Frosty, Little, LITTLES

13-Yan, 2021
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  • Beverly is so cute! Lol that’s what I love about alpacas they are so soft

    Taz AceTaz Ace3 kun oldin
  • Omg yes Jami our house only had heat vents downstairs as well & my parent did the same thing put our clothes onto the heater vents to warm them up for us too.. we had 1 hear vent in our bathroom & 1 in the kitchen there was 6 of us kids 4 boys 2 girls and we all were trying to stand on the vents.. I remember wearing long nightgowns and letting the heat blow up my gown like it was a little oven!!

    Jill BeaudryJill Beaudry4 kun oldin
  • We have a small hobby farm in northern Minnesota about 100 miles from the Canadian boarder. We have had a -20 wind chill recently

    April DoneApril Done4 kun oldin
  • Ernie is like from high up in the south american Andy's, there its always cold

    Paula BraunPaula Braun4 kun oldin
  • I am from Long Island NY originally, we had radiant heat in our slab house..the floors were concrete with piping that Carrie's water from the boiler through it to circulate through the house and baseboards heating the upstairs . It would be colder up there compared to down stairs, and we all would be laying on the warm floor of the kitchen to warm up as mom made breakfast before school..that tile floor was so nice and cozy. ❤

    Anita Keane MoranAnita Keane Moran5 kun oldin
  • Anita Keane MoranAnita Keane Moran5 kun oldin
  • When we grew up we had a cole Heater 1 register downstairs in the floor heated the whole house the date on that furnace was back in the 1800s

    Joann C.Joann C.7 kun oldin
  • Where are you from in Southern Illinois. I'm from Belleville.

    Patricia ReussPatricia Reuss7 kun oldin
  • Babies it’s cold outside

    Trudy MillerTrudy Miller8 kun oldin
  • Wow, you bring back so many great memories, l am from Springfield, Missouri, and we had a floor furnace that we would all get on to warm up after playing in the snow, had a lot of little squares on our shoes from standing there a little too long, ha, ha, my mom would also warm up our clothes on the furnace but she knew how long to keep them there so our clothes didn't have little squares on them, miss my mom and dad everyday, lost my dad in 2011, a Navy WWII Veteran, and my mom in 2018, so enjoy every minute of your parents because they will be gone before you know it. I am 70 now, not sure how l got there so quick !!

    Marsha WoodMarsha Wood10 kun oldin
  • You do so well Jami, I love your voice it is so soothing. And those feather babies love you.

    Laura PetersenLaura Petersen10 kun oldin
  • Oh I hate the cold. I love living in the North of Australia where it is mostly hot dry heat. The coastal areas are too humid for my liking. Not at all fussy. LOL

    Ros OsborneRos Osborne11 kun oldin
  • Ernie had guard duty last night!

    Cissie PierceCissie Pierce11 kun oldin
  • Move the farm to Florida, lots of country and farm land. Wellington, FL is the place to live, farms all around.

    Joan Dickman KusnetzovJoan Dickman Kusnetzov11 kun oldin
  • Put a few apples in the water troughs, and that will keep the water from freezing

    Debra GilletDebra Gillet11 kun oldin
  • I live in Wood River, IL I'm just curious where you are from. You can text me back at 618-670-7041. I really enjoy all of y'alls videos. 🙂

    Kathy HoxseyKathy Hoxsey11 kun oldin
  • Luckily, growing up in Texas and now living in Florida I rarely have to deal with that cold. One year when I went to Colorado over New Years and it was 7 degrees... clothes went in the dryer on HIGH before I put them on. I feel like I can’t breathe in weather below 45 haha.

    Katie TaylorKatie Taylor12 kun oldin
  • My annie❤️

    BrendaBrenda12 kun oldin
  • Ah, standing in front of the Dearborn heater, rubbing our hands together then turning around to warm our backside. Hot cocoa with mini marshmallows, graduating to coffee or hot tea as you got older........ Thank you for invoking precious childhood memories!!

