How To Change Charging Sound iOS 14 / Siri Speak When iPhone Connected / Custom iPhone Charger Sound

22-Sen, 2020
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How To Change Charging Sound iOS 14 / Siri Speak When iPhone Connected / Custom iPhone Charger Sound
how to make your phone have a custom sound file when you plug it in is a common seach term on tik tok as it is now a trend. this video shows you how to change charge sound when charging when plugged in to charger. iOS 14 siri shortcuts lets you change the ios 14 iphone charge sound to song or change charge sound to mp3 file or change charge sound to siri text to speech when plugged in to charger. this uses ios 14 siri shortcuts app using an automation the change ios 14 charge sound to custom sound or siri moan. people are using ios 14 change charge sound trick to make siri moan when plugged in to charge ios 14 device.

  • Mine doesn’t have the charger section

    Cindra LightCindra Light9 soat oldin
  • When i do it it’s just shows a notification and dosent speak the text

    Jacob HargravesJacob Hargraves20 soat oldin
  • Hey guys if yours isn’t working and only the notification is popping up but no sound that’s probably because you cannot use the female siri voice for some reason you will have to use a different voice well at least I did. I hope this helps!

    Josh VevoJosh Vevo22 soat oldin
  • How do I get it to change the lock screen

    Robert WeihrichRobert WeihrichKun oldin
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  • Mine dont get read, I only get a notification

    EMBEMBKun oldin
  • It's quite tho I can't hear it

    Alfiz fnAlfiz fnKun oldin
  • So iPhone can’t do this?

    Am I good yetAm I good yetKun oldin
  • I want my phone to play “Yamate kudasai” when I plug it in and when I unplug it, I want it to play “ah” for the meme of course. So does anyone know how I can do that?

    TheFireySlimeTheFireySlimeKun oldin
  • i can't get mine any louder and the volume is all the way up and the pitch i need help 😂

    J MoneybagJ MoneybagKun oldin
  • Evil laughter

    The Soviet OnionThe Soviet Onion2 kun oldin
  • How do you change the voice

    Unxorious L2Unxorious L22 kun oldin
  • now i have my phone saying baka everytime i charge it

    caelancaelan2 kun oldin
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    zainab Themochizainab Themochi2 kun oldin
  • I cant do it whyyyy??? It only gives me a notification. Please help me thank you!

    Tina FloraldeTina Floralde2 kun oldin
  • Go to minute 5:23 and watch tiktok turn into the settings app

    br8leybr8ley2 kun oldin
  • Mp3 doesn’t work

    J'ai raison et tu le saisJ'ai raison et tu le sais2 kun oldin
  • What are you doing stepbro

    HIDE -_-HIDE -_-2 kun oldin
  • I don’t have the choice of picking Siri only alex

    LORD MAVELORD MAVE2 kun oldin
  • Mine iPhone doesn’t have the battery. Does it have to be an iPhone 12? I currently have an iPhone 7plus

    Jada ZavalaJada Zavala2 kun oldin
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    Eli BitchEli Bitch3 kun oldin
  • I made it say “ow don’t do that daddy” but I forgot I set my Siri to a guys voice for that hahahaha trend, and I plug it in and it’s a dude telling me to not violate him

    Michael MartinMichael Martin3 kun oldin
  • Even I put my thing at 100 it always sets it to like 20?

    BelgiumE.M.T BelgiumemtBelgiumE.M.T Belgiumemt3 kun oldin
  • Made mine slurping on a juice box 🧃’Apple juice’ 😎

    Ted BraggTed Bragg3 kun oldin
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    Jairo RangelJairo Rangel3 kun oldin
  • Did they get rid of it I can’t do it

    Reeree56Reeree564 kun oldin
  • it doesnt let me make the voice female

    Ello ItsmehLivEllo ItsmehLiv4 kun oldin
  • Wow I love this

    rogene clair gustardrogene clair gustard4 kun oldin
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    River MathisRiver Mathis4 kun oldin
  • It’s not working for me.... after I set it up and everything exactly how you did, when I plug my phone in, the shortcuts notification pops up but she just doesn’t speak....

    ChairForce GamingChairForce Gaming4 kun oldin
    • me too

      Josh VevoJosh Vevo22 soat oldin
  • How do you add charging? Mine doesn’t have it.

