Giant race engine into a Bush Plane 😳13 Liters goes into Scrappy build # 29

27-Sen, 2020
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  • Mike, you are insane! but... in such a lovely manner...

    One way to find outOne way to find out5 soat oldin
  • Hi Mike. When will you drop the next Scappy update as its been ages?

    Andrew MorganAndrew Morgan5 soat oldin
  • unsubscribing due to upload time exceptionally long . A rich person doesn't need us and is showing it.

    naomi3410naomi341010 soat oldin
    • Sorry to see ya go. I have no Controll of upload time so I’m not sure I understand but wishing you the best.

      Mike PateyMike Patey6 soat oldin
  • When are we getting the next instalment?

    Daniel MasseyDaniel Massey13 soat oldin
  • You re not sick I hope....

    Robert GiovannoniRobert GiovannoniKun oldin
  • Hi Mike...I love your positivity...I thought you could be a bit more creative and add a turbo to your extremely large race engine. Is that possible?

    ahmad-firdaus: cookahmad-firdaus: cookKun oldin
    • Another thing: I like your smart editing techniques.. Great Job!

      ahmad-firdaus: cookahmad-firdaus: cookKun oldin
  • Mike.... Where's the up dates I'm jonesing over here so love your creativity enthusiastic approach to aviation and life and your work ethic you are a true inspiration to finding something your patianate about wether it's aviation or not

    Chris BrowneChris BrowneKun oldin
  • Honestly, the paint job on the lift was really a well deserved mental break for you in doing something calm and peaceful.

    Sigmund SauerSigmund SauerKun oldin
  • Scrappy having a lot of HP and the prop you are going to use are you worried about Torgue roll at all?

    Corey KlaudtCorey KlaudtKun oldin
  • Mike come on man, where the next video? Im "refreshed" out. Its unfair brother. Lol

    Steve DiazSteve DiazKun oldin
  • Can’t wait to see another scrappy update! I use a ton of UZworld and this is one of my favorite channels! Can’t wait to fly one day!

    Nick ANick AKun oldin
  • What’s happening with Marks cub build?

    Jez WalshJez WalshKun oldin
  • I don't know how many UZworld Channels there are out there and I subscribe to a few, but Man I am hooked on yours! DRACO is phenomenal and SCRAPPY is downright amazing and soooo bada$$ looking! Let me know if ever in Ohio...would love to see it in person!!

    Original WmPJOriginal WmPJKun oldin
  • 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, #30! How much longer?

    Dwayne FranklinDwayne FranklinKun oldin
  • Mike. We need a video!!

    Mark SloanMark SloanKun oldin
  • Hi Mike, Three weeks and no update on scrappy

    Yasir TirmiziYasir Tirmizi2 kun oldin
  • ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Where is the new content ?????????????????????

    marksrcmodelsmarksrcmodels2 kun oldin
  • Liters mixed with cubic inches? That is NOT a nice cocktail... lol Mike, is scrappy all metric tools, all imperial, or mixed? (I remember Trent Palmer having to carry a mixed bag of tools when flying for both systems... ugh...)

    João CalhandroJoão Calhandro2 kun oldin
  • HOLY HELL! WHAT PROP IS THAT? I've never seen one of those wow!

    1996 Toyota Camry1996 Toyota Camry2 kun oldin
  • Thank you again for sharing all of this. So glade we all live at a time in history when all of what you do is possible.

    Terrell MethvinTerrell Methvin2 kun oldin
  • Waiting anxiously, excited to see where you are now

    Graham WallaceGraham Wallace2 kun oldin
  • What would the effect be if you had a standard propeller counter-rotating at normal air-speeds in front or behind the airboat one?

    Michael McNeilMichael McNeil2 kun oldin
  • Looking forward to the next video!

    Waddles' CustomWaddles' Custom2 kun oldin
  • Hi Mike... Long time no post... Hope all is well and we will see shortly. Have fun... Safe landings..

