Georgia Bulldogs vs. Arkansas Razorbacks | 2020 College Football Highlights

26-Sen, 2020
159 227 Ko‘rishlar soni

Check out highlights of the 2020 season opener for the No. 4 Georgia Bulldogs and the Arkansas Razorbacks.
#CFB #CFBHighlights
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  • Bro I actually thought the bulldogs was gonna lose at first 😭 I was gonna be up set if they did 😭

    Life or Death kun ChanLife or Death kun Chan7 kun oldin
  • As a Georgia fan, I was impressed too by Arkansas. It turns out they're a better team than people thought they were going to be. After the Georgia game, they knocked off Mississippi State on the road and Auburn needed a last second field goal to beat them.

    denzelsnipes69denzelsnipes697 kun oldin
  • david bowie

    azazel azazelazazel azazel16 kun oldin
  • 🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗

    iHOGZiHOGZ16 kun oldin
  • Mississippi State plays Arkansas this weekend my prediction Mississippi state 45 Arkansas 13

    Wyatt MosesWyatt Moses17 kun oldin
    • incorrect

      Colorful SnacksColorful Snacks15 kun oldin
  • Hey Georgia the "Mean Machine" called they want their uniforms back. Come on guys have some pride in your tradition for a minute, your home jersey looks like a cartoon

    walter7199walter719918 kun oldin
  • I’m not going to lie Georgia is not winning the east this year😕😬😬

    TlowSZNTlowSZN19 kun oldin
    • Obi Wan Kenobi They beat a trash auburn there 2-0 chill😬

      TlowSZNTlowSZN16 kun oldin
    • What was that?

      Obi Wan KenobiObi Wan Kenobi16 kun oldin
  • 4:44 anytime a team runs that motion that guy gets the ball. Unless you're Arkansas and hes wide open for a walk in TD apparently

  • How did cook lil bro do?

    Jason WoodJason Wood19 kun oldin
  • Filipe franks.... he a Florida transfer?

  • Nothing wrong with Stetson Bennet. Watch Kirby bench him for JT lololol

    RJRJ19 kun oldin
  • Arkansas started out really well, and they just lost the aggression. Kind of a sloppy first half though

    Zachary RissmanZachary Rissman19 kun oldin
  • Georgia can’t run the ball. Their QBs suck but the most glaring issue was their weak running game. O line is soft and RBs are supremely overrated. Both are 5 stars in White and Cook and both are bums.

    elevateSOLOelevateSOLO19 kun oldin
  • Georgia let the special needs team get ahead then put them down that will happen with every single decent team

    Troy WallaceTroy Wallace19 kun oldin
  • If the halves were switched, I don’t think anyone would be concerned about georgias performance.

    BIG DOMBIG DOM20 kun oldin
  • Good second half adjustments but as a Dawg fan- been saying this from the beginning. Pittman is more than just a Xs and Os gameday coach- he's a culture builder. Best hire in the SEC this offseason far and away. Love the man and all of dawg nation should too

    tvmtaylortvmtaylor20 kun oldin
    • You’re correct and now the hogs just won and Pittman got his first win

      Cade OkCade Ok16 kun oldin
  • You're always welcomed back home Kirby. Not going to be in Georgia long when you can't get that offense together

    Tim OvertonTim Overton21 kun oldin
  • My second favorite team is the Memphis tigers. If Arkansas don’t straighten up I will never be a fan of theirs again!

    Alex KempAlex Kemp21 kun oldin
  • I think Arkansas will go to a bowl game this year. My top 25R Clemson won Alabama to Georgia three Oklahoma four Memphis Tigers five LSU six Ole Miss seven Arkansas eight Tennessee nine Virginia tech 10 TCU 11 Oklahoma 12 Auburn 13 Florida 50 Kentucky sixteen Mississippi State 17 Iowa State 14 South Carolina 19 Texas A&M 20 Tennessee 21 Chattanooga 22 BYU 23 Penn State £.24 and the final one is Oklahoma State 25 baby.

    Alex KempAlex Kemp21 kun oldin
  • Arkansas gave that game away with forced throws and terrible turnovers. If UGA plays like that agaisnt a decent team I don't think it'll go so well.

