Frenemies Is Under Attack - Frenemies #16

12-Yan, 2021
1 625 143 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • Please check in on Connor Murphy. It doesn’t seem like he’s doing well mentally :(

    Aislinn KingAislinn King19 daqiqa oldin
  • Trisha has lived a thousand lives. Also this show is hilarious the whole way through.

    Anna BAnna B50 daqiqa oldin
  • Trish looks gorgeous! ❤️

    Brooke KleinholzBrooke KleinholzSoat oldin
  • Trump is a fascist?! What are u talking about 😂😂

    PeksykPeksyk3 soat oldin
  • I need to know Trisha’s management they are amazing she’s been on everything she deserves much more recognition

    Sukaran BabberSukaran Babber3 soat oldin

    Nancy WangNancy Wang4 soat oldin
  • I have bpd its incureabele you just have to get on with it and learn to call out yourself and find your own triggers and learn to see them.. I hate being just know for that as well so I get where Trish is coming from

    ehpkrp 9896ehpkrp 98964 soat oldin
  • They lowkey in Love i think

    Harley QuinnHarley Quinn7 soat oldin
  • Dave Portney actually gives me bad vibes. I don't get bad vibes often but I just have a feeling that guy has all kinds of skeletons in his closet.

    Nichole BeckerNichole Becker9 soat oldin
  • Let's be honest, D'Angelo may have roasted this podcast, but he loves it too. I'm waiting for the pink side to come around.

    Rebekah NRebekah N11 soat oldin
  • This is one of my fav episodes

    A FelineA Feline12 soat oldin
  • This just might be the best projects to happen to Trish. Ethan balances her so well, and the dynamics is so refreshing. Best Podcast out there!!!!

    audrea dixonaudrea dixon12 soat oldin
  • please continue to keep the fascists out ethan thank you

    sam ًsam ً13 soat oldin
  • HE NEVER TOLD THEM TO RIOT OR GO INTO THE CAPITOL LIARS!!!!!!!!! Afterwards Trump talked about how they shouldn’t of done that and antifa started it!! “Trump told them to do it” fucking LIARS BRAINWASHING HER BECAUSE SHE DOESNT KNOW IM DONE

    Tara DonnellyTara Donnelly14 soat oldin
  • Anyone know where this top came from??

    ASMR in NYCASMR in NYC15 soat oldin

    Luke SmithLuke Smith15 soat oldin
  • the thing is... ethan is trisha's friend/family.... there are no mental health "qualifications" to be that for someone who struggles with mental illness... we deserve to have normal friendships with people too.... we don't need our friends to coddle us all the time and try to solve our mental health issues... the only thing i expect from my friends/family is to love me for me.

    aBLAaBLA16 soat oldin
  • Trisha just lying for the first ten minutes lmfaooo

    Stephenie ReneeStephenie Renee16 soat oldin
  • Love how Trisha hasn't heard about the mob storming the capitol but knows everything about the tea on tick tick! 😁🤘

    Philip StrachanPhilip Strachan17 soat oldin
  • I love Ethan, and yes Trump is very bad. Biden 2021 babyyy !

    Marco RamirezMarco Ramirez17 soat oldin
  • Ariana and Pete looking different.

    love lahmelove lahme18 soat oldin
  • Trisha is incredibly bright. I wish her all the best.

    Graham BerryGraham Berry18 soat oldin
  • *wham bam* i mean *damn*

    ninetanineta22 soat oldin
  • i still love how people hate trisha but still watch her.

    Ella:DElla:D22 soat oldin
  • Trisha is iconic I love her drive

    Tiny KittyTiny Kitty23 soat oldin
  • I wish D'Angelo would upload more but he's doing himself a favor by not overdoing his channel also

    Tiny KittyTiny Kitty23 soat oldin
  • why do I get Oliver Tree vibes

    Katelyn SmithKatelyn Smith23 soat oldin
  • trish: papa johns sucks dominos is better also trisha: can i have the sign

    Jimena LoyolaJimena LoyolaKun oldin
  • Trish always has intel.... She's that girl meltdowns and all lmao I'm definitely watching this podcast more, their dynamics are so different but mesh so well. Also she be makin her mfn coins wit these stupid tv shows lmao

    s iis iiKun oldin
  • At 1:14 Trisha sounds just like Lola from Big Mouth

    Sam DonaldsonSam DonaldsonKun oldin
  • trisha is sooo prettyyy

    fb bfb bKun oldin
  • Don’t let them cancel you! This show is amazing!

    Erin StenbackErin StenbackKun oldin
  • And it’s also a main reason why people are anti Trisha because they don’t want to hear the ugly and full truth of mental health! But that’s why I love her haha

    Keira UwUKeira UwUKun oldin
  • Ethan is actually so supportive of Trisha ‘ they’re bond is just something. Else I love it 😭

    Samara GosselinSamara GosselinKun oldin
  • Trisha on Nathan for you is ICONIC

    Thiiicc Vanilla MilkshakeThiiicc Vanilla MilkshakeKun oldin
  • as someone with BPD I agree if I’m gunna be “crazy” then I’m gunna make money off of it 💀😆

    CrystalCrystalKun oldin
  • 12:53 do they auto tune themselves? 👀

    Dontella SoulDontella SoulKun oldin
  • I love this podcast for the podcast, not when they fight. If anything I hate when they fight cause it's not as fun as their usual banter and when they fight I'm afraid they will actually stop doing podcasts. Not a great point d'angelo!

