Grilled chicken sandwiches on the nomad grills

9-Yan, 2021
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For dinner today I fired up the @nomadgrills, I grilled up some chicken leg meat for sandwiches. Top of with some guacamole, these came out delicious. The #nomadgrills does an excellent job for low and slow or high heat grilling.
3 hass avocados
1/4 white onion
1/4 bunch cilantro
2 Serranos
1/2 steak tomato
Juice of 2 lemons
Salt and pepper to taste
Get yourself a nomad grills at
Music: All I Love
Musician: Philip E Morris
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  • LIME JUICE! Sorry but you gotta have that lime. It just don't hit the same imo but you do you

    Jonah PoolJonah PoolSoat oldin
  • Wow that looks delicious

    Torsha JeffersonTorsha Jefferson2 soat oldin
  • when he said guacamole he turned Mexican

    SlomithSlomith4 soat oldin
  • You put lime in guac....

    Austin's PhilosophyAustin's Philosophy4 soat oldin
  • That looks so good and didn't he say guacamole really sexy🥰

    Glamma GurlGlamma Gurl4 soat oldin
  • Wackamole

    Xl_Spooky_ XlXl_Spooky_ Xl4 soat oldin
  • I hope you wash your avocados

    yeah okayyeah okay5 soat oldin
  • Imagine if this guy had a restaurant

    MrLeaderMrLeader6 soat oldin
  • Who else thought that was a frog at first

    SlakeSlake9 soat oldin
  • Thats some GUAC thats some GUAC xd

    VikazalVikazal10 soat oldin
  • 1st step of cooking outside : grab the biggest fucking knife you can

    Oliver WilsonOliver Wilson13 soat oldin
  • This genuinely looks so fucking delicious

    MR. XMR. X19 soat oldin
  • Looking delicous

    poke leafpoke leaf21 soat oldin
  • You are using lemon juice for guacamole ???????

    Adolfo EscalanteAdolfo Escalante21 soat oldin
  • At first the avocado in the beginning looked like a frog, and for a split second I was very concerned and confused lmao

    Orange Is My Favorite ColorOrange Is My Favorite Color22 soat oldin
  • Where do you shop for your seasonings? Just curious..I'm sure I can find them online worse case scenario. Keep up the *GREAT* content✌🏿

    Տςհաҽҽժվ ᏖᎧᎴᎴՏςհաҽҽժվ ᏖᎧᎴᎴ23 soat oldin
    • usually Spanglish asadero or get some Kimders at Costco or Walmart

      Miguel’s CookingwithfireMiguel’s Cookingwithfire22 soat oldin
  • I thought that avocado was a frog

    spicy boyspicy boyKun oldin
  • Ohh my good this is making me hungry

  • I love wakamolly

    Hunt FritchHunt FritchKun oldin
  • Experience is the best teacher huh ?!

    One Day This Ball will Buy my Mom A MansionOne Day This Ball will Buy my Mom A MansionKun oldin
  • 165 internal temp is the accurate temp when cooking chicken not 175

    Jasmine KelleyJasmine KelleyKun oldin
  • So glad this guy isn't one of those "Gordon Ramsay you can't cook for nothing"

    Kayla DelvalKayla DelvalKun oldin
  • Okay but that actually looks really good

    MumsyMumsyKun oldin
  • Chicken leg piece

    leon makleon makKun oldin
  • He didn't even cut of any of the fat and gristle. Yuck.

    Reese DollasReese DollasKun oldin
    • Not nececariysome of the fat would have burned of whilst it was cooking so it would have been less than at the start and because he put guacamole and cheese in the burger u wouldn't taste a lot of the fat

      salty mango123salty mango1233 soat oldin
  • I thought you were cutting a frog at first

    • Katelyn •• Katelyn •Kun oldin
  • This looks delicious well done

    cal Crawleycal CrawleyKun oldin
  • I’m a 28 year old man and I can have a chicken sandwich if I want

    Morgan DMorgan DKun oldin
  • I thought that was a frog at first

    OrieOrieKun oldin
  • Dry ass sandwich

    The DonThe DonKun oldin
  • Nah pass someone going to get sick eating that

    MP3 PAULMP3 PAULKun oldin
  • Cut all that fat off boy what is you doing

    MP3 PAULMP3 PAULKun oldin
  • Is that a moljate

    chelaineambroisecachelaineambroisecaKun oldin
    • Yes

      Miguel’s CookingwithfireMiguel’s CookingwithfireKun oldin
  • thought that avocado was a frog

    Kakaga KakergerKakaga Kakerger2 kun oldin
  • I would use lime tho

    Coast MaloneCoast Malone2 kun oldin
    • @Miguel’s Cookingwithfire I guess that’s fair

