Horse Improvement Project

27-Sen, 2020
29 730 Ko‘rishlar soni

Hoping to make our horses a little more healthy and comfortable with the help from our friend Faith.

  • I been seeing Faith in alot of your video. How is faith related to you?

    Sandy HangSandy Hang20 kun oldin
  • If you were to leave just the cement rubble there and not put the mat down the rocks would not just cause a abscess but will also bruise the horses hooves

    Tyshelle PriceTyshelle Price22 kun oldin
  • Common sense. Think she may be a mule?

    D yD y24 kun oldin
  • What a lovely guy,

    Dawn FinneganDawn Finnegan24 kun oldin
  • Oops LE lmao

    Holly MckinnonHolly Mckinnon25 kun oldin
  • Aren't those pads upside down I thought the smoth side was supposed to be up.

    Kathleen FrenchKathleen French25 kun oldin
  • The smurf shoes thing is funny

    Bethany ThedfordBethany Thedford26 kun oldin
  • They look wired with thcircles on top but it makes more sense for traction to me

    Bobbi CadeBobbi Cade27 kun oldin
    • Maybe stake them down

      Bobbi CadeBobbi Cade27 kun oldin
  • omg. "scrapey tool" and indention? Dude, you need to familiarize yourself better with these animals. You're breeding (for some reason), you should really know what a frog and bar are on a hoof. Also...that horse needs its feet done.

    deedeeiamdeedeeiam27 kun oldin
  • I ment mess. Lol.

    Susan IsaacsSusan Isaacs27 kun oldin
  • Maybe putting rain gutters to turn the rain will help with the muddy meds.

    Susan IsaacsSusan Isaacs27 kun oldin
  • Yea I was going to say the matts look upside down

    Carolyn OlsonCarolyn Olson27 kun oldin
  • Id be with no shoes so I feel yuh id walk into h.e.b if I wasn't in san antonio they look at you like wtf are you doing but in corpus it is completely normal to see people with no shirt or shoes in h.e.b cause the beach is right behind to h.e.b I went to

    Ian JohnsonIan Johnson27 kun oldin
  • Hum, not an expert but I agree with everyone turn those mats over

    Rachel LaPlanteRachel LaPlante27 kun oldin
  • are those mats upside down? they are going to be a pain to sweep.

    coachk50coachk5027 kun oldin
  • Awe! I missed something! Who is faith? She’s so smart and beautiful ☺️ I can’t wait to see her in more videos

    Audrey HeadAudrey Head27 kun oldin
  • Hey watch your... never mind . 🚜🗯 I wish you would have ask for suggestions first. 😔Your concept is spot on but your materials not so much. But it might turn out OK. You’ll have to let us know in a month or so. If you think the smooth side of the Matt goes up, Walk a crossed it in slick boots 👢 or 👟 Shoes when it’s wet, better yet , ...when it has ice on it.❗️⛸🥌🧊❄️⛈☔️. Those little rubber nodules will move around and help break up the ice when it freezes on it as the animal steps on it or you step on it. Gives some traction! Yeah it’s harder to clean but nobody said it was easy. LOL hopefully you’ll be putting down some type of bedding. If you plan to stall them any length of time. You don’t really have any drainage for PP. make sure you do an update in a few months and let us know how it’s working. Love you guys ❗️🐴🐴🦅

    danward64danward6427 kun oldin
  • I know nothing about horses or horse mats-😂😂but I know those mats have to be upside down 🤔. Smooth side up I’m sure. Not only doesn’t look comfortable but you’ll never get clean.

    Barbara LevelBarbara Level27 kun oldin
  • Good job, team!!!

    Glenna PotishGlenna Potish28 kun oldin
  • I love how you and your family try so much for your "babies.c Lotsa hard work placing those black stall mats...and of course, flipping them over won't be exactly fun! But you always seem to find the laughter. 🤣

    Sandy SefcikSandy Sefcik28 kun oldin
  • Good job! Just need to turn them over

    Mary VerdeyenMary Verdeyen28 kun oldin
  • You got them stall mats UPSIDE DOWN 😂😂😂 Watch Rick’s (from Think Like a Horse) to see how he did his barn using crushed limestone and mats. Search for his video titled “Dealing with mud in high traffic area with horses....”

