Former FBI Agent Sues The FBI & Bill Clinton For $1.4 Million and Wins

9-Dek, 2020
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Patrick Bet-David has a virtual sit-down with FBI whistlelower Dr. Frederic Whitehurst.
About the Guest: Frederic "Fred" Whitehurst is an American chemist and attorney who served as a Supervisory Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation Laboratory from 1986 to 1998. Concerned about problems he saw among agents, he went public as a whistleblower to bring attention to procedural errors and misconduct by agents.
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  • Do you agree with him regarding the FBI?

    ValuetainmentValuetainmentOy oldin
    • Lsd mind control subject at your service - the tell is early : saying that the fbi needs to hold the law accountable then supports BLM who routinely commit atrocities all over the country. Exact same methods but one is okay because it burns down innocent people's businesses? If he cared about black lives he'd work to erode gang violence "Um" "uh" - the signs of a professional jackass thinking of a lie. No one that claims to be that smart and is can't even think of the truth and look at the camera

      Blue Footed BoobieBlue Footed Boobie9 kun oldin
    • The main problem with the FBI is that it was founded by a corrupt individual who maintained power by keeping files on presidents in order to extort them. Most people think that the FBI is this premier investigative agency with superior minded investigators but that is so far from the truth. The only thing that makes the FBI effective is their access to resources which are unlimited. They also have the ability to intimidate people with their ability to charge people for lying to them which no other law enforcement agency can do. They can frame an interview in such a way as to essentially force people to lie or unknowingly lie. What most people don't realize is that most of the cases the FBI makes are off the backs of what they like to refer to as "local law enforcement." A local detective can put in hours of work into a case and the FBI will swoop in and use that officers investigative work as their own. There are a lot of good FBI agents but for the most part they are arrogant thugs. If you want to see what your average FBI agent thinks of the American people just read the text messages of Stroyk and Page.

      Soopa ManSoopa Man13 kun oldin
    • @Stephanie Womacks The problem is that both Snowden and Assange are not allowed to make an argument in court as to why they did what they did. Both released information that showed the government was violating the Constitution, Snowden with mass surveillance of all citizens and Assange with the Obama drone strike program. Snowden has said multiple times he would gladly come back and face trial if he could tell the jury why he released the information he released but the government won't allow that. The act that Snowden and Assange are charged under has been used to jail actual journalists and other whistleblowers.

      Soopa ManSoopa Man13 kun oldin
    • FBI is a cesspool and he is a retired swamp creature.

      chichicahonezchichicahonezOy oldin
    • So he's saying that the FBI is similar to GTA 5 FIB in regards to being thugs

      choco_ cornetchoco_ cornetOy oldin
  • I like this guy. He doesn’t want to hand this country over to thugs.......the good guy.

    Just Another PersonJust Another Person23 soat oldin
  • Ok.. 1 hour and 25 min in I realized this guy is a fuckin idiot. Jesus Christ. He may be a good guy and tried to do the right thing but the shit he says is like woah dude.

    trevor kiliantrevor kilian5 kun oldin
  • patrick david idiot is thee worst . The questions he asks are horrible. He has no understanding of content no matter who he's interrupting and how he got his position has got to be a matter of nepotism

    don roisumdon roisum7 kun oldin
    • I find it to be bizarre that this whistle blower is not 100% behind snowden and assange. His thinking does contradict but I do support his exposing of the illegal and unethical practices of the fbi, an organization operating outside the law since it's inception

      don roisumdon roisum7 kun oldin
  • Someone is to his left and right writing answers for him - deep state fbi trickster here to try and confuse the wise

    Blue Footed BoobieBlue Footed Boobie9 kun oldin
  • Lol who does he keep looking at? People giving him answers - deep state

    Blue Footed BoobieBlue Footed Boobie9 kun oldin
  • Lol "ALL WHITE MEN ORGANIZATION" when I've met people with black parents that are fbi agents. Anyone who speaks in such absolutes is full of BS 20% of people tell 80% of the lies - same with FBI agents Crazy how dumb some smart people are "Don't let your schooling get in the way of your education." - Mark Twaine

    Blue Footed BoobieBlue Footed Boobie9 kun oldin
  • No wonder why he went to Biden. A fellow Georgetown alum. Jesuit turncoats are abound these days. You can't trust these traitors, ever. Prove me wrong.