      Coast MaloneCoast Malone3 soat oldin
    • It depends what I have on hand 😂

      Miguel’s CookingwithfireMiguel’s Cookingwithfire2 kun oldin
  • Don’t u guys clean and cut of the fattt bits ? 🤭

    EXOTIKZEXOTIKZ2 kun oldin
    • So much flavor lol

      Miguel’s CookingwithfireMiguel’s Cookingwithfire2 kun oldin
  • Wakamole

    Stinky_pp BigppStinky_pp Bigpp2 kun oldin
    • Guacamole 🥑🤣

      Miguel’s CookingwithfireMiguel’s Cookingwithfire2 kun oldin
  • *Why did I think that was a frog at first.*

    Arianna DorseyArianna Dorsey2 kun oldin
    • Me too!!

      lauren ar.lauren ar.9 soat oldin
  • Is the cocaine dusted buns optional?

    fobo420fobo4202 kun oldin
    • They are from Dave’s killer bread lol

      Miguel’s CookingwithfireMiguel’s Cookingwithfire2 kun oldin
  • Thought the avacado was a frog lmao

    XawNix ツXawNix ツ2 kun oldin

    JaJa2 kun oldin
  • Always use limes for Mexican food

    Michael SotomayorMichael Sotomayor2 kun oldin
    • I didn’t have any

      Miguel’s CookingwithfireMiguel’s Cookingwithfire2 kun oldin
  • That's called a braai

    keegz 15keegz 152 kun oldin
  • Bro wtf chicken look like that ?????? Crying in french

    MK7 SMK7 S2 kun oldin
  • Why your buns always got so much extra flour all over them? Dust that shi* off bro.

    Chris PenixChris Penix2 kun oldin
    • These are the best buns you will ever eat. They are from Dave’s killer bread

      Miguel’s CookingwithfireMiguel’s Cookingwithfire2 kun oldin
  • Yea that looks good as hell

    Nathan DrakeNathan Drake2 kun oldin
  • Nicee

    Behnoud ShekariBehnoud Shekari2 kun oldin
  • Who da hell uses a Mortar and Pestle to mash up Avocado

    Dakota MardisDakota Mardis2 kun oldin
    • For entertainment purposes 😅

      Miguel’s CookingwithfireMiguel’s Cookingwithfire2 kun oldin
  • Dayum that looks frickin amazing!

    LofiWackPaintingLofiWackPainting2 kun oldin
  • I’ve never had guacamole before what does it taste like?

    Diallo MorrisDiallo Morris2 kun oldin
    • Avocado 😂

      Miguel’s CookingwithfireMiguel’s Cookingwithfire2 kun oldin
  • Hexagons are bestagons

    BakedIceBakedIce2 kun oldin
  • Come on you have a molcajete !!!! Is not just a sauce bowl it’s a kitchen tool !!! Here if you really wanna see a good guacamole

  • I never understood then purpose of the rock to squish guac doesn’t it break off rocks and leave them in the food?

    Sergio RodriguezSergio Rodriguez2 kun oldin
    • Not one bit. You need to season a molcajete with rice. Add it and smash it into the crevices, then you won’t have any holes and rocks won’t break off

      Miguel’s CookingwithfireMiguel’s Cookingwithfire2 kun oldin
  • Never had quac with lemon juice in it .... only lime

    DragonSlayer TDragonSlayer T2 kun oldin
  • Thr sounds with no music is straight asmr

    ReneeRenee2 kun oldin
  • I thought that avocado was a frog for a sec

    Stupid BoiStupid Boi2 kun oldin
  • Hello, what are the ingredient ? I want to make this sandwich, please

    Marion SalvettiMarion Salvetti2 kun oldin
  • His voice is like Diego puppet

    BekoBekT SquadBekoBekT Squad2 kun oldin
  • I thought he was gonna cut up a frog at first😐

    Alexander PranksAlexander Pranks2 kun oldin
  • I really thought that avocado is a frog at the start 😂

    YTMarcusBDRYTMarcusBDR2 kun oldin
  • Damn I’m dumb asf I thought that the avocado was the chicken

    Ocean ManOcean Man2 kun oldin
  • Why does every cooking video have to be perfect. Like every time I attempt a dish like that, It always looks like shit 🤣

    VaporWing FauxMcloudVaporWing FauxMcloud2 kun oldin
  • I though that avacardo was a frog

    Finster599Finster5992 kun oldin
  • I thought that avocado at the beginning was a frog for a second

    I TriedI Tried2 kun oldin
  • Wakamole?

    Pieter VermaakPieter Vermaak2 kun oldin
  • It's fairly simple but I bet it's extremely flavourful. Avocado, tomato and mayonnaise is the perfect ingredients to go with a chicken burger.

