How to Talk to Country Folks | William Lee Martin

11-Yan, 2021
64 937 Ko‘rishlar soni

Comedian William Lee Martin on how to talk to "country folks"...
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A little about William Lee Martin:
With his signature cowboy hat, boots and Texas drawl, it would be easy to lump the blue-eyed, 6-foot-2-inch Martin into the category of “another guy doing country act.” But don’t be fooled by outward appearances, as his on-stage persona is no act - his middle-America storytelling is as genuine as it gets.
Drawing from real-life experiences, Martin’s vibrant routine reflects life as a husband, father, and friend. And that authenticity is connecting with mainstream America, crossing culture lines and social status boundaries.
But no matter the topic, Martin’s gentlemanly wit, and charm prove he’s no dummy, redneck, or hillbilly. His humor is sharp, original and occasionally laced with sarcasm and innuendo, but without the overt adult language prevalent with so many in today’s comedy landscape.

  • If you ever get a chance to see this guy live, do it! You will not regret it. I have seen him every chance I had for about the last 25 years. Do it! You will laugh til you cry!

    susanTYconleysusanTYconley4 kun oldin
  • Who gives this a thumbs down?..... Oh got it! Millennials.

    jason anglinjason anglin6 kun oldin
  • Bless your heart

    Charles FlacoCharles Flaco7 kun oldin
  • say crick not creek Say Nin in words instead of ning light light-nin- bug

    No More Identity PoliticsNo More Identity Politics7 kun oldin
  • So funny..I love It!!

    Sherry SmithSherry Smith8 kun oldin
  • You are so funny! Thank you for all the laughs!

    Estelle MaloneEstelle Malone10 kun oldin
  • Primo!

    Carol BrewbakerCarol Brewbaker11 kun oldin
  • I was put in a corner once for acting up......had a crayon in my I drew on the wall while there.....wrong thing to do ! ! My only story was....but I drew it for you.....didn't work at all.

    Bobbie LaVanwayBobbie LaVanway12 kun oldin
  • Always watch these videos when I need a pick-me-up

    Heather LoweHeather Lowe12 kun oldin
  • Never do I leave without a good laugh lol.. Keep them coming.. The world sure can use some good laughs now.. Love u William Lee Martin!☺

    Kay KytleKay Kytle12 kun oldin
  • Just found you and I am a fan.

    Danny WardDanny Ward12 kun oldin
  • I'm 41 and still will stand front and center for a mother is 81 and paralyzed from the waist down. My son is 16 and I will make him stand close enough to his Grandmother for a proper whipping. My son could run away...but then he'd have to deal with Mama and Daddy whipping him. 😊 Bless his heart.

    Kitsune LeeKitsune Lee12 kun oldin
  • My dad was that way. 2 sisters older than me. By time he got thru with me, my little brother and sister had it easy.

    Carla AustinCarla Austin12 kun oldin
  • Yup,AMEN Ya'll

    Randal BuhlerRandal Buhler12 kun oldin
    • Amen

      Kitsune LeeKitsune Lee12 kun oldin
  • Now there's a crisp crystal clear memory. At 67 I can vividly recall belt whipping usually followed by being grounded to the yard for 4 to 6 weeks. Ya bring a smile to this face of mine. Well done.

    Charles WilsonCharles Wilson12 kun oldin
    • I accidentally caught a corner of our shed on fire (didn't help that Pop had been using diesel as weed killer!) when I was about 11. I think I can still feel the whooping from that, and on top of it was grounded to the house for the summer, allowed to go out in the yard with my buddies after a month. Never even thought of playing with fire since then.

      Daniel ThompsonDaniel Thompson5 soat oldin
    • All my Papa had to do was show the belt and I would be in a puddle crying to God, Jesus, Mary, and every saint I could name because I thought I was going to die. I'm 41 and my Papa never whipped me because I was "the good child" but I still believe he could've killed me if he wanted to. I was literally too afraid to be like my cousins. My Papa was NEVER abusive he just handed out lessons and I studied really hard over my entire life.

      Kitsune LeeKitsune Lee12 kun oldin
  • If it's funny I laugh. There's a lot of comedians that receive sympathy laughs. I'm not that guy in the audience. Keep up the hard work. Hat's off to ya. How's ya Mammy?

    J JacobsJ Jacobs12 kun oldin
  • "Don't move...about to rub your nose in sumthin!" That's some good stuff right there!

    ltsgoyanksltsgoyanks12 kun oldin
  • Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

    Eli OsvaldoEli Osvaldo12 kun oldin
  • You made my day so much better! Thank you for the laughs!!

    Rita ClementsRita Clements12 kun oldin
    • Amen I really needed that full belly laugh right now.

      Kitsune LeeKitsune Lee12 kun oldin
  • OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Ansley SavannaAnsley Savanna12 kun oldin
  • Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

    Hot Girls Video XXXHot Girls Video XXX12 kun oldin
  • Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Chris AydinChris Aydin12 kun oldin