Golf Cart Engine Fail, Lets Rebuild it..

29-Noy, 2020
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this is the second video on this mid 80s ezgo golf cart that was stored in a barn after having run issues, in part 1 we got it running but had low compression, this time we pull the engine and repair it.

  • Bengkel bodoh

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  • How does reverse wirk on that golf cart pickup truck ?

    terry powlingterry powling2 kun oldin
    • work not wink....

      terry powlingterry powling2 kun oldin
  • I watched the whole thing great job.

    Joseph McnultyJoseph Mcnulty4 kun oldin
  • Put the belt in the engine clutch first Much easier ! We had a fleet of 40 golf carts I learned that pretty fast 🤗🤗🤗

    Chris SmithChris Smith5 kun oldin

    organizedorganized6 kun oldin
  • It would probably be easier to pull the cab off

    john Koshelukjohn Kosheluk7 kun oldin
  • Hey great video. To get those broken bolts out use a pneumatic scribe. A little heat for really stuck. It’s like magic. I fought ez outs for years working as an industrial maintenance. Got a job with Michelin tire and the first time I saw a guy push a broken bolt out with a scribe it was like the clouds parted and angels sang.

    Philip WillardPhilip Willard9 kun oldin
  • Love the comments. He could write a book with them. "There's a joke in there somewhere." LOL!

    Garry KelloggGarry Kellogg9 kun oldin
  • hook up the headlight

    mike deemike dee9 kun oldin
  • The new piston doesn’t have the hole in it!

    Arthur BiringerArthur Biringer10 kun oldin
  • It was a dark and stormy night in New England. And there I was, surrounded by an an army of hostile nuts and bolts, and parts of all different sizes. I was in a panic. And then I thought, "What would Mustie1 do?" And then I was calmed. God bless us one and all.

    jeffry gagnonjeffry gagnon11 kun oldin
  • A really interesting episode... thank you...

    Alexpmgr8 K3Alexpmgr8 K311 kun oldin
  • Loud little thing

    Ryan SRyan S13 kun oldin
  • Hey Mustie, long time viewer first time poster. I really enjoy your channel and always look forward to the next project =). That cart looks very similar to my 88 ezgo marathon with the 244cc Robin/Subaru 2pg engine. Mine had a really hard life and ate a rock at some point in is life =/. I'd definitely replace the crank seals and check the reed valves when you rebuild the upper end. Also the manual calls for a tank of 40:1 mix before going to the normal 128:1 for the break in period. A lot of 2pg guys remove the oiler and just do a premix as they are prone to fail. Glad to see that your clutches and ignition are working. I had to replace the ignition and might need a driven clutch. Mine had bad motor mounts as well and replacing those not only helped the noise but it also helped with low end torque. Good luck!!!

    Sean GatenbySean Gatenby13 kun oldin
  • 31:40 you can really tell that pulling together force on a pipe wrench. You hardly have to clamp those at all but once you put force on them and they start to dig in they tighten all on their own!

    castirondudecastirondude13 kun oldin
  • These new phones are about junk to man. When texting comments.&posting them to Larry.,or Larrie.

    John HicksJohn Hicks14 kun oldin
  • That can cause starting problems for you yo.,or blown head gasket.& new pistion things to bus.& engine block honing out if need be done to it aswell if your already into it that far now.

    John HicksJohn Hicks14 kun oldin
  • I think ir wouldn't hurt to try some Marcel mystery oil in that engine on that green golf kart utilitly work truck. Your working on with engine troubles having low compresión power for starting puedes alone for it yo be able to Run.,or A stuck valve.,or to much carbón build Up in valve chambear.&on top of the pistón yo Larry.,or Larrie on mustie1 youtube videos will it run.

    John HicksJohn Hicks14 kun oldin
  • There shouldn't be any cylinder taper BTW, there will be a tolerance however

    Joe WestJoe West16 kun oldin
  • therapeutically relaxing watching you Mustie.

    HyabusaaHyabusaa17 kun oldin
  • How many of you felt yourselves reaching through the screen to help pull that belt on right..

