GM’s CES 2021 keynote in 10 minutes

12-Yan, 2021
156 563 Ko‘rishlar soni

GM showed off its electric roadmap, a new vehicle from Cadillac, as well as a VTOL drone concept.
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  • Middle finger to Tesla and Elon Musk!

    Daniel MastersDaniel Masters2 daqiqa oldin
  • In 20 years the US will look like Cuba as Americans desperately hold on to their aging non-internet-connected automobiles.

    OldCountrymanOldCountryman18 soat oldin
  • I would never, ever, ever buy another GM product after some of the garbage that they have sold me over the past 40 years. The Japanese, German and even some Korean cars are superior build quality with better warranties and better prices.

    OldCountrymanOldCountryman18 soat oldin
  • What is up with all of these weird accents? 🤨 We’Re A dIvErSe WoRkSpAce 🥴

    OilhazeOilhaze19 soat oldin
  • Gm, said to Tesla..."Awww cute." Now let me show you something.. Hold my beer!

    B_WinningB_Winning20 soat oldin
  • 🇰🇷 LG ~👍

    FunboxFunboxKun oldin
  • Why do I sense only crisis management and PR coming from GM and not innovation ?

    SumyunguySumyunguyKun oldin
  • Hypocrites! You killed electric car 20 years ago. The movement of electric vehicles started long ago without you . You are just trying not to fall out of the business.

    Shin NatsumeShin Natsume2 kun oldin
  • GM should invest more in NKLA. Both companies have more hot air than useful tech.

    Akash ChopraAkash Chopra3 kun oldin
  • GM is like Pixar. All drawings but nothing real or tangible 🤣.

    Akash ChopraAkash Chopra3 kun oldin
    • @Akash Chopra Battery factory is still being built in Ohio and retooling at other factories. Didn't ask you about Tesla. I have yet to see any details or a prototype of the cyber truck driving around besides Elon driving it.

      One Man On FireOne Man On Fire3 kun oldin
    • @One Man On Fire oh wow they have a single prototype? I'm selling all my Tesla shares now 🤣. Jkjk

      Akash ChopraAkash Chopra3 kun oldin
    • The Hummer ev prototype is actually driving around in the streets now. That's very real.

      One Man On FireOne Man On Fire3 kun oldin
  • 99% Render & 1% Human. They should get into the game industry instead.

    Tim's ListTim's List3 kun oldin
  • Why are electric vehicles marketed as some sort of clean way of driving? How do people think electricity is produced? The majority of electricity is still created by burning fossil fuels.

    Wayne MWayne M4 kun oldin
  • So we just in the future now?

    hambone0000hambone00004 kun oldin
  • ⚡⚡⚡

    Sherry Lennon DeWittSherry Lennon DeWitt4 kun oldin
  • The end result of all this technology is another CGI commercial

    A Fool and His MoneyA Fool and His Money4 kun oldin
  • Wow GM!!! Great Going!!!

    Srikanth JallapuramSrikanth Jallapuram4 kun oldin
  • I dont want it.

    okallupokallup4 kun oldin
  • "Super Cruise is industries truly hands free driving system" Yeah sure

    vatsal loombavatsal loomba5 kun oldin
    • Show me another system marketed as hands free in 2021.

      One Man On FireOne Man On Fire3 kun oldin
  • это очень круто!

    kolorhi vtkolorhi vt5 kun oldin
  • Wait till Toyota, Seat, Škoda, Honda, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Fiat, and Peugeot make cars like these but reliable

    335 kun oldin
  • Elon has already got the Rockets and Cars so it's time for Tesla to fuse the two and create the ultimate autonomous flying car.

    Anthony WilsonAnthony Wilson5 kun oldin
  • 0 vehicles if you keep going down the road you are one.

    Joe CullenJoe Cullen5 kun oldin
  • Very nice presentation Crystal Windhan 👏🏼👏🏼, clear and interesting!!

    Philip HnryPhilip Hnry5 kun oldin
  • who killed electric car again? only if GM was making electric cars back when they started instead on knowingly killing the EV line influenced by Oil companies .. sorry GM is the last EV i will ever buy.

    VoNVoN5 kun oldin
    • Battery technology wasn't good back then. Lead acid batteries wouldn't work hence why no one uses them today. Poor cold weather performance and overall life was a reason why they also dropped it.