    Tanner wilsonTanner wilson21 kun oldin
  • news

    Kimberly BarriosKimberly Barrios21 kun oldin
  • Mathis sucks at qb was Kirby trying to make Mathis a star qb because he is black?

    ray jayray jay21 kun oldin
  • Can’t wait to play Arkansas Saturday

    Jordan SmithJordan Smith21 kun oldin
  • If I was kirby...ill used Mathis just for option read plays just like any otger smart coach would do like urban Myers did tebow

    jackkk frossjackkk fross21 kun oldin
  • Mathis is garbage.

    Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin21 kun oldin
  • Stetson Bennett was the stud of day. It was his day to shine . And shine he did hope this gives him a legitagimite shot for the title

    Amy HarrellAmy Harrell21 kun oldin
  • Destroyed those inbred pig fuckers

    Ray KanishkaRay Kanishka21 kun oldin
  • We where able to hold our own for a while and impressed with my hogs

    SportsFrenzySportsFrenzy21 kun oldin
  • who won this game?

    brad dyerbrad dyer21 kun oldin
  • Did georgia do good? NO not at all, but by all means, arkansas played their hearts out. This wasn't the scrawny easy team we were looking at. They played like a true football team. Arkansas and mississippi state we're WAY underrated this year. All SEC teams that aren't ranked were. I look forward to seeing arkansas as a top teir team in a few years, looks like a good coaching system to me!

    Jay TeaJay Tea21 kun oldin
  • No matter how you chop it up, after the hogs TD it was all dawgs. Whether it was poor execution or good execution, it was all UGA. The hogs were just there.

    Bearded DawgBearded Dawg21 kun oldin
  • Arkansas Fan Here, the Game ended exactly how it should have. Both teams made mistakes and Penalties. Georgia shot themselves in the foot many times. Arkansas did not capitalize on opportunities to get at least 1-2 more touchdowns with wide open receivers + interceptions. Plus they had penalties. Hogs Defense is much improved but the offense needs a lot of work. In the end Georgia’s talent took over and put the game to sleep. I think the hogs can win 2-3 sec games this year.

    THE TX ROSETHE TX ROSE21 kun oldin
  • Where is Bumper Poole's hit (the best most exciting hit of the game)?

    Hunter HallHunter Hall21 kun oldin
  • arkansas heart breakers needs to change 1994 basketball team cant be our only destroyer mentality we can get

    Laptop ProfitsLaptop Profits22 kun oldin
  • This is the loudest crowd I've heard in a while. 😪

    pjredpillpjredpill22 kun oldin
  • Georgia won that game on talent alone. Thats not going to help them next weekend when Auburn comes to town

    Timothy hopperTimothy hopper22 kun oldin
  • Auburn fan here hoping Ga starts Mathis

    Kira OwensKira Owens22 kun oldin
  • Everybody calm down on Mathis he hasn’t played in a year and just came off Brain surgery. I do think Bennett should start but don’t slander Mathis if you didn’t know what he went through

    NoahNoah22 kun oldin
  • UGA offense has a longgggg way too go or it will be a longgggg season

    Leeroy JenkinsLeeroy Jenkins22 kun oldin
  • Where are the hogs now hahaha GOOOO DAWGS

    Brant UGABrant UGA22 kun oldin
  • Dear Kirby Smart, Don't ever let Mathis start as QB ever again

    _delorenzo_16_delorenzo_1622 kun oldin
    • @_delorenzo_16 I know Justin Fields wanted to transfer. Turns out he made the right decision. He made it to the playoffs while unfortunately our Bulldogs didn't. I wish he'd stayed but I don't hate him for leaving. I wish him well as long as he's not playing Georgia.

      denzelsnipes69denzelsnipes697 kun oldin
    • @denzelsnipes69 and if you remember Justin Fields WANTED to transfer anyway because he couldn't get his way and be the starter even though they already had one ( Jake Fromm) and they couldn't just toss him aside just for a freshman who was very inaccurate with his passing and was inconsistent...he's a good player now but he wasn't when he played at Georgia, which was why he was a back up quarterback who played in the second half

      _delorenzo_16_delorenzo_167 kun oldin
    • @denzelsnipes69 I only said to not let him start. I didn't say he was trash directly. Of course Kirby is going to let him get in the game at some point but as of right now, he needs to improve a LOT if he wants the starter position

