Follow Me (Zoey 101) Official Video - Jamie Lynn Spears with Chantel Jeffries

27-Okt, 2020
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"Follow Me" Official Lyrics:
Ooh ooh, I know you see me standin’ here
Do I look good my dear?
Do I look good today?
Ooh ooh ooh, you know I’ll always be your girl
Together we can see the world
Come on let’s run away
Yeah, yeah

Tell the DJ play
We can dance all day
Let’s just get away, yeah
We can make them see
All of the things that we can be
Forget all your fears and follow me
Yeah yeah yeah

Hey, don’t be stuck inside your head
Just get out with me instead
Let’s melt the stress away
Yeah, yeah
Yeah yeah you, do what you wanna do
Be your own kinda muse
It’s your role you play
Yeah, yeah

Tell the DJ play
We can dance all day
Let’s just get away, yeah
We can make them see
All of the things that we can be
Forget all your fears and follow me
Yeah yeah yeah

Stars are shinin’ now
Shinin’ for you
But you don’t need shootin’ stars
The magic’s all in you

We can make them see
All of the things that we can be
Forget all your fears and follow me
Yeah yeah yeah

Tell the DJ play
We can dance all day
Let’s just get away, yeah
We can make them see
All of the things that we can be
Forget all your fears and follow me
Yeah yeah yeah
Jamie Lynn Spears, Sean Flynn, Erin Sanders, Chris Massey, Matthew Underwood, Chantel Jeffries, JoJo Siwa, Dixie, D'Amelio, Loren Gray, Noah Beck, Eva Gutowski, Gigi Gorgeous, Sofia Reyes and Harry Jowsey.

  • This was horrendous.

    Austen DavidAusten David2 soat oldin
  • Ok so JOJO was a fetus when Zoey101 happened. Lets get the actual cast

    Emily BurnsEmily Burns2 soat oldin
  • We want the original cast,song,idea not whatever this is 💀💀

    Abby _teheAbby _tehe3 soat oldin
  • We need the real cast not tiktokers

    Abby _teheAbby _tehe3 soat oldin
  • I need this!!! I miss this show soooo much

    Nicole PowellNicole Powell4 soat oldin
  • it’s sad that Paul couldn’t make it

    makayla wmakayla w10 soat oldin
  • All these little ass kids don't belong on the internet. They're trying to cater everything to them now and it's cringey

    MelancholiaMelancholia11 soat oldin
  • This is so bad

    MichelleCMichelleC16 soat oldin
  • Decide who you’re for first, the adults who are nostalgic and grew up on Zoey101 and don’t want these tiktokers or are you for kids who don’t know what a Zoey101 is?

    KimberlyKimberlyKun oldin
  • Who green lit this? >delet this

    KimberlyKimberlyKun oldin
  • 2:59 anybody else got some Victoria is more famous kinda vibes watching that?

  • Okay if JOJo is the new zoey I’m not watching like tik tokers everywhere Love ya Jamie tho not hate towards you love ya just not loving the cast

    ThemakennagamesThemakennagamesKun oldin
  • The girls aged nice but what happened to the guys

    Grand ZenohGrand ZenohKun oldin
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥲

    Ted TedTed TedKun oldin
  • I don’t understand what this even was. Major cringe. If you want us to relive nostalgia, don’t add people we don’t know/care about.

    Kara MarieKara MarieKun oldin
  • Fake 101

    Carolina GautoCarolina GautoKun oldin
  • My Childhood 🤞💯💯💯

    JayGotti MaseratiiJayGotti MaseratiiKun oldin
  • tbh, biggest glow up has to be Quinn. I would ay Zoey but she has always looked the same 😂 she will never age

    Louis PutmanLouis PutmanKun oldin
  • This video would be better if there wasn’t no TikTok stars 😕

    Blade117 cBlade117 cKun oldin
  • This is a sad attempt and you deserve the backlash as karma for how you treated Nicole

    ShortHobbitShortHobbitKun oldin
  • Lol. I think these kids think this show was on the level of Lizzie McGuire or Hannah this reunion is not that anticipated lol

    Eli B.Eli B.Kun oldin
  • We know you bullied Alexa Nikolas (Nicole Bristow) during the original filming Jamie. You really should be ashamed of yourself and publicly apologise to that girl.

