How America is Killing Capitalism

26-Okt, 2020
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In this video, Patrick Bet-David talks about the 4 elements of capitalism and how America is at the brink of killing capitalism with its recent handling of recent issues. What do you think?
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  • Capitalism : produced all the mobs you talked about on the show . capitalism : produces lying and cheating , low quality products with cheaper n cheaper materials n higher prices . in capitalism you can have a company that fixes energy prices and lies to the elderly about it . in capitalism you rarely see real cheese or real anything on the market . homeless tents , crime .

    Jimi LawrenceJimi Lawrence8 kun oldin
  • I ❤️ Capitalism I ❤️ Freedom

    Sebastian RocaSebastian Roca9 kun oldin
  • Love this channel

    Steve Tango 3Steve Tango 310 kun oldin
  • America is garbage.

    Real lifeReal life17 kun oldin
  • Love this guy

    Ronnie BakerRonnie Baker17 kun oldin
  • Your father is amazing!

    Tina RobertsTina Roberts20 kun oldin
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  • great message pat🔥

    El GueroEl GueroOy oldin
  • You realize most people put in the same situation your dad put you in won’t have the same reaction you had, right? Expecting 300M+ people to be transformed into leaders by facing harsh realities is about the most unrealistic expectation you could have.

    Cy CooperCy CooperOy oldin
  • You’re opposed to corporate welfare then, right?

    Cy CooperCy CooperOy oldin
  • Capitalism is just a way of convincing a total stranger to make you a burrito. Anyone who tries to tell you it's wrong has either too easy a life (and thus doesn't know jack) or have become convinced that they deserve better (which of course is ridiculous).

    AeneasGeminiAeneasGeminiOy oldin
  • What he's describing at the outset is not capitalism... Capitalism is the private ownership of the means of production. That's it. What he's describing at the beginning is the lie every American child is told - and many adults believe.

    Joshua PhillipsJoshua PhillipsOy oldin
  • Capitalism works when the banks are never to big to fail. We haven't had it yet. We are still striving for what freedom is as we haven't had it yet. Freedom of choice is taken when someone else's decides what's legal. Back in the day. We had less regulation and more prosperity. Markets are decided by consumers not regulators for taxation.

    The SwoopThe SwoopOy oldin
  • Republicans blaming everything on the Democrats what's wrong with the us can't even blame themselves

    luna66luna66Oy oldin
  • Straight to the point and in your face. America needs more of this.

    Tony AndradeTony AndradeOy oldin
  • When capitalism dies, people will finally be free from corporate tyrants.

    Mustanaamio7Mustanaamio7Oy oldin
  • ... I don't want the freedom to die.

    kome360kome360Oy oldin

    Official You TubeOfficial You TubeOy oldin
  • Powerful thank you!

    Fly GenesFly GenesOy oldin
  • Collective Capitalism is rising with no debt based Capitalization! Equate land into this economic debt based 4,000 year old debt based system has fractured beyond functional capacity! Rome is falling! The Federal Reserve is an constitutionally Illegal Private Banking system for the elite! Shine Bright! MWM

    Michael Woods MccauslandMichael Woods MccauslandOy oldin
  • Absolutely!

    Heidi HamptonHeidi HamptonOy oldin
  • One day Capitalism will be on display in the Smithsonian. That's where all the dead stuff goes.

    quartytypoquartytypoOy oldin
  • So poverty doesn't exist or is it the fault of the impoverished. I agree with the vast majority of what you say but as with a vast majority of people you seem to forget that you are talking about humans and all the failings of the human condition. Greed is the reason why the freedom to fail has been removed from the consciousness of the country. If you can not determine the difference between pursuing something for a inner purpose or outside recognition, you will fall into the greed trap. This is the rub here, even many of the most altruistic companies operate out of greed. So as long as greed is the driving factor for most people this is the road we will be on for the foreseeable future.

