Guy doesn’t realize horse is standing right behind him.

7-Yan, 2021
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  • It's good that he reacted in a calm manner considering that yelling or jumping would've stressed out the horse.

    RaviaviaviavioliRaviaviaviavioliSoat oldin
  • Forget the horse, what is this scenery?

    ImaspecofdustImaspecofdust3 soat oldin
  • The horse isn't the only one who's chill here.

    theseeker 1479theseeker 14795 soat oldin
  • How are we sure it's not a kelpie? 🤔

    Tavavashe ChiunziTavavashe Chiunzi6 soat oldin
  • B.S. Do you know how loud a horse sniffing is? Loud and you would feel it.

    JulieJulie7 soat oldin
  • Omg And he just wants to chew on the guy's hoodie 😂💕

    THE Berrby berryw/abTHE Berrby berryw/ab8 soat oldin
  • Horse: "Hey how you doin lil mama lemme whisper in your ear"

    MaisonMaison8 soat oldin
  • cute horse

    goog ellegoog elle9 soat oldin
  • Even Saitama cannot match this guy's not giving a f**k attitude

    Kulen DekaKulen Deka9 soat oldin
  • Well he knew something was behind him breathing down his neck like a dragon from his own admission so was he wishing it was the cameraman?

    Customcalendars4u2Customcalendars4u29 soat oldin
  • Interesting

    the last time I showered wasthe last time I showered was10 soat oldin
  • This is such a oddly cute video, welp I’ll probably see it again in like 10 years!!! Untill then other people in the comment section!!

    It’s a nerd in a box’s YEAHIt’s a nerd in a box’s YEAH11 soat oldin
  • That horse is stunning 🤩

    Zoe GrayZoe Gray11 soat oldin
  • The horse had a beard lmao 😍👌🏼😂😂

    xHxneyOppzxHxneyOppz13 soat oldin
  • ¿Unos cariñitos please? :( ...

    Martha RamírezMartha Ramírez13 soat oldin
  • Ok who the heck feels something BREATHING down their neck and is all "should I turn around? nah, probably the wind". Was he an Elder Scrolls npc in a former life???

    SandraSandra13 soat oldin
  • Which country?

    LeeSide KitchenLeeSide Kitchen14 soat oldin
  • I am disappointed

    Min _Min _14 soat oldin
  • Horse be like :Hey little dude don't panic I won't hurt you

    Rehana IsmailRehana Ismail14 soat oldin
  • Aww shucks!!! I wanted that horse to push him into water. Darn, darn, darn! 😜😜😜

    john huntjohn hunt14 soat oldin
  • When an animal is behind you in europe: "Oh, shit. I thought I felt a breathing." When an animal is behind you specifically in India: "Oh, sh--------"

    José RibeiroJosé Ribeiro15 soat oldin
  • *Horse* 🐴: stood silently behind a man *1.3 m people* : interesting

    Hi i am CartmanHi i am Cartman15 soat oldin
  • Seems fake. The horse kept tapping the guys back head and shoulders several times. The guy delayed his reaction on purpose.

    Rain YatsuRain Yatsu15 soat oldin
  • I would pet this adorable horse UwU💕

    XIIMOONIIX moonXIIMOONIIX moon15 soat oldin
  • glad it wasnt a bear

    TheDoug2103TheDoug210319 soat oldin
  • Not another neck sniffer 🙄

    Deena DDeena D20 soat oldin
  • The horse said, you should've been here yesterday they were really biting like crazy.

    Travis McgrawTravis Mcgraw22 soat oldin
  • The new Red Dead Redemption looks good.

    Lê Văn TịnhLê Văn Tịnh22 soat oldin
  • Stealth: 💯

    succsuccKun oldin
  • The horse was just wondering what was going on

    Csde KCsde KKun oldin
  • the horse is beautiful

    Candra RakhmasariCandra RakhmasariKun oldin
  • That was the most underwhelming "spooked" guy I've ever seen, lol

    Dan BrownDan BrownKun oldin
  • So cute!!

    T ODieT ODieKun oldin
  • The guys kinda cute

    DianaDianaKun oldin
  • My family owns horses and if this was our horse stubborn he woulda pushed me in😅

    JOHphroditeJOHphroditeKun oldin
  • I thought the horse was going to eat his hoodie

    ssww3 2040ssww3 2040Kun oldin
  • Why didn't he run or fall into the water? Im disappointed.

    Samruddhi PatilSamruddhi PatilKun oldin
  • The horse, everyone is so chill. Must have been a nice doobie.

    In SoCalIn SoCalKun oldin
  • Good job it wasn't a bear, then again there's that vid of the guy by the river and the bear comes and chills for a couple of minutes by his side then walks off.

    john morganjohn morganKun oldin
  • How does your spirit not tell you something! ? Lol

    KittyBlues Pink ShoesKittyBlues Pink ShoesKun oldin
  • Horses r so beautiful 🥺✨ and this one was so calm and gentle wtf...wish I could touch one one day🤧🤙🏾

    Nádia IshimweNádia IshimweKun oldin
  • Dude acted like he regularly has horses sneak up behind him...

    Sophie FiloSophie FiloKun oldin
  • Awww the horse loves him🤗❤️

    Love GoddessLove GoddessKun oldin
  • The comments here are so funny🤣 I might die in laughing 🤣

    Tala MayariTala MayariKun oldin
  • Aw FOK I can't believe you have done this!

    Watching the MicroworldWatching the MicroworldKun oldin
  • Really after touching you like that ...really

    Shabani NondaShabani NondaKun oldin
  • man didn’t even flinch

    Midnight SmithMidnight SmithKun oldin
  • The horse needed a hug.

