 oy oldin
    • Tried to reach out to Rob Kiyosaki on his low traffic Twitter and not even 1 reaction. Need to re-adapt the attitudes off executives

      Alexander SpoorAlexander Spoor4 oy oldin
    • They call it too cool or too high or ultimately they use too busy too rich as excuse

      Alexander SpoorAlexander Spoor4 oy oldin
  • Hey Patrick. Please get your book on audible

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  • Which one is grammatically correct? High stake meeting, or High stakes meeting?

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  • Luka doncic rookie psa 10

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  • spot on!!!! DAMMMM

  • The best piece of advice is one that you kinda knew already (whether its by your own findings or heard somewhere) and hearing it, in a proper format and clear way of communication, from a trusted person, just makes it click, like a ✅, and then it becomes something you can follow. Loved these words today

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  • What about be on time? Like for example...the podcast this morning. Unbelievable

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  • Very timely.

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  • Im from India, ordered my copy of the book and it's gonna arrive on sunday. Thank you for making it available here.

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  • Great video, always be prepared you are on point again

    Dave’s ShopDave’s Shop4 oy oldin
  • Patrick, you are right on everything you said. It was actually the best one that I have seen so far. What you are talking about is very general and it will apply for all industries. Couple things that I will add maybe it will in different session of yours: people put limitations on their capabilities and their future expansion. This is mostly due to their character and the socio environment that they have been brought up in. One major area that I see a total miss in sales strategies with US corporations is: they think that a sales/account manager is going to develop his business through cold calls. Sales is done through Realtionship. We buy from people that we trust and we like. In short a sales person should not act as your typical North American sales person that thinks that they can sell anything to anyone before making any investments in learning the industry and the company that they are looking to sell. I was at Microsoft and your typical Microsoft account executive is a licensing paddler. They do not care about what the client needs are and the best strategy that should adopt in order to maximize their investments. Unfortunately, they are short term vs. long term. They also need to build relationships with Business Decision takers vs. only IT (Director of IT or CIO). In order to speak with a CEO or a CFO you will need to learn their language. 80% of decisions are taken by BDM's (Business Decision Makers) and not IT. The Director IT is an implementer and his or her budget is set by the BDM's.

    Senna SenninaSenna Sennina4 oy oldin
  • eat your own dog-food man, you're acting in this clip, otherwise, nice general ideas

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  • 💪🙏

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  • brother i gotta say it , you are really honest person pat, this pice of information is very critical

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  • How's the Iranian ? Looking forward to the interview !!!

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  • Where can I see the full Muriel behind you at?

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    • grape juice google it.

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  • I've got an important meeting on Thursday so this video is perfect! Thanks Pat!!!

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  • Bravo Patrick!!! What a way of doing meetings. Fabulous. I love your videos and the way of over-delivering the information.

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  • There is no sales course link down below Patrick.

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  • How is it you are able to keep on coming up with such high quality content daily?

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  • This was really great. The tips might seem basic, but they're tips that can make all the difference. 🙏 I've done and said the polar opposite of this advice in interviews and in those moment I knew I was doing it all wrong. Could have used this awhile back.

    Nabil BousabirNabil Bousabir4 oy oldin
  • Great information, thanks! The only thing I might add (I am a retired Director level Executive with major businesses) is this; When you are attending a high-level meeting or giving an important presentation .... don't wear a T-shirt.

    Ronnie & MinhRonnie & Minh4 oy oldin
  • I needed this advice like 10 years ago?.. When I started in IT sales in B2B domain. Instead, I learned all the hard way. :) I had to analyze myself over and over again (there was no mentor in my life somehow, not even anyone senior in skills who would teach me), and optimize my style, my skills, and eventually my business approach (I co-own an IT company now). Thankful for the hard way though, as the best knowledge acquired is through the experience.

    Olga PogozhevaOlga Pogozheva4 oy oldin
  • This is a smart way to look impressive when people do their own research before doing business with Patrick

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  • would add- their language to the first point- but only 1 min in.

