HermitCraft 7: 79 | A PINK Return

4-Apr, 2021
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HermitCraft 7: 79 | A PINK Return
iskall returns to the hermitcraft server after a longer break, and there has been some movement in regards of certain sticks on the server. Also, iskalls choice of Pacific interior is... questionable.
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
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  • You know what would be awesome. Go with the simple "hole in the floor, water at bottom" for getting back to the lower floors of pacific. It's a diving board elevator

    Lowen EvvanLowen Evvan2 soat oldin
  • who ever hurts a Herbert is a MONSTER!!!!!!!!

    Elisa ZanoniElisa Zanoni11 soat oldin
  • upload? please

    Brendon OhlingerBrendon Ohlinger11 soat oldin
  • Bro you stumbled on my 4upage and you bring back so many memories because I used to be a super fan

    VR FreakVR Freak12 soat oldin
  • You could mould a wave around the giant impractical mumbo contraption... I think that would look cool!

    DarkmagicDarkmagic13 soat oldin
  • Iskall r u streaming any time soon. I need stream time and singskall

    Morcus_Beeron69Morcus_Beeron6913 soat oldin
  • I really have a cool idea to make a lucky draw contest every monthly or weekly in pacific, this will also attract more people and you can charge 5 diamond block for a ticket and reward will be 2 stack of diamond and few netherite ( don't forget gold as free ).

    Gautam ShahGautam Shah16 soat oldin
  • Wadzee for hermit craft s8

    Ruairi MurphyRuairi Murphy17 soat oldin
  • Peskybird: "SaAaAAnD"

    DevinDevin17 soat oldin
  • This is the best tree in the history of the world.

    Ess BeeEss Bee19 soat oldin
  • Man says he returned yet we are waiting another week and a half for him to post

    Ethan KuzielaEthan Kuziela19 soat oldin
  • Iskall, Mumbos machine isn’t finished it was going to expand backwards more. Might want to remove the floor behind the machine.

    Ziggy WZiggy W20 soat oldin
  • Lol iskalls floor idea just destroyed mombo idea

    Stuff Studio'sStuff Studio'sKun oldin

    Christopher :oChristopher :oKun oldin
  • Ngl I thought u died

    Ba11er_29Ba11er_29Kun oldin
  • Pacific- Better with Cyan Should be your motto

    Keenan ChalmersKeenan ChalmersKun oldin
  • Episode 99: 1 hour timelapse of iskall finally working on the Omega Tree.

    abbsnn coseabbsnn coseKun oldin
  • He is back and already gone... cool...

    xCHxStonewardxCHxStonewardKun oldin
  • It's nowhere near being a chöp

    Bogdan RuseaBogdan RuseaKun oldin
    • I miss vault hunters updates...

      abbsnn coseabbsnn coseKun oldin
  • 12:30 could’ve been bad 😬😬

    Joshua EstradaJoshua EstradaKun oldin
  • Just the fact that my fathers name is Gerald.... RIP And my grandfathers name is Herbert.... WHY???

    Iris PoppIris PoppKun oldin
  • Hermitcraft season 8 iskall mumbo and grian create a shop called Grand Canyon

    John van der WattJohn van der WattKun oldin
  • Pacific is like a “more profitable “ sahara

    John van der WattJohn van der WattKun oldin
  • Beef: makes a huge library, bedroom, etc for iskall iskall: makes Tommy boy for beef

    MeMeKun oldin
  • Specific item in the barge:*is out of stock* Hermits going to get the item themselves: Guess this is my life now

    Atticus StarAtticus StarKun oldin
  • sandn

    Filip NikolovFilip NikolovKun oldin
  • My favorite thing about this, is how iskal and mumbo are constantly breaking each others stuff.

    SoralTheSolSoralTheSolKun oldin
  • I got unsubscribed for some reason only found out thanks to mumbo saying your name in a vid

    J.A.G.AJ.A.G.AKun oldin
  • Episode 99: 1 hour timelapse of iskall finally working on the Omega Tree.

    yuoop nokeyuoop noke2 kun oldin
  • X. Sells sand in his rock shop I believe? I may be wrong

    Kagan BakerKagan Baker2 kun oldin
  • When the title is like that you know the video is gonna be AMAZING

    Rebound FCRebound FC2 kun oldin
    • @yuoop noke yeah that is pretty funny in my opinion

      Rebound FCRebound FCKun oldin
    • gah their working without figuring out what the other is doing drives me batty

      yuoop nokeyuoop noke2 kun oldin
  • What dare did this man loose to have to change his name to BiG tOe MaNnY?

