GETTING RID OF ALL OF MY MAKEUP COLLECTION | PART 2 + honest talk about makeup.

10-Yan, 2021
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Hey Larlees, todays video is a major eyeshadow palette declutter. I'm bored and I like to organize and clean out in my down time, it relaxing to me so I thought during quarantine what better time to go through my makeup collection and get rid of any eyeshadow palette I won't be using. Plus I like to give the makeup to friends and family members who would love some new products! Thanks for watching, don't forget to enter the giveaway!
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  • Laura, what a mammoth task! So proud of your efforts. I can’t wait to come to the realisation that I can’t keep all my makeup (like you). Maybe next year.

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  • This was a fun video. Watched part one so I had to see part 2.

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  • Lauuuuurrrraaaa!!! I love watching you do this since I literally have 6 tiny acrylic drawers (from 99 cent store) of makeup and could never a declutter cuz then I'd have nothing lol. 🤞 You pick me as a winner. Ig: @saleena.27 ILYSM 💖💖💖💖

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    • Also, the KVD eyeshadow primer is supposedly not good. I heard it's like an oil and slippy.

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  • I literally did a deep clean several years ago and sold half the things I own if not more. I literally only have what I need. It’s so freeing! If I get a new home decor piece or anything to replace something else the old gets sold or thrown.

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