Golden retriever puppy discovers a doorstop and doesn’t know how to react l GMA Digital

8-Yan, 2021
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Jake, a puppy from Georgia, was caught repeatedly springing a doorstop by owner Garrett Kiefer.
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  • I disagree. I’d say he knows EXACTLY how to react!!

    tarifoniumtarifonium9 soat oldin
  • Then I saw her face, now I'm a retriever 🎵

    Andy SedgleyAndy Sedgley15 soat oldin
  • My Berner loves to play with these too. So Jesus cute.

    Blair RiceBlair Rice17 soat oldin
  • Oh my goodness... that was me when I was young

    Crystal GibsonCrystal Gibson17 soat oldin
  • ❤️

    Shawn ThompsonShawn Thompson22 soat oldin
  • I clicked cause I only saw the photo and thought he was sad so I was ready to give him some love but now I'm just soft 😍

    Isa NefertitiIsa Nefertiti22 soat oldin
  • This is what I'm watching during spanish online lessons😂

    Lily SophieLily SophieKun oldin
  • The second my pupper found the doorstop, he literally never stopped attacking it until I shook the bag of food; he’d notice what it was immediately and come running 😂

    TastyTastyKun oldin
  • 🤣I had a cat that did the same thing!! Hilarious!

    Gretchen KuersteinerGretchen KuersteinerKun oldin
  • I have one in my bedroom, my cat uses it to wake me up.

    bubba lisousbubba lisousKun oldin
  • Too cute...

    me toome tooKun oldin
  • This was me at age 4.

    vo idvo idKun oldin
  • Needed this cuteness today

    Felicia JenkinsFelicia JenkinsKun oldin
  • The disturbed separated microscopically flap because valley physiologically fail unlike a racial weight. elegant, motionless position

    Tracy McMichaelTracy McMichaelKun oldin
  • I think he lagged you might need to reconnect to your wifi

    Ocean manOcean manKun oldin
  • He must be related to Tucker 🐕 lol!!! Soo adorbs 🥰

    PinkStar58PinkStar58Kun oldin
  • The definition of insanity

    Grant WilsonGrant WilsonKun oldin

    Deb ProvenzanoDeb ProvenzanoKun oldin
  • "I love this new toy,best thing about it,it's in my own home"

    Kim KochelKim KochelKun oldin
  • He or she is just too cute ! Adorable! Luv dogs Golden Retriever my fave Such a pretty friendly breed of canine Thanks for the clip

    Michael DitarantoMichael DitarantoKun oldin
  • I’m dead😂😅🤣 when my puppy discovered the magic, I got really annoyed because it can be too loud when he does that and I love my tranquility😩

  • *Orders a golden retriever puppy and doorstop*

    Daniel RDaniel RKun oldin
  • Finally, something that will keep both Kittens and puppies can share and keep them occupied for a few.

    Madison AtteberryMadison Atteberry2 kun oldin
  • This little guy will get quite the surprise when his tongue or lip gets snatched by that thing 😆

    CyberCyborg 20XXCyberCyborg 20XX2 kun oldin
  • Awwwww thats so freaking cute I just wanna luv all on fur babe

    Chelcie RhodesChelcie Rhodes2 kun oldin
  • Puppy: I have no idea how far this springy thing goes, so I better move my head all the way back! But I can't stop flipping it!

    moonblademmoonbladem2 kun oldin
  • Awww that’s sweetest puppy! I just love Golden Retriever’s! My hubby had a Golden Retriever, before we married, named G.G., short for Golden Girl. We loved by the ocean so we took her for walks, she was always so happy, they always look like they’re smiling! 😁

    Jeanette MarieJeanette Marie2 kun oldin
  • Or as my kids call it..."The Door Dwanger!". LOL

    John-David BrophyJohn-David Brophy2 kun oldin
  • Funny and cute

    Jami StrongJami Strong2 kun oldin
  • Cute

    Pallabhi KonarPallabhi Konar2 kun oldin
  • This puppy is getting so amused by that thing it's like really little weirdo hahaha 😂😂

    Mike MenaMike Mena2 kun oldin
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Amar jAmar j2 kun oldin
  • This lovely pup 🐶 makes me think he's acting a bit like Curly from the Three Stooges... Twannnnngggg.... Ooooh woise guy huh?! I'll show you!!!! Twaaaaannnnnggggg..... Nnnnnng cut it out!...oill get ya this toime !!!!! Twaaaaaaannnnnngggg...... Hhhhhmmmmmmmppph!!!!! You're not beatin me!!! Twaaaaaaaannnnggg.... Come out....I wanna see da rest of ya!!!! Twannnnngggggg....

