Homelessness Problem in California

9-Sen, 2020
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The Patrick Bet-David Show Podcast Episode 9. In this clip Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick and Tom Zenner talk about the homeless crisis in California.
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  • We have been replaced.a new crowd is coming to take over the middle class.so take a good look at our future in America.

    Jon R BeauregardJon R Beauregard4 soat oldin
  • That’s GonGreen !

    Paladin KrayPaladin KrayKun oldin
  • WELCOME to CALIFORNIA GONE GREEN! MORE Coming At YAH! Don’t worry GATES got a Syringe for DAt!

    Paladin KrayPaladin KrayKun oldin
  • California is looking like San Fran shitt hole.

    Hopey IbarHopey Ibar3 kun oldin
  • California needs homeless to get federal grants

    Robert SiasRobert Sias4 kun oldin
  • Well you can thank Pelosi and Waters. and the people who keep voting for them .after all they are Dem's

    Joann ClemensJoann Clemens5 kun oldin
  • Had a bunch of Korean relatives come to LA for a wedding. Never been so embarrassed in my life. They were asking what the hell is going on in California?

    David OhDavid Oh5 kun oldin
  • You guys think that’s bad? The news hasn’t done a report on the homeless in residential areas in the city of Los Angeles. They can put up an encampment in your alley and in your side walk in front of your house. The city of Los Angeles gives them free cell phones and tents! They teach them to how to camp out in away where the city waste management can’t move them. The city of Los Angeles has already pass laws where you can camp out and sleep in public parking lots. It’s way worse than what they show on TV.

    Robert MarxRobert Marx9 kun oldin
  • Our slums in Philippines does have netflix and airconditioned.. meanwhile in Venice Beach...

    dpyxldpyxl10 kun oldin
  • moved in the bay area in 1996. homelessness has never been this worse

    Mark GillaMark Gilla13 kun oldin
  • Is there a way for UZworld Chats? A separate part of UZworld where you can start a conversation with a like minded individual in the comments?

    Abstraction ExplainedAbstraction Explained14 kun oldin
  • Downtown sac turned into tent city.... then down off of broadway and Stockton Blvd there's legit a town behind what used to be a thrift store.

    linkz 9530linkz 953014 kun oldin
  • In TORONTO it is Jane and FINCH that is dangerous as we have huge homicides in this area gangs and drugs.

    Darlene RozonDarlene Rozon15 kun oldin

    Darlene RozonDarlene Rozon15 kun oldin
  • This is what happens when CA is Democratic state. Almost everyone is fucking homeless.

    Madison HjorthMadison Hjorth15 kun oldin
  • The homeless are providing a great service for the state. They pay with votes.

    1pedalsteel1pedalsteel18 kun oldin
  • Welcome to democrat heaven

    CreepaCreepa18 kun oldin
  • California looks worst than third world country

    Toomm NgToomm Ng18 kun oldin
  • What would Ronald Reagan say about CA if he were still living.

    BACBAC19 kun oldin
  • I was told over 10,000 people in California now live/camp just along HWY99 -From what is see it's totally true. Drugs are cheaper than food here. People give them money to make themselves feel good and it's making the problem explode. Lost jobs and no work is not the issue here. The government know this, but they need this so they can take our money to create programs that they say help. Help them get paid and grow the programs they create. -sad demise our beautiful cali my home state

    Fish FinderFish Finder20 kun oldin
  • Welfare and government should be a safety net not a hammock

    Aaron WilliamsonAaron Williamson20 kun oldin
  • 1.25 percent property taxes. Walk outside your door and step in human shit. You don't see abandon dogs and cats in the streets. We see human beings that have lost their humaness. OMG. WAKE UP

    Diana BoykinDiana Boykin21 kun oldin
  • I live here is Ca..it's all true. Unbelievable. I can solve the problem. Take them out to the woods. Where is common sense.?We must drain the swamp of idiotic piliticians .I'm.going to rent a bunch of big rigs and load a bunch of homeless and put them in front of all the politicians and mayor's houses.Let's see hour fast they move the homeless from their front yards. Take the shelters to the woods in big circus tents. Clean beds, showers and food. They must clean their area and help around. Set up smaller tents where they can shoot up and drug out if they don't want help. Not in the streets and on piblic property. f they want help to stop drugs they get help. Mental ill patients don't have free will. They have to be forced to receive medication. They have lack of awareness. They do not know they are ill. We have to help them. I have more common sense than our politicians. Drain the swamp.

