How To Help Eugenia Cooney

3-Sen, 2020
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This is the only thing left to do for Eugenia. I have nothing else to give. I need more smiles and less drama after this plz. Something lighthearted - hang with me on the BIGO LIVE App, follow me- @jaclynglenn, and join my live streams to relax ►
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  • I have nothing else to give. I need more smiles and less drama after this plz. Something lighthearted - hang with me on the BIGO LIVE App, follow me- @jaclynglenn, and join my live streams to relax ► Also yes, my hair was a weird blonde for a few days in my process of bleaching to dye pink. Plz ignore! Don't want that to have any kind of focus since this video means a lot to me and took a lot to make.

    JaclynGlennJaclynGlenn3 oy oldin
    • And what really astonishes me is how overly happy she acts. There has to be so much pain in starving. Lack of nourishment will take its toll,, she is reaching closer to age 30. Spending hours day after day alone in her bedroom on twitch interacting with God knows who - how many of them are following in her anorexic life believing they will be as happy as they think she is. Her life as a child seemed so disconnected - she never talked about childhood friends and things like having birthday parties. Its very sad.

      barb klaymanbarb klayman2 kun oldin
    • @Ariel Harmony exactly

      Fuck the internetFuck the internet10 kun oldin
    • @Man Dolen thats too bad people are dying for her safety hahaha so sad

      Fuck the internetFuck the internet10 kun oldin
    • Let it it die down. Who cares, hundreds of thousands of people are actively trying to help her and she just exploits that for more money and clout. Why do you think she leaves the comments open? She lives of the attention. She goes on 6h+ streams w/o eating or drinking...

      Man DolenMan Dolen12 kun oldin
    • Because their UZworldrs 😂😂😂😂

      Fuck the internetFuck the internet15 kun oldin
  • There’s nothing you can do, don’t feel guilty/responsible

    Who spilled My beansWho spilled My beansSoat oldin
  • oh wow, Shane being a total pos of a human.... what a shock.

    heck Noheck NoSoat oldin
  • Bless you. You are an amazing person and you really tried your best to help this poor girl. You did so much more than so many others would have. This whole scenario breaks my heart.

    Sherah PrincessSherah Princess3 soat oldin
  • I feel like if someone gave Eugenia the hypothetical situation of a drug addict friend, and asked her what she should do, even she would agree that rehab and interventions would be needed to help the friend get better, even if it would hurt, even if they lost the friend in the process. I don’t hate you for caring, for trying to save a life. I think her ‘soft’ personality makes it easier for her to call you a bully with your fiercer approach. You couldn’t pussy foot around eating disorders like her circle were doing and still continue to enable. Eugenia please get professional help and get off of UZworld at least till you’re better. It’s painful to watch

    Bon McmurrayBon Mcmurray3 soat oldin
  • She will never get better as long as she is still living with her mother

    Ney RoseNey Rose5 soat oldin
  • Oh this is so sad. It sucks having to watch someone you love slowly kill them selves. Worse even, in situations like this where you are powerless to even help.

    Conclave CabalConclave Cabal6 soat oldin
  • I just don’t think anyone should support Eugenia in any way. Not only does the support help her feel that she’s fine, but it sets a terrible example for people who might be struggling with their own body image.

    ThatLaurenThingThatLaurenThing16 soat oldin
  • I am very proud of you and you did everything you can. It must have been frustrating to deal with that kind of response. Sometimes there are just things in life we have no control over, and the best thing is to just accept it and move on.

    Dr. DodiDr. Dodi19 soat oldin
  • a girl at my school died after passing out from not eating. thank you so much for putting this video out and encouraging people to do something before it's too late.

    A KA K19 soat oldin
  • She's not looking well 😥🙁

    Marilyn mcMarilyn mc20 soat oldin
  • Anorexia is one hell of a drug

    Death EmbraceDeath Embrace23 soat oldin
  • She doesn’t care. She WANTS to be this a skeleton girl. Wants to die skinny. I don’t think anything will help her.

    Trevor MichaelTrevor MichaelKun oldin
  • much love for you sister. Continue with the good work.

  • “You cannot save everyone. Some people are going to destroy themselves no matter how much you try to help them.”

