Gwen Stefani - Let Me Reintroduce Myself (Official Video)

1-Yan, 2021
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  • Go back to Ska.. the world needs it right now

    Darbs 31Darbs 3116 daqiqa oldin
  • ADREN@ eewwgh😎🤮

    Omar Cesped PizarroOmar Cesped Pizarro25 daqiqa oldin
  • The iconic pink braids from No Doubt's "Ex-Girlfriend" video!!!!

    Celeste WCeleste W58 daqiqa oldin
  • Multiple personality disorder. That's what I see in this video. gag.

    sm peacesm peaceSoat oldin
  • I remember when I saw her for my first concert when I was 7, she has not aged at all. I learned what the middle finger meant at that concert 😂😂

    Kaitlyn KelloggKaitlyn KelloggSoat oldin
  • Absolutely gorgeous and such a fun video🥰😘🎵

    Kelsey WynnykKelsey Wynnyk2 soat oldin
  • Can we have a moment of silence for the editor?

    Noor AliNoor Ali3 soat oldin
  • Back to the past. Still a pleasure to see Gwen and her different looks. Always beautiful...

    Annie et Kristel PerezAnnie et Kristel Perez4 soat oldin
  • La amo

    choy borjonchoy borjon5 soat oldin
  • Russian shanson in USA ? Wonderfully !!!😊😊😊

    Sensitive182Sensitive1826 soat oldin
  • GWEN - HYPERSEXY (aka "SUPER KAWAII") She just gets better every year.

    Alexander SchmidtAlexander Schmidt7 soat oldin
  • I love this Google phone add

    Investing & The LikeInvesting & The Like8 soat oldin
  • Well let me get reacquainted with u😁

    ikeelu85ikeelu858 soat oldin
  • Yeah! I love Gwen!

    x3Erix3Eri9 soat oldin
  • Amo. Este vídeo é um tbt.... Wow... Faz me sorrir... É um refresh e... Ela está a dizer, Hey guys, dont get me wrong, im better than ever.... Im back ☺️☺️🤗🤗. E eu revivi metade da minha vida c este vídeo... So cool. Thanks Gwen. Love from Portugal

    cristina cruzcristina cruz9 soat oldin

    Viviana LopezViviana Lopez11 soat oldin
  • She's still fn incredible and absolutely beautiful 😍 she's just lost that anger, like she said, just got that new energy ❤ positivity🙏

    Bridgette DBridgette D14 soat oldin
  • So much FUN!

    Angie CookAngie Cook14 soat oldin
  • I cried. This is amazing.

    Ashley StachowiakAshley Stachowiak14 soat oldin
  • YES>>>THAT WAS GREAT....I so missed you doing original. :) WOW>>>

    Dice Media GroupDice Media Group15 soat oldin
  • Where is chola Gwen?

    Chris RomanChris Roman15 soat oldin
  • Evolution of artists that all looked the same before and the year they started being active 1964: Deborah Harry 1979: Madonna 1986: Gwen Stefani 1992: Britney Spears 2001: Lady Gaga

    Dontae DovelDontae Dovel15 soat oldin
  • the last pink outfit, where is it from?

    Ramón Jurado BorreroRamón Jurado Borrero15 soat oldin
    • @Maureen Woon 1999

      Fredo RubenoFredo Rubeno9 soat oldin
    • @Maureen Woon thank you!

      Ramón Jurado BorreroRamón Jurado Borrero13 soat oldin
    • Vogue/VH1 Fashion Awards red carpet look (1998, I think).

      Maureen WoonMaureen Woon14 soat oldin
  • She hasn't missed a beat😃

    Greg SnellGreg Snell16 soat oldin
  • Shld of brought the guys on. Wld of been coool!

    Staywoke623Staywoke62316 soat oldin
  • Maravilhosa em todas as fases

    Daídna RosaDaídna Rosa20 soat oldin
  • Beauty queen of pop♡

    Juan ManuelJuan Manuel21 soat oldin
  • True, iconic artists like Gwen have no shelf life! She will always reinvents herself, adapting to the current fashion. Always beautiful!

    CheekyandfleekyCheekyandfleeky21 soat oldin
  • 💗💗💗

    Michaela ZelenkováMichaela Zelenková22 soat oldin
  • Director: How many Gwens do you want? Gwen: YES

    Travis TaborTravis Tabor22 soat oldin
  • Love u always, gwen

    Aldair FreitasAldair Freitas22 soat oldin
  • No words for this woman ... just WOW! She is amazing! We love you Gwen!! She is one of my role models.