      _delorenzo_16_delorenzo_167 kun oldin
    • denzelsnipes69 exactly. Mathis can be a good player, he honestly reminds me of cam; but he needs time to develop

      akaPabloakaPablo7 kun oldin
    • It's a shame how some people who claim to be Georgia fans are quick to dump on Mathis. Some even seem to take pleasure that he played so poorly. But this is a guy who less than two years ago had brain surgery and just wasn't ready. Most other QBs UGA has had recently would've been shown respect by the fans for being courageous enough to even try to play big time football after that. Georgia fans were quick to jump all over Justin Fields too. There seems to be pattern here but I just can't put my finger on it.

      denzelsnipes69denzelsnipes697 kun oldin
  • Mid way into the 3rd quarter and only 5 points, thats's ridiculous in the SEC, won't go far playing like that.

    Good FriendGood Friend22 kun oldin
  • Dawgs not really impressing me with this performance.....

    Good FriendGood Friend22 kun oldin
  • uga looks a bit suspect.. not top 5... prob top 15

    Utooob76Utooob7622 kun oldin
    • Almost every top team looked suspect the except of course Alabama...

      -_--_-21 kun oldin
  • college football makes me so moist. Glad to have a season this year

    jeffrey proffittjeffrey proffitt22 kun oldin
  • They went back to natural grass like ole miss lol. Only two stadiums left with Turf in the SEC??

    BrandonBrandon22 kun oldin
    • Arkansas has had natural grass for about 4 years now, not a single sole has copied shitty ole miss

      Tanner WinnTanner Winn22 kun oldin
  • Supposedly JT was cleared yesterday....thank god

    SavageSavage22 kun oldin
    • What makes you think jt is good

      big dawgbig dawg18 kun oldin
  • Arkansas played a impressive half against top ranked UGA!

    The Crimson KnightThe Crimson Knight22 kun oldin
    • Absolutely- lot of credit to Pittman who people loved to doubt bc he didnt have HC experience. The guy knows how to build a team and an environment conducive to hard work and winning together

      tvmtaylortvmtaylor20 kun oldin
  • Great 4th Quarter Dawgs!

    D SD S22 kun oldin
  • Big game next weekend between Auburn and Georgia, can't wait!

    D SD S22 kun oldin
    • Davis Shikle auburn will win

      josh lameyjosh lamey21 kun oldin
    • I think Georgia might win by 7 maybe, I would not be surprised if Auburn won though.

      D SD S22 kun oldin
  • The best you can do is 720p... really ESPN?

    Ian EulerIan Euler22 kun oldin
  • hey

    victoria helburnvictoria helburn22 kun oldin
  • Hi Georgia Bulldogs AND Arkansas Razorbacks.

    Anthony BeckumAnthony Beckum22 kun oldin
  • I’m looking at the GA QB situation and I’m like u got guys who are to haven’t really proved themselves and I know it’s the first game but hey SEC is tuff especially since Florida looks good and The Bulldogs beat LSU and Alabama rolls over Mizz Tigers

    Tez JacksonTez Jackson22 kun oldin
  • Mathis looks like he never played football and Moving forward Daniels could be the answer but as u can see it’s not easy in the SEC and You can’t think your coming come from another conference and play good this is the hardest physical conference in all of football

    Tez JacksonTez Jackson22 kun oldin
  • Go to 5:25 to watch Georgia Football

    Will GretzkyWill Gretzky22 kun oldin
  • Greg McGarity should tell Kirby to just worry about the defense and leave the offense alone. Any time Kirby interferes with the offense he should be fined.

    Broke DickBroke Dick22 kun oldin
  • hogs are going to be decent this year 100 percent but we need to have better 2nd halves and we can be good

    Jayden GarnesJayden Garnes22 kun oldin
  • LOL How many times are we gonna hear you uga fans say y’all are gonna have an offense? Just face it, Kirby is hard headed. See you bums in 3 weeks. Idiots!

    CrimsonBraveCrimsonBrave22 kun oldin
  • Don't understand why they play Franks. He was very inconsistent when at Florida and I don't see him getting any better where he is now. If they want to be competitive they need to find a real QB.

    Chris ThorntonChris Thornton22 kun oldin
  • Awful teams not a pro on the field.