    BES RC FunBES RC Fun2 kun oldin
  • Eagerly waiting to see you fly this beauty sir

    MEElo oitMEElo oit3 kun oldin
  • Why hasn’t someone invented a parachute for small planes yet??

    BigDipper907BigDipper9073 kun oldin
    • That’s cool. They shud start making it mandatory

      BigDipper907BigDipper9072 kun oldin
    • They have. Many LSA’s and other aircraft like the Cirrus SR-22 have parachutes

      AVIATION4LIFE PersonAVIATION4LIFE Person2 kun oldin
  • When’s the next video?!

    cardonescarlsoncardonescarlson3 kun oldin
  • I NEED MY FIX !!!! When are we getting some more??? It has been over 3 weeks.

    The KelloggsThe Kelloggs3 kun oldin
  • Did I piss Mike off or is nobody else getting new content from him either?🤔.........😆

    lostgrizlostgriz3 kun oldin
  • When do we get the next video, can't wait to see this completed!

    Steven LewisSteven Lewis3 kun oldin
  • It's hard to fly a boat anchor. Why no gussets at the interior corners?

    Ron BucknerRon Buckner3 kun oldin
  • Your design has the motor wedged in so it couldn't come out

    warriorwkwarriorwk3 kun oldin
  • I was wondering how you were going to hang that much weight off the front of your aircraft. Very nice job

    warriorwkwarriorwk3 kun oldin
  • Hey Mike, are you OK... We're starving out here for a Scrappy update!! I've had more updates from my vendors than you and they're doing things we've never done before... Love ya brother, just going through withdrawals and getting worried you caught the COVID.

    Scott AshcraftScott Ashcraft3 kun oldin
  • Post a new video!! Can't wait

    Tanniu KilabukTanniu Kilabuk3 kun oldin
  • Loved that first plane !

    Michael SchallerMichael Schaller3 kun oldin

    Brian MeeceBrian Meece3 kun oldin
  • Awesome as usual Mike and Ron! Where is Chandra's channel ?? haha...

    Brian PetrowBrian Petrow3 kun oldin
  • I hope Mike Patey never gets sencored! I won't make it without my regular update on scrappy...

    Lian Le RouxLian Le Roux4 kun oldin
  • Eagerly awaiting the next video! 😃

    Marcus WernerssonMarcus Wernersson4 kun oldin
  • 00:00 John Clarke: 'Well, the front fell off!'

    RWBHereRWBHere4 kun oldin
  • Love those welds on your motor mount mod. I actually backtracked to look at em twice. 👍🙂

    Kev SimsKev Sims4 kun oldin
  • Amazing work Mike! Question. So you specifically widened the planes suspension to account for the weight on landing. You mentioned that the wider suspension will give you more braking control on tail swing during landing. How did the parachute and moving engine forward effect those calculations. Are you still where you wanna be?

    Dan FrickDan Frick4 kun oldin
  • Come on Mike 3 weeks ago you said you're almost caught up on the videos we need content. I see you posted the Merc content all that agree remind Mike he promised this content. Just live stream your shop

    marksrcmodelsmarksrcmodels4 kun oldin
  • HMM miss your videos mabye u have stopt posting ???????

    Görgen EngmanGörgen Engman4 kun oldin
  • These videos are just amazing. Do you think you could post them to some other platforms too, like bitchute and lbry to start, as youtube is systematically removing content to promote this viral hoax. You'd get a lot more followers and then I wouldn't have to support this evil platform being run to promote the fauci gates planedemic.

    Turbo TasticTurbo Tastic5 kun oldin
  • No videos for 3 weeks. We've done something to displease Mike. OH Mike, where art thou? Why have you forsaken us?

