Futurist & Hacker Reveals How To Solve World's Biggest Problems

23-Okt, 2020
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Patrick Bet-David sits down with inventor and hacker Pablos Holman to talk about climate change, innovation of technology and what the future will look like.
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About the guest: Pablos is a notorious hacker, inventor, entrepreneur and technology futurist who thinks differently to solve the world’s biggest problems by inventing new technology. At The Intellectual Ventures Lab, he has worked on a brain surgery tool, a machine to suppress hurricanes, 3D food printers, and a laser that can shoot down mosquitos - part of an impact invention effort to eradicate malaria with Bill Gates. Previously, Pablos helped build spaceships with Jeff Bezos at Blue Origin; the world’s smallest PC; 3D printers at Makerbot; artificial intelligence agent systems; and the Hackerbot, a robot that can steal passwords on a Wi-Fi network.
About Patrick Bet-David: CEO, author and Founder of Valuetainment Media. Patrick has interviewed athletes, notorious individuals, politicians, authors and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.
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  • Dripping with someone's agenda, and mouthing the words of the virtuous. Sounds like the road paved to hell.

    Mark ArgentiMark ArgentiSoat oldin
  • Neither one wants to allude to "man created virus", so not to sound like conspiracy goofs. Really? Since 1914, (First World War) 200 nations around the earth have had their own chemical and bio-warfare programs, whether they admit it or not. International law is meaningless. Every new war we see, ends up exposing bio-weapons on one side or both. Imagine how many mistakes and blunders and escaping viruses have happened the LAST 100 years times 200 nations. New diseases? Guess again.

    toncuztoncuz13 soat oldin
  • This guy is totally signed up to the fascists WEF plans, he's like a salesman, and he giggles at some creepy moments, don't trust this guy !!!!!!

    Martin WiltshireMartin Wiltshire13 soat oldin
  • Did that guy just say that this is the first time the west has experienced contagious viruses? Wow

    BrandiBrandiKun oldin
  • did we forget already covid was already patented before pandemic and the money trail leads to Fauci, Obama, Gates , Wuhan...

    madame_crypto 88madame_crypto 88Kun oldin
  • remind me why we are discussing vaccines with a hacker

    madame_crypto 88madame_crypto 88Kun oldin
  • Humans do naturally want to be taken care of but however when gov't has taken the role of taking care of its people it always took the people's freedoms away. Rome fell because the people started trusting in gov't. The nanny state we are having right now is from this model. We have to work. You cannot have this type of model and expect it to work cause it will NOT work. Also why is it that they put all small businesses out calling them non essential when we are all essential. Why did they attack the independent businesses? Because they want you DEPENDENT upon the gov't. Govt and tech have attacked our freedom our civil liberties. Fact is you should ask why is bill Gates buying up farm land right now? Why is it that they got subsides that we the little guys who will pay these taxes and they get to skip hop and jump all the way to the bank. It's evil what is going on and we must not allow them to force this upon everyone and let it go naturally by people being persuaded to their ideas. This whole plandemic simulation they pulled on us is WRONG. They even stole tye election and we KNOW it. They think that just because they have the knowledge of how computers work that we can't figure out what they are doing. Well they are wrong WE KNOW.

    BamaDixieDelight LucyQBamaDixieDelight LucyQKun oldin
  • Dangerous.

    Highland_BearHighland_BearKun oldin
  • 400 million died of SMALLPOX

    ShyNoteShyNote2 kun oldin
  • President Trump asked & Demanded Medical Scientists to take the Foot OFF THE BRAKE!!!!!!!

    ShyNoteShyNote2 kun oldin
  • China Green House Gases!

    ShyNoteShyNote2 kun oldin

    ShyNoteShyNote2 kun oldin
  • Capitalism!!!!!!

    ShyNoteShyNote2 kun oldin
  • Trump has already asked that question to California people regarding forest fires issues. It’s the Democrats that don’t care about the people in California. You don’t need Government involved in STATE MATTERS! Businesses need to get involved.

