Ford Mustang v Lexus LC500 - V8 DRAG RACE

9-Yan, 2021
1 238 797 Ko‘rishlar soni

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It's time for a V8 SHOWDOWN!
It's Mat vs Yianni going head-to-head in two cars that have oh-so similar specs. Mat's in the Bullitt Mustang, which is packing a 5-litre V8 under the bonnet which will produce 460hp & 530Nm. As for the LC500? Well, it's also powered by a 5-litre V8, which can produce (you guessed it...) 460hp & 530Nm!
However, there are a couple of differences. Although the Mustang only has a 6-speed manual gearbox (compared to the LC500's 10-speed automatic), it weighs about 100kg less than the Lexus! But will that be enough to power it through to snatch the win?
There's only one way to find out... LET'S RACE!
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  • Hi Mat here: everyone wants Yianni and I to do a running race! But do you think would win?

    Mat Watson CarsMat Watson Cars8 kun oldin
    • Yes!!!

      Delano WilliamsonDelano Williamson10 soat oldin
    • But at carwow it won't do well as they dont have a prepped surface!

      Emil AbyEmil Aby16 soat oldin
    • @Emil Aby The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is already plenty quick in stock form, estimated by Dodge to hit 60 mph in 2.3 seconds and run the quarter mile in 9.65 seconds on a prepped surface.?????

      Ripple me this 2021Ripple me this 202116 soat oldin
    • @Ripple me this 2021 it would probably do a 12.5s so why?!?

      Emil AbyEmil Aby18 soat oldin
    • Yanni

      Lentswe Nick MahlakoanaLentswe Nick MahlakoanaKun oldin
  • Yanni on second drag race oh I’m cathing him oh nope oh yes I am

    Coolest CarCoolest Car4 soat oldin
  • The Lexus is like the Asian cousin of the mustang that went to college with a PhD in calculus, and the mustang is the regional manager for a Fast Food chain.

    Seth SteinerSeth Steiner4 soat oldin
  • Honestly I dont think mat can handle that mustang

    ᆞ5 soat oldin
  • The Lexus won everything here: speed and beauty. Maybe a draw on the sound though.

    litam tondylitam tondy5 soat oldin
  • Sorry Mat but you don't know how to drive a manual - you should never have lost that rolling race. I've got a 2018 PP1 GT and it has much more than you got out of yours.

    Ted HablyTed Hably10 soat oldin
  • Does goes to show that how modern automatics are better than manuals at performance......

    Kye JT-RKye JT-R12 soat oldin
    • But manuals are still more fun

      Kye JT-RKye JT-R12 soat oldin
  • im betting theyre trying to drag race with the traction control on

    lordtartarsauce blordtartarsauce b12 soat oldin
  • No one:..... Yanni: 6.11

    Brinjak4K BoiBrinjak4K Boi13 soat oldin
  • Yani should lose some weight in order to make these drag races a fair test 😂

    metallica929metallica92915 soat oldin
  • Should’ve called cleeter and he would no lift shifts the fuck out of the mustang

    ImaginaryFilmImaginaryFilm17 soat oldin
  • You guys should have done the 10Speed transmission with the mustang Matt was shifting like my Uber Driver !! Ahah

    edwin Paniaguaedwin Paniagua18 soat oldin
  • That Lexus is maybe one of the best looking cars ever made but that gearbox though 😑😑😑😑

    You TubeYou Tube19 soat oldin
  • Mustang would have ..... nvm you know

    leraux xleraux x21 soat oldin
  • I'd still take the lc500

    KiTTKiTT21 soat oldin
  • All the mustang kids crying in the comments that it's Mat's fault. Well their favorite car that they love to fanboy so much on got thrashed by a Japanese luxury brand...

    Dean JohnsonDean JohnsonKun oldin
  • Mustang as allways manages to disapoint good job lexus

    Pulswave EDMPulswave EDMKun oldin
  • What do you use for steering column GoPro mounts? I thought I saw some sort of putty in another video

    Jet Fuel OnlyJet Fuel OnlyKun oldin
  • Hi Matt, can we please have the Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.9 V6 BiTurbo vs the C63s 4dr. I don't feel that it has been given a fair chance to show it's true potential

    Lentswe Nick MahlakoanaLentswe Nick MahlakoanaKun oldin
  • Already know the auto is going to win

    SteveSteveKun oldin
  • Plss try Maserati :)

    Lucas ScholtensLucas ScholtensKun oldin
  • When i saw that LC500, i came. These curves and interior are masterpiece

    Adrian DonalAdrian DonalKun oldin
  • 10 speed vs 10 speed Lexus has no chance.

    HymezKiddHymezKiddKun oldin
  • must say am not a lover of yianni tv show about wrapping but on here he makes it the show so, much better when his in it.