    TheJimmyTheJimmy5 kun oldin
  • Thats awesome was going to be my life but project graduation turned into project be a dad stopping 6 mos from my a@p test 5.5 years of school wasted remember that young men having that little bit of fun can cost you your future it can wait not that grate

    Jason PearceJason Pearce5 kun oldin
  • Your excitement on what you do is unparalleled. It is said that if one’s work is one’s passion... then you really don’t work...or something like that! Is it necessary to have a background on aeronautical engineering to do what you do? In any rate, it’s fantastic. Absolutely amazing watching the progress of an airplane coming to life. I found this video by accident, now I look forward to see the result of Scrappy in the air. I’m an instrument rated pilot. Best regards and success on your endeavors. Cheers from Houston, Texas.

    Wagner GitiranaWagner Gitirana5 kun oldin
  • Hey Mike I'm not a LICENSED pilot YET so maybe that has something to do with my question here... How do you calculate the weight and balance (that you have said that you have RE-CALCULATED many times) as different things get added and moved around on Scrappy? Are you actually picking the fuselage up with your overhead hoist and have some kind of scale on that? Or do you just weigh all of the separate parts and measure their distance from someplace on the frame you somehow know to be the center point or fulcrum, and, and the "RE- Calculations are just done on paper? ....I OBVIOUSLY don't have a Patey Brain...but I think I remember you saying that, "NO QUESTION is a stupid one." ....and I DO appreciate that VERY kind statement for us not so sharp folks.... :)

    Sterling MadsenSterling Madsen5 kun oldin
  • It's an engine not a motor!!! Would it not be a good Idea to put Linseed oil in the mount tubes?

    DHMovie100DHMovie1005 kun oldin
  • Tape the socket, not the nut.

    Ron WadeRon Wade5 kun oldin
    • 👍🤠

      Mike PateyMike Patey5 kun oldin
  • You talk to much makes it seem like you dont know what the hell your even doing. Just show the guys that are really putting this thing together.

    adeleon37adeleon375 kun oldin
  • This thing is going to reach Vne going vertical

    Adam BehnkeAdam Behnke6 kun oldin
  • His arms are tired after this vid

    Eva OrkEva Ork6 kun oldin
  • I've been working in the aircraft industry for over 30 years and counting ... I've never heard that gravity will keep your bolts in ... and that vibration will prevent your bolts to loosen up ... that's why we use security wiring on the nuts ... maybe this guy knows some secrets of physic we ignore ... lucky him !

    doncarlo5doncarlo56 kun oldin
    • @doncarlo5 thanks 👍🤠 charging forward my friend

      Mike PateyMike Patey6 kun oldin
    • @Mike Patey thanks for the reply, I think you are doing a great job, and your project is definitely an interesting one ... putting the bolts from top down is a good idea ( whenever possible ), unfortunately as you've already experienced yourself, ( during your builds ), it is not always the case, that's why double check is mandatory ! Keep us posted with the development ! we can't wait to see it airborne ! Have a good one !

      doncarlo5doncarlo56 kun oldin
    • I think I could have done a better job in my edits and explanations. 🤷‍♂️🤠 if that’s what you understood I missed it on one or both. On all aircraft we install bolts top down so if somehow a bolt did not have a safety wire missed by a mechanic, and it happens, resulting in killing many pilots over the years as you must know. the bolts stay in and even with vibration the gravity keeps them downward. It’s not absolute but If I installed bolts so gravity didn’t keep them in during a mistake by a mechanic i would be a laughing stock of lindy and other award judges that gave me top honors on many of my builds. I’m surprised you have never heard to install all bolts when possible from top down. Also I never said that vibration keeps the bolts from loosening up, just that when possible take advantage at every extra safety option. Of course I use one of various locking nuts and safety wire on everything. But when it’s free safety why not install all the bolts for the worst case or mistakes later. Sorry if my editing or the way I said it gave you that impression. It is so far from what I intended and others didn’t understand it the way you did. I will try and be more careful in the future. Thanks for your thoughts and comment. Cheers

      Mike PateyMike Patey6 kun oldin
  • the tools this guy has ... would make NASA green of envy !

    doncarlo5doncarlo56 kun oldin
  • So ehhmm... when next video coming up? I need a good video soon🥺

    Pascal Robert - Rc CreationsPascal Robert - Rc Creations6 kun oldin
  • When is the next video? I'm seriously suffering from Mike Patey withdrawal!