    ShyNoteShyNote2 kun oldin
  • You Patrick, Love GOD Sir-has-no-balls thinks he is HIM

    Tracie TrosclairTracie Trosclair2 kun oldin
  • 45 YardsLive45 YardsLive2 kun oldin
  • Good observation about lawyers. Way too many and soon to be an obsolete profession

    Jose BarreraJose Barrera2 kun oldin
  • Backstreet boy wannabe is a complete narcissist. “ I collect passwords for fun” people like him blessed with a set of skills that could easily land them in history books with a legacy to be proud of. But no, instead unused potential. I hope we can raise a new generation of tech geniuses to help real problems instead of creating mosquito zapping lasers. Silicone valley let people all over the world down. I hope they understand that.

  • INTELLIGENCE WITHOUT SPIRIT. VERY DANGEROUS! typical TECHNOCRAT. God help us if those idiots are given the power to use the technology over us.

    Zee ManZee Man3 kun oldin
  • I like this guy and id like to pick his brain. Especially when it comes to global warming. So with the added co2 we are emitting it increases the temp of the earth(global warming). And with the increase of earth temperature the sea levels will rise. Giving the sunlight more effect on surface water creating the runaway co2 issue. My question is this. Are we absolutely positive that the added co2 to our atmosphere will have a negative effect on our earth? With added co2, plants have an extra amount of co2 to use. Yes? Do you think the plants will be able to overperform from their current state given the added co2? And this will also allow for the rise of more abundance of plants in that region, most possibly toward the regions which cannot sustain plant life. And also with the added co2, the rise of our oceans will occur. Given the model we know, the accumulation of clouds will continue to increase as well as more surface area of water to evaporate. Giving rise to "rainier" seasons. This will also help the newly stated plants access to the second thing that plants need to live, water. My ultimate question is this. if we allow co2 to rise to a certain state, much higher than it is now, and plants and the enviroment act as we have predicted , will a greener earth be in that much danger from the rise of co2 from which we created?

    nick depkenick depke3 kun oldin
  • Why are scientists always the enemies!?they are all ahead of their time. I have major hope know they are finding way to reverse global warming. We need hope. I cannot believe people do not care about science of carbon atmosphere! Toxic! I hope they can work quicker and we can change our dependence on energy- why cant we recycle or store our own energy/ we create energy how can we harness that?

    Cathryn parksCathryn parks3 kun oldin
  • On this week's celebrity robot chef ...we're making lunch for a party of two discussing a painting

    Mark WarningMark Warning4 kun oldin
  • So now we know exactly how Bill Gates thinks and what he is planning -- Technocratic Dominion. Dominion, hmmmm, that would also be a terribly obvious name for an election ballot counting system.

    Lloyd GoodLloyd Good4 kun oldin
  • Or Muammar Gaddafi could have been allowed to complete his desert greening project that would have stopped the Cape Verde hurricanes from forming in the Sahara.

    Lloyd GoodLloyd Good4 kun oldin
  • .....prefers autism over small pox..... so we get to choose! This may be because his boss pushes poisonous injections that cause autism, and childhood paralysis ("polio"), sterility, along with 50 other autoimmune diseases. But Bill and Melinda Gates solve all of the world's problems by wiping out half of humanity. Weirdly though, Gates is on the board of Monsanto who created the population explosion and killed the world's rivers and oceans with poison industrial agriculture. Viruses and vaccines are the scapegoat hoaxes conjured up to cover-up the sins of Industrial Poison Desert-making Agriculture.

    Lloyd GoodLloyd Good4 kun oldin
  • What is the problem with America having so much energy? (as if it is a bad thing). THANK GOD (or should I say, thank relative capitalism where people are free to do what they can to improve their lot in life!) And, therefore THANKS to the whole world some people came up with America. Now we have people like Patrick (a product of this incredible system) where he is consuming masses amounts of energy to try to figure out for him and the rest of the world, how to make even more energy. Had "America" not come along then everyone would be living on just one toaster. I would love to see everyone having 10 toasters.

    Robert GrahamRobert Graham4 kun oldin
  • Love the idea to suppress hurricanes. This is a must do!

    CathyCathy4 kun oldin
  • Working with Bill Gates? I'll pass thanks.