    Rikki RoxxRikki Roxx18 kun oldin
  • I just learnt something about a tool that I have been using wrong for soo many years. I'm a new sub, I am enjoying your last 3 vids great stuff.

    Tim GayTim Gay18 kun oldin
  • Hold on a second... Is that a Chevy Convair truck on the lift? and a Trype 1 Vw truck?

    nitescu valentinnitescu valentin18 kun oldin
  • EXCELLENT video, thank you so much for making it. Best to all. :)

    Wassamatta UWassamatta U19 kun oldin
  • 39:50 ALWAYS lube your piston wrist pin bearings with two stroke oil when you install the piston. They need lubrication, I used to race two stroke motocross bikes and performed my own piston replacements many times.

    Wassamatta UWassamatta U19 kun oldin
  • 37:25 ALWAYS place a shop towel around the connecting rod when removing the piston retaining clips so that they do not fall into the crank case. Not a big deal in this instance as he can shake the engine upside down but if you are working on a two stroke that is still in the frame it is a bad move not to do so.

    Wassamatta UWassamatta U19 kun oldin
  • 31:24 THANK YOU!!! It is SOOOO refreshing to see someone on here mention this! The same holds true for adjustable wrenches. It should be noted that Channellock pliers are STILL PROUDLY made in the USA. Best to all. :)

    Wassamatta UWassamatta U19 kun oldin
  • Hey @Mustie1 the system was made with an oiler, the carb isn't dialed in to run on 2 cycle mix. Plus the 2 cycle oil will not lube properly, which is probably why the rings wore the way they did.

    Brian ThomasBrian Thomas19 kun oldin
  • Why not do it all the way right? This is a foul ball all the way. Over 300k views, 1500 in revenue off part 2. Your viewers paid for it. Needs .010 oversize. All this work, first oversize probably not a Nickle more expensive and pay some local machinist 30-50 bore it out.

    CraftedCrafted20 kun oldin
    • more like $200 to get bored, go make a call and see what a machine shop tells you,

      Mustie1Mustie120 kun oldin
  • Could you add captions it is easy to understand more

    uday sri sai ram peruriuday sri sai ram peruri21 kun oldin
  • I will bet you people overtorqued those bolts that rise up farther putting in the mounting bolts up top and squashed that head gasket a bit too much. Then they were too loose and the head gasket blew out. Thoughts?

    CenterStarsChannel Hollow EarthCenterStarsChannel Hollow Earth22 kun oldin
    • @Mustie1

      CenterStarsChannel Hollow EarthCenterStarsChannel Hollow Earth22 kun oldin
  • This one came up in my feed so I clicked on it then noticed I'd already clicked like. So it looks like I'm going to watch Herr Doktor Prefessor Mustie tear it down again. Let me guess. I'm going to hear his famous "I'm going in, time to tear that carb apart".

    Ronald HeitRonald Heit22 kun oldin
  • Dammit, I want to put my hand in there and help him put the belt on~

    Bill HanelineBill Haneline22 kun oldin
  • when installing the piston pin circlips: always lay them down on a table to make sure the ears are pointing away from the table. if you install them backwards, the pin will hit the ears and try to drive the pin out. those types are terrible.. the c type are so much better. nothing for the pin to work loose!

    RI OutboardsRI Outboards23 kun oldin
  • I was surprised to see, that after all the engines you work on, that you don't have snap ring pliers or ring expanding pliers. Ring expanding pliers takes away most of the risk of cracking the rings on install. And when you were putting the new rings in, you could have used adjustable band clamps like one would use on a hose only large enough to fit the piston. Using the adjustable band clamps would make it easier with less of a chance of cracking the rings, and be quicker than fighting them. Since they are adjustable you simply unscrew them to remove them.

    uplook2douplook2do23 kun oldin
  • people always think that because you can rock 2 strokes back and forth and hear a bearing noise they are "sloppy" or "loose from the factory". not so. 2 strokes need extra space for the rings and needle bearings to get lubricated! if they were too tight, they'd wear out really quickly for lack of fuel/oil mix being able to get into the bearings. very normal to have some "slop". the motor here clearly got very hot, and would need head resurfacing and making sure the block's deck didn't warp. some carbon cleaner in the rings overnight, a good clean and a new headgasket and should be ok!