    Diana M.Diana M.2 kun oldin
  • Thank you for loving and supporting your friend and for trying. You're a good friend. I wish and I hope that Eugenia feels better soon and eventually starts recovery. Its such an intense situation.

    Radical DameRadical Dame2 kun oldin
  • from what I've heard, You and the other friends did the right thing and for the right reasons. it's not your fault other people are getting involved and making things worse. What Katie Morton did throwing you all under the bus was also just beyond belief. I've been forced into psych before, and it absolutely is traumatic and horrible but sometimes it's needed. I've also had to walk away from a friend who refused to help herself and was on a path to destruction. We tried to have her sectioned but it failed as the way things work here is very different and her issues aren't as visible. Since then we've not been in contact with her and have barely kept in contact with her family to let them know if she ever does start recovering, we do love her and we will support her. we aren't in direct contact because our friendship was simply enabling her harmful behaviour whilst also hurting us. the best thing we could do for her was walk away... the best thing we could do was take away all the love and support. the only way she might recover is if she is forced into the arms of therapists who know how to help... not well meaning friends who don't know what they're doing.

    Clare DolphinClare Dolphin2 kun oldin
  • It’s really sad to watch this but I think unless she deals with her personal trauma she’ll never be on a reliable road to recovery. There’s too many signs that there was/is emotional and potentially sexual abuse involved in her case. It’s usually more of a control issue not a body image issue with eating disorders.

    AA2 kun oldin
  • you are a legend. as a sufferer this is the kind of friend WE ALL NEED!!!!! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you are amazing!

    Cass SosicCass Sosic2 kun oldin
  • Her mother is the one who absolutely has not done anything to help her daughter for all these years Her mother lives in a bubble. And where is her father No one is to blame but the family who has allowed her to live out her life on social media and getting so terribly sickly.

    barb klaymanbarb klayman2 kun oldin
  • I've been batteling anorexia for years, and to anyone does who's going through that, recovery feels so much better than you think being skinny will make you feel. I got super skinny, to the point where I was putting weights in my pockets when I saw a doctor. Now that I'm a healthy weight again, trust me recover feels so much better than being skinny.

    Eden UnknownEden Unknown2 kun oldin
  • So you all completely cancel Shane Dawson but now expect him to come running to help Eugenia? Ha!! She’s an addict and needs to decide for herself whether to live or die. That sounds harsh but it’s true. Stop with the blame game and put the pressure exactly where it belongs: Eugenia.

    April GalashApril Galash2 kun oldin
  • I wish my friends were like you when I was dying of my ED

    justapersonjustaperson3 kun oldin
  • I’m pretty sure she has a vitamin B12 deficiency or potassium or all of them. She’s twitching and stuttering, her nervous system is struggling to keep up

    justapersonjustaperson3 kun oldin
  • She is killing herself and she either a) doesn’t realize it or b) does realize it and doesn’t even care. In a few years she will either thank you for trying to help, or she will be dead. It’s very sad.

    Caitlin RomichCaitlin Romich3 kun oldin
  • She looks miserable and mentally change now because of you guys making her suffer by telling her business and personal struggles to the world in a negative nay sayer how bad her body is

