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8-Yan, 2021
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  • “ I sleep on my side like this”😭

    BrittneyBrittney17 soat oldin
  • Sorry but it’s the eating in front of them and not offering any food for me 🥲🥲🥲

  • the girl in the back looks like addison rae

    386 ariii386 ariii7 kun oldin
  • I am wondering why this sounds familiar then realized this was on live lmao

    Romelah DonazalRomelah Donazal8 kun oldin
  • Fuk love & relations you need plugs & connections ! You real pretty gyal you young don’t get attached to ppl don’t be going out sad God got u & he gone handle you 😘

    Rocio MazariegosRocio Mazariegos8 kun oldin
  • You suck at vlogging 🤦🤦

    Hannah BordersHannah Borders8 kun oldin
  • Girl fuck Julian! It was blessing things didn’t work out. Love ur momma!

    Le StephanieLe Stephanie8 kun oldin
  • I think she deleted all the videos with her and julian

    Micayla JamesMicayla James9 kun oldin
  • For anyone supporting Julian, please go watch his video "THE TRUTH about my Girl Bestfriend" before you continue to speak on his behalf

    H pH p9 kun oldin
  • “It doesn’t matter how smart teens are or how well they scored on the SAT or ACT. Good judgment isn’t something they can excel in, at least not yet. The rational part of a teen’s brain isn’t fully developed and won’t be until age 25 or so. In fact, recent research has found that adult and teen brains work differently. Adults think with the prefrontal cortex, the brain’s rational part. This is the part of the brain that responds to situations with good judgment and an awareness of long-term consequences. Teens process information with the amygdala. This is the emotional part. In teen’s brains, the connections between the emotional part of the brain and the decision-making center are still developing-and not always at the same rate. That’s why when teens have overwhelming emotional input, they can’t explain later what they were thinking. They weren’t thinking as much as they were feeling.”

    Adriana TrejoAdriana Trejo9 kun oldin
  • but jerz i saw how he flirted with u too amd hes wromg on his part for that but 2wrongs dnt make a right and u both needt to forgive and ask each other to start over as just friends, good luck jerz in everything

    marie gutierrezmarie gutierrez9 kun oldin
  • jerzy after i.saw julian side i really BELIEVE hes sincere, why jerz ,u had a great friend u didnt need to act like that all u did was push him.away and u cld of had a great friend then in time it wld if worked out ,but u cant be controlling like that especially if ur not even dating and ur only 15 and LOOKJERZY THE RESPECT HE HAD FOR U NOT TAKIN ADVANTAGE OF U IN ANY WAY LILE SEXUAL THATS A TRUE GUY ,u need to apologize to everyone and him and in time show that u hv changed and things out for the best

    marie gutierrezmarie gutierrez9 kun oldin
    • Why do you sound like you’re controlling though lol

      Abrianna CastilloAbrianna Castillo7 kun oldin
    • watch his video "THE TRUTH about my Girl Bestfriend" he's done it before, and he even said he's not commited for a relationship yet eggs it on

      H pH p9 kun oldin
  • What julian is doing is exactly what jcook did to val. It's sad. Honestly jerz, you need to stop chasing lil boys and focus on yourself for a while, you need it with all this drama involving you. Also the fact jcook did that to val is foul aswell. Makes me think who's side you'll be taking because if you take jcooks it makes you look like a fool that you got played twice but thn again if you feel for val it's like you will be betraying jcook. Hopefully this lesson it's something you'll learn in the future so you never go through it again. All the best. And if you can, stay off your phone for a bit if you can. Stay Blessed. 💗

    rouy babrouy bab9 kun oldin
  • Go see pancho video as well he got the tea lil jerz text messages with Julian she seem real thirsty for Julian while Julian was texting her plain . Smh someone take lil jerz phone away for the love of god lmao

    Kassandra VazquezKassandra Vazquez9 kun oldin
  • I love you jerzi💕

    Pamslovia OdondoPamslovia Odondo9 kun oldin
  • The fact that you said,yeay link in description below in your last stay 🤔

  • Awwe I love jerz her vibe is just so irreplaceable 🥰 I’m like can we be friends 😆

    DamianknighttDamianknightt10 kun oldin
  • she deleted the videos wit Julian 😭god I lover jerz

    Xlero GabyXlero Gaby10 kun oldin
  • Sorry but Julian is so full of hismself 🥴 he’s thinks everything he says and does and the civil conversations he has are “everything” like making himself look so perfect 🙄 annoying seeing people like that!!!!!!!