    Ian MillerIan MillerKun oldin
  • New Mustangs are real crap

    菜膺文菜膺文Kun oldin
  • I like mat but i wouldn't let him test a shopping trolley he always cocks things up and makes the cars look bad his 4x4wd test was a disaster

    Martin BurkeMartin BurkeKun oldin
  • The homely shorts meteorologically transport because china renomegaly whistle underneath a blushing mine. young, hungry pansy

    Brian KozlowskiBrian KozlowskiKun oldin
  • You a very loser in manuel gearbox

    Mayrbek OsmayevMayrbek OsmayevKun oldin
  • Stupid

    Bill GrattenBill GrattenKun oldin
  • Ford suck

    v patronv patronKun oldin
  • Never ever before i'v been this hooked on buying an American car as now with that current gen Mustang with a lovely NA V8 and F*CKING MANUAL gearbox.. FROM AN AMERICAN CAR !!! Let that sink in for a moment, will ya! The first time in the automotive history they do something better than us Europeans. Also, as many of the comments bellow pointed, driving all these stupid and boring autos made Mat rubbish with his manual gear changes. This is the direction we are all heading.

    QuantumS1ngularityQuantumS1ngularityKun oldin
  • He cant drive

    davon byrddavon byrdKun oldin
  • couldve been interesting with automatic vs automatic...

    Alex!Alex!Kun oldin
  • nice watch yanni ;)

    Frédéric GendronFrédéric Gendron2 kun oldin
  • Mustang fanboys excuses:

    Tomás 7u7Tomás 7u72 kun oldin
  • Damn, that LC is gorgeous

    Duke AmarasenaDuke Amarasena2 kun oldin
  • This Lexus is the most beautiful car.... My taste 😉

    Olaf SchmittOlaf Schmitt2 kun oldin
  • Just about anything beats a mustang.

    Rob SRob S2 kun oldin
  • 10spd mustang would destroy that lexus lol

    DevPackDevPack2 kun oldin
  • Old supra is better than newest mustang 🙂

    King cobraKing cobra2 kun oldin
  • I could launch my grandmas FWD buick better than that.

    Eleonora KononovaEleonora Kononova2 kun oldin
  • More lexus please

    бен 43бен 432 kun oldin
  • Ford is bankrup anyways

    marcelo aniciomarcelo anicio3 kun oldin
  • Faster: *lexus* Reliable: *lexus* Design: *lexus* LEXUS KING 👑

    StaleYuzzeStaleYuzze3 kun oldin
    • Nah

      PlutoPlutoKun oldin
  • What a joke i'm no fan of ither car. A raggerdy assed Ford aginst a 60,000 Lexus....In this case you get what you pay for, no need too say anymore.🚀🐇/:The Fast Rabbit.

    Fred McKinneyFred McKinney3 kun oldin
  • Tnx finally muscle car drag race

    Ruhi SherzaDRuhi SherzaD3 kun oldin
  • Japanese engineering all the 🆙

    Suicidal ThoughtsSuicidal Thoughts3 kun oldin
  • Mustang Bulit could be the clear winner

    Lamborghini FordLamborghini Ford3 kun oldin

    rodel manalorodel manalo3 kun oldin
  • yanni lookes like me on every exam i dunno what i am doin, didn't rven know there was going to be one but accepting my fate and just buggin it lol

    TonyArtTonyArt3 kun oldin
  • my car

    Lexus Estefano MasolaLexus Estefano Masola3 kun oldin
  • Very slow looking race

    JR's Variety TvJR's Variety Tv3 kun oldin
  • 10 speed automatic vs 6 speed manual ,,, even if you're the fastest gear shifter, any advantage?

    MrEphi123MrEphi1233 kun oldin
  • A better driver for the mustang would of made a difference. If the 5.0 had the 10 speed it would of walked that Lexus.

    jorge rojasjorge rojas3 kun oldin
  • learn how to launch a muscle car man. Huge respect, love your guys es videos.

    Axel SaldanhaAxel Saldanha3 kun oldin
  • That LC500 is a beautiful piece of art. I would still pick Mustang since it is my dream car.

    projectillprojectill3 kun oldin
  • axaxaxaxaxaxxa he didn't know start mustang omgggg

    loviaris loviarisloviaris loviaris3 kun oldin
  • 4:04 did anyone see the Lexus do a wheel spin before launching in the second drag race?