    Haile Eyesus MurrellHaile Eyesus MurrellOy oldin
  • The Federal Reserve is killing America... 1913 by the way

    The Populous Pimp - PPTThe Populous Pimp - PPTOy oldin
  • "I dont need no bailout"... what a powerful sentiment, be it in family, spouse, kid, relative, employee, business owner, your boss. It is not appreciated enough. Human tendency is to give "bailout", to help, too much. But that means willing to learn, huge motivation. But it is also immense "pain" to watch someone fail and try and fail. It is easier to be in that position yourself. Like co-driver, reading map. To do it right is very very difficult, not for everyone.

    effexoneffexonOy oldin
  • One economist said that what US did right in 2008,2009 was get rid of CDO, those trash loans. Europe still hasnt gotten rid of is inside eurozone banking system.

    effexoneffexonOy oldin
  • How is this in military? If leader fails, will he/she blame servicemen below that person? I dont mean in utopia but in practise, Im sure there are all shades of grey in real life.

    effexoneffexonOy oldin
  • I never got bailed out I had to learn on my own from mistakes

    747 800747 800Oy oldin
  • You mean how Democrats are killing capitalism

    747 800747 800Oy oldin
  • I dont think Ive seen this country ever bail individuals out. File for bankruptcy, sure. So I'm not sure why Pat is so fixated on something that doesnt exist. How about you criticize the banks that get bailed out every ten years. This country has socialism for the rich, not the poor. Thats not capitalist but you dont criticize it....

    Adrian OrozcoAdrian OrozcoOy oldin
  • The emotional argument: The beautiful thing about capitalism is that is produces so much wealth that can be used to fund public institutions that create equal opportunity. Healthcare and education are not handouts they’re rights and necessities in order to have equal opportunity, don’t you believe in equal opportunity? The efficiency argument: The American government spends the equivalent of 17% of its GDP on healthcare, which is a little over 10,000 per person which is the highest in the world and double the OECD average, American businesses spend a ridiculous amount of money on healthcare because many people are insured through their employer, and the American people spend a ridiculous amount of money on healthcare through high monthly premiums, co-payments, and deductibles. What do we get out of our healthcare system? 15 million people uninsured, 75 million underinsured, outcomes (life expectancy, infant mortality...etc...) are below average compared to the rest of the developed world, and ridiculously high prescription drug costs. Medicare for all would be universal, cheaper for everybody, and the outcomes would be the same, if not, better. Don’t believe me? I can send you many studies from credible sources like Harvard, The United Nations, Census Bureau, KFF institute, and many other others. Notice how I didn’t say to eliminate private insurance, I just think we should take the public health insurance we already have (Medicare), and expand it to everybody to cover all basic necessities (including dental), and if people want to buy private insurance on top of the public insurance (Medicare) then they should be able to do that to. Our healthcare system is stupid and inefficient, and all the data/evidence suggests that Medicare for all is the solution.

    ni coni coOy oldin
  • Did God bail out Christ on the ✝.Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?

    Crazyhands HandsCrazyhands HandsOy oldin
  • America Doesn't Owe You A Damn Thing. You Want It Get Off Your Ass And Earn It.😎

    Trevor BourgeoisTrevor BourgeoisOy oldin
  • The People That Were On Jeckle Island Are the Ones That Should Have Been On That Titanic.

    Trevor BourgeoisTrevor BourgeoisOy oldin
  • This is the most awesome speech I’ve ever heard! Pat, thank you.

    J MercJ MercOy oldin
  • I don’t think we should just bail people out willy-nilly. But does that mean we shouldn’t bail anybody out ever? I know he’s not talking about COVID-19. For example you decide to open up a restaurant it doesn’t work out you have accrued a lot of debt trying to get this off the ground. You should just stay on the hook for that even though you don’t have any means to fulfill that obligation? This is a legit question I’m not trolling people.

