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#RODWAVE #WreckedC8 #C8Rebuild
filmed by @nicohvelez on insta. follow my boi cause i cant afford to pay him yet lol
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  • Samcrac + Nelk Boys = This. Fire content tho!

    Will JuniorWill JuniorOy oldin
    • B

      Brayden NeuwirthBrayden Neuwirth8 kun oldin
    • Haha best comment yet 😂🤘

      Judahs GarageJudahs GarageOy oldin
  • 1:34 thats what she said

    SilverArrowHead# 1SilverArrowHead# 15 kun oldin
  • Sell the Ford and buy a dodge 5th gen

    Jaden OparkaJaden Oparka6 kun oldin
  • im glad rob is ok it would be a dent in the music industry with out him

    spreefixspreefix13 kun oldin
  • Oh god cop

    slipy dipyslipy dipy17 kun oldin
  • you a good man the fact that your taking your time to fix it shows that it’s gunna be a good car once your done with it

    james lawrencejames lawrence20 kun oldin
  • Still holding the hat down lol

    pimpjuicedppimpjuicedp20 kun oldin
  • You got wondered, sorry bruh🥰

    richmond tackierichmond tackie23 kun oldin
  • You got wondered, sorry bruh🥰

    richmond tackierichmond tackie23 kun oldin
  • Ok ok ok yah there we fkng get it you want the clout man wtf just stop

    the randomthe random23 kun oldin
  • I’m sorry for crashing they see a Corvette in the friggin pol so what I’m going to do I’m gonna take a ride it on the street show you like a new song

    Mikel PhinnMikel Phinn25 kun oldin
  • Bros gonna got 110 and the finder gonna fly off 😂

    joseph ramosjoseph ramos28 kun oldin
  • fix a ttesla model x

    TikoTiko29 kun oldin
  • jersey is fire!!!!! wade county

    Robert WinnallRobert WinnallOy oldin
  • are you going to give the car back to rod wave?

    dev bestdev bestOy oldin
  • That beat at 6:55🔥🔥

    Jase06Jase06Oy oldin
  • Knock off goonsquad

    Juan sanchezJuan sanchezOy oldin
  • It should have came with a key for lug in the car.

    Robyn LacourRobyn LacourOy oldin
  • In like a month this is done gonna be on the road

    FlipMode ComicsFlipMode ComicsOy oldin
  • How could you rod wave

    Victor SanchezVictor SanchezOy oldin
  • That’s my dream car

    Victor SanchezVictor SanchezOy oldin
  • This man literally fix cars for fun 🥇🐐

    Chicago KidChicago KidOy oldin
  • Love the vids , intro getting a little annoying though

    AeejkM acerrtAeejkM acerrtOy oldin
  • I thought shoreline mafia was out with a new song by the intro

    RandomRandomOy oldin
  • Ion kno shit about cars but I’m watching this video 😂😭

    Weed & waterWeed & waterOy oldin
  • I know I said it before but I am really proud of you my boi 🙏🤙🏽

    Weed & waterWeed & waterOy oldin
  • Love that Truck 🔥

    Rell GlobalRell GlobalOy oldin
  • Wish you could fix my car for me so I can give it to my brother for his birthday I have not seen him in 25 years that will be a good blog and I have money to pay for it hopefully you receive this and get back to me

    Ras JohnsonRas JohnsonOy oldin
  • congrats on 100k

    I swear on my momma I will subscribeI swear on my momma I will subscribeOy oldin
  • Now its safe to say who been here before 100k

    SjSjOy oldin
  • Congratulations on 100K Subs ⬆️

    Willie The Gun GuyWillie The Gun GuyOy oldin
  • 100k

    Drip LordDrip LordOy oldin
  • its yours now not rod wave

    ItsMeMario_2xItsMeMario_2xOy oldin
  • Bro I wish I could help work on it ‼️‼️‼️

    tyreel Vargastyreel VargasOy oldin
  • Excited for the future on the build and your channel, keep grinding!