    Diana BoykinDiana Boykin21 kun oldin
  • Nice to listen to someone who has 1st hand experience. With all the taxes that are paid in California, u think they could build homeless housing.

    ZodiacGirl23ZodiacGirl2322 kun oldin
  • I have a question, if CV19 is SO DEADLY HOW COME THE HOMELESS AREN'T KEELING OVER FROM IT MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE? It's filthy and these people aren't wearing masks, they are getting TYPHOID, TB, and other medieval diseases and for some strange reason seem to be immune to CV19? 👌Makes perfect sense.🙄

    TopseykrettsTopseykretts22 kun oldin
  • “Money is the mother’s milk of politics.” Unruh, there’s no incentive to fix it when thousandths of people are profiting from the homeless. Think about it, consultants, non-profs, mental health, politicians raising taxes to fight the battle that’s never fought. We decriminalized petty theft and drug use along with free stuff, everyone is coming here. Come on man!

    noquitters2008noquitters200822 kun oldin
  • I am from the Valley and the entire Greater Los Angeles is like this, in nice neighborhoods, family communities are not safe anymore, on freeways! there's homeless and trash EVERYWHERE!! it's very sad and embarrassing. This started way before the pandemic. You don't even see this in Mexico, at least there, there are designated areas for the slums. We have the highest States and City taxes of the nation, follow the money... who is getting the money? certainly not improvements or city programs for the homeless. Calling the city or police to report new encampments is useless.

    Xochitl Hernandez-FishXochitl Hernandez-Fish23 kun oldin
  • I lived in San Diego and my families lived in LA and when we moved out of Ca, I was shocked. I hated leaving but now I am so glad we left. The taxes are so high and there are so many wealthy people there, I can’t understand why this issue is so bad.

    Melinda DuncanMelinda Duncan23 kun oldin
  • omg Russia, russia, Ukraine phone call, impeachment, mayor election fraud. the press is just pure garbage. Trump 2021, 🕳🕳🕳🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇯🇵🇮🇱🇬🇧🇧🇴🇹🇦🇰🇷 the press will get more ridiculous by the day, soon earthquakes and alien invasion is Trumps fault, his words will sink us all. #walkaway from this far radical Democrats media press. This happen in other countries before just in small scale, wake up.

    Frank VelikFrank Velik23 kun oldin
  • I noticed it's not as bad in Glendale, Burbank, NOHO area

    biggmoniebiggmonie23 kun oldin
  • Firat of all LA is not all of California..... And 1 word RENT! It's to Fucking high!!!!!

    biggmoniebiggmonie23 kun oldin
    • Bigmonie, if I may, quick tutorial in supply and demand economics. Too many people around trying to buy limited housing space = HIGH RENT. Solution: find ways to get RID of some of the people...a LOT of the people. If available residential square footage exceeded the number of people needing to rent that square footage, the price per square foot would come down in the mechanics of market competition. You can't create a meaningful increase in the supply of square footage because there's no more room in LA and surrounding counties. They are full. Unless you start building floating housing projects offshore. Conclusion...about half the population of LA county has to leave.

      Scott GursteinScott Gurstein17 kun oldin
  • America is do or die.

    David MotykaDavid Motyka24 kun oldin
  • Releasing inmates, protecting criminals on some mental illness bullshit, protecting illegal imigrants, crazy taxes on everything, expensive housing, student loans fucking them up on debt for years while they can't get a decent job to pay it move on with their lives..............and yet people still vote for left/democrats because of their pretty,famous/popular and cool faces telling lies and lies and lies about a social and just and equal lifestyle , now MIDDLE CLASS people are leaving turning the place in hell where there's only real rich people can enjoy their living and poor and brainwashed people to depend on the government who keeps their miserable lives in control, that's what the left will do to you and I've seen this happen to my country Brazil, excuse me for my poor english but know y'all get the picture !

    André LimaAndré Lima24 kun oldin
  • Patrick Bet-David: You say you are not aware of this? You have not followed this? Astonishing! Your post appears to be Sept. 9, 2020 and this has been going on for some time. You should get your head out of your a-- and pay better attention.

    Guy in Colorado, Greetings!Guy in Colorado, Greetings!24 kun oldin
  • Lived in SoCal for 20 years, moved to NC 15 years ago, never looked back! Now a LOT of people from California moving to here as well.