    Valerie SalazarValerie Salazar10 kun oldin
    • i thought that too!! he has a "i know it all" type of preach and "outlook" on life but he just sounds condescending and narcissitic

      H pH p9 kun oldin
  • Jerzi should make merch that says BarbozasaBully with the snake emoji 🐍

    AshleyAshley10 kun oldin
  • #BarbozasaBully!!

    AshleyAshley10 kun oldin
    • Jerzi should make merch that says BarbozasaBully with the snake emoji 🐍

      AshleyAshley10 kun oldin
  • Who else is team jerz? 🦋❤️

    Yessenia SantaYessenia Santa10 kun oldin
  • Jerz was way to young and immature to go to LA. She should have never gone. Jerzi and Jcook are super toxic and trashy

    EJ EJEJ EJ10 kun oldin
    • Facts

      Kassandra VazquezKassandra Vazquez10 kun oldin
  • Everyone go watch Julian vid!!! It tells the truth and spills sum tea she had us fooled and lookin stupid!!!!!!!!

    Victoriá VasquezVictoriá Vasquez10 kun oldin
  • if lil jeez like butterflys so much she should look at the butterfly rings on James Avery and get them shipped to her house

    Serenity GonzalesSerenity Gonzales10 kun oldin
  • #jerzi for life and ain’t nobody care abou what Julian big lying mouth got to say!Forget him !!!🙄

    K ShineK Shine10 kun oldin
  • Fraud, you always a victim.

    Mathew SMathew S10 kun oldin
  • jasmine and lucas tho😍😍

    Nahomy CalvilloNahomy Calvillo10 kun oldin
  • Get Botox in your armpits. My sister had the same problem and it fixed it.

    Noelle MayberryNoelle Mayberry10 kun oldin
  • Me Saying Eow Eow Eowwww And Replaying It Lmao

    Zamaiya JohnsonZamaiya Johnson10 kun oldin
  • If she just stayed friends with guys and not try to be with them than maybe that wouldn’t happen I ain’t on no one side I’m just saying she acts like a little groupie making her brothers look bad jerz worry about yourself and getting money instead of trying to be with every guy who smiles at you have a god day

    Ashley LopezAshley Lopez11 kun oldin
  • bro when you said it’s 5:16 I checked the time and it just turned 5:17

    Nadia CruzNadia Cruz11 kun oldin
  • It’s jerz fault cause she could have handled it better and not catch feelings that fast when she just got out of a “year relationship”

    Kim NKim N11 kun oldin
  • 11:30 he acts like a 2 YEARS old😐😐😐

    Nona VlogNona Vlog11 kun oldin
  • Girl chill out u Can tell u Rushing things

    Pri MPri M11 kun oldin
  • Derek and Lucas are so sweet 😍🥺

    Nura AhmedNura Ahmed11 kun oldin
  • After watching Julians side.. things are so much more clear. Everyone remembers what it was like to be 16, so I think all the heat on Julian is completely unnecessary.

    Kate WrightKate Wright11 kun oldin
    • Fax

      janon thomasjanon thomas3 kun oldin
    • And I understand she’s 16 and falls for easily but she needs to learn how to control her emotions and y’all can’t also blame Julian because she had just gotten out of a relationship not to long ago and she was obviously not over K swervo .

      Ana AAna A7 kun oldin
    • @Kate Wright fr she cries on live then all of a sudden she’s good and flirting with Lukas.

      Ana AAna A7 kun oldin
    • @J Diaz nothing wrong with that ofc, but, tells me everything I need to know.

      Kate WrightKate Wright9 kun oldin
    • @J Diaz The fact that Jerzi is already all over the other guys in the house says it all for me.

