Full The Jump | Paul Pierce RIPS Kyrie Irving, he could lose more than $460000 per game

12-Yan, 2021
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Full The Jump | Paul Pierce RIPS Kyrie Irving, he could lose more than $460000 per game

  • Sound like dude need to get his spoiled @$$ to.work

    Tyler EstopinalTyler Estopinal6 kun oldin
  • None of them deserve to get payed that much it’s rlly kinda stupid

    Chris’s WalkerChris’s Walker6 kun oldin
  • He just wants to get payed and do what he wants tooooo and not work for it. He got a lil money so he will just call out when he wants. It’s the NBA, where you get payed big money but dudes like this F off when he want and make us m-f working class look like fulls as a fan.....Taking care of family???,pay someone to handle that,everyone has a problem in da fam. Dude acts like he Jordan,what he’s retiring cause his aunt’s step brothers wife got the flue?!

    Armando RodriguezArmando Rodriguez6 kun oldin
  • Kyrie I(s the earth flat or is it cu) rving

    Pandemic PPandemic P6 kun oldin
  • Broke protocol that's all

    Savage WayzSavage Wayz7 kun oldin
  • Yeah i bet Kd gonna leave next season i know i would

    ChampionChampion8 kun oldin
  • I care that today's your Birthday 🎂 sis ...but I'm living the Bubble Life right now ....plus if I do come you know how People might download stuff to Instagram ... without checking with us ..i can get caught ...but im still coming ..

    Jackson WestJackson West8 kun oldin
  • I thought it was a baby sister ...come on kyrie ..30 year old sister and she blowing over the cake candles 🎂 not a good look broham .... your people just wanted your presence ... I mean its my 30th Kyrie...when it wasn't necessary for you to be there .... they know your NBA career is in a sensitive bubble...its ok to miss someone's birthday right now People ...

    Jackson WestJackson West8 kun oldin
  • Shitt... Gianas got banged on..

    biron caldwellbiron caldwell8 kun oldin
  • Kyrie should retire. It amazes me how the media is making excuses for him. Kyrie and his behavior is an example of why millions are tuning out and turning off the nba. Ratings are at an all time low. Social media traffic isn’t what it once was. Millionaires who play a children’s game for a living complaining, quitting, or flat out not showing up for work during an unemployment crisis.

    wade wilsonwade wilson8 kun oldin
  • Kd should've came to the knicks

    jay bjay b8 kun oldin
  • COVID will be over in a month soon as sleepy joe gets in office it will disappear...

    Joe ThorntonJoe Thornton9 kun oldin
  • so what. stay out his pocket. black men, we know better. the team knows, steve nash said it’s private. media can’t let it go because he’s a native. Wild Racist

    Mr. WhiteMr. White9 kun oldin
  • Paul Pierce bleeds Celtics green. There was no worse teammate than Kyrie was when he played for Boston.

    MichaelMichael9 kun oldin
  • Kyrie Need help the nets make mistakes adding Kyrie he’s soo immature they will never be no Chemistry As longer Kyrie is there

    Disciple Of Jesus ChristDisciple Of Jesus Christ9 kun oldin
  • "why you saying it like that" 😂

    Ernest McCannErnest McCann9 kun oldin
  • Irving determined 2 not play a full season. Theses dudes r spoiled, clock n and see what life is about

    Dominique JonesDominique Jones9 kun oldin
    • Kyrie considers people who clock n and work for the man as unenlightened. He’s an artist after all and there’s more important issues than making money and providing for your family. He’s the epitome of privilege.

      wade wilsonwade wilson8 kun oldin
  • NBA has too much power

    Earnest JohnsonEarnest Johnson9 kun oldin
    • Which has nothing to do with Kyrie's issues. He's not getting paid 33Mil to miss games for no reason and then go on a Zoom call with some celebrities and then go to a party with a bunch of people with no Masks. Those are the rules of his job......if he has a problem with that.....Quit your job.

      Jeff DworkinJeff Dworkin9 kun oldin
  • Just like what barkley said : you are just a guy playing ball. Play the fking ball!!! if he doesn't want to play, so be it no matter how good he is very annoying person

    Andy ChangAndy Chang9 kun oldin
  • The Nets had similarity to OKC 2011 LeBron has already beaten them and he will beat them again. Remember Magic said they rebuilt the squad 💪🏾 it was to beat GSW because they were considered the best team ever so there is no stress #lakersback2back

    TiDa SoundmakerTiDa Soundmaker9 kun oldin
  • The only way around the Covid is the Bubble. The league is gonna have to build some kind of a permanent Bubble for the league. They have the money to do it, an entire NBA community. A few Arenas with homes and shopping the whole 9..