    Corina NegulescuCorina Negulescu23 soat oldin
  • No time does affect her she just has a lot of money which she can do a lot of stuff to her face with and also filters filters filters filters filters filters every time she gets filmed.

    Colleen McFaddenColleen McFaddenKun oldin
  • Until I found out this is her newest Song I honestly thought this is a 2002 Song

    Nico VercettiNico VercettiKun oldin
  • Yikes. Keep chasing the past, I guess.

    ngr3goriusngr3goriusKun oldin
  • So at the beginning of the song she says "cause you know I'm like organic"...and organic means natural but tbh - Gwen has had a few cosmetic surgerys and I would argue that she is NOT organic. She really wants to stay young and relevant. If she was organic she would be getting grey hair or wrinkles in a few years. On a positive note - I do enjoy this song and video and also , no doubt forever! - always a fan

    Isaac AtkinsIsaac AtkinsKun oldin
    • I suspect she's not actually referring to her physical body or face, but rather her creative body of work, i.e. her story, music, songwriting, etc. ...

      Maureen WoonMaureen Woon13 soat oldin
  • she looks amazing dont she xxxx

    Wayne MassettWayne MassettKun oldin
  • At last! She back!!!⭐

    ThaliaGothicThaliaGothicKun oldin
  • I have heard this song played only once on the radio...epic #flop

    S. MalveS. MalveKun oldin
    • @Maureen Woon Why would they not release it? There was so much hype around this in December.

      S. MalveS. Malve8 soat oldin
    • Hasn't even been officially sent to radio yet ... just streaming platforms atm. Generally speaking, radio isn't kind to female artists above a certain age, The last time a woman above the age of 40 scored a Top 20 mainstream radio pop hit with a previously unreleased song was in 2015, a feat that hadn't been achieved for 10 years (that would be Madonna in 2005). So, who had that rare 2015 hit? Why, no other than Gwen Stefani (with "Used to Love You").

      Maureen WoonMaureen Woon13 soat oldin
  • An icon

    dont mention medont mention meKun oldin
  • I remember when I first saw gewn she was my crush 😍

    Hirokiyam AHirokiyam AKun oldin
  • I LOVE YOU Gwen

    Claudia Piccole ideeClaudia Piccole ideeKun oldin
  • And just like that I’m back in high school!

    MP LighthouseMP LighthouseKun oldin
  • newwwwww crayooonssssssss

  • Still looking sexy over 40

    justin dabreujustin dabreuKun oldin
  • Sigue igual de bonita ! Ella no a cambiado nada , me encantas sus canciones y su voz !!

    Nallely lyNallely lyKun oldin
  • Why she gotta be so ICONIC for?

    Naiomi JeanNaiomi JeanKun oldin
  • The God Damn Nostalgia..

    pepperVengepepperVengeKun oldin
  • What a terrible song, terrible unimaginative lyrics. She looks like shes had a lot of plastic surgery done.

    Aleksandra SwiftAleksandra SwiftKun oldin
  • Of course I want to go re watch all her music videos now

    skilomicskilomicKun oldin
  • I'm litterally in love

    Beatrice CiminiBeatrice CiminiKun oldin
  • Momentos D' ReflexiónMomentos D' ReflexiónKun oldin
  • *Madonna* : I bestow up you, Gwen, the title of an *immortal bad ass Queen* . Welcome👊😎🤟.

    Zee 23Zee 23Kun oldin
  • Love this songggg

    Caden PlaysCaden PlaysKun oldin
  • Is she always young? Am I just getting old?

    Claudio GirottoClaudio GirottoKun oldin
  • Who doesn't know Green Stephanie 😉

    SusanSusanKun oldin
  • Best music video ever! Omg I was smiling the whole video overwhelmed with old memories when I was a kid ❤️❤️❤️

    Amal AbualrahiAmal AbualrahiKun oldin

    LeAhxDreAMeRx NAvAsïeLeAhxDreAMeRx NAvAsïeKun oldin
  • How on earth is she 51!? Pharell Williams must have given her some of that vampire juice. You can tell she is related to Madonna as well there is serious resemblance. Only cousins but still

    TyluildTyluildKun oldin
  • Wow amazing video, incredible song

    Julio Alexis Magaña CisnerosJulio Alexis Magaña CisnerosKun oldin
  • But can she reintroduce the LAMB line of bags and shoes please

    Jessica TJessica TKun oldin
  • Her happiness makes me happy. Needed to see her smile tonight.

    tiny beartiny bearKun oldin
  • I almost feel that this should’ve been a later years No Doubt song (apologies if it’s already been said)

    kxd2000kxd2000Kun oldin
  • Orange? I don't think were are in Anaheim, Anymore!

    rhfimbres67rhfimbres67Kun oldin
  • Ay la amooo 💘 Love angel music baby fue el primer cd que me compré en la vidaa cuando tenía 8 años jajajaja

    Daniela Teresa IsasmendiDaniela Teresa IsasmendiKun oldin
  • Wow she's still cute and have her voice 😱😱♥️♥️

    Noor Liyana Abu TalibNoor Liyana Abu TalibKun oldin
  • i like!!!