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  • No sound?

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  • This video came out minutes before 2 back-to-back high-stakes meetings I had today. Just enough time to watch it in 2x speed, take some notes, clear my mind, do some breathing exercises and ace those interviews. Thank you so much Valuetainment Media and Patrick.

    Bogdan CabaBogdan Caba4 oy oldin
    • Excellent comment.

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  • Finished Your Next Five Moves on Audible. Great book! Pure gold and very relevant. Great production on the recording Patrick. Thank you.

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  • Thank you!

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  • You do a lot of interviews. We would like to have a video on how to interview the right way. We want to see your perspective on it

    Pranit KhandaglePranit Khandagle4 oy oldin
    • @Joey Shmoey Nobody asked for you to post some dumb comment in the first place though. Once you did, it was necessary for you to be corrected in case someone came along and actually took advice from an idiot.

      johnjoeoreganjohnjoeoregan4 oy oldin
    • @Joey Shmoey I've done it professionally for years. You keep flipping those burgers kid, maybe someone will interview you about spending a working life in McDs

      johnjoeoreganjohnjoeoregan4 oy oldin
    • @Joey Shmoey Not at all. Good interviews are a dynamic. Let the interviewee flow when they are flowing, know how to bridge / prod / provoke through the slow bits and the dull patches. Lots of art to it.

      johnjoeoreganjohnjoeoregan4 oy oldin
    • Same question tbh. I have had a few interviews this year and I was not successful. I would love to gain his advice

      Adefemi Babington-AshayeAdefemi Babington-Ashaye4 oy oldin
    • Pranit Khandagle for sure!

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  • This was right on time Pat 👏 apreciate these guidelines.

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  • Strategy #15, Don't Wear An Undershirt Like You're On An Episode Of "Cops". 🙂

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  • I notice Patrick's left nostril is bigger and I can't seem to unsee it.

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  • Where/what is the link for the training?

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  • Awesome Value Thanks

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  • Whatever we do in life we should always be true to ourselves . When you are true with yourself then you are true to others . Otherwise life has not meanning . Living in lie is a waist of time and leads us nowhere . That is what I know . So pretending to be someone you are not just to get better job or to please someone it doesn't make any sense . In this case , you are waisting your and someone else's time .

    Monica W.Monica W.4 oy oldin
  • I like your interviews and videos, don’t usually agree with your perspective, as I believe you are pretty out of touch with the average person...but nonetheless here I am again lol

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    • This channel is not for average people , Pat helps you level up.

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  • Niccolò Machiavelli The Prince 👑 has a good chapter on flattery

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  • It is difficult to take this guy seriously ... when several weeks ago he and his friends could not discuss 9/11. They avoid reality.

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  • No Pat I don't know this person from iran. Henceforth everyone doesn't know him.

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  • Winnipeg Manitoba Canada 🇨🇦

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  • Good morning brother

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  • In the image behind you, I believe JFK is talking to Lincoln about how he (JFK) thinks he is more like Trump than any current (D). Plus, that (D) hated him until he was dead.

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  • Very very productive video Patrik, thanks again!

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  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

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  • Thanks this is soooooo relevant to my business right now!!!

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  • 1. In Western Europe it is a million times harder, because Feudal-Vassalism strongly curtails hire/reassign/fire operations and managers are stack for life with their hicktown's hacks whom they must employ at the highest fee possible per what ever appointment they might be emulated to be able to hold. Everybody is running away from responsibility like the plague, thus projects don't really exist and everything remains in bondage to the fixed feudal hierarchy. Much of the performance is either being micromanaged according to pre-set micro-procedures trained at school instead of critical thinking. Products are of piling up stuff technicians style, bar contextualization let alone contextual analysis. That's instead of genuine professional competence. Paranoid gossiping instead of management - like a neurotic mother. This is why the nearest to high-tech they've got is banal consumer electronics. 2. Keeping options open is the key to coming on your fit out of money-time meetings.

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