    RI OutboardsRI Outboards23 kun oldin
  • 2020 IS about to become hind sight. :)

    Greg SanchezGreg Sanchez23 kun oldin
  • So.....not so EZ-go.

    Jacob BlandJacob Bland23 kun oldin
  • ❄❄❄ Mustie you are amazing !🎄🎄🎄

    Chris SmithChris Smith24 kun oldin
  • When you hone you should be going much faster up and down strokes. Come on man, this your first engine?

    randall grenierrandall grenier24 kun oldin
  • It’s not designed to stay running

    Wolf PartyWolf Party26 kun oldin
  • Your moter runs left and right hand.i had a few carts and ground keeper on a golf course

    Matt MonteithMatt Monteith27 kun oldin
  • I use grease on the rings and jug lubs it for assistance but so it doesn't start on a dry . The grease smoke some but it will burn off I rather that than a rebuild gone bad

    Matt MonteithMatt Monteith27 kun oldin
  • Why not rewire it to start and turn off with a switch so you only use the pedal to go? This way you can idle.

    Charles MurphyCharles Murphy27 kun oldin
  • “I like bad boys” Mustie: *chrome socket impact*

    Tyler FrankelTyler Frankel27 kun oldin
  • The video time is so close to being 1-2-3-4-5

    Cody Emmons12Cody Emmons1228 kun oldin
  • We had a Harley Davidson golf cart that, I swear had that exact motor. Sounded exactly like your EZ Go.

    Craig MarshCraig Marsh28 kun oldin
  • Plug weld hinges underside???

    Doug HooperDoug Hooper29 kun oldin
  • You talked about putting plates underneath bed so hatch would lay flat, shudda drilled thru bed, and plug welded plates under bed, awesome job on videos as always.. Keep "Pluggin" away.... lol

    Doug HooperDoug Hooper29 kun oldin
  • Personally I would have just changed the rings! Maybe the the wrist but I felt like the piston was probably fine!

    Eric McGinnisEric McGinnisOy oldin
  • I'm betting you have to remove the body and then the engine would be a lot easier to remove!

    Eric McGinnisEric McGinnisOy oldin
  • Its good we have brakes......kinda. lol. Love your vids.

    100Jeanluc100JeanlucOy oldin
  • Just rebuilt a chainsaw and it would not run with carb set up. Or new cheap carb. Did some research if rebuilding two stroke do crank seals it’s a common fault, Also found kit that does barrel piston and crank seals with crank bearings, they just slide off and new ones slide on. The old carb works the cheap one i got off the internet was junk. The throttle plate screw was not staked and came loose, so I locktited and staked it. Would not idle and found the idle mix screw tip was broken. I thought I had broken it, but on examination the idle hole had not been drilled. I sawed the carb to bits to find out. Lessons always replace crank seals, if air gets in it leans out and can lead to engine seize due to overheating on lean mix. Don’t buy cheap carb, if the throttle screw had come out then the engine would have eaten it? and hole not drilled for idle circuit, you get what you pay for.😀

    Anthony WilsonAnthony WilsonOy oldin
  • Looool that piston rings 😂😂

    moped_ oldtimer_fan_moped_ oldtimer_fan_Oy oldin
  • Did Harley Davison not make engines for golf carts years ago?

    Matt NixonMatt NixonOy oldin
    • Yep. Harley made gas and electric golf cars. The electrics had a vacuum tube that had to heat up before the car would move. Not a big deal on the golf course, but in the parking lot you had to be careful where to park because they weren't good at quickly getting out of the way of an inattentive driver. Harley later unloaded the golf car biz, which then became Columbia Par Car. Columbia does still make some utility cars.

      Simon AlexanderSimon AlexanderOy oldin
  • Minimal need for headlights, as nobody plays golf at night.

