HoneyDew Podcast #107 | Brooks Wheelan

12-Yan, 2021
24 798 Ko‘rishlar soni

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My HoneyDew this week is Brooks Wheelan! Brooks had it all going for him - he landed his dream job at SNL, he was engaged to his dream girl and then the dream became a nightmare. We talk about how Brooks lost it all, including his best friend who passed away.
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0:00 Getting into it
4:17 Biomedical engineering
9:33 Hired at SNL
18:38 Fired from SNL
21:41 Biggest life mistake
25:50 Auditioning for SNL
30:58 Trauma bonding
33:27 Fired from therapy
37:38 Kevin Barnett
46:21 Dumb death
48:19 Close friends
52:32 Kevin stories
57:25 Enjoy good things
59:45 Retrospective advice

  • 0:00 Getting into it 4:17 Biomedical engineering 9:33 Hired at SNL 18:38 Fired from SNL 21:41 Biggest life mistake 25:50 Auditioning for SNL 30:58 Trauma bonding 33:27 Fired from therapy 37:38 Kevin Barnett 46:21 Dumb death 48:19 Close friends 52:32 Kevin stories 57:25 Enjoy good things 59:45 Retrospective advice

    Ryan Sickler ClipsRyan Sickler Clips4 kun oldin
    • keep Feathering it my Queens Above 18

      Joshua AldacoJoshua Aldaco4 kun oldin
  • This guy sounds like TJ Miller

    Kellen DyerKellen Dyer7 soat oldin
  • Nice... it’s the host of ‘Travels and Such’. Success!

    J.A.MJ.A.M22 soat oldin
  • Hey hey playa, when is learner’s permit gonna drop?

    BobbyRiveraBobbyRiveraKun oldin
  • I cried more times during this than I expected. I felt the pain Brooks had losing his best friend. I lost my wife and I know that pain and feeling of being lost.

    Malcolm RichardsMalcolm RichardsKun oldin
  • All the crying made perfect sense when he said he was happy biden won.

    Renegade GamingRenegade Gaming2 kun oldin
  • Aw man this ended to soon

    Green goose Guava juiceGreen goose Guava juice2 kun oldin
  • OMG MY FUKING EARS MAN!!!?? I won't watch any of these videos if this guy's on there I mean just because of his laugh it hurts my freaking ear drums I don't know what it is about that dude I just don't like him I'm sure he's a nice guy

    Frankie CuellarFrankie Cuellar2 kun oldin
  • Oh damn... I love that the dew rolls the credits @ the end now... I usually don’t see that portion, because I’m listening @ work.

    Turk DiamondTurk Diamond2 kun oldin
  • Someone had a little ❄️

    Hunter SparksHunter Sparks2 kun oldin
  • Great pod guys-appreciate the honesty & sincerity!!

    Coby RoseCoby Rose3 kun oldin
  • what type of a turd thumbs down these great podcasts.....feel free to enlighten me....

    midnight tokermidnight toker3 kun oldin
  • This dude is the king of pushing those tears back down. Wild life for sure!

    Sam GoodlinSam Goodlin3 kun oldin
  • “Fired from New York. It’s Saturday Night!” is pure comedic genius 😂😂😂and the funniest way to say you got fired from SNL

    Ramsey BivonaRamsey Bivona3 kun oldin
  • Honestly one of my favorite dew episodes, sickler is just such a cool guy and a great interviewer

    Will GolanWill Golan3 kun oldin
  • I’ve always liked brooks. He’s one of my favorite ridiculousness guests too.

    D RD R4 kun oldin
  • I needed this so bad. Thank you!

    Nina GANina GA4 kun oldin
  • Sickler should bring him on once every few months. It seemed like he wanted to say more to get it out but it wasn't the time.

    Two Peebs In a PodTwo Peebs In a Pod4 kun oldin
  • Thank you Ryan for all the laughs every week💛

    Daisy BDaisy B4 kun oldin
  • guy sounds like a white Jo Koy

    electr0skeetelectr0skeet4 kun oldin
  • Man.. I miss KB! RIP Barnett .

    Red0ctane 4Red0ctane 44 kun oldin
  • As a fellow Tuuuesdey coming off a breakup, thank you for this one ☝️and Rest In Peace, Kevin

    Daniela CastilloDaniela Castillo4 kun oldin
  • He dresses like a Trump hater. I've seen homeless with more respect for themselves.

    Kimber WaitsKimber Waits4 kun oldin
  • If you close your eyes, we are suddenly in an alternate universe where Jo Koy was fired from SNL.

    Jocelyne LarocqueJocelyne Larocque4 kun oldin
  • How did the joke when Ryan would say "walk me through your day" both times fly right over his head.

    Rich KrupanskyRich Krupansky4 kun oldin
  • Love Brooks, he's such a weirdo in the best possible way.