    Brook ChilversBrook Chilvers28 kun oldin
  • Lester turn them over

    Pat I'm starting to get nervous McDonaldPat I'm starting to get nervous McDonald28 kun oldin
  • Don't know who Faith is but I like her. She has a good idea and is not afraid of nasty hard work. Don't talk about LE like that, just kidding.

    Pat I'm starting to get nervous McDonaldPat I'm starting to get nervous McDonald28 kun oldin
  • The forklift driver was the hero in this, I think I need him on my trips to Costco. Faith is a gem also, I hope she didn't wear blisters on her hands,( should have found her leather gloves to borrow) The horses seem to appreciate the upgrade also. Next rainstorm will really tell.

    Kay LarsonKay Larson28 kun oldin
  • Put the phone down and help work in the barn and loading the feed in the 🚚 Lester!!

    TheGlendad2000TheGlendad200028 kun oldin
  • Yes I was thinking if the mats were the other way you can clean the proper way. Sorry Lester turn em over

    Andres LetsonAndres Letson28 kun oldin
  • Yeah I think the mats are upside down....

    Kim MettsKim Metts28 kun oldin
  • Lester turn the stall pads over nubbies go on the bottom!!

    Kristina AndersonKristina Anderson28 kun oldin
  • The mats are definitely upside down. As someone else commented, think about your bathtub mat. You put the bubble side down so they don't slip and slide. And putting a layer of straw (or sawdust) on top will make them less 'slippery when wet'. You'll notice a huge difference. I know you're reading the comments and thinking "This IS a shit show"... Lol

    stevie4641stevie464128 kun oldin
  • I so fell in love we with this imma survivor sanctuary were all a survivor of something i lost my left knee on fown i have a bar in my right femur n pins in my knee n hip n I thrn got cobid in a ventilator for 7 days i spent 24 days at hosp n yo you it off im in a nursing home so I cant have eye surgery so I gotta wait well through all this Lester LE and Jaime and and all animal's have kept me positive my bad dqys good days i wanna throw my hands up i go and watch one of a hard days you all n animal family has gone through i was scared to write you as how long it would ve and how I needed you all now more then ever thank you all btw im back in hosp

    veronica hernandezveronica hernandez28 kun oldin
    • Get well soon!

      Lisa ZappoloLisa Zappolo24 kun oldin
  • I quit my job with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Rohim HasanRohim Hasan28 kun oldin
  • I do not owe anyone anything now because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Ena CruickshankEna Cruickshank28 kun oldin
  • Faith is proving the difference between men & women...... she is very impressive! Men (boys) take notes! 😂🤣👏🏻💪🏻🦸🏼‍♀️

    Kate GlencrossKate Glencross28 kun oldin
  • Quit saying Jami diesnt work before she gets in trouble with her job!!! 😂

    Jennifer ReevesJennifer Reeves28 kun oldin
  • That’s great and easier to hose down too if they were the right way round! Lester there upside down!! 👍😃

    Jean StolicJean Stolic28 kun oldin
  • they are upside down !!

    Christine SuretteChristine Surette28 kun oldin
  • Whoops on my earlier comment. Read up reason to put nub side up. Better for horse footing. Massages their feet and distributes weight. So sorry for brain freeze. Still say Jami you rock, Lester and you great example of team work. Sorry for previous comment.

    Jane EcksteinJane Eckstein28 kun oldin
  • Lester as others have already pointed out, mats are upside down. Also I would advise you to lift the mats on a very regular basis, we use them but if you don't lift them the underneath turns into a slurry type mess and absolutely stinks. Where they pee and poop it ends up under the matting.

    shish kebabshish kebab28 kun oldin
  • Great idea Faith! I know those mats are awesome. The bigs will definitely benefit from them. Great job Lester, Jami, LE and Faith in getting that big job done. And boy was I glad the tractor didn't break the roof. Made me jump! Lol! Btw... where are all the flags? Have a great day you all! 💜 from Alberta 🇨🇦

    Sheri WildroseSheri Wildrose28 kun oldin
    • Thanks so much!

