how much money I spend in a week (YouTuber edition)

28-Sen, 2020
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Welcome to nat's life lmao.
For business-
P.O box : 1030 N Mountain Ave #160 Ontario CA,, 91762
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Instagram- @Nathalyycuevas
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Snapchat- @Nathalyyy.xx
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Age- 17
Birthday- August 29, 2003
Camera I use- Cannon G7x mark ii
Editing software- Final Cut Pro X
Thanks for watching ily 💓

  • my fav UZworldr

    haz deannahaz deannaKun oldin
  • ok sis spill the teaaaa love you girly♥️!🤣

    mikaela acunamikaela acunaKun oldin
  • if you didn't spend your money on fast food everyday you would be able to save so much XD. - no hate :) u do u girl

    Kat SarahKat SarahKun oldin
  • Can you do a daily makeup tutorial video please! I love your videos and I have some makeup and I’m not really good so I want to learn how to get better and what I need :)

    Mia CyaMia Cya5 kun oldin
  • Hi nat my daughter and I love your videos!! But definitely one advice would be to save and not eat out to much!!! Spend it wisely

    rivasf34rivasf346 kun oldin
  • intro on fleet

    GoAtEd-ChAnCe 123GoAtEd-ChAnCe 1237 kun oldin
  • You can return the food and say it messed with my dog

    Gabriella CastanedaGabriella Castaneda11 kun oldin
  • me who spends 10 dollars a month

    iiistrawberry xiiistrawberry x14 kun oldin
  • the hair thoo!!! it looks so good!!

    Maria PalaciosMaria Palacios14 kun oldin
  • You should do a shien or fashion Nova haul

    Daniela AyaalaDaniela Ayaala16 kun oldin
  • You spend more money each day then the average heroin adict LOL and thats a lot of money.

    Spike LettSpike Lett16 kun oldin
  • nathaly where was the dress frommm

    Yasmin MedranoYasmin Medrano18 kun oldin
  • She spends 685 a week you’re welcome 😊

    Karen MontalvoKaren Montalvo18 kun oldin
  • When I tell u I gasped when I saw the total of the week

    Aiza IrfanAiza Irfan19 kun oldin
  • i spend less than that in a month-

    itshailinitshailin19 kun oldin
  • aight so lately I've been really wanting to get into Starbucks but idk what's something good to order, any drinks y'all have that I can try?

    Gee ThanksGee Thanks19 kun oldin
  • Yall should by wholehearted dog food for her cause my dog would get a rash because of his food and try the salmon recipe cause its good for dogs

    Julissa CoronadoJulissa Coronado20 kun oldin
  • How many subscribers do you need so UZworld can give you many or does it depends by the videos that you put?

    Sacha RodriguezSacha Rodriguez21 kun oldin
  • You should do a how much I get from UZworld video.

    Jackies ASMRJackies ASMR21 kun oldin
  • put your nails in warm/hot water and take them nails off

    ashlynn nykoleashlynn nykole21 kun oldin
  • that's my monthly allowance 💀

    Olivia COlivia C21 kun oldin
  • I can't remember her mentioning that she has a job?

    TonyblazintxnTonyblazintxn22 kun oldin
  • The total is $688.13 guys :)))

    Fernanda BalderramaFernanda Balderrama22 kun oldin
  • You’re me!! Being addicted to Starbucks lmaoo!! But I can only get Starbucks every 2 weeks on friday(: pay day! 💕💕

    Jess Charmel67Jess Charmel6722 kun oldin
  • girl it takes me 7 month to make 600$-

    mariemarie22 kun oldin
  • I have the same brush as you

    Its hippo Lover 2 XDIts hippo Lover 2 XD22 kun oldin
  • I love your videos and stuff but I feel like all you care about is money tbh

    AlyssaAlyssa22 kun oldin
  • You should do a “dad reacts to my outfits” video

    Sarai SerratoSarai Serrato22 kun oldin
  • You should do a what I eat in a day video😁

    Renee TicklesRenee Tickles23 kun oldin
  • Estas bien buena 😘

    Ricardo SanchezRicardo Sanchez23 kun oldin
  • Sunday does count it’s the first day of the week!