      One Man On FireOne Man On Fire3 kun oldin
  • Cyberpunk 2077 is starting to look like a documentary of the future at this point

    Alexander BriggsAlexander Briggs5 kun oldin
  • Man it's about time GM got in the EV game, the planet and us, really needed it. This is why I'm a tesla fan and investors, Tesla knew from day one, the impact, electric vehicle has towards the planet and our survivality. The fact that I made some money is good but of very little importance. These are not fanatic fanfare, these are humankind problem that needs to be solved. With that said, welcome GM. Looking forward to seeing the impact you will have on this world. Blessings to everyone.

    allfamyankee85allfamyankee855 kun oldin
  • It's LG car~~

    Into the TruthInto the Truth6 kun oldin
  • SUV Vette ?!

    Ahmed AlHarmoudiAhmed AlHarmoudi6 kun oldin
  • These cars will cost so much a 10yr loan will be needed..

    zero101zero1016 kun oldin
  • If only GM had not killed the EV-1, GM could have been TESLA... now GM wants to electrify? No Vision, no innovation, all marketing.

    Ryan NakasoneRyan Nakasone6 kun oldin
  • Bose also built a killer suspension using electromagnetism. Too bad it was too costly to be put into production.

    Jack WayneJack Wayne6 kun oldin
  • Yes! All of this can be had once the U.S government bailout our company the second time so that we can afford all of this 😄🙈. GM will be bankrupt in 5yrs. GM forgot to Nikola partnership 😛🙈.

    RJ 8URJ 8U6 kun oldin
  • if I get nuirolaced maybe I will have that china elonized accent, if I put myself in chinese beavis mode

    Xpeng FangirlXpeng Fangirl6 kun oldin
  • Reimagine - almost every freaking company uses this word during launch events...

    A 90's KidA 90's Kid6 kun oldin
  • Westworld here we go!

    patrick baitmenpatrick baitmen6 kun oldin
  • a bunch of howl marketing also know as stalling until they can ketch up with tesla

    Othoap ProtoOthoap Proto6 kun oldin
    • Its all real. The battery factory in Ohio is still being built along with retooling of other factories.

      One Man On FireOne Man On Fire3 kun oldin
  • The electric frenzy feels like a dream

    Mat O'FlynnMat O'Flynn6 kun oldin
  • They are showing what Telsa showed nearly 10 years ago!! Great work GM wasting time building massive SUVs!! (duh!)

    VFX ProVFX Pro6 kun oldin
  • GM sucks

    Fernando LFernando L6 kun oldin
  • Wow gm is doing well tesla has new competition

    Darwin CollaoDarwin Collao6 kun oldin
  • not a single ICE car, wow

    J ShepinJ Shepin6 kun oldin
  • GM thinks they can bullshit their way to a higher market cap. Show us the steak !

    Shepherds KnollShepherds Knoll7 kun oldin
  • what happened to Bob Lutz? 4 years ago I remember seeing a video about how EV won't work

    SegaWalkerSegaWalker7 kun oldin
  • Look, we have a black lady at GM. We’re so inclusive haha. Buy our cars, please. Stop buying Teslas, look THE BOLT.

    Anton MarkovAnton Markov7 kun oldin
  • can you also make this with a normal motor? because I don't need electricity car

    TDP officialTDP official7 kun oldin
  • First halo now Frickn Toaster

    Captain FalconCaptain Falcon7 kun oldin
  • It's good.... I'm referring to a good marketing not a good company or product.

    Setsuka 09Setsuka 097 kun oldin
  • So can you get your tires from *lootboxes* ?

    YoungBlazeYoungBlaze7 kun oldin
  • Smells like a cyberpunk release 😳

    YoungBlazeYoungBlaze7 kun oldin
  • Nice CGI show.

    Charlie RickmanCharlie Rickman7 kun oldin
  • 2:23 yay another company to harvest our data 😀

    ggwokeggwoke7 kun oldin
  • they didn't do anything in the past decade with EV, and all of a sudden, they have everything now, what a magic

    Xiaohua XuXiaohua Xu7 kun oldin
    • It's called "behind the scenes, in their underground lab, the mad engineer toils"

      Jordan BrolyJordan Broly4 kun oldin
  • It’s one giant gimmick

    D ZD Z7 kun oldin
  • For a moment I thought I was watching Max Headroom, I thought for a moment I was. That roof is awesome. Why don't we have windows on buildings with this technology? This technology is awesome. It would save people a fortune on curtains and slats, i.e. non-horizontal window coverings vertical window coverings.

