How It Begins...When You See THIS Happening

10-Yan, 2021
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  • Start @ 1:38

    ThePatriotNurseThePatriotNurse8 kun oldin
    • @Rocco huh?

      Byron FoppolaByron FoppolaKun oldin
    • They are control freak communists. A pox upon them all! Look up and watch a German movie “The Lives Of Others”, subtitled, a love story about life behind the Berlin Wall and the world of the Stasi Secret Police. Watch it and tell me we aren’t there these days. This rings true the minister’s poem about Germany and the NAZIS “They Came For Me Today” Sad times we are in, Jordan Peterson nails it in several of his lectures. The monster within us all. May God have Mercy upon our souls, our enemies certainly won’t. Prayers and Cares to you and Reed. If not before, we will see you upon the field or the other side. Until Valhalla, Sister! This is why Thomas Jefferson and Franklin, Adams(x2) and Washington penned in the Death Warrant those 56 men so bravely signed themselves to “...after a long train of abuses and usurpations...” “We thereby mutually pledge to each other Our Lives... Our Fortunes.... Our Sacred Honor...” Not one single man of those 56 souls reneged on that Blood 🩸 Oath. Not one. Deo Vindice’ Sic Semper Tyrannis Pro Aris Et Focis Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum Godspeed

      Ronald LollisRonald LollisKun oldin
    • No where in the New Testament do we read where Jesus, the apostles or the early church rebelled or waged war against their persecutors. The reason is this, just as Sol became the Apostle Paul we have no idea who GOD will redeem to do HIS will. We cannot rebel or war against flesh and blood until the mark of the beast imposed, when all those who accept it can no longer be redeemed. Be vigil, patient, loving and most of all be faithful to Yeshua Hamashiach the LORD Jesus Christ. Endure to the very end even unto death brothers and sisters because the next time we open our eyes we’ll be in the presence of our LORD and Savior. Much love and blessing, may peace and grace be with you.

      RoccoRoccoKun oldin

      Warrior 4Him2.0Warrior 4Him2.03 kun oldin
    • @Zarion11 A Nobody Trump for prison in just a few days

      Byron FoppolaByron Foppola4 kun oldin
  • your such a smart nice women wish i could give you a big ole hug .

    guy wilcoxguy wilcox4 soat oldin
  • Yes, I remember Obama announced, "Change is Coming"!!!! It is HERE NOW!!

    Zena DailZena Dail7 soat oldin
  • Trump has signed the insurrection act you don't need 25,000 troops for an inauguration

    кто тамкто там7 soat oldin
  • I couldn't shoot a water pistol due to ra destruction in elbows,hands,wrists..

    Jean StrazzJean Strazz12 soat oldin
  • Every time people turn their backs on and stop believing in the one true God Jesus, they think they are gods so they can dictate who lives and dies and who does what.

    Aaron McConnellAaron McConnell13 soat oldin
  • Remember "Turn the cheek." We are still all God's Children.

    Terry BlaisTerry Blais17 soat oldin
  • You are an amazing woman !! Thank you for all you do and GOD BLESS AND KEEP HIS HAND OF PROTECTION UPON YOU !!! Love ya Girl ! You are right over the target !

    Thom MillerThom Miller18 soat oldin
  • I'm already sick of ..... gentle woman and gentle man. I'm sick about the fact that this mask wearing isn't over in 2021.

    Marc ChenowethMarc Chenoweth21 soat oldin
  • The right is just as bad as the left, just in different ways. They're both authority worshipers and neither believes in freedom. Neither has an ounce of morals or principles, despite their claims to the contrary. Pretty much everything you said denigrating the left applies to the right as well. The left pretty much doesn't even claim any principles or morals, but the right, who actually claims to believe in those things, are total hypocrites, which makes them even worse.