    Nejc VukovicNejc Vukovic4 kun oldin
  • Definitely the stereotypical mad scientist...almost scary and creepy...appears to be more than willing to try anything to advance his scientific experiments; even at the cost of others...don't hear him volunteering to be the trial case for one of his new vaccines...he seems more than willing to do anything at any risk and expense to others but not himself...both innovative but also dangerous to everyone else around him...too much hand waving and flippant replies that most problems are trivial...made several comments about weaponizing experiments...if it's a challenge and fun...but he does always go back to trying to benefit others...

    DaddyDAJDaddyDAJ4 kun oldin
  • This guys seems primarily Bill Gates crew boy. He offhand dismisses vaccines as not caused autism. That's irresponsible, since open minded intelligent people admit the issue debatable at least. Corruption permeates the the pharmaceutical industry, especially the vaccine area of the industry. So, he doesn't seem like an objective participant. He talks about taking on miracles. How about the miracle of encouraging folks to take better care of themselves. Most of the risk to people's wellbeing is their unhealthy living habits, not the flu, not covid19. The lifestyle (and a continuing degrading of the environment) of modern folks is what causes epidemics of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancers, etc. People who live the lifestyles that cause these diseases are the ones primarily affected by things such as covid19.

    Bill RobertsBill Roberts4 kun oldin
  • wonderfull interview ;-)

    Ragna RushRagna Rush5 kun oldin

    Chris JustusChris Justus5 kun oldin

    Chris JustusChris Justus5 kun oldin

    Chris JustusChris Justus5 kun oldin
  • So true! Innovation has never come out of the Government! The only thing they've ever invented are fake Russian Collusions & innovating chaos thru ballots & voting machines to rig elections! That's it! That's their claim to fame!

    Dee CarlsonDee Carlson5 kun oldin
  • President Trump talked about forestry management, removing dead trees, branches & leaves & the haters laughed! CNN & MSDNC laughed & made fun about what the President wants forestry to do, get out there & rake? They showed their ignorance & now you have a genius like this echoing what President Trump said.

    Dee CarlsonDee Carlson5 kun oldin
  • All of “This” requires Ole Mah EARTHS resources!

    Paladin KrayPaladin Kray5 kun oldin
  • EXCELLENT SHOW! 👏🏽👏🏽👍👍💯

    Paladin KrayPaladin Kray5 kun oldin
  • Gee yah wanna be READY! Find the Labs Producing the population reduction Plagues! Abortions were are all part of the human reduction programs!

    Paladin KrayPaladin Kray5 kun oldin
  • We have been making hurricanes ! !

    Paladin KrayPaladin Kray5 kun oldin
  • Ahh playing with Nature Again! It’s called a siphoning Hose for the Oceans!

    Paladin KrayPaladin Kray5 kun oldin
  • Yupp ! AHHH ole Mah Earth IS the WONDERFUL ENERGY STORAGE and Production! Somebody’s get get out lil more HUH! Ahh the “GLOBALISTS goal is MASSIVE REDUCTION in us “ ME’s” and not THEMS! HUH! Good Show! YUPP! “GEORGIA GUIDESTONES NEVER get acknowledged on any of these SHOWS EVER!

    Paladin KrayPaladin Kray5 kun oldin
  • The solution to poverty is BIRTH CONTROL...It is immoral for any adult to bring a child into the world who will starve to death....You can provide 20 toasters to some areas of the world ...but if the landscape won't provide crops for food the adults should not have children who will only be born to suffer horrific, lingering, hunger. Having sex under such environmental circumstances should be considered an act of extreme cruelty. Providing birth control would be an act of merciful prevention...That only makes sense.

    Velvet HammerVelvet Hammer5 kun oldin
  • Bill Gates Suspect !!! Pandemics caused by mad scientists plus Gates and Falci !!!

    Sally KingSally King5 kun oldin
  • Evil corrupted greedy people poison the world for greed end this stuff geo engineering and making viruses

    Anthony RomeroAnthony Romero6 kun oldin
  • He works with Bill Gates ...another great virology expert.

    Frode ÅslandFrode Åsland6 kun oldin
  • You are not hacker sir nor a scientist, you are fake identified user of successful social media platform.

