Here's Why The Los Angeles Clippers REALLY Fired Doc Rivers...

29-Sen, 2020
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  • Great coach.

    Paul HoggardPaul Hoggard5 kun oldin
  • Right on, bro! As is said in some martial arts circles, the war is won beforehand with mindset. Doc was correct, the Clippers D was too soft in 7th game, NBA playoff bball. Also, the psych factor exists, and it is also likely that doc is doing what's best for the team given the P. George - Jerry Springer stuff he brought to the organization.

    David OstranderDavid Ostrander5 kun oldin
  • military member looking to enter the ps5 giveaway

  • When you allow a guy to come in and play when he gets ready at the age of only 29 and never play in back to back games, and allow him to demand for another who you have to give up a thousand draft pick for and he doesn't even play in the first game, then he himself don't play in many games, then you have guys gripping about their teammates availability opposed to theirs and you really have a dysfunctional team, and that's why doc got fired, sadly it wasn't all his fault, ultimately Steve Ballmer and his staff should share this blame

    Spider SenseSpider Sense5 kun oldin
  • Why are u so hooked on these losers bruh?

    Keith SpiveyKeith Spivey6 kun oldin
  • Typical anxiety stricken Clipper ass.

    Gerardo V.Gerardo V.6 kun oldin
  • My man is Jewish?

    brandon hassidbrandon hassid13 kun oldin
  • Aww I wanna chance to win a PS5, how do I get a chance?

    Rowdy LowdyRowdy Lowdy13 kun oldin
  • This is speculation and gossip talk

    jrmop 09jrmop 0914 kun oldin
  • Doc Rivers: Uhh...

    Nick KIDDNick KIDD16 kun oldin
  • So does anybody have any idea of a good coach that is free that could come to this team and do a better job? What about one of the assistant coaches who is already there that was on Doc's coaching staff? l feel like there is a curse on this team and its going to last forever and I hate saying that!

    Ed JEd J16 kun oldin
  • did you fast bacouse of Kipur?

    ziv zoziv zo16 kun oldin
  • I'm on Doc's side. They didn't hit their shots. They got fatigued just like Houston every year.

    Chris OverbeyChris Overbey16 kun oldin
  • He was the best one one the team he's the coach but what!!!

    John CurryJohn Curry16 kun oldin
  • I can understand where your coming from

    Will HawkinsWill Hawkins17 kun oldin
  • Excuses is like booty cheeks we all got them bullshit

    Jcole ColmanJcole Colman17 kun oldin
  • rivers, you are disappointed? You ignorant fool, you are the most overrated coach in the entire NBA! You should be humiliated. You have been with the clippers for seven years and you haven't accomplished a damn thing! What the hell are they 76ers thinking? Are they this desperate?

    Snicky GSnicky G17 kun oldin
  • R

    Snicky GSnicky G17 kun oldin
  • Doc rivers cnt win a chip on d past several yrs...He has a bunch of great players bck den. But dey loose on playoffs again and again...

    Henry MacasilhigHenry Macasilhig18 kun oldin
  • Bad karma

    Christopher FitzgeraldChristopher Fitzgerald18 kun oldin
  • Kawhi is not a leader nor is PG, their all-stars not superstars, facts. The players lost a 3-1 lead not Doc so stop trying to hype Kawhi up like he a superstars, PG🤦

    In town CookingIn town Cooking18 kun oldin
  • Didn’t the heat with lebron wade and bosh lose to Boston there first year? Didn’t they lose to dirk and the Mavericks? Shit happens this wasn’t a respect issue this was a so called star players failing to make layups and make shots that were great open shots, Lou Williams was so bad that he stopped shooting all together but this is doc fault? Docs a good coach it’s a good thing he landed with some young super stars in philly that he can help grow and win some rings.

    dreadheadmarlee25dreadheadmarlee2519 kun oldin
  • He had to get fired many years ago. The only coach that teaches the players not to score year after year game after game. If you watch clippers for years then you would know that they would go suddenly in long minutes without scoring a point. The 4th quarter of the last game, the deciding game, doc decided to use the same strategy of not scoring, until 2 min left in the game down 17 points, lmao. This is the new era. You need to teach them to score or find a way to score.

    Don DoDatDon DoDat19 kun oldin
  • does't depend on good ,perfect, or human ability, but a time and chances happen to them all. we must peer in mind that all things under heaven, have a chance and time, as winner have a chance to loose. so time and chances happen to them all. don't worry your turn is at the corner.

    terwin jamesterwin james19 kun oldin
  • Skip to 7:00 to see what you came for. Thank me later. Edit: What's up with certain dudes liking really thick (overweight) chicks so much??? Eww.

    PalahumePalahume19 kun oldin
  • P. Beverly is Trash, get him TF out

    gottabumpgottabump19 kun oldin
  • Paul George is getting ole, he also disappears a lot with OKC. George should have been fired.

    Corey AdamsCorey Adams19 kun oldin
  • Paul George Didnt wontta keep seeing that girl And her daddy After he got caught cheating

    Anthony RunnelsAnthony Runnels19 kun oldin
  • It was called KARMA, Doc River is a Damn Racist against Steve Nash... Hahaha...