    Beyond BackwaterBeyond Backwater2 kun oldin
  • I thought he straight slicing a frog at first

    Jin SakaiJin Sakai2 kun oldin
  • Mayonnaise why? This ain't Burger King

    A Smoke D.A Smoke D.2 kun oldin
    • @Hunt Fritch maybe in your mind. Honey mustard is way better.

      A Smoke D.A Smoke D.Kun oldin
    • You trippin Mayo goes on damn near every kind of sando

      Hunt FritchHunt FritchKun oldin
  • That looks so good

    Christian MartinezChristian Martinez2 kun oldin
  • Those buns looks like there moldy. 👁👄👁

    Bianca PulidoBianca Pulido2 kun oldin
  • Lime not lemon. It’s way better but that’s a Tx mex thing

    Capt. TrippsCapt. Tripps2 kun oldin
  • They look good but I ate a burger a few minutes ago so they look gross If I didnt eat a burger just now I would want to eat yours

    Desirae SmithDesirae Smith2 kun oldin
  • To much fat and bs on that chicken. Trim it next time.

    Culinary ArtistCulinary Artist2 kun oldin
  • You supposed to clean the chicken tho. Seems like there is still alot of fat hanging from your chicken. Maybe its normal in america or maybe you just like it that way. Heck what do i know right ?

    Gmo SkeeGmo Skee3 kun oldin
  • That honey comb grill reminds me of The Simpsons episode where Homer blows the washer and dryer money on the honey comb grill that he bought from the old guy who claimed it was the honey comb shapes that gave grilled meats an out of this world taste! I love that episode! 😍❤️🤤

    Let's Just DirtbikeLet's Just Dirtbike3 kun oldin
  • Lol who tf uses lemon juice?

    OverNightGamersOverNightGamers3 kun oldin
  • What is that noise

    ImNotJasmineImNotJasmine3 kun oldin
  • Omg I want

    JredyDreaMJredyDreaM3 kun oldin
  • I will eat 2 of them now look really delicious

    Gregory GrimesGregory Grimes3 kun oldin
  • He didnt mix the walk-a-molie good enough.

    Tanto GoldstienTanto Goldstien3 kun oldin
  • Now this is how you do a video. Man this is on my to do list for tomorrow. Thank you. Great video.

    Donnia Mckee-GriffinDonnia Mckee-Griffin3 kun oldin
  • p e p p e r??

    Sophia CasarezSophia Casarez3 kun oldin

    Maria RamosMaria Ramos3 kun oldin
  • oh my, at the beginning i thought he was cutting a fucking frog.

    richardrichard3 kun oldin
    • I was looking for this comment 😂😂

      Euly DuranEuly Duran2 kun oldin
    • Thought I was the only one

      Donald DrapesDonald Drapes2 kun oldin
  • This is a dry a$$ burger

    Jackson SmithJackson Smith3 kun oldin
  • I thought that was a frog at the start

    SpookatzSpookatz3 kun oldin
  • *gonna start off by making some wakkamole*

    Weeb Kitten UwUWeeb Kitten UwU3 kun oldin
  • One tip: clean your chicken from the fat and nasty stuff

    Skankhunt42Skankhunt423 kun oldin
  • Thats a nice little grill, what is that?

    Adam BisekAdam Bisek3 kun oldin

    Brad CarpenterBrad Carpenter3 kun oldin
  • I thought it was a frog at first

    Youngman goonYoungman goon3 kun oldin
  • I have a feeling I’m the only person in the world that doesn’t like guacamole

    The TrainThe Train3 kun oldin
    • I dont like it either... im the only one in my family

      Jonathan GranlundJonathan Granlund12 soat oldin
  • People who put tomato in guacamole are psychopaths

    ItskelvinnItskelvinn3 kun oldin
  • Nooooooooooooooo you don’t do guacamole like that!!! seriously???

    raedtrabraedtrab3 kun oldin
  • Not trying to correct you but you want the chicken to be cooked to 165 not 175 degrees

    Savion BullockSavion Bullock3 kun oldin
  • “Once you get all your veggies mixed up” Well- technically since they all have seeds, they’re fruits. Hot take: guacamole is a fruit salad.

    Kat HowardKat Howard3 kun oldin
    • Ok. But who asked.

      Thomas MalafarinaThomas Malafarina2 kun oldin
  • How many gloves do you have?

    AliriteAlirite3 kun oldin
  • Primera vez que veo un gringo partiendo un aguacate correctamente 😎🤙

    Joaquín emilio López garciaJoaquín emilio López garcia3 kun oldin
  • Look good but why use leg meat?

    big manbig man3 kun oldin
  • The most satisfying thing about this video is how perfect the tomato fits the bun.

    D SD S3 kun oldin