    Gabbie DGabbie DKun oldin
  • The progression of his hat through the episode was a storyline in itself

    kasquatchkasquatchKun oldin
  • It took me literally so long to figure out there was only one camera and not two

    Melissa ConnellyMelissa ConnellyKun oldin
  • Trisha: How did he inspire the riot. Everyone: By telling them to do it. Trisha: Oh.... Yikes (I secretly voted for him)

    East AwesomeEast AwesomeKun oldin
  • Every time their hand crosses to the other color it almost breaks my brain. It’s hard to wrap my brain around

    kasquatchkasquatchKun oldin
  • Trump held a rally! He didn’t want people to riot!

    taylormxrietaylormxrieKun oldin
  • 26:10 ETHAN FORGOT ABOUT TRIVIA! Trisha really came thru in the recent podcast and brought 3000 dollars and Ethan was like nah only 1000 lol

    caelyncaelynKun oldin
  • Trump is not a fascist nor are his supporters. Please learn what fascist actually means. Trisha is right, your politics is why I unsubscribed. I only watch these videos because they’re entertaining. Like shut up about politics please I beg you.

    taylormxrietaylormxrieKun oldin
  • Pretty sure Trisha inspired Jordan Peele's "Meegan" character And ew, that gulp at 6:04

    Natey McBateyNatey McBateyKun oldin
  • Best episode trish was so funny

    Kyle's and kimgonsKyle's and kimgonsKun oldin
  • This podcast has literally become my most favorite thing to watch on the entire internet!

    Kate HKate HKun oldin
  • the millisecond you mention politics to trish I’m outttttt

    bee beebee beeKun oldin
  • trisha looks so pretty this episode

    julie ivyjulie ivyKun oldin
  • I grew up as a Mormon. The underwear ( known as garments) are considered sacred. They are not worn by all Mormons only the ones who have been married in the temple, on a mormon mission or by taking a covenant in the temple ( I believe). I am no longer active so may I not have this 100% correct. I don’t think you can just buy them. They are considered so scared they are not allowed to even talk about them. They are also there to help you dress modestly.

    Wendy GreenwellWendy GreenwellKun oldin
  • You should get drunk on podcast

    fifi vogelfifi vogelKun oldin
  • It’s bpd not bpt

    Soheila NazariSoheila NazariKun oldin
  • She really embodies the saying, "aim for the moon, and you'll land in a spiraling tailspin."

    Alex SuarezAlex SuarezKun oldin
  • yo ethan two shirts on h3h3 are worth almost 100 in canada pleeease help the canucks god bless

    Chris LindleyChris LindleyKun oldin
  • if it makes yall feel better i cam here FROM d’angelo wallace

    Brooke SextonBrooke SextonKun oldin
  • I LOVE that Trish has a friendship with a man that is purely platonic and not at all sexual. This is ALWAYS what Trish has needed. A friendship that didn't use sex as a means of currency.

    Roisin O'SheaRoisin O'SheaKun oldin
  • I love this podcast so much!! Keep it going! Trish makes a good point about how no one wants to see the bad part of mental illness yet everyone wants to be an "advocate" until someone has a mental crisis and then all of a sudden its- "why are we supporting this person?"

    Phi GracePhi Grace2 kun oldin
  • that fashionnova segment unintentionally became a funny bit, its fucking hilarious lmao

    bebe montelobebe montelo2 kun oldin
  • "he needs to have a caregiver" LOLLLL

    lekas22abslekas22abs2 kun oldin
  • Can we just acknowledge how beautiful she looks today 💗

    Grace MulhollandGrace Mulholland2 kun oldin
  • i love how she plugs in dominos anytime she can

    NICNIC2 kun oldin
  • trish looks pretty

    Marie NachtMarie Nacht2 kun oldin
  • I'm pissing myself at trisha plugging fashion nova for free and Ethan yelling at her LOOOOOL

    Caitlyn SmithCaitlyn Smith2 kun oldin
  • H3 is so much better without awkward Hila's "yeah..." After hating the new H3 this is honestly so much better, a mighty clash between two fat titans.

    MadCatz 3DMadCatz 3D2 kun oldin
  • What mental health professionals are saying this is exploitative? I'm confused lol

    LeedleLeedle LeedleLiLeedleLeedle LeedleLi2 kun oldin
  • Honestly I cant watch the h3 podcast because of the sweeping political generalizations it's just so regressive.