    Seabee2127Seabee2127Oy oldin
  • Freedom is always one generation from extinction Thomas Jefferson

    Jason HarveyJason HarveyOy oldin
  • 👍👍.

    L.E KL.E KOy oldin
  • Just wowed me to my bones ,Dude ! Awesome insight and understanding !

    James OliverJames OliverOy oldin
  • "Eloi ! Eloi ! Lama sabacth ani ?" Yeshua ,too. Went thru the same thing. Now , He is King of kings and Lord of lords..powerful message here !

    James OliverJames OliverOy oldin
  • Wow! So true. Great video.

    Justice ForallJustice Forall2 oy oldin
  • Damn love this.

    Joel VazquezJoel Vazquez2 oy oldin
  • Patrick... I NEED MY TAXES.. bcuz USA IS BULL CRAP

    Olgui QOlgui Q2 oy oldin
  • Thank you Patrick and your staff for the information. My husband and I are retired from the banking industry in the 90’s. You all teaching us so much!.

    Susan OlesonSusan Oleson2 oy oldin
  • Cannot put a price on respect for yourself. That's the result of success after failure.

    An-T MAn-T M2 oy oldin
  • Corporate CAPITALISM is the failure here. The opposition was murdered on the titanic. Evil from its inception. J.I. owned by Rockefeller family.

    An-T MAn-T M2 oy oldin
  • Everyone needs a dad like that. Amazing story and thank you for the inspiration

    Justin RayJustin Ray2 oy oldin
  • For algorithm ___

    A man of CultureA man of Culture2 oy oldin
  • This video is so good. Awesome

    Lawrence WangLawrence Wang2 oy oldin
  • You're big mouth is killing me.

    Temple of DoomTemple of Doom2 oy oldin
  • The folks who gave you a thumb's down - all just got back from picking up their welfare check.

    StephenStephen2 oy oldin
  • 💯👍👊

    mahna mahnamahna mahna2 oy oldin
  • Capitalism allows individuals, rather than solely 'entities' or 'institutions', to own and direct/manage the factors of production - land, labor, and capital.

    MP31040MP310402 oy oldin
  • excellent video. but, isn't freedom to buy and freedom to try basically the same thing? maybe i don't understand...

    generatingideasgeneratingideas2 oy oldin
  • Man this is an awesome video

    Robert SantanaRobert Santana2 oy oldin
  • Number? The recognition of private property rights.

    Peter CameronPeter Cameron2 oy oldin
  • Giving trophies to everyone

    PantsPants2 oy oldin
  • This guy does not come to the point. He should have said the following: creative destruction is a natural and necessary ingredient in personal and corporate life. The less successful ideas should be allowed to die.

    sjacobson005sjacobson0052 oy oldin
  • I love capitalism

    QueenlyQueenly2 oy oldin
  • I really like bet Davis. That being said, this guy is so locked in materialism, he has no conscience or understanding of responsibility to future generations and the success of the species for the next 500-10,000 years. Hes perpetuating the system that is wasting our resources at anever increasing rate. Oil takes millions of years to be created, and instead of preserving it for expansion onto space and all the other necessities, it is being squandered for entertainment and status. Can be inspired by this blind mole mentality.

    Chatham MulliganChatham Mulligan2 oy oldin
  • I think that there are a lot of problems with capitalism but it’s the best that we have. And this is coming from a guy who’s more left leaning

    lbc joshualbc joshua2 oy oldin
  • All the kids get a soccer trophy ..

    Atiya DwyerAtiya Dwyer2 oy oldin
  • What is a "dog fight" in this context?

    Rocky Desert FlowerRocky Desert Flower2 oy oldin
  • Your dad is a wise man.

    Rocky Desert FlowerRocky Desert Flower2 oy oldin
  • Without failure, there is no appreciation of personal success.

