His FIRST EVER WIN! 😮 (Modern Warfare Warzone)

2-Okt, 2020
493 417 Ko‘rishlar soni

His FIRST EVER WIN! 😮 (Modern Warfare Warzone)
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  • "hey, you throw that?" "Uh.."

    Cody BenfieldCody Benfield3 kun oldin
  • 4:44 Right behind you, behindddd youuuuuu henry henryyyyyyyy oohhhhhhhhh godddddddddd

    Black Kiss of death MambaBlack Kiss of death Mamba6 kun oldin
  • I’m sorry how did he ever get his win when you left

    SupermotoJSupermotoJ8 kun oldin
  • If you like the video... LIKE THE VIDEO I instantly liked and subscribed 😂😂

    BoatBoy GamezBoatBoy Gamez10 kun oldin
  • We need to support more steamers like nicky... instead of the same guy babies that been popular for yrs.. jjbbaked... im the one on the hill camping at the end of the match lol

    Joel BarkerJoel Barker12 kun oldin
  • I had to watch this at 144p cause of my internet and it was worth it

    Majestic 0705Majestic 070519 kun oldin
  • I had to watch this at 144p cause of my internet and it was worth it

    Majestic 0705Majestic 070519 kun oldin
  • I can’t watch your videos at work Nick, I die of laughter and have to pause it and laugh quietly and then proceed with the video. 🤣😂

    C TC T21 kun oldin
  • Great video, but i dislike anything with pure clickbait as the title.

    George KnobbsGeorge Knobbs22 kun oldin
  • “One problem.. I’m with Tim” HARD CARRY lmao hahahahahahaha

    C TC T22 kun oldin
  • I'm level 104 and only have 0 wins its sad

    Andre PadillaAndre Padilla22 kun oldin
  • "One problem I've got Tim" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Grab-A- SkilletGrab-A- Skillet23 kun oldin
  • Your so accurate!

    Josh HarrisJosh Harris23 kun oldin
  • What’s your sense definitely should show

    Michael LarucciaMichael Laruccia25 kun oldin
  • You and tim crack me up. Good times lol

    Jaybes 1Jaybes 125 kun oldin
  • First win. Title. Gets stuck in gulag

    NM BaconbitzNM Baconbitz26 kun oldin
  • Hah

    Laurie AndersonLaurie Anderson26 kun oldin
  • Get me a win, ight?

    Onestargamer21Onestargamer2126 kun oldin
  • Wait but like... how is time better then someone??

    Jakeub okJakeub ok27 kun oldin
  • Cut the clickbait shit😂

    vitsvits27 kun oldin

    TrixxOpticsTrixxOptics27 kun oldin
  • Lol click baaaait

    xboxgt ssj3 tocaxboxgt ssj3 toca28 kun oldin
  • 4:45

    R&H McGonegalR&H McGonegal29 kun oldin
  • Dude I’ve never laughed so hard in my life as I do watching your videos! Keep them coming Nick!

    Eugene RousheEugene RousheOy oldin
  • You just click baited us by saying he got his very first win come on dude

    EXILITY 07EXILITY 07Oy oldin
  • Nick had nooby team mates 😂

    AcesinzAcesinzOy oldin
  • How do you get inn party with players with 0.0KD isj and you guys have like 5.5kd!?!?!? Match making on point for the streams!?

    Andys DIY GarasjeAndys DIY GarasjeOy oldin
  • Ok he sounds twelve or thirteen

    Phantomboi246 YtPhantomboi246 YtOy oldin
  • nike tell tim that he sucks at call of duty

    Brooke JacksonBrooke JacksonOy oldin
  • I had to stop the video and comment since you said you read every comment I was watching UZworld one day and came across your video and what hooked me was your spirit (Peace and love) man! You are awesome

    Herman CoertzenHerman CoertzenOy oldin

    Parker BondParker BondOy oldin
  • But you never got him his first win

    damon roccodamon roccoOy oldin
  • Tim is so bad

    Tito frostTito frostOy oldin
  • CEO of "You tube what's going on today man listen"

    Fernando RamirezFernando RamirezOy oldin
  • que pasa

    Alex OrietAlex OrietOy oldin
  • I love getting people their first win. My nephews (10 and 11 y/o) barely ever made final circle so I carried them to a win and they even clutched it together for the dub. Couple happy kiddps for the rest of the day AND it bumped me up the cool scale in their eyes 😎

    EagleEyeEagleEyeOy oldin
  • I like you but I'm hurt by this clickbait lol

    genkersgenkersOy oldin
  • I know who pickle is.

