[FULL] College Football Live| David Pollack reacts to Alabama def Ohio State to win CFP Championship

12-Yan, 2021
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[FULL] College Football Live| David Pollack reacts to Alabama def Ohio State to win CFP Championship

  • The analysts comparing this BAMA team to last years LSUs team, well last years BAMA team came the closest to beating LSU last year and should have, they only lost by 5 points, this years BAMA team is alot better than last years BAMA team, not to mention this years BAMA team broke almost all the records of last years LSU team the natty game too, this years BAMA team would be favored over last years LSU team and would likely beat them RTR

    aaron shortaaron short13 soat oldin
  • David was a great player and deserves alot more respect for his playing. He is a great commentator and is recognized for that but deserves more respect on his playing ability...

    Aesthetics HardstyleAesthetics Hardstyle2 kun oldin
  • ohio state thought this was a coronation because they beat Clemson. 52 - 24 was a brutal reality check.

    Chris LaneChris Lane3 kun oldin
  • 2019 :”LSU the best team in history” 2020: Bama “hold my beer”.

    fishfighter73156fishfighter731564 kun oldin
  • Greg I remember we needed a blocked field goal to beat Tennessee. Scored 12 damn points.

    Xavier DukeXavier Duke4 kun oldin
  • Bammie is beating their chest for beating OSU's 3rd string because of covid-19....PATHETIC!!! 42-35....giggles!!

    • Why you chiming in your team sucks

      micheal james floydmicheal james floyd2 kun oldin
  • Lets be honest....Covid-19 beat Ohio State!! Half their team was missing!!

    • COVID19 did play a part in it. But Ohio State would have still gotten clapped. Alabama was just too good! Probably 52-42 Alabama!

      Oscar EvansOscar EvansKun oldin
  • That season is over, now Saban has to replace 11 Assistants and Analysts (there could be more, with Missouri looking to fill their DC opening with a Bama coach)....it will be interesting to see how that all plays out. Will the Offense at Bama be a great Offense under O'Brian? He may even have to replace his DC if Texas and Sark throws enough money his way. The offseason there is going to be very very interesting to say the least.

    Mike BridgesMike Bridges7 kun oldin
  • That little grin on Macs face

    Nathan BradfordNathan Bradford7 kun oldin
  • hey david, you didn't call this one. just another dawg homer.

    ray bondsray bonds8 kun oldin
  • Was someone snoring at 3:37?

    Gerald GeraldGerald Gerald9 kun oldin
  • LMFAO.. Love these ESECN idiots.. If OSU played like they did against Clemson it'd be a different game.

    Buckeye NationBuckeye Nation9 kun oldin
  • another mismatch in the championship game.

    JehuJehu9 kun oldin
  • Fields balled out 1 game too early vs Clem

    JehuJehu9 kun oldin
  • Most Explosive Team I have ever seen. Much more than even LSU. ROLL TIDE ROLL

    ArrowJ SmithArrowJ Smith9 kun oldin
  • Hey Pollack, I thought we were done after losing waddle for the remaining games? RTR #18

    Michael HesterMichael Hester9 kun oldin
  • I would put Mac Jones up there with Joe Namath and Kenny Stabler. I have never seen such an accurate quarterback.😳

    Clifford YawnClifford Yawn9 kun oldin
    • Except for Tua the last 2 years and aj was a very accurate passer where were u? So easy we forget tuas numbers would have been even better but if I remember he did not get to play second half's and missed games because of injuries

      Chael GriffinChael Griffin7 kun oldin
  • One other GREAT thing about Alabama is GREAT COACHING and Smitty!

    Clifford YawnClifford Yawn9 kun oldin
  • If somebody turned on the tv and saw McElroy talking about Bama, they would never assume that he played there. He tries too hard to be unbiased.

    Steven FullerSteven Fuller9 kun oldin
  • I remember David Pollack saying that Bama wouldn’t win a National Championship without Jaylen Waddle.

    Steven FullerSteven Fuller9 kun oldin
  • I was shocked at the sportsmanship between both teams ♥️ that never happens, but I really wished that no players would get hurt “and they were so many “and I hated that part

    Tim GloverTim Glover10 kun oldin
  • Playoff era 21 games Record by seeds #1 7-5 #2 7-4 #3 3-7 #4 4-5 Champs by seed #1 2 #2 3 #3 0 #4 2 Appearances by team (record) Bama 6 (8-3) Clemson 6 (6-4) OSU 4 (3-3) Okla 4 (0-4) ND 2 (0-2) Oregon 1 (1-1) FSU 1 (0-1) Mich St 1 (0-1) Wash 1 (0-1) Georgia 1 (1-1) Lsu 1 (2-0) Teams by conference (record) SEC 3 (11-4) ACC 3 (6-5) B10 2 (3-4) PAC 2 (1-2) P12 1 (0-4) Champs Bama 3 Clemson 2 OSU 1 LSU 2

    Sam IamSam Iam10 kun oldin
    • LSU doesn’t have 2 championships in cfp

  • they had Bear Bryant with 5 SEC championships....Wrong, 14

    okbkcqokbkcq10 kun oldin
  • hey

    ZombaHenry garrotKompZombaHenry garrotKomp10 kun oldin
  • Bama's O-line... needs some respect

    Philip MoorePhilip Moore10 kun oldin
  • “We is the best team”????

