Free Florida Swamp 1985 Chevy Corvette Rescue!! Can we Save it? PT 1

25-Noy, 2020
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Free Florida Swamp 1985 Chevy Corvette Rescue!! Can we Save it? PT 1
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    Auto Auction RebuildsAuto Auction RebuildsOy oldin
    • Rebuild it

      Greg SavageGreg Savage6 kun oldin
    • Came here from Hoovie's channel after reading your comment. Congrats on the geckos.

      S VS VOy oldin
    • Tuned port was optional that year but they're very good engines with tons of bottom end torque

      Jonathan LawsonJonathan LawsonOy oldin
    • Instead of moving the window up and down and expecting it to get better, take the door panel off, clean and lubricate everything inside.

      ralphinator2ralphinator2Oy oldin
    • Hope you grabbed a fuel filter!!!!

      GatescaperGatescaperOy oldin
  • 84 cross fire only

    MrDjh66MrDjh66Kun oldin
  • 86 wheels

    MrDjh66MrDjh66Kun oldin
  • you can literally see where you spilt green coolant before you opened the cap lol no shit its green you filled it up xD

    Tha GamerTha GamerKun oldin
  • legit cant look at your face very long so .... next video pls. thanks ---->

    Ron WoodroofRon Woodroof2 kun oldin
  • i love this car

    JakeravenJakeraven2 kun oldin
  • “Mete la curva que se va a salir” jaja ese es de Puerto Rico

    david gomezdavid gomez2 kun oldin
  • Damn! Wish I could get a free car to rebuild! God knows with covid I could use some wheels!

    IndyGamerTagIndyGamerTag3 kun oldin
  • She’s the Self-Cleanin’ model! The Corvette from Pet Sematary!!! Very very cool! Get ‘er goin’! 😎

    D ScaglioneD Scaglione3 kun oldin
  • Its fuel injected that little shitty pump is not putting enough fuel in the fuel rail for the injectors

    Codey FletcherCodey Fletcher3 kun oldin
  • that sounds like you are running on less than 8 cylinders. Especially since you have to floor it to keep it alive.

    Erik HendershotErik Hendershot5 kun oldin
  • You really don’t put any effort in do you

    • Get back to work. McDonald’s is calling you.

      Auto Auction RebuildsAuto Auction Rebuilds5 kun oldin
  • Is that ambassador a 67 or 68

    Cheyenne RothCheyenne Roth5 kun oldin
  • '84 C4 was the last one with the crossfire injection

    Don TraceyDon Tracey5 kun oldin
  • I owned a 1985 it was the first year of Bosch TPI. 1984 was crossfire. No corvette in 1983.

    Chef MikeChef Mike6 kun oldin
  • NEVER use starter fluid, use BRAKE CLEANER, because it contains a lubricant that won't hurt the inside of the engine. start fluid, will do bad things to the upper cylinders and rings. i am a mechanic!

    Robert JonesRobert Jones6 kun oldin
  • when the lights flipped I'm thinking transformers lol

    Half Amill RebuildsHalf Amill Rebuilds6 kun oldin
  • they don't have to sponsor you just throw you a junk corvette lol he will advertise for free

    Michael BrownMichael Brown7 kun oldin
  • In good shape the vette will gap that mustang despite being 10 yrs older.

    Buster CherryBuster Cherry7 kun oldin
  • Time to invest into a pair of goggles before you burn your sockets out with fuel...

    Erik OiseauxErik Oiseaux8 kun oldin
  • I'd turn it into a drift Missile

    CryopinacleCryopinacle8 kun oldin
  • That would be a awesome project

    das monkedas monke8 kun oldin
    • It's in paint now. Almost done.

      Auto Auction RebuildsAuto Auction Rebuilds8 kun oldin
  • 84' is the crossfire. 85' and up came with the tpi set up.

    Future ConsequenceFuture Consequence8 kun oldin
  • Randy,,why do you sit in stained seats,,use clothing or cardboard give it a quick wash,,it won't smell so bad,,but who knows,,your breath might be a he one stinking

    Hemi RoydHemi Royd8 kun oldin
  • Maybe change the oil and clean the injectors before you start it, over and over and over and over.