    Anarcho MotoAnarcho MotoKun oldin
  • Ashley, voted blue before her business went under. Than she turned to red. I don't think its a liberal conservative thing. People need to think for themselves. No leader is perfect. But we need both parties to blance each other out. The law needs to keep both parties in check. No one is above the law. Educate yourself. Think for yourself. No what propaganda is. Don't fall for it no matter what your party is. Vote for your own beliefs. God is the only way. But we need each other. Peace. We need peace during this time. Forgiveness. And love. Above all show people love, Gods love. Stay safe, don't buy into fear, pray, and don't lose hope. All will be okay.

    Melanie ScukaMelanie ScukaKun oldin
  • No one seems to bring up the Military games in Wuhan Oct 2019....... and there were athletes getting sick? seems like it could of been spread around and then all those nations taking it back to their countries?

    ValtheegalValtheegalKun oldin
  • "What goes around, comes around".💀

    boomer166boomer166Kun oldin
  • Scripture says when one rejects God and the word of God,a veil is placed over their hearts which blinds them spiritually..Ive been saying for a few years there will be a time when we have to rely solely on the holy spirit and God for our health and healing.

    SetfreeT MSetfreeT MKun oldin
  • 1 Samuel 19:5 2 Samuel 23:8-39 Bean Patch Brothers And Sisters David’s Faith: Teach the Bean Patch Fight Psalm 23 Psalms 91-93 Psalm 144 James May God have Mercy upon our souls, our enemies certainly won’t. Deo Vindice’ Sic Semper Tyrannis Pro Aris Et Focis Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum MOLON LABE’

    Ronald LollisRonald LollisKun oldin
  • Your channel is a light in the dark. I'm gonna put this out for review and let others judge...In the mid 90's I felt God impress on me that our country, us collectively as Christians, were like the Prodigal son. That parable was for believers not pagans. The Prodigal son and his brother were always children of the Master. The Spirit spoke to my heart that have used our previous generations blessings from God as inheritance is spent on "riotous living". I felt Him saying we were headed for the spiritual emptiness and physical hardship of brokenness. I didn't want to believe it. I'm ashamed to say I haven't done enough to prevent it or warn others. Its happening in front of us. Thank you for what you doing. God bless you.

    ReGuLaRGuy81ReGuLaRGuy81Kun oldin
  • Trump will always be our President no matter what socialist stooge is in the WH.

    Eagle 73Eagle 73Kun oldin
  • Don't give up. Don't give up. Don't give up.

    goggle boygoggle boyKun oldin
  • @Patriot Nurse.......Just another angry rant from another twisted diehard trump worshipper.....

    Fighting QuadsFighting QuadsKun oldin
  • Chuck Schumer IS possessed by the Devil!!!

    Karin HauensteinKarin HauensteinKun oldin
  • You are spiritual warfare person. I bless you sistter.

    John WrightJohn WrightKun oldin
  • Christopher MarkChristopher MarkKun oldin
  • My daughter is a nurse and Insisted on me getting the shot so I did but my son is 13 years older and he totally did not want me to get the shot now I see all the

    Donna SmithDonna SmithKun oldin
  • My daughter is a nurse and Insisted on me getting the shot so I did but my son is 13 years older and he totally did not want me to get the shot now I see all the Negativity pertaining the vaccination it’s too late now but I still worry about me and her getting a shot

    Donna SmithDonna SmithKun oldin
  • I think you are wrong. At least I hope so. I live in a small town and there isn't any revenge mentality here.

    Cindy DavisCindy DavisKun oldin
  • Q anon is cointelpro. Get out of blue states the borders of the former US were Democrat controlled for a reason to host a foreign enemy of americans. Yes even to democrats them selves..join or die.

    william hamplwilliam hamplKun oldin
  • I have a very silly quaternion and please, I’m asking that no one troll me on this . Is Sars-CoV 2 an aerosol? Airborne. My research and what i understand is the the only way its “airborne is through a couch or sneeze”. Correction: not the only way , but can travel with momentum. Other way would be speech etc. But not 6ft. My research is from the This paper has great studies .