    Charles TredwayCharles Tredway10 kun oldin
  • I didn’t realize that skinny little turd was the receiver that beat my bulldogs in the national championship game 😡 lol 😂 just Kidding he’s great , better put on a few pounds for the NFL though , Georgia will give them a run next year , write it down !

    glen castleberryglen castleberry10 kun oldin
  • I find it interesting that LeBron James (the idiot) is not running his mouth for Ohio State now. He should stick to his washed up basketball career. Roll Tide

    The TideThe Tide10 kun oldin
  • Had an idiot fan from OU talk how great the so called sooners "were". I said you are absolutely correct. In puzzlement he responded "What". I said "WERE" is correct. Right OboogerEater. Alabama destroyed OU in 2018 UGA beat OU in 2017 and LSU destroyed OU 2019. 2003 LSU beat OU in the NCG 2009 ALA wins the NCG BCS beat Big12 Texas 37-21 2004 USC beat OU in the NCG 2011 ALA wins the NCG BCS beat SEC LSU 21-0 ass whipping whole sale 2008 FLA beat OU in the NCG 2012 ALA wins the NCG BCS beat Notre Dame 42-14 ass whipping whole sale 2015 CLM beat OU in the Semi Final Game 2015 ALA wins the NCG CFP beat Clemson 45-41 Great Game 2017 UGA beat OU in the Semi Final Game 2017 ALA wins the NCG CFP beat Georgia 26-23 Great Game 2018 ALA beat OU in the Semi Final Game 2020 ALA wins the NCG CFP beat Ohio State 52-24 BAMA cruised to an easy win 2019 LSU beat OU in the Semi Final Game SIX National Titles in 12 Years. No team or conference will ever do what Alabama and the SEC have done. It will never happen. 1992 ALA NC WIN over MIAMI* 2006 FLA NC WIN over Ohio St. 2011 ALA NC WIN over LSU (2 SEC TEAMS)* 2019 LSU WIN over Clemson 1996 FLA NC WIN over FSU 2008 LSU NC WIN over OKLAHOMA 2012 ALA NC WIN over Notre Dame* 2020 ALA WIN over Ohio State* 1998 TEN NC WIN over FSU 2009 ALA NC WIN over TEXAS* 2015 ALA NC WIN over Clemson* 2003 LSU NC WIN over OKLAHOMA 2010 AUB NC WIN over Oregon 2017 ALA NC WIN over Georgia (2 SEC TEAMS)* Since 1992 Alabama has 7 National Titles. SInce 2009 BAMA has six out of 12 National Titles. Top That!

    ArrowJ SmithArrowJ Smith10 kun oldin
  • Ohio State out coached all over the field. 🐘🐘

    Jeff BarberJeff Barber10 kun oldin
  • SO disappointed as a BUCK NUTTER but man, what a display of EXCELLENCE- COACHING, PLAYING & ST8 UP GRIT! We, TOSU needed a better defensive plan. Coombs and the Def. staff clearly didn't trust the Nickel package and...Borland a LB covering Davonte Smith 1-on-1? Gimmie that matchup all day! Safeties out of position ALL GAME! BUT we, TOSU, will get bettah!! Can't wait 'til next year!! OH....IO! GO BUCKS!!

    Darren Jacobs [Heard ES]Darren Jacobs [Heard ES]10 kun oldin
  • Did anybody else notice the background burp 3:38???

    Alex UribeAlex Uribe10 kun oldin
  • Not only that.. Alabama had key players out. The center was out and Jaylen Waddle WR/Special Team/Punt Return. He played a few downs but he was far from 100% Most teams would have broke down after losing key players. But Alabama play next man up. I knew that Mac Jones was the next man up when Alabama put up over 40 points in the Iron Bowl last year in Auburn. He went on to win the Citrus Bowl And they are a National Champions!!!

    Joey ScottJoey Scott10 kun oldin
  • Big 12 won all of their bowl games, maybe Oklahoma should have got that spot Ohio State stole... Florida is better then Ohio State too and Texas A&M would have been more deserving of the spot...Committee is buckeye blind because Ohio State beats up cupcakes on a regular basis..It doesn't matter they only played 6 cupcakes because they are dominating...Lmfao..What happened when they met a real team? Ouch, they got smoked, fried, and baked...

    JosephJoseph10 kun oldin
    • Maybe, but Oklahoma would have gotten clapped 👏 too. Alabama was just too good this year! Superior athletes, with Superior coaching!

      Oscar EvansOscar EvansKun oldin
  • Clemson could not beat Alabama if they were in the playoffs. I'm just saying. They have all the weapons they played like the NFL.

    Sunshine RobinsonSunshine Robinson10 kun oldin
  • Didn't Luginbill pick against Bama?

    April AdareApril Adare10 kun oldin
  • Ohio State used all of their mental capacity to blow out Clemson. They forgot they still needed to use another 100% mental capacity for Alabama so they lost.

    NormieNormie10 kun oldin
  • Roll Tide Roll !! Congratulations to the entire team .