    Hausofcozy108Hausofcozy108Kun oldin
  • Zoey 101 reboot theory: 4:32, since the time capsule was said to be open in 20 years (back in 2005) could this mean, the reboot will come out in 2025?

  • Sorry not sorry but this is one of the cringiest thing I have ever watched lmfao

    Amirah ChoudhuryAmirah ChoudhuryKun oldin
  • This is terrible. Literally terrible. I grew up watching this show and now they're gonna add a bunch of tiktokers who don't do anything?

    Peaches lmaoPeaches lmao2 kun oldin
  • #JusticeforAlexaNikolas!

    Bebop SmallsBebop Smalls2 kun oldin
  • The director is disgusting..stop exposing children to this garbage

    hannah 619hannah 6192 kun oldin
  • yea i hate this

    Dakota HessDakota Hess2 kun oldin
  • I’m literally crying love it so much.

    Nicholas griggsNicholas griggs2 kun oldin
  • GURRRL! This was so poorly produced. What were you thinking?!

    LifeLife2 kun oldin
  • Sooooo TikTokers are replacing the OG’s in the reboot? I can’t get with this

    Love LexLove Lex2 kun oldin
  • Lmao not at them putting useless person in the video when they could just put the original characters in the vid

    Only_ sooyaaaOnly_ sooyaaa2 kun oldin
  • Falei no telefone da minha mãe tá milhões de beijos pra vocês Deus os ilumine nos todos tá queria te ver pessoalmente mas estou a 13 mil quilômetros da i mas te amo tá nunca esqueça que ou sou um faann mesmo no mundo perdido

    Cleo SimpliciaCleo Simplicia2 kun oldin
  • Oi jemie lynn Spears te amo igual eu amo a Britney spears eu sou o Danilo Rogério dos Santos um antigo dan clube mim ver one me pega pra vocês

    Cleo SimpliciaCleo Simplicia2 kun oldin
  • I think ya'll should shut the fuck up.. Can we talk about how boomb jamie looks ✨

    eleonora Victoriaeleonora Victoria2 kun oldin
  • Ong awesome!💙👍😍

    Dove NatalëDove Natalë2 kun oldin
  • LMAO THE REAL REAL. THE AUTOTUNE. THE LACK OF ANY SIGN OF LIFE BEHIND JAMIE'S ACTING. Jojo siwa's dancing was literally the only sign of talent and she has 0 connection to this show hellllllp

  • No

    MaruchanJ SenpaiMMaruchanJ SenpaiM3 kun oldin
  • Ms. Jamie Lynn, why don't you go tell your dear father Jamie to check in into mental health facility to figure himself out. A little guidance will help instead of keep filling the pockets using money you don't belong to #FreeBritney

    Aaron YodoAaron Yodo3 kun oldin
  • Where’s Alexa Nikolas??? Oh wait everyone bullied the fuck out of her and hated her! So y’all act like she never existed, it’s a shock you haven’t had a public melt down like your sister!

    Antonio KauleyAntonio Kauley3 kun oldin
    • @Antonio Kauley i read about that

      Avi AgarwalAvi Agarwal2 kun oldin
    • @Avi Agarwal not trying to be a dick or anything, but I even read she had her big sister Brittany go up to the set to belittle her

      Antonio KauleyAntonio Kauley2 kun oldin
    • Yo I remember hearing bout that.

      Avi AgarwalAvi Agarwal2 kun oldin
  • This is so cringey😂😂😐 I don’t even know how they watched this back and then thought it was a good idea to go forward with it lmaoooo

    Ariguanna MAriguanna M3 kun oldin
  • Wtf...? I'm so confused xD Doing this or nothing is basically the same thing. Actually doing this was worse than doing nothing. So cringe and poorly organized :/

    Gabriela SoaresGabriela Soares3 kun oldin
  • Are u kidding me, I wasent even born yet when this show came out. I'm thirteen and started watching this at seven years old. I watched it Because my all time fav singer is Britney Spears and I think we know who Jamie's sister is. I began to love the show and it was my second fav show as a kid ( besides Mickey mouse club) and now to see what this has become for the new generation. This is not for the OG fans. This is for money. Nobodys career went anywhere after Zoey 101. This is despreate sad and just dissapointing to the fans. And i especially feel bad for the people that watched the show from day one :(

    Noah AlliNoah Alli3 kun oldin
  • ABSOLUTE CRINGE. Also #Freebritney lol

    AstrichkaAstrichka3 kun oldin
  • how is this even a reunion if it doesn't even have all of the old cast. you guys just ruined it by adding in tiktokers. would've been better If you guys kept it simple and had JUST the cast.