    Free WorldFree World6 kun oldin
  • Itech company lost their senses too, can't make any difference in between intelligence and robots in fields. Lets execute justice so you the one having social platforms focus on social media entertaining not blow hot air that you are the one inventing the world. You are not hacker you are spy. Hacking means total different thing.

    Free WorldFree World6 kun oldin
  • Is he's so smart, why doesn't he solve all the computer viruses creating havoc with his buddy's system: Windows. That would be more in his field... Rather than trying to solve a virus created by humans for humans... And oddly enough after the Gates told us it was going to happen...

    Gregory RoviraGregory Rovira6 kun oldin
  • we are trying to substitute one energy from another. We will never have complete substitution .But we can store energy and we can reduce pollution gradually. Smart as you are I don"t see why you do not know that. Getting rid of nuclear is a big problem because of the way the infrustructure was built up to now. But you can do it slowly .The powers don't like that.For several reasons. People back them for favors.Its the human survival mechanisum built within. It won't change anytime soon

    den smithden smith6 kun oldin
    • Liike you say cold fusion .

      den smithden smith6 kun oldin
  • Should’ve asked him about Bitcoin!

    8arsomian8arsomian6 kun oldin
  • I'm still waiting for to hear his invention....from hacking to science, still not convince what that lab is doing, and I see nothing special in it. I don't see hacking much I see spying a lot. Do you need to be rich to get the job, and if you can be one , what is the job application all about? He can be good at that better than to be the epidemiologist with computer vocabulary and computing. The machinery he presented about mosquito must be toy used in Alaska. Cold weather is not that good as his toy to kill any virus.

    Free WorldFree World6 kun oldin
  • Thorium reactors ???

    Darrell PowellDarrell Powell7 kun oldin
  • And the best Bill Gates impressionist award goes to......

    joel hendersonjoel henderson7 kun oldin
  • Works with bill gates nuff said

    Dominic ArlinDominic Arlin7 kun oldin
  • Mosquito lasers sound nice But the mosquito zappers have relatively no moving parts and would probably last way Longer? Anyway I think research like laser targeting Mosquitoes which shows high intellect in the development of the product but this device could eventually be turned Into a das ngerous weapon. I sure do hope that in the name of mosquitoes killing devices these types of lazer systems are not allowed out of the lab for other capable countries to reverse engineer into a weapon system. I do like the idea of globally preparing for a PANDEMIC but people are ignorant, selfish, and free spirited so free that they would expose themselves to any PANDEMIC, risking everyone. How do we solve this kind of situation without taking away freedoms. The biggest problem will be the human being like a mouse and going for the cheese in a trap .

    X-Army SargeX-Army Sarge7 kun oldin
  • People like him are very dangerous. He is a zealot for globalization and vaccines. Reminds me of some Bible thumpers.

    Clyde LouisClyde Louis7 kun oldin
  • Planes should have AI to test virus is detected and stopped until resolved

    Donald HaddoxDonald Haddox7 kun oldin
  • Since he is involved with Microsoft, I don't trust what he says!?

    Donald HaddoxDonald Haddox7 kun oldin
  • ummm, maybe the guys with 1 toaster can invent a fucking solution, we did! I thought China was a world power because they MAKE all the world's God damn toasters! how come they only have one? - Ohh, I see!! they ain't free. bummer

    hagakure222hagakure2227 kun oldin
  • Democrats /Obama / Clinton pardoned actual capital bombers in the weather underground and gave thousands of trained communist activists Government jobs in Seattle &DC police and mayors office to stand down at Capitol allowed a photo op nacy Pelosi desk...got young UNARMED woman shot

    George cushingGeorge cushing7 kun oldin
  • Works with Bill Gates, all I needed to know.

    yanasittayanasitta7 kun oldin
  • A puppet of Billy Gates.

    Roger AaronRoger Aaron7 kun oldin
  • Anything for a buck!

    Roger AaronRoger Aaron7 kun oldin
  • Did the gates take this Vaccination ???

    Perry ReaschPerry Reasch8 kun oldin
  • The virus is here and will always be here> get used to it build your own defense up to protect your self

    Perry ReaschPerry Reasch8 kun oldin
  • Of course he would say disease is our greatest threat. Look who he is buddies with. With guests like this they might want to change the name of the show to de-valuedtainment.