    Kimberly BarzolaKimberly Barzola23 kun oldin
  • Please make a video of driving tips !

    Kimberly BarzolaKimberly Barzola23 kun oldin
  • i’ll wear hat since our names the sameee yk lol but I love your videos

    Nataly RodriguezNataly Rodriguez23 kun oldin
  • how much do you make off of youtube ?

    Samira JahshanSamira Jahshan23 kun oldin
  • how much do you make off youtube

    Samira JahshanSamira Jahshan23 kun oldin
  • half her credit card is starbucks

    Madelyn JohnsonMadelyn Johnson23 kun oldin
  • She is acting like she did didn't spend that much money.

    it's Kay kayit's Kay kay23 kun oldin
  • Can you make a merch of a phone case pigeon 7 though iPhone 11 plz liy btw

    Leslie AltamiranoLeslie Altamirano23 kun oldin
  • you should do a try to only spend 100 dollars in a week vid

    Janessy ValdesJanessy Valdes23 kun oldin
  • nat - *sad she spent so much money* also nat - i kinda wanna get my hair done again-

    fannyfanny23 kun oldin
  • lowkey doe i love these random vids they are fun- but damn I realized we really do be spending hella money-

    fannyfanny23 kun oldin
  • Every time she says ‘mom life’ and getting the groceries she sounds like a teen mom no hate btw x😂🥰

    Pink PackagesPink Packages23 kun oldin
  • The fact that im 15 and i aint even that near to being that responsible really is some to respect 😗

    quepedobishh __quepedobishh __23 kun oldin
  • Hi gurl

    William BrownieWilliam Brownie23 kun oldin
  • Can u please make a driving video! i really like it when u make those driving videos, it makes me wanna drive but im 10 D: and u make me wanna drive when im older just like u! :)

    Sultan AlzubaidySultan Alzubaidy23 kun oldin
  • Omg I love your videos so much!!!

    Kenzie EwingKenzie Ewing23 kun oldin
  • fall morning /night routine

    Meme 33Meme 3323 kun oldin
  • You should do a music playlist videoooo!!! Also you’re so pretty😍

    Elli LeikvollElli Leikvoll23 kun oldin
  • Me planning my fort YT vid cause she lowkey making bank

    Grace FGrace F24 kun oldin
  • A good idea would be you should go on Omegle and look for a bf😭😂

    graysen tgraysen t24 kun oldin
  • Video idea: take your new dog to the dog park and she how reacts (a day in the life of milaich-don’t know how to spell that)....

    Ac WinstonAc Winston24 kun oldin
  • I was having such a bad day yesterday & today, but from watching Nat things started looking up. Nat, if you are reading this, thank you for making me smile & always beeing the flashlight to light up my path ❤

    gag ꨄgag ꨄ24 kun oldin
  • At least she helps pay for things her family wants and not just on herself. love that!

    Liv CashmanLiv Cashman24 kun oldin
  • Never quit UZworld

    Raameen FatimaRaameen Fatima24 kun oldin
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  • Straight ballin out every season😭

    Supreme_ Kc._Supreme_ Kc._24 kun oldin
  • U spend more money inna day then I do in a month

    Fat cat With hatFat cat With hat24 kun oldin
  • When are you going to do a clean out closet video and nathaly you are so beautiful

    Amy EstradaAmy Estrada24 kun oldin
  • Lmfao when Nataly said she’s been talking for 23 minutes and in the vídeo is 7 minutes 😭 also dammm girl yhu rich not even me I technically spend 0 money a week 😭💀😂

    Isabel AvilaIsabel Avila24 kun oldin
  • this how many times she said “like” 👇🏻

    Monse GMonse G24 kun oldin
  • The average of her spending money everyday is $98.30. Damn man thats crazy

    Daniel ValenciaDaniel Valencia24 kun oldin
    • Really

      Xavier ElsaXavier Elsa24 kun oldin
  • How much does youtube pay you?

