Former Antifa Activist Reveals Their True Agenda

11-Noy, 2020
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Patrick Bet-David has a virtual sit down with the former Antifa Member, Gabriel Nadales, to talk about Antifa, the 2020 election, socialism in America and why younger people are fascinated with it.
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About the guest: Gabriel Nadales is a conservative activist and author of "Behind the Black Mask: My Time as an Antifa Activist." Gabriel grew up in the San Gabriel Valley in California and graduated from Citrus College in 2015. He is currently enrolled at Northwestern California School of Law and hopes to practice Constitutional Law upon passing the California Bar. Gabriel first became involved in politics in 2009 as a member of the left and eventually joined the Antifa movement. Disillusioned with leftist politics, Gabriel reached out to conservative organizations, in hopes that they would provide an alternative to the left’s extremist views. Finally, a Leadership Institute Regional Field Coordinator contacted him in 2013, and Gabriel began his career in conservative politics.
About Patrick Bet-David: CEO, author and Founder of Valuetainment Media. Patrick has interviewed athletes, notorious individuals, politicians, authors and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.
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  • I wonder how these so called anarchists think. Being an anarchist to me is all about freedom from slavery and the rule of men, that means free market (duh!) and free movement of capital aka Capitalism. Communism is the absolute opposite to that. Real anarchists are Mark Passio, Jeff Berwick etc, it is to the right of libertarianism. I have to read up on how these antifa clowns came to call themselves anarchists. You can´t be an anarchist if you don't think that property rights are absolute at all times and everywhere because without property rights you are subjected to slavery. A real anarchist would never destroy the property of another person, smash stores etc.

    Wal 1013Wal 1013Soat oldin
  • T "The media was taking marching orders from Antifa" - hmmm

    Cathleen ConnorCathleen Connor2 soat oldin
  • 2:05 Cartoon/Hollywood "Nazis". The audacity of these bafoons to march around this Anglo-Jewed Empire wearing that symbol. No National Socialist would do such a thing. Bunch of ADL/SPLC fucking FEDS.

    Yak AttackYak Attack3 soat oldin
  • To be fair, the dollar is everyone's enemy. Antifa, if they had any brain cells, would have an idea of what they are fighting. Instead, they attack the system. The system is resilient. The dollar is not, once someone wakes up to how money works, they tend to make a boatload... because, it's a rigged game.

    J SJ S4 soat oldin
  • Screw it !

    G MacG Mac5 soat oldin
  • I hope more man up

    carole wilsoncarole wilson8 soat oldin
  • Wake up America! Repent! America is under GOD's judgment. Parents pray and talk with your children. Teach them the things of GOD. Lay their lives at the feet of JESUS. If you do something illegal that makes you a criminal.

    Just My OpinionsJust My Opinions8 soat oldin
  • BLM and Antifa are products of the subversion process that has been going on for decades. The people behind this can be described as globalists, communists, marxists. If you really want to understand who are behind all of this i would recommend watching this documentary: (there are multiple parts. The first three already make lot of it clear) (there are multiple parts. The first three already make lot of it clear)

    Sceptic ObserverSceptic Observer9 soat oldin
  • Thank you for your insight.

    Robin RatcliffRobin Ratcliff11 soat oldin
  • They should be able to get the RICO charges on them they come together to break the law and they're making money from it so yeah I said I hear Rico right there that's what they got the mob on what did the mob do just like they're doing

    Patrick ForgetPatrick Forget11 soat oldin
  • They trying to get the show started the new world order that's why they call it order and new normal people are gonna see this as normal i know yall not this stupid so im thinking yall except what's about to go down period!

    shirlena Pattersonshirlena Patterson11 soat oldin
  • There are some truth to what he says but also some lies and cover up. The best way to deceive many is to take a lie and wrap in in some truth

    pcool101pcool10112 soat oldin
  • Education system teaches young impressionable people to simply hate

    Darlene TemchullaDarlene Temchulla12 soat oldin
  • Fake news. This kid is not legit because it's well known that antifa gets its funding from George Soros

    TempesttreeTempesttree12 soat oldin
  • Don’t send your children to college and these anti American values will die.

    Kilroy JonesKilroy Jones12 soat oldin

    Sara A.Sara A.13 soat oldin
  • "Capitalist systems go to war the least". What history are you looking at?

    ATV f Ugh rfATV f Ugh rf13 soat oldin
  • I'm thinking he should be incognito for safety reasons!