    Anjie CoronadoAnjie Coronado10 kun oldin
  • Congratulations to Bama. We'll be back. We just need to evolve. Go Bucks.

    Mr. ReliableMr. Reliable10 kun oldin
  • Pollack called it. “Ohio State has no chance.”

    NicholeNichole10 kun oldin
  • Ohio State never had a chance.

    NicholeNichole10 kun oldin
  • Every team Saban has is “the best Alabama team ever.”

    NicholeNichole10 kun oldin
    • Yep

      Clifford YawnClifford Yawn9 kun oldin
  • Greg is a hater this 2020 team is the best Alabama team

    Dee PickettDee Pickett10 kun oldin
  • Congrats to Bama, but 2019 LSU wouldn't be denied.

    Michael ChreeneMichael Chreene10 kun oldin
  • Excellent observation Greg McElroy

    Jerry CaldwellJerry Caldwell10 kun oldin
  • Quit making excuses for Ohio State. Alabama was just hands down better than them and they got their ass kicked. Roll tide

    Thad CraftThad Craft10 kun oldin
  • 2 years in a row an SEC team goes undefeated and wins Natty. Both being called the best teams ever. Is there really any other conference in College football that matters?..

    Doo Doo MatineDoo Doo Matine10 kun oldin
  • Mac Jones is 1000 times better than OPIE MC-ELROY EVER WAS...

    Thad CraftThad Craft10 kun oldin
  • lowest rated tv game nobody wants to pay to watch this shit any more

    matt pagematt page10 kun oldin
  • More to a great team that what shows on the field! 2 risked NFL big money playing hurt and God himself couldn't stop them from getting in a few plays! They have the biggest Heart! Money cannot Buy what they got now! This was History! This was Epic ! Their names will never be forgotten! It's the Bama Factor! Family! They are the greatest Team ever! What they did in a World ripped apart by a virus was the Human Spirit looking Death in the Face Laughing at it! They helped so many find some small sense of normalcy! Not just Bama fans either! Hope and the Will not to give up is what the Planet needed to see! College Football led the way! Saban banged his drums hard for this Season to happen, When others were not sure Bama Stood like the old Oak! Yes they are the Greatest ever and they did it Boldly! By your Fruits you shall be known! How Sweet it is! Roils Tide 18...

    Patrick MckeeverPatrick Mckeever10 kun oldin
  • More of the media having "massive orgasms" for Saban and Alabama. National champs, great talent, we get that. Move on.

    robdyalrobdyal10 kun oldin
  • I'm ticked off as an Alabama hater (no offense, you gods amongst humans) but god damn do I respect you! How does Saban recruit (every year), develop (every year) & win 7 championships (not every year, but you get the point).

    Jordan GateJordan Gate11 kun oldin
    • Cuz he knows how to coach and put together a great team

      Franklin EmersonFranklin Emerson9 kun oldin
  • I’m a bama fan and I wish we could have seen LSU’s team last year play Alabama’s team this year of course I’m gonna say Bama but it’s for a reason I mean bama had waddle at the begging toward mid then you got heisman devonte then metchie then bolden I mean just think if we had amari cooper and Julio Jones still our offense would’ve been unstoppable and you can’t forget Landon Dickerson

    DodgeDuke01DodgeDuke0111 kun oldin
    • Bama was a penalty and a fumble a way from beating Lsu

      Reggie SolomonReggie Solomon10 kun oldin
  • Someone should do a spoof of Saban saying Alight, alight, alight, you bitches wanted to play hurry up no huddle, here I come bitches here I come.

    MrRondonmonMrRondonmon11 kun oldin
  • That D lineman needs to get back to grammar class. We are the best team is the correct tense not we is!!!! I hate to see that because it only perpetuates the stereotype of the dumb jock.

    AntonioAntonio11 kun oldin
  • It wouldn't be college football without some "never before happened" stuff going on every year. First time for everything indeed as in the team with the best semi-final performance doesn't win the natty for the first time ever, a coach getting to 7 natty wins, etc. Congratulations to Alabama and Nick Saban on an impressive season and awesome victory! They've earned it and proved whatever little doubters they had wrong. Alabama is truly the best there is! 👍😎

    Real TalkReal Talk11 kun oldin
  • Steve Sarkisian utilized the offensive weapons he had available better than any OC under Saban, but the 2012 team that crushed Notre Dame was a more complete team. AJ played as well as Mac, Lacy and TJ Yeldon each ran for over 1000 yards, the O-line led by Barrett Jones beat down defenses like a school-yard bully, and the receiving corps led by Amari Cooper was second to none. On defense Alabama had legends Dix, Collins, Milliner, Mosely, Hubbard, Sunseiri, Dial. They tripped up that year against Texas A&M, but more than erased that mistake (paired with the luckiest bs Manziel could dream). The 2020 offense was great to watch, but as a team I’ll take 2012 any day.

    Tim RoseTim Rose11 kun oldin
  • Bama Best Defense is 2011-12... Back to Back Champs but this is by far the Greatest Offense in Nick Saban tenure at Alabama

    Christopher SimmonsChristopher Simmons11 kun oldin
    • I say 2011

      Adam GarciaAdam Garcia10 kun oldin
    • Agree

      RAP1D EQUAL1ZERRAP1D EQUAL1ZER11 kun oldin
  • Perhaps Ryan Day Can STFU?