      Kate WrightKate Wright9 kun oldin
  • r u guys fr lol ofc her vibe is different with Lucas than Julian she liked Julian it showed and weather Julian admits or not he did too the problem is the personality Julian is not an emotional person he thinks almost like robot :) and jerz reacts based on emotion which is fine!!!!! but when you mix that with trauma and the facts that she is immature (which she said herself in Julian's video) its a bad mixture they dont clash ..... and whats crazy is i didnt even know of Julian barboza before jerzi and ive always loved and adored her but a true fan calls her out on her shit and this mama was not it the crying on live it was messy and you know that she has growing to do and that ok everyone has growing to do but the difference is she is an influencer.. and just because julians is right in this mess deonst mean you BASH HER guys come on your no true jcook and jerzi fans if you leaving hate on Julian end and vice versa.

    nyanna marienyanna marie11 kun oldin
  • All over again same shit With the other guy why u ppl. Making videos going back n forth u guys were friends n u guys mess it up now everything is mess up between u guys Julian had no rights to make a video of jerz so stupid u guys should of kept it cool as friends only

    Hizz HizzHizz Hizz11 kun oldin
  • I still don’t understand why she had to leave?

    Jenny BlancoJenny Blanco11 kun oldin
    • she’s 16 and her mom wants her home

      myla gregorymyla gregory9 kun oldin
  • I love u girl but u need to learn how to record a little better it's all over the place u never hold camera right

    Angelina NavasAngelina Navas11 kun oldin
  • I ship Derek and jerz 🥰

    Merxcedez VlogsMerxcedez Vlogs11 kun oldin
  • Y’all go see Julian UZworld video !!! Now I understand him

    Kassandra VazquezKassandra Vazquez11 kun oldin
  • He "ain't tripping over a 16 yr old" because he already got what he wanted... CLOUT. Because if were being honest nobody knew who tf he was before he weirdly attached himself to a 16 yr old queen. She deserves better.

    sweet phangurlsweet phangurl11 kun oldin
  • Fruitiest dudes ever.

    Haiti BabyHaiti Baby11 kun oldin
  • Now Lucas and Max are the definition of real friends

    Kiran SinghKiran Singh11 kun oldin
  • just wanted you to know my thoughts on this whole thing.... I know you probably do not want to hear about it anymore but honestly let go of all the nice things he has said or done. He did not mean any of it. All of it was for views and fame. he took advantage of you and you are very vulnerable and naive and it's sad that when your intentions are pure you believe everyone elses are just like yours and they arent. I dont want to tell you to change but just be more wise on the people you think are your friends or put your trust in. In the videos and how some people are acting it seems like jullian doesnt want you back in the yeay house he is trying to say anything and everything to get the other yeay members to hate you. Jr switched and I have noticed that. Be strong, be calm, keep thriving. The best way I honestly think to handle this is to delete posts of jullian and videos. He truly used you for views. He was saying before any of this happened "Cancel little Jerz" i'm sorry but I think he has been planning something for a while. He is smart, he knows how to draw you near and then act like you're crazy and obsessed because you start liking him but thats what he made you believe. we all know he was fliriting sometimes and then sometimes would act weird. He plays a huge part in this drama. I really hope he stops trying to get everyone else to hate you.... You'll be hurting yourself if you keep thinking and wondering what YOU did... YOU didn't do anything. Unfortunately he is the one that did you wrong, and because he thinks he's full of "logic" and "wisdom" and "intelligence" he's lying to himself... He contradicts himself so much I don't even think he believes his own lies anymore. He was NEVER your friend. Understand that and now walk with your head held high because you are about to come back harder. Work on you, work on your success, and when the time Is right you will meet the right Guy that will grow with you. You didn't lose anything. This situation will be one of the best things that happened to you. You dodged a bullet with him and you will walk into this year with real people and lose people. Let it be exposed. let the fake people be exposed early on and move on! God bless you Jerz!

    Alexis TurnerAlexis Turner11 kun oldin
    • He thinks he's so full of "wisdom" and tries to preach that "knowledge" onto everyone else and Jerz but he needs a lecture from someone actually grown, and to the grown ppl he just sounds condescending and dumb. His words are basically gaslighting and invaliding someone's feelings and making them feel crazy.

      H pH p9 kun oldin
  • Honestly Julian really thought he was making a point when he made his video. He wasn’t even making sense and was all over the place. It shows that he’s that immature and has a lot of growing up to do. For him to sit there and say you were forcing a relationship when he was EGGING YOU ON!! And for him to say it’s selfish of you to expect him to be there for you when your grieving because of your past relationship is so messed up. When your down for someone you stay by there side regardless if it’s a relationship or a friendship and if he can’t be there for you as a friend to help you get through your tough times he ain’t the one. I’m so happy that you saw his true colors before it became more.