    Julio GarciaJulio Garcia22 kun oldin
  • Go Dawgs I have high hopes for them this year 🙌🏻🔥

    Danny P.Danny P.22 kun oldin
  • georgia new uniforms lookin kinda fruity ngl

    1000 subscribers with no videos challenge1000 subscribers with no videos challenge22 kun oldin
  • I just glad Dawgs actually threw the ball over the middle. Used its tightends. D looks good. Online needs work and playing games will fix that. Still a dangerous team for years to come.

    waltermccreary11waltermccreary1122 kun oldin
    • Oline

      waltermccreary11waltermccreary1122 kun oldin
  • Joe Flacco quarterback would

    Robert HarveyRobert Harvey22 kun oldin
  • NFL new Jersey new York jets

    Robert HarveyRobert Harvey22 kun oldin
  • Granted, GA defense is one of the best, if not the best, in the SEC. But what is all boils down to is this. GA shot themselves in the foot throughout the 1st. half. Not due to Ark. defense, but due to their own mistakes. Otherwise, it seemed to me that I was watching just another game that could have been from 2018 or 2019. Franks is "questionable" at QB and the best offensive threats Ark. had were not used effectively (Burks and Boyd). Bumper Pool, on defense" was the best Hog on the field. He played with skill and intensity. Something the rest of the team needed more of. It's going to be a long, long, disappointing season but judging from the f**ked up schedule they are facing, it is not unexpected.

    RebReb22 kun oldin
  • the interceptions are on point!! go dawgs 🥳🥳

    Carson SizemoreCarson Sizemore22 kun oldin
  • GA. ,, lame as usual,, tide will roll over you.

    James KirkJames Kirk22 kun oldin
  • I love my dawgs but, they need to get it together the defense looks good ... but, the offense need help and Bennett need to be the QTR BACK...

    bih katbih kat22 kun oldin
  • Georgia better fear Florida with that sorry excuse for an offense Florida beats Arkansas 56-0 easy

    FloridaMan 255FloridaMan 25522 kun oldin
    • And florida's defense? 🤣🤣🤣

      Daniel BurnleyDaniel Burnley22 kun oldin
  • We need JT bad. Stetson played well, but against Arkansas...

    God's ArmorGod's Armor22 kun oldin
  • and franks still can not be the dawgs

    tafari ricetafari rice23 kun oldin
  • Top 4 team...

    Devin DossDevin Doss23 kun oldin
  • Hope Mathis gets back to what he can do and does well. He looked lost out there. As anyone would given what he has gone through. Bennett balled out though. I really like him for us this year and let Mathis take some snaps to change it up and let him get back to what he does

    Cory WhiteCory White23 kun oldin
  • 370th comment

    javier book shadows contributor dujavier book shadows contributor du23 kun oldin
  • Amazing but I believe Alabama has four quarterbacks that would start at Georgia and possibly five. In 2 weeks since we have our defense playing well this year I believe Alabama is going to treat Georgia in a very very nasty way. Georgia, the play you're getting out of the quarterback position is laughable. How in gods name did Kirby run off both Eason and Fields? If a Coach can't tell the difference between those two quarterbacks and what Georgia has actually put on the field last year and this year then I would have serious doubts about their coaching ability.... watching this game I would say your offense produced about what? 14 Points actually on their own if that? Georgia the forward pass has been around a long long time but it sure looks like you guys are just now discovering it.

    Marketing Heavy Duty Tow CompaniesMarketing Heavy Duty Tow Companies23 kun oldin
  • Hey Arkansas...why don't you play Arkansas State?!? Oh yeah yall are scared to do so even after you removed that clause stating yall couldn't play other teams in your state.

    Kasey BKasey B23 kun oldin

    Zuhpreme USZuhpreme US23 kun oldin
  • Good lord this was some really bad football.... Georgia is EXTREMELY overrated

    brandon Perkinsbrandon Perkins23 kun oldin
    • Lmao come back when you finish the video

      Drew HiltzheimerDrew Hiltzheimer22 kun oldin
  • This is a perfect reason why I went from being 95% sure we would beat Florida, to 55% thinking we’d edge out Florida last year. Frank’s has an insane arm and upside but his floor is below rock bottom and he too easily fluctuates

    Primal WardenPrimal Warden23 kun oldin
  • Now we know why Mathis wears number two.