    Tabatha HastingsTabatha Hastings13 soat oldin
  • Same I had a similar come up too, grew up in LA by Hispanic parent's. Telemundo is a p.o.s

    F RRF RR14 soat oldin
  • Very informative. Thank you for bringing us this interview.

    Dirt Road DivaDirt Road Diva14 soat oldin
  • shld show this video to President Trump, he has the wisdom to deal with those garbage professors

    andrew yskandrew ysk14 soat oldin
  • 8:48 if gov is big enough to give you everything it's big enough to take it all away. 9:44 principal from antifa handbook. 13:03 antifa isnt about peaceful protest; it's about shutting things down. 14:20 media now listens to antifa directions ex dont take pictures. 16:10 soros did not fund me, we were self-funded. some collectives are tiny and are funded by multiple antifa chapters. 20:00 antifa heroes incl che, zappatistas, cop-killer revolutionies. antifa enemies incl obama, free market society and system, dont like aos/omar/squad, not left enough, too capitalist. they see capitalism and fascism as same system when they're opposite systems. 25:55 capitalists go to war the least because it costs too much. 27:16 college professors are antifa-lite, indoctrinate students to hate conservatives, punch the out. 29:25 whoever wins we will see violence. 31:15 biden would blame america for antifa violence so liberals on the fence with antifa would join to fight 'systemic racism'. 31:52 blm is also marxist, lots of overlap but use different tactics. antifa uses 'propaganda by deed' anarchist tactic where you enact political violence to inspire others to take up arms. 32:40 blm uses 'mass-line' maoist tactic of consulting the masses, infiltrating honest movements and inject marxism ex. they aim to destroy the nuclear family and depose capitalism. 37:39 when people saw antifa was destroying/burning down cities, the media narrative changed from 'antifa as heroes' to 'antifa is a myth'.

    vonshangovonshango14 soat oldin
  • Antifa are not Anarchist? It's diversion propaganda? They say that to gain angry people and make it seem there Anti goverment? How can you be an Anarchist and be Communist does not make any sense? Anarchist don't like big goverment and to be left alone?

    C.K. GriffC.K. Griff16 soat oldin
  • I support this bill

    Joel ByrnesJoel Byrnes16 soat oldin
  • Hey you can speak Spanish. Us conservatives hablar tambien!

    Justin ArcherJustin Archer16 soat oldin
  • Isn't it a shame that there are no schools named after Walter Williams or Doctor Thomas Sowell?? Speaks volumes about the ' idiocy' in the public school system.

    ila From the blockila From the block17 soat oldin
  • Interesting. I'm surprised that u tube allowed this. That said very insightful and objective.

    ila From the blockila From the block17 soat oldin
  • lol

    Greg SizemoGreg Sizemo18 soat oldin
  • Very informative. Thank you so much for explaining and uncovering and unpacking all of this.

    RivkaRivka19 soat oldin
  • Big mistake calling him or himself a "conservative activist" - that's going to cause lefties to try to nullify his views.

    TheLoyalOfficerTheLoyalOfficer19 soat oldin
  • Why have not the Democrats done anything to contain the ANTIFA violence? Is this Germany reborn? Destroy the foundations and system to destroy the Nation and Laws and Christianity? Just asking.

    Richard EplerRichard Epler19 soat oldin
  • satan's 1,000 year rein is in full force in the world

    Becca MBecca M21 soat oldin
  • Welcome to modern world: Radical people are also mastered art of war in information Those loaded questions you stumble upon every now and then, the ones that seem so ignorant and rude appearing all over world, those are aimed to be like that. Those can help them so much with recruitment and agenda if answered with anger or even with just ignoring. Banning and reporting them won't have much effect either. How to encounter them? Most genuinely honest and well mannered answer you can possibly provide. So awesomeness not hatred. Another important element, no less important is proper education. I mean by that the biology teacher teaches biology not preaches radicalism.

    JanarJanar23 soat oldin
  • oh boy i cant seem to find a single brain cell

    L WalkerL WalkerKun oldin
  • supper star rno be? with subjects me

    นาย ปัญญา ฤกษ์สกุลชัยนาย ปัญญา ฤกษ์สกุลชัยKun oldin
  • Problem is not antifa or BLM but Democratic , liberal Party, They use them . They respect them , Pelosi , Trudeau , kneel down to BLM Biden Protect them by change Trump law "A kingdom that is set against itself cannot stand" said Jesus one ,we have the children revolution is complete'" Lenin The American free people have foe Biden administration not understand it. They cooperated with devil What is different between BLM and Democratic party?? they like each other , They need each other.

