How BAD Was Anthony Bennett Actually?

7-Yan, 2021
315 141 Ko‘rishlar soni

How bad was Anthony Bennett actually, and is he really the worst no.1 overall pick ever?
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How BAD Was Anthony Bennett Actually?

  • Basically he didn't play with passion, he just play for the money...

    Steven BarrySteven BarrySoat oldin
  • Actually I believe that guy who was drafted #1 in 2003 was the biggest bust !

    Reach Teach1Reach Teach12 soat oldin
  • Kwame brown was the worst

    MazBeatzMazBeatz2 soat oldin
  • Sam Bowie was a 2nd pick not 1st.

    P 27P 272 soat oldin
  • Tha Boi TRASH!

    vincy forlifevincy forlife6 soat oldin
  • Basically nowadays all top 5 prospects can only dunk and do layup skills and most steal drafts can shoot good constantly like Tyler Herro and Payton Pritchard

    Angel YalaAngel Yala7 soat oldin
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    Bob StoneBob Stone9 soat oldin
  • This guy dont have the level to play in Europe even, he is an amateur player

    J JaxzJ Jaxz9 soat oldin
  • Man he sucks but talk about David griffin burn. Holy shit. Instead of saying yeah some of it was on us “he never had a desire to be a winner basically lol

    anthony trevinoanthony trevino10 soat oldin
  • Good enough for his best rookie card to sell for $40,000 through Probstein

    Craig SlatteryCraig Slattery11 soat oldin
  • Rookie playing with Dion Waiters and Kyrie Irving. When you look back he didn’t have a chance.

    chad Catersonchad Caterson12 soat oldin
  • never heard of him

    k mk m12 soat oldin
  • Anthony"bust"Bennett

    Official mighty Notorious aka gdubbOfficial mighty Notorious aka gdubb13 soat oldin
  • Who's Anthony Bennett?

    UN KNOWNUN KNOWN14 soat oldin
  • HIs career would have been so different if he was jus drafted somewhere in the mid first round. The stigma of being NO.1 pick got to him.

    supfoolsupfool14 soat oldin
  • Anthony Bennett was supposed to be what Zion is💯

    7 7 77 7 714 soat oldin
  • It's well known, Cleveland picked him to use him to bring back Lebron. As ok as he was, he was an expendable 1st pick.

    King Juli enKing Juli en14 soat oldin
  • damn how OP he was on he's just......this🤣

    Muanpuia PachuauMuanpuia Pachuau15 soat oldin
  • The ratio of how gets heat for Anthony Bennett is out of wack. like 90% of the heat is on Bennett and 10% on Cleveland, It should be the other way around. Bennett was who he was, Cleveland should never have drafted him #1. No one even considered him a 1st round pick before the draft. He never had top pick talent or potential. He probably could have been a good NBA player if he was a 2nd round or undrafted guy, Cleveland messed this kid up by putting the top pick hype and pressure on him

    gorobotgorobot16 soat oldin
  • At Least he got one poster in his career 😂💯

    Discreet MillionaireDiscreet Millionaire16 soat oldin
  • This hurts...from the little I saw I thought he was going to be great

    G PleeserG Pleeser16 soat oldin
  • If you don't have the mindset to overpass difficulties and have no support from your closes one it's the harder path to become a pro.

    Brice BeaurainBrice Beaurain16 soat oldin
  • The lack of work ethic is what get to can u not want to be better while getting made millions

    Last RoninLast Ronin17 soat oldin
  • I Guess He Had Rather Stayed On The Streets!! There's People Out There Still Waiting For There Shot!!

    Frezzy ParkerFrezzy Parker18 soat oldin
  • I'm from Cleveland and it makes me cringe knowing we could have had Giannis but took Bennett instead 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤢🤢🤢

    EazyEazy18 soat oldin
  • Kyrie:LeBron win a champion, I win two first pick. Cleveland, this is for you.

    Warm BigWarm Big18 soat oldin
  • Jordan trashed his own teammates lol

    Silky LewJrSilky LewJr20 soat oldin
  • Bennett is a certified bust, worst rookie year ever and never heard from him since

    Band Boy 50/50Band Boy 50/5020 soat oldin
  • Len Bias is worse. Dude didn't even played a single game...

    militar3rdmilitar3rd20 soat oldin
  • I thought he was going to compare Bennet to Dr. J.

    Holly ChavesHolly Chaves20 soat oldin
  • Honestly this was the cavs’s fault

    Nova479Nova47921 soat oldin
  • Did this guy just say strict rules of the lottery cap

    ShackajackajoeShackajackajoe23 soat oldin
  • Just searched his net worth & it's 8M$,I guess we can't even say anything to a man who amounts that much😂

    The Abhinav 25The Abhinav 25Kun oldin
  • As a Blazers fan, this is hard to watch.

    Andrew McManisAndrew McManisKun oldin
  • He's the best dude in 2k14

    godmodegodmodeKun oldin
  • NBA is just business it's not a league.

    Applicant Number 301Applicant Number 301Kun oldin
  • 7:09 Kyle Kuzma is that you?