    PA MikePA Mike8 kun oldin
    • Nah

      Auto Auction RebuildsAuto Auction Rebuilds8 kun oldin
  • So many Christine vibes coming from her.

    GregGreg9 kun oldin
  • news flash when you're trying to start a car thats been sitting 30 years and its shaking the entire car and vibrating and the engine is sputtering, you need to stop. you're just working mouse nests, squirrel nests, dirt,debris and who knows what goop deeper into the block. especially when it sounds like a soviet tractor, the cylinders are getting ruined and you are causing 3 times more damage.

    HuskyGamersUNITEHuskyGamersUNITE9 kun oldin
    • You sound like a real expert there. Unfortunately you're wrong. This car has loooong been running great. You've missed like 3 videos bro.

      Auto Auction RebuildsAuto Auction Rebuilds9 kun oldin
  • Great video bro, I'm also planning to buy an old car to restore this video gave me an idea, I liked and subscribed as well, keep it up! 😉👍

    Jarrel Terenz LamadridJarrel Terenz Lamadrid9 kun oldin
  • "that's good stuff right there. that's some real good stuff right there" XD

    Vlad RowellVlad Rowell9 kun oldin
  • I always liked that bodystyle. The C4 has a great futuristic design. And Faceman from the A-Team drove one...

    BruningableBruningable9 kun oldin
  • I had a 85 Corvette and it come with the tuned port. I think 84 was the last year of crossfire I might be wrong LOL

    Donald LindseyDonald Lindsey9 kun oldin
  • Save her, i want to see her running. You 've done a great job. Cheers from Lisbon

    lotus espritlotus esprit10 kun oldin
  • Injectors are probably gummed up and dirty

    Brandon GomezBrandon Gomez10 kun oldin
  • Rat rod

    Eric ReynoldsEric Reynolds10 kun oldin
  • Dude I know what you're feeling when u feel like you are starting something u don't know if u even want to waste your time and money on a project like that but hell, free is free and if it gets running, then u have the great time of stripping that NASTY interior, & the undercarriage.... LOTS of time & money.

    David TroiaDavid Troia10 kun oldin
  • The 1984 Corvette came with the wretched Crossfire V8. All other model years after that did not have the Crossfire. However, that EFI and its various incarnations did find its way into many V8-powered GMs throughout the Eighties. You dodged a bullet in not getting the Crossfire, that's for sure!

    Jason KeyesJason Keyes11 kun oldin
  • I bet you have swollen capacitors in the computer. This is consistent with the dash lights only working when it runs and vice versa

    Colton StevensColton Stevens11 kun oldin
  • I've done much much worse. It really is not bad at all.

    Colton StevensColton Stevens11 kun oldin
  • you can use a paper clip in place of the "key" because thats all it is. 2 prongs connecting pins. clean the injectors or replace. vacuum lines are a big issue. a lot of that rough idle is vacuum. i wish i had a shop like yours with a lift. I have several projects that i could get done so much easier with all that

    Brent WardBrent Ward11 kun oldin
  • I know its months later but I'm still sittin here wanting to yell CONNECT THE MAF to the filter box! thats why its choking down

    Brent WardBrent Ward11 kun oldin
  • MAF needed to be connected.

    Brent WardBrent Ward11 kun oldin
  • safety glasses man... safety glasses

    Brent WardBrent Ward11 kun oldin
  • TPI came in the Vettes and the F-bodies at the same time. I wonder if the Vette has aluminum heads.

    Tim RamichTim Ramich11 kun oldin
  • Polishing a turd.

    2dclxvi2dclxvi11 kun oldin
    • @Auto Auction Rebuilds Oh please...with the time and money put into renovating that dog's dinner...I could do a lot.

      2dclxvi2dclxvi11 kun oldin
    • Bet you couldn't have done anything with it. Sad it's always the lazy guys that can't change a tire talking trash about people actually doing something lol.

      Auto Auction RebuildsAuto Auction Rebuilds11 kun oldin
  • Detergent Gas should fix it :)

    Super ChuckSuper Chuck11 kun oldin
  • Cut it apart, Vette cart...

    Mark CoccoMark Cocco12 kun oldin
  • You can bring it back to life with enough money

    Ernie KingErnie King12 kun oldin
  • Eye protection might help.