    Stan CaparStan CaparKun oldin
  • Biden and democracy party protect Antifa( anarchist Terror As idea. Biden and Democracy party protect BLM( marxism- mass line communication, Mao movement = destroy family) as friends American have to reject Democratic Party as the distractive of America' Biden lost logic , Biden has to go the doctor for exam -ability to understand reality

    Stan CaparStan CaparKun oldin

    TheRealJukeboxTheRealJukeboxKun oldin
  • Bunch of kids funded by old men ,used by the media n certain politicians for the personal game , that's antifa

    Seat BedzetiSeat BedzetiKun oldin
  • You know what i smell? Fear this guy on the rigth reaks with fear.

    Dhalt GamingDhalt GamingKun oldin
  • Patrick has amazing interviewing skills. He rarely interjects and when he does, he quickly brings his interviewee back to the original point currently in discussion. This made for an excellent and informative interview.

    Rocco RuizRocco RuizKun oldin
  • Lol. Sleepy Joe will send in the military to take them out. You weirdos have been used by the left.

    Republican LatinoRepublican LatinoKun oldin
  • Ask him if you google Antifa it takes you to Biden, Harris whitehouse? I don’t care who they are what they are no excuse for violence.

    NufeelvrNufeelvrKun oldin
  • Coming from the future and he was correct on everything. Now we have Unconstitutional President Biden and Antifa still doing damage.

    james hendrixjames hendrixKun oldin
  • Trust me as a person come from CCP China, Antifa today is like CCP back in 1921. Ever since CCP has been brainwashing Chinese ppl, manipulating Chinese history, and causing even higher number of unusual death than war time. Don't be native about the communism. It doesnt work and only blood shed! If antifa hate capitalism, please learn something first, even CCP China is embracing capitalism, called "national capitalism". So please, antifa is only gonna become a monster that antifa members used to hate. Period!

    Sale PassSale PassKun oldin
  • Likes and dislikes tells you the truth about the election.

    Alexander The GreatAlexander The GreatKun oldin
  • Think about the morons who could not figure out what ANTIFA wanted...

    StarSeedStarSeedKun oldin
  • ..the first day of the conference..they burn down the conference hall!!

    keepin it realkeepin it realKun oldin
  • i kinda fear for the dudes safety. comn out like this..there are crazy people out there.

    keepin it realkeepin it realKun oldin
  • so where do they think they are going to get their food and clothing and basic needs if they shut everything down? they make NO sense...

    keepin it realkeepin it realKun oldin
  • 39.34 - Antifa maybe they feel unheard and marginilised - maybe the inner child is about 14

    Jeannot NelsonJeannot NelsonKun oldin
  • ChiComs brainwashing naive young minds ?

    YL KYL KKun oldin
  • Go to now, it goes to it used to go to Joe Biden website now it goes to the whitehouse.

    Evie BEvie BKun oldin
  • The Republicans screw you to The Right, Democrats screw you to The Left, either way we're SCREWED, so who can you trust? NO ONE! ONLY THE MOST HIGH!

    Ramon Antonio De Juan BennettRamon Antonio De Juan BennettKun oldin
  • The family will prevail. People search for love and it is found in the family. God is love. These people need prayers 🙏🏻

    Esther HarrisEsther HarrisKun oldin
  • This is a brave guy talking about his antifa-membership. I´m sure, he´s in danger when he "betrays" his former black fighters.

    Jörg H.Jörg H.Kun oldin
  • So why no one talking about how the right did the same things as antifa? Remember the 6th..

    Rogelio ZavalaRogelio ZavalaKun oldin
    • Just to be clear I do not side with antifa by any means, an would also like to state that I don’t got for left or the right side of the political spectrum. I have come to the conclusion that either side is not working in the best interests of us the people. And would in a moments notice trade our rights, freedoms, and our lives as long as it benefits them.

      Rogelio ZavalaRogelio ZavalaKun oldin
  • The indoctrination is real! I never heard anything good about America in my history classes and this was from the 80s to 2005. The cult of the blue church is real!

    G-Man AliasG-Man AliasKun oldin
  • I agree that all of these lies are told by the media, the establishment, in schools...but what I can’t grasp, is how easily people are manipulated and fooled by the lies. The motives and the corresponding lies that are used by these people just seem so obvious to me, so it is frightening to see how easily people can be conned.

    Matthew StuartMatthew StuartKun oldin
  • Truth is wish it was as easy as just putting them on a boat and sending them to Cuba if they like it so much.

    Gay RodearmelGay RodearmelKun oldin
  • The truth is when it comes to people like that the only way to deal with them is with the fullest extent of the law under the Constitution.