    Cecilia VillanuevaCecilia Villanueva11 kun oldin
    • @CHRISTIN WANGARY thanks. I hate it when someone gives a vague opinion on something, like “idk to me it was just all over the place” when they didn’t even bother to look further into details.

      Nix WeldonNix Weldon10 kun oldin
    • I watched the whole video and in my opinion it was all over the place, to me he just made him self look bad. We all have are own opinions and I don’t feel bad for stating mine. He’s over here saying she’s 16, but what do you expect?? He chose to fuck with an underage girl.

      Cecilia VillanuevaCecilia Villanueva10 kun oldin
    • @Nix Weldon good points and thanks for taking notes.

    • Not really true tho. His video had countless points and was all his side of the story. Also, he was the mature one in the situation. People talking about them escalating while he is literally 19. He has every right to feel the way he wants to, and honestly jerzi shouldn’t feel entitled to someone else’s affection. Not everyone will want to be your friend and you’ve got to understand that. Julian has also mentioned in previous vids that he ALWAYS takes things slow, but you must’ve only saw that one video addressing the drama and probably only less than 10 minutes so I’ll spell out everything I got from the vid that you missed: 1. Julian felt jerzi was a selfish person, that she felt she was the only reason the house was popping even though he was the one who helped bring her to the house. 2. Julian felt that she was a jealous person - calling to check where he is and see if he’s with other girls when he’s out to get medicine?? That’s toxic and they’re not even together. 3. Julian felt that it’s not fair for everyone to be saying he’s clout chasing when it was a collaborative relationship. Jerzi only wanted to collab on the platforms that she was not bigger than him on, but as soon as it came to UZworld, “nah, I don’t wanna collab, no we can’t collab blah blah”. 4. Julian doesn’t think he should keep someone around that is mentally and emotionally draining him, which he has every right to feel. If a girl is being more clingy than your mother and you’re not even together, then that’s a problem. He doesn’t owe her anything and no one forced her to be his friend. 5. Julian felt that if he really cared about numbers he wouldn’t have made vids on other platforms such as tik tok with her because he was losing thousands of followers from it. This obviously makes sense because most of his fan base is females. UZworld was the only platform where he TRULY benefited from her, while she benefited through tik tok AND Instagram. 6. Julian felt that jerzi tried to act as the victim and paint Julian as the bad guy. Julian says that as soon as he went live, *then* jerzi comes out of nowhere and joins the live. She knows that if he declines or says go away he’s gonna look mean. Another perfect example is her crying on live. Painting Julian as the villain. Also about the collaborative media thing, when everyone in the house was about to record she’d appear out of nowhere and try to record with them even after declining Julian when he wants to collab on UZworld. And what does Julian look like when he says no? The bad guy. Julian specifically said in the beginning of the vid he wanted everyone to think LOGICALLY, not emotionally and this is why. If the relationship doesn’t scream toxic on jerzi’s end, I don’t know what does.

      Nix WeldonNix Weldon11 kun oldin
  • I like watching your videos but your camera is everywhere and literally gets me sick😔😷

    LeeNMonicaLeeNMonica11 kun oldin
  • COOL,I love your video, I buy the same one from last month, delivery by EMS,good quality !!!

    Jem SlivaJem Sliva11 kun oldin
  • All I have to tell you Jerz is keep being you unapologetically! Most guys are going to have a double standard when it comes to woman but set your boundaries and always bring the same energy! You’re that bitch and always will be! The right guy who really loves you will come along ♥️

    tyra danaetyra danae11 kun oldin
  • Jerz, you’re a doll! I hope you continue with your education and aren’t putting that on hold for LA. You’re so young, enjoy it don’t rush growing up so quickly!

    Risa JironRisa Jiron11 kun oldin
    • @Family Bunch exactly

      Risa JironRisa Jiron4 kun oldin
    • Factsssss. Stay young as much as you can!! It sucks being a grown up

      Amber xxAmber xx9 kun oldin
    • I’m just curious how she isn’t on truancy? Or did she literally drop out

      Family BunchFamily Bunch11 kun oldin
  • Everyone loves Jack in the Box late night

