FLYING CAR! GM reimagines transportation! (Full eVTOL reveal)

12-Yan, 2021
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At CES 2021, GM reveals a flying car dubbed eVTOL. The electric flying vehicle is GM's vision for personal transportation.

  • GM Globalist, only 1%of the world population will be privilege to use it. Every Sifi movie of the future show's this stuff and if you notice only the wealth class flies the rest of the human race scrounging to survive. Hey GM where's our Money we bailed you out with. We want it back or do we need to come and take it?

    Roudy DogRoudy Dog2 soat oldin
  • Cars being carried by autonomous drones is the future, not this.

    henry boglehenry bogle4 soat oldin
  • That's not a car.

    Ben GBen G5 soat oldin
  • Ah ahhhh *looks at the small text disclosure* simulated. Just like all the things GM does

    Jesbaam SanchezJesbaam Sanchez7 soat oldin
  • Nice

    Jimmie Floyd JrJimmie Floyd Jr8 soat oldin
  • Watches the Dark Knight Rises once

    Christian DuyaoChristian Duyao14 soat oldin
  • West World wants their set back. They actually have work to do.

    Austin HAustin H14 soat oldin
  • Yeah but how are you going to land on a busy street? And where are the minivans for the soccer moms with five kids 😆

    Story CloudStory Cloud14 soat oldin
  • Jim is planning big things!

    JakeJake16 soat oldin
  • Why's everyone a bunch of haters?

    Matthew McGarrahMatthew McGarrah16 soat oldin
  • These are crap dream ideas. Everything that people said that will happen in the future had not came to fruition. There is no way one can say what the future is.

    conmanumber1conmanumber120 soat oldin
  • Just your dream, I dont know when will see your real but now M 40year old😂

    BunRong Hydro ArtsBunRong Hydro Arts21 soat oldin
  • Wow. That is pretty neat!

    Paulie:DPaulie:DKun oldin
  • Such bulls***, you know this isn't true. GM is doing this because they're so far behind and it's getting worse for them. Reminds me of the promises and lies of this other company that is gone before it started...hmm it's on the tip of my tongue...can't quite remember it.🤔

    Hvac 2001Hvac 2001Kun oldin
  • Fix your timing chain problems first. Like I'm going to fly in anything GM makes lol

    Mike FrancoMike FrancoKun oldin
  • Make a decent Tesla competitor and then I’ll listen. Don’t get ahead of your self

    Luke HeironimusLuke HeironimusKun oldin
  • 2040 is looking and laughing at this.

    cblizz730cblizz730Kun oldin
  • I hope this works out. Flying cars would be incredible, and actually help a lot with city design.

    Brass TankBrass TankKun oldin
  • Cyberpunk is doing a real life

    dirtyd2099dirtyd2099Kun oldin
  • People cannot even drive cars correctly can you imagine them trying to fly around 😆

    Skip RSkip RKun oldin
  • So basically it's a giant drone lol. I guess people like me who fear heights are screwed.

    Skip RSkip RKun oldin
  • All this needs to be fully automated by every single company no manual driving. Can’t trust people with this thing when they can’t even drive properly on roads..

    nik maknojianik maknojiaKun oldin
  • Is there a truck version and can it be straight piped?

    Michael RobertsMichael RobertsKun oldin
  • Hope this will be the future transportation that everyone can afford in my lifetime!

    jokamuttajokamuttaKun oldin
    • Ha lol afford ? is a club and you ain't in it

      Roudy DogRoudy Dog2 soat oldin
  • They ended with saying it has something to do with a consistant gm brand promise. In 10 years time this will be quoted in a curb your meme alongside an article showing what a failure this project was.

    danthelambboydanthelambboyKun oldin
  • It will simply never happen. Those flight paths will never be allowed, it is simply too dangerous.

    danthelambboydanthelambboyKun oldin
  • GM what a joke. We don't care about your imaginations of what someone who isn't you will pull off in hundreds if years from now. It won't make us invest in your company.

    danthelambboydanthelambboyKun oldin
  • A flying casket, no thanks for now. I own a Mavic Mini and worry enough about my drone not returning back to home.

    JubaeJubaeKun oldin
  • Anyone got cyberpunk 2077 chills?

    awesome personawesome personKun oldin
  • The price tag is probably going to be astronomical.

    Steven PaniSteven PaniKun oldin
  • Dragon Ball had predicted that there will be flying cars in the future. Bulma must be proud of this.

    Indra BayuIndra BayuKun oldin
  • These concepts for a few rich people who can afford it make no sense at all. Is that our future? Will we all only work for the luxury toys of the elites?

    senza sinnsenza sinnKun oldin
  • they’ll never have clearance to fly that low between buildings

    XericXeric2 kun oldin
  • This gives off blade runner vibes

    pain obsessionpain obsession2 kun oldin
  • I hope it doesn't become real in the next 40 years. I do not want to live a single day seeing the sky blacked out by flying cars.