    Omer QuennevilleOmer Quenneville8 kun oldin
  • AI? Make my internet unhuckable, first.

    Next WaveNext Wave8 kun oldin
  • Well, skip this interview. Anyone the says he would rather autism over smallpox is a fucking dickbrain. But, then all made sense... he is working with Bill Gates the new “God of mankind”

    Abradolph LinklerAbradolph Linkler8 kun oldin
  • I am more inclined to want to listen to doctors in regards to vaccines rather than someone with no qualifications in that area. I guess I am just crazy like that -

    Dale JuhlDale Juhl9 kun oldin
  • This guy is dangerous and would bring us an AI overlord. Stopped watching at 8 mins in.

    AKARaygun64AKARaygun649 kun oldin
  • Here is a project: make the desert green again.

    tubie onetubie one9 kun oldin
  • This Andy Dick doppelganger... 🥱

    ThatGuy BrookeThatGuy Brooke9 kun oldin
  • Looks like Ali G 😂

    EddieEddie9 kun oldin
  • Prevent fires? Go back tobfirsstry programs and stop worrying about the left handed lesbian cricket that stops same forestry management to remove duff

    Stephen ZevetchinStephen Zevetchin9 kun oldin
  • This guy is such I whiney soy boy....

    Stephen ZevetchinStephen Zevetchin9 kun oldin
  • This guy is a god....he almost knows everything...and he cares for everyone in Africa...this thing is getting dangerous...

    a voz que clama no desertoa voz que clama no deserto9 kun oldin
  • Did the government not monopolize fire prevention through the creation of public fire stations, essentially if we’re paying taxes for a fire department why would we then be willing to create another fire department on are own dime. That would be my main question, my second question would pertain to the truck drivers $50,000 a year in this day and age is barely better than minimum wage in a lot of places and is not enough money to afford a house in most Most of the country where you will find the best paying of the truck driving jobs and the same goes for mechanics and a few other industries. I would also imagine that would be why these industries are struggling to find young people to fill The jobs that are available.

    DeathtodiabloDeathtodiablo9 kun oldin
  • 😂...government is the slowest dumbest...last to...haha..at 30:00 mark

    Susan PenkalaSusan Penkala10 kun oldin
  • Wow, are you serious?! We DEFINITELY are ‘there’ already, with nefarious people already being able to manipulate, patent and WEAPONIZING viruses. 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ And yes, it’s not the TOOLS that are intrinsically ‘evil’, but it’s the PEOPLE using those tools. Come on! By the way...cannot find his podcast info.

    Maria E. LabbeMaria E. Labbe10 kun oldin
  • ...beat the system... IMO that system is the bosses of the world whether good or bad. Prepare for the bad.

    Susan PenkalaSusan Penkala10 kun oldin
  • Good questions Pat. This guy "good intentions leads the way..." He has a vested financial interest in vaccines, he admittedly left his lab to work with the vaccine mob, 100% vaccines? Scares Me! He needs to debate RFKjr about autism & vaccines.

    yogiyonahyogiyonah10 kun oldin
  • I like the way this guy thinks. The negative comments are mostly from closed minded individuals who will never think positively like this smart intelligent guy. Most people don’t listen, they only hear. If you are a smart great listener, this guy make You to think about what is possible for a better world. Everything that we as human do has collateral damages, our relationships with our families and friends have collateral damages. There will always be good and bad, negative and positive. Every matter and energy in the universe has electrons and protons. For the good to exist there has to be the bad, for the bad to exist there has to be the good. He is doing a better job than most of us by creating inventions to better humanity. Most of us waste our time on earth doing nothing but criticizing Others who are actually doing the works. The best person to stop hunger is you not someone else. I hate closed minded people, they are the obstacles to inventions. They said Elon musk could not create electric vehicles but he did, they also he could not go to space but he is doing that right now, they said he can not go to mars but he is getting closer to going to mars. Closed mindedness is a disease that stop progress and about 90% of our human race have that disease, that is why only very few people succeed in life, then people wonder why very few people are rich and wealthy while the rest are working from paychecks to paychecks with miserable life. You can do more than you think if you open your mind to possibilities. I like how this guy thinks, a real problem solver. The negative people need to kick rocks.

    george wakaigeorge wakai10 kun oldin
  • What a shill

    Trafalgar D. LawTrafalgar D. Law10 kun oldin
  • We have spent billions to keep from doing dumb things regarding virus outbreaks. Yes, we have been listening. Billions spent for what? Feels like a lot of wasted resources. We have very little to show for that investment.