    Kevin StephensonKevin Stephenson7 kun oldin
  • Instead of tape to retain a nut or bolt in a deep socket, tear a little strip off a blue disposable shop towel and lay it across the open end of the socket before pushing the nut in. When you pull the socket off it will just fall away instead of sticking in place.

    TimTheInspectorTimTheInspector7 kun oldin
    • Great idea I use that as well 👍🤠

      Mike PateyMike Patey6 kun oldin
  • On behalf of all Scrappyheads... withdrawal setting in... need some resin to get right, man. Hope all is well and the whole Patey Gang is busy making cool stuff.

    Travis KleinTravis Klein8 kun oldin
  • That's a good looken aircraft. My hummel UC will have a 350 hp turbo 4 cylinder vw engine in it..

    Gerald NordahlGerald Nordahl8 kun oldin
  • Mike,, I keep checking everyday..... Getting impatient here

    Rudy UngerRudy Unger8 kun oldin
  • Lol that engine stand was an engine hoist... I own that exact model and used to use it to remove the engine from my car (3 times before i sold it lol)

    Zachary HeinZachary Hein8 kun oldin
  • Loved your explanation of your design for your motor mount. Really clever! That is a beautiful piece of design and construction.

    Christophe BlanchiChristophe Blanchi8 kun oldin
  • Mikey McBryan recommended you . You had me at a monster motor in a Cub..

    Mark LittleMark Little9 kun oldin
  • Mike How is business This days? I think bad. 2 weeks nothing from you on UZworld .

    Polska DyzmowPolska Dyzmow9 kun oldin
  • Motor mount...genius!

    Jim DanielJim Daniel9 kun oldin
  • 0:03 "the front fell off"

    philip4x4guyphilip4x4guy9 kun oldin
  • Did anyone else see Taylor swift on his TV?

    A10_Squad_BrrtttA10_Squad_Brrttt9 kun oldin
  • Mike , come on with the 8th wonder of the world videos! everyone that I can show Scrappy & Draco to, have been just as crazy to see the next video. its been a blessing and a curse showing them the "Mike Patey". always getting text or calls asking when will the next video be up ? keep up the great world advancements

    Kevin BrickleyKevin Brickley9 kun oldin
  • Hey Mike , we need a ‘best tug’ tug to pull a train apart in London UK. 🤪 up to the challenge?

    Antonio rodrigues FerreiraAntonio rodrigues Ferreira9 kun oldin
  • Content we need more content LifeStream this thing.

    marksrcmodelsmarksrcmodels10 kun oldin
  • Mike if you ever have that same issue with a screw, whether its phillips, torx, or allen, a dab of grease on the driver will keep the hardware stuck to the driver while you get it into position.

    forrest225forrest22510 kun oldin
  • It is called a positioner

    RoyRoy10 kun oldin
  • grew up son of a&p and atp witnessed my dad work on his own planes tripacer to 310Q and everything in between. we lived at the airport practically thank you awesome build

    John NewmanJohn Newman10 kun oldin
  • Ok, I think this guy is damn good at what he does and I applaud that. Now, for what reason did he go through all that work to build that engine stand when he could have just used a standard engine angle adjuster between the hoist and engine? Simple to just carefully roll the aircraft up to the engine then slowly install the engine to the engine mount assembly.