    Premium ContentPremium ContentOy oldin
  • i tried my best to make your 99.9k go to 10k Subscribers but All in all keep going I support your grind Gotta do something in the florida weather that is always bipolar im in south florida by PSL so this is cool to see

    NightRider LifeStyleNightRider LifeStyleOy oldin
  • This guy really paid 65,000 for this wreck C8 Corvette brand new with warranty it’s only worth 60,000 how desperate do you have to be

    V8 RelloV8 RelloOy oldin
  • Here before 100k

    King LilKing LilOy oldin
  • Is you gonna give it back to him

    K V N G J A HK V N G J A HOy oldin
  • Love the find and love the grind. Fun project with fun people. Keep it up, can’t wait to see the final

    Anton LulgjurajAnton LulgjurajOy oldin
  • Are you even gonna fix the car at

    Deante JacksonDeante JacksonOy oldin
  • I hope everybody watch my UZworld videos to👍

    ThatRacing GuyThatRacing GuyOy oldin
  • Nice C8👍

    ThatRacing GuyThatRacing GuyOy oldin
  • he kinda look like steve will do it 👀?

    Sierra and NickSierra and NickOy oldin
  • Ayo ima fan now uu got my favorite rappa car I meant to say dis a while ago but I was watching on my TV the real question why your car says lil dick big dreams 💀

    uhhkarqsuhhkarqsOy oldin
  • When the rod wave knock off merch coming ?😂

    Aubrey ShiversAubrey ShiversOy oldin
  • Where tf is the new video dude damn? 🥱

    Chris LongwayChris LongwayOy oldin
  • I want a short

    Derek WillisDerek WillisOy oldin
  • What kinda lift is on your truck and how big

    dalton elliottdalton elliottOy oldin
  • Damn smart move

    TyyyTyyyOy oldin
    • Yooooo

      HuvieHuvie18 kun oldin
  • I'm Rod wave uncle and he's watching the video right now

    Lovensky AlexisLovensky AlexisOy oldin
  • " ROD WAVE WATCHIN" like wtf my nigga doing to the c8

    dakari awaysdakari awaysOy oldin
  • We need another video 💪🏽

    NSG JayPNSG JayPOy oldin
  • You can’t stop posting come on bro you got this

    lll-Terell-llllll-Terell-lllOy oldin
  • Tell me why you got girls hiding from cops that you met on tinder? 🤔🤔 Sus

    USAFman88USAFman88Oy oldin
  • This channel is going to grow

  • He need to change his UZworld name to Judas customs

    Kalil ConnerKalil ConnerOy oldin
    • Judah’s customs it will be 🔥

      Kalil ConnerKalil ConnerOy oldin
  • 🤔So if y’all brought it, why do y’all keep calling it Rod Waves C8 if technically it’s yours???

    Charley JRCharley JROy oldin
  • Was he wearing black air forces

    Yvette RolleYvette RolleOy oldin
  • This mans content is so good man keep it up broski. New sub 👍🏽

    ItS Lit 01ItS Lit 01Oy oldin
  • What's the budget on this project ?

    TCinthe6TCinthe6Oy oldin
  • "I dont remember seeing it"😂😂😂

    LifeThroughLensesLifeThroughLensesOy oldin
  • Rod wave got all that cash he should’ve just called a dealership or something to get his car fixed but now that y’all got it he straight

    Black Moonlight JBlack Moonlight JOy oldin
  • Gotta hand it to u this was smart move an you get a cheap c8 out of it

    Big VonyBig VonyOy oldin
  • I need another video please hurry

    J o s hJ o s hOy oldin
  • Look for one for a vw golf. I stg I have a nut key just like that

    braden meierbraden meierOy oldin
  • Aye bru Rod Wave prolly one of yo new subscribers 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

    SirSirOy oldin
  • Good luck are you goin to keep it

    Alex CortezAlex CortezOy oldin
  • Did you buy that car from rod wave

    1k._boot Oz1k._boot OzOy oldin
  • That’s what’s sup bro I know you gone get it done can’t wait to see it run

    Mopar 345Mopar 345Oy oldin
  • You kinda dragging the “rod wave” and that intro shit tbh....

    Josh AllenJosh AllenOy oldin
  • You can get a job @ the corvette assembly plant in Kentucky.