    Jimmy RogersJimmy Rogers11 kun oldin
  • Yep. Agree about OSU's defensive game plan. Lining up in a 4-4 formation? Psh. Unreal.

    Paul GranstaffPaul Granstaff11 kun oldin
  • Devonta best receiver in Alabama history!

    Mark VMark V11 kun oldin
  • Best team what a joke. Miami teams of the 80s and 90s would have embarrassed yall. Easily lol

    Abel CastroAbel Castro11 kun oldin
    • Alabama's offense would torch those defenses.

      Hunna DHunna D10 kun oldin
    • This is not the 80’s and 90’s and those Alabama teams weren’t as good as current college teams especially when you have to play by today’s rules

      Quinton chapmanQuinton chapman11 kun oldin
  • This college football is a joke now , bama is a nfl football factory that's all. When u have all pro offense lineman and all pro wide receivers and all pro defense players, and play cupcakes teams most of the year. It's a joke. The 4 team playoffs system is a joke. Nothing like the nba or baseball or NFL. Play cupcakes all year and make the 4 team playoffs easily. Hell pee wee herman can run that offense. No shame college football

    Abel CastroAbel Castro11 kun oldin
    • Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Georgia get the same kind of talent, but they're missing something: The students are missing The Master. Nick Saban.

      Paul BryantPaul Bryant10 kun oldin
    • A. Castro: Man, I honestly don't like insulting people, but you make it way too easy to avoid. You really aren't very bright.....or so it seems. Your "insight" into college football is not just skewed with bias, it shows an anger that bears some scrutiny. Have you ever heard the saying "Sometimes it is better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt?" Now, since you are a "sports/athletic program intellectual," have you ever considered not following competitive athletics. If it is televised, change the channel. Newspaper, skip that section. World Wide Web, "don't subscribe"........there's enough "Japanese Anime" out there to hold your interest for a long time.

      Edward MunsonEdward Munson11 kun oldin
  • Idiot Pollock said Bama was done when Waddle got hurt.

    Bill PBill P11 kun oldin
    • @Mike Bridges yep I agree. That was one of the worst defensive strategies I've ever seen, if you can even call it that. They need to fire the D-coordinator if they haven't already. I hate it when you think you're going to see a good game and one side blows out the other. Back to the drawing board for Ohio state.

      Guitars rcoolGuitars rcool6 kun oldin
    • @Guitars rcool they needed to play 5 DBs the whole game. Keep them in Zone and cover the entire D Backfield. They couldn't hang with those Receivers playing Cover 0.....they couldn't do it with a 4 man Zone Coverage. Hell a LB was caught out having to cover Smith! It was just a bad D Game Plan all around. They did do a decent job playing the Rush BUT, Harris killed them catching the ball. OSU even went to a 4-4, for whatever reason, as Bama was gutting them through the air. Instead of putting another LB in, they should have inserted another DB....which was the only thing they seemingly didn't try.

      Mike BridgesMike Bridges7 kun oldin
    • @Andrew K Especially true when it came to defense. Ohio state for some reason refused to play any Man defense.

      Guitars rcoolGuitars rcool7 kun oldin
    • That is dumb. I guess he's just trying to inject some drama where there is none. Everyone knows with teams like Notre Dame, Bama, Clemson, Ohio state, Oaklahoma, whenever they have a starter go down it's not a big deal. They can just stick another 4 star 5 star player in and barely miss a beat.

      Guitars rcoolGuitars rcool7 kun oldin
    • Bama OC played chess - OSU DC played checkers.... Rece Davis talks chess, Pollack talks well you get my point.....

      Andrew KAndrew K9 kun oldin
  • Look. No one has been able to hold bamas offense Florida couldn't do it Notre Dame did better but it is what it is

    Cody LeeCody Lee11 kun oldin
    • Notre Dame didn't do better, Bama just took their foot off the passing game throttle. But that's all ND can try to say, so i guess we let them say it. But we know better. As long as they keep doing things the same way they've always done against superior talent (count on friendly first down spots, penalties to move the chains) nothing will change.

      Paul BryantPaul Bryant10 kun oldin
  • I agree, they were out matched. But ohio state couldn't just change their while defensive scheme and their personel in one week?

    Rebel RouserRebel Rouser11 kun oldin
  • Did McElroy's head get bigger or just receding hair line?

    Daniel KilgoreDaniel Kilgore11 kun oldin
  • I can't believe McElroy hasn't noticed that no one plays defense like Alabama did even 5 years ago. The rules have changed. No one can.

    Horatio CarrilloHoratio Carrillo11 kun oldin
  • Alabama whipped my beloved Buckeyes @$$. Much props to the TIDE, SABAN, SARK. #6 Is a straight Beast! I wished we would have shown better and made a better game of it. You would have had to play darn near perfect to to beat Bama. My Buckeyes didn't do that. I am still super proud of our guys. Hopefully the rest of my Bucknuts can be humble and give credit where its due! CONGRATS TO ALABAMA...and all of YOU CRAZY TIDE FANS! OH.... AND THANK YOU SEC... Your decision to play football this season allowed for everyone to follow suit...and we all got to ENJOY COLLEGE FOOTBALL IN 2020! Everyone stay safe!