    Rosie CheeksRosie Cheeks2 kun oldin
  • Well when I was a kid l played with the door stop.

    NoFlagsNoFlags2 kun oldin
  • epic levels of adorable peppiness and just what I needed today.

    Mia FilleneMia Fillene2 kun oldin
  • Love!

    knsy duknsy du2 kun oldin
  • Ok it's time to take puppy out for walk he's bored stiff

    Farque MatthewsFarque Matthews2 kun oldin
  • Lol we were all this kid.

    Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson2 kun oldin
  • Such a cute doggo

    Johnathan RudisillJohnathan Rudisill2 kun oldin
  • Beautiful dog 👍

    bob murphybob murphy2 kun oldin
  • ❤❤❤

    Žaneta FurdovaŽaneta Furdova2 kun oldin
  • I wish I could have this much entertaining fun as an adult..

    ne0nZchr0mene0nZchr0me2 kun oldin
  • I want a puppy this cute now ;-;

    Dr.Blixxx DrBlizDr.Blixxx DrBliz2 kun oldin
  • Cuteness overload

    tina clinetina cline2 kun oldin
  • Good gawd how absolutely adorable snuggle buddy cute!!!! One of my cats would play with a door stop in my old apartment constantly! She loved it so much i didnt have the heart to make her stop, and bought her tons of toys to try to get her to play with instead...but the door stop just held endless fascination for her. Aw, how simple things can be so nostalgic.

    NewtonDKCNewtonDKC2 kun oldin
  • Too funny

    YT IS A JOKEYT IS A JOKE2 kun oldin
  • awww lol so cute 😂

    paradise1897paradise18972 kun oldin
  • Too darn cute

    Kay SunshineKay Sunshine2 kun oldin
  • There’s a good chance he kept getting his hair is pulled on when he kept putting his snout up to it

    CJCJ2 kun oldin
  • I wonder if it's the noise or the movement that's tripping him out lol

    L MartinL Martin2 kun oldin
  • I don't understand who are those people who dislikes these videos. Either they do not know that thumbs down sign means dislike or they are the aliens on earth?

    venktesh singhvenktesh singh2 kun oldin
  • Reminds me of Trump with the presidency

    ChorofonfiloChorofonfilo2 kun oldin
  • Thankyou I needed this

    Taylor SmithTaylor Smith2 kun oldin
  • Lol!!!

    Marcy SmithMarcy Smith2 kun oldin
  • 🥺🥺🥺

    Teboho MahlatsiTeboho Mahlatsi2 kun oldin
  • My Spain without the s has been cured

    ay okay ok2 kun oldin
  • legends say hes still playing with that doorstop to this day

    Funk-yFunk-y2 kun oldin
  • This is cute. could be wrong here but isn't this a look of a few seconds video played over and over again

    Kev McCormickKev McCormick2 kun oldin
  • Every dog has a sort of enimity towards the doorstop, the mirror and the vacuum initially.

    tapasvi lingeshtapasvi lingesh2 kun oldin
  • Super

    Sebastian WachSebastian Wach2 kun oldin
  • Doorstop - Vibrates Puppy : ⬆️↗️↘️⬇️⬆️↗️↘️⬇️

    Nagarjun MurthyNagarjun Murthy2 kun oldin
  • My kitten did that too. I was afraid she’d break teeth biting it, though, so I had to take off all my door stops.

    lkayhlkayh2 kun oldin
  • I was as amazed as this puppy when I was a little child to this thing. I played with it a lot when I was younger lol

    Raegan JohnsonRaegan Johnson2 kun oldin
  • I think your dog might be autistic. Im sorry.