    Nicholas M AllenNicholas M Allen12 kun oldin
  • Put new spark plugs in the old girl!!

    Soren MillerSoren Miller13 kun oldin
  • Let me know if you need/want any information on 1985 Corvettes. I've been bringing one back to life over the past year. I am happy to help, or to point you to more learned technicians. Rick

    Retired Navy ChiefRetired Navy Chief13 kun oldin
  • that is the correct engine for a 1985. I have the same thing

    Retired Navy ChiefRetired Navy Chief13 kun oldin
  • Clean injectors an get new plugs and wires.

    Warren RussellWarren Russell13 kun oldin
  • This Corvette is a losing deal at FREE

    DrofmahDrofmah14 kun oldin
  • 26:39 hey this looks like my morning whiz

    Hughie GibsonHughie Gibson15 kun oldin
  • Gave mine to my friend's son it was a 1987 with 38,000 miles he let a college buddy drive it and wrecked it that was 5 years ago

    Phoenix InfinityPhoenix Infinity15 kun oldin
  • Glad you saved this ole girl. She may look a hot mess but as evidenced by your teaser...she has many miles left in her. And I suspect a proper caretaker would provide a nice home and continual care beyond what she has left as is. Save 'em, dont crush 'em.

    nascargasnascargas15 kun oldin
  • Me watching this at oreillys 👁👄👁

    RecordedPhoenixRecordedPhoenix16 kun oldin
  • Lmao fuel just wasn't your friend

    Jerod PericJerod Peric16 kun oldin
  • I just subscribed, I have to see the outcome. I purchased my 85 for a grand and another few grand, some hard work, my baby is sweet and running like a champ....good luck....

    PaulPaul16 kun oldin
  • 84 were crossfire tuneport 85+

    Jeff AlleshouseJeff Alleshouse17 kun oldin
  • Keep up the great work and drive

    Samuel DomescaSamuel Domesca17 kun oldin
  • dont give up finish the interior and exterior

    Jack LaughingtonJack Laughington18 kun oldin
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    Reggie DavidReggie David19 kun oldin
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    will fettwill fett19 kun oldin

    KahviholistiKahviholisti19 kun oldin
  • Seafoamer up oil and gas

    Don Fr0malDon Fr0mal20 kun oldin
  • Change out the injectors

    Joseph KastensJoseph Kastens21 kun oldin
  • Gut it and turn it into a race car!!

    Sleeperworks GarageSleeperworks Garage22 kun oldin
  • Oh Randy...Luke called you out on the burnout callout challenge...Bring it Brother

    UNCLE BOB’OHUNCLE BOB’OH22 kun oldin
  • Great content.... 🇺🇸

    REPZ06REPZ0623 kun oldin
  • Plugs and make sure the relays are clean and working.

    NellosphereNellosphere23 kun oldin
  • I have hauled some pretty rough cars home over the years. This is rough enough that In am now a subscriber.

    Ramsey A. BearRamsey A. Bear23 kun oldin
  • i say its prime vett cart candidate, just gut it totally and put a bucket seat and harness.

    scottcol23scottcol2324 kun oldin
  • It's a older Corvette it will run with tlc

    Ilona EmeryIlona Emery24 kun oldin
  • 1985 was the first year for tune port 1984 had crosfire

    Paul ZarobellPaul Zarobell25 kun oldin
  • The second he said "I'll be dipped", he got another sub.

    Travis VromanTravis Vroman25 kun oldin
  • I would advise you clean it out and take the seats out of it so you can work on it .

    James Kahler Jr.James Kahler Jr.26 kun oldin
  • Awesome Sauce!

    Danny ThomasDanny Thomas28 kun oldin
  • 29:00 Im like "come oooooon come on"!!!

    Kyle SmitsdorffKyle SmitsdorffOy oldin
  • Beater corvette

    ‍1marcelfilms‍1marcelfilmsOy oldin
  • It did come with the crossfire injection engine the name of the engine is a L-83 engine this particular engine was only sold for 2 years 1984-85. Also the L-83 engine has a electronic spark timing system as well

    David SalmonsDavid SalmonsOy oldin
    • @David Salmons I'm sorry Dave but 85 came with a Tuned Port Fuel Injected system. As the Iroc Z of that same year. I'm sure of it.