    rock rockrock rock3 kun oldin
  • I'm kind of as the same boat as you. My best friend from 7th grade completely ditched me as a friend over nothing. From what I believe was the beginning stages of her problem. she was discreetly obsessed about finding a way to make a living as someone on the internet. When we were friends, she tried gaming channel, got into cosplay and tried to make a thing on it. Which was all normal then, we did that together. But overtime, all her spare time went into doing cosplay. She even tweeted that "oops, i havent talked or replied to any of my friends in 4 weeks. " and she only even ever messaged me when she wanted a photoshoot done. And I knew it was kiling two birds with one stone. She really wanted the photos, AND find time to hangout with her oldest friend who she's made no time at all for or even talked to. And she refused to do any convos that made her feel sad, or confronting something I regretted about a situation she felt blame for. And during a time I was having a mental breakdown and tweeted about the camera thing in 120 characters(forgetting she followed me), so I couldnt say everything of what I felt. And instead of being concerned for me and concerned that I thought something like that when its not true at all (something she would have done ordinarily), she took offense and shunned me from her life completely, and i still havent heard from her. she refuses to talk to me or even try to talk it out. I'd try to reach out, every few months. And after a while she blocked me on my attempts. And then I started to secretly follow her instagram which grew from being just a cosplay career addiction, to doing LEWDS(mostly naked cosplay). And i once saw once a guy asking for feet pics and her turning that down, and then he said she wasnt cool, and she continued for a while to convince him she WAS cool. IT was disgusting and saddening that she feels she needs to convince an old creep. And she'd open up about how she has been in a depression, and cutting herself and having a really bad case of agoraphobia where she was living with her mom again and not being able to go anywhere or have a real job. and that these lewds were the only thing keeping her sane. Which was probably true, but it was also what was the core problem, her obsession with trying to become big on the internet for SOMETHING, that she stooped to being basically naked, which was working...obviously...And it was really hard to read and see. and I deleted all of her family off my social media so i couldnt see any glipse anymore, coz it was making me really depressed. And i knew she only needed one more strike to take down her account on instagram, so i flagged her. And from what i looked recently she gave up on it and (NO SUPRISE HERE), she's doing better than ever and she doesnt even have a lick of social media now. It still hurts and its been a couple years. and I have hopes maybe she'll see things differently like she would have when in the past, but know she will always hate me. I totally understand you and how you must feel and need to be detached from the situation, but care so much. SAME.

    FerretsCantGameFerretsCantGame3 kun oldin
  • i’m a recovering anorexic and eugenia is one thing that motivates me to recover, because death is so close to her and her light and life is just drained from her face, i hate to say it but she looks so close to death now more than ever. i hope she gets help

    Heidi witHeidi wit3 kun oldin
  • Calling jaclyn "that" everytime instead of "her" with a huge forced smile

    Nehemiah AloyaNehemiah Aloya4 kun oldin
  • Yeah I don't think Shane is too concerned about Eugenia atm 🤣 Seriously doubt he's even thought about her.

    shellsshells4 kun oldin
  • You 100% did the right thing. Doing nothing, and then having to live with her death, is a million times worse than living with knowing she’s bitter (and that bitterness is coming from a place of wanting to mask anxiety and denial.) Taker heart. You DID do the right thing. 👍🏻

    Hangin' With The HARLOWSHangin' With The HARLOWS4 kun oldin
  • Unfortunately, you can't force someone to get help if they don't think they need it.

    Clement CloverClement Clover4 kun oldin
  • I held an intervention for a friend. It's an act of love. Hopefully she makes a turn around

    dasboot27dasboot274 kun oldin
  • Her channel can't be helpful for people and the hate she gets in comments can't be good for her at all.

    teresa duffyteresa duffy5 kun oldin
  • Eugenia's voice is so triggering to me. It sounds so.. annoying. 🤦‍♀️

    Catherine ღCatherine ღ5 kun oldin
  • She’s made it perfectly clear you aren’t welcome in her life. You just can’t leave her alone. Whether she chooses to get help or not, it’s her decision. If she wants to die by starvation that’s her choice. Just fucking leave her alone. You must have some other friends you could use for clout. Go use Blair for some clout.

    Canadian 1985Canadian 19855 kun oldin
  • If someone sees this can someone explain to me. When we saw her talking about her issue when she returned she understood she needed help. But now it’s back to the point where she looks at it from a bad place. How can she suddenly change her opinion?? I don’t know much about annorexia so if this is related to it please let me know.

    Wolf BlankWolf Blank5 kun oldin
  • My sister was close to death for half her life. Now she's got a kid and a husband and she thinks she's the one who did it. But really, it was her side of the family and me visiting her and "bothering" her with help. Anorexia makes a person incapable of seeing who cares, and all you can do is make them care about themselves. They might never give you credit or get their head out of their booty. But you'll know you did your best, and that's all you can do.