    Simona PokornySimona Pokorny24 kun oldin
    • I did the exact same thing. I was born and raised in L.A. and lived there for the first 22 years of my life. I live in Greensboro for now, but bought some vacant lakefront land in Durham, just 3 miles from Duke University.

      Scott GursteinScott Gurstein17 kun oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Welcome to the liberal America. DEMOCRATS Rats ...sickening

    Lizbeth BradyLizbeth Brady25 kun oldin
  • Wake up folks. This is happening coast to coast! You have empty buildings, and people living on the streets. The crooks running the system are giving all the money to the rich, and everyone else is broke. It seems like, perhaps there's a bit of an income inequality problem here. Btw this is a global trend. This is what happens when you bail out the banks, and foreclose on millions, as we have done for the past decade.

    David RichlandDavid Richland25 kun oldin
  • my boy is right this is normal in LA Skidrow wise. Venice would get cleaned up periodically but now they stopped trying. I've noticed alot more people living in cars trucks vans whatever they can.

    WillsmokalotWillsmokalot25 kun oldin
  • LA, SF, Portland & Seattle have all become shithole cities by Democratic politicians .

    StingraysharkStingrayshark25 kun oldin
  • Crazy. I grew up in CA. The last time I went to CA to visit family every on ramp and every off ramp we went by had tents and other types of shelters and they were encroaching onto the road.

    NDbeautifulbadlandsNDbeautifulbadlands26 kun oldin
  • You think giving hamburger help this problem ? It is the democrat who using your taxes for their own supporters and other countries , Pakistan gets millions of $ what our people get ? Shit 🤮

    haydeh abdolahianhaydeh abdolahian26 kun oldin
  • Then these rich people move to republican cities yet still vote for a bunch of retard Democrats again thinking things will be different, so dumb

    balls deepballs deep26 kun oldin
  • Adam never heard about skid row give me a break, playing the i don't know game

    freeride64freeride6426 kun oldin
  • This is democrats running the state.

    Youssef HamidiYoussef Hamidi27 kun oldin
  • how the hell did you not ever see this??? (did you have your eyes closed? LOL) it's always been there, now its just getting worse

    Bobby FloresBobby Flores27 kun oldin
  • When I first moved to California, I was in awe of the homelessness there. People living in vehicles, campers and on the streets. It’s bad! I left California because of the lockdown and am unsure if I will go back. The cost to live there is sky-high.

    Queen JosephQueen Joseph27 kun oldin
  • This has been building, COVID is just the bicycle pump! I lived in Burbank since 2007 where a lot of the Hollywood studios are located, and when I arrived there were maybe 2-4 homeless, now it’s every few blocks! Burbank has beautiful kind-hearted people (little to no self-entitled yuppies), but I want get the f**k outta of dodge, plus the heat sucks sweaty balls!!!

    NoE DoubleLLNoE DoubleLL27 kun oldin
  • Your point in the last min does not solve the problem you're just trying to get rid of them

    Kristian MiraKristian Mira28 kun oldin
  • Provide a solution

    Kristian MiraKristian Mira28 kun oldin
  • California the home of the homelessness

    DJSALDJSAL28 kun oldin
  • Soon they will be at a fema camp

    Mike SollowsMike Sollows28 kun oldin
  • It's same in Portland and Salem Oregon (not just California) same increase.. same reasons..one camp made a garage for a car

    Michael BeckhamMichael Beckham29 kun oldin

  • Our politicans have failed us and the idiot residents will continue to vote for them.

    Die DefendingDie Defending29 kun oldin
  • Welcome to CHINAfornia.

    Tony RichengodTony Richengod29 kun oldin
  • And BIDEN wins hahahahahahah

    Felipe Correa VieiraFelipe Correa Vieira29 kun oldin
  • This Video is now 9 months olds, ‘’now that I am 1st seeing it’’. This is crazy. Before Our so called Government sends any money overseas, They should worry about these People 1st. I spent 8 hrs in the USMC , and most of it on the West-coast and never seen it like this. Feel sorry for all those people. God Bless them.

    Bo RodriguezBo RodriguezOy oldin

    Teddy KurniawanTeddy KurniawanOy oldin
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    Rodolfo VitangcolRodolfo VitangcolOy oldin
  • Stop voting for the democrats, it’s the only way out this mess.