    Beat Bendin Music !Beat Bendin Music !9 kun oldin
  • The NBA might have to go back to the bubble.

    JeremyJeremy9 kun oldin
  • Yo richard Jefferson is a hoot

    No Filter A Nintendo PodcastNo Filter A Nintendo Podcast9 kun oldin
  • Can they trade Kyrie for Kawhi Leonard

    Leo KennedyLeo Kennedy9 kun oldin

    Hany WitneyHany Witney9 kun oldin
  • Great advice from Rich

    AnonymousAnonymous9 kun oldin
  • These niggas act like COVID-19 ain’t running rabid thru the NBA as we speak and players are catching it left and right smh like damn yall want them to play basketball that to the point where they risking there life’s just for your entertainment lol on top the league already said they have no plans to postpone the season even tho teams can’t even get the eligible 8 players to suit up due to the virus smg this is making things more clear that the league doesn’t care about African Americans or the players or anything that is going on in the world outside of the NBA. Shit is just pitiful. Y’all wanna play that covid take on him not caring but the league literally is forcing the players to play

    Burr DonDadaBurr DonDada9 kun oldin
  • These NBA players aren't dying from COVID. They are in great shape. They shouldn't take it too hard. Am I wrong?

    sPUCKOsPUCKO9 kun oldin
  • Paul thinks of him as a KID not a MAN. Sad. .

    Rommel DCRommel DC9 kun oldin

    Kevin LoveKevin Love9 kun oldin

    Kevin LoveKevin Love9 kun oldin
  • The satanic show

    Goat KD7Goat KD710 kun oldin
  • Kyrie Irving thinks that he is Lebron James.Kyrie is delusional he thinks the earth is flat the nets had to trade him before it's too late.

    Anthony CastroAnthony Castro10 kun oldin
  • Plot twist: Kyrie has so much money he purposely misses games to get fined so he has less money

    Aidan ChungAidan Chung10 kun oldin
  • After learning of this trade with Harden going to the Nets, part of me wonders if Kyrie is pissed about it and THAT is why he took leave from the team. He is a special kind of head case and the epitome of a child in an adult's body. He never grew the hell up, so I really could see that being the case. Maybe the writing was on the wall and so he threw a fit. He is well-known for being difficult, self-important, and a baby. I mean, he "cleanses energy" in Boston with his look-at-me sage burning so everyone can see how enlightened he is. And this might be him just kicking and screaming over falling to #3 in the pecking order, but that will NEVER sit well with him. He will NEVER learn to accept that. He couldn't accept it when he was behind the greatest to ever play the game with LeBron James and LeBron won him a ring against the best team we'd ever seen. He just can't stand not being #1. Hell, he was #2 in the pecking order before with the Nets, but with Durant being the born follower that he is, he let Kyrie think he was the big dawg. And that's all good...until it isn't. Ask Durant how it worked out with the last leader he worked tirelessly to impress: Draymond Green. Even with Durant pretending to be a tough guy in GS to impress Draymond, it still didn't work and they had a falling out. And it'll probably happen again with Kyrie because Durant is so sensitive and Kyrie is just...strange. But Kyrie just fell to #3 out of 3 superstars. And James Harden isn't going to be led by anyone. James Harden already doesn't play nice with others, and you want to combine him and another guy who is infamous for not getting along with anyone in Kyrie Irving?? OK...Not sure it's going to work the way the Nets want it to and I hope they implode. But we'll see how it works out when Kyrie and Harden are fighting over the ball and Durant feels ignored in crunch time of a big game. Good luck, Brooklyn. You'll need it...

    Work Smarter AND HarderWork Smarter AND Harder10 kun oldin
  • Health comes first. Shut down the whole shit down.

    YAVIAHYAVIAH10 kun oldin
    • Name one player who’s had any serious health issues with COVID? Hell , over half of them have had it already and didn’t know until a mfer told them they had it. You’re right tho. They should shut it down for good. Mfers don’t watch this bullshit league anymore anyway

      wade wilsonwade wilson8 kun oldin
  • I get so sick and tired of hearing we want him to get the help that he needs. What kind of help does he NEED. That's a cop out, he just NEEDS to get his forth point of contact on the court and do his job. Stop babying him and cuddling him, he's a GROWN professional BRAT👎🏽🏀👎🏽🏀👎🏽🏀

    Henry RhodesHenry Rhodes10 kun oldin
  • He needs to restructure his contract less cash for 50 games + playoffs

    Kev LamarKev Lamar10 kun oldin
  • Its bubble time!!!