    Harry PotterHarry Potter5 kun oldin
  • She’s super sheltered and most likely has some Form of intellectual disability or social

    Jaha WalgernJaha Walgern6 kun oldin
  • So many cruel comments about her , and the US, Mexico and other countries are in the top 10 for people with obesity

    알렉시스Vlad알렉시스Vlad6 kun oldin
  • Imho/experience/education.... those weren't her thoughts, but all she knows & is being told, so... trusts in, at home. It's what she's been influenced & manipulated to believe (along w/ so many other things that cause... a LOT of her issues imho, not conditions themselves) Emotional development, phew... stunted. Everything w/ her, not due to conditions themselves per se..... but are a result OF all that has gone/goes on where she is. Internalizing, self blame (inflicted blame) shame, burdens, eggshells... manipulation & abuse. We cannot expect her to have rational thoughts, use critical thinking or cognitive reasoning.... nor to have ability for INSIGHT even. Not when physically you may be 25 on paper, but emotionally... from a development/maturity perspective, stunted somewhere around 12, imho. If all you learned & all you know... all you were told from the second you got home & prob before... that your friends TOOK you from us, are evil, tried to hurt you, jealous, whatever else.... She reasons away everything or excuses it & spins EVERY SINGLE THING, imho... into a positive; being nice..... because she HAS TO. Because the alternative imho.... is unthinkable! Only way to cope, is from inside out, when controlled, punished, constantly influenced & manipulated, isolated, impressed upon.. One cannot thrive at all.... if they have to spend every second, merely trying to SURVIVE. =/ ANY chance, any healing any future.... has to be away from that influence to spend YEARS.... learning, maturing, developing emotionally... healing..... understanding, trusting.... gaining clarity. Somehow, in some way.. i hope that is possible. I also hope the impact hasn't been too great & the damage, already done permanently. All considered, she deserves that chance, at least. Imho, NONE ofwhat she says or does, is a choice OR from her own, individual, adult perspective. Instead, a 12 yr old doing what she's told & what she's learned... & therefore believes.... she must & is true. It's all she knows. What she said about you, based on that popup comment.... sounded more like what she was being TOLD & convinced of, since she prob cannot have thoughts of her own. #HiddenAbuse #FromSurviving TOthriving #DoctorRamani #PSYCHOPATHFREE (suggested some of the same books/channels when speaking about... Richie. ESP the first & last one... At the very least, applies to her mother too, dont' know enough about the dad to say)

    mmanda515mmanda5156 kun oldin
  • You are a good person, you did everything you could. Please don't let this destroy you, you don't deserve it. I can see your love and concern for Eugenia. I hope you can find peace and let go of the guilt that is not yours to carry. Hang in there, lean on others for support we are here for you. Enjoy your fiance and have a very Merry Christmas !

    A JA J6 kun oldin
  • How to help Eugenia? Oh How To Help her well let’s start with Taking her to Mc Donalds and buying her a Big Mac and Fries and a large Coca Cola and Carmel Frappé and small fudge sundae...take her there everyday for a few weeks she’ll be alright...if she doesn’t want to eat the food Make her eat there every day for a few weeks. Problem solved

    Pet AlienPet Alien6 kun oldin
  • Bottom line you were a good friend. You deserve NO criticism for what you did.

    pamela scottpamela scott6 kun oldin
  • With such a persistent disorder, Eugenia will likely have several relapses if she pursues treatment in the future. The fact that she’s regressed is not shocking and it’s not an indication that the intervention failed. In the best case scenario, it might have gotten the ball rolling on her seeking real treatment in the future, even if it’s still “early days” and she may need several things to happen before taking treatment seriously.

    samiam2088samiam20886 kun oldin
  • I feel like her hating you and your friends who tried to get her some help is her ED talking. Anyone who told me I was too skinny or looked ill they were "mean". In the depths of my anorexia anyone who tried to help me or support me was seen as the bad guys. Things are not looking good for her, but I still have hope that she gets some help and turns her life around.

    Kaitlyn O'DellKaitlyn O'Dell6 kun oldin
  • Eugenia can't even look at the camera when she's talking about her. Looking down at her phone

    Lena AgnelloLena Agnello7 kun oldin
  • You did everything you could, and many people including myself wish for friends/family to actually step in and help. Seeing her in person would honestly trigger me to tears..which i couldnt imagine watching a friend go through it. I struggle with ED myself and I think its hardest when you know they dont want to change. I hope that they would remove her from the platform because its just not something this generation needs to insipire for....we changed the standards of the "barbie body" type finally so i think 2020 the year of change needs to bring more concious public concerns of these triggers on children/adolescents/and those with ED already. I pray you are kept out of all the drama cause its clear you have no power in the outcomes. Your a great person for still keeping your faith that shell ask for your help or friendship one day..sending best wishes.