    Adabelle RodriguezAdabelle Rodriguez12 kun oldin
  • I almost for got. The earliest ever that we got snow was Halloween this time 3-4 inches. All but almost three years I've lived in MT. mostly Northwest side.

    Danielle SchnobergerDanielle Schnoberger12 kun oldin
  • In the middle of October we had snow. On a Friday which was the first time and still time that I got to see where my oldest sister and my mom moved to. 20-30 minutes away but I don't drive and mom doesn't anymore. She's almost 90 in March 15th. and still helping to raise kid's. Long story.

    Danielle SchnobergerDanielle Schnoberger12 kun oldin
  • Ernie has insulation. That's what I call my fat. I'm insulated.

    Danielle SchnobergerDanielle Schnoberger12 kun oldin
  • I enjoy your videos Jami🙂

    Diane SheehanDiane Sheehan12 kun oldin
  • We must have grown up in the same house lol

    Staci JenksStaci Jenks12 kun oldin
  • I’m in SE MI, would love to one day Not deal with these midwest winters!

    Heidi MillsHeidi Mills12 kun oldin
  • Sweet video Jamie Lotsa Love and Blessings ❤️💕🌸🙏💗🌺

    Stormy Betsy PetersonStormy Betsy Peterson12 kun oldin
  • I grew up in upstate NY. We did something very familiar

    Jami HeinsohnJami Heinsohn12 kun oldin
  • Crystals on the grass! So good to see every now and then! Glad the babies are fine! Loved our Ima Jean came to say good morning!

    Jan TaylorJan Taylor12 kun oldin
  • Minnesota says here hold my beer !! It’s gets a wee bit chilly and frosty up Nort. There’s nothing worse than a tile floor in winter when my mum would turn down the thermostat to 62 at 10 pm and someone has to pee during the night. Man my bladder was of steel back then🤣🤣 be safe and warm up !

    J McGovernJ McGovern12 kun oldin
  • JAMI, YOU ARENT SOUNDING TOO GOOD!!!😲 Please dont be getting sick!!🙏

    Evelyn DevaughnEvelyn Devaughn12 kun oldin
  • You talking about sitting around the vent, took me back to my childhood too. Except we had a little plug in heater. The glowing wire style. Lol it was just my brother and I. Mom would put our clothes in front of the heater for a bit, and then get us up for school and we would race to the heater. It was a show because we had 2 little dogs that slept with us and so they would race us to the heater too. Good memories, good times. Thanks for sharing. Made my day😁😁😁🤗🤗

    Michelle RicardMichelle Ricard13 kun oldin

    Sandra LeeSandra Lee13 kun oldin
  • I like the new opening much better. 🙂

    Trisha LizotteTrisha Lizotte13 kun oldin
  • Beverly and Emily

    Brenda BroschBrenda Brosch13 kun oldin
  • You need a Zeba named Emily

    Brenda BroschBrenda Brosch13 kun oldin
  • I'm in Kansas🌻 and I know what you are talking about with the cold winters!! I can deal with the cold but HERE it's the darn WIND that I HATE and it makes winter so much worse!! Although, I would gladly deal with a tornado here -vs- a hurricane there any day! Crazy huh!😃😆😂 I pray 🙏 you all have a decent winter this year and not bad to make you babies or crops suffer.🕇👌❤

    S. ArchuletaS. Archuleta13 kun oldin
  • I love in Australia but we had 1 little heater for a 4 kid family and we used all try to huddle round it while getting dressed or waiting for our clothes to heat up. Uuuhhhh memories

    Hetherington FamilyHetherington Family13 kun oldin
  • My grandfather used to call the first frost, “early snow”. My childhood was very much like so many others on here. Yes, the good ole days!!!