    Lee MorrisLee Morris7 kun oldin
  • Pay the Taxpayers back the 11.9 billion dollars you stole from Us.

    ExMxer3ExMxer37 kun oldin
  • What about their charger network? Without a charge network It is difficult to take these concepts and renderings seriously

    PlanetMusk VlogPlanetMusk Vlog7 kun oldin
  • So GM is catching up to the battery pack design Tesla came out with in 2012, while simultaneously Tesla is moving away from battery packs to a stronger, structural design

    PlanetMusk VlogPlanetMusk Vlog7 kun oldin
  • The circle is complete. Someone please intercut this footage with scenes from ‘who killed the electric car’... this was clearly the way to go over 20 years ago and GM had a huge head start and they pissed it away

    PlanetMusk VlogPlanetMusk Vlog7 kun oldin
  • This key note will surely give Apple's key note a tough competition

    Akhil SaiAkhil Sai7 kun oldin
  • premium upgrade its a car battle pass

    Robert GrettlerRobert Grettler8 kun oldin
  • That's good that you're naming your vehicles again bring back the El Dorado and Fleetwood

    Rick HunterRick Hunter8 kun oldin
  • Why can't hummer EV be under Cadillac ☂️. Rest all GM vehicles are 👎

    harry #harry #8 kun oldin
  • Why the f*** did they mention Fortnite?

    castortoutnucastortoutnu8 kun oldin
  • Now just stop making ICE cars and actually build these EVs

    castortoutnucastortoutnu8 kun oldin
  • For the courier stuff, GM should look at what is currently used and take an incremental step on that [largely mechanical] engineering as opposed to trying to electrify everything. I'm sure they think about the logistics of using such machines but it feels like they're forgetting the main use-case. Many many deliveries, [next to non-stop,] in places where space and time is a premium. Think of the efficiency losses from not being able to pack your truck to capacity and/or the effective fuel efficiency losses from carrying around depleted batteries for each carrying container.

    Shilvio D. LintonShilvio D. Linton8 kun oldin
    • I think there is a reason they've been working with FedEx and other carriers. They didn't design this thing in a vacuum.

      theflewtheflew8 kun oldin
  • I know this isn't GM's personal UZworld account but I'll communicate here anyway. If any percent of the population is using personal flight machines, it will be extremely loud. No one would want to live there. Walk near to a helicopter preparing to take off and you will agree with me. That's a lot of sound and a lot of wind. _No thank you._

    Shilvio D. LintonShilvio D. Linton8 kun oldin
  • SFX are kinda needed since electric vehicles are so quiet. XD

    Shilvio D. LintonShilvio D. Linton8 kun oldin
  • Thanks TESLA for paving the way.

    Danie van der WesthuizenDanie van der Westhuizen8 kun oldin
  • They think is about just making prototypes

    Paul ErhimonaPaul Erhimona8 kun oldin
  • Those Cadillacs are going to sell big time in China. They loooove Cadillacs here.

    ShimeihShimeih8 kun oldin
  • I think the best thing I have seen in GM's keynote are the clothes the presenters are wearing.

    samuel msamuel m8 kun oldin
  • CGI Motors

    Omar Alshalan - عمر الشعلانOmar Alshalan - عمر الشعلان8 kun oldin
  • That's cute but can you make a transmission that won't go out before I make my last car payment.

    bam2xl14bam2xl148 kun oldin
  • Sad that American cars are trash

    Rod G AranaRod G Arana8 kun oldin
  • Mai Cai wearing that motorcycle jacket looked a bit silly. I see several top managers dressing more casually for those events. They have to be more cautious not to over do it and look even silly sometimes. The battery concept and platform design seems similar to the used in the Volt and proposed years ago.

    corujariousacorujariousa8 kun oldin
  • I'm glad they put faces to who was going to destroy GM.

    Bear DontCareBear DontCare8 kun oldin
  • Y’all doing something right!

    Christian GatesChristian Gates8 kun oldin
  • No Cadillac for me. Globalists and commies will be making these cars now! I'd rather stick with better made imports from Europe, Korea and Japan!

    Estrading CoEstrading Co8 kun oldin
  • Truly Orwellian... Just think all that time, you will monitored, tracked, and controlled... And you will like it... Brought to you by Mama Skynet on Steroids... Now you wouldn't want to make Mama mad would you...