    GoronGoron2 kun oldin
  • “Allow me to play you the song of my people”. ✌🏻❤️🇬🇧

    Simon EdwardSimon Edward2 kun oldin
  • Twang! Twang! Twang! I can make it twang forever! Twang! Twang! Twang! Heeeeeeeeeee! 😆

    Hot Red headHot Red head2 kun oldin
  • Who even fcking disliked this video?????!?!?!

    Sreehari ASreehari A2 kun oldin
  • ✨💕

    iistxrlightiiiistxrlightii2 kun oldin
  • It's Alive!

    edward lewisedward lewis2 kun oldin
  • The 121 down votes and counting are probably from leftist wackos who find animal abuse in anything. Smmfh.

    John SmithJohn Smith2 kun oldin
  • My cat's recently discovered these and they love them, too. But their reaction to them is nowhere as enthusiastic as Jake's!!

    Rhianna WilliamsRhianna Williams2 kun oldin
  • He’s like “what is this strange contraption?”

    Some College KidSome College Kid2 kun oldin
  • THIS IS ACTUAL NEWS, so adorable😍💞

    Rachel FloydRachel Floyd2 kun oldin
  • I just realize this video is only about 10 seconds long. It’s just looped. Still cute though.

    KK2 kun oldin
  • “Guys, instead of investigating substantial claims of voter fraud that is tearing this country apart and putting this thing to rest, let’s do a story on a puppy, everyone loves puppies.”

    Robert CarpenterRobert Carpenter2 kun oldin
  • Look like me at work when I get an unfamiliar task.

    Span DexSpan Dex2 kun oldin
  • Can you please upload an one hour version?

    Fritz FrisbeeFritz Frisbee2 kun oldin
  • ☺️☺️☺️

    Rudia LeeRudia Lee2 kun oldin
  • This is just the most endearing thing I've watched today!

    Suchismitha BaddulaSuchismitha Baddula2 kun oldin
  • Gorgeous

    Traceygail HulakTraceygail Hulak2 kun oldin
  • Plot twist: He was paid to act as a cute boy.

    beast Badhribeast Badhri2 kun oldin
  • What puppies and kittens do.

    Cynthia PickettCynthia Pickett2 kun oldin
  • So adorable 🥰

    E SE S2 kun oldin
  • He is practising his head's movement for his future rock band

    Pritam SarkarPritam Sarkar2 kun oldin
  • his ears goddamn it. So fkn cute.

    Creative PsychoCreative Psycho2 kun oldin
  • Wholesome content

    Lucas BaldridgeLucas Baldridge2 kun oldin
  • Puppy meets... TECHNOLOGY!

    Glory ShadowGlory Shadow2 kun oldin
  • It's not a doorstop, it's a repetitive snoot booper.

    Violent RainbowViolent Rainbow3 kun oldin
  • What could a human possibly do to be universally considered this cute?

    The Fool on the HillThe Fool on the Hill3 kun oldin
  • owe 😭❤️

    ChelseaChelsea3 kun oldin
  • Now go watch the one where the cat reaches under the door to activate the spring to annoy his owner.

    MLML3 kun oldin
  • lmao he was deeply appalled by the doorstop

    grapeballgrapeball3 kun oldin
  • the thing about goldens is they NEVER grow up. if you have a 12 yr old golden then you have a 12 yr old puppy. at 12 he will come back here are have the EXACT same reaction

    Random's Favorite ThingsRandom's Favorite Things3 kun oldin
  • *puppy touches door stop* Puppy: WHOA 😱

    Latoria RandolphLatoria Randolph3 kun oldin
  • That dog is so cute.

    Jesus Servant for life333.Jesus Servant for life333.3 kun oldin
  • 😳😳😳 This is either *A.* one of the funniest things I've ever seen, *B.* one of the most adorable things I've ever seen, or (the most likely one) *C.* both.

    Landon RifeLandon Rife3 kun oldin
  • if someone can make an ai that can generate a puppy video thats infinite money and entertainment

    MegaPGMegaPG3 kun oldin
  • when you get hit in the face with rain

    FreeAim DogFreeAim Dog3 kun oldin
  • Keep fantasies to self.

    Arnoldo ContrerasArnoldo Contreras3 kun oldin
  • Showing the same clips over and over

    Brian MoutonBrian Mouton3 kun oldin