How A Secret Society Created The Federal Reserve At Jekyll Island

7-Okt, 2020
195 626 Ko‘rishlar soni

Patrick Bet-David sits down with G. Edward Griffin to discuss the origins of the Federal Reserve, the plot behind its inception, and the negative consequences it has had and continues to have on the American economy. Order his book here:
Order The creature from Jekyll Island:
About the guest: G. Edward Griffin is an American author of 48 books, filmmaker, and conspiracy theorist. Griffin's writings promote a number of right-wing views and conspiracy theories regarding various of his political, defense and health care interests.
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About Patrick Bet-David: CEO, author and Founder of Valuetainment Media. Patrick has interviewed athletes, notorious individuals, politicians, authors and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.
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  • OMG, when he called most of the legislatures puppets including Trump (My opinion, using him as an excuse for censorship), that solidified my thoughts the very few elite billionaires are governing the media, the legislature, etc. They have effectively hijacked our consciousness. They are doing it slowly, taking a little bit at at time. What I don’t get is why? Why not create peace and abundance for all. They already have more than enough money.

    Carmen GCarmen G2 kun oldin
  • Yes, like voter fraud. We saw it with our own eyes on video. People reported it, but the court said no it didn’t happen so people believe it didn’t. The few billionaires not only rule the government they also rule over the Courts.

    Carmen GCarmen G2 kun oldin
  • Change your beliefs. Humans are the worst animals on the planet

    Jerrod MartinJerrod Martin7 kun oldin
  • Sold to the people for their own good".Think of corona vaccine.

    Free cultureFree culture7 kun oldin
  • I would respond to Patrick's argument or point, which was perhaps intended to be a devil's advocate argument, defending the pros of the Federal Reserve's power to stimulate loans which was necessary to create the innovation of America in the 20th C., that the dynamic creativity of Americans existed long before the FED. John Taylor Gatto's works and books, e.g., "Weapons of Mass Instruction", details that America was a very inventive culture before the advent of mass education programs that began to take over the country, especially before WW2. What are the effects today of compulsory public education? There are adults who literally can't fry an egg or need to call the super to change a light bulb. This goes hand in hand with the materialism that has pervaded American culture as Griffith correctly points out. People are losing their souls and that's exactly what the powers that be want, as they worship total materialism.

    cc9 kun oldin
  • Every American needs to watch this interview! Patrick, you are a phenomenal interviewer and Mr. G, thank you for what you have done to uncover the fraudulent financial system that we are living under in the US.

    L GL G9 kun oldin
  • When it comes to the academic field and your reference shortly after 40:10 they are Predominantly Siri based out of a book. Without any real world experience.

    jmzsiljmzsil10 kun oldin
  • the secrets society and corporation a specially military complex they want toghetter to control all humanity by manipulation our not only body ,but also brain and our soul to,this its a priority and they already succesfully do it that before and now,future its nearly soon and show us a real world,this its verry dangerous game .against humanity and rules in all universe

    Michał PawlickiMichał Pawlicki11 kun oldin
  • only pure love happiness and true can solve a global problems but we all need to do this toghetter ,thats only one way to bring peace and love for everyone and cure earth from damage we do it.

    Michał PawlickiMichał Pawlicki11 kun oldin
  • A USA governmant must take all control on FED for country to control money ,and this banksters need to be paying all money they already stolen from country,any way this not bring real justice to people but can be stopped soon as possible

    Michał PawlickiMichał Pawlicki11 kun oldin
  • senator nelson aldrich next traitor of usa country he cooperate with banksters

    Michał PawlickiMichał Pawlicki11 kun oldin
  • they do a receccions and many people loos everything even houses,this people still on the top of the usa country and they do same bad way to control everything power,money,people,earth

    Michał PawlickiMichał Pawlicki11 kun oldin
  • they all a banksters bad evil people

    Michał PawlickiMichał Pawlicki11 kun oldin
  • this its a big conspiracy crime done by the milioners elite to control money for self not for a country and american people

    Michał PawlickiMichał Pawlicki11 kun oldin
  • I know that big corporations have media in their pockets to speak for them and defend them. When I listen to you, I can see that your channel is one of them. Your defense for some issues actually help expose where corruption and exploitation is

    Phillipah TsuroPhillipah Tsuro18 kun oldin
  • This needs to get to 10mil + views

    Atom BombAtom Bomb19 kun oldin
  • Haha went to a youth convention at Jekyll island back in the day. Sweet content