    Jerky AngelJerky Angel10 kun oldin
  • He wants to be a activist but still make the millions. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. Most activist sacrifice careers, relations and some even their lives to fight for what they believe to be just.

    Anthony LaneAnthony Lane10 kun oldin
    • He gets paid millions to do what guys pay gym memberships to do on their lunch breaks and he obviously doesn’t appreciate it. People are unemployed, burning through their savings to stay afloat and he won’t play a game. He’s no activist. He’s a spoiled celebrity who barely ever shows up to work from duke to now.

      wade wilsonwade wilson8 kun oldin
  • People are allowed to not give a FUCK about anything sometimes and I’m one of them sometimes it’s better to leave in silence then to state the obvious with bullshit organizations

    ToniTruth ArtToniTruth Art10 kun oldin
  • Kyrie has definitely taken Acid or some sort of drug

    • Acid is similar to thc which can be a deeply introspective drug. Really make you do a full self assessment. Kyrie seems to far up his own ass to have an introspective thought.

      wade wilsonwade wilson8 kun oldin
  • Man, I hate these social media trolls no privacy

    KoOLKiddo313KoOLKiddo31310 kun oldin
  • Kyrie needs help

    Daniel SongDaniel Song10 kun oldin
  • Do nba players get CTE by just dribbling?

    olvin martinezolvin martinez10 kun oldin
  • I wonder if KD still thinks that the toxic environment is around LBJ???

    Kevin PorterKevin Porter10 kun oldin
  • The man cares more about his family and real issues. China’s NBA is lame now anyway 👎🏾

    Mathews BusinessMathews Business10 kun oldin
    • Him and his family spend the money

      wade wilsonwade wilson8 kun oldin
  • Big difference Bron held him accountable

    Micah SaundersMicah Saunders10 kun oldin
    • When did lebron hold him accountable

      Boondocks SOBoondocks SO8 kun oldin
    • @boo1987 H.P well from what i m seeing some bron who tellls him whats a fuking nogo is maybe exactly what he needs unprofessional af kyrie

      YorozaYoroza8 kun oldin
    • Naw bron tried to son him kyries his on man like it our not. I don’t like how the boy move but that’s his life

      boo1987 H.Pboo1987 H.P9 kun oldin
    • Obviously he had a problem with that and wanted to be able to do whatever he wants whenever he wants without anybody saying anything

      BrianBrian9 kun oldin
  • This the Media they get PAID to speculate ,commentate and critique from a point of view that’s interesting and controversial .

    Soho516Soho51610 kun oldin
    • @wade wilson A child’s Game ? You sound like u never played the game bruh just stay in your lane my Guy , He earned his pay thru the Work he put in throughout his basketball career . They can fine him and suspend him but what’s the NBA right now without Kyrie Irving he a vital piece to the puzzle .

      Soho516Soho5168 kun oldin
    • And kyrie gets PAID 10’s of millions of dollars to play a child’s game. No call no show your job, school, relationship whatever and see what happens. Unemployment has never been higher and he refuses to ‘work’ aka play a game for millions. Gtfoh

      wade wilsonwade wilson8 kun oldin
  • I told my friends here in Monte Carlo BLACK LIVES MATTER IS BULLSHIT IN AMERICa,just look how his own people treat him mannnnnn its Sad, nobody knows whats goin on why not wait?

    oj ojoj oj10 kun oldin
  • Kyrie cannot play with a superstar that is bigger than him. He couldn't play with Lebron because he is the face of the league. Now that KD is balling the way he is. Kyrie didn't expect that. So just like he was jealous of Lebron. He will be jealous of Durant. Durant knows it. But has to approach situation as a fragile situation. Kyrie wants not to be a talent but he wants to win regular situation MVP AND FINALS MVPS . JUST LIKE JAMES AND DURANT!

    Rocket kRocket k10 kun oldin
  • Remember when ppl were blaming lebron for kyries issues😂😂😂

    Rasheed DavisRasheed Davis10 kun oldin
  • These 2 divas deserve each other. Imagine leaving curry and klay for this cuckoo bird.

    K JuanK Juan10 kun oldin
  • Kyrie ready to retire...