    Kittin9459 RTCKittin9459 RTC2 kun oldin
  • III love how hE is oN episode 79 and ren is only oN ep 37

    Exquisite Dragon gamingExquisite Dragon gaming2 kun oldin
  • 17:34 BEEFskal awwwww 😍😍😍😍🥺🥺🥺🥺

    RequiemRequiem2 kun oldin
  • I miss vault hunters updates...

    Jack WalkerJack Walker2 kun oldin
  • F for Gerald.

    OrdinalBroadcastOrdinalBroadcast2 kun oldin
  • Honestly, I saw Vault Hunters as a way to squeeze more donations out of the viewers. That mod pack is literally designed to pique viewers gambling tendencies and frankly I think it's a giant scam.

    seymour47seymour472 kun oldin
  • What is his upload schedule!!!!!????

    Teenage BakerTeenage Baker2 kun oldin
  • You forgot about basil

    EASsirenVids 01EASsirenVids 012 kun oldin
  • It’s easier to use tnt to collect sand :P

    Chase HollingsworthChase Hollingsworth2 kun oldin
  • i’be been waiting a month for this......

    DarliSs SsDarliSs Ss2 kun oldin
  • The first floor looks sick bro but it’d look better being layered w different styles yk, bottom floor ocean themed then top floor be the beach

    BamSoyleBamSoyle2 kun oldin
  • iskall in the aquarium reminded me of that scene from nemo

    Loeke -Loeke -2 kun oldin
  • iskall, why don't You light up the nooks and crannies? that way no need to fear the mean greens :D Also, I love the pink ceiling - it looks like a sunset - especially with the sun-evator!

    Máté Róbert MészárosMáté Róbert Mészáros2 kun oldin
  • Lol chain

    Indie JepsonIndie Jepson2 kun oldin
  • You hermits should make a falling block duplicator it would save you ages for concrete and sand

    Daniel NelsonDaniel Nelson3 kun oldin
  • gah their working without figuring out what the other is doing drives me batty

    SteamTitanSteamTitan3 kun oldin
  • Hermits helping Hermits? Maybe???

    Josh DavisJosh Davis3 kun oldin
  • Mumbo and Iskall making Mega Shops at the last moment and no one using it

    dolita windodolita windo3 kun oldin
  • For the back of the machine can you put some pride flags for lgbtqia+? its okay if you dont I just thinki itll look really cool

    Royal_GuardRoyal_Guard3 kun oldin
  • Iskall ur content is lacking man.... u just put in two floors this whole episode. U got a million subs.... keep working hard man.

    Nicoplayz Among usNicoplayz Among us3 kun oldin
    • I com0letely agree

      Selena JosephineSelena Josephine3 kun oldin
  • how about putting clouds in the ceiling (as chandeliers maybe)?

    Uri delosSantosUri delosSantos3 kun oldin
    • G8 video dude, I'd use the cyan concrete to do a shadow palm tree in the ceilings of the Pacific tower

      dolita windodolita windo3 kun oldin
  • Great so see ur back iskall

    Jude guyJude guy3 kun oldin
  • Maybe change the gray to white

    Jillian SlotJillian Slot3 kun oldin
  • If you want to add a bit of difference in each floor, you could try using campfires as walkway

    Jillian SlotJillian Slot3 kun oldin
  • Could you make the floor like an island? Oh he did Big brain

    Jillian SlotJillian Slot3 kun oldin
  • RIP Gerald

    Kilson XKilson X3 kun oldin
  • I hate the end rods on the floors of pacific. I think iskall should replace that end rods with tiki torches.

    Kryptic YTKryptic YT3 kun oldin
  • You should put string instead of blocks to hold the sand

  • Why dont they build together like they did for sahara? There would be no confusion

    OrangeOrange3 kun oldin
  • get grian on the pacific crew

    Metin Eren SarıgüLMetin Eren SarıgüL3 kun oldin
  • I'm kinda worried iskall broke the redstone o~o

    a little of somethinga little of something3 kun oldin
  • Try the chisel and bits mod

    Ubergold YouTuberUbergold YouTuber3 kun oldin
  • Have the whole server help you one day place leaves

    BrucesterBrucester3 kun oldin
  • We missed u

    Khash KKhash K3 kun oldin
  • Those are the shopping modules, you pay downstairs (deposit your coins).

    PodkriznikPodkriznik3 kun oldin
  • G8 video dude, I'd use the cyan concrete to do a shadow palm tree in the ceilings of the Pacific tower

    madmonk 31madmonk 313 kun oldin
  • Welcome back Iskall.