    Rodney StaplerRodney Stapler23 kun oldin
  • Lmaooo Franks is 0-4 vs UGA what a clown 😂 sorry Arkansas you played a good half but UGA won’t give you free points

    Brett WeberBrett Weber23 kun oldin
  • Take them NEW uniforms off

    Wendel WhiteWendel White23 kun oldin
  • Y’all really hyped up D Mathis🤣 that’s James Blackmon Jr

    CJ DORSEYCJ DORSEY23 kun oldin
    • LMAO 😂 TRUE

      -_--_-21 kun oldin
  • Life of a hog fan, in matter of three minutes you go from being up by 5 to down by 17....

    Part-Time VeganPart-Time Vegan23 kun oldin
    • I turned the radio on in the car and the score was 7 to 5. Went into a store, came out and the score was 10 to 34. 😑

      Tbone311Tbone31119 kun oldin
  • Nobody waste more 5 star talent than UGA

    CJ DORSEYCJ DORSEY23 kun oldin
    • lmao as much as i like them this is big facts

      SoloSoStussy23SoloSoStussy2322 kun oldin
  • Hogs are terrible. Ever since their students were walking around with tiki torches yelling antisemitic remarks, their athletic department has taken a nose dive. Any decent parent would tell their kid to apply elsewhere.

    Charles ThornburgCharles Thornburg23 kun oldin
  • Honest hog fan here, Georgia best themselves in the first half.... our playing calling was terrible and our quarterback threw two picks, almost three and missed some key throws... it’s gonna be a long year

    Part-Time VeganPart-Time Vegan23 kun oldin
    • CylonActual I really don’t get how people see Georgia fumbling, throwing a pick, having several mis snaps, and Poor quarterback play as “good defense” by Arkansas. In the second half when they let the backup quarterback play, they lit the hogs up. I’m trying to not follow the narrative, but instead follow the facts. I’m going to ask where is this improved defense you speak of when Mississippi state rolls into town and puts up 40. Remember this comment

      Part-Time VeganPart-Time Vegan22 kun oldin
    • it is what it is. Arkansas showed a lot of progress, especially on defense, from last year. Its clearly visible that they have some legit coaching finally. It will take years for Arkansas to undo the damage done in recent years

      CylonActualCylonActual22 kun oldin
  • You can already see the culture change, discipline and attitude change from Arkansas. Looks like a whole diff team even though they lost

    Donald J. Trump aka your daddyDonald J. Trump aka your daddy23 kun oldin

    Isaac KimIsaac Kim23 kun oldin
    • *You're

      El RocoEl Roco22 kun oldin
  • We may have threw the game at the first half BUT WE CAME BACK LIKE REAL BULLDOGS. GO DAWGS

    Claps On fnClaps On fn23 kun oldin
  • “They had us in the first half” GO DAWGS

    garner dorminygarner dorminy23 kun oldin
  • I take back every thing negatively about Bennett. But if we play catch up against Florida, Alabama, or even Auburn at this point we will be eaten alive

    The Truth Is RealThe Truth Is Real23 kun oldin
  • Ohh that’s where felipe went 😂😂😂

    deonta holmesdeonta holmes23 kun oldin
  • Looks like the ol' INT-prone Franks. He still has the tendency of trying to fit the ball into a tight window too often. He needs a good QB coach.

    GeekElmGeekElm23 kun oldin

    Stephen HarvilleStephen Harville23 kun oldin
    • Arkansas is much improved. A ways to go still. I’m a Dawg fan myself. My point was Ark is a far better team than App St. or Samford ( our ordinary tune up games). It’s always a good barometer for areas that need work. That said, I don’t think Mathis is the answer.

      Stephen HarvilleStephen Harville22 kun oldin
    • But i agree,folks need to calm down. My fanbase has gone in panic mode and I'm just like yall need to chill it was first game lol..I knew this stuff would happen when you haven't practiced all year long!

      XEverlastingXChaosXXEverlastingXChaosX22 kun oldin
    • Arkansas is a terrible team lol,they just came to play each other wasn't gonna let the game get out of hand,Arky knew they would end up losing this one..Kirby was helping Sam get his team a good look to start the season.

      XEverlastingXChaosXXEverlastingXChaosX22 kun oldin
  • That offense is way to slow

    Campbell InvestmentsCampbell Investments23 kun oldin
  • I dont understand why Pittman doesn't work on Frank's and do more things he can do. Trying to make him something he's not

    Campbell InvestmentsCampbell Investments23 kun oldin
  • That qb doesn't look 2 hot

    Campbell InvestmentsCampbell Investments23 kun oldin