    Mike LennonMike Lennon4 kun oldin
  • This guy is weak af

    Jorge CordovaJorge Cordova4 kun oldin
  • Best comedian in the world. Not even close!

    BRIAN WBRIAN W4 kun oldin
  • Rest in peace Kevin

    Cal HobbesCal Hobbes4 kun oldin
  • Snl sucks bro you're better off being a stand up

    Paul PerezPaul Perez5 kun oldin
  • Wendys doesnt open until 10 where i live?

    SugamanSugaman5 kun oldin
  • No one watches this anymore...

    Floor -11 DEN Contact has been madeFloor -11 DEN Contact has been made5 kun oldin
  • Yayyyy I missed Brooks!

    AlexsandraAlexsandra5 kun oldin
  • Snl is garbage. Always has been. Love the episode. He is too good for them amyways

    Rayburn NealRayburn Neal5 kun oldin
  • Brooks is the best! His pod Entry Level is also quality content

    AcaciaAcacia5 kun oldin
  • Ahh now we know why he got fired from snl

    ThaiPlumRilloThaiPlumRillo5 kun oldin
  • dam saw the thumbnail and thought it was ryan sheckler

    Dane PachecoDane Pacheco5 kun oldin
  • So good.

    Blair JohnsonBlair Johnson5 kun oldin
  • Need more episodes of travel and such

    James HaaksmaJames Haaksma5 kun oldin
  • Hitler with troll dolls had me rolling!

    jaythestingrayjaythestingray5 kun oldin
  • Brooks playing himself on snl’s celebrity family feud CBS vs NBC is still one of my favorite bits from the new generation.

    Patrick LewisPatrick Lewis5 kun oldin
  • Brooks Whelan is so friggin funny. I couldn’t click fast enough.

    Billy RamirezBilly Ramirez5 kun oldin
  • Sobbing. This is a great episode. And your conversation pertaining to death and Bird Luger 🐦 really got me going. RIP

    Olivia RagnatelliOlivia Ragnatelli5 kun oldin
  • as a dude from Htown, every time I hear "HOUSton", i wanna cut my ears off.

    Baron von BaldypantsBaron von Baldypants5 kun oldin
  • I enjoyed this.

    ChaseChase5 kun oldin
  • The truth will set you free sickle! First time a guest has interrupted the intro ads! 🤣 🤣

    Mike GonzalezMike Gonzalez5 kun oldin
  • This is the best podcast for finding new people to follow and support

    Sean DawsonSean Dawson5 kun oldin
  • oh no, no beard pls, Ryan

    Holzbock666Holzbock6665 kun oldin
  • As always this podcast reveals how similar we all are.

  • His cadence slightly reminds me of Norm Macdonald

    BNZO NDGOBNZO NDGO5 kun oldin
  • Every Tuesday when I get off..... honeydew time.

    Troy TickleTroy Tickle5 kun oldin
  • This Brooks guy is such a bummer. . .

    Jennifer BurchiJennifer Burchi5 kun oldin
  • 1:00:39 Brooks's shit is real. I hadn't spent more than 3 months being single between 2001 and 2018. I didn't live alone, between roommates, girlfriends and my ex wife until 2018. Luckily I got accustomed to it about a year before the gd pandemic. Missing going to concerts, seeing stand-up, my pinball league and having a social life in general for almost a year tho. I've been complete isolation at least 85% of the time since March of last year.

    Robert FrostRobert Frost5 kun oldin
  • Bird Luger Forever. Brooks' podcast "Entry Level" is amazing. Check the guests he's had and just pick any random one that you're a fan of. Also his show in ATC's UZworld channel "Travels and Such" was super underrated. Missing that one due to Covid.

    Robert FrostRobert Frost5 kun oldin
  • Some of these podcast's I can barely hear...they turned it up to 11 on this one

    PRott 83PRott 835 kun oldin
  • thought he was harry styles at first damn they look a like or he did the snl harry styles lmfao

    jhollywood87jhollywood875 kun oldin
    • He looks like Ryan Sheckler

      rope ropesmanrope ropesman5 kun oldin
  • Thought it was ryan shckler

    andrew gangemiandrew gangemi5 kun oldin
    • Me too!!! then I thought “he wouldn’t have a skater”..... then saw the Andy Roy episode 😂.

      Jeremy KingJeremy King3 kun oldin
    • I swear I took a double take at the name bc I thought the same

      Rich KrupanskyRich Krupansky4 kun oldin
    • Same! I thought I was the only one 😂

      Krystal SchatzleKrystal Schatzle5 kun oldin
  • My new favorite ep, this is hilarious an wholesome.

    Hookah CHookah C5 kun oldin
  • Great pod! Brooks reminds me of Norm a little with his cadence.

    Turbo_GSelleTurbo_GSelle5 kun oldin
  • I know you as Ryan sickler.com for sure fam!