    Jimmy2TimesJimmy2Times12 kun oldin
  • This guy is not as clean as he would like us to believe. He's morally bankrupt as the FBI.

    Fine LineFine Line13 kun oldin
  • I wouldn't discount this man's life experience because of his political choices. He witnessed some horrific things in his life and as such he is swinging back in the other direction with closed eyes. This is where his support for BLM,Kamal and Obama comes from in my opinion.

    S KS K13 kun oldin
  • He completely lost me with "I voted for Kamala Harris." How he claimed that he spent his life fighting corruption and wrongful prosecutions to then turn around and support Harris who put people in jail for minor drug offenses and later laughed about it. Then he waivers on Snowden who exposed the government who was unlawfully surveilling American citizens. Snowden did not have a means to properly become a whistleblower because he was not a government employee, he was working for a contractor. Then he called Assange dirty? Why because he facilitated the release of crimes the American government was committing? Then he compared Harris to Rosa Parks??? This guy is unbelievably confused

    Soopa ManSoopa Man13 kun oldin
  • Rosa Parks? This guy just moved over to the c I a

    pan tiefapan tiefa15 kun oldin
  • Calculated hush money from the FBI as far as I'm concerned.

    JDS 790JDS 79015 kun oldin
  • I’m glad he’s blowing the whistle on the FBI, but other than that, this dude is clueless.

    RedLeo3000RedLeo300015 kun oldin
  • Voted for Kamala and comparing with Rosa Parks. Rosa soul is crying in grave. Kamala belongs to the country who is holding Kashmri hostages for more than a years. She didn’t say a word. This guy screwed his interview in last few minutes.

    Muhammad RizwanMuhammad Rizwan16 kun oldin
  • Nation's built around that kind of men. You can't buy them.

    Jacko StripesJacko Stripes16 kun oldin
  • After a month after listening to this I realized this man has not retired and his mission is to play the “rouge” agent so people get interested and listen, he then pretends to tell multiple lies and push his agenda. Unfortunately for him, we didn’t fall for it

    Po RPo R16 kun oldin

    El CaminoEl Camino17 kun oldin
  • Kamala Harris?!! He lost me totally.

    Hamina KangHamina Kang18 kun oldin
  • Dr. Whitehurst claims to be " a conservative old white Republican " but his attitudes and speech do not reflect that. He is "cheering BLM", voting for Kamala Harris and Joe Biden and thinks Assange is "dirty " and Snowden is "confused ". I think that he is confused on which side of the aisle he sits on.

    Perry BowlinPerry Bowlin19 kun oldin
  • Very disappointed to see how he never named names and Patrick didn’t ask. Comey? And Kamala Harris??? What a farce!!!

    Ken De MarcoKen De Marco19 kun oldin
  • He is so wrong about Kamala

    Annette DantzlerAnnette Dantzler20 kun oldin
  • This guys a narcissist freak

    Angela PuglieseAngela Pugliese21 kun oldin
  • Blm is a terrorist organization. Lol

    Angela PuglieseAngela Pugliese21 kun oldin
  • I understand that Harris has done exactly what Whitehurst despises. She hid exculpatory evidence, false convictions of innocents, kept people in prison past their release dates .. all the things that he says he fights against.

    shirtuntuckedshirtuntucked22 kun oldin
  • Would that America had an entire Senate full of men like Senator Grassley.

    shirtuntuckedshirtuntucked22 kun oldin
  • WOW! Great interview! The end was shocking but not in a good way. Trump2024!

    Debbie CollinsDebbie Collins23 kun oldin
  • Sorry bud. Lost me at the end

    The Harvester ProjectThe Harvester Project23 kun oldin
  • Thumbs up if would you want to see "confused" Snowdon get a pardon? I'm certainly confused after listening to this guy run around in circles. I say Good Night!