    Golden Rule CollectiblesGolden Rule Collectibles19 kun oldin
  • i read the book, oh my God !!!!

    kachasokachaso22 kun oldin
  • Parallel narratives. 🔥

    Phipsi176Phipsi17624 kun oldin
  • the Trump presidency is a direct response to a very real awakening to pervasive government corruption, and it looks like a con job and possible purge of some of the establishment by other parts of the establishment #Texit NOBODY cares about the poor. NOBODY will stop the war. NOBODY will fix the system. NOBODY is the perfect politician. VOTE FOR NOBODY Law Without Government "Such an institution of coercion - centralizing immorality, directing theft and murder, and co-ordinating oppression on a scale inconceivable by random criminality - exists. It is the Mob of mobs, Gang of gangs, Conspiracy of conspiracies. It has murdered more people in a few recent years than all the deaths in history before that time; it has stolen in a few recent years more than all the wealth produced in history to that time; it has deluded - for its survival - more minds in a few recent years than all the irrationality of history to that time. Our Enemy, The State." -Samuel Edward Konkin III "The state is a gang of thieves writ large" -Murray Rothbard [9/11 Was An Inside Job]( Like and share to wake the masses. Alliance of the Libertarian Left Black flags for black markets! Agora! Anarchy! Action! Ⓐ³ ⚑

    TheMrdentonTheMrdenton24 kun oldin
  • the Trump presidency is a direct response to a very real awakening to pervasive government corruption, and it looks like a con job and possible purge of some of the establishment by other parts of the establishment #Texit NOBODY cares about the poor. NOBODY will stop the war. NOBODY will fix the system. NOBODY is the perfect politician. VOTE FOR NOBODY Law Without Government "Such an institution of coercion - centralizing immorality, directing theft and murder, and co-ordinating oppression on a scale inconceivable by random criminality - exists. It is the Mob of mobs, Gang of gangs, Conspiracy of conspiracies. It has murdered more people in a few recent years than all the deaths in history before that time; it has stolen in a few recent years more than all the wealth produced in history to that time; it has deluded - for its survival - more minds in a few recent years than all the irrationality of history to that time. Our Enemy, The State." -Samuel Edward Konkin III "The state is a gang of thieves writ large" -Murray Rothbard [9/11 Was An Inside Job]( Like and share to wake the masses. Alliance of the Libertarian Left Black flags for black markets! Agora! Anarchy! Action! Ⓐ³ ⚑

    TheMrdentonTheMrdenton24 kun oldin
  • 53 min in, and you guys are talking about how much innovation there would have been had we not had fractional reserve banking and I just want to say this: fractional reserve banking seems like a two steps forward one step back type of thing and I believe Free banking would have had not slower growth like Griffin said but faster growth because investment would have been Sounder

    TheMrdentonTheMrdenton24 kun oldin
  • 'The Creature from Jekyll Island', 'Confessions of an economic hitman' and 'Princes of the Yen' make great companion volumes.