    Chills/Wayne SmithChills/Wayne SmithOy oldin
  • It’s not rod waves no more stop saying Rod waves

    Capalot QCapalot QOy oldin
    • facts it’s annoying an cringe

    • literally 💀

      Adrian PlayzAdrian PlayzOy oldin
  • these videos need to be longer 😃

    Strictly DubzStrictly DubzOy oldin
  • Yungin.. Ford = Fix Or Repair Daily

    LRV 2020LRV 2020Oy oldin
  • I know you got a serious build going on but what ever happened to the Tacoma

    Cesar AmayaCesar AmayaOy oldin
    • @Judahs Garage thanks bro good luck on the vette keep the grinding going 🤙🏻

      Cesar AmayaCesar AmayaOy oldin
    • It’s getting painted now. I’ll mention it in the future In a vid 🤘

      Judahs GarageJudahs GarageOy oldin
  • Who else can’t wait till it’s finished

    NotYourAverageJEFFNotYourAverageJEFFOy oldin
  • That dwade jersey sick !

    Heat LiferHeat LiferOy oldin
  • Bruh. You got that all day!!! Bout to blow the tube up. Bag boy gonna get money come Hell or high water. Judah gone do you right homie. Believe that. It’s coming fellas!! I see 350k subs by next build. Keep #crushingit

    J RodzzJ RodzzOy oldin
  • What happened to your eyebrow? Lol

    Azstroh 〽Azstroh 〽Oy oldin
    • Birthmark

      Judahs GarageJudahs GarageOy oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • What happened to your eyebrow bro?

    Jordan ErianJordan ErianOy oldin
    • Birthmark

      Judahs GarageJudahs GarageOy oldin
  • Judahs I swear to gosh 😒 if I see one more double ad wit no skip button ima lose it😭 I’m playin ima watch it so u get da money💯🤟🏾

    DatKiddFromMiamiDatKiddFromMiamiOy oldin
  • 7:45 What’s That Beat?

    ShawnShawnShawnShawnOy oldin
  • when you fix it and make it look brand new again they’re going to send you another free cr8 and give you a job

  • My brother graduated with you jordan reece you know him?

    Peyton ReecePeyton ReeceOy oldin
  • Y’all gotta find a way to bring it back to rod wave and show him when it’s finished

    Connor DelbeatoConnor DelbeatoOy oldin
  • Y all should race the corvette and hellcat in front of rodwave

    Vernon ScarlettVernon ScarlettOy oldin
  • Post

    Noah 34Noah 34Oy oldin
  • imagine milking this car fix for clout.

    Paul PadillaPaul PadillaOy oldin
  • Tell yo bag boy to go find a real job if he don't know shit about cars

    Tony GilTony GilOy oldin
  • You got this man! Thats why you do these videos that we all enjoy watchin. Also, great humor! Fudge the haterz!!

    Simple JackSimple JackOy oldin
  • You can tell by the editing that somebody watched way too much MTV in their life.

    Biff BiffordBiff BiffordOy oldin
  • Rod wave this rod wave that man just do a normal title rebuilding a c8 corvette 🤦‍♂️

    MCP MerlosMCP MerlosOy oldin
    • And keep repping Miami that’s why I only clicked on this video 🤙

      MCP MerlosMCP MerlosOy oldin
  • Btw to open the tail get you don’t pull up from the middle it’s sweet spot is all the way on the left

    Brandon GironBrandon GironOy oldin
  • 😂 Tik tok mechanic 👨‍🔧 HMU if you Want to Ride quads and bikes in Tampa

    Ya boy GheYa boy GheOy oldin
  • I don’t know if someone already said this but go get that wrecked red gt500!!!!

    WhoAmIWhoAmIOy oldin
  • Lmao you’re milking tf out of Rod Wave’s name 🤣 but keep doing your thing man

    PresidentPapiPresidentPapiOy oldin
  • Let’s go I love to see shit like this man✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

    King KaineKing KaineOy oldin
  • And he’s still using people’s names for clout and views 🤦‍♂️ I thought you learned your lesson with tall guy now rod waves.

    NemcheeksNemcheeksOy oldin