    Bob HughesBob Hughes25 kun oldin
  • I love it! Tom sellac!

    S RCS RC25 kun oldin
  • I leaned first hand how powerful FBI is. Years back I got hit by an FBI's car on day light while I was crossing a green light on a zebra crossing. Got flown away, ambulance came and I passed out. Week later I ended up with $25,000 hospital bill. I went to every Lawyer in the city. At first they all said I should get atleast $30,000 since it wasn't my fault. But as soon as they heard it was an FBI they all refused to take my case. Finally after chasing the FBI offices, a month later they accepted to pay the hospital bill. But not a single penny more. They even said that I would be under surveillance just to make sure my actions weren't suspicious. WOW 😳

  • He just wants to still be able to get consultant jobs from his scumbag allies in the swamp. Yeah he sued Clinton for money but didn't try to investigate BC for his multitude of crimes.

    Allen JohnsonAllen Johnson26 kun oldin
  • He is wrong about Donald Trump. And about Harris. Wow, he needs to research instead of listening to MSM.

    Donna JacksonDonna Jackson26 kun oldin
  • The clickbait titles are getting worse and worse. Watched the intro where the Clintons dont get mentioned. What gets mentioned is way more interesting than the fake clickbait title. Dislike, unsubscribed. I'm done with this channel.

    Fugeeface Entropy MachineFugeeface Entropy Machine26 kun oldin
  • Well ..... the good thing is when Fred Whitehurst reads these comments, he may get a clue that he has been trusting & gullible to believe the lies & intentional false narratives of the fake & very corrupt mainstream media. He probably isn’t much new tech savvy & is still getting his information only from the tv & cable news, not knowing those information sources are as corrupt & filthy as raw sewage in a third world country. Seems like a nice man but seriously if you would not vote for Obama again & would not vote for Hilary, then you certainly do not want to vote for Biden & Harris. Harris is another Hilary, just like Greta Whitmer is another Kamala Harris & Hilary Clinton. These are very evil Jezebels. Somebody please update Fred. Biden, a liar plagiarist in law school, a liar about his credentials getting into school, no scholarship & graduating near the bottom of the class, a liar plagiarist in his first Presidential campaign, said he couldn’t wait to be a political prostitute, which he is, is just a terrible person, let alone someone to be the leader of our America, which he is so afraid to have taken away. Fred - wake up. Biden is the problem, he’s been there for 47 years. Kamala puts innocent people in jail & leaves them there. The only Rosa Parks in her is just the skin tone which means they have absolutely nothing else in common. 🙄🙄🙄 Look at the fake false information mainstream media, the way you did with the corrupt parts of the FBI. These fake news guys are the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. The ones who lie to you, which is what all these commenters & I can clearly see. Hope this reaches you, before you find out after death. God Bless those who are willing to receive Jesus & Happy New Year !!!!

    Peace & LovePeace & Love26 kun oldin
  • The second he exhibited who he voted for, I stopped trusting his judgments. I think he is a confused all over the place man.

    K SK S26 kun oldin
    • He told in 2018 he did not vote any candidate

      Violet MillerViolet Miller26 kun oldin
  • votes Biden crime family and cooked harris but says he anti corruption and pro civil rights? what a joke. lol

    T DT D27 kun oldin
  • fbi and cia and nsa and eyers are criminal organisations

    T DT D27 kun oldin
  • Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are the anti Christ.

    j. mej. me28 kun oldin
  • 1:23:35 Trump - Putin, Putin- Trump? Really? This guy is a douche...He can't even follow a simple procedure like saying the first "WORD" that comes to mind. How did he twist it to the first name that comes to mind? He's fried..just like Biden. He even called Obama "clean" as Biden did. Assange is "dirty"? Why because he exposed a lot of wrongdoing? This guy is a puppet for the left.

    Had EnoughHad Enough28 kun oldin
  • This dude lost me when he equated Kamala Harris to Rosa Parks. He talks about how the FBI overwhelmingly lied in cases involving people of color. He then overlooks the damage Kamala did to the black community in California. She went out of her way to obtain convictions and long prison sentences for young Black men on simple possession charges. She even withheld evidence that would overturn many of the convictions. It took court orders for that evidence to see the light of day. Your right Patrick when you say that this guy is all over the place.