    Ma//yMa//y2 kun oldin
  • trisha is so gorgeous this episode

    moth xomoth xo2 kun oldin
  • IVE NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD FOR A PODCAST🤣🤣 Trishas code messages through pictures with the peanut butter literally made me laugh soooo hard omg

    Marina YamanouchiMarina Yamanouchi2 kun oldin
  • Trisha is baddie

    Maria Maria’sMaria Maria’s2 kun oldin
  • As a Mormon, it would be super disrespectful to Mormons if you wore Garments (magic underwear) for the Mormons who actually care. I think it'd be funny as hell but I'm also not a very faithful Mormon lol. Basically I think any Mormon who actually cares probably doesn't watch your show, but anyone who is a faithful Mormon would find it disrespectful if they found out🤷‍♂️

    Brendan H.Brendan H.2 kun oldin
  • next episode: "I never said that about James Charles"

    pink pegasuspink pegasus2 kun oldin
  • Tourette's is a neurological disorder.

    Kendra ChristineKendra Christine2 kun oldin
  • Trish literally said “yeah you make a grilled cheese, you put butter on one side and peanut butter on the other side on the bread and then cheese in the middle” does she really think you put PB on a grilled cheese? 😂 instead of butter on both sides? 😂

    Britt NBritt N2 kun oldin
  • I love trishas hairstyle!

    NataliaNatalia2 kun oldin
  • You are hilarious Trisha!

    Thomas BrooksThomas Brooks2 kun oldin
  • Drop the pink/black hoodie guys!!!!

    Laura BakerLaura Baker2 kun oldin
  • they're so close now! fav channel to watch now.

    Daven WhiteDaven White3 kun oldin
  • What makes Trump a racist! I need examples please? You ignorant

    Andrea LynemAndrea Lynem3 kun oldin
  • So are we all in agreement that Trisha voted for Trump?

    Rebecca KearneyRebecca Kearney3 kun oldin
    • @NIC Depends, when it comes to politics, troll trisha comes out.

      Sora JackSora Jack2 kun oldin
    • she voted biden she was very open about it on tiktok

      NICNIC2 kun oldin
    • She didn't vote though

      Sora JackSora Jack2 kun oldin
  • I love how protective Ethan seems to be of Trisha ! Awesome that you guys formed feniemies . Love it 👏👏👏👏👏😘💓🙏

    Tay CliftTay Clift3 kun oldin
  • I love this good job guys ! Big fan Xx

    Tay CliftTay Clift3 kun oldin
  • i actually agree with trisha to be inclusive of everyone because i don't think people should be cancelled or silenced based on their political opinion

    mintmint3 kun oldin
  • Trisha is sOOO beautiful in this episode

    dexdzlldexdzll3 kun oldin
  • “let’s not segregate” sorry i don’t wanna hang out with white supremacists trisha :/ they’ll call me slurs LMAO

    meow melomeow melo3 kun oldin
    • right lmao

      jenjen2 kun oldin
  • Twitter being a private company where trump said yes to community guidelines and broke them over 50 and then get banned and now Trisha saying ✋🏻👁👄👁🤚🏻first amendment

    Valborg SiegfredsenValborg Siegfredsen3 kun oldin
  • "I'm tired of living through historical events. Like, I don't want to do it anymore."

    c'est la viec'est la vie3 kun oldin
  • I honestly think Trisha is so talented I love her ❤️ anyone who can innovate the way she does is a genius.

    Imperio AndersonImperio Anderson3 kun oldin
  • Does trisha look Abit like a catfish

    HipHop TVHipHop TV3 kun oldin
  • as someone who’s a diagnosed borderline i love this show so much bc it shows how ugly it can get and how people with bpd actually are instead of how we are portrayed in social media (evil, manipulative, crazy) and shows that it’s human and just because someone has bpd doesn’t mean that they’re an evil person. seeing trish have episodes and still maintain her friendship with ethan bc he genuinely has love for her and tries to understand her illness instead of writing her off as a crazy bitch. this show makes me feel more normal and that i’m not actually so different than i think i am.

    Ashley PayneAshley Payne3 kun oldin
    • No matter what happens with Trish she gives off the vibe of being a genuinely loving person. Maybe now that ppl know they will understand her more instead of judging.

      Rachel LynnRachel Lynn2 kun oldin
  • Been streaming Sadboy 2005 all day

    jill ianjill ian3 kun oldin
  • Holy shit I lost my entire mind at the grilled cheese part lmajfheoensiensjenejdbejebdjdjene

    anonanon3 kun oldin
  • I want to be their friends lol

    Cassandra CCassandra C3 kun oldin
  • good on trish for trying to steer ethan away from politics is the hardest jobn in the world though

    LonitLonit3 kun oldin
  • "Ovulating week"?! She's trying to procreate?!

    amanda trimm-thornsamanda trimm-thorns3 kun oldin
  • they were so funny this episode

    Maker BayfieldMaker Bayfield3 kun oldin
  • Isnt Fashion Nova scamming people?

    Bernice AndersBernice Anders3 kun oldin
  • Kali coming thru the look

    Bernice AndersBernice Anders3 kun oldin

    Becca JamisonBecca Jamison3 kun oldin
  • Why does trishas hair and outfit give me Arianna Grande vibes

    Humberto CarranzaHumberto Carranza3 kun oldin