    Chris JarrettChris Jarrett25 kun oldin
  • When people are slaughtering their own babies so called ' legally ' in the most inhuman ways and justify it, where is their soul- something you don't talk about. They are now encouraged by their handlers to freeze their eggs so they can keep making money, priorities are screwed up by being brainwashed into thinking ' oh my eggs are safe and will unthaw without consequences to the baby- how stupid or evil is this thinking- how do they know nobody messed with the DNA, how do they know they are even getting their own eggs back, how seriously damaged are these eggs and will they even be viable? When life is no longer valued, when children become the problem, when babies are tortured to death by elite Satanists like HRC and company so that they become more demonically empowered, and children loaned out over and over again for drugs by their own mothers to pedophiles and torturers, do you not see the slippery slope to hell? When morals no longer exist but reason ( whatever that is, because Adam Weishupt the self proclaimed satanist and founder of the Illuminati stated "reason must prevail but reason has no place for mercy, but instead " leave no witnesses " and you have so many zombies created who have no compassion or brotherly love, you have become a monster! And the ones pushing Agenda 2020-2030 under the guise of " we must save the planet- as they outlaw private automobile ownership and one family dwellings " for the collective good " and have the audacity to publicly say-" you will have nothing and you will be happy " and people push for and agree with the globalist ideals which as this man said " it's all about controlling us" and they take children to be raised by the governments saying they can do a better job, we who know their evil intentions of experimenting on the children to become sex slaves even at 3 years old as the CIA does with their demonic MK-Ultra mind control- we have no soul and are manipulated today to wear masks and fear each other because of a virus?? Another Adam Weishupt saying- " oh man is there nothing you cannot be made to believe " and who did he hate- the great Dr. Martin Luther- calling him " mad bad and dangerous " because he was the opposite of him! Luther had come along 3 centuries earlier in same country- Germany, and was a Roman Catholic priest who took on the Roman Catholic Empire! He was allowed to read scripture as a priest, but the people were forbidden- controlling and teaching them falsehood and evil practices was the Roman Catholic way. Luther in turn printed the Bible for people to read because he knew from scripture how the early Christians did and that that book of remembrance promised by God in last book of the Old Testament was for the people to read. Touching upon Karl Marx being taught and an icon to the left, he became not just an atheist but a satanist as well and most of his children and their spouses committed suicide! Great leader of the purge and wanting others money and assets by any means necessary. Another icon of the lefties is Che Guevara! He helped bring Castro to power and oversaw the execution of hundreds without a trial . He was a racist who owned slaves and treated women as such. He intended to spread communism all thru South America claiming he was out to help the poor but communism persecutes the poor and enslaves them to the government " for their own good " cause they are a bunch of dummies who need to be told what to believe and work most to death under the gulag system. I agree with this man that technology and AI are not necessary innovations, only control mechanisms. But remember most people live in a warped reality even accepting it's evil as necessary. They don't believe that God Almighty with Jesus as Lord sitting on his right side has seen EVERYTHING and knows their hearts and minds' thoughts as well. Few people believe what God says in the Bible about what is good and what is evil and make up their own rules about what they decide is acceptable and the moral decay causes a massive erosion of the human spirit believing anything they want and jamming it down everyone's throat as ok and ' woke ' .More children are now committing suicide than ever because of our fear of a virus that doesn't compare to measles. One of the saddest pictures I've seen lately was of a 3 yr.old looking out the picture window wearing a mask... the abuse going on is unbelievable!! Creating trauma on purpose! Man if you knew what's coming you would fear God instead of a virus! What has he not done for us, even sacrificing His Beautiful beloved Son as payment for our sins- cause sin causes death, it is Written! When you become your own god and negate what He has done for us you come to see/ understand that it's Christ who is hated.

    Vicki JohnsonVicki Johnson25 kun oldin
  • 1:15:00 !!!!!

    Damir S.Damir S.26 kun oldin
  • Patrick, the answer to your question about lending and liquidity is derivatives that hadn't been invented because we haven't had a need for them. For example, we currently have quadrillions of dollars worth of derivatives in existence, far eclipsing the dollars in existence. What's to stop us from having derivatives of gold or gold backed money to make large purchases like mortgages and starting businesses? You would cut the banking system out of the process while still having enough liquidity. Your collateral and ability to pay back the derivative holders would be the value of the derivative.

    rdlineberryrdlineberry27 kun oldin
  • Red pill expo is the start of being in control!

    Donald J MeekerDonald J Meeker27 kun oldin
  • Watching you try to formulate a valid statement/question at around 57 minutes was the weakest moment I've seen in your broadcasts Patrick...indirectly defending your position on mathematics and economics relative to a concept of Ethics deserves a much deeper spiritual dive. At 1:02:00 the depth of freedom is spoken to by Mr. Griffin. We live in a time, a season that demands a reconciliation of whose image we were created in. There is no turning back with retreating into darkness. Wisdom does not entertain darkness as a veil for profit or audience. G. Edward Griffin's intelligence exceeds the vacuum of spiritual wisdom demanded in this conversation. in 41 years you have been led to a revelation moment with which you have no retreat. I encourage you Patrick to embrace where you are being called to lead. When called we have no choice, only time determines the infinite power of our obedience.

    Called ChosenCalled ChosenOy oldin
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    Rodolfo VitangcolRodolfo VitangcolOy oldin
  • Patrick this was the biggest Ponzi scheme created by the world banking cartels with the help of Senator Nelson Aldrich to fleece the American people. Can you explain how this was passed in the dead of night in 1913 if it wasn't designed to screw the people. Explain how the Federal Reserve which is not a government entity can authorize the treasury department to print notes store them in their banks and then loaned back to the government with interest. Sounds like a Ponzi scheme to me as it's designed to keep the government and its people in debt forever. To quote Nathan Mayer Rothschild "I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls the British money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply."