    Esmer HurtadoEsmer Hurtado11 kun oldin
  • Jerz is so naive and gullible! She needs her mom smh. This girl will run to anyone because she has zero attention! These girls do NOT like jerz and its obvious, they want ClOUT. She doesnt even realize! Also, Julian repeatedly told her he does NOT want a friendship but she keep pushing it! You can not fake a relationship with ppl because you will continue to get hurt and cry! Same with these girls, you insist they your best friend but they clearly give no fucks about you! Jerz is the dumbest chick everrrr

    Melissa RodriguezMelissa Rodriguez11 kun oldin
  • wait why is she leaving?

    chill bruhchill bruh11 kun oldin
  • Julian makes you look so fake and problematic

    Montez NashaylaMontez Nashayla11 kun oldin
  • Don’t let that dude bring u down he’s salty af !! Lmao boy bye

    Fabs SupFabs Sup11 kun oldin
  • it’s the fact that “her friends” didn’t even know her intro of her youtube videos! get real friends sis

    lil mamalil mama11 kun oldin
    • I HATE her intro she sounds so dumb its not cute or funny 🤦

      Rosalinda GomezRosalinda Gomez8 kun oldin
    • Their not her friends tho 😂💀 that’s why. They barely know Jerzi they just meant each other like a month or two ago they probably didn’t even know who she was. And she really expects them to know her intro ?💀

      Cassandra LyonsCassandra Lyons9 kun oldin
    • Facts!!! Be careful who ur “friends” are

      Amber xxAmber xx9 kun oldin
    • EXACTLY! 🙄

      Jaime WJaime W9 kun oldin
    • she just met them lmaooo

      karina Quezadakarina Quezada9 kun oldin
  • The fact that she told the guys what to do instead of nicely asking them

    Jailene PontifesJailene Pontifes11 kun oldin
  • N bro all these comments talking bout we love jerz n Lucas.. like bro they just met this shit is fake af n only mature people will know

    Rosycela ResendizRosycela Resendiz11 kun oldin
  • Yo this videos shows exactly what Julian was talking about... n sorry to say but she messes around with guy friends like their close close n it shows

    Rosycela ResendizRosycela Resendiz11 kun oldin
  • Ok but she’s gonna keep rays videos and delete the 2 of Julian lol

    Jailene PontifesJailene Pontifes11 kun oldin
    • @Jailene Pontifes thank u 💕

      Tamara BothaTamara Botha10 kun oldin
    • @Tamara Botha yes girl i get you😊

      Jailene PontifesJailene Pontifes10 kun oldin
    • @Jailene Pontifes I'm not trying to start no drama thats just my opinion

      Tamara BothaTamara Botha11 kun oldin
    • @Jailene Pontifes and it was her choice to keep the videos, it's her channel

      Tamara BothaTamara Botha11 kun oldin
    • @Jailene Pontifes girllll don't come Say it's childish, Julian went to go blocked her instead of being mature and talking it out, he is 19 saying all this rude stuff about jerz so don't come Say it's childish....

      Tamara BothaTamara Botha11 kun oldin
  • everyone mad because he doesn't want her back like what?

    AshleyAshley11 kun oldin
  • that's crazy after Julians video I really just see you as a conceded little girl

    AshleyAshley11 kun oldin
  • Girl.. we live and learn ... this not the first time something happened like this to a female .. we like , love hard lol ..

    PooPoo11 kun oldin
  • lil jerzi beautiful

    LAZombieLAZombie11 kun oldin
  • Julian Deserves better. Yalls friendship was so toxic cause of you. Yalls friendship was one sided. He litterally cared so deeply for you. And u couldn't even post more than 2 videos of him on ur channel. I 100% ageee with julian.

    AMK-UnknownAMK-Unknown12 kun oldin
    • why would she post about him on her youtube when she made that mistake with ex. 15 minutes of a youtube video is not the same to 15 seconds of a tiktok LOL

      H pH p9 kun oldin
  • Go watch julians video from 10 months ago called “the truth about my girl best friend” It’s sorta the same thing that’s happening to jerzi!

    Amairani AbundezAmairani Abundez12 kun oldin
    • he said it himself that it was a similar situation with jerzi

      Daysha MezaDaysha Meza9 kun oldin
    • Márquez Rosa he fasho a narcissist

      Amanda H.Amanda H.10 kun oldin
    • @Jenny Jones ?