    Joe PJoe P2 oy oldin
  • So capitalism makes life a smorgasbord of choices for the citizens. Non of the other types of government does this. Think before you vote against capitalism.

    shirley lakeshirley lake2 oy oldin
  • My mom bailed out my oldest sister so many times, and my sister still lives hand to mouth. I had to get myself out of poverty because there was no bail-out money left.

    Pet Wifey, Voice of ReasonPet Wifey, Voice of Reason2 oy oldin
  • I hope you're not including this nationwide government bailout on the small, independent businessman, Patrick. The reason being, there are bailouts, and bailouts. The first one was in 2008, when the federal government instigated TARP, otherwise known as "Too Big Too Fail." They should have called it, "Too Big To Jail." Because these same criminal bankers got 85 billion in free money when their CEOS should have gone to jail and their business gone bankrupt. Then in 2020, once again the Fed instigated the biggest bailout in US history, this time giving TRILLIONS away to these same individuals, printing endless paper money to mask the problem, while SIMULTANEOUSLY lowering interest rates to 0%, making Wall Street richer than ever, while the main street floundered under the largest government lockdown in American history. These same businesses, many of which were highly successful before the lockdown, were suddenly thrown into an artificially-induced financial catastrophe having nothing whatsoever to do with things like normal stock market fluctuations, actual market values, or any failure to properly run their businesses. The perfect example of this is the entire restaurant business. Most restaurant owners have enough ready cash to deal with a brief shutdown, perhaps being able to cover their expenses out of pocket for a month, maybe two. But even the most successful of these CANNOT survive an extended downtime than longer than that, and the numbers of restaurants permanently closing is ample proof of that. So I hope you aren't lumping together these unfortunate businesses with those who arbitrarily accepted massive government "entitlements" like the giant corporations and banks who started this economic fiasco in the first place.

    tiffsavertiffsaver2 oy oldin
    • 6:18

      mahna mahnamahna mahna2 oy oldin
  • The Freedom to fail broke me, I had no support network and got diagnosed with refractory temporal lobe epilepsy, and lost my shop, my tools, everything. My bank didn't care because Lampworkers / Glass blowers are just treated like garbage. My family let me fail, my ex let me fall apart trying to work through epilepsy. Capitalism doesn't work, I could do great work if my mind wasn't shattered.

    Internet GuyInternet Guy2 oy oldin
  • That's a good father.

    Juan De La RocaJuan De La Roca2 oy oldin
  • This man speaks the truth

    Jonathan AlvarezJonathan Alvarez2 oy oldin
  • My wife went to a public school and she is now afraid to fail. I went to private school and don’t have that problem. Do I want to fail? No but i believe the Mythbusters motto, failure is ALWAYS an option!

    mro2352mro23522 oy oldin
  • I missed something. You have 17k employees?

    paul jr cartypaul jr carty2 oy oldin
  • I usually disagree with almost all the time but truth be told I respect your experience! 🙏🏻

    Jenan KabbasJenan Kabbas2 oy oldin
  • labor unions do that? depress innovation and buy out for cheap available work using the government debt programs.

    den smithden smith2 oy oldin
    • did that in the 70s.Totally socialist. But it works at times. But not without a price to those who don't know. Most go along because they cannot beat the crowds. Just one example.They are still doing that and are still complaining and stealing without regret.

      den smithden smith2 oy oldin
  • Oh honey, government didn't take away our freedom to fail; government made everyone a failure. The 3 remaining qualities are tied to Americas failure; government has stolen our freedom of choice. Business is now at the mercy of a socialist government, and thete is nowhere in the world left to run. ONE WORLD ORDER is here, the youth of the world believe that deceit is acceptable to get what it wants. Evil stands in power, the world stands in darkness.