    VorrabomsVorraboms2 kun oldin
  • Hope they dont have lots on recalls later on 😔

    Xavier G.Xavier G.2 kun oldin
  • Cyberpunk is calling

    Dayton StockwellDayton Stockwell2 kun oldin
  • Hornet.

    BillBill2 kun oldin
  • is this early april fools joke?

    konstantin tsherkezovkonstantin tsherkezov2 kun oldin
  • Looks dumb

    scorpion zzscorpion zz2 kun oldin
  • “When time is of the essence, and convenience is everything.” That phrase should be etched into the walls of the vertiports, as a warning for future generations. What hubris.

    Bryan AllenBryan Allen2 kun oldin
  • Detroit become human wasn’t as far off as I thought

    ExtraExtra2 kun oldin
  • The worst idea ever. People can't drive on the ground! Imagine cars falling out of the sky.

    Jeff HortickJeff Hortick2 kun oldin
    • Yes and yes. I'm sure you have to be on a five-year waiting list just to learn how to drive the thing. Like how many people know how to teach someone how to fly a car? Yeah.

      Story CloudStory Cloud14 soat oldin
  • Запад опять у Единоросов украли проект.

    Viktor KrutViktor Krut2 kun oldin
  • If GM is making it, I’m out! I see too many GMs on the roadside for me to get in that.

    Chris Top HerChris Top Her2 kun oldin
  • Hey GM, there are still a couple of months till April 1st.

    sugreev2001sugreev20012 kun oldin
  • We dont even have crash proof airframes yet. Industry needs to get way safer and quiter before it can take off.

    abvmoose87abvmoose872 kun oldin
  • They re laughing at me right now! Getting my sports pilots license soon.This is the future boom of the world .keep up the good work guys

    12,00012,0002 kun oldin
  • Yay for highly inefficient vehicles

    EquirahEquirah2 kun oldin
  • Finna air race

    S550 AndrewS550 Andrew2 kun oldin
  • It shouldn't be concept. Cadillac always releases their best products as concepts nowadays

    Géza BattyányiGéza Battyányi2 kun oldin
  • I dont want some fancy pantsy snob transport drone, I want to fly in something rugged and reliable, something I can travel the deep wilds in, explore places wild and new

    The JourneyThe Journey3 kun oldin
  • Our grandkids are gonna be watching this and laughing their butts off. It's like when we watch videos of the "future" they made back in the 60's.

    Sreekar PradyumnaSreekar Pradyumna3 kun oldin
  • wow nice CGI god these guys are idiots, and why have a british guy be in whats supposed to be an american company?

    DocsWorldDocsWorld3 kun oldin
  • Subsidize this industry down to a price of $29,999 for the average consumer and regulate it so millions can do it safely at the same time. Give everyone a Universal Basic Income of $1000 a month. Give everyone Medicare-for-All.

    A Witcher of Night CityA Witcher of Night City3 kun oldin
  • Elysium

    Caleb Correa GonzalezCaleb Correa Gonzalez3 kun oldin
  • What of it just stops working in mid air?

    Carol TuckerCarol Tucker3 kun oldin
  • I think with the advent of 5 or 6G we are looking at this introduction sooner rather than later. I believe a central controller will alleviate risk within city boundaries and have us hailing these for our taxi journey across town in no time. Our city society transport systems are so nearly what they should be. Divest our fuelling system and stop these wars refusing us our evolution. Christ have mercy

    Lee MorrisLee Morris3 kun oldin
  • Pay the Taxpayers back the 11.9 billion dollars you stole instead of spending money on CGI to do this dumb video.

    ExMxer3ExMxer33 kun oldin
  • Quite the aspirations considering how many people died just a few years ago because this Sorry-Excuse of North American manufacturing wouldn't use a 5 cent part in their ignition/steering wheel lock. Remember also, Blunder Motors celebrated their 100th anniversary by going BANKRUPT. I would bet money on Kia or Hyundai wiping these Clowns off the map and taking over the gm building.

    ExMxer3ExMxer33 kun oldin
  • Cartoon Movie 🤣

    СергейСергей3 kun oldin
  • Want to make world advance ? Make it affordable for everyone

    PorcuPlierPorcuPlier3 kun oldin
  • So drones are considered flying cars now.

    Vin CVin C3 kun oldin
  • Built for the 1 percent!!

    Matthew FreantMatthew Freant3 kun oldin
  • How do you stop it from falling?

    Aqua WalkerAqua Walker3 kun oldin
  • Why not just do a zoom?

    Homer62001Homer620013 kun oldin

    Brent LeeBrent Lee3 kun oldin
  • Cyberpunk anybody?

    Piece0fPiePiece0fPie3 kun oldin
  • Hope all this turns into realities soon enough by GM

    Sony M JSony M J3 kun oldin
  • The world of the 22th century in Doraemon is coming true.