      Pina GriPina Gri10 kun oldin
    • @Márquez Rosa she's a bunny boiler

      Jenny JonesJenny Jones11 kun oldin
    • He sounds like a narcissist

      Márquez RosaMárquez Rosa11 kun oldin
  • Ok so Julian was getting trolled so bad on the video he made about lil jerz that he had to turn the comments off after a few hrs lol

    Geraldine HallGeraldine Hall12 kun oldin
  • No hate but why aren't u wearing masks when u are not eating😭😭😭. Covid19 is getting worse in the US.

    Ana R.SAna R.S12 kun oldin
  • I love you and Julian but after seeing his video idk man, everything he said does make sense:/.

    Diana SanchezDiana Sanchez12 kun oldin
    • @Amy Lopez i don't get it lol ? Can you explain plis

      Samantha PerezSamantha Perez11 kun oldin
    • What’d he say ?

      Meira PoohMeira Pooh11 kun oldin
  • Lucius is cute with u

    Travis BruceTravis Bruce12 kun oldin
  • This video just proved some of Julians claims were legit. It’s showing. Just saying 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Josephine SiakiJosephine Siaki12 kun oldin
    • @Rolando B watch his yt video "THE TRUTH about my Girl Bestfriend" he did something similar to another girl, and even said he doesn't commit to relationships but eggs it on. Also, he blocked her on everything and went on his live saying he was going to make a sit down on yt. she tried calling and texting and he wouldn't answer where else can she go LOL

      H pH p9 kun oldin
    • Y’all go watch his video Julian

      Kassandra VazquezKassandra Vazquez10 kun oldin
    • Soooo true

      Jane_ Jacob'sJane_ Jacob's11 kun oldin
    • What side tho ??? She didn't explain nothing all she said was she tried talking to him off camera and that didn't work so what side is he talking about ?😂😂

      Samantha PerezSamantha Perez11 kun oldin
    • @Samantha Perez niqa 💀 literally he posted a ig story’s saying u heard her side now it’s mine turn ?? Tf u talking about plus it made him do a video forcing him to talk deeper and stuf that shouldn’t of been said

      Rolando BRolando B11 kun oldin
  • Jerz and Derek would be so cute together..😍

    Selma AbrahamSelma Abraham12 kun oldin
  • Is it me or she deleted julians videos?? If she did, is it because of julians recent vid .. but she didn’t deleted her old boyfriend vids... mmmmmmm 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔.... who is the toxic one...!? I had really liked yous two together..💔

    Letish CalderonLetish Calderon12 kun oldin
    • lol but him blocking her on every single social isn't toxic? why can't she delete him if he already deleted her from everything

      H pH p9 kun oldin
  • I’m a big fan of you and I support you always but yea no jerzi Julians right on this one 💯 you should stay in AZ and slow down a little grow up a little more, heal and love yourself you still have toxic traits you need to get rid of and you need to learn how to be happy by yourself, js.

    Shanti JohnsonShanti Johnson12 kun oldin
  • You are all out of your mind, if you can’t see that Jerzi is the issue. She’s only 16, but she dresses like a 36 year old, curses more than one, and dances so nasty. But I’m sure the people praising her, are her age! Julian is 19 years old, what does he need with a 16 year old? He’s actually the mature one, telling Jerz that he just wants to be friends and take it slow. Jerz is and even said it on live, that she wanted more with him. Julian didn’t lead her on! She’s crazy! Go back and look at her and Ray’s old videos. She wanted to get married to him at 15, and she was dead serious! When they play that never have I ever game...she literally copied everything Ray said and even switched her answers with Ray’s. It’s sad, and she really needs to see a Psychologist about it! Her dad is in her life, and she has 2 older brother role models, and all she wants is a boyfriend so bad. Then she goes on live, and cries like a baby. That right there shows how immature she is. Her parents, especially her mom, needs to teach her how to be lady. Right now she’s out here acting and looking like a ...! Please get the help you need, before you worry about a boyfriend. And then find someone your age.

    Passion FruitPassion Fruit12 kun oldin
    • I’ve made my point! Yes I’m most definitely grown! So I know wtf I’m talking about. Worry about myself huh? It was you who replied to my comment. So how about you worry about yourself! I’m done with the back and forth. If you reply back, then you can have the last word. I don’t have anything to prove to you.