    DJ ShaqTownDJ ShaqTown10 kun oldin
  • Nba and Nfl aren't rushing their players to get vaccinated!! Why? Its a reason and not skipping older people and healthcare workers is Definitely Not The Real Reason!!!

    jblackwell4679jblackwell467910 kun oldin
  • Stop making excuse for him. His antics have nothing to do activism. Hes just doing what the hell he wants. A million excuses for kyrie.

    J WilksJ Wilks10 kun oldin
  • kd will regret to not stay to golden state

    MrSolar FlameMrSolar Flame10 kun oldin
    • Yep

      furious stylesfurious styles10 kun oldin
  • i mean what do you expect from a person that said the earth is flat?

    Jae CeaJae Cea10 kun oldin
  • That’s the man personal life. It’s none of our business. He has a job like everyone else and can take time off when needed!

    OO7 OO7OO7 OO710 kun oldin
    • Well, if he needs time off, he can but he have to tell the teammates, coach and organization.

      Sovann MenSovann Men10 kun oldin
    • That’s true, but you also Let your boss know lol

      Hakeem MooreHakeem Moore10 kun oldin
  • The NBA Sucks!!!

    L. SL. S10 kun oldin
  • COVID-19 HOAX!

    L. SL. S10 kun oldin
  • He literally picked his nose, clapped hands and probably shook hands right after.

    Rafael ReyesRafael Reyes10 kun oldin
  • These Cell Phones are Killing you athletes!

    Khalie BenjiiKhalie Benjii10 kun oldin
  • I mean we talking about a man who calls the earth flad?! What did you expected with Covid?!

    PretusculumPretusculum10 kun oldin
  • kyrie deserves no team, he will ruin KDs chances of being epic, KD should run the team and trade kyrie for some decent pieces and move on. Hes bad energy.. negativity follows him

    lee joneslee jones10 kun oldin
  • This show is watchable without Perkins. Speaking on perkins..he said if a bird had kyrie's brain the bird would fly backwards lmao

    OGGOAT_ _OGGOAT_ _10 kun oldin
  • LeBron, Celtics, and all others: "told you we weren't the problem all along" lmfao

    kuya sorianokuya soriano11 kun oldin
  • Kyrie “earth is flat” Irving.

    L NL N11 kun oldin
  • Truth got stabbed up and still played 82 games Kyrie bogus

    IAmSeanPainIAmSeanPain11 kun oldin
  • So sad. Kyrie look happy to me. But to say he needs help because he is celebrating his sisters birthday is insane. Enough with the kyrie bashing. He thinks differently is that a crime? This world is destroying people's minds.

    Broderick WilliamsBroderick Williams11 kun oldin
  • Well trade kyrie for harden someone who wants to play with Kd in Brooklyn! kyrie doesnt seem motivated to play anymore lol 😆 sad

  • Im glad we dont have to deal with him in Boston anymore! Sheesh! Hows that team gonna build any chemistry ever??

  • F Kyrie garbage

    jkjk11 kun oldin
  • Retire

    R RogersR Rogers11 kun oldin
  • Same old Kyrie that was with the Celtics....all about him....no communication....f'd up

    Deep TimeDeep Time11 kun oldin
  • No fans is boring for nba players.

    alan karamalianalan karamalian11 kun oldin
  • How does vaccines help when pple who had covid can still get reinfected, does pple not know vaccines r basically infecting pple with covid? That means even if u get vaccinated u can still get reinfected

    superphisuperphi11 kun oldin
  • KD left curry and klay for this?

    Wade HWade H11 kun oldin
    • Exactly

      Jay BarnesJay Barnes8 kun oldin
    • Bruhh i agree!

      TED SHOT THATTED SHOT THAT11 kun oldin
  • I think kyrie bi-polar no joke

    Brian PBrian P11 kun oldin
  • Y'all saying ooo like he not rich paul pierce u got bank

    AK Wuz HereAK Wuz Here11 kun oldin
  • trade kyrie to westbrook..lets give a chance to old friend of KD

    Arvin GamingArvin Gaming11 kun oldin
    • @bye692001 westbrook is not even on the rockets bruh

      Fufuwithsauce _23Fufuwithsauce _236 kun oldin
    • Im Houston native, i can tell u, we don't want Kyrie, not with his excess baggage.

      bye692001bye69200111 kun oldin
  • All these rules maybe that's why Kyrie is quitting the league, the nba will be done with because of this phony covd thing, Kyrie is not stupid, mannn ain't nobody got that shit foreal, if they did why didn't none of em die out? because it's some bulls**t, whatever they be finding in those test is probably something the human body already has in there, it's some bull**it

    Swisher SweetsirelliSwisher Sweetsirelli11 kun oldin
    • Says it's some bullshit and fake meanwhile KAT has lost 7 family members suddenly during the time of Covid. I also guess those death toll numbers are fake as well? denying its blatant existence is just dumb by this point. But hey power to the blind folks like you out there!