    MR ZaccaroMR Zaccaro2 oy oldin
  • Yo Pat, you realize that THE VAST MAJORITY of people are not winners, right? They lack the resolve, determination, adaptability, and quite often preference to come out on top. What should happen to them? Should we throw them off a cliff, like the Spartans did with the deformed babies? Should we shame them into depression and suicide? Should we use them as slave labor, making them thank us for the imposed purpose we would thus offer them? Not everyone is like you or Kiyosaki or Friedman or Rand. And no, NO you can't MAKE people be someone else. Capitalism works well for people like you partly BECAUSE it works so bad for people who are trapped in it. When viewed from the perspective of your kind, I don't have any issue with your ideas and discourse. But when you look at the BIG picture, and see how these things apply to the average Joe, most of it quickly falls apart.

    Cosmin GurauCosmin Gurau2 oy oldin
    • @den smith Wow. Top 10 stupidest responses I've gotten on UZworld so far, and that is really saying something.

      Cosmin GurauCosmin Gurau2 oy oldin
    • You pay for everything in nature that you do. You can't run' you can't hide. But you can Bitch about the reality all want. Imagine being given 100Mil. might change your mind.That is our President elected to serve and protect the masses.

      den smithden smith2 oy oldin
  • Pat, only point to remember about the bank bailouts of 2008, They paid it all back to the gov, -plus interest! the feds make out like bandits, and nobody knows. the left-wing controlled media doesn't talk about it.

    Claire VClaire V2 oy oldin
  • Your Dad is the man!

    mrpeabodythethirdmrpeabodythethird2 oy oldin
  • The philosophy in an old folks home is ... don't do something for them that you know that can do themselves! If you don't use it, you lose it! Sadly schools teach to not make mistakes that's the biggest problem .. everybody gets a trophy :(

    Happy HobbitHappy Hobbit2 oy oldin
  • Long terms over short term.

    Stan KolodinStan Kolodin2 oy oldin
  • Capitalism is an unsustainable system that relies on borrowing and ever increasing debt, Only by circumventing required expenditures like taxes and receiving government bailouts can it, does it survive. I's a downward spiral that has no end. china with state run capitalism survives because it breaks all your rules, and the West is having difficulty competing, hence here you are seeing increased authoritarian trends in our own government while it panders to the ignorant populace with ridiculous dogma.

    DEeMONDEeMON2 oy oldin
    • WORD

      Cosmin GurauCosmin Gurau2 oy oldin
  • I admire you and your ability to overcome obstacles. I've been looking for a realistic way of making money. The problem I have is people. I can't trust them. It's not a choice I'm making, it's that I don't feel any trust. That's not from nowhere that feeling. I've been betrayed and despite that I fought back. But I can't waste my time on people who are envious, or just dislike me. I haven't been able to find people to work with... in part because I don't trust them. And it doesn't help when they have the wrong attitude and just want to leach on or destabilize me. I'm learning all the skills I can. I've quarantined myself for years to focus on my goals.

    John SmithJohn Smith2 oy oldin
  • Yes indeed ! You’re absolutely right! These spoiled young people are brainwashed are too entitled and are destroying our country!

    Mina SternMina Stern2 oy oldin
  • When you say the USA is not a capitalist, I think the most glaring thing is the fact that we have a central bank. If anyone read the communist manifesto or knows the 10 planks of communism you’d know that a central bank with central planning of the economy is one of the main ideas of communism, along with a graduated income tax system. If you go thorough the 10 planks of communism the USA has about 7/10 on the list.

    FR33DOMF1GTH3RFR33DOMF1GTH3R2 oy oldin
  • history of capitalism name of the series : Capitalism

    Alexis RoussinAlexis Roussin2 oy oldin
  • This is inspirational

    Shaun SShaun S2 oy oldin
  • You are great.. without freedom. Everything is gone

    Sonam GyaltsoSonam Gyaltso2 oy oldin
  • Keep it up Patrick, and what you said about understanding that some ppl will stop following you is perfect. I'm 51 and not a veteran but always a hard and motivated worker, and someone always looking to improve, and these ppl that "sign off" or "Cancel" what they don't like or understand fall into my category for sheep. Like everyone I've had many times in my life where I thought one thing but was educated on the whole picture and realized I was either wrong or misinformed. "The Cancel Culture" when I grew up in the 70s/80s would have been ages 1-4. For instance I cancelled Romper Room, but didn't cancel Sesame Street or The Electric Company.

