Gunna - Drip or Drown 2 (Full Album)

21-Fev, 2019
596 759 Ko‘rishlar soni

Artists: Gunna
Album Name: Drip or Drown 2

♫ Gunna ♫
♫ Times / Tracks ♫
1. Wit It 0:00
2. Outstanding 2:19
3. One Call 5:21
4. Cash War 8:37
5. Richard Millie Plain 11:53
6. Yao Ming 15:13
7. Idk Why 17:43
8. Derek Fisher (ft. Lil Baby) 21:03
9. Baby Birkin 24:13
10. Speed It Up 27:15
11. 3 Headed Snake (ft. Young Thug) 30:15
12. Big Shot 34:17
13. On a Mountain 37:17
14. Out the Hood 40:13
15. Same Yung Nigga (ft. Playboi Carti) 42:49
16. Who You Foolin 45:50

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  • Sept 21, 2019 to February 19th, 2019.

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  • Why he drown tho

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  • Outta Sight Outta Mind by Gunna a classic

    john smithjohn smithOy oldin
  • dope

    john smithjohn smithOy oldin
  • Pandas. Owt

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    • He has mastered tha hook on his flow

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  • Yung gunna gunna I’m uh next

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  • this is a good album

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  • love it

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  • 46:46

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  • speed me up

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    • My heart is torn Shoot a movie like barry gordon

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    • That shit still hits my feels direct for sum reason.. ~ i can go onn ’n onnnn

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  • We rich and above the law......

    Greg RomoGreg Romo6 oy oldin
    • all my hommies

  • Thank you forreal Im sad shits crazy 😪

  • I for got about this Cuz there is a rock cover like this only it's a naked baby

    Greg RomoGreg Romo6 oy oldin
    • Nirvana

      The Freeland SoundThe Freeland SoundOy oldin
  • Mj RogersMj Rogers7 oy oldin
  • Yes is DRIPPY KING

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  • 50:00

    prod. yunsway2004prod. yunsway2004Yil oldin
  • Fire fire fire

    Tryna Do RightTryna Do RightYil oldin
  • Gunna is goddddd

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  • Im outstandin is my anthem for 2019

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  • Thanks to whoever posted this album, I enjoyed listening to it. It's obviously one of the 🔥🔥🔥 albums out there.

    Nicholas BilitaneNicholas BilitaneYil oldin
  • shit gunna🔥

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  • I was skipping through the songs and I thought it was just one 48 minute song

    xooxxooxYil oldin
    • stupid ahhh

      jade robinsonjade robinsonYil oldin
    • that's cause the whole album is fire

      SchreitmaschineSchreitmaschineYil oldin
  • sucesso absoluto, gunna já é goat desse ano

    Gabriel MarinhoGabriel MarinhoYil oldin
  • dope

    Charles BryanCharles BryanYil oldin
  • You aint playin wit the dis claimer

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  • hard as hell☠️

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  • Outta Sight Outta Mind by Gunna a classic

    So Much FunSo Much FunYil oldin
    • @AjaySlatt Mistress 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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