    Roger DodgerRoger DodgerOy oldin
  • Hiya

    William T. MusilWilliam T. MusilOy oldin
  • good save on the EASY SLOW as we call them down south....i have a Yamaha gas cart....had then all club cart etc....we lift them up put off road bigger tires etc on them....Buggies Unlimited forum is a lot of info on i have Yamaha utility cart with long bed/jakes lift and big tires,,,,,,but like my 2 Kawasaki Mules the BEST

    Deer FarmDeer FarmOy oldin
  • How do you know what the torque requirements of various bolts are? Did you find a manual for this engine, or are there standard figures for different applications?

    yoda2000675yoda2000675Oy oldin
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    Jack AndrewsJack AndrewsOy oldin
  • 350 small block transplant that's what I'd do

    Awesomus MaximusAwesomus MaximusOy oldin
  • wen you lose the head of a bolt you can weld a nut to the bolt so you can wrench it out

    Rhys CardwellRhys CardwellOy oldin
  • I really like when you mention the correct way to use common tools like your explanation of using lock jaw pliers to remove a broken bolt. Keep the tips coming. Joe

    Joe SilverblissJoe SilverblissOy oldin
  • The sleepy skill desirably order because ear lally march qua a dusty jam. determined, harsh biology

    Tinda MamaTinda MamaOy oldin
  • Anyone else hear a beeping in the background on some of his videos?

    samiches2008samiches2008Oy oldin
    • Nah. It was just you! :)

      zolof911zolof911Oy oldin
  • Really I think the lid should have been turned around an open up to the cab..

    David HimebackDavid HimebackOy oldin
  • If the oil injector is do you adjust the amount of oil it injects? While working for Yamaha bikes,..they had and adjustment on the pump itself to change the ratio, ie 40 or 50 to 1 which was on a DT 175.

    KennynvaKennynvaOy oldin
  • What was the compression after the ring job?? Also I have had a few old golf carts, the carb's are crap on them, I upgraded to better ones, I can't remember what ones I used, that was over 20 years ago, since then I started using the electric carts, less BS to worry about (on older models) Now the new gas golf carts are much better, bigger engines and much faster and more power...

    TheWolfster001TheWolfster001Oy oldin
  • great stuff mate i couldnt stay away

    mickeybigbudsmickeybigbudsOy oldin
  • Mustie1 if i was you i would Take All Clutch and Variators Parts out and clean surfice and clean inside of clutch bell parts Becauce there can be dirt or another stuff all over wheights and its would be best to chek at all parts moves like they normaly do

    Broo_shBroo_shOy oldin
  • Hey Mustie! Big hello from UK. Been watching your videos for a couple of years now. Please dont ever stop what you are doing. I get so excited when I see a new vid has been posted up. You are laid back, funny and very informative. Thank you for all the effort you've put into your projects. You are a legend 👍

    Barry SalesBarry SalesOy oldin
  • MOTOR ACCESS Hatch tilts BACK TO FLAT, and lip underneath! 1:13 HINGES UNDERNEATH???

    Paul SilvaPaul SilvaOy oldin
  • Thanks for letting me spend some time in the garage with you. Your like a kind neighbor/friend who does not mind sharing his knowledge. Enjoy the creative ways you go about getting er done and making me feel welcome. I am learning so much. Your are the mechanical Zen Master :) Thanks for the videos.

    Jan The ManJan The ManOy oldin
  • Very cool job well done. I also wouldn't worry about too much of the compression reading since this is not a racing car.

    Restoration AustraliaRestoration AustraliaOy oldin
  • Having seen the whole clip, I say best course would be to re-power it with a good 4 stroke 2 cylinder Honda, Subaru, B&S air cooled unit. That way you will have more reliability and no oil/fuel mixture to attend to. More power as well.

    Mohabat khan MalakMohabat khan MalakOy oldin
    • Doing so would completely lose reverse capability. To keep reverse, would have to replace the entire transaxle, add a mechanical gear selector, and reengineer the engine mounting by 90°. All of that work, and you'd still have the same top speed.