    KhillikiaLea WKhillikiaLea W3 kun oldin
  • Iskall be spacing out Hermitcraft videos so Episode 100 will be further and he has more tims to work on the Omega Tree (of doom). (but seriously, i'm so happy Iskall's back, i forgot to watch it right after the release though, sorry)

    Kim Joon-JoonKim Joon-Joon4 kun oldin
  • We not gonna talk about that villager noise?

    IamKaeIamKae4 kun oldin
  • Part of me thinks that he hasn't uploaded in so long because he wanted to get his tree back, so he could finish it in time.

    Eli McClellanEli McClellan4 kun oldin
  • 15:58 iskall takes three rockets just to kill one skeleton

    Josiah RutledgeJosiah Rutledge4 kun oldin
  • Good to see you again. I like the design of Pacifics floors. Maybe do a sunrise/ sunset color fade for the ceilings?

    Shaun NolderShaun Nolder4 kun oldin
  • Pink? More like light red lol

    Ch SaCh Sa4 kun oldin
  • Sahara 2.0

    Lucas SmithLucas Smith4 kun oldin
  • Iskall come back!!!!!!!

    Jesse SwaneyJesse Swaney4 kun oldin
  • For the “ocean” around the beach in the first floor, why don’t you just straight up put water in the spot where it’s supposed to be ocean

    Shinda GamingShinda Gaming4 kun oldin
    • If youre done with it (if you will) i think billboards will do good

      mikea hiooimikea hiooi4 kun oldin
  • Or a concrete powder duper

    Patrick's science clubPatrick's science club4 kun oldin
    • Iskall, why not ask the other Hermits for help on Hermits Help Hermits on Monday?

      mikea hiooimikea hiooi4 kun oldin
  • Can you just make a sand duper

    Patrick's science clubPatrick's science club4 kun oldin
  • It's so annoyingly weird how minecraft shadows work. How is there shadows on the ceiling!!

    BatmanBatman4 kun oldin
  • nice

    Lukas HLukas H4 kun oldin
  • Those big redstone thing is the shop, payment is down at the lobby. Definitely need to talk to mumbo :)

    Neal RobinsonNeal Robinson4 kun oldin
  • excuse me..... are those birch leaves on the OMEGA THREE?

    QuickShootQuickShoot4 kun oldin
  • As etho says, why aren't you using tnt to collect sand?!?!?!

    Jtrid GamingJtrid Gaming4 kun oldin
  • You could have made the sealing a sunset and just remove the sand into cyan glass so it looks like water and a bridge

    PEAS :DPEAS :D4 kun oldin
  • pesky government spy drone

    Aiden DeVriesAiden DeVries4 kun oldin
  • do every iskall fan know about (t.b.t.f)

    rohan bagrohan bag4 kun oldin
  • I was wondering, is iskall ever gonna make the island for pacific bigger?

    Krazy Kiwi KatKrazy Kiwi Kat4 kun oldin
  • I'm fairly certain Iskal blocked the dropper system for Mumbos purchasing modules

    Silas BraileySilas Brailey4 kun oldin
  • literally finish ur base u non its been like 8 months just place a bunch of leaves

    Phoenix 99Phoenix 994 kun oldin
  • Thought you would type Fitz-gerald xD

    Wdomino Games & MediaWdomino Games & Media4 kun oldin
  • I FOUND Pacific IN MONTANA 😂🤣 its a metal company

    Tenhensinapen cTenhensinapen c4 kun oldin
  • Iskall, why not ask the other Hermits for help on Hermits Help Hermits on Monday?

    Namey LessoneNamey Lessone4 kun oldin
  • If youre done with it (if you will) i think billboards will do good

    GamingZombieGamingZombie4 kun oldin
  • 1:35 mumsbo hast learneds the way ofs the Taconian language

    TacoDudeTacoDude4 kun oldin
  • Iskall the contraption is there shop.

    Ultra BeastUltra Beast4 kun oldin
  • Missed a great opportunity to say "leaf me be" for the palm trees

    Matthew MuldowneyMatthew Muldowney4 kun oldin
  • Your logo is sort of ironic. It screams south Florida, which is in the Caribbean or Atlantic. Also, the chance that Pacific turns a profit at any point seems...small. For sure, Mumbo is going to want to sell redstone gadgets, and I'm guessing that will go as well as Odea. It's not even clear how you'll end up attempting to make money. As a bank? As a store? As a spectacle? It's unclear, but you're making a cool building, which is the real point, I guess. So good work! Also, your interior choice is excellent. I don't mean that in any way ironically. I think it looks beautiful and different.

    Jeffrey GrayJeffrey Gray4 kun oldin
  • Stress would be so proud

    Namia KurenaiNamia Kurenai4 kun oldin
  • What if all hermit build the tree like Ren,s base

    ANGXLANGXL4 kun oldin