    Mark Lawrence AndayaMark Lawrence Andaya19 kun oldin
  • Doc needs 3 superstars. Remember

    Jah's JudahlionJah's Judahlion19 kun oldin
  • PG simp other dudes was getting it for less BM put women 1 and not the game he still give her 1M , Doc can go somewhere else . Men stop back dooring women just because trying hold a women down with a baby that they not asking for because she's gong to smash someone else anyway . I know three girls ready tp play and they got kids 4mos-2 ready to smash already because dudes trying to hold them down with kids it do not WORK . About 3 yrs watch he's going to be news

    living Freeliving Free19 kun oldin
  • Yep if they fired doc they have fired the whole team

    Warren GeorgeWarren George19 kun oldin
  • I think they fired Doc fir his remarks about cops killing black people. They set Doc up.. Had key players shave points and purpose miss shots. These owners want their people to shut up and play ball and make them $$$$

    Demetrius JohnsonDemetrius Johnson19 kun oldin
  • Fake News. Trump approves of this message

    Ino MboIno Mbo19 kun oldin
  • doc river is ass

    HustlerKidHustlerKid19 kun oldin
  • Michale Jordan should beg Doc to come to Charlotte!!

    Al B.Al B.19 kun oldin
  • 3-1. That’s why he got fired.

    Cody ChaCody Cha19 kun oldin
  • Go 2 Cleveland Doc

    sean macsean mac19 kun oldin
  • They don't have the best team on paper, FlightMike. That's not even arguable. With so many great teams out there, it would've been worth it to keep all the pieces in place, until there was a normal season. They just screwed themselves by firing Doc. I'm not Doc's best friend, but he's a good coach. How does this look now to other perspective coaches. I wonder what bootlicker will take the job now??? How does Jerry West feel about the decision? Let's see...

    walteasy4sheasywalteasy4sheasy19 kun oldin
  • That does not make any sense at all

    Rico VasquezRico Vasquez19 kun oldin
  • Can I win the 5 please. Christmas is coming

    Aaron OConellAaron OConell19 kun oldin
  • Just say it Doc...My two superstars gagged on their Nike’s !!!! A real coach killer.

    Nathan HollisNathan Hollis19 kun oldin
  • Thank You Clippers

    DmanDman19 kun oldin
  • He doesn’t deserve to be fired on the first year

    walid abou karroumwalid abou karroum19 kun oldin
  • Lakers in 4

    Supur ManSupur Man19 kun oldin
  • Coach is like the father and the father takes the blames but DOC got a ring so time to retire

    Dino CapriceDino Caprice19 kun oldin
  • His son probably be like “Daymn Doc”

    Dino CapriceDino Caprice19 kun oldin
  • The Clippers were up 3-1, so they choked. You say the other team has been together longer when you have two superstars, the six man of the year. Just say it, your team went all out to win a chip and lost to the Denver Nuggets. So does that mean in 3 years the Clippers will have enough chemistry to make it to the finals?

    john sheppardjohn sheppard19 kun oldin
  • The guys planned to fire the coach. It does make sense the 3-1. again? This is planned.

    BsOnK1969BsOnK196919 kun oldin
  • Bro you need to stop with the adds. Way too many

    BsOnK1969BsOnK196919 kun oldin
  • They gave up 5 1st rd picks for Paul George🤔 what the hell did they see? What has he won? He ain’t KD.. He ain’t Steph..He definitely ain’t lebron

    Darrell HannahDarrell Hannah19 kun oldin
  • Because he spoke on black issues 🥱

    Dre DayDre Day19 kun oldin
  • I don't think they should have did that ...I think they should have got Radisson some of players not the him

    Roy BurtonRoy Burton19 kun oldin

    CAl GondCAl Gond19 kun oldin
  • People made Doc Rivers a scapegoat. He was not to blame . He is a decent man and will be hired by another team

    HarryHarry19 kun oldin
  • Interesting presentation sir. Bottom line never but never date the boss daughter and get caught with a pregnant stripper? Whew to do when the baby mama is Beauty beyond belief? Better start making child support payment for at least 20 years or so.

    Jose navasJose navas19 kun oldin
  • I didnt know pg was such a scumbag

    Andrew StinsonAndrew Stinson19 kun oldin
  • It's clear what really happened. The clippers threw the series... LeBron is the "chosen one" and he has to get another ring before the league transfers the power to Giannis. Look for a possible Giannis to LA Lakers, Clippers, Warriors, King's, or Knicks move in the future.

    Cool BlueCool Blue19 kun oldin
  • If your assistant coach is Tyrone lue this will happen look back cavs

    hornafric manhornafric man19 kun oldin
  • 3 commercial breaks for a 10 minute

    birtha Floresbirtha Flores19 kun oldin
  • Paper don't win titles paul and leonard was sorry anyway

    Leslie HillLeslie Hill19 kun oldin
  • Doc had fun with playoff p's girl...

    Jan KaufmannJan Kaufmann19 kun oldin
  • Go Sixer's lol

    Idriss WIdriss W19 kun oldin
  • Doc landed in Philly, so he came out just fine in the end.