    Daryle MosbyDaryle Mosby11 kun oldin
  • What date ya think Waddle and Mac will announce they coming back ? Said in jest, but I would not be surprised. Look what coming back did and will do for Smith and Harris. You wanna compare LSU of 2019 and Alabama 2020 ? ... Take LSU's 5 point victory over Bama last year and then add the extra points from a new and improved Smith, Harris, a completely different Mac Jones and Sark's new playbook.

    John NaylorJohn Naylor11 kun oldin
    • Both mac and waddle is gone. They're leaving for the draft

      Mike KingMike King9 kun oldin
    • Mac isn't coming back no chance... Waddle might just cuz of injury but he also could go....he is probably 65/35 I'd say higher chance of leaving

      MCG55SSMCG55SS9 kun oldin
  • Didn't Pollack say early in the season when Waddle went out for what was thought to be a season ending injury that Bama's season was over?

    James CookJames Cook11 kun oldin
    • @Vic Mabe or just wrong....

      Daniel HicksDaniel Hicks9 kun oldin
    • He’s a hypocrite

      Vic MabeVic Mabe9 kun oldin
    • Yes he said that but now what he’s saying!!!

      Cassandra BledsoeCassandra Bledsoe10 kun oldin
    • @Mark Skipper lol

      GoodKutters UnlimitedGoodKutters Unlimited10 kun oldin
    • What does he know he's a Georgia boy anyway, isn't he?

      Mark SkipperMark Skipper10 kun oldin
  • If Bama's Defense would've been as good as their Offense this team would've been even more scarier!

    Michael BoltonMichael Bolton11 kun oldin
    • The days of holding good quarterbacks to few points are over. I went to Bama in the Seventies, until the last couple of years, I got sick when Bama won big and gave up 20+ points. Saban even realizes this!

      Mark SkipperMark Skipper10 kun oldin
  • Saban is perfecting perfection.

    MikahMikah11 kun oldin
  • The most ignorant statement to date is Luginbil saying he didn't THINK there was a big talent discrepancy on the field ....SMH

    Mark TidwellMark Tidwell11 kun oldin
    • I'm just judging by the eye test brothers.

      Mark TidwellMark Tidwell10 kun oldin
    • @teller12 because no one wants Alabama coaches unless we are in the playoffs and win the championship if it’s not a winning season or we’re not playing for a championship no other schools are making our coaches job offers 🙄🤦🏾‍♂️😡🤬🙄

      Quinton chapmanQuinton chapman11 kun oldin
    • Not based on recruiting numbers. Buckeyes top 3 every year, I think. Player development big, too. But with Bama coaching carousel, the tsunami of injuries past half decade...makes it all the more impressive.

      teller12teller1211 kun oldin
  • Y'all need to put some respect on Mac Jones' name. Tide fan. Love DeVonta. Legend. Maybe the greatest Tide player yet. But, it was a 14 point game when D went out. While maybe not quite the heroics of Justin Fields in the Sugar bowl... an injured Mac Jones went out there, along with the defense, and sealed the deal. Injured while putting his body on the line for his brothers. Put some respect on his name. Roll Tide.

    AchromaniacAchromaniac11 kun oldin
    • Mac jones been that dude

      Alex BlackAlex Black11 kun oldin
    • Amen!

      Sarah LloydSarah Lloyd11 kun oldin
  • This years Bama offense might be the most explosive ever and that is saying something given that Waddle was hobbled the last many games...unreal....this from a Nebraska Husker

    Scott LoseyScott Losey11 kun oldin
    • @Chris Lane ... Yep, someone with real knowledge. Arguably the best offense ever, but defense no where close. Will go down as one of the best ever! 👌

      Oscar EvansOscar EvansKun oldin
    • I believe this Alabama offense may be the best offense ever. Their defense is not good enough to be the greatest team ever. Those Nebraska teams in the 90's were dominant on both sides of the ball. RTR.

      Chris LaneChris Lane3 kun oldin
    • True that but they have had much better defenses.

      Guitars rcoolGuitars rcool9 kun oldin
    • It is by far Saban's best offense! Not just based on production, but the number of producers to the production also! Even the great offenses have a guy who's not on an equal level of another teammate, but Alabama's this season compared to LSU's from a year ago because all their skill position guys were on near equal par with one another! They proved that even if u key on one or two, there's a third right there who will make u pay!

      Brad LewisBrad Lewis11 kun oldin
  • This is so simple, it makes my brain hurt. Alabama barely lost to LSU last year, with a worse defense and a worse offense. Alabama’s offense this year is better, and Alabama’s defense is better, despite not being a “classic nick saban smothering defense”. This year’s Alabama team absolutely could beat last year’s LSU team; in fact, last year’s Alabama team nearly did, once again with Tua at 70%, a less efficient offense, and a much younger, inexperienced and worse defense. Mac Jones was more efficient than Burrow, played an all-SEC schedule, and also brought in the heisman, biletnikoff, doak walker, Remington, Outland, Davey Obrien, and Joe Moore awards.

