Hermitcraft 7: Episode 47 - RELEASE THE SHEEP!

21-Okt, 2020
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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 47 - RELEASE THE SHEEP! Grian is back on hermitcraft and spreading the spores this time with the help of hundreds of sheep. Also, got you good. Bamboozled the location of the HQ.
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  • What happened to poultry man?

    Random NotesRandom Notes51 daqiqa oldin
  • Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men is what they are called, or at least that's what I call them.

    InfinityCR 6InfinityCR 6Soat oldin
  • He shown hi to get in through the tunnel when they sent the sheep up

    Supercow 2461Supercow 24612 soat oldin
  • Grian: I have an idea Me: oh no here we go

    Luke JohnsonLuke Johnson7 soat oldin
  • Ok so in the last video stress monster mentioned something about “I was in the shopping district” meaning it’s probably is in the shopping district (or you guys planned to say that to confuse us) so it’s probably either in A. One of stress monsters shops B. In a colorful shop C. In a shop every hermit uses (ex. Rocket shop) I’m gonna have to check out stress monsters channel to see what she was shopping for 👀

    • Bakuhoe •• Bakuhoe •17 soat oldin
  • Grian mansion more like grian empire Get it evo smp from 2017 - 2018 grian empire Never mind

    DemonaterDemonaterKun oldin
  • How about Protect Termite? A name for this madness

    william huntwilliam huntKun oldin
  • 18:09 🤣 remix that!!!! Call it the wiggle will song

    Andria BittleAndria BittleKun oldin
  • not me being extremely confused like "huh? did i miss some episodes? when did he build that,,, i guess ill have to rewatch some episodes incase i forgot" LKJDKSJKLD I FEEL SO STUPID BAHAHKLSJD, IT WAS A HERMIT CHALLENGE

    Gacha MuseumGacha Museum2 kun oldin
  • This was the first hermit craft video I have ever watched, and I ACTUALLY thought that was ur base, I was so confused

    Olive Bracken SáenzOlive Bracken Sáenz2 kun oldin
  • … wait,when he release the sheeps and mooshrooms,it shows where you guys are,is that a mistake???

    Brian OofBrian Oof2 kun oldin
  • Wait cant we just work out where the base is relative to where the cows came from? It looks like the base is just under the ancient debris shop

    Just a random guy on the InternetJust a random guy on the Internet2 kun oldin
  • Dude they can go through the water in to the base

    Chunk CoolChunk Cool2 kun oldin
  • the base is where the sheep came out

    Sam SimpsonSam Simpson2 kun oldin
  • I know where the base is it’s at the Mumbo hq when he was running for mayor

    Uzair ShahzadUzair Shahzad3 kun oldin
  • Oh Grian , you fooled me good lol. It was wierd I was having second thoughts about the base lol. 😄

    redblue02redblue023 kun oldin
  • 12:21 WOW that was definately not a cut

    im 11 my name updates every yearim 11 my name updates every year3 kun oldin
  • If that water (the dispenser for the mooshrooms cows) and you showed that on camera. That leads to the real base. Just sayin! I haven’t watched the other episodes yet so if I’m wrong for now, pls don’t correct me.

    Shep GalaxyShep Galaxy3 kun oldin
  • I love how this thumbnail relates back to season 6 where Sahara needs leather

    Gh0styy9Gh0styy94 kun oldin
  • Its at stress tree

    School Bro co.School Bro co.4 kun oldin
    • Yes I saw the newest video

      cool kid gangcool kid gang4 kun oldin
  • 23 19. 23 19. 23 19. 23 19. 23 19. 23 19

    Holmes FamilyHolmes Family4 kun oldin
  • Love how Grian never uses the right tool for the job

    IO bucksIO bucks4 kun oldin
  • We found the base

    Carson WaltzCarson Waltz4 kun oldin
    • From the sheep dispenser

      Carson WaltzCarson Waltz4 kun oldin
    • Through water

      Carson WaltzCarson Waltz4 kun oldin
  • I am a glitch person, if you show me a video game, I will either find, or make glitches I would bamboozle with glitches There are plenty in Minecraft GRIAN JUST TOLD EVERYONE AN ENTRANCE TO THE BASE! unless it’s another troll That would be a tough one though

    Ügabüga :]Ügabüga :]5 kun oldin

    Adam AielloAdam Aiello5 kun oldin
  • was that editing or did he show the base location lol

    Adam AielloAdam Aiello5 kun oldin
  • he leaked where the base was when he went up... i think (I won't jump to any conclusions yet

    ChickenUnionChickenUnion5 kun oldin
  • Dude. The lab is RIGHT BENEATH the Omega Store! They're coming up through the stones near it!