      Ima Survivor SanctuaryIma Survivor Sanctuary28 kun oldin
  • Your mats are better if you put the gripping side down....

    sdesherasdeshera28 kun oldin
  • Lester, the mats need turning over!

    Anna BayleyAnna Bayley28 kun oldin
  • You go Faith! Teach the boys a thing or two! You should do a girls vs. Boys video. Bet they win. Lester, the hoof part your trying to name is frog and it's a hoof pick. Curious, why would you not use your bucket to slam down the rock after you spread it??? I belive the nubs go down on the mates so water goes under them. I would put a board where the metal doest touch the ground so a hoof doesn't get under there. Why not gutter the barn and collect the rain would cut off the wash out areas. Maybe french drain around the outside of the building to help more. The animals would be dryer. Maybe extend your barn further out with an over hang for Dixie and donkeys to be able to stay dry. I believe the pad nubs go down so you can sweep or blow the stalls out. (Maybe hay for a lay down moment. ) Great idea Faith!!! You need to hire her!

    Patt DunnPatt Dunn28 kun oldin
  • Who is Faith

    Darlene WilkinsDarlene Wilkins28 kun oldin
  • When I put mats down on a dirt floor in my barn horses pawed on them to lie down and caused dirt to curl up çorners. So I wonder if pouring cement floors and then laying those nice mats down on the cement would be best.

    Beverly DouglasBeverly Douglas29 kun oldin
  • My biggest complaint against you is that you are so quick to point out your alleged short comings. Instead, focus on the good work that you do and all of the many improvements that you make!!!!!

    Monica MovieStarMonica MovieStar29 kun oldin
  • now what is wrong with this picture?? Faith doing the heavy scooping and men watching. lol she must really love you guys to allow that. lol

    Doris WiesikeDoris Wiesike29 kun oldin
  • smurf shoes. lol

    Doris WiesikeDoris Wiesike29 kun oldin
  • You guys need boots, horses carry diseases and parasites.

    Tammy WillgohsTammy Willgohs29 kun oldin
  • Who is faith?

    littlemisstigerful1littlemisstigerful129 kun oldin
  • It is called a frog the place on their feet and hoof pick is the tool to clean them out

    Larry RecoyLarry Recoy29 kun oldin
  • The spots name you areblooking for is the frog and the toolbis a hoof pik

    Ken CrawfordKen Crawford29 kun oldin
  • ❤❤❤

    DeAnna RayDeAnna Ray29 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or are those Matt's upside down cause I thought the smooth side went up?

    Richelle PinsonRichelle Pinson29 kun oldin
  • Lester turn them the other way.

    jkrubsackjkrubsack29 kun oldin
  • Pebbles and Lenny say you two need help!❤️❤️❤️

    Nicole CloutierNicole Cloutier29 kun oldin
  • What a great idea but as s few have mentooned it does need packing down flatter and more level plus whip those matts over love. Once again Jamie getting stuck in there to assist plus the goats.😄😄🇬🇧😄😄

    Pippa KayPippa Kay29 kun oldin
  • Great job Lester!!

    Ginger WilliamsGinger Williams29 kun oldin
    • Thank you!

      Ima Survivor SanctuaryIma Survivor Sanctuary28 kun oldin
  • As usual, Lester talks and every one else works.

  • Great job guys. Looks real good to me. (I know nothing about horses and barns, Lol.) I love your channel and all your animals, kids, grandparents, sister aunts and uncles, cousins etc. etc. Hugs

    Sarah DuncanSarah Duncan29 kun oldin
    • Thanks so much!

      Ima Survivor SanctuaryIma Survivor Sanctuary28 kun oldin
  • Hopefully you guys will do the whole area that way if more of them come in they'll all be able to be on the mats

    ivey ivey12ivey ivey1229 kun oldin
  • Why, Lester, don't you find out how to do this simple task before you just make up stuff and go head-long into the wrong way? It always makes for more work and possibly more cost, too. You must have a solid, level and smooth base first; then the mats go with the circles down. Jeez! Just ask Faith.