    Chocobocomanu 201Chocobocomanu 201Kun oldin
  • So amazing!

    José Manuel GonzálezJosé Manuel GonzálezKun oldin
  • plasticface!!!!!!!! terrible!!!!!!!!

    idiotaaa80idiotaaa80Kun oldin
  • Hey Gwen You single yet

    Joel DuffyJoel DuffyKun oldin
  • Note how No Doubt Gwen rolled up in a whip with a "SKA4EVA" license plate lol

    Alex GattoAlex GattoKun oldin
  • You’re aging like a fine wine, Gwen!!!

    Angie AndoAngie AndoKun oldin
  • Ela voltou amei

    Felipe KardeckFelipe KardeckKun oldin
  • wow. Someone definitely dosnt like gwen stefani. worst video and song ever. a million costume changes just to make her feel like its going to be a great video. poor gwen

    Kem JohnsonKem JohnsonKun oldin
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    Manuel de Jesús Graciano BejaranManuel de Jesús Graciano BejaranKun oldin
  • Just bring back no doubt

    TheChihuahuaGamerTheChihuahuaGamerKun oldin
  • Omg 😍😍😍🔥

    AlessandroAlessandroKun oldin
  • Великолепное исполнение,молодец!!!

    Elena TyrbylevaElena TyrbylevaKun oldin
  • She is the only one who can make a music video about her own music history in Covid times with glam and style.

    Melan CholiacMelan CholiacKun oldin
  • Love this seriously takes u back to her No Dout days😍💜

    Monica EscamillaMonica EscamillaKun oldin
  • Awesome Gwen!

    Robin SicilianoRobin SicilianoKun oldin
  • ICONIC!!! 🥰💖

    ÆZ xoÆZ xo2 kun oldin
  • OOOKKKKKK Ms. Stefani!!!! I’m SUPER happy ur coming back out with some muzik. 😊😊😊😉

    Mrs. LT CampbellMrs. LT Campbell2 kun oldin
  • she still young 😻

    Makta benaMakta bena2 kun oldin
  • Let’s be honest she always been in her own line and still can bring it 😝😝😝

    Yomii AlvYomii Alv2 kun oldin
  • Omg my eye got watery watching this Bring me backTo my middle school and my high school days

    Yomii AlvYomii Alv2 kun oldin
  • True fans have stayed and watch her grow and can name every year those looks are from. She looks amazing and her happy glow is just making her more.

    Nikki BolwinNikki Bolwin2 kun oldin
  • Esta increíble esta canción

    R LopR Lop2 kun oldin
  • She's 51 and still seems 20 years younger

    𝓚𝓪𝓵𝓸 🌟𝓚𝓪𝓵𝓸 🌟2 kun oldin

    Aye!ayeAye!aye2 kun oldin
  • Amazing baby

    Val ÁlvarezVal Álvarez2 kun oldin
  • CALIFORNIA and another state JUST QUIT administering the Covid Vaccine due to TOO MANY ADVERSE REACTIONS!!!!

    Roxann HuffmanRoxann Huffman2 kun oldin
  • When she said "Hey Google" my tablet responded.

    Darlene B.Darlene B.2 kun oldin
  • Wow

    Mummy TannerMummy Tanner2 kun oldin
  • Amazing , beautiful, super style ... I love Gwen 🙏😝❤️

    Suzann N.Suzann N.2 kun oldin
  • I haven't listened her genre for a long long time. Feeling a style of No Doubt a bit.

    nobitanamenobitaname2 kun oldin
  • Omg she still looks the same from when in 'No Doubt' group. Ageless and still beautiful😍💖💕💋

    waimirirangi skipwithwaimirirangi skipwith2 kun oldin
  • Su tono de voz es tan bello 💙💙

    PhipheeDanceePhipheeDancee2 kun oldin
  • Did I just spot the Harajuku Girls?! Whoa! Talk about a flashback!

    Kee LeichtleKee Leichtle2 kun oldin
  • Ain’t Steve Berman Eminem’s manager?

    Jimmy RamirezJimmy Ramirez2 kun oldin