    Hufflepuff PlayzHufflepuff PlayzOy oldin
  • Im so happy for tim that he got his first win U are the best player nick

    HamsterboyHamsterboyOy oldin
  • PEGI rating 18. Little shit should be playing with legos. This video gets a thumbs down for irresponsibility.

    Chris HillChris HillOy oldin
  • lmao at that thumbnail, so wholesome.

    chrischrisOy oldin

    1Zero3 Racing1Zero3 RacingOy oldin
  • What the hell I was rather disappointed by this

    Wayne BurkWayne BurkOy oldin
  • I like how he says in the title his first win but doesn’t get the win

    Spark twins FNSpark twins FNOy oldin
  • i didnt watch the video yet but judging by the thumbnail, we are talking about tim right? not the little kid?

    BubbaMischBubbaMischOy oldin
  • Legit had rough day. This just brightened it. “HENRY BEHIND YOU!!”

    Nick ClassNick ClassOy oldin
  • How do kids get in a lobby with advanced players tho? Or how does an advanced player like Nick get in a lobby with kids? How does that work???

    Tiger RodriguezTiger RodriguezOy oldin
  • bagel literally put in more work than tim that's sad

    CrAz MaTriXCrAz MaTriXOy oldin
  • Hacks ar 5:40

    Abdul MohrramAbdul MohrramOy oldin
  • nick:12 tim:1 yep!

    bob lep0ngebob lep0ngeOy oldin
  • I love how the kid says they never have gotten a win. An yall start goin in !!! Love an ✌.. Lesssgoooo. "Henry Behind you!". Tim is So Funny LMFAO

    Jereme schoffJereme schoffOy oldin
  • "You strike me as an idea kinda guy" ..... hahahha 😆

    joe shmoejoe shmoeOy oldin
  • Bit dissapponted at this click bait shit.... I wouldn't exactly say getting stuck in gulag and backing out is a win tbh but you know you say tomatoe he says banana i guess hahaha

    MrFaTaL02MrFaTaL02Oy oldin
  • how is nickmercs in the same lobby as someone that don't have a Win like WTF

    Ether_KeitherEther_KeitherOy oldin
  • Preciate all tha work yu put in for our entertainment... Good stuff

    Jake HJake HOy oldin
  • your so entertaining bro keep making great content

    Chris CardonaChris CardonaOy oldin
  • Nick: lets get the kid a win. Also nick: one problem...... im with tim

    My pee pee is small but,My pee pee is small but,Oy oldin
  • Ive been playing warzone from season 2. Still no w.

    Private_ AlexPrivate_ AlexOy oldin
  • You and Tim are amazing together lmao

    xXHydro PoppaXxxXHydro PoppaXxOy oldin
  • Hi pistols and riots sheilds only challenge

    Ghost NinjaJpa750 coldGhost NinjaJpa750 coldOy oldin
  • *SPOILER ALERT*" i have to dislike this video...nick...you really dont need to lie on a video title to get views...you guys were top 45...why do you title the video : "His FIRST EVER WIN!" i really dont get it why you go that low has a Ytuber for the views and extra cash..by lying, and the funny thing is: i really love your content, but you lost some points on my "list"

    guitargameryguitargameryOy oldin
  • If you like the video.... say it wit me in the comments.....

    Vizion SlapZVizion SlapZOy oldin
  • Oh my god Tim sucks 😂

    T LyT LyOy oldin
  • He didn't even fucking get him a win😂😂😂😂😂

    Jamie EglingtonJamie EglingtonOy oldin
  • I saw the title and immediately questioned either it was Tim’s first win or the kids

    Dbondz007Dbondz007Oy oldin
  • Clickbait

    Josh_2xcJosh_2xcOy oldin
  • U strike me as an idea kinda guy🤣🤣 this dude mercs is funny as hell

    Christian HeltChristian HeltOy oldin

    Ibrahim SincereIbrahim SincereOy oldin
  • This video is the reason I just subscribed 😂😂 I haven’t laughed at a UZworld video in so long 😂😂😂

    Az_Anarchy _Az_Anarchy _Oy oldin
  • You backed out so fast 😂😂😂 Him: I’ve never won before Nick: Que Pasa Bagel✌️

    Az_Anarchy _Az_Anarchy _Oy oldin
  • I liked the video!!