    Jose ReyesJose ReyesOy oldin
  • One of the best interviews on this channel.

    Kenneth FigueroaKenneth FigueroaOy oldin
  • I found him very interesting. I meet a person when I was 19 he was 31 he started telling me about the federal reserve. Wasn't until I did some checking to find out who controlled it that I became very open minded

    Joe ThomasJoe ThomasOy oldin

    Nancy CrismanNancy CrismanOy oldin
  • It just shows that whoever has the money controls everything. Which side would YOU rather be on?

    Jesus AcostaJesus AcostaOy oldin
  • In New Zealand the country is a Guinea pig for agenda 21 pne of the means of control is the mass poisoning of our environment with aerial application of 1080 poison similar to agent orange ised in Vietnam.(made by Dow chemicals in New Plymouth New Zealand) 1080 is applied all through NZ to the Bush to control pests and is poisoning everything including water supplies and presents us gathering wild food All controlled by NZ government now Australia os doing it Phil Paterson South Westland New Zealand

    Phil PatersonPhil PatersonOy oldin
  • Patrick you need to get over America competing with China. We already know those same lineage of Bankers are in co-ots with China and sold America out. What's happening to California will also happen to Texas, tyranny and control. Until they've made slaves of you all.

    D MalcolmD MalcolmOy oldin
  • Great interview, we can see also now that the Pharmaceutical Companies are running a cartel now led by Bill Gates. Where all Countries are spending billions on vaccines that cant prevent transition and cant stop prevention.

    D MalcolmD MalcolmOy oldin
  • With regard to where to go for info .. go to “The Epoch Times”!! Get off social media, go read books !!

    Antoinette KaneAntoinette KaneOy oldin
  • Finally.....! You have FINALLY interviewed a TRUTH TELLER...

    Video GreatsVideo GreatsOy oldin
  • Trump WAS a puppet of Rupert Murdoch but Murdoch is done with Trump now.

    1WithTheFlow1WithTheFlowOy oldin
  • The U.S. was hijacked by an international banking cartel in 1913. / The "ultimate objective" of the plutocracy has always been population control. The biggest threat to our existence is TOO MANY PEOPLE. Everything on top predominantly revolves around that belief. We clearly live in an unsustainable economic system that is not in harmony with the laws of nature and this inconvenient truth is seen as our most likely demise as a species. Dilution of populations is not a welcomed idea by the masses.. but imagine if WWI, WWII, the Spanish flu and polio didn't wipe hundreds of millions of people out between 1900 - 1950... we'd have twice as many people on the planet and the destruction of the planet would be exponentially worse. The "elites" are well aware that humans tend to be self destructive yet relatively easy to manipulate through fear, addiction and debt. MY ADVICE: Stay out of debt by all means and take care of your health by all means. The greatest threat isnt THEM.. it's US.

    1WithTheFlow1WithTheFlowOy oldin
  • It’s funny how everything leads to Jekyll island

    Elijah ElvisElijah ElvisOy oldin
  • Patrick is exposing too much truth. UZworld will kill this channel soon.

    Elijah ElvisElijah ElvisOy oldin
  • Corruption is apart of life. Choosing to remain clean while others play in the mud is what separate's the weak from the strong. Material wealth alone is poverty of soul and character. (the only things that goes with us when we die)

    The Widowed War-VetThe Widowed War-VetOy oldin
  • Great show and great questions.

  • The reason the young generation is so asleep is that they are connected to the CIA server's that dish out the nba keeping up with the Kardashians watching fox and cnn.whichare owned by the same group and the stigma associated with reading and educating yourself by reading history real journalism and being classified as a nerd or complete loser so unless something changes our culture which completely influenced by the cia since the are on corporate boards and directors of corporate executives that own the media press,and entertainment for example rap music which is used to set the tone of behavior dress and morals, movies as well they control record companies and radio networks they set tone of what is in style, cool and what is frowned upon and reading books especially historical biographies are extremely frowned upon and that is why youngsters don't even know what are the three branches government or us history that is authentic instead your schools dishout dishonest tales of how pilgrims were evildoers came to conquer and enslave blacks and killed Indians that were loving and friendly people when in reality if you read and research true history you would be glad that our country took this route and gave millions of people the freedom to break the chains of being old peasants and were now blessed with the opportunity to seek out your fortunes with absolute freedom as long as you didn't violate other people's freedom or property and infringe upon others rights in general. So in other words if you worked hard enough and had a winning mentality you could become rich depending on much a burning desire you had to do so and alot of that knowledge you get from reading and guess what reading is for losers fortune favors the one that is prepared with the knowledge that is needed to solve problems the government needs to either get out of the way or rectify its wrongdoing by properly inspiring our citizens to read history because history repeats itself and to pursue knowledge by reading and educating oneself then we would have a better society