    Bowsette NC-17Bowsette NC-174 kun oldin
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    Matthew WallsMatthew Walls5 kun oldin
  • Mine doesn’t work when i plug it in😒 like she’s not saying anything and I followed all of the steps🥺

    The Secret Life Of AutumnThe Secret Life Of Autumn5 kun oldin
  • Thanks, Man

    Ruben D'souzaRuben D'souza5 kun oldin
  • I did it but it doesn’t work even when I turn off the running thing . It just sends me a notification

    Emily MendozaEmily Mendoza5 kun oldin
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  • I don't like the sound of a very hoarse voice like that of an old woman who smokes cigarettes for a long time, it should be a sexier and younger voice

    Fogoso2020 CoquetoFogoso2020 Coqueto6 kun oldin
  • mine is an anime girl moaning :D

    Olivia •Olivia •6 kun oldin
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    TheFallenWaterMelonTheFallenWaterMelon6 kun oldin
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    tyler hollcrafttyler hollcraft6 kun oldin
  • I use it for low power mode :3

    Anna NishikinomiyaAnna Nishikinomiya7 kun oldin
  • Mine is skipping and messed up

    ReMyboismithReMyboismith7 kun oldin
  • Anyone else’s max volume on the settings for it and on phone volume and it’s just really quiet

    Dylan BarnesDylan Barnes7 kun oldin
  • does it work on ios 13.5?

    MiniMini7 kun oldin
  • My Siri act like she got static when I plug it in did I mid a step

    Mpa_caleb23_YTMpa_caleb23_YT7 kun oldin
  • Mine is Quiet

    Seth RamseySeth Ramsey7 kun oldin
  • Mines says power mode

    Chris ChalkChris Chalk7 kun oldin
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    The SenateThe Senate7 kun oldin
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    Angel Garcia vlogsAngel Garcia vlogs8 kun oldin
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    Never had a Teddy BearNever had a Teddy Bear9 kun oldin
  • Can galaxy's do this now or will it come in the future or not

    ALL MIGHTALL MIGHT9 kun oldin
  • cool well explained bro

    KeysiiTVKeysiiTV9 kun oldin
  • How do we

    Savannah PayneSavannah Payne9 kun oldin
  • I really hope yo see this it doesn’t show charger when I click new automation is it only on iPhone not ipad

    MrRobot016MrRobot0169 kun oldin
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  • I don’t got the charger setting how do I get it

    professor retardprofessor retard9 kun oldin
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      Cristian LuisCristian Luis9 kun oldin
  • How do you turn it off when your phone is on silent mode?

    Michael RamirezMichael Ramirez9 kun oldin
  • can you turn it off?

    skadoodle #skadoodle #10 kun oldin
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    Axjf5n WejbeAxjf5n Wejbe10 kun oldin
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    Matt from wiiMatt from wii11 kun oldin
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      Silver TreeSilver Tree10 kun oldin
  • Made my Siri say “god fuck em daddy

    Psycho Kill streakPsycho Kill streak11 kun oldin
  • I did mine yes daddy oh yes and when I unplug it I did no wait put it back in lol

    Crave HorizonCrave Horizon11 kun oldin
  • My charging sound is so low. Is there any fix to this?

    I'm SpunklyI'm Spunkly11 kun oldin
  • i don’t see charger

    MR. CASHMR. CASH11 kun oldin
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    Xd RattysabahXd Rattysabah12 kun oldin
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    Nora PopeNora Pope12 kun oldin
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    backomious magdibackomious magdi12 kun oldin
  • The volume doesn’t work for me how do you make it louder, I can barely hear mine?

    Gavin SellyGavin Selly13 kun oldin
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    LonesomeRock72LonesomeRock7213 kun oldin
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    Powxersz MkPowxersz Mk13 kun oldin
  • Mine only has a male voice how can I change it, it doesn’t have a female option

    ViZionZViZionZ13 kun oldin
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    Melon MuskMelon Musk13 kun oldin
  • Can you do this on every iPhone ?

    milla ksmilla ks13 kun oldin
    • Only if it has iOS 14

      Anna NishikinomiyaAnna Nishikinomiya7 kun oldin
  • only have low power mode

    among meamong me13 kun oldin
  • How do I make siri play a mp3 sound file ??

    G4S3YG4S3Y14 kun oldin
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    Froggy- WeebFroggy- Weeb14 kun oldin
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    Chris CardenasChris Cardenas14 kun oldin
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  • Shortcuts isn’t on iOS anymore 😔

    vSimpifyvSimpify14 kun oldin
    • What version of iOS you got ?

      Anna NishikinomiyaAnna Nishikinomiya7 kun oldin
  • Can you have it so it's a sound and like no Siri speaking?

    Ellie EllisEllie Ellis14 kun oldin
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    • Your the most reasonable person in this comment section :)

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