    Zeve ZZeve Z5 kun oldin
  • They can enter in from the water elevator

    Zicong 37Zicong 375 kun oldin
  • wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men

    KRONAKRONA5 kun oldin
  • Why is the upside down mansion red and the normal base blue? your akin is red and your reverse skin is blue

    Rowan DombroskieRowan Dombroskie6 kun oldin
  • You should make the H.E.P sign out of Mycelium. Edit: Do it with other H.E.P stuff

    Adri MusaiAdri Musai6 kun oldin
  • I saw it right behind the portal in the town hall

    PaulzMCPaulzMC6 kun oldin
  • Grian at 10:15 you showed the exit of the HQ hope it was a Bamboozle

    Ishan DasIshan Das6 kun oldin
  • i know where the base is it is near the netherite block shop

    Zz - SecuroZz - Securo6 kun oldin
  • I think I’ll stick with packing as much sheep as I can into a 1 by 1 box. And then letting them go

    Emily EmersonEmily Emerson6 kun oldin
  • Mumbo found the base

    OneYearLeftOneYearLeft7 kun oldin
  • sheer the sheep and they will eat more grass

    Nere OrtizNere Ortiz7 kun oldin
  • Dude I laughed too hard for him to take credit on false's base 😂 as soon as he was like look at what ive done I was like you mean false

    Evan RodriguezEvan Rodriguez7 kun oldin
  • doors

    David GyulayDavid Gyulay7 kun oldin
  • he revealed the base!it is bwhine leaf thing man in the shopping district.just follow the water stream down and you will see

    Efthymios MiliotisEfthymios Miliotis7 kun oldin
  • it's in the jrumbot

    Elijah CogswellElijah Cogswell7 kun oldin
  • 18:10 Wackyandwavinginflatablearmflailingtubeman!

    Crispy CuccoCrispy Cucco7 kun oldin
  • "nobody knows where the base is" scar's strip mine: *silence* but not for long~

    Clar1nettistClar1nettist7 kun oldin
  • Uhhh u think they know😳

    lzypuppets haaalzypuppets haaa7 kun oldin
  • Little did we know it's secretly in scar gagomma thing

    BryantBryant7 kun oldin
  • It’s at iskals treasure island

    Luca Koldbæk-WilsonLuca Koldbæk-Wilson8 kun oldin
  • okay and thnx for 60 likes.

    Elijah CentolellaElijah Centolella8 kun oldin

    Hex : I think we did a pretty good job so farHex : I think we did a pretty good job so far8 kun oldin

    The EliteForces2The EliteForces28 kun oldin
  • And Grian is playing 5-D Chess again. Really enjoying this plot; Mycelium is actually one of my favorite blocks in Minecraft.

    GanonGhidorahGanonGhidorah8 kun oldin
  • Me not paying attention looks over Grian: this is my new base Me: wtf did i miss

    Leo GradyLeo Grady9 kun oldin
  • 19:27 Man it’s hard to be this hep

    Trouble TurkeysTrouble Turkeys9 kun oldin
  • Why would you show where the sheep and mushroom cows come out

    Kai RotunnoKai Rotunno9 kun oldin
  • Mean 😪

    Cute DoggoCute Doggo9 kun oldin
  • I know where the mycelium reaistance is, its under the golden beacon

    Ayan vlogs games and a lot moreAyan vlogs games and a lot more9 kun oldin
  • Why you banboozel us

    Tyler DaudelinTyler Daudelin9 kun oldin
  • 11:56 I must go now my planet needs moo

    Bradley KirkwoodBradley Kirkwood9 kun oldin
  • why is grian usinga ax but not a shovel

    I.C.E.I.C.E.9 kun oldin
    • IKR?!!

      Hannah Mae Gabriella MalinaoHannah Mae Gabriella Malinao9 kun oldin
  • Mumbo's moustache next to Grumbots fake world

    Peaky_Blinders_editsPeaky_Blinders_edits9 kun oldin
  • Why can he not tell us

    Cute DoggoCute Doggo9 kun oldin
    • Cuz of the snitches

      Hannah Mae Gabriella MalinaoHannah Mae Gabriella Malinao9 kun oldin
  • Mycelium resistance hepquarters XD

    Philipp CanamaPhilipp Canama9 kun oldin
  • "Nobody knows where it is" Stressmonster: *I am four parallel universes ahead of you.*

    CEO of SansCEO of Sans9 kun oldin
  • Is it possible to get the world seed when it has ended and with everything that has been built on it intact

    SolarisSolaris9 kun oldin
    • I mean it has already ended but you can ask

      Hannah Mae Gabriella MalinaoHannah Mae Gabriella Malinao9 kun oldin
    • Idk ask him on the more new videos