    Virginia MossVirginia Moss29 kun oldin
  • Loved the video. Plus the old guy in the tractor loading the cart in the truck for you was very smart.

    Marcia BorgMarcia Borg29 kun oldin
    • Glad you enjoyed it

      Ima Survivor SanctuaryIma Survivor Sanctuary28 kun oldin
  • I think it looks good 👍. All it matters is having happy horses and donkeys.

    Shelly HefnerShelly Hefner29 kun oldin
  • Good job kids ! Jami is awesome Lester never let her go. ✌

    James ShawJames Shaw29 kun oldin
  • Jami does work from home, in fact she works two, three, four jobs that I can think of! Take that back Lester!

    susan jonessusan jones29 kun oldin
  • Turn pads around

    Joan BennettJoan Bennett29 kun oldin
  • I think the pads are inside out?

    Joan BennettJoan Bennett29 kun oldin
  • Maybe you should have turned the mats the other way so you could clean them better and they won’t skid with the knob it’s down.

    Grandma KayGrandma Kay29 kun oldin
  • That’s why you clean your horses hooves daily. Why is Jamie having to hurt her hands cutting it?

    Grandma KayGrandma Kay29 kun oldin
  • Oops upside down. Smooth side is up

    Paula DobbinsPaula Dobbins29 kun oldin
  • Holy crap ! Lenny is growing like a weed !

    Daniel StormontDaniel Stormont29 kun oldin
  • You can rent a small one man machine to tamp down the area after your rake it. Then apply the second layer (smaller stone/stone dust) and tamp again. then put the mats down. I would get more mats when you can to finish that barn area, and it will make a daily clean out a much easier job. Talk to Rick. He put down a rock area for Buddy and Mr. T right where they come in and go out of their barn as it is always a mud pit. I'm wondering if that might work for Tex and Santa Anna's area with water trough and barn coverage? would it hurt their feet?

    Julie EnslowJulie Enslow29 kun oldin
  • Lester you’ve become your son 😂

    donnasnyder2482donnasnyder248229 kun oldin
  • Lester you just cant mess with us "ole folks"...we've been around long enough to know a few short cuts!! Love the mats! ❤

    Linda SimmonsLinda Simmons29 kun oldin
    • Thanks 👍

      Ima Survivor SanctuaryIma Survivor Sanctuary28 kun oldin
  • I love you Jamie!!! Wouldn’t farm work be easier in jeans. Yes you look beautiful in you dresses. But ... well I’m not the fashion police, just a thought

    Lessons from Gramma BLessons from Gramma B29 kun oldin
  • I know you have probably already said this and I don't know how I missed it but who is faith to you guys?!

    Samantha WilsonSamantha Wilson29 kun oldin
  • Less animals in the videos nowadays been more about u guys lol

    Simronjot SinghSimronjot Singh29 kun oldin
  • Also a couple of stakes to keep them in place.

    Sharon ForkinSharon Forkin29 kun oldin
  • I like the comment of 'Whether you are doing it wrong, you are still working to make it better for your babies.' You may have placed the mats upside down but it's your loving efforts that are the most important! I have worked in concrete before and always shake my head when I see concrete being put down over a bottom layer that is too thin, knowing that any fluids will wash away a lot of the base under the poured concrete, causing eventual cracks which we would need to go out, drill cut a large hole in order to inject a concrete slurry to build up the cracked area and seal it off. The best way to do it is put down a good base layer in the first place (and don't feel like you've done it wrong, it's all a learning process, I wouldn't be saying anything unless I have learned it from working with it, you folks are doing it from the point of love, there's nothing wrong there folks). Now I realize that you have a limited amount you can add to this area without it spilling out all the time onto your concrete area or the neighbouring stall for the littles. What you might need to do unfortunately is dig out all you have put down (sorry, no easy way to do it correctly), and please don't do it unless you have all the supplies and most importantly, the time. The first layer would be about two inches of gravel and crushed rock(I'm not going to bother you with the Canadian version of metric measurements), along with a drainage tubing running down either side at the lower level of the gravel, and lead them out to the side where you dig a hole about a foot wide, just shy of the water table, the deeper the better. That way any fluids from your babies will go into that hole and be filtered by the earth (best put down a nice heavy plate so that the littles don't slip in or the bigger babies don't get a foot caught). Just a reminder, you can only go down so far with your total depth as you don't want to interfer with the concrete you placed around your supporting posts for your barn area, maybe only half of that depth as any water or fluids will be taken out by the drainage tubing I spoke of (might need drain socks so they don't get clogged with your good Texas soil/sand, that way there won't be too much soil loss or movement away from any area, and will keep your barn posts solid in the ground). Then reverse the process that you've done by replacing the original soil, then the crushed concrete and finally the rubber pads. You will likely have soil left over from digging down to the level of the gravel, don't try to replace it or you'll be too high, just spread it around the yard as thin as you can and the grasses will grow through it. Like I said, no easy way to do this but if you do it right LE will never need to do anything when you and Jamie hang up your spurs and let him take care of the babies, bigs and littles. Good luck and God bless you all.