      TheallmightyZTheallmightyZ11 kun oldin
  • I don't get paid if I don't work. Neither should he. Contract or not. There's should be a clause in their contracts regarding this.

    Julz FlexJulz Flex11 kun oldin
    • You sound like a female😝

      boo1987 H.Pboo1987 H.P9 kun oldin
  • Uncle P said what he was thinking by saying “This Kid.” I already called it when the two most emotional players in the league linked up in Brooklyn that it wasn’t going to work... When the talk of New York is the KNICKS, you’ve already lost 💯

    Lil B from 094 PrincetonLil B from 094 Princeton11 kun oldin
    • U can tell KD appreciates the game Kyrie has always been cuddled by doin the least

      Dominique JonesDominique Jones9 kun oldin
  • They gone drop Kyrie Stupid ass from da League. He gone fuck around & Retire from da G League

    Tello FantastixTello Fantastix11 kun oldin
  • Bottom line you a grown ass man getting paid to do a job be a responsible adult and contact your employer the ppl you accept money from. End of story

    westcoasthype619westcoasthype61911 kun oldin
  • The only thing that's is important is his soul and mental state of mind. A therapist may be needed for not only him but other nba players who may not be focused because of events in society .

    Mutant OutkastMutant Outkast11 kun oldin
    • @Divyu Gupta I know one damn thing you better stop attacking my brother who is apart of NBA history because I said that all black men are traumatized and exhausted from these disturbing events in this country and since your no medical expert or even black for that matter you can shut the hell up because you dont know what your talking about einstein .

      Mutant OutkastMutant Outkast11 kun oldin
    • No it's not , this isn't the way. Mental health issues don't give you a justification for being a prick . I speak from personal experience

      Divyu GuptaDivyu Gupta11 kun oldin
  • irresponsible he is ruining the Season.,.,straight Trash..

    emman mendozaemman mendoza11 kun oldin
    • @Cameron Drain,., I just wondering why he has 30plus mil.$$$ contract and what is his job.,. Oh! Shit! He is a Basketball player, Payed to play the game.,., Common sense!!!

      emman mendozaemman mendoza8 kun oldin
    • Hes a joke. Hes been around a bunch of yes people and has been led to belive hes some super smart philosopher when in reality hes just a pretentious dbag who thinks he's above everyone else. He bombed in Boston and now in BK hes missed 2x as many games as hes played. Everyone on here saying oh hes worrying about things that are more important. Like what? Dancing at a party maskless with no concern for anyone else. Or a zoom call while his team goes to work. Its just an excuse. If he wanted to fight for a cause he would do it publicly on the court. Watch his interviews hes always been this way. With his im better and smarter than you attitude. Even when hes talking about flat earth and burning sage on the sidelines.

      Mr.eastcoast GrowMr.eastcoast Grow8 kun oldin
    • Why? Because he’s focused on real issues instead of a meaningless game?

      Cameron DrainCameron Drain9 kun oldin
  • KD and Kyrie’s legacies will end in flames within Brooklyn 😂. Lebron and AD’s will be to continue to dominate the league until Bron’s retirement.

    Nathaniel AikenNathaniel Aiken11 kun oldin
    • KD with the warriors when lebron had to D up on KD and couldn’t hide on defensive what happened😂

      boo1987 H.Pboo1987 H.P9 kun oldin
    • Nimbus Cloud Kd isn’t slacking off, he just isn’t that leader type. Kyrie straight don’t give a dam tho. Kd should have gone to Miami or Boston or with kawhi in LA.

      juaniojuanio9 kun oldin
    • yeap because lebron and ad has everything to do with this topic

      DeeDee10 kun oldin
    • Lebron and AD both leaders they care about chemistry, ball movement, and getting their teammates involved. KD and Kyrie slacking off man

      Nimbus CloudNimbus Cloud11 kun oldin
  • That how kd get into net. Friend with irvin and then manage get deal to trade irvin with harden. Best deal of century yo.

    tsukasa0084tsukasa008411 kun oldin
    • Rockets don’t want him. He’s a liability.

