HOW TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR IPHONE WIITH iOS 14!! *simple & aesthetic*

19-Sen, 2020
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How to customize your iPhone home screen with the new iOS 14 update!!
I show you how to create your own custom & aesthetic home screen using widget smith & color widgets !! I Also go over some of the new features the iOS 14 update has to offer! These new aesthetic home screens are super cute and easy to do & I hope you guys enjoyed 💕
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  • This would be a lot more helpful if you were to do and screen record what your talking about while you’re talking about it. Just saying not tryna be rude🙂

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  • shes so cute wow

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  • I did not let me change the icon picture for the shortcut and I was doing what she was

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  • How do you do that

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  • This makes no sense I want my widget to link into the app...

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  • Her: let’s get into it also her: *keeps taking * me 🤫😩😒

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  • You literally helped me so much😭

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  • So on mine it doesn’t say the album and stuff at the bottom so I don’t know what to do I need help

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  • Ilove you

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  • Girl why did you keep cutting of the screen shot nobody can see you keep going way to fast

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  • um.. when i do “photos in album” there’s nothing there..

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  • I actually found a way to customize your app launcher with out it opening the shortcuts app and then your app. I made a video on how to do it if you are interested to see how it works

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  • Stop messing with your hair

  • I made my phone look so cool thx this really helped! 🙏 stay safe

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  • She ACTUALLY has an aesthetic WALL

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  • somebody help.. my widget smith wont open it crashes every time same with color widget

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  • What happens when you delete the original app and only have the shortcut?

    Sunmarie BrownSunmarie Brown2 kun oldin
  • You have to try the App WidgetWatch :)

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  • Thank you I finished in 205 minutes thx

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  • this is giving me Zoe Laverne vibes

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  • My phones really be like: Android, Android, IPhone, Android, IPhone

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  • Do the icon organize themselves onto pages by colors or do you have to manually click each one and move it to the color page you want

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  • Omg my screen looks so cool

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  • Why is the large one so small when you're using it?? I chose the large one and it covered half of the screen...

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  • I’m confused on how to change the apps

    Leia GrubbsLeia Grubbs5 kun oldin
  • I dont have that shortcut app where i can find it

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  • Idk how many times you kept touching your hair lol but it was useful thanks!

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  • It's so hard for me I moved from Android to ios Ty 💖🥺

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  • But doing this, doesn't let you know if you have messages or mail.

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  • Why does my app not let me choose a photo;-;

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  • I unfortunately don’t have the✨patience✨

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  • Widget should add background like the widgets, so it's a different background each time you slide. Would be perfect for rainbow aesthetics

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  • You remind me of Haile Bieber

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  • Can you send me the pink background pic and widget one

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  • I cant download them😾

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  • Thanks for the video. I made a clean flat colored icon set for iOS 14 also. I hope you like it :D

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  • Allt tack till #cyber_scott5 på instagram för att hjälpa mig att återställa mitt instagram-konto legitimt och prisvärt

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  • Idk if any of you have this issue but I can’t put a photo when I’m doing shortcuts

    Taylor GrahamTaylor Graham7 kun oldin
  • It’s a app called brass to help you with the app icons I really recommend that app

    Sarah LoveSarah Love7 kun oldin
  • Omg thank u sm u saved my whole life e

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  • My question is, my widget is on the very end of the screen. I only have 2 little. Uhh what are they called? Slides? Idk but I only have to slide my finger 2 times on my Home Screen. But to see the widget. I have to swipe my finger 3 times? And when I try to move it it disappears and goes back. Can someone tell me how to move it

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  • How do you get your pictures on the Widgetsmith

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  • young ma

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  • 0:52 I don’t want this video to be long This video ins up 12:04 minutes long

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  • Awwww

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  • When I add a widget, I click onto it, hoping for it to take me to the app I want. But it takes me to Widgetsmith/colour widgets. How do you actually change the purpose to the app you want?

    Isla’s OutletIsla’s Outlet7 kun oldin
  • I think this is the very first tutorial ever in general that I understood completely without any problems or being confused lmao thank you sis

    Noah ZoiNoah Zoi7 kun oldin
    • 🖤🤣🙏🏿👍🏿💕👍🏻🙏🏻✨🌌☯️🥺🥰😱😍✨

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  • Do you have to pay for the app shortcuts?

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  • Good content but it’s a little over cut if you ask me, I, Mean, you, don’t, need A, cut, after, every word..

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  • i wanna know how to change the apps. i already know how to do widgets

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  • I feel like I'm the *only* one here that has a phone with dark vibes (like very dark vibes). I use Shortcuts instead of widget because I don't like having random big things on my home screen lol I will be making a video on how to use Shortcuts in this channel (:

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  • Edit: please help😩 Am I the only one or is it that my iPhone SE (2020) doesn’t let me use a photo on shortcuts for any apps because I want to change the photos but I can’t🥺😭

    - Sondy Cheuks -- Sondy Cheuks -10 kun oldin
  • It came out 3 months ago...

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  • - that’s mine! took 1 hour c:

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  • It makes a duplicate of my other apps so how do I-

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