    Carlos ParedesCarlos ParedesOy oldin
  • 100 years a slave and not even aware

    GooberBearGooberBearOy oldin
  • Basically a small mafia-style group stole the money printing press for themselves to gain ultimate power and control over this country.

    ian poultryian poultryOy oldin
  • G Ed did a great talk on Cartel Capitalism years ago, maybe it's still around somewhere.

    ian poultryian poultryOy oldin
  • G Edward Griffin is a universal treasure. He is surely one of the most informed, earnest, perspicacious, knowing, wise and magnanimous individuals I have encountered. I’ve followed him for the past decade or more, and this has to be one of the most comprehensive and timely interviews I’ve seen with him to date. It begins with the primary mechanism the most evil among us have employed, in order to plunder virtually every productive person on Earth and use that obscene amount of stolen wealth to subsequently weave a web of entrapment and subjugation and possibly ultimate annihilation of those who truly produced it. That said, I am aware of one highly dedicated and ethical group on Earth with an applied spiritual philosophy that actually offers a way out for those willing and able to look for themselves and discover it. And based on my own experience with this, despite any appearance to the contrary I can only foresee that the majority of decent humanity will ultimately prevail over the antisocial minority who would oppress them.

    TimothyTimothyOy oldin
  • The Valuetainment podcast will be more important and significant after speaking to Chris Duane, creator of Silver Shield. Keep stacking physical!!!

    AgAgOy oldin
  • “The banks earn perpetual interest on nothing”. Compelling.

    adamo182adamo182Oy oldin
  • If you don't know the God of the Bible and you leave him out of the equation you are lost. This is man's world and that's why it's a mess. It doesn't matter what "systems" you have man's nature will mess it up. The world does not know God because the world rejects God. But these are end times. The mark of the beast is coming with the vaccine. Anyone who takes the mark is condemned by God. Jesus returns after 7 years to rule the world. God is the hope for those who are just and turn to him.

    Flat earth evidenceFlat earth evidenceOy oldin
  • Surprise, surprise. They were all being watched by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. God is righteous and holy and will not tolerate the wicked. God cannot rely solely on wicked man to save souls. God knows All hearts and will render to each person according to their ways.

    Flat earth evidenceFlat earth evidenceOy oldin
  • I’m a fan of Mr. G and have been for many years since I picked up his Jeckyl Island book. He also accurately predicted back in 1967 what is happening in America today. It is a 6 minute clip on you tube in B&W obviously that everybody needs to listen to. I believe what he says then to todays events will blow your mind. The man is brilliant but holy smokes, when he put Trump in as a puppet along With Biden and Obama and Pelosi, etc... I did not see that one coming. If he is puppet then why do they hate him so much?? Cause a puppet is controlled obviously by many different factors. Special interests, donors, hedge funds. Etc... Trump is not. He already has money and with that comes power he already possessed. He is a representative of the threat to the globalists. His support base. So in my mind , maybe he was a puppet but he cut those strings when he came down that elevator. First time I have disagreed with Mr. G. I do believe Ron Paul is a hero, unlike his son a half hero. My free thoughts and opinion.

    The check it out channelThe check it out channelOy oldin
  • Mr. G is a genius. I actually have 9 copies of Creature from Jekyll Island left. I buy them and hand them out!!

    The check it out channelThe check it out channelOy oldin
  • It’s been 107 years since the creation of the Federal Reserve. They have orchestrated the greatest theft and transfer of wealth funding both sides of the First World War, funding the Bolshevik Revolution, orchestrating the stock market crash of 1929 that plunged the United States into the Great Depression of the 1940s, and stealing the wealth and treasure of the American people. They orchestrated the Second World War to Eliminate Germany’s economic and industrial competition with the UK.