      Passion FruitPassion Fruit11 kun oldin
    • @Passion Fruit you’re probably some old woman LMFAO worry about yourself

      maria smaria s11 kun oldin
    • So then why did you say you agree with everything? If she puts her business out there for the public, then guess what? It’s my business! You must be young too huh? She’s a minor, she should not be cursing the way she does! A curse word every now and then, that’s understandable. The tops she wears are so revealing! And some of the skin tight dresses too. Pay attention to all her platforms, and you will see. She brings grownup attention to herself. That’s nasty! The females her brothers date, don’t even dress like that! If you don’t think so, that’s your opinion. Just like this is mine!

      Passion FruitPassion Fruit12 kun oldin
    • i agree with everything but a 16 year old cursing isn’t bad, you’re making it seem like she’s a lil child that can’t curse everyone has cursed at some point, she doesn’t dance nasty either, let her do what she wants bruh. she also doesn’t even dress like a 36 year old, you’re trippin, she dresses decent/normal. plus that’s not your business.

      maria smaria s12 kun oldin
  • Stay strong bby🥰you dont need immature ass boys in your life. I thought that he was genuine but it’s very obvious that he wanted you for views. Hes not a man at all Jerz. Trying to put every little thing on you🙄. What happened, happened for a reason, y’all are having a fallout for a reason❤️BIGGER AND BETTER IS COMING YOUR WAY TRUST AND BELIEVE🥰✨.

    M CM C12 kun oldin
  • They don't all have a close relationship w her . They talk behind her back . Jerz always be yourself and stay true to you . Still love you tho .

    Nana MNana M12 kun oldin
  • We need a reaction video to julians side of the story ! 😂😂

    TayLovesMakeupTayLovesMakeup12 kun oldin
  • toxiccccc jerz :)

    Johnny RivasJohnny Rivas12 kun oldin
  • She overhere crying on social medis just wants attention lmfao thats cringe af

    Kikyo YoungKikyo Young12 kun oldin
    • @Panchodoesitbetter

      Kassandra VazquezKassandra Vazquez9 kun oldin
    • Facts go watch pancho video! he got the real tea someone needs to take jerz phone away lmao

      Kassandra VazquezKassandra Vazquez9 kun oldin
    • Also her crying online or anybody crying in cam is just cringe lmfao they just want attention

      Kikyo YoungKikyo Young10 kun oldin
    • @Stephanie Lopes lmfao this is the comment section im stating my opinion if u dont like it stfu now way i want attention i just put my comment out there thats it

      Kikyo YoungKikyo Young10 kun oldin
    • Ur sounding like u want attention lmfaoo🤢

      Stephanie LopesStephanie Lopes11 kun oldin
  • damn i’m coming back from julians video but idk how to feel now 😂 frankly idgaf about all this middle school drama but i think Julians right when he said she’s acting on emotion and not thinking logically hence the mental breakdown on live LMAO

    Marissa CastroMarissa Castro12 kun oldin
  • Can you guys make me famous so I become immune to the virus?

    Julisa DiazJulisa Diaz12 kun oldin
  • Team julian barboza💯jerzi is a toxic and immature lil girl frl. You bit the hand that fed you of juju. Communication is key. You didnt deserve to live in the yeay house. Julian need to stop talkin to this lil girl

    Kanaka MaoliKanaka Maoli12 kun oldin
  • Jerez u actually toxic how u FINNA get out of a relationship then try to move on to the next but ruin the innocent ones life like Julian ain’t do none to u like why can’t u be like ur brother they drama free they don’t do that lol kid stuff like chill

    Fatima WassgoodFatima Wassgood12 kun oldin
  • I hate u i support julian

    • @Princess Dai u shut up im not talking to u

    • If you don’t support her why are you here

      Princess DaiPrincess Dai11 kun oldin
  • i think both need their space and need to grow on their own. its clear that the relationship has become toxic and both dont deserve anymore time wasted. i wish the best for both.

    erriana terriana t12 kun oldin
  • Julian said he felt like he was raising a child 🤦🏻‍♀️ woooowwwww

    Elisa HarringtonElisa Harrington12 kun oldin
  • I just came from Julians Yt video how he called Jerzi stubborn because she begged her mom and cried when her mom said no about coming back to La... that was so stupid. I would cry too what? LMAOO😭. That isn’t being stubborn that’s wanting to enjoy your life while you have it.