    Judith DowellJudith Dowell13 kun oldin
  • You got you a case of Lesteritus this morning 😂😂 Only cure is Lester walking up to begin his rambling 😂 But I wouldn’t have it any other way. At least what you all say holds my attention and very informative. LOVE ALL OF Y’ALL 💗

    Brigitte HBrigitte H13 kun oldin
  • For the longest time I thought you were from the north like from the upper New York area. Then you say Illinois. Nah that's Midwestern. Different snow patterns. I do believe that the weather patterns are changing because your area seems to be getting some wacky weather.

    Denise RawlsDenise Rawls13 kun oldin
  • Your babies are saying good morning. ❤❤❤

    Linda GreeneLinda Greene13 kun oldin
  • We had a floor furnace. It looked like the gates of hell. It gave me terrible dreams. One of the bad things about is was that it practically took up the entire hallway from our bedroom to the bathroom so we had to walk within inches of it and the wall and pray that my siblings and I didn’t fall on it and burn ourself. 🔥 Good times!

    Stacy MeadowsStacy Meadows13 kun oldin
  • ImaJean looking for love and was dissed!😭

    LKP traskinvLKP traskinv13 kun oldin
  • Llama and El paca fleece is a lot like Sheep's Wool.

    Duane WilcoxDuane Wilcox13 kun oldin
  • We have a worn spot in the wood panels above the register from everyone leaning against the wall while standing over it🤣

    Vicki PorterVicki Porter13 kun oldin
  • Where was Gloria?

    Laure ZumbuschLaure Zumbusch13 kun oldin
  • I'm from southern Illinois also. About 2 hours from St Louis.

    Teresa WigginsTeresa Wiggins13 kun oldin
  • That’s so funny we had a vent on the floor in our dining room and my 3 siblings and I would all sit around it every morning to get warm. Good memories.

    Tammie BealTammie Beal13 kun oldin
  • I live in Pa and we NEVER had off for a snow day!! College in VA and my freshman year we had off almost the entire month of Feb!! Back in Pa and I hate the cold weather.... especially the snow!!! 💙☃️❄️☃️💙

    Rhonda Wolfgang BelluscioRhonda Wolfgang Belluscio13 kun oldin
  • It’s called hoar frost. Love from Saskatchewan Canada

    Laurie ClLaurie Cl13 kun oldin
  • Oh the feathers love there momma!.

    tracey annatracey anna13 kun oldin
  • Here where I live in Canada we get to -31°c which would be -23°f in your temperature and this is without the wind chill added in. I live along side a bay of water where our wind can go to 100km/h so it can actually drop to -40°c. I have horses, goats, chickens, ducks, and potbellied pig. My horse's are outside 24/7 with a run in shelter and they actually love staying outside.

    Colleen KnowlesColleen Knowles13 kun oldin
  • I see your strange little visiting duck is still here. Too fun!

    M SM S13 kun oldin
  • Good to watch these videos with all the unrest going on it's very upsetting! This helps me to avoid it & commenting! This is very uplifting! I too grew up on farm's! Brings back better times! We only had frost in fall & spring then lot's of snow! 💖💖💖💖💖💖

    Patti HainlinePatti Hainline13 kun oldin
  • Ahh, the hoar frost. It does make things pretty. Great-Grandparents had a house w/wood burning stove for heat & my Grandparents had coal heat (yeah, vents in the floor). They all needed courage to get up in the morning & get the fires going. Being from Germany they all did an old trick; shot of brandy neat while still in bed. They each had a decanter of brandy & two glasses next to their beds. Loved standing over the floor vents to warm up. Thanks for the memories.

    Kathy HesterKathy Hester13 kun oldin
  • I really like your new opening!

    Penni FreemanPenni Freeman13 kun oldin

    Kristene HelselKristene Helsel13 kun oldin
    • Just asking for a small friend? granddaughter loves gooses..a holes lots...

      Kristene HelselKristene Helsel13 kun oldin
  • Jami you said you liked close to St. Louis. Do you know where Centralia is. That’s where I grew up.

    Jerriann WhiteheadJerriann Whitehead13 kun oldin
  • I see Adam or Steve’s friend is still around!!