    Gloria DevosGloria Devos11 kun oldin
    • Addition 1; Given the additional weight and generated engine torque I think using either solid billet rods or at least very thick tubular steel to make sure the frame doesn't distort from the hard landings bush planes are noted for. Could even fill the frame tubing with concrete which will improve the strength ten times but I'm not so sure the FAA certification inspector would accept. That prop is damn nice and those blades move a serious amount of air and all that is applied to the motor frame. If it was my bird, I'd use a couple pieces of billet at the most vulnerable areas just to be safe and add a couple steel reinforcing corner plates as well. I wouldn't go overboard on the steel plates, just a couple or few inches. I apologize if I seem to be a laptop engineer, lol, just tossing in my humble opinion and if I offended the builder, I apologize in advance, that wasn't my intent.

      Gloria DevosGloria Devos11 kun oldin
  • 500HP on a sport cub is not enough?

    Keith WhismanKeith Whisman11 kun oldin
  • #30, it’s time

    Dwayne FranklinDwayne Franklin11 kun oldin
  • If you are ever at FFZ, MSC I want to know! I would love to meet you!

    Aaron DuBoisAaron DuBois11 kun oldin
  • Over mount it ... use bolts twice as big as you need. Use all the tricks you mentioned ... My philosophy with cars is that if you build it for 600hp but only run it at 400hp you can do it all day long without issue.

    James NeiditchJames Neiditch11 kun oldin
  • What is the estimated weight gonna be and your useful load??

    Greg WatrubaGreg Watruba11 kun oldin
  • Just machining my own fly wheel no big

    kc freemankc freeman11 kun oldin
  • I'm dying for a new video. I know the next one will be worth the wait. "Back to work"

    Brian FBrian F12 kun oldin
  • I love how you don't cut a single corner... Not even on a motor stand. I'd fly with you any day!! Hint hint..

    StemToStern MSStemToStern MS12 kun oldin
  • Call it an articulated engine stand.

    Luke *Luke *12 kun oldin
  • Not too sure what's more insane, the plane of the madman building it?😉😂

    endwoodendwood12 kun oldin
  • What machine did Mike use to TIG that chromoly? I know its in a couple of the videos but I don't remember what it was.

    OneShoePilotOneShoePilot12 kun oldin
  • Congratulations - big milestone with the Scrappy build.

    Alan MorrisAlan Morris12 kun oldin
  • Did you include your Weight

    Martin KelleyMartin Kelley12 kun oldin
  • There are limits on machines for a reason. You can't stuff 10 pounds of stuff in a 5 pound bag.

    Larry SmithLarry Smith13 kun oldin
  • Heaven Forbid there is bolt failure of stress tolerance or shearing. is it possible to build a square around underneath to catch the motor from falling off.

    Tickled Funny BoneTickled Funny Bone13 kun oldin
  • At 16:16, Scrappy tells Mike to slow down! You’re working TOO FAST!!

    Ross LeavittRoss Leavitt13 kun oldin
  • The concept behind the motor mount bolts is genius. I love it!

    FayenwolfFayenwolf13 kun oldin
  • Love the build, I'm curious; why mechanical fuel pump as well as 2 electrics? I know mechanical pumps can flow a ton more fuel the electrics but they're also significantly less efficient then electric pumps. What's the layout of these pumps going to be? Mechanical for cruising then the electric pumps kick on for high altitude stuff or am I way off?

    CarguycarsonCarguycarson13 kun oldin
  • That open is how you make an entrance!😂🤣

    workingclassmfworkingclassmf13 kun oldin
  • I'm so confused. Is Scrappy getting a motor or engine? Half the time it's a motor half an engine.

    J T the brickJ T the brick13 kun oldin
  • I bet you drive a T-Bucket to work every day. This is just American hot rodding with wings.

    Chris HennikerChris Henniker13 kun oldin
    • He drives an airplane to work!

      Ross LeavittRoss Leavitt13 kun oldin
  • My God this guy's energy is really annoying. So much talking, so little getting to the point

    ScienceBitchScienceBitch13 kun oldin
  • You weld is perfect.👏

    Onur AdıyamanOnur Adıyaman13 kun oldin