11-Yan, 2021
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That was crazy...
Today I decided to bring back batman, but this time with ironman. We stole a bunch of cars and robbed a bank. The cops chased us pretty much the whole time and it was crazy! There were a lot of funny moments in this gta 5 episode, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

  • Hello I got into your discord and got banned for some reason and all I did was say “hi I’m back” and I just got banned

    Aiden GonzalezAiden Gonzalez19 daqiqa oldin
  • Finally

    Matthew BradfordMatthew BradfordSoat oldin
  • How do I join redline rp

    Vhan The ManVhan The ManSoat oldin
  • You haven't posted in a while

    Alex PiksinskiAlex Piksinski2 soat oldin

    Prince DanishPrince Danish2 soat oldin
  • If you want to know what dj taco looks like then search jooveir and look at his last video at 25:00

    Tucker 1Tucker 12 soat oldin
  • Last time I see trey and elanip because my mom going to jail

    god paulgod paul2 soat oldin
  • Trey next live stream I’m gonna donate

    Aqua DeuceAqua Deuce2 soat oldin
  • Shut out to Irish though

    Koltyn GerdesKoltyn Gerdes3 soat oldin
  • It’s called a batwing

    MercygamingBRoMercygamingBRo3 soat oldin
  • How can I join your game

    Blake Barnes-ScrivinBlake Barnes-Scrivin5 soat oldin
  • I want to see you do more Hitman

    Jody MontagueJody Montague5 soat oldin
  • I wanna buy a pc so I could play redline rp am 15 but a never done roleplay what should i do to join the rp

    Tr_beast 88Tr_beast 886 soat oldin
  • I have been subed to you treyten since 500 subs

    H1ghGrounDH1ghGrounD6 soat oldin
  • Can you please upload

    Jeffrey WelkerJeffrey Welker8 soat oldin
  • Hi daddy

    Jake the gamer 55Jake the gamer 559 soat oldin
  • Dc and marvel comics

    Bradley DeanBradley Dean9 soat oldin
  • when he ejects im f ed

    Alexander TomeraAlexander Tomera14 soat oldin
  • Trey can u upload daily

    Beau PollockBeau Pollock16 soat oldin
  • Trey do ninja turtles

    Darren KempDarren Kemp16 soat oldin
  • How do u get on rp servers on ps4

    Miffy MifMiffy Mif17 soat oldin
  • Can you pls post every 2 days

    Gamingwithpoppa PoppaGamingwithpoppa Poppa19 soat oldin
  • You should make more videos with Nija

    Skyt Blaine BSkyt Blaine B19 soat oldin
  • why do you do the most unrealistic rp when you could do it so much better like gun run rps and gang shootouts

    GALAXYGALAXY20 soat oldin
  • great man

    Vicky THE BlackOpsVicky THE BlackOps20 soat oldin
  • the god duo

    VergoseVergose20 soat oldin
  • Irish Tony is my dad trey he might be dead

    Reinvanced He4dshoT ,YTReinvanced He4dshoT ,YT20 soat oldin
  • I like it when iron man kicked the cop car 1,000,000 miles away

    Reinvanced He4dshoT ,YTReinvanced He4dshoT ,YT21 soat oldin
  • Elite get blasted

    Reinvanced He4dshoT ,YTReinvanced He4dshoT ,YT21 soat oldin
  • We just played madout2

    LearnOrigamiWithEric!!LearnOrigamiWithEric!!21 soat oldin
  • Who agrees that trey should post 2 or more times a week

    Br PalmBr Palm21 soat oldin
  • me: sees batman looks at what hes wearing elanip:this aint batman this the getto version us:mistery solved

    bobbylight5565bobbylight556521 soat oldin
  • hey can someone give me the list of the redline mods so i can use them?

    James MethiyasJames Methiyas22 soat oldin
  • This is the best channel on yt

    nathaniel cheungnathaniel cheung22 soat oldin
  • Fucking great

    Rodrigo AlfaroRodrigo Alfaro22 soat oldin
  • #idea un be Batman but be nice and help ppl and maybe with Ironman and keep up the good work :)

    Edgar GarcíaEdgar García23 soat oldin
  • Hey treyten listen 👂 to contry music 🎶 High contry

    bob and jeffbob and jeffKun oldin
  • make more videos

    Loaesq 07Loaesq 07Kun oldin
  • Was anyone counting how mamy times trey crashed

    Kale GeorgeKale GeorgeKun oldin
  • Trey upload

    Mason ColeMason ColeKun oldin
  • “I’m Batman, BYE”

    G BoeveG BoeveKun oldin
  • 14:30 "put me down please😐"😂😂😂had me dead

    Senseless.visualsSenseless.visualsKun oldin
  • Do a villian next: tommyinnit!

    TwoadTwoadKun oldin
  • Hi I love your vids and I wish to be on it so badd

    Axle BabbAxle BabbKun oldin
  • Do one were u act disabled or crippled or just play dumb or something and get away with ut

    Daniel GreenDaniel GreenKun oldin
  • Whats ur outro song

    Bia84Bia84Kun oldin
  • More more more both of u teaming is insane!!!!

    Andre kAndre kKun oldin
  • Can someone please tell me how I join please

    Luke MasonLuke MasonKun oldin
  • i just got a new pc and while i was waching the best channel on youtube he thought that i boght gta with his creditcard and his reaction when i told him it was a video his reaction was priclesse.