    Tia-Marie CostaTia-Marie Costa7 kun oldin
  • Your a good friend.

    Teresa PerezTeresa Perez7 kun oldin

    Ava RAva R8 kun oldin
  • Can relate. Me and my friends tried to intervene in a friends destructive MH and drug spiral. He shut out and blocked his whole friendship group because he didnt want help. We even reached out to the police at one point. 8 months later he ODd and was admitted. Theres nothing we could do until he was ready. And it was heartbreaking to have to let him go. For a while we were just waiting for a call to say he was dead.

    Emm RouseEmm Rouse9 kun oldin
  • Her addiction is gonna kill her before too long becuz she is not gonna help herself

    Denise BDenise B9 kun oldin
  • You know, she talks about Eugenia, who yes, does need help, but she looks pretty anorexic too... 🤔

    That Girl ReactsThat Girl Reacts9 kun oldin
    • @BeQuick actually, she really does.

      That Girl ReactsThat Girl Reacts8 kun oldin
    • No. She doesn't.

      BeQuickBeQuick8 kun oldin
    • @BSMichelle “everyone is beautiful” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Stop it, you’re killing me!! 🤣🤣🤣

      That Girl ReactsThat Girl Reacts9 kun oldin
    • @BSMichelle she looks anorexic by looking anorexic. “Naturally skinny” 😂

      That Girl ReactsThat Girl Reacts9 kun oldin
  • it took Karen Carpenter 10 years before anorexia killed her. I think she was either 79-82 pounds when she died. I hope Eugenia gets help soon, because honestly she doesnt have all the time in the world.

    Malibu MoxieMalibu Moxie10 kun oldin
  • All of you should probably stay off social media.

    Christine LaverChristine Laver10 kun oldin
  • i personally feel kati morton meant well guiding you in the right direction on how to get eugenia 5150’d for her own good... but the fact that she tried to play dumb when she was interviewing eugenia on how it was like getting 5150’d felt off...

    hey it’s melhey it’s mel11 kun oldin
  • I mean I can't say that I support your decision 100%, but I won't call you out on it either. I'd absolutely hate if I'd get forced into recovery because my friends set something up (knowing I'd likely get taken). But that's just me, because I'm anxious if clinics and I know they aren't for everyone. She will never accept help that's forced on her... she needs to decide for herself sadly. But again, I won't judge you on what has happened either...

    Kate LinKate Lin11 kun oldin
  • Its exactly like being a drug addict. Nobody can help them but themselves. She's a grown woman responsible for her own actions. She's hurting everyone around her, then blaming people for trying to help and surrounds herself with enablers that dont really give af. If they did they'd call her out on her b.s

    ashlea pedersenashlea pedersen11 kun oldin
  • You did the right thing, glad you think so. I'm sorry, I was rooting for her. She can barely talk.

    theflowerheadtheflowerhead11 kun oldin
  • Thank you for trying to get her help. I'm forever recovering myself. I still have an unhealthy relationship with my body image. It means so much that you actually helped someone. Even if it didn't last long.

    Over ToastedOver Toasted11 kun oldin
  • I remember when this channel used to be about making fun of christians. Now that we know you can't do anything else...can we get back to that?

    Over ToastedOver Toasted11 kun oldin
  • You should feel good that you fought so hard to help her but you're right there's nothing else you can do no matter how much it hurts and how much you wish you could. Just wish/pray she gets help before it's too late and you have to move on for your own well being. Hopefully someone close to her will do something to help her now. If she was my daughter at this point I would take legal action to get her help before it's too late, I can't imagine as a mother not fighting like hell to save her 😞💔

    Miss AmieMiss Amie12 kun oldin
  • if anyone see this comments please flood this this video with comments This is Kati Morton talking about eating disorders and honestly she needs to be reaching out to Eugenia rather than posting this video

    shaunagh sinnottshaunagh sinnott12 kun oldin
  • Eugenia makes money thanks to her extreme thinness. I thinks she doesn't care about anything else. I am not sorry for her, she is very dangerous for her young fans. She is an adlut, not a child.