    Michael PearceMichael PearceOy oldin
  • Just finished the book so this interview came out at perfect time with the perfect channel

    89whodatcha89whodatchaOy oldin
  • One of the most interesting discussions I’ve seen on this channel! Please bring George back for interviews

    Stealth StackerStealth StackerOy oldin
  • Thank you for doing this interview. Our Heavenly Father is really exposing all the corruption that has been keeping us in the dark for centuries but I'm glad to join in on the conversation and to bring you some good news from the throne room of God. God is not going to allow these things to take place anymore. Please have an interview with Mark Taylor. And to comment on still our current President Trump is not a puppet, he is God's man. This will become evident for all to see in the upcoming months.

    Andrea LewisAndrea LewisOy oldin
  • Great video saw and payed attention all the way through thank you.

    Paul Cesar GonzalezPaul Cesar GonzalezOy oldin
  • It's called ZIONISM people the swamp is Israel, Zionism, and The Federal Reserve

    Living LifeLiving LifeOy oldin
  • There was a scheme that was put forth on another docu-series stated that with each birth, a "certificate" would be issued to back the debt incurred by loaned money from the banks. So before you're even able walk and talk, you're in debt. Maybe that's the "sin" you're born with we're all told a out.

    Soul_R SKreemSoul_R SKreemOy oldin
  • I think this is proof that when you take integrity and ethics out of the situation you’ll eventually end up in the gutter!! How low can you go? The backbone of civility are decent human beings. Oh be very very careful, tread lightly on the backbone of humanity! If you destroy them you destroy yourself! The pyramid won’t stand without its base........

    Elizabeth WalkerElizabeth WalkerOy oldin
  • I am afraid that this information is prophetic of the coming complete world economic collapse. My grandfather, a banker, an attorney, a politician, bureaucrat, and businessman, told me when I asked him what was to come of our country when JFK was murdered. He told me “that no matter what I heard, the only person I should trust was a small town country engineer with a very large garden and a few cows in the back forty”. I did not really understand what he meant until lately. Thank you sir for speaking out. May God Bless and Keep us.

    Gary SmithGary SmithOy oldin
  • Good Luck with that. Trust in God!!

    Joella KindleJoella KindleOy oldin
  • Patrick! Please continue open up and learn from his message, you are such an influence to us, thank you so much for having edward griffin on your podcast.

    Ryan JonesRyan JonesOy oldin
  • Think about this for a moment...Look back at the 2016 Presidential Election at keep in mind the ballot systems and the whispers of fraudulent activities, Podesta's "sleep on it, let all votes be counted quick speech, and then the world being introduced to President Elect Donald Trump around 3am. In my opinion the fix was in and stole the election from Hillary Clinton. She was told it is her presidency while Trump was told to do his thing and be a showman. He looked shocked when he came out to speak as the President Elect. His Vice President choice, or the choice by those behind the scheme, Mike Pence was as calm as can be and understand Trump did not know the man. Trump had no choice in the running mate otherwise, Giuliani or Christie was the obvious pick by Trump. The banks were behind the 2016 and 2020 elections as proxy's pushing and pulling money around to make things happen. This past election was given to Biden just in a much more obvious way. Trump has no case for election vote fraud as it sits in my opinion since the electoral college must cast their votes to solidify the winner. We have all been played by the intelligence community as the people of countries around the world are played in ever election thru subversion. It has become a big social engineering experiment at this point and I personally see all the divided sides at play taking the bait hook, line, and sinker. I am a fan of both of these gentleman and listened to this interview fully unlike most people in society that make piece work of everything due to an attention span made up of 45 second bursts. The Federal Reserve is a problem 100% but the mainstream media is our #1 enemy along with the elephant in the room that seems to go unmentioned all the time - The Lobbyists that are everywhere in and outside of Washington DC like roaches. They are the pen/paper/voice equivalent to mercenaries that fight wars for money. They have no morals and no loyalty to any one other than those that pay them ridiculous amounts of money to do their bidding. Then consider how many of these roaches represent foreign interests and you will see we have a big problem that seems to never get mentioned. The intelligence community controls most of the show making them and the media the worst enemies of all to the WE THE PEOPLE. They operate in the shadows playing both sides with an unlimited budget with zero oversight with the argument that they protect the citizens. This is BS. More crimes against humanity are committed everyday by the strokes of a pen. In past 120 years I see many positive things that came out of this great nation, but along with that comes so many negatives affecting us domestically and let's not forget about the negatives we are guilty of in foreign lands. The whole world population has been played by all the intelligence agencies collectively. We gave up out personal info, thoughts, photos, and privacy thru their social media platforms ran by puppet CEO's and they ran with it from there. The crypto currencies along with the coming mandatory needles on a schedule will connect all of us to Digital ID for our own good as they will say. Those that choose not to follow the rules will be excommunicated by our own friends and families to keep their own meaningless paychecks coming in propping up the fabricated lives most portray on social media. I for one have no fear of death and saw this coming. I am in awe of how fast it has come along. They can take their papers, shots, and system and shove it. This place seems more like hell with each passing minute. Society is drunk and addicted to convenience and the idea that we are living the good life. Humanity has lost all balance with nature. Do not even attempt to argue against that. I wish I did a better job myself but was a glutton for many years. Pointing the finger at the Federal Reserve won't do us any good at this point. We need to get back in touch with nature and most of all our own inner beings. I do not see things getting better. They will get worse. I wish you all the best in the coming future. Those that make up the groups I mention as our enemies I know in my heart you will all pay dearly for your deeds in the end whether in this life or in the afterlife. I will not take part in any group violence so when my time comes, it will come and I will be gone, no fear, and confident I am strong enough to die well, wil honor and dignity. I will not comply or ask for mercy as most people will quickly fold and bow to their masters. I hope I am completely wrong and all of the above was a waste of my time but I was raised by two amazing parents that always taught me to take responsibility for my own actions and in order to fix anything you have to acknowledge their is a problem. As I write this, my parents and I no longer talk much anymore as they are fully immersed in this Trump mindset brought on by the black mirror in the room that they refuse to shut off. I still love them and I forgive them for all the hurtful words they throw my way because I know it's not what they mean to say and someday they will regret those words. The boomer generation is full of great people but from their generation came a majority of the people that are humanity's worst enemy. The younger generations are broken, divided, lost, and worst of all stuck living with what will come of this nightmare we are living in day in and day out. Smile as much as you can and be nice to all you pass by in life. Our smiles are what give off the most positive energy and meaning behind humanity as a species so do not allow a few at the top to deny or take that away because they said so. Love is real for all of us...not for the roaches that call the shots.