    Native TexanNative TexanKun oldin
  • Been training my 10 yr old to shoot. How many 10 yr olds do you know that can hit a coke can at 160 yds? I know at least one. 😉

    wolf 762wolf 762Kun oldin
  • SHUT up

    Joe SomebodyJoe SomebodyKun oldin
  • Calm down sweet heart

    Joe SomebodyJoe SomebodyKun oldin
  • Love what you have to say. However, as far as Ashli Babbet goes if she had not entered the Capital Building and stayed outside, as she should have, she would still be alive. Maybe someone else would have been shot in her spot but while I agree with Civil Disobedience to an extent what happened at the Capital was wrong. It’s times like this when I am glad I am 67 as I have less fear now than I would have if I had more life to live!

    Arlen NorbyArlen Norby2 kun oldin
  • The PatriotNurse, thank you for what you and Reid do...God bless you both.

    Mr. KittyMr. Kitty2 kun oldin
  • P.N. We love you and all be safe may God be with us. It's gonna get nasty.

    john doejohn doe2 kun oldin
  • Great video! Keep speaking the truth! Gods Truth!!🙏

    Disciple of Christ 7Disciple of Christ 72 kun oldin
  • Hey Patriot nurse, do you remember the massacre at the country music festival in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017? The police that entered the room and killed the shooter initially reported finding ANTIFA literature in the room that night. Do you remember the Church massacre in that Church in Texas by ANTIFA? Do you remember the church massacre in Tennessee by that African immigrant BLM member? Do you remember the ambush murders of those five police officers at the BLM march in Dallas Texas by a black man on July 7, 2016 ? He killed five police officers and wounded 9 others. Do you remember all of the Ambush murders of police officers by BLM all across our country? Did you hear about the Execution style murder of the little five year old white child on his bicycle in front of his two young sisters by a 25 year old black neighbor on August 9 2020? There has been a black on white race war waging in America for generations. The NAACP, ANTIFA, BAMN, BLM, LA RAZA, and a multitude of other left-wing special interest groups are Marxist Front Groups and Anti white Christian Hate Groups and they are all under the subversive and seditious Zio-Communist Democrat party. As far as I’m concerned if you still support and voted for the democrat establishment you condone and support all of the assaults, murders, massacres rioting looting and burning of America. and the blood of all of those innocent Americans maimed and murdered on their hands. We should not fear them for what they might do to us. They should fear us for what we are going to do to them. The blood of little Cannon Hinnant is crying out to God from the ground for justice. By the precious blood of Jesus Christ the sacrificial Lamb of God. Yahweh’s will be done. Self Defense I s a morally just and righteous cause. This is nothing new to us. We have been fighting for our survival in this world for thousands of years.

    Michael PearceMichael Pearce2 kun oldin

    speedracermattspeedracermatt2 kun oldin
  • Don't walk around with a mouth full of scriptures and a heart full of hate!!!

    Patti CrinerPatti Criner2 kun oldin
  • im canadian and have lived & worked with people that were former russians and the black market was the only way you could get anything-and if your nieghbor ratted you out it was very very serious- so the nieghbor would get visit from the locals and that was that -welcome to the american future....think im kidding?

  • I don't generally comment on videos, but I had something I want to say to you Patriot Nurse. I've followed you for many years. Took a break from the whole demonic web, so it's been awhile since I've watched your videos. I'm thankful for you and what you do. I've learned so much from you. And now I see your involving God, Bible reading and spiritual warfare in your videos. Kudos to you for keeping it real. You're always spot on. I'm so pleased in hearing you speak the truth about this evil; telling folks what we as believers must do and be doing. This wickedness is too huge for us alone to battle. Only Jesus is going to win this battle. But we must do our part as believers. Please everybody, pray without ceasing. Satan has selected his army and it's apparent who his soldiers are. Those doing his evil deeds. God bless us one and all.

    yammies62yammies622 kun oldin
  • The story of Joseph, is happening to us. Everyone lived with plenty, a new leader rose up, he enslaved them, they had to give the government their property in order to eat, Moses came, confronted evil, delivered them and took them to the promised land! I wish we could just skip to the end!!