    T.D. PHILLIPST.D. PHILLIPS8 kun oldin
  • Does anyone else feel like you’re watching the commentary track on a sci fi movie?

    Matt GrahamMatt Graham8 kun oldin
  • So after the new hummer it's all concepts... Video was actually only about 5 minutes

    Downhill GroovyDownhill Groovy8 kun oldin
  • Well done on styling and innovation but nothing on distance possible or recharge times, you know, the most basic and important things...

    Jamie CoatsJamie Coats8 kun oldin
  • The first company that releases a brand new electric car under $29k will win this electric car race

    Downhill GroovyDownhill Groovy8 kun oldin
  • Damn GM. You changed 😳

    KexinKexin8 kun oldin
  • Translation: We were forced to move to full electric autonomy because our competition made us.

    Amour LearningAmour Learning8 kun oldin
    • Given Cruise Automation actually has driverless Bolt EV's in San Francisco I think the competition needs to catch up to them. Even Waymo only operates in the Suburbs of Phoenix.

      theflewtheflew8 kun oldin
  • Pipedreams they haven't built 1 decent ev yet

    Nick DiamondNick Diamond8 kun oldin
  • Thank you elon look what you started

    Jerry StandeckerJerry Standecker8 kun oldin
  • GM has become a true leader in CGI and marketing.

    VIncent KarabouladVIncent Karaboulad8 kun oldin
  • paid DLC content, welcome car enthusiasts to 2012 gaming, we’ve got drinks in the fridge but that’s micro transactions (available 2022).

    Abdul SadiqAbdul Sadiq8 kun oldin
  • All this starting in 2077 after the next bailout.

    Michael HeiderMichael Heider8 kun oldin
  • GM the EA of cars

    IvanPlayStation4LiFeIvanPlayStation4LiFe8 kun oldin
  • Magna and Fisker will be using the same battery technology....

    El Gringo PoliticoEl Gringo Politico8 kun oldin
    • The question is do that have a 30GW+ plant being built in Ohio right now?

      theflewtheflew8 kun oldin
  • "SuperCruise is the industrys first truly hands free driving assistance system" He had the audacity to lie in the face of the world knowing everybody in existence by know knows about Tesla...

    Turulcky XTurulcky X8 kun oldin
    • @theflew A remote route on a remote bounded location is unimpressive, Waymo have been doing it for years now. Have you hear of FSD going from SF to LA? That is real progress and real world proven technology.

      Turulcky XTurulcky X7 kun oldin
    • @Turulcky X Have you heard of GM's Cruise Automation that has vehicles operating with no drivers in San Francisco?

      theflewtheflew7 kun oldin
    • @theflew Well, all that marketing jargon makes my stomach sick. Have you heard of Tesla FSD (not autopilot) ?

      Turulcky XTurulcky X7 kun oldin
    • You must not have read your own quote "hands free". While SuperCruise is on you don't have to touch the wheel.

      theflewtheflew8 kun oldin
  • Good Stuff! 👍

    Lamar MK - Tech Videos and MoreLamar MK - Tech Videos and More9 kun oldin
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    aBrownMindWalkingThroughTimeaBrownMindWalkingThroughTime9 kun oldin
  • Democrats stole the 2020 election.

    TangledThornsTangledThorns9 kun oldin
  • GM is 95% Sizzle... 5% Steak. Did they really just use augmented reality special effects for a keynote?!?! That looked like months of filming and weeks of post-production editing. REAL EV companies have more important things to do than this overproduction. Stockholders should bale despite the avalanche of uninspired jargon in this sci-fi short!

    T FT F9 kun oldin
    • @theflew remember when blockbuster rented more Disney DVDs in a week than Netflix streamed in a year?

      T FT F7 kun oldin
    • Do you actually think they are just going to roll out their entire line-up for the next couple of years with specs and cost? There is no benefit for them to do that. Their competitors would love for them to do that. Your so called real EV company sells less vehicles worldwide than GM sells trucks in the US only.

      theflewtheflew7 kun oldin
  • to slow

    Mantvidas BalcikonisMantvidas Balcikonis9 kun oldin
  • Welcome to 2021 GM! 😂 400+ range was achieved like 3 years ago...when these products come to market those are going to be weak numbers.

    Kevin AKevin A9 kun oldin
  • 10 years behind Tesla😁😁

    Camping Diaries - Sunny NegiCamping Diaries - Sunny Negi9 kun oldin