    jukee67jukee67Oy oldin
  • When talking about purchasing power I wish more economist used labor time as the measure. For example, how many labor hours did it take for the “average” worker to purchase a dozen eggs now versus then. What do you think? Is this more helpful?

    Jason RosenbergJason RosenbergOy oldin
  • RON PAUL----HERO! The rest??? HACKS! & PUPPETS

    Fonky-HonkyFonky-HonkyOy oldin
  • GEG is a legend! He’s been around awhile, he did the interview with Besmenov way back in the 1980s....Did that revelation get the attention or get addressed like it should have? No....Well, here we are.

    Fonky-HonkyFonky-HonkyOy oldin
  • Is the Grand Design in motion?

    Jordan GraceJordan GraceOy oldin
  • You're a smart x's and o's guy Patrick but you get in over your head with this stuff. Your guest is a conspiracy theorist who pushes dangerous conspiracies about AIDS denial and chemtrails. Stick with what you are really good at and stop feeding the conspiracy industry. Playing to the cheap seats will gain you more subscribers in a shorter time frame, but in the long run it will cost you your credibility.

    Eamonn ShanahanEamonn ShanahanOy oldin
  • Anarchism the best system for humanity. Eliminate hierarchy and money and let the people have control over the means of production on a participation bases. We have the technology and means to give all humans their basic needs.

    Nature's NinjaNature's NinjaOy oldin
  • I’m thinking that it is important to have a way to protect yourself, no matter what happens. Stay with your faith, protect your family, listen to everything, and go with your heart. I don’t think Trump is a puppet, but the same people he was just talking about have relentlessly tried to make him appear that way. He may have won the first election and they were not expecting that to happen because they thought they had it in the bag. Once it happened and he wasn’t going to play ball the same way they have done everything in their power to destroy his character, friends, and family. I think it’s interesting that such “smart” men who already know the lengths certain groups have gone through out the years still believe what the news has to say. They run the news! They run the organizations that twist information that you are fed. I’m know that Trump is an imperfect man, but he in my opinion is the closest thing to freedom right now.

