FOALS MEET For The First Time! *Sleepover* | Journey's Journey Pt.3

30-Sen, 2020
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Foals meet for the first time! *sleepover* Journey's Journey pt.3
Hey guys! So a while ago I went over to my friend's house for a sleepover and decided to bring Journey and Crystal with me! She has baby horses as well and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for Journey to meet and play with other foals for the first time! It was so amazing! I hope you enjoy watching! ❤️
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    • Hi Valentina Cowgirl

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    • I love your flogs 😍❤️❤️❤️

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    • Are you going on the camping trip

      Amanda OrellaAmanda Orella13 kun oldin
    • Amanda P I’m not teeing her what to do, you think she’s gonna listen to me. I am saying what she should be doing because it’s also unhealthy for her mare to still be with her colt

      Vanessa PortilloVanessa Portillo18 kun oldin
    • @Vanessa Portillo can you please stop telling her what to do it is her horses so she can do whatever she wants

      Amanda PAmanda P18 kun oldin
  • I wish I had a life like this, so wholesome and lovely

    kuma replicabearkuma replicabearKun oldin
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  • what breed is cris

    Millie GrubbMillie Grubb6 kun oldin
  • What breed of horse is Crystal?

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  • Baby is a girl

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  • those trots and canters are absolutely beautiful

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  • I am 9

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  • The horse on That cutting thin was Secretariat😕

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  • What breed is crystal???

    Girl GroupGirl Group16 kun oldin
  • Your Colt has nice movement..I just bought a Red Dun Filly she's 4 months as well :)

    Madison MaxsonMadison Maxson16 kun oldin
  • For anyone watching that doesn’t know any better.... Do NOT try this at home. Horses need to be introduced very slowly into an established herd especially when it’s mothers and babies. This could have gone so horribly wrong and she put her horses in danger. You can clearly see in all of their interactions that the mothers are protecting their babies and stressed. I hope day 2 went better for the horses’ sakes.

    Crystal GuntyCrystal Gunty16 kun oldin
  • I loved this video keep up the good work I hope I get a foal and also a shot out😍🦄🎃🐶🐶🍪🐴🌼🤩

    Klonnie LanhamKlonnie Lanham16 kun oldin
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  • Funny part is I had a sleep over yesterday

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  • That was awesome! I love Sabrina's property! Beautiful!

    Passionate HorsemanshipPassionate Horsemanship17 kun oldin
  • This is just beautiful ik I'm late but omg I'm in love with the momma and the baby 😍

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  • I love heartland and that sunset reminds me of the intro

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  • As they say "you can lead a horse to water..."

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  • I never really noticed how majestic Crystal was until now, she is BEAUTIFUL!

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  • wait-- Im a new subscriber and why did you say, "Guys!! I miss ridinggg!! "

    Logical EllieLogical Ellie19 kun oldin
    • @Caroline Wright no I meant why doesn't she ride anymore-- thats what I understood when she said, "guysssss I miss riding" when she was watching the sunset.

      Logical EllieLogical Ellie19 kun oldin
    • Why not?

      Caroline WrightCaroline Wright19 kun oldin
  • crystal is beautiful.💕💕 like if you agree!

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      Adriana ZalishviliAdriana Zalishvili19 kun oldin
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  • *letting horses that have never met go together for the first time* *WEARS FRICKING SLIPPERS* 😂

    Jisker RealzJisker Realz20 kun oldin
  • He'll be one of those horses that tail is always up -w-

    。》Lonely Sky《 。。》Lonely Sky《 。20 kun oldin
  • I love all the pasture footage! Crystal truly is a beautiful mare

    Anya WintnerAnya Wintner20 kun oldin
    • Yeah!

      Caroline WrightCaroline Wright19 kun oldin
  • less talking, more shots of horses

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  • I love how all the babies are the same colors as their mom, or have around the same shades, but then theres just Stella who is a COMPLETELY different color than her mom. Its so cute, and shes so uNiQuE ^v^

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  • Horse behavior 101.... Horses will not become jolly friends right away. Introduction over the fence is usually the safest way especially when mares have babies. Crystal is wanting to protect her colt more than anything. It's uncharted waters for her, so Stress is involved. Can't wait for Crystal to get back home. I know she's counting down the minutes. But as her owner you know best. Good Luck!!🍀

    Lynette MayedaLynette Mayeda20 kun oldin
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    Kirsten KostKirsten Kost20 kun oldin
  • day 1 of trying to get noticed

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  • Flip flops at a horse. Not the brightest idea.

    Horse LoversHorse Lovers20 kun oldin
  • So good for the foal to get the chance to play with others :D But please, please take of the halters while they are in with others. One wrong kick, and they can get stuck in eachothers halters, or foals scratching theyr head can get theyr leg caught and then break theyr neck or hip....

    Idni2004Idni200420 kun oldin
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  • The reason his leg shedding is so light is because of foal camo :]

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