  • It can be very traumatic to be taken into mental health treatment against your will ESPECIALLY when you're no where ready to accept help. That's why Eugenia's so angry, she was not (and is not) ready for professional services. I wish she could understand this was not an act of bullying but a desperate act to help a friend.

    Judy The GirlJudy The Girl12 kun oldin
  • Someone on Twitter made me realize that there was only a few weeks time between her leaving that rehab and him filming that big video on his channel. Knowing that, I think his video is VERY unethical... yes Eugenia is a grown woman who can make her own desicions, but Shane has stepped forward talking about his own mental struggles so wouldn't he understand that time is necessary to heal?

    Judy The GirlJudy The Girl12 kun oldin
  • Looking at her arms is heartbreaking...

    Lisa CathleenLisa Cathleen13 kun oldin
  • Please read, sign & share if you have a moment. Trying to save Eugenia. It might not be much, but it's something. Who knows! Something amazing could come from this! If you don't agree just keep your comments to yourself. Thank you!

    Aaliyah BustamanteAaliyah Bustamante13 kun oldin
  • i cannot believe that some of her fans gave you so much shit for doing something that was absolutely necessary. Now unfortunately she probably doesn’t have anyone in her life like you that would go to that length to get her 5150’d for her own good.

    hey it’s melhey it’s mel13 kun oldin
  • She does not want to get better. End of story. What you did was 100% the right thing and for the right reasons. She feels "traumatized by being forced to go somewhere" and that's because it wasn't what she WANTED. She will not get better until she acknowledges that she has an actual problem. The only reason she even was admitted anywhere om the first place is because she failed an evaluation by two medical health professionals and she had her rights temporarily removed by said medical health professionals because they deemed her a threat to herself. She can throw lies all she wants but at the end of the day she refuses to get better because she has 1)the mindset of a child; if you say something she doesn't like even if it's helpful, she views you as mean, 2)she does not want to get better, 3) in my personal opinion she does what she does for attention but only on her terms. Everyone who has ment well has tried and been pushed away, end of story. Until she, herself acknowledges that she needs help because she clearly doesn't think there is anything wrong with her. As for the people she surrounds herself with, they. Are. Absolute. Trash. People. They don't care about her and never have including her mom, Shane, and Katie. And don't get me started on her ED and the part she plays in fueling other peoples ED'S. Im glad I found her after my recovery because honestly she probably would be the cause of my ED related death. She is dangerous and she knows she is too. 🤷🏽‍♀️ at the end of the day you did all you could and she can hate you for it but literally every medical professional will agree with and so do thousands of other people. All you can do is pray she chooses to get better and offer your support

    DJ CarsonDJ Carson13 kun oldin
  • Bullies led by Jaclyn forced her to do things that she didn't want to. In her mind at least. Jaclyn may have cared deep down. She could have done that alone. Not with her group of people. She cared but it backed fired.

    Y MitY Mit13 kun oldin
  • Eugenia cooney seems like she went through a lot of trauma as a kid. and her mental growth seems stunted. i very much agree with your example that a child wants things that are bad for them. she hasnt had a good upbringing. and she was raised to be powerless and not in control of her own life.

    Jade rs515Jade rs51514 kun oldin
  • Serious question to anyone in the comments (not Jacklyn) After the treatment that she went to, does no one watch her after or do updates after release to monitor? Is she not required health checks?

    cass12234cass1223414 kun oldin
  • The fact that she doesn't realize you were her true friend and helped shows she is not well and needs help

    cass12234cass1223414 kun oldin
  • I think the difficulty is that someone like this has very strong protective parts that are survival mechanisms. They do not give in easily when they literally got put in place to help her survive the bullying and survive the neglect that she's clearly suffered. In a logical, adult mindset of course you were trying to do the healthy, correct thing to save her the only way you knew how and being a good friend with good boundaries, but unfortunately this kind of action is going to be interpreted as very threatening to someone as shut down and guarded as she is. Eugenia's story is heartbreaking for me personally as I have come from anorexia at a very young age and a traumatic background. There is a desperation for love and approval from others combined with such a rock bottom self esteem that of course you will suck up any attention you can, however incredibly inappropriate that may be. You just need love when you're Eugenia and I've been her, but the thing is love isn't just blind adoration. You wouldn't give your child blind adoration. You would show up for that child and give them boundaries, firm limits expectations for behaviour, nurturing, warmth, safety. Unfortunately she's an adult now and really this is such a sad situation where you can see she didn't get the love and support she needed in order to develop enough self-like to want to survive. It's terrible. I'm still grieving the childhood that was taken from me because of these same issues and there's no easy answer.