    John WJohn W11 kun oldin
    • @jkhdfkjashdfk And what makes you think that. They both averaged the same number of PPG (Alabama 0.1 point better, actually) and Alabama had a larger Margin of Victory. Alabama’s 2019 defense had 2 true freshmen starting at middle linebacker, true freshman DL and DE, true freshman safety, and many more inexperienced freshman having to play; to put it in perspective, Alabama’s starting middle linebacker from 2019 (Shane Lee) probably saw the field less than 3 full minutes of game time in 2020 - didn’t even play. Alabama’s offense and defense were much better in 2020, Alabama did not suffer major injuries in 2020, and Alabama literally only lost to LSU by 5 points in 2019. Neither team is winning “handily” and it is well within reason to suggest Alabama would beat them. But sorry for bringing actual facts and evidence to back up my opinion. Might be triggering

      John WJohn W10 kun oldin
    • 2019 LSU would win handily.

      jkhdfkjashdfkjkhdfkjashdfk11 kun oldin
  • Alabama coach Sark and all that talent is illegal? This so amazing! They played video games.

    organic material science corp Polymer Scienceorganic material science corp Polymer Science11 kun oldin
  • What the f*ck is this lady wearing? Is she dressed up as Miss Kitty?

    Dee PlorableDee Plorable11 kun oldin
  • David Pollack and Kirk Herbstreit are both a dam.joke and I'm sick if them. They are supposed to tell it like it is and stop being biased.

    organic material science corp Polymer Scienceorganic material science corp Polymer Science11 kun oldin
    • @Mark Skipper you are so correct. He is a crying kiss but liberal. He is so annoying.

      organic material science corp Polymer Scienceorganic material science corp Polymer Science10 kun oldin
    • Kirk wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't so Woke and Politically correct!

      Mark SkipperMark Skipper10 kun oldin
  • Congrats to Saban, to the players. Wish Fields would have been 100%. All.the kickers were healthy, and injuries and Covid did not play major role in the.championship game. Would like to have seen a more competitive game. Not a blowout

    Bert SmithBert Smith11 kun oldin
    • ​@Bert Smith Nope, if youre gonna give Ohio State their guys back you gotta do the same for Bama, Starting Center and Rimington award winner Landon Dickerson, Labryan Ray (Bamas best D lineman) Malachi Moore (True freshmen all American) Jaylen Waddle (...do i even need to?) Also Devonta being out the entire second half, Jordan Battle getting ejected early, and Najee was even out for an entire drive late in the game. This was a SLAUGHTER in every facet, OSU was out played at every position and WAYY out coached.

      IDont HaveOneIDont HaveOne11 kun oldin
    • @Euclid’s Chemical Equation the way fields was dancing in the locker room after the Clemson game you would have never known he was injured

      Michael MerckMichael Merck11 kun oldin
    • @Bert Smith lmao well he shouldn’t have been out there ..and Wade must’ve had broken ribs too Cuz DeVante burned his ass

      Euclid’s Chemical EquationEuclid’s Chemical Equation11 kun oldin
    • @Euclid’s Chemical Equation stick it dude. Voicing my opinion. The man probably has brokenribs.

      Bert SmithBert Smith11 kun oldin
    • He was healthy enough ...stop with the excuses ...funny he played just fine after the hit in the Clemson game and now all of a sudden he too hurt to play good

      Euclid’s Chemical EquationEuclid’s Chemical Equation11 kun oldin
  • Lsu was not unstoppable last year like they say... they got lucky... what game this year was bama in some real jeopardy?

    The Thinking Mans GameThe Thinking Mans Game11 kun oldin
    • SEC championship. FLA made it to interesting for sure

      geedaddy45geedaddy4510 kun oldin
  • This is best Explosive Team Alabama ever had!!!

    Veto GVeto G11 kun oldin

    Samuel DelbridgeSamuel Delbridge11 kun oldin
    • @Clifford Yawn I was saying him just being apart of that and all he has been through only lifted his team's spirit...💪

      Samuel DelbridgeSamuel Delbridge9 kun oldin
    • Great observation but even if Waddle hadn't played the outcome would have still been the same.

      Clifford YawnClifford Yawn9 kun oldin
    • Samuel D. You have a damn good point. Jaylen is such a fine athlete and young man. He IS the epitome of inspiration, and CLASS.

      Edward MunsonEdward Munson10 kun oldin
  • Pollack.. you said we were done after WADDLE went down.. please acknowledge your falsehood

    Andre' IveyAndre' Ivey11 kun oldin
    • @Mike Bridges Mike, as men we should acknowledge faults just as much as we want praise when we predict right. First, his predictions were not based off facts because Smitty6 been putting in work. There were 3 Heisman players on that team. 4 with Waddle. So to say the season was over was a stretch. Again, I want him to acknowledge and eat the words before he gives the team all this praise.