    Paul HellewellPaul Hellewell29 kun oldin
  • Use your tractor bucket at home!

    Kimberley TuiKimberley Tui29 kun oldin
  • Lester the mats are upside down

    Billy MordenBilly Morden29 kun oldin
  • Jami I love ya girl & I love that you're a girly girl but sometimes the dress just is not the appropriate attire 🤣. You're gonna tear those pretty little knees up! The stalls look nice! A couple more of those mats & you'll have the entire section covered.

    Roxanna BloomRoxanna Bloom29 kun oldin
  • LE, Hawaiian Style slippers! AKA slippahs! If you got key hole between toes you one local for sure!

    Kimberley TuiKimberley Tui29 kun oldin
  • Just to be noted Lester loves wearing LE white crocks.❤

    Carol GermanCarol German29 kun oldin
  • Great Job Peeps..I feel it's going to be a lot better for the Animals💙❤💙❤😘😘

    Cindy KeslerCindy Kesler29 kun oldin
    • I think so too!

      Ima Survivor SanctuaryIma Survivor Sanctuary28 kun oldin
  • The rubber mat on up side down

    Andrea BurkeAndrea Burke29 kun oldin
  • The cups go on bottom👍

    Andrea BurkeAndrea Burke29 kun oldin
  • Awesome beautiful

    Celia MCelia M29 kun oldin
    • Your welcome

      Celia MCelia M28 kun oldin
    • Thank you so much!

      Ima Survivor SanctuaryIma Survivor Sanctuary28 kun oldin
  • Awwww she’s a keeper LE👌

    Andrea BurkeAndrea Burke29 kun oldin
  • Upside down

    Patsy ShusterPatsy Shuster29 kun oldin
  • Mmmkay this is above my head but by the comments it appears that some work needs to be redone. A lot to learn! Research before doing? Sorry!😆💕

    TG GTG G29 kun oldin
  • Don't the pads go down with smooth side up?

    Maxine GosnellMaxine Gosnell29 kun oldin
  • Good job 🙂👍

    Ashley SimmonsAshley Simmons29 kun oldin
  • That’s working smarter not harder! Older people rock!

    nba youngboynba youngboy29 kun oldin
  • Lester nothing is perfect but your perfect for taking such good care of the bigs littles and all you do. There is nothing gross about getting your hands dirty either that shows what a hard working man you are. Keep doing God’s work. God bless you and the family

    Tracy KnutsonTracy Knutson29 kun oldin
  • Also, you installed them on the wrong side up.

    wizkidsvideoswizkidsvideos29 kun oldin
  • Please reverse the mats as they are upside down.

    Eileen LesterEileen Lester29 kun oldin
  • This is great that you are putting in stall mats. Be sure to remove the manure daily from your property to keep flys away. Don’t take the manure and spread it on your property cause it just creates a breeding ground for more flys. Look into companies that will pick up your manure weekly.

    wizkidsvideoswizkidsvideos29 kun oldin
  • Your Tractor Supply is so much cooler than ours. Ours is much much smaller and limited. I am jealous!

    Nicole DNicole D29 kun oldin