    Jacquie JJacquie J2 kun oldin
  • Move to a red state NOW... before its too late! We mived from portland or to omaha ne, 3 years ago because of the political drama. Best decision we’ve ever made for our kids!

    Gabriela KarlGabriela Karl2 kun oldin
  • 5:30 pm, Saturday, January 16, 2021. only 3 days until America die. God Bless us.

    Richard WalkerRichard Walker2 kun oldin
  • United we stand.Divided we fall.

    MarkMark2 kun oldin
  • boing

    Robert MangumRobert Mangum2 kun oldin
  • My husband just wants to go live only able to get there by small that what a Christian should do?

    Julie SmithJulie Smith2 kun oldin
  • You are Soooooo wrong about the left! Progressive liberals despise Biden and all the Corporate Democrats. They want much the same as people on the right who see the government doesn’t serve the working people at all. The Democratic establishment squashes any liberal ideas. America really has two conservative parties compared to other countries.

    TheVisitors44TheVisitors442 kun oldin
  • Calm down. You look like you’re about to stroke out. Show a little more faith in God and stop judging others. God directed Mitch and Trump to include the right judges to the Supreme Court which will prevent Biden from doing anything unconstitutional. Please show a little faith and stop fanning the flames of hatred.

    srayproctorsrayproctor2 kun oldin
  • Is it better to leave a toxic environment with what you can cary on your back but following christ 100% leaving all behind. Or stay behind enemy lines and take chances with ones soul trying to help unbelievers wake up to Christ?

    Tristin BarnettTristin Barnett2 kun oldin
  • Exodus 22:22-24

    loretta montesloretta montes2 kun oldin
  • I know my conservative views that have been voiced probably have been viewed by some to be unhinged or crazy/racist. However is it not crazy for the liberal to voice that Trump supporters children should be taken and re-educated? This is the fat red line that has been drawn in the sand for me. No more reasoning, no more chances to break through. It's them vs us, and it's so hardening of the heart.

    Mason N.Mason N.2 kun oldin
  • Words are cheap action speaks volumes, and all I see is allot of Words and no Action

    jelly justjelly just2 kun oldin
  • Not about how the left is making themselves more wicked, Yah has allowed this to teach you, not them. It's about how are believers humbling themselves before their Creator, seeking His leadership in all areas rather than a golden calf of public leaders on the conservative side who we created to go before us and lead us out of trials.

    Cyd MarantisCyd Marantis2 kun oldin
  • I love your insight and wisdom.

    gary bergergary berger2 kun oldin
  • The War that is about to unfold in America is going to be Astounding ..................... LOL.........

    Bible BeeBible Bee2 kun oldin
  • Why is parts of this so cringe?

    Whispers of VeracityWhispers of Veracity2 kun oldin
  • In common is, stupidity , they are stupid to back Patriots into a corner in defense of liberty...Patriots are stupid to pay them to do it. Stop paying taxes...

    Mark BlasenMark Blasen2 kun oldin
  • Ashli Bobbit gave her full measure of devotion to our Republic.Protesting the communists seated in Her/our house. Actively stealing our Republic. Shame on anyone to call Her a terrorist.! The terrorist are seated in the house still . She was murderd for tresspassing in Her own house... Pray for Her and Her family forever.

    Mark BlasenMark Blasen2 kun oldin
  • Biden will immigrate millions of hard core socalists willing to watch us scrub sreets. !

    Mark BlasenMark Blasen2 kun oldin
  • I work at a huge federal facility in the vaccine clinic. I will tell you, it’s a complete sham. It would take me hours to tell you this is complete evil what they are doing.

    T DecarloT Decarlo2 kun oldin
  • I like the older Patriot Nurse videos better. I believe in god but starting to feel like I’m in church watching her videos. To much bible thumping.