    EmilyEmily3 kun oldin
  • Go follow @only_carver on ig

    MilxiieMilxiie3 kun oldin
  • Ok but anyways #freebritney bet they will delete my comment

    Shayla PShayla P3 kun oldin
  • Omg is this the only woman left in the world without lip injections?!!!!

    Jordan SmithJordan Smith3 kun oldin
  • With Britney's money you could've at least brought in the real cast, no irrelevant people. We know you ain't paying with ur own money;)

    Maximilian FreinschlagMaximilian Freinschlag3 kun oldin
  • Fun fact: She made that video with Britney's money

    Maximilian FreinschlagMaximilian Freinschlag3 kun oldin
  • U better help your sister

    Maximilian FreinschlagMaximilian Freinschlag3 kun oldin
  • Disappointed

    Guadalupe TovarGuadalupe Tovar3 kun oldin
  • Nah

    Mystic DreamerMystic Dreamer3 kun oldin
  • What a train wreck of a cling to relevancy

    Slightly Above AverageSlightly Above Average4 kun oldin
  • I think they where trying to be just like the old Zoey 101, & that was a bunch of pre-teen to young teen, so it was cute & campy & it worked for them then. Then Had to make it much higher quality, & not so cutie pre-teen b bop,, it needed to show hey we grew up, we gotton better. All of them are Talent but that video made them look like they where wash ups before their time, & so not true People in the video should be mad

    jorazz16jorazz164 kun oldin
  • I’ve never seen something so bad, this sucks ass.

    Miranda HighMiranda High4 kun oldin
  • I like the original people and the original song. This went from Zoey 101 to We CANT Stop Music Video🤨

    Mindy !Mindy !4 kun oldin
  • Please keep the original cast. We want Zoey, Chase, Michael, Logan, Quinn, Dustin, Dana, and Nicole. Even Mark. PORKAYYYY MARK PORKAY *dustin voice* 😩😩 I even want that crazy college supervisor cat loving girl. What the heck is this reboot? Srsly??

    Mindy !Mindy !4 kun oldin
  • I would rather have a What did Zoey Said Part 2.

    Rafael AlvarezRafael Alvarez4 kun oldin
  • this is so disappointing:(

    Gracie elayneeGracie elaynee4 kun oldin
  • Victoria Justice has a life. This is Jamie attempting to get one. While she tries to destroy Britney’s.

    Chandra LeighChandra Leigh4 kun oldin
    • Period. I love how they are trying it with this cash grab because Jamie is worried her grubby hands may have to let go of Britney’s money with everything going on in the case. It’s actually really crazy. Slo4n on UZworld has the best and most detailed updates on free Britney

      Shayla PShayla P3 kun oldin
  • Where’s MY FAVORITE CHARACTER, Nicole? She was always so pretty!! Funny how Tori isn’t here either... Jamie could never have anyone prettier and more talented than her in anything. Britney is still the prettier sister with the talent. This is pathetic. No one misses this show or Dan.

    Chandra LeighChandra Leigh4 kun oldin
  • Rubbish

    Laila AlameddineLaila Alameddine4 kun oldin
  • This video a disappointment. First of all, why are you bringing all these non talented people? If you hadn’t noticed already, TikTok cherrypicks its “famous people” that fit a model of relationship between the viewer, in order to make little boys and little girls think they can become famous aswell. The song sounds like it was made with a shitty free app, but recorded on a plane blackbox. I speak spanish and I can tell you most of what Sofia said is a bunch of grammatical nonsense and out of place comments that you would never use in a normal conversation. She probably used them to seem “interesting” since the only asset of her character is her region. What a joke of a video. These tiktokers have no talent. Name ONE Dixie Damelio talent. GUNK, Nothing!

    The DonaldThe Donald4 kun oldin
  • Why are tiktokers or whatever they are being introduced in the song? smh NO

    ChanthalChanthal4 kun oldin
  • Not a real reunion, if it doesn’t have all the zoey 101 members. This is about the show not about tiktok smh

    ChanthalChanthal4 kun oldin

    Erika AbarcaErika Abarca4 kun oldin

    Polieth MideltonPolieth Midelton4 kun oldin
  • Soo.. this is the reebooooot? I have no words. Meanwhile it's the original cast everything is fine but tiktokers...mmm?