      Andre' IveyAndre' Ivey6 kun oldin
    • C'mon, he's not the first analyst to make a prediction that didn't pan out. When OU played Bama in the 2014 Sugar Bowl...EVERY analyst at ESPN predicted Bama would throttle OU by 40 or more points, due to their anger over the Kick 6 Play at Auburn their game before. That didn't happen. How many people HONESTLY felt Smith was going to have the season he did, after Waddle was injured? The man made a prediction based on what Waddle was doing in the Bama Offense before he was injured. It's not like he went on National TV and predicted the end of the world and the 2nd coming of Christ would have taken place on a specific day...and had it not happen. He made a prediction about a team in the game of Football. He's not the only one that predicted something that didn't happen this recent season. Waddle got hurt, Smith went off to the point of winning the Heisman and the Bama Offense ended up better because of it.

      Mike BridgesMike Bridges7 kun oldin
    • Being politically incorrect, let's not forget that Pollack is a Pollock.

      Mark SkipperMark Skipper10 kun oldin
    • dont forget pollack said we didnt have a shot at the championship and that is was gonna come down to clemson and ohio boy talk about drinking hater-aide for sure. ROLL TIDE BUILT BY BAMA

      Jeannette MontgomeryJeannette Montgomery11 kun oldin
  • Ohio State was never beating Alabama. No matter what Defensive scheme they brought to the table. Alabama is a horrid matchup for many and especially of this iteration of Ohio State. In fact.... There are 3-5 other teams in college football that would be better matchups for Alabama but all credit to Alabama. Just like LSU last season they beat all comers pretty handidly. Both are some of the deepest most talented most well coached National Champions i have seen in a long long time.

    Cap Levi's PageCap Levi's Page11 kun oldin
    • @Paul Bryant Correct

      Cap Levi's PageCap Levi's Page9 kun oldin
    • Florida punched Alabama in the mouth, but nobody but SEC fans (myself one of them) would care to watch the rematch.

      Paul BryantPaul Bryant10 kun oldin
  • Feel bad for OSU sermon on play 1 and basically there whole Dline had covid. Also i 100% agree with them, need to fire that defensive cord. I mean how do you not change it up at half, after getting torched in the second quarter. I mean just a sad day for that defense. Also ryan day was WAY to conservative running the ball on a 4th and 3 like wtf are you doing lmao. OSU deserved that fat L

    TheCrimsomCard YugiohTheCrimsomCard Yugioh11 kun oldin
    • @iC l o u t y y i mean they did put up almost 50 before smith went out so didnt really matter. OSU wasnt winning even if aaron donald was playing, kerry combs was just absolute ass, playing the same defense the entire game after knowing it wasnt working at half.

      TheCrimsomCard YugiohTheCrimsomCard Yugioh11 kun oldin
    • That’s the same D-line that embarrassed Clemson 9 days earlier, to the point where many were saying that Bama would struggle in the trenches without their all-world center! But, now, you claim that Covid was the reason they struggled....🤷🏽‍♂️

      BacnowBacnow11 kun oldin
    • Whole line? They lost two right? Bama loses best C in college football a week before showtime. 2 beats one but C is signal caller. The fact they put him in to snap last run-offs plays with season ending injury says a lot about his value. Sermon loss was a blow but Smith is 2d half saved Buckeyes AT LEAST 7. And Waddle essentially being out as spectacular kick returner and D. Smith's bookend was far bigger than Ohio St realizes. He was about 5% off of Smith capabilities. Think about it.

      teller12teller1211 kun oldin
    • They knew what they were up against

      iC l o u t y yiC l o u t y y11 kun oldin
    • No excuses. Bama had some key players out as well and we didn’t complain. The second half was all sophomores and freshmen in the game and we still put points on the board on OSU. No fucking excuses for them at all. ROLL TIDE ROLLLLL

      iC l o u t y yiC l o u t y y11 kun oldin
  • 3:38 Somebody farted 💨🙊😟

    Chris McCallChris McCall11 kun oldin
    • I had to go back but oh my damn🤣🤣🤣

      Daniel HicksDaniel Hicks9 kun oldin
    • That actually sounded like my French Bulldog when he snorts!

      Mr. ReliableMr. Reliable10 kun oldin
    • That was nasty

      RAP1D EQUAL1ZERRAP1D EQUAL1ZER11 kun oldin
  • Alabama had a perfect kicker this year, hands down best team under Saban

    Cody WhiteCody White11 kun oldin
    • @Gary Smith Of course no one is forcing me to watch but how am I supposed to get the other teams to not play like cream puffs? Some dumb remarks here. Lol

      Guitars rcoolGuitars rcool7 kun oldin
    • @A rebel without a General They have 4 stars 5 stars everything else coming out the Ying yang and they can't find a kicker?

      Guitars rcoolGuitars rcool7 kun oldin
    • Alabama fans have been praying for a good kicker for years.

      A rebel without a GeneralA rebel without a General8 kun oldin
    • 😂. They scored touchdowns on almost every drive !

      joscacajoscaca8 kun oldin
    • @Gary Smith yep I hear ya. The way it's been most of the 5 and 4 star players head to the few elite teams every year. Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Notre Dame, Oaklahoma, Ohio state, and basically the 4 playoff teams come out of that group. Most of these guys don't care about playing in front of the home team and friends anymore. They just want to play for a championship. I know it won't always be this way. One of these days Saban, Sweeny will want another challenge and move on so I know it's all cyclical like when Pete Carol was at USC in the 2,000's and established a dynasty but then he moved on to the NFL. I guess enjoy while you can right? Think I'll mosey on over to College basketball for awhile. There's got to be something to complain about, I mean appreciate over there.