    Cari ZarouCari ZarouOy oldin
  • Don't recall Newsom or Garcetti!

    Goomulf ZeskaplanGoomulf ZeskaplanOy oldin
  • I live in Canyon Country, which is part of Santa Clarita. Santa Clarita is a part of LA County that is supposed to be the safe suburbs, since I’ve moved out here every year there are more and more homeless people. A guy lives on a bus bench down the street from my house now. It’s a really sad problem to see. Don’t even get me started on Lancaster and Palmdale.

    Vlams journeyVlams journeyOy oldin
  • Recall Newsome

    Tony CarignanTony CarignanOy oldin
  • This could be fixed however who's gonna do it? I am low income senior on social security. I CHOOSE to live in a semi affordable apartment on my own and I've had to give up bad habits and the luxury of a car. Solution: start a business charging $100 per person to match them up with roommates and help clean their credit!! All needed is a computer and car! I have a nice clean place to live with a kitchen and my own bath. It's not just government it's also a choice. I moved alone at 65 to a more affordable state. 🕊️ God bless you! Young people could get a grant and start helping their country and their future.

    LadyTLadyTOy oldin
  • In Los Angeles, tents everywhere, and homeless everywhere, including INSIDE stores. Just can't get away from them and Los Angeles politicians don't give a damn.

    whodidit99whodidit99Oy oldin
  • But don’t they see that the rising cost of living in California and the overzealous taxation without representation is the cause. 3,000 a month to rent a single in Hollywood.

    Michael HeiseMichael HeiseOy oldin
  • They want to be homeless

    TimTimOy oldin
  • 75% of homeless in SF and LA paid mortgages or rent and held steady jobs for at least 10 years. They simply couldn't keep up with inflation. Now, Americans can't make the rent or mortgage in vast numbers.

    Bruce WilsonBruce WilsonOy oldin
  • Disgusting I live in DTLA it's infuriating and they are lying to the state and country these aren't families that lost everything to covid or veterans they are all well body abled drug addicts from the ages of 20-55 they choose to keep picking up the needle and crack pipe they choose to spend the little money they get on those drugs I don't feel pity or sympathy they need to go and think about kids and people I have a son it pisses me off to walk past these disgusting people

    Sinae CastroSinae CastroOy oldin
  • Calistan only want money coming in not going out.

    Darrell BakerDarrell BakerOy oldin
  • Who's the CA governor again? Which party takes the lead in CA?

    connie ngconnie ngOy oldin
  • I imagine this is what it was like in the cities in the Middle Ages. Hence plague....

    kickn-aDead-catkickn-aDead-catOy oldin
  • One party state!

    Jeff FingerJeff FingerOy oldin
  • What these guys don’t tell you is a lot of these homeless people come from cold weather states.

    javie ajavie aOy oldin
  • well it has been showen you can not even shame americans in to doing some thing about this sort of thing

    fred acerfred acerOy oldin
  • We need to stop talking about homeless and hungry ppl in America and the world...the Hollywood elites and globalist only care about climate change.

    Brad RosserBrad RosserOy oldin
  • This is why people are leaving California. They do not know there ass from their head. We went in for help to the VA and they said we had not been homeless long enough. You have to be homeless for over a year to get any help.

    shannon Yoshikawashannon YoshikawaOy oldin
  • California high rent high taxes what do think was gonna happen

    Julius ReedJulius ReedOy oldin
  • And they will take the wealthy and still do nothing with that extra money to help the homeless. We'll still have shitty schools, shitty streets, roads having potholes so deep. That they are an inch away from hell. No street sweepers, trash everywhere. Unsafe bike lanes. My son comes home with a busted knee and busted 3 of his iphone skate boarding home. He don't do no tricks on his board. The bike lanes and sidewalks are challenging already . My wish is that if lord willing. When they finally arrested these corrupt politicians. They go to prison and part of their punishment is they are forced into doing community service and go clean the streets and homeless camps. So they can see and feel what they are fully responsible for doing to our Country and innocent Americans that voted for them to take responsibility for our City and this is what they did with that opportunity. They will leave this earth not giving a crap and not feeling any empathy or remorse for their actions and be ok with that, and that's what we will have to get over, but can we get through it and find a way to clean up their mess? Let's hope we can.

    Truth FairyTruth FairyOy oldin
  • I was Denver last month, and I seen the same thing in down town. Now I believe it’s Democrats cause this. I am lucky to be living in a red state.