      Simon AlexanderSimon AlexanderOy oldin
  • I use a piece of wood under the piston to keep it from tipping when installing the cylinder

    John McRaeJohn McRaeOy oldin
  • when I was a little itty baby my mama would rock me in the cradle

    HeroPureLoveHeroPureLoveOy oldin
  • Me and my dad have a robin 2 stroke in our golf cart exactly like yours. I’m glad you show the whole process because now we know where to start 😂

    Brayden HicksBrayden HicksOy oldin
  • I'm quite sure you read "Zen and the art of motor repair" This is the way to get things done. Humour, relaxed and what could possibly happen? And if it does; continue smiling and get it fixed. I'm quite sure this is not the way you make money. But that's also really ok! I like your hand-on approach to get old but nice stuff working again. I'm also curious about your work on some of the nice cars I peeked during watching. Or is that beyond sharing? No offense; I like your style and thank you for sharing your adventures with us. Best, Job

    Job KneppersJob KneppersOy oldin
  • Got the auto start/stop system.. Way ahead of its time

    shauns auto repairsshauns auto repairsOy oldin
  • One thing I learned was to file two Flats on the Bolts so you have something to gab better, Chears!

    Rabet HollandRabet HollandOy oldin
  • Poke it wid a stick!

    Lyndel BeckwithLyndel BeckwithOy oldin
  • Low power 2 strokes fascinate me...

    jjhack3rjjhack3rOy oldin
  • You are honing way to fast with that drill and aren't moving up and down quick enough...

    jjhack3rjjhack3rOy oldin
  • dit system is called variomatic invented bij Daf car and truckbuilder in the Netherlands .now tbe call it cvt

    sjaak van engelensjaak van engelenOy oldin
  • I always wondered if a Harley engine would work in one of them utility trucks. Just for shits and grins😁

    0tt0 Mobile0tt0 MobileOy oldin
  • I enjoyed your Engine Cardiovascular Systems 895 course.

    Iron *Fe*Iron *Fe*Oy oldin
  • The best part about taking a hiatus from the internet is you get to binge watch Mustie videos!

    Vernon PGros MorneVernon PGros MorneOy oldin
  • Mustie, you are the man. What a video. Yeah, you missed a few things you could of done. A-1 though.

    Ed McLaughlinEd McLaughlinOy oldin
  • When one is checking the sparkplug for spark, just put it in a pan of gasoline (or sprinkle some gas over the spark plug. Easy to see the spark then. Hey, when I work on two-strokes like that and have them apart, I change the crank seals. At the very least I know they are fresh.

    William SimmonsWilliam SimmonsOy oldin
  • The unkempt layer oddly signal because swedish pharmacokinetically unpack athwart a mean niece. private, bright estimate

    Ta Manh DungTa Manh DungOy oldin
  • Alway use a left handed drill to drill broken bolts. You might get lucky.

    calvingreene90calvingreene90Oy oldin
  • The way that the fuel/oil comes in it’s exact same way it works for nitro RC car motors

    N. TrombN. TrombOy oldin
  • Is that a Cushman? I worked on a golf course 30 years ago. We used to beat the hell out of those carts!

    GagsGagsOy oldin
  • There's a place called Vegas Carts that makes a conversion kit to put a Harbor Freight Predator v-twin on a golf cart. They also make a kit to put a Chinese clone engine on one.

    Richard BrownRichard BrownOy oldin
    • Not for the 2pg engines.

      Big E.Big E.Oy oldin
  • Hahaha "Must be done cause I'm out of hardware."

    Tim DTim DOy oldin
  • This cart reminds me of that old 3 wheel (I think?) former ticket cart series you had a few years ago. Loved that little cart, and this one is very cool too!

    Rust RehabRust RehabOy oldin
  • Z

    Micheal VincentMicheal VincentOy oldin
  • Yeah lose crank seals could totally be messing up the vacuum for the oil pump and everything

    Tim satoriTim satoriOy oldin
  • I've used large hose clamps and situations like that before

    Tim satoriTim satoriOy oldin