Grizzy reacts to fan-made animations!

8-Yan, 2021
903 652 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • His laugh makes evreting beter.

    Denis DumitrofDenis DumitrofSoat oldin
  • I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t tell if it was me wheezing or him

    ADHD ADHDADHD ADHD2 soat oldin
  • I _think_ that "WHAAAAAT" scream was when Grizzy got shot by a hacker in warzone, but either way, amazing way to re-purpose it.

    Azure BalmungAzure Balmung3 soat oldin
  • Blarg having 3 fridges means at some point, he had 2 of them and a 3rd that was near-full, and instead of questioning how much food/drink he was stocking up on, just went "Eh, I'll get another fridge."

    Azure BalmungAzure Balmung3 soat oldin
  • Why dose soups neck look like a staircase? 3:12

    IcedElEctricedIcedElEctriced3 soat oldin
  • I love these animations of streamers lmao🥺🥰🙃

    lali popzlali popz5 soat oldin
  • hey guys the links are flipped so yeah be aware.

    DrStacheDrStache10 soat oldin
  • 5:20 First time noticing the Vanoss poster on the wall

    Mara Mackenzie-MannMara Mackenzie-Mann13 soat oldin
  • You want some funny videos look up meatcanyon UZworld channel

    Darius FinleyDarius Finley13 soat oldin
  • 4:10 V I B E C H E C K

    snipernosniping12snipernosniping1215 soat oldin
  • And 5:23

    Enrique GonzalezEnrique Gonzalez15 soat oldin
  • Grizzy dying from laughing at 3:45

    Enrique GonzalezEnrique Gonzalez15 soat oldin
  • Whos watching this in 2020

    amauryamaury18 soat oldin
  • Gotta love Grizzy he is great XD

    Alice ChandlerAlice Chandler21 soat oldin
  • Ima say the n-word. Nyaope - a south African drug made from weed, heroin, and rat poison. You thought I was gonna be racist, didn't ya?

    magmadeth gDmagmadeth gDKun oldin
  • Anyone else notice the vanoss poster?

    Lucien TrudeauLucien TrudeauKun oldin
  • I just want to point out that when Blarg calls the others, everybody is doing something except McNasty who's just t-posing in the void of the universe

    Delta 9 2 FoxtrotDelta 9 2 FoxtrotKun oldin
  • Me at 3 am trying not to laugh so my parents won't wake up and they can get good sleep.

    ikillzombys1ikillzombys1Kun oldin
  • I love that Zach scream in there XD Oney fans know what im talkin bout

    Zach GarciaZach GarciaKun oldin
  • I fucking threw up laughing at this

    a ryana ryanKun oldin
  • Did no one else knows the Vanoss gaming poster in the background at 5:47?

    Sam Plays 06Sam Plays 06Kun oldin
  • 3:32 My dude be sounding like a rice maker

    SOFTGLINT 32133SOFTGLINT 32133Kun oldin
  • *O n A S c a l e O f 1 t o 1 0*

    GangstaGrinder 81GangstaGrinder 81Kun oldin
  • Wait, Grizzy has a face?

    ham sandwichham sandwichKun oldin
  • Am I the only one who thinks Racc and Mr. Fruit sound somewhat the same at times

    Doctor TuxitoDoctor TuxitoKun oldin
  • Frankentuz must be a happy man now that grizzy loves him

    DagKyCo 815DagKyCo 815Kun oldin
  • we are watching grizzy turn into a tea pot in this video

    Mr. BonesMr. BonesKun oldin
  • why does grizzy look like The Weeknd from Wish

    Dave CrosshawDave CrosshawKun oldin
  • Did anyone notice the vanossgaming poster in the back? 5:33

    xqwheelerxqwheelerKun oldin
  • The animation makes it 100 times funnier lmfao

    jack makormickjack makormickKun oldin
  • I dont know why but this is one of those videos you can watch over and over again and it's always funny

    Carlos MirandaCarlos MirandaKun oldin
  • Grizzys bear is one of the cutest things I've ever seen

    Spooky jenkins!Spooky jenkins!Kun oldin
  • How many fucking refridgerators do you need? That dude: Americaaaaaaa..