    North SouthNorth SouthOy oldin
  • Everything’s fine

    Uncle samUncle samOy oldin
  • Americans, you should learn a few things from Japan. Why Japan's Homeless are Different from North America's uzworld.info/player/video/noSSZdJ5hrGTanQ Exploring the biggest slum in Japan uzworld.info/player/video/kpi8i6yEpLSwnZo

    KM CHKM CHOy oldin
  • Imagine -> After surrendering so much of your wages to the government, watching them burn your money in front of you, to have them allow this while closing down your business that you rely on to feed your family.

    Sam FarzaSam FarzaOy oldin
  • Ronald Reagan cut funding to mental institutions in the 80’s

    Jessie VasquezJessie VasquezOy oldin
  • Everyone is adressing the homeless problem, But what is the solution? Well I believe the only thing to do is take rapid action. The Majority of homeless in California or anywhere else in the country are Drug addicted or with Mental health issues. These people do not have the capacity to take care of themselves. Therefore government intervention is crucial. The first course of action: Making homelessness a criminal offence; It is illegal for the individual to not have a permanent residence. Step 2 Going to the streets and arresting these people: Those who do not have a residence shall be taken into custody. Step 3 Taking these people to a facility, Not JAIL. This facility will evaluate each homeless person and thier situation both mentally and addiction wise. There will be a list of catagories determining if the person can become a member of society again or not. Step 4 The facility. In the facility the homeless people have to start working, doing different jobs so they can be productive enough to pay for their own food and gain a sense of responsibility. Step 5 Once an individual is healthy, they will be able to find a job assisted with government guidance and help. They still live in the facility but are able to work normal jobs. Step 6 Once they have worked a certain amount of time in their steady jobs and saved a reasonable amount of money and build up their credit they can now look for housing and live a normal life becoming a productive member of society.

    Noor KhanNoor KhanOy oldin
  • Greatest country in the world

    Pablo MPablo MOy oldin
  • even before covid

    evy osorioevy osorioOy oldin
  • homeless everywhere

    evy osorioevy osorioOy oldin
  • I think the entire country should send our homeless and criminals to California. You guys love these folks, look at the benefits and freedoms you provide them and California has great weather. Folks that can move out of California, do so before we send them to you.

    4 Real4 RealOy oldin
  • Incomplete high speed rail, congratulatory back patting among politicians, govt agencies existing on “self contained islands” (“we can’t do anything”, ie, elite employment agencies with cradle to the grave pension benefits after 20 years of “service”... that’s what this state has become. Just moved back here from CO (work took me here), and it was nothing like this magnitude 7 years ago. The land of milk & honey.

    Jay NielsenJay NielsenOy oldin
  • It looks like a zombie apocalypse.

    Jacob KleinJacob KleinOy oldin
  • They don't want the shelters, since they are allowed to use hard drugs openly on the street why would they?

    Jacob KleinJacob KleinOy oldin
  • I think they’re paying these people to set up tents etc, or encouraging people to come out in the open to deface every landscape.

    ripley275ripley275Oy oldin
  • The people who govern California are the same people who oppose President Trump promoting full employment and making America Great Again.

    bruce juddbruce juddOy oldin
  • I'm sure Americans will find a way to blame Trump

    tang rorotang roroOy oldin
  • CA has been so happyyyyy to enjoy the smell of homeless. The smell and the scene are so wonderful that the CA politicians got addicted.

    datly Nguyendatly NguyenOy oldin
  • The pricing of housing far exceed the average attainable income.

    Edward SimmsEdward SimmsOy oldin
    • Explain why only 0.2% of Americans are homeless? According to your logic, vagrancy should be through the roof.

      roxarecoolroxarecoolOy oldin
  • This is Nancy Pelosi State, And she is telling President Trump how to run the Country? And tearing up the State of the Union Address!!! I call that a Hypocrite at it's finest. And God help us with Delusional Joe. The Democrats just don't get it.

    Master BlasterMaster BlasterOy oldin
  • Try going to Dollar tree on vine in hollywood and you can't even walk on the sidewalk from the encampment, now started on Western Ave between Hollywood and Sunset. This is insane!

    Annie HovsepianAnnie HovsepianOy oldin
  • I'm in San Jose in the Bay Area It's bad!! It's freaking nasty! SF is blahhh soo dirty so rotten

    samy arafasamy arafaOy oldin