    Kenneth SanchezKenneth Sanchez28 kun oldin
  • You show a civil rights violation which was not at the start of the video. The man was shot because he was a wife abuser and she called the police twice. He would not comply with police and went to his car and put his children in danger. He reaches into the door. Where was the #mytruth or #metoo for the abused woman? Instead 2milion was raised for a dangerous man and terrible father. What it is happening in this world?

    ed blaired blair29 kun oldin

    patricia utzmanpatricia utzman29 kun oldin
  • As soon as he said he voted for Camala he lost all credibility in my mind. Left me with a question why didn’t you ask him to match a word to communism or American republic or communism versus the American republic. I didn’t ask him anything about communism and he said nothing about it other than fighting against it in Vietnam which ended up being a bunch of bull. Kamala? Seems to me he read newspapers instead of listening to what Trump said about White supremacy. Every complaint he had about Trump was everything that was in the news

    Connie BedardConnie BedardOy oldin
  • What a loser. Voted for Biden.

    Russell NewsomRussell NewsomOy oldin
  • He seems kinda compromised....

    SpilledspitsSpilledspitsOy oldin
  • It goes to show, leftism is a mental illness. It literally doesn’t make sense.

    Liberty 22Liberty 22Oy oldin
  • Donald Trump, Best President in my Lifetime. 77 yo, Vietnam Vet Bronze Star w/ V. Barack Obama, worst President in my Lifetime -Traitor, Sedition, Treason.

    Ronald Anthony ArcherRonald Anthony ArcherOy oldin
  • Please interview Patrick Byrne

    Shel ChicagoShel ChicagoOy oldin

    Forrest FillmoreForrest FillmoreOy oldin
  • A plant ..

    macy 2020macy 2020Oy oldin
  • joke

    Boxkhar MLBoxkhar MLOy oldin
  • This guy seems to be a CNN

    Amy DAmy DOy oldin
  • The man is upright in his work ethic and i get why he cheers BLM when he has seen the injustice and clumsiness from the inside. Unfortunatly the media he thinks could bring equilibrium to the system is already corrupt

    Vision & TransformationVision & TransformationOy oldin
  • exposing dishonesty, fraud, criminal activity of all sorts...holding those responsible and complicit accountable and harshly penelazing unacceptable behavior...building a new structure with transparency and thorough oversight...this guy is right on with all that...and his history of blowing the whistle and attacking corruption is heroic...great example of integrity, honesty, and fearlessness....but something just didnt add up for me in his support of blm and kamala...that he is advocating fair/honest treatment of minorities/black folks by law enforcement/fbi is wonderful...but given what we know it seems inconsistant and highly suspect that he would support BLM, and democrat establishment candidates that have questionable records at best. Just doesnt add up for me...maybe he has bought into identity politics/critical race theory as many well meankng and intelligent folks do, but it doesnt seem to fit with his character...theres got to be more to the story and i suspect some alterior motives...just the gut feeling/intiuit i get from the interview

    Jay RicoJay RicoOy oldin
  • Interesting fella but to trust Kamala and Joe and to be supportive of BLM given their devisive tactics, marxist roots, and shady funding....that raises questions about what he is doing....i suspect alterior motives

    Jay RicoJay RicoOy oldin
  • This guy sounds like a fraud ..... I think he is part of the Deep State and was only successful in his suit against the FBI because he practice the same tactics of extortion 🤓

    Irene WardIrene WardOy oldin
  • Lmao this guy talks about how swampy the FBI is just to find out that he didn't vote for Trump because of his personality. This dude is a fraud and has not principles.

    DavidDavidOy oldin
  • translation: trident wants payment in 1.4 million litres of blood.

    niva zeroniva zeroOy oldin
  • Thanks Patrick, very interesting interviews - in general. Here is a name I suggest to you "Nigel Owens", probably the most known Rugby referee. He very interesting story to tell. and can bring a huge insight to leadership. Check hin out and all the beast for 2021 and Merry Christmas to all of the community.