    An gusAn gus3 kun oldin
  • 1 year later: *road are useless, the sky is useful*

    Lionel Velix ChandraLionel Velix Chandra3 kun oldin
  • Yeah, sure.. Everybody know that CGI make every dream comes to screen..

    Ahmad GantengAhmad Ganteng3 kun oldin
  • Yeah this does not look safe and practical at all. Imagine saving 10 mins compared to traveling by a light rail, subway, or uber all just to risk your life in that flying deathtrap. What we need is better public transportation for short travel distances that this eVTOL is proposed to serve.

    Hey there buddyHey there buddy3 kun oldin
  • To me, I just see a lot of stock pumping. First the small commercial EV and then a CGI flying car? Ever since Tesla skyrocketed, every other car manufacture eyes grew.

    Christopher DionChristopher Dion3 kun oldin
  • And within a week of releasing it someone would have already LS swapped it lol..

    npx20npx204 kun oldin
  • This isn’t a flying car, it’s a fancy AI helicopter... it’s a delamain deluxe

    Shark EquisShark Equis4 kun oldin
  • Zoom:

    andrewandrew4 kun oldin
  • And I'm preparing to load bullets into my gun with this technology obsessed world

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name4 kun oldin
  • This is a rebirth of the old school Cadillac of the 1950's through the 1970's when they were the word standard of luxury by far. This will take the executive, prom, red carpet, funerals, famous people like( actors, athletes, politicians, executives, International ambassadors) and the PIMPING game, literally to another level. There is not a more innovative car company than GM. They have more industry first than any other, Electric starter, automatic transmission, power Windows, onboard computer, onboard diagnosis, LED lights on vehicle, telematics (OnStar), heads up display, night vision, self dimming headlights, level 4 autonomous driving, and anything else of significance/ game changing in the automotive world, etc. was all from Cadillac and now flying cars. Also, the first and only car to be driven on the moon from way back in 1971,. Yes the moon buggy was GM product along with Boeing There are a lot of GM and Cadillac haters, especially the new millennials ( the most worthless generation since we began naming generations). But, don't hate the player because it plays, hate the game it you have to hate something.

    MrGreenelightMrGreenelight4 kun oldin
  • I want to c face to face a real flying car CES, not just showing this video. I feel like it only showing n made by computer, while riding n flying up in the sky, passing all buildings. If they do it in reality, people from the street waking by, n will definitely seeing something up in the sky n record it n post it to media. I’m getting tire that they r keep doing this video like this, again n again.

    Nancy MolinaNancy Molina4 kun oldin
  • 1:10 since when flying vehicles is "reimagining"? Hahaha... People think of this since foverer

    ShuAbleShuAble4 kun oldin
  • ehang.

    rado vr6rado vr64 kun oldin
  • Did not expect this from them.

    Jack RossouwJack Rossouw4 kun oldin
  • vision, vision, vision...

    Fabricio FigueiredoFabricio Figueiredo4 kun oldin
  • I was here

    MaxwellcrafterMaxwellcrafter4 kun oldin
  • Make sure you figure out those "CV axles" you kooky kids! On 2nd thought Caddy, how about perfecting automobiles, before you ATTEMPT airplanes?🤭 P.S. My Eldorado transmission is out again!

    Merica FirstMerica First4 kun oldin
  • Lol nice talk. How about a working prototype instead of 3d instead?

    Ciri ousCiri ous4 kun oldin
  • It looks like the guy is standing in front of a green screen. Look at the shadows. They don't match right.

    Thomas MesserschmidtThomas Messerschmidt4 kun oldin
  • What does it look like inside?

    Thomas MesserschmidtThomas Messerschmidt4 kun oldin
  • But is it actually flying yet? That looks like CGI (computer animated).

    Thomas MesserschmidtThomas Messerschmidt4 kun oldin
  • Enjoy a multi sensory experience while you crash and burn.

    Northeastern native plant digestNortheastern native plant digest4 kun oldin
  • Who wrote this garbage?

    Michael HeiderMichael Heider4 kun oldin
  • Зато наши сракеты самые красивые пам парам пам пам

    шататель скрепшататель скреп4 kun oldin
  • Another GM promise that will never see the light of day. This is just an ad for GM.

    Mypsn MypsnMypsn Mypsn4 kun oldin
  • shut up...and take my money!

    Konstantin GolubkinKonstantin Golubkin4 kun oldin
  • Красиво нарисовали, но у нас в ближайшие двадцать лет продолжат летать на эскалейдах

    Aloner RAloner R4 kun oldin
  • Virtual vehicle for virtual customers

    Oleh ChubkoOleh Chubko4 kun oldin
  • Every futuristic bad guy vehicle 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 white people 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jake SnakeJake Snake4 kun oldin
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    karat vatutinekarat vatutine4 kun oldin