    Gay RodearmelGay RodearmelKun oldin
  • PLAN E: TEXIT--NOT Taxus without Representation “Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the Constitution” --LTC Allen West U.S. ARMY (Retired) It's Time to FEDEXIT beginning with TEXIT: James Bond is REAL.

    dynmicpara2dynmicpara2Kun oldin
  • HAHA also two seconds in and your already just propoganda hating

    Shane St. PierreShane St. Pierre2 kun oldin
  • NAZI means National Democrat Socialist Workers party. THE NAZI party in Germany alt right is really the LEFT in the USA. Basically all of the people in europe are mostly only parts of the LEFT and the ALT left in the usa. All are for taxes and big government.

  • he did not answer clearly how he joined or how he became a member of antifa

    Michelle CruzMichelle Cruz2 kun oldin
  • I feel so bad for the younger people they were indoctrinated not educated. From incorrect history, whole language and new math. Sad so sad

    Michelle SchmitzMichelle Schmitz2 kun oldin
  • Still this group is mysterious. Some say it doesn't exist. Others say they are well organized and number in the millions...What to believe ...

    GeorgetoyouGeorgetoyou2 kun oldin
  • Antifa are fascists in action just claim they are antifascists. They want to set up a tyranny.

    hydrolitohydrolito2 kun oldin
  • And yet the FBI says the right wing are their biggest threat but are the right burning down cities or killing people

    Steve EdwardsSteve Edwards2 kun oldin
  • Reign of terror much, you know they got beheaded too for getting on everyone's nerves!

    TheGreatVictorNewmanTheGreatVictorNewman2 kun oldin
  • Idiots just causing chaos and destruction.

    Alex JohnsonAlex Johnson2 kun oldin
  • just discovered your site yesterday. watched yeonmi park and the former antifa activist. I am blown away with the quality and debth of your interviews! Please keep your shows coming! Thank you SO MUCH

    Karen BarryKaren Barry2 kun oldin
  • Don't be fooled. Antifa and BLM is just a hired gun by the globalists to support the Divide & Conquer agenda. No different than Al-Quaeda or Taliban.

    C CCCC CCC2 kun oldin
  • It's all bs

    David BralishDavid Bralish2 kun oldin
  • How did this happen? Well to begin with I had a desire to be rich. I figured writing a book could work, if only I could find a subject that would make a best-seller.

    simon diamondsimon diamond2 kun oldin
  • Something I wished we talked about is how in the Mexican/latino community being "smart" is seen as a white people trait. I don't get it. Thinking for yourself is you trying to be white like wtfff. Yet, its also "we are gonna vote for (dum ass raza) cause he's from here and you have to support him" YET MY LOCAL GOVERNMENT FULL OF DEMS IS SO CORRUPT. So many politicians here have been investigated by fbi, cia for bribery and working dirty. And I'm in the wrong for being conservative now and not wanting to give these dems my vote or support after watching my hometown being run by corrupt democrats my whole life who say its all for la raza really??? Idk js.....

    Ashleigh SalinasAshleigh Salinas2 kun oldin
  • This is sickening!

    SinaSina2 kun oldin
  • Blm, antifa, and kkk all belong in the same group to me. They can't handle anyone else's point of view, way of life or beliefs that oppose their own.

    Lindsay StoicanLindsay Stoican2 kun oldin
  • It's relieving to have corroboration on how our daughters became radicalized after attending BYU. Even with a strong Christian faith their views became corrupted.

    Nighttiger ComicsNighttiger Comics2 kun oldin
  • Just like the weatherman of the 60's 70's

    maurer evansmaurer evans2 kun oldin
  • School systems are useless. The Right need to take the lead instead of the Left.

    Penny PalmerPenny Palmer2 kun oldin
  • I bet he’s tiptoeing about whistleblowing out the Democrats. Might end up dead. It’s so convenient that they know inside events. The assemble and are at these events as a mass unit.

    Penny PalmerPenny Palmer2 kun oldin
  • Just found your channel... Very interesting, looking forward to hearing more from you. p.s. I laughed out loud at Biden's stupidity when he said ANTIFA is "just an idea." Just goes to show how totally clueless he is....

    de kde k2 kun oldin
  • Assata still living in Cuba. Many black people consider her a hero....I’m not sure if she really killed that police officer or if she simply took the fall for the the men who were with her who did.....I say that because many police officers (especially back in the day) were racist and or abused their badge and their authority. I will say it didn’t help her case by running away....if you really believed you were innocent why not stay and face the charges and win in court.