      SugarRaySugarRay22 kun oldin
    • @SugarRay This engine I am talking about was only made for 2 years 84 and 85. My brother has a 84 c4 corvette with the cross fire injection system

      David SalmonsDavid Salmons22 kun oldin
    • Are you sure Dave ? The 85 had a TPI and the Iroc Z had the TPI 350. The 84 new body had a CFI. I had one.

      SugarRaySugarRay23 kun oldin
  • Great share thanks from a friend in Canada Rob ✌😎

    Robert WayneRobert WayneOy oldin
  • Heck yea I'll take on that corvette no problem ...that would b a blast to work on

    Ben McculloughBen McculloughOy oldin
  • Is this the same guy that used to do Uber videos?

    Bradley JenkinsBradley JenkinsOy oldin
    • Yes I'm the same guy.

      Auto Auction RebuildsAuto Auction RebuildsOy oldin
  • I would love to own it

    Todd FrazierTodd FrazierOy oldin
  • Years ago I bought an old, wrecked VW Beetle for $25 strictly for the parts. It had been sitting with a half-tank of fuel in it for 22 years! It smelled like very old spar varnish with a truckload of garlic mashed into it. Surprisingly, after draining it out I poured it out at the edge of a field and struck a match to the puddle-it flamed off like it was fresh premium right out of the refinery!

    proudinfidelproudinfidelOy oldin
  • Wish I've got a gift like that =D Congratulations =D

    Alexandre SouzaAlexandre SouzaOy oldin
  • New oil, new trans fluid, new coolant? That's pretty sus

    assholeassholeOy oldin
  • Gotta wrap it green and call it swamp thing...

    Dr/\gonflyDr/\gonflyOy oldin
  • Man you speak to much i like your videos but if u still talk like this i go start giving you deslike peacee

    NetTheCrazyNetTheCrazyOy oldin
    • Go chew on a rock 🪨

      Auto Auction RebuildsAuto Auction RebuildsOy oldin
  • Firing Order, Spark Plugs

    Michael BouleyMichael BouleyOy oldin
  • That is just nasty. How long has it been sitting?

    matthew mcintoshmatthew mcintoshOy oldin
  • I’ll give you 100$ for it

    dannyrighidannyrighiOy oldin
    • @Auto Auction Rebuilds the car looks post apocalyptic. Good job 👍🏽

      dannyrighidannyrighiOy oldin
    • You can’t afford it

      Auto Auction RebuildsAuto Auction RebuildsOy oldin
  • Nobody *my dog* : 26:37

    JoseJoseOy oldin
  • Sounds like wirers,timeing and FUEL injection PROBLEMS

    Christopher CaetanoChristopher CaetanoOy oldin
  • why didn't you try and clean the fuel injectors? or better yet, you seriously ran new gas through the old filter? come on man... i know fuck all about cars and even i know you screwed up there.15-30 minutes of effort to save yourself hours of work

    William Morey-BakerWilliam Morey-BakerOy oldin
  • 1985 was the first year for the T.P.I. or "tuned port injection" ( L98) 350 engine, rated at 230 h.p., in the Corvette. This is the stock engine in the car that you have. 1984 was the one and only year that the cross fire injected 350, code named (L83).,and rated at 205 h.p.,was offered in the C4 Corvette. It had previously been introduced and offered in the 1982 C3 Corvette.There was no 1983 Corvette, as the C4 was not yet ready for production. The IROC Z Camaro did not receive the tuned port injected 350 until 1987, and this version of the engine (B2L) did not have the aluminum heads that were available on the Corvette, beginning in 1986, instead using a set of iron heads. The Camaro received tuned port injection the same year, 1985, as the Corvette, but the largest displacement available was the 305, code named (LB9) when so equipped, and rated at 215 h.p., and only offered with the 700R4 automatic.

    500erider500eriderOy oldin
  • The dog sitting on the trailer made the video

    TehhHarmTehhHarmOy oldin
  • That T was quite concerning.

    Bjoern AltmannBjoern AltmannOy oldin
  • That looks like Mythbusters pigs Corvette?

    Antonio BrizarAntonio BrizarOy oldin