    Amelie AstorAmelie Astor14 kun oldin
  • How to help Eugenia Cooney: stop centering her entire identity around her disorder and just shut up about it. If we’re mad at anyone it should be Shane.

    Emily DavisEmily Davis15 kun oldin
  • Congratulations too!❤

    Angela HenryAngela Henry15 kun oldin
  • Very well said. 💯💯💯💯 And sad that we all know what the outcome will be. And you have done all that you could do. And seriously! WHERE IS SHANE NOW???😒

    Angela HenryAngela Henry15 kun oldin
  • Fake account apologizing??? That is sick. Is this Alternative Reality? Interventions have two edges and obviously, your first attempt failed. It was still better than nothing.

    Google CEOGoogle CEO15 kun oldin
    • It didn't 'fail', didn't her mother pull her out early? That's a wrap right there 😒 just a shame the hospital didn't deny that

      ennui blueennui blue14 kun oldin
  • You should all watch Of Herbs and Altars‘ video on Eugenia. She‘s a person who has been anorexic before, and has been in the proana community at the dawn of the internet. She has very good perspectives on this- and really explains how Eugenia‘s brain is working in all of this. I‘m convinced she will die in a few years on this path- as you approach 30 your body doesn‘t have much left after so much neglect.

    No Ma'amNo Ma'am16 kun oldin
  • i feel you were very wrong for this, because of the fact you had people evaluate her WITHOUT permission, (it was a set up to be evaluated, i watched all the videos, i know how it went down on all sides, you guys were wrong) then they said "she didn't pass the test" and she gets thrown somewhere against her will. yeah its recovery but she clearly wasn't ready or making that decision herself, she has every right to not want to be your friend. im sorry but your very wrong for this. even if you are concerned for her, you have to let her get help when she's ready, and she's never gonna be ready if you keep pressuring her, she may never want your help, but you have to respect that ..its not okay to try to control the situation. weather you like it or not, you have to respect that about her. people will never get help unless they themselves decide they want it, and it seemed like she was getting closer to getting help, but with all the pressure from the internet, i don't blame her for getting confused (even leaving for a while) . i struggle with eating too, but I've sought out help, and i just keep not giving up, but its because others gave me my space after 19 years finally i got some space to heal on my own, and decide this is not what i want for myself. but she needs to come to that on her own. I'm speaking from experience with abusive situations and eating disorders. (i decided when i would get help, and i sought it out when i was ready and now im better for the most part, obviously im still in therapy but you get the point.) its up to her bottom line, im not telling you to feel shitty, but im being brutally honest you just need to give her alot of space and distance, and eventually maybe she will decided herself she wants help, if not maybe you need to move on because thats a friendship you cant handle without trying to control the situation, for ur worrys about her, and yourself, i get it its hard, ur worried about her, but that only puts more pressure on her and this doesnt help in the long run, im brutally honest, do with this information what you will, but i really hope you hear me out.

    Gore Geous GamingGore Geous Gaming16 kun oldin
    • No to your opinion too

      졔리Jelly졔리Jelly10 kun oldin
    • @ennui blue thats your opinion, bye

      Gore Geous GamingGore Geous Gaming14 kun oldin
    • no to all of that

      ennui blueennui blue14 kun oldin
  • She is beyond help and further more she gets attention for the way she looks. She will continue to waist away.

    Lindsay StoicanLindsay Stoican17 kun oldin
  • Eugenia Cooney is 26 and has the appearance, weight and demeanor of a child. I see a very traumatized human. The severe malnutrition is only a symptom.

    Susan BauerSusan Bauer17 kun oldin
  • I mean... Britney Spears is in a conservatorship--- and Eugenia is still there doing what she's doing... I just feel like the world is so messed up and lop sided.