    Para willPara will19 kun oldin
  • This dude is an idiot lol

    Christopher BoodChristopher Bood19 kun oldin
  • I heard he stepped down. Which is true?

    Liu Kang KixxLiu Kang Kixx20 kun oldin
  • 1:40 Where he starts talking.

    Allison CasellaAllison Casella20 kun oldin
  • Stop making excuses, you pampered Kawhi and Paul and it backfired.

    Giovanni WilliamsGiovanni Williams20 kun oldin
  • Ummmmmmm yeah you're fired

    Dee JayDee Jay20 kun oldin
  • These basketball players are pathetic you complain about too many games now you're making excuses not enough games Paul George and Kawhi Leonard wouldn't even last a full season without getting any injury ,. you're lucky to get a short season and still couldn't get it together bye Felicia.🤦🙅🤷

    Robert James954Robert James95420 kun oldin
  • Winning matters

  • Why fast when your fast means nothing being a racist devil. Unless you are fasting for Satan, yeah" that's it " wow excuse intelligent me..

    Richard JonesRichard Jones20 kun oldin
  • It wasn't Doc's fault for them losing it was all those missed shots the Clippers put up !

    Maurice EllisMaurice Ellis20 kun oldin
  • That has to be uncomfortable for both of them

    Flobert StanFlobert Stan20 kun oldin
  • You fasted electronics for Christianity lol that is rtarded. Also change the title to my crazy hypothesis not clickbaityb mistress betch type headlines.

    Oliver EmsickOliver Emsick20 kun oldin
  • The team didn't buy into the Ubuntu

    Allan ChowAllan Chow20 kun oldin
  • Paul George is a basket case

    Pete FishPete Fish20 kun oldin
  • Kawhi and P.G have less than impressive preparations. Doc weak coach. And they never played together. Throughout the year. If u ur not hitting ur shot, play D. Stop shooting

    Pete FishPete Fish20 kun oldin
  • Clippers have always s.ucked. so dont drink the Koolaid.

    Pete FishPete Fish20 kun oldin
  • A lot of that is more than plausible.

    Swell GodSwell God20 kun oldin
  • Glad I saw a title with a potential answer only to get a bunch of speculative theoretical BS

    SealTeamRickSealTeamRick20 kun oldin
  • What is the next team for PG😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Charlie BalaCharlie Bala20 kun oldin
  • Lebron james the reason he out,hate it or love it,he the mj of ths era!👐

    witty witDonwitty witDon20 kun oldin
  • It took you over 11 minutes to establish your reason Doc got fired. I want my 11 mins back ok thumbs down

    Neako McRaeNeako McRae20 kun oldin
  • You should make a video of why Doc Rivers decided to go with the 76ers

    Erick FelizErick Feliz20 kun oldin
  • Clippers never came together they didn’t want to be in the bubble.. three top players miss a lot of time out the bubble, They all came back out of shape. Paul George depression. My man Kawhi Leonard finally gave in and gave them nothing in game seven.. He showed he’s not a leader.. great players Empty the pistol, shoot the ball take 40 shots ... They need a point guard. Be nice if they can get Chris Paul. Be nice if Oklahoma Buy him out I think that’s going to happen. I don’t see Reggie Jackson coming back and a Couple more bench players. Patrick Beverley is not a starting point guard hes pure garbage. He need to be coming off the bench in the D league. Saying all that they will be contenders next year. My opinion there’s no way Denver beat them if they was not in the bubble. In the regular season LA clippers handle Dallas and Denver and Utah. Everything happened in that bubble you have to throw it away.

    Terry BrownTerry Brown20 kun oldin
  • One of the most overrated coaches I the NBA. He should have been fired years ago.

    Michael JonesMichael Jones20 kun oldin
  • Trump fired him

    Michael QuinnMichael Quinn20 kun oldin
  • Kawhi would have got back to the finals if he stayed in Toronto the east is the easiest road to the finals

    antonio dozierantonio dozier20 kun oldin
  • Its the players fault they on the floor not doc they gave up a 3-1 lead but im glad they lost cause i want LeBron and the lakers to win it all

    antonio dozierantonio dozier20 kun oldin
  • They should fire the whole team

    Frank RodriguezFrank Rodriguez20 kun oldin
  • It was a brand new team with no leader.

    Brick CityBrick City20 kun oldin
  • Paul george um chokes in the playoffs um we took good shots um um um um um um um

    Adrian CancinoAdrian Cancino20 kun oldin
  • welcome to the sixers doc

    David ZiolkowskiDavid Ziolkowski20 kun oldin
  • Bad women are bringing Paul George down.

    tommy2chipstommy2chips20 kun oldin
  • Man STFU

    S.V WillS.V Will20 kun oldin
  • Happy New Year

    S CooperS Cooper20 kun oldin
  • And they all said that kawhi is a better player then LBJ kawhi and paul choked when it counted ha ha ha.

    Ernest PearsonErnest Pearson20 kun oldin
  • Throwing games is very complicated.

    Markus JonesMarkus Jones20 kun oldin
  • Paul George always disappears during the playoffs. Nothing new.

    Chilly WillyChilly Willy20 kun oldin