    AnnapolisprepAnnapolisprep2 kun oldin
    • Biblically based.

      Eagle 73Eagle 73Kun oldin
    • This is a Bible believing channel with many Christian supporters is case you didn't know.

      Eagle 73Eagle 73Kun oldin
  • BRACE FOR IMPACT BECAUSE THERE IS A STING THAT IS GOING TO GO DOWN ! Over 400 thousand arrests will take place and have already started covertly. This will be biggest house cleaning since Kennedy tried to clean house. But these are not just US but world wide. Hang tight my brethren and sisters, Eyes up and pray !

  • Trust in Our Living God, Accept Christ as your Lord and Savior, read your Bible and Pray daily without ceasing, keep a gun in the other hand.

    joe dixonjoe dixon2 kun oldin
    • In the mean time prepare for the inevitable. We all know what is coming.

      joe dixonjoe dixon2 kun oldin
  • Subbed Sister powerful. God bless.

    Big ScottieBig Scottie3 kun oldin
  • You are Gorgeous, but most people won't be able to hear your voice. Would you please give a course on making home anti-biotiocs?

    Franklin VetoFranklin Veto3 kun oldin
  • I commend you for your strong faith in God. Both my mother and sister were RN's like you. Good success on your channel and keep the faith..... Eric

    Eagle EricEagle Eric3 kun oldin
  • Nixa Missouri

    Diann HindsDiann Hinds3 kun oldin
  • 47:12 what a CONFIRMATION-- my dad was complaining about not being able to sleep and I told him to pray for rest and restoration--- Right before I heard you state the same thing! AMEN

    Jen Jen 4 JESUSJen Jen 4 JESUS3 kun oldin
  • 42:40 SPOTON-- A Jackass and an elephant yoked together!! hahahahah RIGHT!!!

    Jen Jen 4 JESUSJen Jen 4 JESUS3 kun oldin
  • I was in the Army- Trained as an Intelligence Analyst-and I put that trade into practice for over 25years and I've used it for GOD!! I've repented for my allegiance to a Demonic force called the military- I was complicit in many murders in care of the US Army in Afghanistan and Iraq and I've repented for my part... I took my skills and applied them to God's Enemies and it has served me and my Father well!! We are soldiers for Christ NOW!! Just because the STATE is allowed to MURDER doesn't make it MORAL or JUST!! I fear for anyone who attempts to try to make excuses to the ALMIGHTY at their JUDGEMENT!! WELL I was only doing what I was told... NOPE NOT GONNA FLY!!

    Jen Jen 4 JESUSJen Jen 4 JESUS3 kun oldin
  • Enterthestarz mentioned a great point... The enemy wants to destroy God's temple- HIS CHILDREN via poison! mRNA DOES IN FACT ALTER DNA/GENETIC CODE! The SNAKE BITE- Two Vaccine injections- two points of injections (FANGS)- Trumps signature upside down looks like a VIPERS FANGS... DO NOT FOLLOW MAN!!! FOLLOW THE SON OF MAN!

    Jen Jen 4 JESUSJen Jen 4 JESUS3 kun oldin
  • OVERCOMERS!!! We must OVERCOME!! GET CLOSE TO GOD/JESUS!! This is no joke! Rebuke those EVIL SPIRITS!!

    Jen Jen 4 JESUSJen Jen 4 JESUS3 kun oldin
  • Excellent proclamation!! We are dealing with POWERFUL Principalities, evil wickedness in HIGH PLACES! DEMONIC FORCES INDEED!!

    Jen Jen 4 JESUSJen Jen 4 JESUS3 kun oldin
  • ok im freake to my core.............. I think the house market might fall too. I think I will sell. I haven't applied for my conceal carry. I got the certificate. Is it too late?

    amie aamie a3 kun oldin
  • Something precious for your heart (OUR hearts) " . . . . . Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God's." 2 Chronicles 20:15 [ i don't think it's over yet! =} ] "He which testifieth these things saith Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen. " Revelation 22: 20 & 21 . We're all praying and trusting our Lord and Savior. We're all praying and trusting our Lord and Savior.

    carol martincarol martin3 kun oldin
  • Psalm 35 has always been my go to for any trouble I’ve ever been in and it has. 100% success rate against all enemies.