    Ellie MaeEllie Mae17 kun oldin
  • I felt that embarrassment off Eugenia, and, she did kinda lose her cool in that response... Seriously it's not your responsibility to get involved with her. It's great that you tried... But she's gonna do what she's gonna do. What angers me--- is she continues to make videos knowing she is encouraging and influencing young girls and other people with eating disorders or even body dysmorphic tendencies, as well as well as normalizing or profiting off of set destructive behavior... I want nothing more than her to grow and enlighten and get help... But that's not where she is right now...

    Ellie MaeEllie Mae17 kun oldin
  • You did the right thing it's so sad to even look at her

    Jacob MarshallJacob Marshall17 kun oldin
  • UZworld should remove her content until she’s healthier. Until she has real consequences effecting her ability to earn a profit and get cute things from her online presence she’s not going to change. And UZworld should absolutely take responsibility for content of someone slowly killing themselves even if they’re doing so slowly with a smile and bunny ears. I feel like if the gravy train got cut off it would spur not only her but her mother to do something, even if just to get the attention status and whatever money she earns back.

    twilittwilit17 kun oldin
  • you absolutely did the right thing for your friend, and the strength it takes to keep the doors open and still support her regardless of if she accepts that is such a courageous thing in my opinion, i hope you're doing okay

    C CharltonC Charlton18 kun oldin
  • Yep guilty before proven innocent it’s happened to me a lot and it just happened again

    Daniel CrowellDaniel Crowell18 kun oldin
  • You did the right thing. Thank you so much. ❤️🙏🏼

    Danielle RayDanielle Ray18 kun oldin
  • I think her mother should step in and get control over her health care by taking her to court. You did the right thing and I agree with you. Sometimes you just need to let go.

    Keekee MorleyKeekee Morley19 kun oldin
  • I just googled "how to help eugenia cooney" this popped up. Thanks for the info. I wish her well....😩(also to note I'm no where near her fan base but she looks so unhealthy I just hope someone can intervene in time) 😩

    cuzIcancuzIcan19 kun oldin
  • Imagine desperately trying to help someone you care about to keep them from hurting themselves further and not only do you get cut out of their life but they accuse you of being a bad friend. I can't even imagine.

    Maid Marian Of RavenclawMaid Marian Of Ravenclaw19 kun oldin
  • you're such a good friend

    valkovalko19 kun oldin
  • The fact that she’s like “I’m fine, yeah I’m fine now” as if we can’t see the fact that she’s extremely ill

    KiarriKiarri19 kun oldin
  • Shane doesn’t care about anyone but himself same thing with Jeffrey.

    KiarriKiarri19 kun oldin
  • Keep the same energy...treat her like you treat Amber.

    Cavsome SayreCavsome Sayre19 kun oldin
  • You are a true friend. As someone who suffered from Bulimia for years, and still continues to have body image/eating struggles, it amazes me looking back on how many people in my life who knew and just purely enabled it or allowed it knowing how badly I was hurting myself at the time. I hope she gets the help she needs and the friendships and support she REALLY needs in life. She seems to be extremely loved online and off and unfortunately this is controlling her beyond reason which I understand all too well. People in her life who know better and that she speaks to need to really start having real conversations with her and trying to help her get onto a better path. The enabling is killing her slowly and she does not seem to be in the mindset to really understand or want to see it...I know I wasn't. I hope she begins recovery again and gets better help and support.

    Megan JordanMegan Jordan19 kun oldin
  • She has a tell, when she’s really angry or just any negative emotion, she gets this big ass smile and her voice gets extra high pitched. This is just uncomfortable and I’m so sorry some strangers put you in this situation.

    Lauren ElizabethLauren Elizabeth19 kun oldin
  • Jaclyn. I need you to reach out to me. I sent you an email. I don’t want to get you involved. I respect your needs. I need you to reply to the email so I don’t have to involved love you otherwise certain organizations will want your info to speak with you. I am trying to avoid that because I know it’s not what you want. If you could just answer the 2 or 3 questions. I won’t have to mention you. Posting for your viewers to see : I agreee but more importantly I need anyone and everyone concerned about Eugenia Cooney to message me and come together in a group where everyone can speak openly. We need to get this done today. I need to share some medical information that is extremely worrisome. I need people to start stepping up and helping out. She may be dying, for real. Possible evidence her organs are starting to fail. Please help!

    Ms dreshanyMs dreshany20 kun oldin