      Hannah Mae Gabriella MalinaoHannah Mae Gabriella Malinao9 kun oldin
  • i was so confusesed i thought he made a new base off cam

    brittany nicolebrittany nicole9 kun oldin
  • Grian can they swim down the water pipe and find the HQ 😟

    Kristin BlancoKristin Blanco9 kun oldin

    Joseph TaylorJoseph Taylor9 kun oldin
  • Can someone please tell me why he always uses a pick axe or an axe to destroys grass instead of a shovel

    Gustav BælumGustav Bælum10 kun oldin
  • That was False's base by the way And yes, I know that was from a hermit challenge

    Eneida HorácioEneida Horácio10 kun oldin
  • Imagine if you were a hermit just searching for decked out boxes and you were a member of the H.E.P. and you found one of Grian's boxes instead

    Eneida HorácioEneida Horácio10 kun oldin
  • 18:07 lmao he sounds like a turky

    Katherine :]Katherine :]10 kun oldin
  • You realize he basically showed where the water tunnel is coming up in so if you dig down around there you would probably find the HQ

    GingyTheGamerGingyTheGamer10 kun oldin
  • Wait... If you want the other hermits to believe that was the real base (and not the fake one) why did you say it was fake in this video?

    Cian CableCian Cable10 kun oldin
    • because this video was 3 days after that and they spent 3 days thinking that was the real one

      UsernameUsername9 kun oldin
  • Sorry for all the comments

    Pencils and PensPencils and Pens10 kun oldin
  • Poop Eight Wait Die Ie E Pewdiepie Iaiaiiaiaia "jojo" "managing Eret

    Pencils and PensPencils and Pens10 kun oldin
  • L-ove A-mong M-inecraft A-marican W-ater O-f L-itireture F-rom S-ecret H-ermet E-ngage E-ret P-oop

    Pencils and PensPencils and Pens10 kun oldin
  • 20:36 I spent like a week trying to find the video where he built that thing 😑😑😑

    SoldierSoldier10 kun oldin
  • G-iant R-ug I-n A N-ugget

    Pencils and PensPencils and Pens10 kun oldin
  • W-elcome O-f L-ove F-ifty

    Pencils and PensPencils and Pens10 kun oldin
  • i think he revealed the base

    HisaudienceHisaudience10 kun oldin
    • @Username yeah.. i saw the other vid..

      HisaudienceHisaudience9 kun oldin
    • no he didnt

      UsernameUsername9 kun oldin
  • I have seen thy bedrock

    That guyThat guy11 kun oldin
  • My guy gave away the location when he let out the sheep

    Shadow runner45Shadow runner4511 kun oldin
    • no he didnt

      UsernameUsername9 kun oldin
  • Is the base under the slime shop?

    *Thatloser Inclass**Thatloser Inclass*11 kun oldin
    • no

      UsernameUsername9 kun oldin
  • Wacky inflatable arm flailing tube man

    Chris JacksonChris Jackson11 kun oldin
  • He just leaked the spot with sheep

    Sarah RobertsSarah Roberts11 kun oldin
    • no he didnt

      UsernameUsername9 kun oldin
  • Base is at the iskall shop :)

    Boris StanojevicBoris Stanojevic11 kun oldin
  • its in the giant mumbo mustashe

    luna hainesluna haines11 kun oldin
  • Plot twist: the mycelium resistance hq is in the end

    Hkflip 98Hkflip 9811 kun oldin
  • I know the enter you know when you saw the edit try to slow it and i saw the entrance and i saw every edit grian edit and he dont know that you could slowmow

  • 5:08 nobody gonna talk about how smooth that was

    yobeanboy_calebyobeanboy_caleb11 kun oldin
    • Yeah, oooof

      SH Silk 2SH Silk 210 kun oldin
  • The among of torches this man produces, just think about all the dark areas that he’s light up.

    FusionFusion11 kun oldin
  • This season is war.

    FusionFusion11 kun oldin
  • I knew it was false base even before

    Ivan KwokIvan Kwok12 kun oldin
  • Ye storag room is betta dan my jouse

    kitten Gamingkitten Gaming12 kun oldin
  • it might be in grum bot

    Ricky TeilhRicky Teilh12 kun oldin

    DoingMyBestDoingMyBest12 kun oldin
  • Grian could build like a hill or mountain behind the mansion so that it covers the back. Personality I think it would look really cool. Like if you agree comment if not.

    NothingNothing12 kun oldin
  • These transitions are getting out of hand

    AaronAaron12 kun oldin
  • We now know where the base is

    Aaron DieppeAaron Dieppe12 kun oldin
  • using an ax as a shovel :/

    Arthur MorganArthur Morgan12 kun oldin