    Pablo BPablo BOy oldin
  • Was that a hiccup? Tf was that? I was weak bro

    Ben PowellBen PowellOy oldin
  • 1 problem. I'm with tim. Lmfaoooo

    Ben PowellBen PowellOy oldin
  • Nick's a legend man, you cant argue bout that

    Mikey MikeyMikey MikeyOy oldin
  • 1 problem I’m with Tim

    SaltyDucklinGGSaltyDucklinGGOy oldin
  • I just got my first solos win the other day too! But . . . I'm 47 . . .

    555slam555slamOy oldin
  • Knowing how bad Tim is, it gives me hope that I can be a big-time streamer.

    Allistair McCrayAllistair McCrayOy oldin
  • They 🐕💩

    Carlos BaltazarCarlos BaltazarOy oldin
  • The thumbnail for this video is some creep shit.

    Ted BearTed BearOy oldin
  • Timthefatman😏😏😏😏🤪🤪🤪🤪😋😋🤗

    Txsplashy :Txsplashy :Oy oldin
  • Imagine Pickle commenting this video

    xAttachZ XzxAttachZ XzOy oldin
  • t4e4

    Avery NorwoodAvery NorwoodOy oldin
  • Ayyy I’m weak he said “that sounds like some kindergarten shit”

    Justin BurkeJustin BurkeOy oldin
  • I feel like you did a second youtube channel just so you don't have to say "que pasa" in each intro

    YouToubeGTYouToubeGTOy oldin
  • Your obvious aimbot ain't fooling me 5:45 Watch how he shoots the wall and his aimbot is configured so that when he shoots his aim locks onto the closest target bone within his aim radius, he then swipes right and it locks on and then increments to the head as an aimbot does. I know this because I've used all sorts of aimbots and your play style is just not legit at all, I know fake aiming when i see it.

    no one expected the spanish inquisitionno one expected the spanish inquisitionOy oldin
  • Henry behind you henry ohh gooddd🤣🤣🤣

    nic 5525nic 5525Oy oldin
  • On Xbox

    crystal Hapetacrystal HapetaOy oldin
  • Can I play with u and can you add me plz my name is ALPHAWOLFBLUE85

    crystal Hapetacrystal HapetaOy oldin
  • You have to do more of this, I haven't laughed that had in a long time. Well, at least since I watched your death coms compilations video

    Dan KristyakDan KristyakOy oldin
  • Wholesome

    BackpacKingBackpacKingOy oldin
  • Timthefatman: I ain’t doing that I have no plates Nick: I have some for you Tim: I’m on my way!

    Evan SchnellerEvan SchnellerOy oldin
  • How in the hell does SBMM work if you guys end up in the same lobby as these kids?

    M7A1M7A1Oy oldin
  • Never won here either only 1 top 10 at that gotta have gd teammates hard to come by

    TINK TINK1983TINK TINK1983Oy oldin
  • This whole video was hilarious😂

    Anthony FranklinAnthony FranklinOy oldin
  • Nick this is the funniest video ever . Bagel !!!

    Dillon DeltoroDillon DeltoroOy oldin
  • "Only 1 problem......I'm with Tim.." XD

    XcentXcentOy oldin
  • Hi nick do you have any old scuff controlls u dont use

    killatrex505killatrex505Oy oldin
  • Click Bait! Come on Nick Really!

    YouTuberYouTuberOy oldin
  • Nick the quality on the videos at MORENICKMERCS is really bad, it looks like your game can't follow your screen, bad quality. Just for give you a heads up. is both on computer and iPhone the quality is like that. Hobe your understand my English

    Try2 GetMeTry2 GetMeOy oldin
  • “ Ohh behind you Henry!!!!! Behind youuu !!! Ohhh God!! Noooooo!!!!!!!! “ 😂😂😂😂😂 that part got me 😂😂😂

    Diego PardoDiego PardoOy oldin