    cowboysfan782008cowboysfan7820082 oy oldin
  • I got your point and if a person is irresponsible and haven't ever learn to stand on their own two feet, you are 1000% right but there are exceptions. just because you receive help and assistance doesn't mean you are irresponsible. remember Jeff Bezos parents gave him approximately $300,000 to start Amazon. Are you going to DARE tell me that Jeff Bezos can't financially stand on his own two feet. so even Jeff Bezos received financial assistance.

    The Magic Man The Tennis PastorThe Magic Man The Tennis Pastor2 oy oldin
  • Great 👍

    Valentina KhomchenkoValentina Khomchenko2 oy oldin
  • Nice lighting set-up. A few thoughts. Try a warm light instead of this white tint. Stop moving your arms above neck level (it creates extra shadows on your face) See if having a low light behind the chair, that gives the image a bit of depth, changes the way the video looks. Maybe you like it.

    Mihai CostacheMihai Costache2 oy oldin

    Jennifer SJennifer S2 oy oldin
  • This guy. Lady's and gentleman big corporations killed capitalism . When someone starts a small business there competing against lobbyist and monopolies. Small owners know start already failing most dont get the chance to prosper.

    jeovanni juarezjeovanni juarez2 oy oldin
  • omggggggg i KNOW!!!! Started as a respiratory therapist with a bachelors...paid my debts......went to perfusion school.....paid my kills me to see all of this free free free AMERICA! my family paid my room and board for 3 years of 6 years of college. And im on track. Everyone needs to man up and get going

    Daniel MayoDaniel Mayo2 oy oldin
  • Advertisement Home Investing Jonathan Burton's Life Savings Jonathan Burton's Life Savings Billionaire investor Ray Dalio on capitalism’s crisis: The world is going to change ‘in shocking ways’ in the next five years Published: Sept. 18, 2020 at 1:48 p.m. ET By Jonathan Burton 620 Veteran hedge-fund manager says capitalists don’t divide the economic pie well, so the system isn’t working effectively for all

    Andrew BrownAndrew Brown2 oy oldin
  • The Federal Reserve is really distorting our markets, though. The S&P PE needs to get back to around 15.0 one way or another.

    GeorgetoyouGeorgetoyou2 oy oldin
  • I like the bankruptcy story.

    GeorgetoyouGeorgetoyou2 oy oldin
  • Capitalism is a critical economic base, but there are fair arguments to be made about rentierism becoming too large of the share of the economy.

    GeorgetoyouGeorgetoyou2 oy oldin
  • PATRICK I dont agree with your assessment. Nothing to do with failure. The game is rigged. The people killing capitalism are the CRONY CAPITALISTS. The ultra-rich are rigging the system so that small businesses and the middle class that supports these small businesses are being GUTTED out from the whole country, so they can dominate and profit. The small business have no chance because Americans have no cash to even use to buy anything from them and in big cities foreign investors in cahoots with big business elites have sold all of the realty to rogue nations inflating rent rates. U DONT HAVE ANY ABILITY TO "TRY" BIG BOYS WILL SQUASH YOU IN A FLAT SECOND LIMITING BUSINESSES TO NICHE MARKETS. AMAZON CAN OPERATE AT A FINANCIAL LOSS FOREVER. Notice how if you go to a neighborhood where Elite wealthy people live there are NO BIG BOX STORES and NO ADVERTISEMENTS! YES you will get some small business successes but by far and large 99% of them will fail because the system has been engineered this way to see them fail.

    nationwidebwnationwidebw2 oy oldin