    HeatherHeather13 kun oldin
  • I love brisk mornings. We don’t get a whole lot in coastal SC. The babies don’t seem to mind. Better than the heat I’m sure.

    Margaret LeeMargaret Lee13 kun oldin
  • When I was a kid we had heater in the living room..with floor vents for the heat to raise up to bedrooms. Mom would wash clothes and have to hang them outside yr around. The clothes would come In so froze they would stand up on there own..haha the wooden clothes rack wash by the heater all winter..

    Jackie LisowskiJackie Lisowski13 kun oldin
  • I grew up in a house that was built in the 1840s in Ohio. I remember getting up and running downstairs and standing on the register to warm up.

    Joyce SJoyce S13 kun oldin
  • I live in Minnesota...we had a balmy 46f today. I cant believe the crazy Weather patterns we have had. We normally have very cold weather with wind chill. But.. we are to get a storm Thurs in to Friday with 6 plus inches of snow/ice/rain.. mix. Cuddle up and stay warm..

    Jackie LisowskiJackie Lisowski13 kun oldin
  • It’s snow a little in Texas. Wow I didn’t u guys get snow.

    Rosie AdornoRosie Adorno13 kun oldin
  • Remember the cream would rise to the top of the glass gallon? They delivered the milk outside

    Louanne NormanLouanne Norman13 kun oldin
  • Ernies a cutie pie

    Louanne NormanLouanne Norman13 kun oldin
  • Annie’s a cutie poo

    Louanne NormanLouanne Norman13 kun oldin
  • 32 is freezing

    Louanne NormanLouanne Norman13 kun oldin
    • Ernie is a cutie pie

      Louanne NormanLouanne Norman13 kun oldin
  • We had a coal furnace (in Michigan) and in the winter, if the fire got low or went out, it was gold. We stood on the register or near the stove. Got dressed under the covers in bed. What ever to stay warm. I don’t remember any snow days. We went to school. Buses may be late but we went. We walked about a mile in snow and ice. Plus, the girls couldn’t wear trousers so we would put pants on under our skirts and store them in our lockers fir the walk home.

    Sharon YoungSharon Young13 kun oldin
  • Love the childhood memories our house was the same

    Eve KankamEve Kankam13 kun oldin
  • Lol I grew up in Idaho and remember those cold snowy mornings. Moved to Calif so no more snow but some cold mornings. The frost seems not to bother Ernie and Annie at all. But I’m sure Lester is freezing 🥶

    Laura StewartLaura Stewart13 kun oldin
  • Jamie hon ! We don’t have eskimos any more they are not called Eskimos they are called Inuit. calling them the E word is like the N word. Shhhhh.

    MsRosyMsRosy13 kun oldin
  • Love those geese coming over to say hello and Cornholio always makes an appearance! He is the best!

    Dee JahantDee Jahant13 kun oldin
  • When I was a kid we had coal furance it was always so cold in the morning until my Dad would stoke the furance. We would stand in the registers in our night gowns waiting for the heat to kick on.

    Liz ReganLiz Regan13 kun oldin
  • Too cold

    Judy VititoeJudy Vititoe13 kun oldin
  • Alpacca whool is the best for cold. Ernie must have a blast 🦙🦙

    Chantal R RobiChantal R Robi13 kun oldin
  • I grew up in NW Illinois and I remember those floor heat vents. They were the best.

    Barbara PoarchBarbara Poarch13 kun oldin
  • Did hell freeze over in 2021

    Juliette SierraJuliette Sierra13 kun oldin
  • Jami my house was built on 1914 and I have a 3 bedroom house and it has one vent upstairs. Needless to say nobody shuts their bedroom doors we all want the heat from that one vent. Lol

    Teresa FurrTeresa Furr13 kun oldin
  • Exactly, what my mom would do but our wasn't a can't it was a wall heater and she had a side table she would stand there and rotate our clothes and call us to go them as soon as they were warmed up

    Theresa WestTheresa West13 kun oldin
  • I can see the frost on the ground Jami very clear with the bright 🌞 shining on it. When I was small the bathroom was always the warmest place to be too.