      Guitars rcoolGuitars rcool9 kun oldin
  • Justin Fields went from Ultra Instinct Goku to Krillin

    Chris McCallChris McCall11 kun oldin
    • Last I checked football is a team sport. There's nothing justin fields, or anyone else for that matter, could have done to save the Buckeyes. He had to have another Clemson like performance to even have a chance in this one. And even then they would have come up short because the defense couldn't get a stop if their lives depended on it.

      GregGreg11 kun oldin
    • This comment got me ☠. 🤣😂😅

      Zachary TurnerZachary Turner11 kun oldin
    • He was shook after they touched him

      Cherida BollandCherida Bolland11 kun oldin
  • Those incredible Bama defenses were built to stop the run. Those defenses would have been gutted by the Floridas and Ole Miss-type teams and those teams were not built to keep up scoring with those teams. This is the best Bama team!

    DRC 53DRC 5311 kun oldin
    • Definitely agree

      Kemarrian LoveKemarrian Love10 kun oldin
  • David Pollack, I used to be such a fan of yours man. That is until I realized how much of a snooty pretentious nerd you are. Keep betting against and talking trash about Ole Miss. We love it.

    Lance McDanielLance McDaniel11 kun oldin
  • You know, some already thinking about next year's team. I'm soaking this one up. I'm so proud of what these young men accomplished. Congratulations guys putting the cherry on top

    Winford RinerWinford Riner11 kun oldin
  • The D is not bad at all. If this was ten years ago, we would’ve beat every team 28-0. But we don’t play that style no more where we ground and pound; so therefore the defense is on the field a whole lot. They have to be in super shape now we average damn there 50 points a game, that put the defense out there for many many plays. We’re not that 12 play 8 minute offense anymore, we store often and quickly. That defense is good.

    True CarterTrue Carter11 kun oldin
  • Trey Sermon, Ohio State Running Back was injured on the very first play by Alabama defense. 4 Alabama players jumped on him and injured his neck or shoulder. That injury did change the path of the game to Alabama's advantage since he was an important component of Buckeyes' Offense. Also, Buckeyes DEFENSE, specially Pass defense, played a poor game. They had a problem schematically, players, and coaching. Teams win national championships when they have a great defense, more often than not. Buckeyes' Defense played poorly in this game.

    Zack JalamaniZack Jalamani11 kun oldin
    • Bama was keyed on Sermon. He was not going to run on bama anyway

      Mark TidwellMark Tidwell11 kun oldin
    • Lmfao ...Alabama couldn’t play without its starting Center, starting wide receiver or starting Defensive back ...EXCUSES

      Euclid’s Chemical EquationEuclid’s Chemical Equation11 kun oldin
    • 😂😂😂🤣🤪🤪🤪

      Samuel DelbridgeSamuel Delbridge11 kun oldin
    • @Kris Kelly Yep....LOL

      Zich RaglandZich Ragland11 kun oldin
    • "4 players jumping on him" Thats called tackling.

      Kris KellyKris Kelly11 kun oldin
  • I have been a Bama fan since Wayback I even should Bear Bryant hand when I stop 11 maybe 12 but what can I say roll tide roll

    David PhillipsDavid Phillips11 kun oldin
    • That's supposed to be shook his hand stupid phone does not understand my English anyway r o l l t i d e r o l l

      David PhillipsDavid Phillips10 kun oldin
  • Gosh I wish I could find the state fans that were on the pregame stream last night....they got real quiet

    Will GarnerWill Garner11 kun oldin
    • All their tears destroyed their phones. Upgrade so u can cry and comment OSU. Lol

      The TideThe Tide10 kun oldin
    • We're still here! Hats off to Alabama.

      Mr. ReliableMr. Reliable10 kun oldin
    • So we're the Clemson fans after the Ohio State game. That's life. Congratulations to Alabama. No excuses. There a great team, legendary coach..Hats off to them.

      American GraffitiAmerican Graffiti11 kun oldin
    • Thier phones needed recharging

      Michael MerckMichael Merck11 kun oldin
  • There is no such thing as the best team. Several comes to mind/ Once you reach a certain level, just great. That is the word

    thorifiedthorified11 kun oldin
  • Very difficult to compare defenses. The rules favor offense more all the time. Targeting is a good example, slants and crossing routes are more popular when the receiver knows he’ll probably make it back to the huddle. Offensive linemen can go downfield three yards yards on RPO and often get away with five yards.

    Sabre TomSabre Tom11 kun oldin
  • The best offense Alabama has ever had probably.

    Ethan A.Ethan A.11 kun oldin
    • Yep best accurate passer in the history of Alabama.

      Clifford YawnClifford Yawn9 kun oldin
    • @Richard Roberts LSU 2nd now

      RAP1D EQUAL1ZERRAP1D EQUAL1ZER11 kun oldin
    • Best offense in SEC history.

      Richard RobertsRichard Roberts11 kun oldin