    Time AllenTime Allen3 kun oldin
  • Northern mi here.

    tommy gtommy g3 kun oldin
  • Jesus said, "When you see one who was not born of woman, fall on your faces and worship. That one is your Father." 16. Jesus said, "Perhaps people think that I have come to cast peace upon the world. They do not know that I have come to cast conflicts upon the earth: fire, sword, war. For there will be five in a house: there'll be three against two and two against three, father against son and son against father, and they will stand alone." 17. Jesus said, "I will give you what no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, what no hand has touched, what has not arisen in the human heart." 18. The disciples said to Jesus, "Tell us, how will our end come?"

    John FrancisJohn Francis3 kun oldin
  • Mary said, "I want to understand all things, just as they are!" The Lord said, "He who will seek out life! For this is their wealth. For the [...] of this cosmos is [...], and its gold and its silver are misleading." His disciples said to him, "What should we do to ensure that our work will be perfect?" The Lord said to them, "Be prepared in face of everything. Blessed is the man who has found [...] the contest [...] his eyes. Neither did he kill, nor was he killed, but he came forth victorious." Judas said, "Tell me, Lord, what the beginning of the path is." He said, "Love and goodness. For if one of these existed among the governors, wickedness would never have come into existence."

    John FrancisJohn Francis3 kun oldin
  • 🌾💚🗝🌾

    Hopi NgHopi Ng3 kun oldin
  • 9:11 visceral vampire-ishness... 😆😆😆😆

    The EagleThe Eagle3 kun oldin
  • Amen. I 💘 your FAITH !!!

    Claire NJClaire NJ3 kun oldin
  • I'm having trouble sleeping so I will get up and do the psalms

    T AdamsT Adams3 kun oldin
  • Facebook mentality has already trained people to snitch on others. There's no better optics like thousands of troops and barbed wire to drive home the message that Trumpers are evil, violent, dangerous people deserving of rounding up and pushed into fema camps. Let me guess, the deep state will set off a small bomb to blame on Trumpers and initiate the passing of draconian laws. It's not hard to see how easily the stazi rose to power.

    John PruettJohn Pruett3 kun oldin
  • Facebook mentality has already trained people to snitch on others. There's no better optics like thousands of troops and barbed wire to drive home the message that Trumpers are evil, violent, dangerous people deserving of rounding up and pushed into fema camps. Let me guess, the deep state will set off a small bomb to blame on Trumpers and initiate the passing of draconian laws. It's not hard to see how easily the stazi rose to power.

    John PruettJohn Pruett3 kun oldin
  • MUST WATCH VIDEO, channel Crossroads with Joshua Philipp, video called "Antifa Agent Provocateurs". Really great channel as well as Epoch Times.

    John PruettJohn Pruett3 kun oldin
  • I only submit to one person !! And Not one here on earth!!

    Street Racing LifeStreet Racing Life3 kun oldin
  • Sister Vesta is my pastors mom. Amen. God bless you.