    Marcia BorgMarcia Borg13 kun oldin
  • One good thing about the frost, it will help with the flies, ticks etc come Spring. You need a couple more good frosts! Love you and your videos Jami ❤️

    Elma WallaceElma Wallace13 kun oldin
  • Yes! I stood over the 3ftx4ft floor vent in my flannel nightgown to warm up in MI when I was a little. Fond memories. Now in KY for 20+ years i have become a cold sissy!!! Thanks for the memories girl!

    Jenny Lee 1110Jenny Lee 111013 kun oldin
  • I grew up too in an old house with floor vents on the first floor and nothing in our bedrooms. I too would warm my clothes up on the vents. 💕 good thing you know what it’s like

    Rachel LaPlanteRachel LaPlante13 kun oldin
  • No more bugs. Yeah!

    Aline Lemieux-lewinAline Lemieux-lewin13 kun oldin
  • Alpacas are indigenously from high elevation and colder climates in South America. Their range is the Andes region of Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador. They’re built for the cold.

    Sweet SerendipitySweet Serendipity13 kun oldin
  • Ernie and Annie crack me up. They're so wooly, they don't know they have frost on them. ❤🙏

    Beverly WeaverBeverly Weaver13 kun oldin
  • Just love the intro Jami chose with the brass and pearls

    Tracy MTracy M13 kun oldin
  • My ex mother in law refused to open the vents upstairs was so cold when we visited that we would rent a motel room even though that house had 7 bedrooms.

    Patsy ShusterPatsy Shuster13 kun oldin
  • Are you from Chicago or by St Louis? I am from Bloomington Illinois and live just east of there in LeRoy. Love you ALL!

    Tina HurleyTina Hurley13 kun oldin
  • Just wondering what happened to the Golden girls The other day in the video just saw only two Golden girls

    Evelyn Beltran Makeup Tutorial & VlogsEvelyn Beltran Makeup Tutorial & Vlogs13 kun oldin
  • When I was little it was only a coal fire in the living room we had most of the time it burned all night but sometimes it would go out and my mum used to switch the oven on and open the door and me and my 3 brothers used to be huddled in front of the oven to get dressed for school, our house had a tin roof and tin windows the inside of the bedroom windows used to freeze up 😂 oh they were the days before central heating and double glazed windows 😂💞

    Claire MckinstrayClaire Mckinstray13 kun oldin
  • Adam or Steve’s friend is still there ❤️

    Paty MattoonPaty Mattoon13 kun oldin
  • We use to sit on the registers . And after being out in the snow to warm our feet up. Then they would itch like crazy...😂

    Diana HurleyDiana Hurley13 kun oldin
  • Jami, my ex was from Waterloo, Illinois. I always loved going south and visiting all his old haunts. His brother has a farm near Maeystown. Such good memories down there, but not so much with the ex. LOL We've had a lot of the freezing fog the last month. I live out in the country near Danville Illinois. ❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤

    Vickie QuickVickie Quick13 kun oldin
  • Wow that brings back memories here too. Thanks jamie.

    Joyce PattersonJoyce Patterson13 kun oldin
  • Jami sorry to go off topic, but I have a question for you. Have you had any of your chickens prolapse? I have a hen that has. I have been helping her for a couple of days now. I was just wondering if you have ever had to help any of yours, and what you did.

    Debbie AdamsDebbie Adams13 kun oldin
  • It's also known as Hoar frost.

    Darkangel7091Darkangel709113 kun oldin
  • You have confirmed what I have suspended for a are from my neck of the woods!! So. I'll!!

    Mighty QueenMighty Queen13 kun oldin
  • Jami I do remember the days of our Mamaw & Papaw’s heater in the floor. So warm. You all really had a bad Frost there though. I hope we don’t have to endure that. We live in Central Florida. But I do sleep in a little late anyways. LoL

    Daphne ParrisDaphne Parris13 kun oldin