      ArminArmin10 kun oldin
  • Did he learn anything from the King? He ain't winning any championships anytime soon.

    KurtKurt11 kun oldin
    • Ironic when that shot he made that saved the kings ass😭😭😭

      Devin ThelemaueDevin Thelemaue8 kun oldin

      Terri WalsbTerri Walsb11 kun oldin
  • Kyrie should just quit and give up all the money and be free of the things he hates so much and live simple.

    EL GATOEL GATO11 kun oldin
    • He dont wanna give up that money, guarantee that

      Dominique JonesDominique Jones9 kun oldin

    Rod FranklinRod Franklin11 kun oldin
    • Lol 😂

      Disciple Of Jesus ChristDisciple Of Jesus Christ9 kun oldin
    • @Kemohr Sesay What dictionary are you reading? 🤔 🤣🤣🤣

      K WhittedK Whitted9 kun oldin
    • Why? Because he’s focused on real issues instead of a meaningless game?

      Cameron DrainCameron Drain9 kun oldin
    • You know that's the definition of a genius?

      Kemohr SesayKemohr Sesay10 kun oldin
  • Past bx is the best predictor of future bx.

    i_eat _fasti_eat _fast11 kun oldin
  • I dont think kyrie is mental I think he is jus spoiled by the nets franchise how can you allow this he just need to choose wat his priority he is

    javad adderleyjavad adderley11 kun oldin
  • "Bc I'm good at dribbling, I can do whatever I want" Kyries attitude

    dipsetkorydipsetkory11 kun oldin
    • @rjgotdajuice that too! But if he was making minimum wage, he would have to take his spiritual ass to work! 💰😂

      Jamal XJamal X10 kun oldin
    • Yeah kinda like you're good at typing so you're here right. Did ESPN do a follow up interview with any of the players that have lost this season to injury NO yet they can't accept its personal and keep it moving Kyrie doesn't want to express himself because everytime he does it's a big talking point like he isn't entitled to his own opinion , hence the silence

      Farro WhyteFarro Whyte10 kun oldin
    • No it’s “I’m spiritual and I do what makes me happy” as he should

      rjgotdajuicerjgotdajuice10 kun oldin
    • No, it’s “I’m rich, bitch! I can do whatever I want!” It’s called “fuck you money”. It’s kinda the American way bro. Not exclusive to basketball players.

      Jamal XJamal X10 kun oldin
  • Or I have an idea 💡 play with covid if you can

    Andre JreamsAndre Jreams11 kun oldin
  • Th e most possible cause I hypothesis is Kyrie had Covid pos by personal medical services. May be asymptotic. His absence help him avoid league test and strict isolation.

    Chen RgChen Rg11 kun oldin
    • Nah. He’s just a spoiled multi millionaire who thinks he’s to good for his job and his farts don’t stink

      wade wilsonwade wilson8 kun oldin
  • Like Paul Pierce stated this Corona has impacted many. The risk can be devasting if players don't abide by the guideline. In our USA society, safety/health has always taken a back seat to (A) Capitalism $$ (B) Do what I wanna do and f@ck everyone else. The result of that in 2020 and 2021 is the body count. For the NBA to wake up knowing $$ is their king is for a major player to get seriously sick like a Kyrie or a KD or LJ or a Steph. Only a casket case will change the ideology of "imma do me". Thanks to Corona there is no such thing as "imma do me", if you are married, have kids, and parents. The ideology should be "imma do WE". #live_and_learn

    Billy ShowersBilly Showers11 kun oldin
  • Easy solution: 1 milion a game fine and everybody commes and plays lol

    NikolaNikola11 kun oldin
    • @Brandon Hogan This is what poor people say. PS. Money isn't everything.

      Bryan WardBryan Ward8 kun oldin
    • @Nikola haha are you German

      Trieu NguyenTrieu Nguyen9 kun oldin
    • @Nikola Kyrie found out James Harden was coming to Brooklyn ahead of time and got in his feelings

      K WhittedK Whitted9 kun oldin
    • @Brandon Hogan You are right, but somehow people react to fines and show up on time. I find it disrespectful not to be there for your Teammates, your Fans und die Organisations who payed you millions.

      NikolaNikola10 kun oldin
    • Money isn't everything

      Brandon HoganBrandon Hogan10 kun oldin