    Erasmo FloresErasmo Flores5 kun oldin
  • His voice is nearly identical to another comedian but I can't think of who!!! Who is it???

    zosodubbszosodubbs5 kun oldin
    • I was thinking Doug Benson but I think pete Holmes is the one im hearing. Its so weird.

      zosodubbszosodubbs5 kun oldin
    • Pete Holmes?

      Max AmmendoleaMax Ammendolea5 kun oldin
    • Or Brock Wilbur? I’ve always thought those three had similar sounding voices.

      G-off 74716G-off 747165 kun oldin
    • Are you thinking of Doug Benson?

      G-off 74716G-off 747165 kun oldin
  • Shorts and a jacket. Fabulous

    Storia ThymeStoria Thyme5 kun oldin
    • LA beach slacker style

      Thomas RainbowThomas Rainbow5 kun oldin
  • please laugh off mic. i love you so much, but please laugh off mic. i want to watch your show so bad.

    Josh FelkerJosh Felker5 kun oldin
  • Anyone else hating Siclers parrot like laugh direct in the mic?

    Beatmaster3000Beatmaster30005 kun oldin
  • I always wondered what happened to him.

    Sheila AnneSheila Anne5 kun oldin
  • Ya this dude was definitely bangin Kevin...

    Q CrewQ Crew5 kun oldin
  • I don't want to make him feel bad if he sees this but I'm just looking at him and can see he's still hurting and maybe a touch of drugs too.

    M LM L5 kun oldin
    • Yeah definitely been partying too hard... You can see it. Been there. Seems fine and dandy and fun from the inside but from the outside perspective pretty much the opposite.

      Thomas RainbowThomas Rainbow5 kun oldin
    • was just checking comments for this topic, guy looks like he has been on a bender. =(

      Kim HightowerKim Hightower5 kun oldin
    • Maybe a lil bud

      OPA bo'zOPA bo'z5 kun oldin
  • This pod has sort of fell from grace after leaving YMH. Bad move Sickler... Love your stuff but it just is lackadaisical now.

    I GI G5 kun oldin
  • Buffalo gonna spank that Raven ass this weekend SickleCell.... another great podcast, keep it up brother!

    x7slim8xx7slim8x5 kun oldin
    • @Stephanie Meyer 🤙

      R GR G3 kun oldin
    • LET'S GO BUFFALO!!!!!!!!!

      Stephanie MeyerStephanie Meyer5 kun oldin
    • @rope ropesman absolutely good sir!

      x7slim8xx7slim8x5 kun oldin
    • Bills mafia lets gooo

      rope ropesmanrope ropesman5 kun oldin
  • Substance abuse is dangerous

    Joel LauerJoel Lauer5 kun oldin
  • Holy fuck i have pancreatitis and sleep apnea too. I didnt know it could kill me until now

    Frank FeliceFrank Felice5 kun oldin
  • I've been waiting for this one. I think this guy is hilarious. I'm glad to hear his HD story. He was definitely a honeydew on snl.

    Hank PayneHank Payne5 kun oldin
  • Announcing getting fired from SNL, a Honeydew classic. followed by getting fired by your therapist? Give me more like this.

    William BlochWilliam Bloch5 kun oldin
  • Toooooosday

    E FowLE FowL5 kun oldin
  • IT'S TOOZDEE!!!!

    I'm boofing itI'm boofing it5 kun oldin
  • Another tuusedey listening in my work truck

    My ShitMy Shit5 kun oldin
    • Same! Makes the day easier

      Blake TaylorBlake Taylor4 kun oldin
    • Thanks for letting us know that pointless information

      SpankyCSTXSpankyCSTX5 kun oldin
    • Ways of the road!!!

  • I love your studio. You have the best color scheme.

    Intermittent EnergyIntermittent Energy5 kun oldin
  • Ryan, I love that shirt! ...some people just don't understand the importance of original rims. I'm gonna order up a shirt today! Thanks for the show btw. It is like coming home for a lot of us.

    rwthsgrwthsg5 kun oldin
    • Shirt or rims? Wtf are you talking about dude. Don't tell me people call shirts rims...I will throw myself off the nearest bridge

      SpankyCSTXSpankyCSTX5 kun oldin
  • Goddam i love toosdey

    Frank FeliceFrank Felice5 kun oldin
  • Just started following brooks wheelan on Spotify, great podcast

    James ConnellJames Connell5 kun oldin
    • @James Connell I was like, this guy be psychic 🔮 😂

      The Loman BurrowThe Loman Burrow5 kun oldin
    • Audio comes out mundee, video on toosdee. I listened today on Spotify mate

      James ConnellJames Connell5 kun oldin
    • Only dropped 5 minutes ago, adds probably aren't even done

      The Loman BurrowThe Loman Burrow5 kun oldin
    • Is that a guess?

      The Loman BurrowThe Loman Burrow5 kun oldin
  • Luh yew Ry Ry

    Andrew HardyAndrew Hardy5 kun oldin
  • Nice

    Callum DevineCallum Devine5 kun oldin