    Sophia IftSophia IftOy oldin

    Sean McFarlandSean McFarlandOy oldin
  • Scientology is the only philosophy right now that has all of the true answers to problems of Mankind. Scientology.TV

    Roger GardRoger GardOy oldin
  • Remember when Obama invested American tax-payer's MILLIONS of dollars on Solindra and other new alternative energy companies? He said it would create jobs. He lost all our money and each job created cost 1 million dollars! The Left can't remember 1 stupid thing Obama did (there's a list to find, but so many of them are too lazy to do research), but they want to believe anything the media tells them about President Trump. 🤪

    Lori Elizabeth WadeLori Elizabeth WadeOy oldin
  • This is one of your best interviews EVER!! G Edward Griffin is absolutely outstanding!! His ideas and intellect were so poignant but also his demeanor!! Imagine a world where people exchanged opposing views and ideologies with such grace, respect and candor! I was thoroughly impressed and his answers were incredibly thought provoking. Loved this one!!

    Velvet ConnallyVelvet ConnallyOy oldin
  • He's not saying compare 1913 to today with or without debt. He's saying both journeys would have debt, but the route we took was to give all the control, power and massive wealth to the Fed Reserve and its cousin Major Banks that are now a consolidated oligopoly, instead of wider private banking which would have been more competitive for the man in the street. Also the system did not have to be based in inflating all the debt away and destruction of purchasing power of your money. We would have made mistakes but we would be free, rather than look at the $3T printed last Quarter? It's a ponzi scheme and it's running out of string.

    YV YYV YOy oldin
  • EVERYBODY should watch this! Holy Goodness this was fantastic!!! Thank You Patrick! I AM SHARING THIS!

    Maureen HaddadMaureen HaddadOy oldin
  • patrick No , your country did so well , innnovations..etc not all things based on FED lends out money on other nation expenses, not only that but also because your US made a lot of incomes from colonialism, warfare, selling weapons, drugs, invasions,etc :). when your FED raised the interests, a lot of borrowers (domestic & foreigner) go bankcruptcy....really bad robbing the poors

    S PhS PhOy oldin
  • 1:02 mark is the world’s biggest concern

    Michael TerleskiMichael TerleskiOy oldin
  • I disagree that America is a country that still honors freedom of speech. If you’re listening to main stream media you must realize Americans are being brainwashed.

    Mary NelsonMary NelsonOy oldin
  • This man is woke. The real woke.

    Ford GalaxieFord GalaxieOy oldin
  • Read this book about 8 years ago. My entire thinking changed thereafter. Thank you P. You have sharpened my skills and I introduced a whole new way of thinking to so many others. You are alright!!

    Paresh PatelParesh PatelOy oldin


  • I totally agree with Mr. Griffin. I was totally crushed out of a business for which I had a lot of talent. The end result of these peaks and valleys is all that talent and innovation and invention and energy and enthusiasm that is lost in the valleys that is never recovered is not realized. And more corruption is encouraged. Corruption erodes the overall quality of life.

    Sharon LangdonSharon LangdonOy oldin
  • Banks were failing and yet who were the men who came up with the Fed. Reserve. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know who was going to benefit all these years later.

    Providence DivineProvidence DivineOy oldin
  • The Profit Kim Clement said REMEMBER THE WORD STONE and Gold. I believe that the Federal Reserve doesn't have any Gold that the American government was buying during the Democrats rain from 2008 to 2016.

    Rodney ArmstrongRodney ArmstrongOy oldin
  • Love how calm and collected this man is. He doesn't falter and displays humility, an example of which is when he attended an interview that ended up being a debate with someone he considered a specialist. Just realised this guy is 89 years old!

    saul forrestsaul forrestOy oldin
  • I met Mr. Griffin about a decade ago. Amazing mind. Glad he's still around.

    Casey DillardCasey DillardOy oldin
  • Excellent interview can’t wait for part 2

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  • Amazing

    Amardeep ChahalAmardeep ChahalOy oldin
  • Trump 2020

    Phil MPhil MOy oldin
  • I remember Steve Banon going off in this Kissinger and how corrupt he is and the play with China. Researching and listening to interviews like this is the only way to learn., putting pieces together and making sense of it all is certainly eye opening. I wish I would've paid closer attention in my life what was going on in the world 🌎 😕. Disbelief and discouraged at times but always hopeful

    Liz PadillaLiz PadillaOy oldin
  • It must be removed. This is now the Billionaires Club which has g Soros, Bill Gates of Hell Swab zucker wrurg etc. evil Technocrats

    Ellysheva BEllysheva BOy oldin
  • I read his book four times and its the size of a phonebook.

    Phil MPhil MOy oldin

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