    Delta DoanDelta Doan3 kun oldin
  • Kings of the earth Revelation 17:18 KJV [18] And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth. That’s right, reigns over the kings! Not the people. People of all nations want to live peaceably. Leaders seek fame, fortune, or power. Remember, love of money is the root of all evil! The average citizen of any country want peace. Revelation 19:2 KJV [2] For true and righteous are his judgments: for he hath judged the great whore, which did corrupt the earth with her fornication, and hath avenged the blood of his servants at her hand. Revelation 18:24 KJV [24] And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth. This whore binds the kings of the earth together. Revelation 18:3 KJV [3] For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. We are witnessing the end of Mystery Babylon! Revelation 18:2 KJV [2] And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. The beast she rides is ancient Babylon’s Laws! That’s why: Revelation 17:6 KJV [6] And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration. Why does this people which Worship Babylon fear God? Revelation 19:2 KJV [2] For true and righteous are his judgments: for he hath judged the great whore, which did corrupt the earth with her fornication, and hath avenged the blood of his servants at her hand. The fear of God’s Righteous Laws! 1 Timothy 1:9-10 KJV [9] Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, [10] For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine; All of God’s elect know when they commit sin. They do not have to belong to any church. God’s children have a sense of His being. The Gospel reveals their identity as His children. Acts 2 explains the prophet Joel to Israel, God’s children. (Note: Strong’s Concordance word 2453 “of Judah”).

    Tom JeffersonTom Jefferson3 kun oldin
  • Thank you for being a warrior for the ALMIGHTY !!!

    Deana KuscheDeana Kusche3 kun oldin
  • There’s definitely a demonic element. First time in my life I cannot depend on family. Thank you 🙏🏼

    Elizabeth BoydElizabeth Boyd3 kun oldin
  • You are so right! My own mother has turned on me saying she doesn’t know what is in my mind, like verbally attacking me. All I sai was ...Mom, is the information you get from your tv is it the same on every channel, every day? Please just consider the possibility that there’s more to it than what your tv is telling you. That’s it! She became aggressive and insulting my mental state. Over nothing.

    Elizabeth BoydElizabeth Boyd3 kun oldin
  • talk, talk, talk....telling any person who can think what they already know......begging for donations, all about YT channel person always talking about unrest/civil war and taking back the country all do one thing.....they hide...

    LR LapuaLR Lapua3 kun oldin
  • RESET THE RESET. I like that

    RealEstateInsider247RealEstateInsider2473 kun oldin
  • My baby little sister DIED inside a hospital without her Big brother ( me) being able to hold her hand or touch her etc. As she left this earth Due to these ABSURD COVID-19 restrictions. Tragic.

    GuyCarr WuzrightGuyCarr Wuzright3 kun oldin
  • funny thing, my conscience was always so sever with me I thought there was something wrong with me and tried to suppress it to fit in this world, I'm glad I finally found out why I didn't fit in, get right with Jesus

    aintbuyinitaintbuyinit3 kun oldin
  • From the info I have seen they want us sterilized or dead. Sterilizing is the easier route when it's voluntary. Right now many people are watching vaxxines' afraid of them but what about the food that they feed us, the pills that they give us and the small yet constant radiation in the form of frequencies all around us? Soft kills come in many forms... Now I'm wondering if the 'virus' is sterilizing people and that was the intent of the virus in the first place. I'm guessing it would take the masses 1 to 5 years to figure out that they are sterile.

    CraquedEggsCraquedEggs3 kun oldin
  • You are a GREAT(!) "bucket" and example SISTER(!) heartfelt prayers for you and Reid have hit so hard that I KNOW(!) that I MEAN THEM(!)...and GOD is answering(!)... Thank you for that Lady(!)...

    ParadigmBlasterParadigmBlaster3 kun oldin
  • Praying for you over the pond Evil is busy right now!!!! be strong 🇺🇲🇬🇧

    Give it a Swing Outdoors with SmithGive it a Swing Outdoors with Smith3 kun oldin
  • I watched this the other night for a few mins fight at the point where you were praying for people and you spoke about a women with terrible hand pain. .the kind you wear the stiff hand brace. I was literally putting my brace on... I just want to thank the Lord he healed my hand, after 25 years of of terrible, terrible hand pain from more then carpel tunnel. I have NOT WORN MY brace since that night ! God is so good and that small act from him renewed me, and my faith!!! Praise God!

    Lady Yankee RebelLady Yankee Rebel3 kun oldin
  • I know this is late but if someone is in insulin and there is an extended power outage , how do you store it????

    Carrie McGinnisCarrie McGinnis3 kun oldin