    Liam McCarthyLiam McCarthyKun oldin
  • You should dress up as a pig and do fake cop 🐷🐽

    Leyla LinikLeyla LinikKun oldin
  • 3:42 thats Dodge is my dream car

    Ice WolfIce WolfKun oldin
  • i love your vids

    Karyn JonesKaryn JonesKun oldin
  • How do i get in the roleplay servers?

    Karlito_ OfficixlKarlito_ OfficixlKun oldin
  • Hi love ur vids and how do you go on redline

    Jennifer LeonardJennifer LeonardKun oldin
  • He hasn’t posted in a week

    scars ioscars ioKun oldin
  • Server ?

    Xotiic CobraXotiic CobraKun oldin
  • Trey I dare you to rob mega bank with mini bikes and go to airport to get on plane and escape

    Darien McgriffDarien McgriffKun oldin
  • How do I join this server

    Vanzzini FN1Vanzzini FN1Kun oldin
  • Didn’t wanna watch this I thought it was boring, now watched it and it’s funny asf 😂

    Mathijn KosterMathijn KosterKun oldin
  • Do a police ride along like opie

    Gael Delgado-GuerreroGael Delgado-GuerreroKun oldin
  • U should get the self driving tesla back

    Adzaboy 07Adzaboy 07Kun oldin
  • 🙂👏👏🐅

    Jasper ZamoraJasper ZamoraKun oldin
  • Can you make a video on how to join and play role play like you so I can and also I love the videos so keep it up and make more of these videos 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Bart SimpsonBart SimpsonKun oldin
  • Hey

    Mario MendozaMario MendozaKun oldin
  • I really want an plush

    Knox HunkaKnox HunkaKun oldin
  • How do you get in gta rp

    TheGameMichaelYTTheGameMichaelYTKun oldin
  • i love your videos they are so amazing

    devon lyelldevon lyell2 kun oldin
  • i stiole ur robery outfit lol in gta online love ur vids can u pleassssse rob the ig boy bank please

    wolfslastwis adamswolfslastwis adams2 kun oldin
  • trey is to lazy to bleep his swears jk ur not lazy trey love u

    James BancroftJames Bancroft2 kun oldin
  • I want to see more of you being a cop those are my favorites

    Jake DonovanJake Donovan2 kun oldin
  • Do more vids like this I loved this!

    Liquid Sky TTVLiquid Sky TTV2 kun oldin
  • Ubabque

    Amaan AfzalAmaan Afzal2 kun oldin
  • When is your next vid

    DarraghsMobileGamingDarraghsMobileGaming2 kun oldin
  • Ironman and batman do be the most wanted in the whole city

    aimbot4Llfeaimbot4Llfe2 kun oldin
    • I know right

      La'Vondre BostickLa'Vondre Bostick20 soat oldin
  • i cant believe this i first saw this guy back in late 2019 i think i cant really remember and he had like 200k subs and now he has 1 million well deserved!!

    Beast_god YtBeast_god Yt2 kun oldin
  • Ay yo ur upload schedule be like 😵

    Yomamaisntfat NottruethoYomamaisntfat Nottruetho2 kun oldin
  • how do you play GTA V like he is playing like with real people with dealerships?

    OPPZ_sWagOPPZ_sWag2 kun oldin
  • The Batmobile is actually the Batwing

    Lizelle BurgerLizelle Burger2 kun oldin
  • LOL !!!

    OG RhinoOG Rhino2 kun oldin
  • Is treyten like dead he hasn’t posted in like a week bruv


    RekdRekd2 kun oldin
  • Hi

    FlickssFlickss2 kun oldin
  • Best vid 💯❤😂😂😂

    Abdiel GonzalezAbdiel Gonzalez2 kun oldin
  • the dynamice duo

    Saif HosaniSaif Hosani2 kun oldin
  • dc

    E NateE Nate2 kun oldin
  • Are RPGs not allowed in the server. Nobody ever uses them for Air 1

    Lumious DarxideLumious Darxide2 kun oldin
  • This is probably my favorite video yet i love treyten

    Kaleb MissensKaleb Missens2 kun oldin
  • Story: 10/10 Humor: 10/10 Entertaining: 10/10 Realistic: 1/10 Graphics: 8/10 Driving skills: -0/10 (Dont ever think about driving my cars)

    MattyMatty2 kun oldin

    KeikoKeiko2 kun oldin
  • Why don't u show your map

    Gamer BoomGamer Boom2 kun oldin
  • Heyyyyyyyyyyy I bought one of ur hoodies the palm tree

    heavenly Wolfzzheavenly Wolfzz2 kun oldin
  • I was watching it bottom watch all of it I know there he's going to be a Iron Man with Batman

    Julian RoaJulian Roa2 kun oldin
  • I really want him to do a robbery with the reaper truck and the 5 engine car

    Chill BoyChill Boy2 kun oldin
  • trey i think you should work on your batman suit

    Breanna KaplanBreanna Kaplan2 kun oldin
  • Is there a way to get a real batman suit

    Martin EllisMartin Ellis2 kun oldin
  • the two hero's with the same power money

    Alexander StaufferAlexander Stauffer2 kun oldin
  • Plz make a video about how to join RedlineRP

    TTV_Lag18TTV_Lag182 kun oldin
  • What server does he play in ?

    sean forbessean forbes2 kun oldin
  • I have been a fan for about a year now. Have never played the game and I stumbled across one of your videos and was hooked! Up until this video the jet pack video was my favorite...but this....pure gold!!!!

    Vino GuarnieriVino Guarnieri3 kun oldin
  • Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Rick WeissRick Weiss3 kun oldin