    Gerhard Mes.Gerhard Mes.Oy oldin
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    Rudy VitangcolRudy VitangcolOy oldin
  • A lie is more entertaining than the truth!

  • The deep state is a collection of fascist terrorist organizations. It always has been.

    Canton OldCanton OldOy oldin
  • Would’ve been better off saying he voted Biden

    Ky HuynhKy HuynhOy oldin
  • A true patriot, I wish he was a candidate for the US president

    Richard HRichard HOy oldin
  • I liked him until he started trashing Trump

    Rebecca ColleyRebecca ColleyOy oldin
  • He says hes a Republican but votes for the furthest left candidate ever.SMH.

    Matt MorrisonMatt MorrisonOy oldin
  • God i love this interview. this man is me now. I am a brick on the wall, and choose to be a brick on the wall.

    RaylorRaylorOy oldin
  • He's a confused oxymoron.

    D EgnerD EgnerOy oldin
  • Too bad this fool didn't study history. BLM are Marxists. Antifa/BLM are revolutionaries whose goal is to destroy our republic. He represents the law but refused to condemn BLM's riots, looting, and murders.

    john mageejohn mageeOy oldin
  • What a doofus. You had me until Commie Harris, I don't want to listen to anymore. Although he did point out that Harris will be prez

    Brantley HesterBrantley HesterOy oldin
  • What a man.

    J BJ BOy oldin
  • Can somebody explain to me what's wrong with this guy? All he talked about the corruption of FBI then he said he voted 2 corrupted politicians and he would fight the corruption until he died. That's a waste of one and half hour our life time.

    butterbeanbutterbeanOy oldin
  • “This is my country and I’m not giving it away to thugs” “Leading this country takes a professional” “The Media has lost a lot of credibility” “I voted for Biden”... because he supports Kamela Harris? [sending mixed signals] Sounds like a traditional Democrat with Conservative values. A complicated man - Overall, making a positive contribution to restoring our Constitutional Republic.

    Kevin Diaz-LaneKevin Diaz-LaneOy oldin
  • I don’t know how much of his thinking is reliable. How could he support Harris?

    Mika PatchMika PatchOy oldin
  • I'm curious about what his thoughts are about Robert Mueller.

    Robert CropleyRobert CropleyOy oldin
    • Trump = Putin, Putin = Trump....that was the thought.

      Violet MillerViolet Miller26 kun oldin
  • He is impressive in his integrity and backbone, a true inspiration. His stories are amazing; what a life he has led! His educational and career pursuits are so varied and rigorous that I can’t help but admire him. I have long had the impression of the the FBI as being corrupt at the top but having the majority of agents who are trying to do good work so it was great to hear him confirm that with his stories. I find it interesting that so many of your subscribers could only comment on his appreciation of Kamala Harris, after all he had to share throughout the interview. People are much more complicated than just blue or red and it is disheartening that so many people dismiss someone as incredible as this just because he likes a politician they don’t like. Thank you, Patrick for interviewing so many different people and asking good questions, then allowing them to fully express themselves. Your interviews enrich my life greatly and have helped broaden my horizons and change my thinking on some things.

    Jenny LundJenny LundOy oldin

    Purple LightPurple LightOy oldin
  • respect his life's work, but a little confused. how can you risk your life going sgainst the fbi for corruption for framing innocent people, but turn around and vote for kamala? who literally put and kept innocent people in jail?

    Emily BusbyEmily BusbyOy oldin
  • When 'Freedom' comes to a point where it can only be maintained thru negotiation.. it is not time to sit down at a table, it is time to fight to your last breath. Should all the American lives lost defending 'Freedom' and 'Liberty' throughout our History count for naught? The Constitutional Democratic Republic of the United States of America, as intended by it's Founders, represented 'HOPE' to the oppressed across the face of this Earth. 'We the people.. ' will persevere!

    domingo de la torredomingo de la torreOy oldin
  • Cant put my finger on it, but theres a whiff of bullshit coming from this guy... Maybe hes just not a great public speaker, but something seems off.