    RVSTYRVSTYKun oldin
  • I Just nów realised that the guy at the end of first video is Senpapi Rick...

    Timelapse MooseTimelapse MooseKun oldin
  • Grizzly hyping up his friends like this is wholesome as fuck

    LukeLukeKun oldin
  • His fucking wheeze is amazing

    Phoenix 08Phoenix 08Kun oldin
  • Idk what it is but his laugh makes to soooo much better

    THE_Soul _crushTHE_Soul _crushKun oldin
  • The fact if the mater is that there is a vanoss Easter egg in this video

    Wade GordilloWade GordilloKun oldin
  • Dude turned into a cranberry watching this.

    A StrangerA StrangerKun oldin
  • Did anyone else notice the Vanoss poster at 5:09

    default errordefault errorKun oldin
  • I lost it at 2:37 when mcnasty slipped and falled

    ItsMeJarren gamesItsMeJarren gamesKun oldin
  • LMAO I'm so happy you're reacting to this!

    Riiley WretchedRiiley WretchedKun oldin
  • Blarg: this guy definitely says the N word Grizzy:WHAAAAAAAAAAAT

    Brodie ReghittoBrodie Reghitto2 kun oldin
  • Holy shit this is my first time seeing grizzys face

    Close II GhostClose II Ghost2 kun oldin
  • Not only have you got me laughing till my stomach hurts your wheeze got my dad and mom laughing. You genuinely have the most contagious laugh in existence

    Mr. BugleMr. Bugle2 kun oldin
  • 4:07 Sooooooo Grizzy, what would we have to do to get Soup to change his profile picture on discord or something to that??

    Doll_Of_DreamsDoll_Of_Dreams2 kun oldin
  • Matt makes everything ten times better

    Gavin MolinaGavin Molina2 kun oldin
  • Grizzy should make the pissed off bear head his pfp just ask the animater to make the bear head for him xD

    Killer 122Killer 1222 kun oldin
  • I'm with grizzy,i havent laughed this hard in ages

    Chris AdkinsChris Adkins2 kun oldin
  • Bruh I hardly chuckled when I saw the animation vids (b4 he made these vids) and Grizzys about to give himself a hernia from laughing so hard

    Sn1per SnipsSn1per Snips2 kun oldin
  • what do you wait to show this video to the gang ?

    Xsistanc3Xsistanc32 kun oldin
  • Omg lmao, please watch more of these 😂

    Jakes My NameJakes My Name2 kun oldin
  • Do more of these

    Lucas KesslerLucas Kessler2 kun oldin
  • I couldn't tell who was talking

    BlingsDingsSingsBlingsDingsSings2 kun oldin
  • 5:42 anyone see the alright poster of Vanoss.

    zip op gamingzip op gaming2 kun oldin
  • Anybody remember we bare bears lmao

    Jalen ClayJalen Clay2 kun oldin
  • No one seen racoon in a hot minute

    TrentinosTrentinos2 kun oldin
  • At the beginning of the video, the ringtone when he was calling the group; what was the song?

    Space Cadet 808Space Cadet 8082 kun oldin
  • Lmao, yeah, this was funny Grizzy. This guy did a great job(I already forgot the channel name;-;)

    redwolfdragon KiraNGordonDJredwolfdragon KiraNGordonDJ2 kun oldin
    • I think it's Franken Tuz I honestly can't remember very well lol

      ChampionOfPloorfChampionOfPloorf19 soat oldin
  • Tea is ready!

    Kit_Cat 33Kit_Cat 332 kun oldin
  • I’m laughing so so hard at shit I would never laugh at ever 🤣

    A_Straight _White_MaleA_Straight _White_Male2 kun oldin
  • First time watching a video from Grizzy and im already dying

    LilaDrake 666LilaDrake 6662 kun oldin
  • Dude, little tip... You can pause youtube video with K, and play it FRAME by FRAME with < and > keys.