    Polieth MideltonPolieth Midelton4 kun oldin
  • Okay but why was Harry there

    Laura HaanLaura Haan4 kun oldin
  • i guess I am just upset because this had the potential to be good...instead it felt like we were watching a cheap remake...with a bunch of rando might have been cool for 7 year olds on tik tok, but it did nothing for the OG fans.

    Nat's VlogsNat's Vlogs4 kun oldin
  • I just loved!!! I Would Love to see a robot 💕💕💕💕💕

    Mariana SpeltzMariana Speltz4 kun oldin
  • 😍😍❤️❤️

    Francesca L.Francesca L.4 kun oldin
  • Tone deaf

    rachel k.rachel k.5 kun oldin
  • This is so out of touch of the demographic that grew up watching this show

    rachel k.rachel k.5 kun oldin
  • I just want to know why the two people kissed at the end

    rachel k.rachel k.5 kun oldin

    EmilieEmilie5 kun oldin
  • This is awful ngl

    PabloPablo5 kun oldin
  • Wtf is this shit ?

    SwimSweetie100SwimSweetie1005 kun oldin
  • Poorly edited, poorly autotuned. JUST A DISGRACE AND DISAPPOINTMENT

    HannahBananaHannahBanana5 kun oldin
  • Is this a joke? Please tell me this is a joke.

    HannahBananaHannahBanana5 kun oldin
  • This is painful to watch

    Rylie BollingRylie Bolling5 kun oldin
  • I didn’t know I could cringe this hard. Lol

    Bunni BeeBunni Bee5 kun oldin
  • Well it wont be the same. hopefully they a college one.

    Ricky TickyRicky Ticky5 kun oldin
  • Where are her daughters?

    Anastasia JaneAnastasia Jane5 kun oldin
  • Old stuff from back then is not gonna be the same. Damn y’all. Don’t y’all relieve time has changed with television? I’m glad this is coming back. Gives the new generation a taste of the past.

    HOWÆRDHOWÆRD5 kun oldin
  • Where is dustin?

    Jesus PerezJesus Perez5 kun oldin
  • I feel like this is about gaining “new fans” with these silly tick tick babies that doesn’t know shit about Jamie or this show. How about the fans that you ALREADY have...had?!🥺

    Kylie SiebertKylie Siebert5 kun oldin
  • This is really sad. It’s a completely different song and show. This isn’t Zoey 101. I feel disappointed.

    Kylie SiebertKylie Siebert5 kun oldin
  • I like TikTok, but mainly for comedy purposes but it is getting a little tiring seeing tiktokers around everywhere. And don’t get me wrong I’m happy for their success and no hate but the editing was kinda bad.. and much respect to all you guys, for real but I’m not feelin it

    AnimShackAnimShack5 kun oldin
  • I know that people hate the tiktokers and so do i but im gonna h8 on sumthing else... i almost wanna cry from the nostalgia but it makes me h8 them for how the way they treated alexa Nik. I feel so sad for her. In a video she exposed everything that happened on set and she was bullied the hell out of and it just paints a different picture of the show when i watch this and I want to keep that beautiful painting but its now burned...😥😥😪😭😭

    SyMPocxxSyMPocxx5 kun oldin
  • I miss victoria Justice here 💔

    arturo gilarturo gil5 kun oldin
  • Jamie girl why did u add jojo and Dixie and Noah-

    Mj TaylorMj Taylor5 kun oldin
  • #Freebritney

    Mj TaylorMj Taylor5 kun oldin
  • I was so excited because this was honestly one of my favorite childhood shows I would watch religiously and the original cast being back is amazing but it should have ended there all these other tik tok stars and whatnot are irrelevant to the reunion

    Vanessa TranVanessa Tran5 kun oldin
  • They are so old now can I say? Kinda boring?

    Gar FieldGar Field5 kun oldin
  • I want everyone to attack Noah and dixie

    Jeremiah HooksJeremiah Hooks6 kun oldin
  • this ain’t no reboot

    Aylin VanegasAylin Vanegas6 kun oldin
  • This made me SO happy

    Melissa SallesMelissa Salles6 kun oldin
  • I hate this now I have a show I really lived now in my hated movie list 🥺😭

    Isis IoaneIsis Ioane6 kun oldin