    Jenny GJenny G24 kun oldin
  • vid idea: give us tips & advice/ things you’ve learned so far about how to handle ur money. also you seem so productive and a boss ass bitch luv your vids girl

    zoe’s channelzoe’s channel24 kun oldin
  • can you do a shoe collection please

    Paola RacuPaola Racu24 kun oldin
  • Nat u can rap cuz u talk hella fast

    Jade GoodeJade Goode24 kun oldin
  • you need to do a video where you try out coffee from different places. also love you!!🤍

    Addison WilliamsAddison Williams24 kun oldin
  • Me watching this being sooo poor👁👄👁

    Alexa GuerreroAlexa Guerrero24 kun oldin
  • nathtely i think you might like some heels for your puppy

    ashlynn nykoleashlynn nykole24 kun oldin
  • Can you pls say hi to me pls I love you

    Emily LopezEmily Lopez24 kun oldin
  • girlllll do u know how much u could save if u didn’t go to starbucks everyday 💀

    zomb4biezomb4bie24 kun oldin
  • I would like to see her makeup collection 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Unique GirlUnique Girl24 kun oldin
  • I should being doing my homework but.... Nathaly is more important💞

    Babygirl.MaddieBabygirl.Maddie24 kun oldin
  • Can we all PLEASE take a moment on how AMAZING Nathaly is!

    Luvlee CrumpLuvlee Crump24 kun oldin

    Official.yandiel*Official.yandiel*24 kun oldin
  • damn girl i will go to your house to shop can i get a shoutout big fan love you lots

    Ricardo BarraganRicardo Barragan24 kun oldin
  • this shows she's rich lol

    Kishi_ROBLOXKishi_ROBLOX24 kun oldin
  • That’s way to much money nathley

    Ala AlaAla Ala24 kun oldin
  • Next thing u know she going to have a Starbucks drink named after her.

    Yecenia Mendoza-SalinasYecenia Mendoza-Salinas24 kun oldin

    elaine nicoleelaine nicole24 kun oldin
  • me: supposed to be doing homework Nat: posted a new vid.. *mom walks in* *me changing tabs* *mom walks out* me: telling her that i finished homework..(not) me: watching Nat until i noticed it was 4 a.m

    Alyssa RomeroAlyssa Romero24 kun oldin
  • my card could never 😭🤣

    Itaty C57Itaty C5724 kun oldin
  • This video felt so short!🥺❤

    Diana ElizaaaDiana Elizaaa24 kun oldin
  • Ree

    meep :Pmeep :P24 kun oldin
  • I love how she spends her money including her family that’s good 🥺

    Rosa MartinezRosa Martinez24 kun oldin
  • not me watching while in class- chile anyways soo.... love you nat

    elaine nicoleelaine nicole24 kun oldin
  • Nat I’m blaming you for not doing my work and watching your videos instead of working in the ONE class I’m failing..

    Angelica AlonsoAngelica Alonso24 kun oldin
  • Wow good video love u x

    Noor-Fatima AliNoor-Fatima Ali24 kun oldin
  • Trying a different aesthetic for a week

    AdeeAdee24 kun oldin
  • My weekly spending is around 0$😂

    YassouLovelyYassouLovely24 kun oldin
  • Hey hi😊

    Nichaela MotusNichaela Motus24 kun oldin
  • Nathaly: omg I’ve been making the worst videos! Me: girl your videos are the best and so entertaining

    Valeria GarciaValeria Garcia24 kun oldin
  • Can you do a how much you make and like your UZworld... money? Journey I guess

  • She so cute, te amo amiga

    Bianca MushiraBianca Mushira24 kun oldin
  • High maintenance

    Sophia BrownSophia Brown24 kun oldin
  • i’m watching you instead of doing my online classes 😭

    julissa martinezjulissa martinez24 kun oldin
  • This is how many people thinks that she’s a heather👇❤️🥺🥰

    Camila GallardoCamila Gallardo24 kun oldin
  • There nothing wrong with your videos

    Queen BriQueen Bri24 kun oldin
  • Ceo of saying like😂 love you ❤️

    It’s me AliiIt’s me Alii24 kun oldin
  • Sis save up your money and invest in it!! Also I’ve never seen someone so addicted to Starbucks 😂😂

    Grecia MartinezGrecia Martinez24 kun oldin
  • Her bank 🏦 is hurt 😔😅

    Madison RossiMadison Rossi24 kun oldin