    J TalleyJ Talley11 kun oldin
  • No that’s Andy Dick!!

    doubleheader83doubleheader8311 kun oldin
  • I'm sick of these computer people acting like they know whats good for our health... u are not a doctor!

    flatline truthflatline truth12 kun oldin
  • This guy is a demon!!!!!!!

    flatline truthflatline truth12 kun oldin
  • Thereis not pandemic is plandemia and it is obvious, please talk to people that have no interest in selling vaccine, covi is not the problem people like this one is the problem. Pcr is a no real, this men is lie when hi say hi vaccine hi self I can see that hi lie, terrible, I feel furious, thereis CDS that heal and they don’t want it, I don’t want the tech people decided how to life. And by the way I know people that exactly when the vaccine their daughter she become paraliza from be healthy, and another friend his son was normal and after the vaccine hi become sutistiv, this men please go away, you are not a científicos or doctor,. Of course, this virus is created , please this men is living, shame on him

    Maria Gil de SagredoMaria Gil de Sagredo12 kun oldin
  • Why tech people playing doctors, please enough of this bulshit

    Maria Gil de SagredoMaria Gil de Sagredo12 kun oldin
  • The virus is not the problem , it is autismo because of vaccine and is probpve, this men please go away, you are terrible part of this bloody globalist tech people. I don’t want the tech control my life , no one in my familie is vaccine and everybody is healthy, the covi is a so,Union that cure, enough of liers

    Maria Gil de SagredoMaria Gil de Sagredo12 kun oldin
  • Hi can vaccine himself, just leave us alone

    Maria Gil de SagredoMaria Gil de Sagredo12 kun oldin
  • Silicon Valley brain are the problem and inside the crimes of the globalist

    Maria Gil de SagredoMaria Gil de Sagredo12 kun oldin
  • So you are for 5G

    Maria Gil de SagredoMaria Gil de Sagredo12 kun oldin
  • Besides that he cares so much about humanity what really struck me the most.. Is a decade ago he has a solution to slow down the impact of hurricanes, yet no one wants to put it into action. What's the worse that could Happen.. Oh yea.. A full blown hurricane that's evolving anyways

    JoJo BlessJoJo Bless12 kun oldin
  • Why don’t hack and expose the names of this group globalist, the one really are in the hierarchy

    Maria Gil de SagredoMaria Gil de Sagredo12 kun oldin
  • Ben David, you are a very intelligent guy. Just consider:Three correct points that Meesh Bono reminded you of below: (1) Death from nearly all diseases fell 90% BEFORE vaccines were used. (2) Why would I take a vaccine that has 60% adverse affects when my chances of surviving the virus is 99.98%!?!?!?! (3) Look at all the recent lost court cases with Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer on Oxycotin and asbestos. Then, go watch (again?) Twelve Monkeys, the 1995 American Science fiction film; Erin Brockovich - Wikipedia (Film in Y 2000) you'll see how they get away with it.

    Alfred SchwartzAlfred Schwartz12 kun oldin
  • Where do I buy the mosito lazer

    ZiadZiad13 kun oldin
  • Not only do I think this guy believes in Aliens I think he has proof they exist you can hear him throughout the interview make references to humanoid ..this planet..humans...almost with a tone of acknowledgement if the "others"

    TonyTony13 kun oldin
  • Alarming! Pablos said you can test for similar traits in populations and develop viruses to effect those people specifically. This is alarming because it means the data collated from COVID-19 positive/negative infections in populations, added to personal information e.g ethnicity, age, gender, blood type, gender, existing health conditions ect, could be processed by machine learning/ mathematical modals towards development of viruses as a weapon against specific traits of populations - A tailor made weaponised virus?

    RandyRandy14 kun oldin