    Maria VilchezMaria Vilchez12 kun oldin
  • hey jerz!!! eow eow eow, as mature as julian says he is, he isn’t. The youtube world is a business and it’s understandable as to why he posted a video: to clear his name ( so he won’t lose his following). Yet, as he tried to clear his name: he exposed personal information about you (crying, your mother’s denial, house detail etc) and assured that his ‘friendship’ to you was not a friendship, simply a benefit for his following too. He saw this as an opportunity to gain numbers, just as how he said in his video that he could have invited any other person...why didn’t he? If he claims to know so many people why did he resort to you? Simple. He thought of you bc you are a fresh youtuber who is growing in numbers and you are also very young. His management and himself viewed you as this ‘lil sister’ and hoped to train and use you for their benefit (create videos, etc) Ideally, I hope you came into the house to benefit from it as well. Grow in numbers and create connections (network). Yet the way he says you ‘gatekept’ apps is so irrational. He is painting himself as your ‘ savior’ and with out his appearance or help in your videos, you would have never grown; which is wrong. You recently joined TikTok: that is why ur following is lower. Instagram is filled with many women and girls who get their followers and likes by posting pics that expose lots of skin, you dont ( that explains why ur numbers might not be as high). However, him comparing numbers just shows you that he was never in it for the interest of a friendship but rather an opportunity to meet ‘his goals’. It also shows his lack of maturity like cmon comparing numbers now, really? Plus you did not need LA or want to stay bc u NEEDED it, you created connections, friendships, a new experience: it is only natural to want to stay. All in all, his video with the truth just shows his lack of maturity, lack of knowledge for the business, and proved to be another “bf” “crush” who benefitted from a fast growing WOMAN. This was never a friendship to him and the video he made just concluded it all. Please keep doing you! and surround yourself with individuals who want to see you grow, whether or not they grow as well. It is a good thing you left LA, It changes people. They are so hungry for the views and money that they often forget that ‘real’ friendships can be made. Don’t let this julian be another Kswrrvo and don’t give them your time. It is up to the audience to realize this that the youtube world is a business and they should continue to watch who they want, without bashing one another. Keep growing, butterfly.

    Stephanie RamirezStephanie Ramirez12 kun oldin

      Stephanie RamirezStephanie Ramirez12 kun oldin
  • On Julian's video it really seemed like he was jealous and wanted to be on your UZworld video. Since he didn't get his way he got butthurt and started acting up

    alyza hyderialyza hyderi12 kun oldin
  • Go watch JULIAN’S most recent video before judging him.

    Breanna SalazarBreanna Salazar12 kun oldin
    • go watch his video "THE TRUTH about my Girl Bestfriend" similar situation to jerz

      H pH p9 kun oldin

    Diana AlvaradoDiana Alvarado12 kun oldin
  • The fact that you've been through damn near the same shit in just a matter of a year is so sad and, coming from someone that can be your big sister I want you to know that these girls in this video don't mach your energy nor do they seem real. Drop them just like you dropped julian you were thriving without them and you can do it again. I have no friends nor worry about friends lmao you gon be fien the real ones will come to you mamas... Kepp yo head up!

    Marisa PaezMarisa Paez12 kun oldin
    • She been through the same shit in a matter of a year because she keeps looking for the same shit, use your experiences to think smarter and move differently so you don’t end up in the same situations again. Yet then again, shes 16 she still has a little more to learn but the friends yesss i agree, she should stay in her own lane with people she been rocking with since the beginning

      Jailene PontifesJailene Pontifes10 kun oldin
    • OKaaaaay but, who is Derrick and how come you never introduced us to him before? lol You're going to be good, people come and go you jus need to learn to let go too!

      Marisa PaezMarisa Paez12 kun oldin
  • It looks like Jerz changes how she acts in front of boys lol how she talks and stuff lol

    Lovely24Lovely2412 kun oldin
  • Hey girl! Hope everything is okay with you :) With everything your going through your gonna make it 🥰 You have made it actually and your gonna continue to grow😍 Keep doing you! And forget these Fkboys💙

    Paige latuPaige latu12 kun oldin
  • We love you jerz🦋

    FkW_chula ChulaFkW_chula Chula12 kun oldin
  • Jerz i think it is grate that your leaving and you can have more time for yourself

    Shenique GodoyShenique Godoy12 kun oldin
  • We have burger king which is Jack in the box but just different name. AND broooo I LOVE THEIR CHURROS!!

    princess rubyprincess ruby12 kun oldin