    Zino AkpobomeZino Akpobome3 kun oldin
  • şuna biri vites eğitimi versin lütfen

    Sezer KöksoySezer Köksoy3 kun oldin
  • Carwow production meetings must last about 5 seconds.] ''What press cars do we have in this week?'' ''Uhh a Mustang and an LC500'' ''Perfect, get them down to Brooklands for a drag race''

    SuperSuperAllonsSuperSuperAllons3 kun oldin
  • its a shit ford what you expect

    Tobey MaguireTobey Maguire3 kun oldin
  • Do more fords like the gt500

    Josh Colomb26Josh Colomb263 kun oldin
  • Nice!!

    Minecraft zombie boyMinecraft zombie boy3 kun oldin

    The Smoked FishThe Smoked Fish3 kun oldin
  • Look so slow 😂

    Winston AlexWinston Alex3 kun oldin
  • كمل يا بطل

    محمد القحطانيمحمد القحطاني3 kun oldin
  • Banging the gears like banging the booty.. that’s how Matt should shift American gears in that mustang:)

    Marko NovaMarko Nova3 kun oldin
  • Hi Matt, you are good you tubers but not good mustang driver I rec😂

    super mensuper men3 kun oldin
  • Mustang = extremely loud, no speed.

    Thami NtsoaneThami Ntsoane3 kun oldin
  • Manual is not for u Matt 😅..

    gulbadan singhgulbadan singh3 kun oldin
  • Plizzz try bmw e60 m5 v10

    Toni ZefiToni Zefi3 kun oldin
  • My grandmother driving manual batter than mat

    MŘ. ØŽMŘ. ØŽ3 kun oldin
  • Please bring a demon

    Rohan JoffyRohan Joffy3 kun oldin
  • Those wheels on the Lexus look so good

    Sergio GeeSergio Gee4 kun oldin
  • Mat try power shifting the next time you drive a stick shift.

    CommonMan VlogCommonMan Vlog4 kun oldin
  • Yianni's Launch was TERRIBLE

    mario rivasmario rivas4 kun oldin
  • i still think that mustang would have beaten the lexus if he knew how to switch gears, 😂😂

    Jeffrey BowerJeffrey Bower4 kun oldin
  • Literally no one: Yanimize: HELLO LICKSUS!

    Stephan AzziStephan Azzi4 kun oldin
  • such a shit manual driver

    Two FlameTwo Flame4 kun oldin
  • Granny-shifts 😂😂😂

    Kevin maløyaKevin maløya4 kun oldin
  • just look at yianni the way he laughed on the first round ☺

    danny kellydanny kelly4 kun oldin
  • Um. So they decided to not use a 10-speed mustang ??? What sense is this?

    jblackrevo9jblackrevo94 kun oldin
  • Should have used the mustang with the 10 speed. Would’ve have been a more fair comparison

    Schlerg_Schlerg_4 kun oldin
  • I wonder how this would match up if they both had 10 speeds

    Nick StoneNick Stone4 kun oldin
  • This would’ve been more fair if the mustang was auto as much as I hate to say it because they were the slowest shifts I’ve seen 😂

    MyNames MillerMyNames Miller4 kun oldin
  • Love the look of that Lexus!

    Daniel SwiftDaniel Swift4 kun oldin
  • Mat

    Ali AsgharAli Asghar4 kun oldin
  • All the similarities except the most important one! The 10R80 transmission. This was just silly.

    N Style motorsports racingN Style motorsports racing4 kun oldin
  • You still need more practice with the Mustang. (Mate)

    Nick KostakisNick Kostakis4 kun oldin
  • Matt you forgot to warn up the tires

    Malose MaloseMalose Malose4 kun oldin
  • Both Mat and Yianni ddnt do these cars justice, Mat with the gear changes and Yianni not setting up the Lexus properly...

    Hero BongzHero Bongz4 kun oldin
  • The Ford - Weapon of choice drug dealing scumbags or builder-done-good spivs.

    Custard TartCustard Tart4 kun oldin
  • Yianni, I love the Rolex!

    Don DesignerDon Designer4 kun oldin
  • Mat needs to practice driving stick shift more! He shifts way too slow

    Adrian SanchezAdrian Sanchez4 kun oldin
  • no offense but those launches were Really bad ...

    Skip741 xSkip741 x4 kun oldin
  • Those are not the specs for either of those cars but its okay

    Adrian SanchezAdrian Sanchez4 kun oldin
  • Cahoww! Cahoww! LOLOL 😂 Matt trouble DOUBLE 👀

    nexus drexusnexus drexus4 kun oldin
  • Lexus ❤️

    Gamid GurbanovGamid Gurbanov4 kun oldin
  • 4:18 and 6:03 is it me or does it look like Mat needs some shifting lessons?

    AVC-WorksAVC-Works4 kun oldin
  • Why would you compare an automatic against a manual when the rest of both cars matches? 4:18 look what happens when he shifts gear... :/

    AVC-WorksAVC-Works4 kun oldin