    IWantMyVisionBackIWantMyVisionBackKun oldin
  • 7:58 bruh thats Dr. J wth

    Mason OutsiderMason OutsiderKun oldin
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    UnsettledUnsettledKun oldin
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      cortez stricklandcortez strickland14 soat oldin
  • Boy got the checc and said I’m out

    CallMe3CallMe3Kun oldin
  • 2:49 I thought they are in the nets and checked the date u uploaded the video xd,hhhhhh

    luis chenluis chenKun oldin
  • Anthony Edwards won't be too much better.

    Adis KAdis KKun oldin
  • Hes kind of like everything Zion is not

    Michael McGeeMichael McGeeKun oldin
  • greg oden is the clear no1. worst pick. Even when Oden got to play he was all blunders.He couldnt even make it against 50yr olds in the Big3.

    The Fight ScoutThe Fight ScoutKun oldin
  • I'm from Las Vegas and watched him many times at UNLV and he was absolutely a beast UNLV was smashing along his lead I have no idea what happened....

    Jason BurberryJason BurberryKun oldin
  • Glad he got some money

    Zantar BooglesZantar BooglesKun oldin
  • Has to be the worst use of a #1 pick in history Kevin Costner would have traded down to 5 or 6, gotten Bennett and a bunch of other stuff

    Sean McGowanSean McGowanKun oldin
  • Imagine passing on greek for this guy...... that's gonna haunt clevelands dreams lol

    DeMarcus GriffinDeMarcus GriffinKun oldin
  • He played really well for Team Canada after he was out of the league. Also became a good 3 point shooter in his last couple G league runs. With the insane covid restrictions the NBA is pushing, guys like Bennett need to be ready for a random call up from any of these teams.

    Bols BolbolBols BolbolKun oldin
  • This man will probably become superstars if he handle by Phil Jackson.

    Jeff The RipperJeff The RipperKun oldin
  • Only adding this comment because there are 666 and I'm not cool with that

    James WoodardJames WoodardKun oldin
  • 666 comments! More like 667 😎

    Delia ArauzDelia ArauzKun oldin
  • He really was 🗑

    Mike M102938Mike M102938Kun oldin
  • wow

    SEX BUGSEX BUGKun oldin
  • He's the worst 1st round pick EVER. I think this agreed upon by everybody

    Ishmael MohIshmael MohKun oldin
  • Sam Bowie wasnt even a first pick

    Karate ChapKarate ChapKun oldin
  • he went to UNLV he had no business in the NBA his college competition was horrible.

  • Probably really didn’t love the game

    Shalie A. RichardsonShalie A. RichardsonKun oldin
  • Ok but Tbf to the Cavs I’m pretty sure only Vic went top 5 out the names you mentioned. Ant went late lottery and Gobert went really late 1st.

    Chris GrabChris GrabKun oldin
  • I just find it crazy that you can change your whole families life with an opportunity and not work hard and expand upon it.

    shino475shino475Kun oldin
  • Ben simmons is getting scary closer to this

    Cody UnruhCody UnruhKun oldin
  • Bad ?! He is 🐐🐐🐐

    Michael TownleyMichael TownleyKun oldin
  • had such a bad luck with his health problems

    Big OBig OKun oldin
  • I remember that draft and nearly breaking my damn neck when I fell off my chair when they announced AB as the first pick

    The Big OneThe Big OneKun oldin
  • Top 1 of all bust

    Alnaseem HamisAlnaseem HamisKun oldin
  • He had no work ethic. How are you that big and cant score

    Jack HoffJack HoffKun oldin
  • I still don't understand why the Wolves waived him after just 1 season though. It's not like they were any good and next season their starting PF was a 39 year old KG (while he was healthy). Why not try to develop his game for another season, he would still not be a number 1 pick caliber player but he could at least turn into a decent player.

    NunoNunoKun oldin
  • Sam Bowie was not a number 1 pick, he was number 2. Olajuwon was the number 1 that year.

    NunoNunoKun oldin
  • maybe their time was not the right time.. 😔 man it feels morbid.. when you see those players calling them a bust.. i pray & wish that next time..the advent of your right time to shine will be the best !! just go all out..bring out your best and prove to them.. that you will never ever quit !! because basketball is your life !!! ahoo ahoo!!!

  • Good enough to make it to nba, but reaalll bbbaaaddddd.....

    Anti hero-4132Anti hero-4132Kun oldin
  • Should have never went to the NBA so fast

    BloodTurok313BloodTurok313Kun oldin
  • Ain’t no way that’s not Dr. J at 7:59 😭😂😂

    CBandzCBandzKun oldin
  • "Zion Williamson" is what they thought Anthony Bennet will be. But they get "Kwame Brown"

    JRD Micah MonteroJRD Micah MonteroKun oldin
    • @hi hi kwame was considered a bust. Zion on the other hand plays good now.