    Bruce BannerBruce Banner2 kun oldin
  • I thought Antifa was "just an idea"

    Joseph McFaddenJoseph McFadden2 kun oldin
  • Antifa's history goes back to the 1930s fighting fascism in Germany & Italy. This guy does not even understand what Antifa is or what its history is.

    Judy YoungJudy Young2 kun oldin
    • It doesn't matter how it started out, it matters what it's transformed into and he was a member. He knows what he's talking about...real life experience. Not book smart

      Jacqui SpringJacqui Spring2 kun oldin
  • The problem needs to be eradicate by the roots because, as long there are people out there that will brainwash our kids there will never be an end to the criminality that we are witnessing.. The damage will trigger a revolution and the government will be responsible for not putting a stop to all of this. No one will be willing to give in to Antifa or BLM and the war will start.. Brace yourself, we are in for a bumpy ride...

    DestinyDestiny2 kun oldin
  • I think that our society is, unfortunately, fragmented, and that fragmentation has the disgregation, separation, and isolation as a porpuse, to keep us distracted, diverted from the main social's activities that should be focused on leading our humanity toward its best version, a human being that cares about his fellow beings, the earth and the other being that shares this planet whit us. but instead, we have a government that only cares about corporations' agendas and the concentration of power in the hands of very few people that behaves negligently toward the people, the other living species, and the earth, like they were not part of this beautiful world. We need to do deep changes in the way we organize ourselves as a society. but unfortunately, we have an oligarchy trying to maintain and conserve the way we live, just to mention one obvious example, right now millions dying from the deadly flu, with not sufficient infrastructure to cope with it, but the corporations investing billions, if not trillions, in putting thousands of satellites around our planet for a pseudo best interest of mankind. More than 90% of our society, worldwide, lives in poverty and subject to constant suffering. but we are continually bombarded by information justifying this situation. but there's no justification for this. Corruption and lie are everywhere, in our history, religion, government, economy, etc. We, humans, are extraordinary beings, but they want us to think differently. you are not a failure.............our social order is the failure, and can be fixed, lets put our hands on it. greetings and have a great life.

    sehurokasehuroka2 kun oldin
  • Until the Democrats in Washington wake up and realize that ANTIFA is not their invisible allie then nothing will be done about them. I don't believe violence is an answer but self defense is a must. If ANTIFA was to be prominent where I live and threatened me and my family, better believe they better be ready. I don't play with fools.

    TheMeJustMe75TheMeJustMe752 kun oldin
  • 🇺🇸🦅 DJT is STILL my President!🙏🏼😪💔

  • If you go to it will go right to Biden's website

    Cookie McBoingBoingCookie McBoingBoing2 kun oldin
  • The kkk targeted young impressionable boys!! They need to be eradicated and so does antifa

    Nancy LewisNancy Lewis2 kun oldin
  • keep sending your kids to these public indoctrination centers and sitting them in front of media and hollywood propagnda boxes.

    william buckwilliam buck2 kun oldin
  • This fellow is a very confused, weak kneed individual or a narcissist courting attention through whichever group or platform is available for self promotion. He has no true beliefs or convictions just the need to use the system to his best advantage.

    manisha gangawalamanisha gangawala2 kun oldin
  • univision looks like they hate this country with all these agendas see when you take God out of the school system hate and evolution seeds of hatred be planted in the hearts of our children even the school system is corrupt.

    Evelyn SantanaEvelyn Santana2 kun oldin
  • There are NO LEADERS of antifa

    Benjammin AwhileBenjammin Awhile2 kun oldin
  • Gabriel here appears to be a disingenuous individual that misrepresents the state of Antifa. Antifa wasn’t around until Charlottesville, where there was just a huge mob of citizens opposing the Neo-Nazis. AFTER that event, people started wearing black masks showing up to events opposing right wing extremists (fascists) Now with a lot of violence coming from right wing groups along with resistance from Individuals opposing right wing mobs, the Right needed to make antifa equal to one of those groups that cause violence, so members of the right would cause damage and make it appear like Antifa individuals did it.

    Benjammin AwhileBenjammin Awhile2 kun oldin
  • the media & news from telemundo & univision has evil agendas . i dont watch that and my family is Latina i tell them take that off .

    Evelyn SantanaEvelyn Santana2 kun oldin
  • and they obviously condone the people as a whole as theyve helped the gov implant me ytrying to make me the 1 to the masses as a whole

    Imnot GodnorjesusImnot Godnorjesus2 kun oldin
  • what do you mean antifa is with government other wise they wouldnt be against me

    Imnot GodnorjesusImnot Godnorjesus2 kun oldin