    SilverDiamondSilverDiamond2 kun oldin
  • Grizzy... I haven’t watched much of u (yet) but ur laugh is infectious, bro

    Billycatnorbert -Billycatnorbert -2 kun oldin
  • Franken becoming a legend

    NecromancerYTNecromancerYT2 kun oldin
  • Blarg: siri wants my name Siri: apparently its n****

    Furret GamingFurret Gaming2 kun oldin
  • To be fair I have 3 fridges

    DhagProGamingDhagProGaming2 kun oldin
  • Bro I want 2 know wut happened with Raccoon ggs

    El [deleted]El [deleted]2 kun oldin
  • Anyone else notice the vanoss poster in the background? Just me?

    Blacck0ut17Blacck0ut172 kun oldin
  • Play rust?????please

    SwazzySwazzy2 kun oldin
  • Man I love grizzy

    Leyton HodgsonLeyton Hodgson2 kun oldin
  • Man i miss racoonegs

    SkinnyBoy1603SkinnyBoy16032 kun oldin
  • I wish I had his laugh

    James AckerlundJames Ackerlund2 kun oldin
  • Hearing Grizzy laugh is so theraputic(Fuck if i know how to fucking spell)

    Trusty_ RBTrusty_ RB2 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Riley DrakeRiley Drake2 kun oldin
  • I noticed the vanoss poster on the wall

    RuMarksMen 22RuMarksMen 222 kun oldin
  • A deadly wheezing moments?

    Official CuchillozOfficial Cuchilloz2 kun oldin
  • I have had a fucking terrible week and then the last 5 minutes and 37 seconds I have laughed so hard I am sweating and crying. Thank you so fucking much.

    Michael SiscelMichael Siscel2 kun oldin
  • Did you guys see the vanoss poster at 5:21

    Declan LeeDeclan Lee2 kun oldin
  • I couldn't stop laughing oh my lord help me before I die

    Odin PearsonOdin Pearson2 kun oldin
  • I can't tell which grizzy is laughing half the time

  • do the podcast more

    Joshua MoretJoshua Moret2 kun oldin
  • i had to stop what is was doing just to make sure i didn't chocke of all the laughter 🤣

    Alexander WesthuisAlexander Westhuis2 kun oldin
  • Bruh I am Grizzy when watching anime though 😂

    Matthew LairdMatthew Laird2 kun oldin
  • I’d watch this anime

    Jak HunterJak Hunter3 kun oldin
  • More,we need more.

    Assassin Zer0Assassin Zer03 kun oldin
  • Grizzy I got 3 fridges you need more trust me

    Baby BuffaloBaby Buffalo3 kun oldin
  • Bro this is some of the funniest shit man 😂 😂

    Dodo GodsDodo Gods3 kun oldin
  • I have a question, did Franken Tuz made a animated video on his UZworld channel?

    Kirsten CapelKirsten Capel3 kun oldin
  • Don't do Almight like that

    Doctor TuxitoDoctor Tuxito3 kun oldin
  • S

    GasmsksGasmsks3 kun oldin
  • S

    GasmsksGasmsks3 kun oldin
  • S

    GasmsksGasmsks3 kun oldin
  • L

    GasmsksGasmsks3 kun oldin
  • These are the best!!!! I love the ones where they do the Indian impressions in the store lmao

    Zachary AquinoZachary Aquino3 kun oldin
  • This is the hardest I've laughed in a while, thank you

    ZackZack3 kun oldin
  • Idk why but I always die laughing at 5:34 😂😂

    SuperSilver 531SuperSilver 5313 kun oldin
  • I can't fuCKING BREATHE

    Preferably PrivatePreferably Private3 kun oldin
  • ahh yes, Grizzy wheezing ❤️

    Richard MendiolaRichard Mendiola3 kun oldin
  • damn been a minute:/

    OohEdwinOohEdwin3 kun oldin