      JRD Micah MonteroJRD Micah Montero9 soat oldin
    • Except there's no difference from Zion to Kwame.

      hi hihi hi12 soat oldin
  • Anthony Bennett was trash 🗑

    Alejandro QuinonesAlejandro QuinonesKun oldin
  • I remember not hearing about him until he get picked first! Lol I was like wtf is that?🤣🤣🤣

    Project UnderworldProject UnderworldKun oldin
  • Him and wiggins are busts. They stumble when there's adversity. Is there something with being canadian? lol

    maleman julpaxmaleman julpaxKun oldin
    • Jamal Murray's,steve nash

      Zulu PrinceZulu Prince16 soat oldin
  • the cavs GM trash talking his character is the most pathetic think ever. YOU fucked up, can't blame the pick

    ben creightonben creightonKun oldin
  • We just gonna forget about Markell fultz?😂😂

    Silas DaffinSilas DaffinKun oldin
  • Rockets actually waived him because he injured his knee, needed surgery, and they needed the roster spot. Otherwise they were kind of high of him following his production in the G League 🤷🏻‍♂️

    DJ MDJ MKun oldin
  • Dude had like an 8minute highlight of "lowlights" before scoring his first point

    Gee CeeGee CeeKun oldin
  • He did get a lot of chances though

    Wish I had a big DICKWish I had a big DICKKun oldin
  • BUST

    Enoch VilmosEnoch VilmosKun oldin
  • Sam Bowie was the number one pick?

    Jinx394Jinx394Kun oldin
  • he got so many chance think about Jeremy lin

    junjie zhangjunjie zhangKun oldin
  • Man it makes me angry. The guy is just not want it enough. How many people would wanna be 6'8?

    Ka LaiKa LaiKun oldin
  • Wasn't Bowie pick 2?

    Bigred3000Bigred3000Kun oldin
  • Shows that stats doesn't mean everything

    Bai QiBai Qi2 kun oldin
  • Why at 6:30 when you were talking about people being cut because they most likely 2nd round picks or undrafted u put a pic of Fred vanvleet lmao

    TRPlutoTRPluto2 kun oldin
  • Greg Oden is not a BUST.....his body betrayed him.

    Michael Lorenzz BindocMichael Lorenzz Bindoc2 kun oldin
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    Дмитрий ВоронцовДмитрий Воронцов2 kun oldin
  • How bad was Kendrick Perkins? And is he really that shit at everything?

    Mllr HrMllr Hr2 kun oldin
  • so the best 1st pick the cavs every had was Lebron

    Pound TraderPound Trader2 kun oldin
  • Who's Anthony Bennet?

    Adan MartinezAdan Martinez2 kun oldin
  • Fultz for the Sixers was the worst~ a salty sixers fan

    The AfrocanAmericanThe AfrocanAmerican2 kun oldin
    • Bennett wasnt supposed to be the 1st pick, Fultz was consensus #1, it blew up in philly's face so bad, at least Bennett had some value when Cavs dumped him

      The AfrocanAmericanThe AfrocanAmerican2 kun oldin
    • Not only did they trade up for the #1 pick and they literally got no production out of him, he fractured Joels face while we were going on a run for the playoffs and then traded him for pocket change thank god the pick we got we drafted Tyrese Maxey at 21 this year in the draft or it wouldve been a complete waste

      The AfrocanAmericanThe AfrocanAmerican2 kun oldin
    • @The AfrocanAmericani agree. Fultz was a bigger bust for the sixers than bennett was for the cavs. I remember clearly everything that happened during markelle's rookie year. It was unbelievable. The media disgraced him and called him the biggest bust on national television

      MacabreeMacabree2 kun oldin
    • For the team that drafted him tho hes probably a bigger bust for the Sixers than Bennett was for the Cavs

      The AfrocanAmericanThe AfrocanAmerican2 kun oldin
    • neh Fultz done way better on the magics. Anthony got released extremely early in his career. Was nothing in the league

      MacabreeMacabree2 kun oldin
  • If you want your videos to have credibility, you might want to get your images straight. The image at 7:58 is Julius Erving, or Dr. J, an all-time NBA great, NOT LaRue Martin. Get it right, you're insulting a legend.

    Donald PriolaDonald Priola2 kun oldin
  • Anthony Edwards: hold my beer

    My ChannelMy Channel2 kun oldin
    • youtube is getting tired of people who are using the played out and oversued "hold my beer" meme sentences. Labels them as loserish and attention seeking

      MacabreeMacabree2 kun oldin
  • We wasted out pick 🤬 That's all I have to say 😂

    Big HunnitBig Hunnit2 kun oldin
  • These Canadian basketball players suck ballz.

    Alexander BlackAlexander Black2 kun oldin
    • They sure do. The only one who represented was hall of famer Steve nash

      MacabreeMacabree2 kun oldin
  • watch a lot of basketball Nd never heard of this guy. Guess dude was that bad

    Jo jo BushJo jo Bush2 kun oldin
    • a lot of young people havent. He was that bad of a bust that he was released before even being known to he NBA fan base

      MacabreeMacabree2 kun oldin
  • I've watched the NBA since 86 when I was 10 and I've been a student of the game and he truly is the worst.

    Mr. OrrMr. Orr2 kun oldin
    • Yes, he truly is the worst. HAnds down. No excuse. You can simply wikipedia all the 1st round picks and he clearly the worst

      MacabreeMacabree2 kun oldin