    MR BUBZMR BUBZKun oldin
  • 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷👍🎵👌🎹

  • The man is fearless 😳

    Anushka RaiAnushka RaiKun oldin
  • Beautiful creature ❣️😍

    Pricilla HerasiscaPricilla HerasiscaKun oldin
  • I love that horse

    Marissa gMarissa gKun oldin
  • **in a deep voice** “Ay man, you got some fish for me bro?”

    Taru OwOTaru OwOKun oldin
  • Weird ass horse haha

    MilesMilesKun oldin
  • *OH SHIT*

    Daniel ReyesDaniel ReyesKun oldin
  • It looks like the guy was going in for a handshake. 👨‍🦱🤝🐴

    T HolmesT HolmesKun oldin
  • Horse: excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about jesus christ?

    B A D D O GB A D D O GKun oldin
  • Brokeback mountain 😏

    CorXIII FelinikeCorXIII FelinikeKun oldin
  • That’s The First Horse I’ve Ever Seen With A Beard 😮

    Brinae ChanelBrinae ChanelKun oldin
  • Horse : Hey Buddy...gonna catch me some too?

    exanimalusexanimalusKun oldin
  • Me on skyrim

    ForfeitApollo3ForfeitApollo32 kun oldin
  • Was he gonna give the horse a handshake at the end lmao

    Jcod 123Jcod 1232 kun oldin
  • I thought the guy was gonna swing the rod back and smack the horse with it.

    Gage TaylorGage Taylor2 kun oldin
  • Horse: *sees human laughing* Horse: *slowly backs up* oooohkay..

    25th Nation25th Nation2 kun oldin
  • Horse waiting for some fish to eat

    Bro NYBro NY2 kun oldin
  • *And he forwards his arm for a handshake...*

    River X.River X.2 kun oldin
  • Horse spitting game in his ear 😎

    Bro NYBro NY2 kun oldin
  • Ray Mak

    QueenZiare HadleyQueenZiare Hadley2 kun oldin
  • #horsepranks

    Potat max shibePotat max shibe2 kun oldin
  • Horse is like “shhh, I’m going to scare him” Camera guy: 😏🎥

    Lifegoeson100Lifegoeson1002 kun oldin
  • Such a beautiful horse 😊

    Estes LakesEstes Lakes2 kun oldin
  • disappointing. thought he’d get scared and fall into the water. 2/10 would not recommend 😒👎 lol it’s just a joke the video was cute pls don’t attack me

    Kayyy GKayyy G2 kun oldin
  • Who is filming? An another horse?

    Hal OmaHal Oma2 kun oldin
  • lol one of my horses follows everywher .lik a dog .swear. the others startin also. thats 2 cute

    Rhonda L. VIKING PRIDERhonda L. VIKING PRIDE2 kun oldin
  • What a sweet horse!!!

    I TI T2 kun oldin
  • Calling bullshit

    Susan OsborneSusan Osborne2 kun oldin
  • RDD2

    Piyush JainPiyush Jain2 kun oldin
  • plot twist: He was out catching horses

    RazuRazu2 kun oldin
  • His Ass turned to the horse . Lol 😆

    Wounded BadgeWounded Badge2 kun oldin
  • Horse: PEEK-A-BOO! 😋

    Aishwary PuranikAishwary Puranik2 kun oldin
  • Imagine the guy turns back and finds bernie sanders sitting the same legendary style...

    abdul basitabdul basit2 kun oldin
  • there could be a horse behind you at any moment of any day and you wouldn't know it

    AugustAugust2 kun oldin
  • I thought he was gonna cast the fishing rod and the hook would've gotten stuck to the horse, pushing him to the river

    NukeCorruptionNukeCorruption2 kun oldin
  • If that had been a Goat or a Kangaroo, the guy would be swimming with the fish.

    Tambe ka TumbaTambe ka Tumba2 kun oldin
  • Horse doesn't realize someone is making video of him standing right behind that man.

    Tambe ka TumbaTambe ka Tumba2 kun oldin
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Blu MoonBlu Moon2 kun oldin
  • His reaction Is of a man who finds pleasure in The simplest of things. That was a chad reaction

    Human NameHuman Name2 kun oldin
  • Why does that horse look like a love interest in a romantic novel?

    nikki _nikki _2 kun oldin
  • Boys are such oblivious little creatures...

    ★ShiningStarz★★ShiningStarz★2 kun oldin
  • horse: How hey you doing, it's free real estate

    TwitchHighlightsTwitchHighlights2 kun oldin
  • i was waiting for him to get scared and fall in

    Ticken 100Ticken 1002 kun oldin
  • The horse was actually telling him how to properly catch fish.

    B 48 Jay PazareB 48 Jay Pazare2 kun oldin
  • Doubt it the horse was moving the guy

    CorreaFamilyCorreaFamily3 kun oldin
  • If that horse was a human it would be a real creep

    J VegaJ Vega3 kun oldin
  • "Bitch you fishing wrong"

    Ravash SphinxRavash Sphinx3 kun oldin
  • he can't hear you he has his air pods in

    Laid-back gamingLaid-back gaming3 kun oldin
  • You're probably a heavy sleeper you definitely would be easy to sneak up on

    andy nandy n3 kun oldin
  • Plot twist: it's a kelpie...

    FelisTerrasFelisTerras3 kun oldin
  • Ninjas would like to recruit this horse.

    - M.D.N -- M.D.N -3 kun oldin
  • Maybe he thought it was joe biden.

    Mafalay GuaMafalay Gua3 kun oldin