    Beach&BoardFanBeach&BoardFanOy oldin
  • Conflicting person, hopefully it's an act. Cause he all about Blk lives and all that. And supposedly voted for not the supposed president but for the running who actually incarcinated Blk men for free labor. Didn't make sense!

    anijonanijonOy oldin
  • If I'm not wrong, Patrick had some mixed feeling at the end, just the look on he's face. But he's gent, just saying "your an interesting man". A Kamala supporter, hmm

    Simon HansenSimon HansenOy oldin
  • This guy is a fake and a fraud. I am entirely disappointed that you gave him the time of day let alone an hour and a half of face time on this post. If liberals were being censored the way patriots are this turd wouldn't make it five minutes. You gave him far too much credibility. When I see another one of these traitors on your show, it will be unsub time for me. There is no reason to give a guy like this air time - well maybe his take on the FBI was worth listening to.

    78tag78tagOy oldin
  • good interview!!!

    elfaciscoelfaciscoOy oldin
  • This dude is full of shit. Kamala Harris & Biden; after his rant on corruption are you serious?

    Troy HooverTroy HooverOy oldin
  • This man has a lot of good things to say but unfortunately for a guy who's supposed to be a career information guy he definitely totally misses the mark on some stuff. Supporting black lives is a good thing but supporting the organization BLM is a totally different thing. Furthermore, Camala harris was not a good pick for president and I'd love to know why he voted for kamala when minutes earlier he said he's republican. Lol Rosa parks was an actor that literally sit for a photo so it's ironic that he voted for someone who has smile faker than Hillary's smile. I totally agree with him on some things like the fact that the F.B.I. is full of corrupt swamp dwellers but other things he's totally ill-knowledged about; he referenced trump's support for white supremacists which could've only come from two occasions and both of those have been debunked. In short, he's culturally out of date.

    friendly neighborhood SpaceCowboyfriendly neighborhood SpaceCowboyOy oldin
  • 20 to 30k an hour? 500 for a question? Yea, your for the little guy

    Gypsy OutlawGypsy OutlawOy oldin
  • Tom hanks should do a movie as this guy in vietnam.

    friendly neighborhood SpaceCowboyfriendly neighborhood SpaceCowboyOy oldin
  • He lost me when he said he voted for camela

    AK 27zzAK 27zzOy oldin
  • I don't agree with everything this guy says but I do know he's part of what makes Americans great! Wish you well sir!

    Uber DriverUber DriverOy oldin
  • Interviewer: 73 is not very old Me: What?!

    Uber DriverUber DriverOy oldin
  • 2:08 best quote when you're talking about the government 😆

    TheOnlyGHOST1015TheOnlyGHOST1015Oy oldin
  • He wants to do good, more importantly he wants his name in lights when does good. Couldn't finish watching.

    Jackson SchitJackson SchitOy oldin
  • I think this guy is a complete idiot. Kamala Harris? Lost all credibility in one second.

    Dom MerloDom MerloOy oldin
  • Shocked that after all that righteous talk he claimed he voted for CCP-compromised Biden/Harris. Harris abused her power as California AG in David Daleiden case, also earlier in career in protecting priest accused of sex abuse of minor. Many other abuses have been alleged. Is he another CCP psy op tool against Trump?

    Anita PribylAnita PribylOy oldin
  • yeah....45 of your videos popped up in my feed... annoying AF. UNSUBSCRIBED!!!

    asdf lkjhasdf lkjhOy oldin
  • Was with him until I realized he’s a confused idiot when it comes to voting for a POTUS. Sad, because he seems to see the problems with the FBI. However, the greater corruption is with the lawyers, judges and politicians! They are lairs and deceitful control freaks! They are the thugs! This guy is not a conservative, he is a liberal who should stay in his lab! Totally wrong about Trump and every POTUS.

    sunny todaysunny todayOy oldin
  • An American Hero!

    Carol DeCarlucciCarol DeCarlucciOy oldin
  • "You're very interesting ", "all over the place". That was hilarious! I love the way Patrick conducts these interviews 🤣

    MariMariOy oldin