Fly Lands On Mike Pence During Vice Presidential Debate With Kamala Harris

8-Okt, 2020
188 106 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • Just make Charlamagne Donkey of the Day and be done with it! Y’all are stupid af...

    Super BirdSuper Bird18 soat oldin
  • The Breakfast Club, you guys are a bunch of clowns. You support Kamala Harris just because she’s black? No respect for you bums. A real fighter for black issues is President Trump. Do you ignore all he had done for your community? I guess the real question is... _How much are they paying you??!_

    Super BirdSuper Bird18 soat oldin
  • Fecal matter attracting flies since 100.000,000 B.C. 💩 🐜 🐛 🕷

    Good SamaritanGood Samaritan2 kun oldin
  • Flies love the smell of 💩. Especially the older turds.

    Slide WaysSlide Ways10 kun oldin
  • Even the Fly knows he's full Shit!

    noses malonenoses malone10 kun oldin
  • mike penth is a great vice presidenth

    mike larrymike larry11 kun oldin
  • He was just anointed by Satan!

    G.O.D No G.O.DG.O.D No G.O.D11 kun oldin
  • You celebrities are on the wrong side of history, these coming elections are gonna prove that.

    WandaWanda11 kun oldin
  • The funny thing is you don't focus on your own candidate and her lies... You literally focused on a fly rather than the matter at hand...I'm democrat but I won't vote for these liars...what have they done to earn our votes as the black community?🤷🏽‍♂️ We are tired of their lies....

    Maxwell HueyMaxwell Huey12 kun oldin
  • Kamala Harris is Married to a White man, and Wants to condemn White Privilege..Thats Your Donkey of the Day!

    MARQUEE (Rap-Disciple)MARQUEE (Rap-Disciple)12 kun oldin
  • This is the dumbest reason to get donkey of the day. Y'all are stupid af.

    Pulse Of The MaggotsPulse Of The Maggots12 kun oldin
  • He shoulda stuck his tongue out and showed his reptilian ways 😂😂😩😭

    Aliyah AdamsAliyah Adams12 kun oldin
  • Dang tho 1:42 perfect timing lol

    lox holox ho12 kun oldin
  • So nobody find it strange that the fly was just sitting there as he moved...have a fly ever just sat still to movement no...some strange about that fly 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Alex AryAlex Ary13 kun oldin
  • How long pence got to smell Kamala Harris pissy yellow skin

    Cheryl OkriCheryl Okri13 kun oldin
  • Majoring in superficial nonsense. Black People, COME TO JESUS. Ask GOD for forgiveness of your sins, And that You Accept JESUS As Your LORD AND SAVIOR Because you Want to Be Born Again. John 3:3-7 THE WORD OF ALMIGHTY GOD-THE BIBLE, SAYS, That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth THE LORD JESUS, And believe in thine heart THAT GOD HATH RAISED HIM from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Romans 10:9 THERE IS NO GREATER LOVE THEN GOD'S. John 3:16

    craig morelandcraig moreland13 kun oldin
  • that donkey tho XD lmao

    HopefnnHopefnn13 kun oldin
  • Guys guess what. We are fine now, we are free, we can accomplish so much more than our ancestors could. Yes they dealt with racism and discrimination, But we aren’t living that TODAY. And what’s crazy is the fact that ppl get upset at this fact bc they rather have a problem

    Epiphanny TaylorEpiphanny Taylor13 kun oldin
  • Harris got destroyed during this. You guys are clowns. Doubt you guys want to bring up Harris' past.

    NineTailsNineTails13 kun oldin
  • fly landed & sh*tted right on the top of his lying head! hilarious!

    caligirl LAcaligirl LA13 kun oldin
  • Pence won that debate hands down.

    Illestone84Illestone8414 kun oldin
  • You know you won when the opposition’s takeaway is a fly.

    GodGod14 kun oldin
  • The fly smelled shite

    Saor AlbaSaor Alba14 kun oldin
  • It’s a shame that the majority of black celebrities not allowed to think for themselves including these bozos. So let me guess. You used to be pro Hillary and now you are pro Biden. Are you telling us that if Biden wins he will take care of the black community? Is that all it takes? Will you continue to complaint like you’ve been since the 60’s or what?

    MrThehbusMrThehbus14 kun oldin
  • This shizz is to funny

    Martin GomezMartin Gomez14 kun oldin
  • Just like always when kamala was cornered she pulled the race card. They will talk about the fly just to take off the fact kamala got destroyed. With her I want to be in charge attitude and not wanting to answer questions she showed why not to vote for her. she locked up most of the voters that are going to vote for biden in the past. She even wants to pack the court even Ruth ginsberg knew packing the court is a bad

    jayblades2011jayblades201114 kun oldin
  • My girl Ruth Bader Ginsburg sent that fly 🦟

    blueskies2287blueskies228714 kun oldin
  • After this fly's great act of protest, no one should ever kill another fly again after this.

  • Yeah that's the problem, you lot you rather talk about a fly than focus on, why black people were kept in prison by Kamala when she was district attorney, why they want to pack the court, why she and Biden have not said what they would do differently about Covid, or why Biden commited a quid Pro Quo unquestioned, why Pelosi object to the stimulus package until they put through Liberal views, Biden the one in 1994 made the 3 strikes your out sending a high rate of black people to prison for misdemeanor crimes. However you want to talk about a fly. Wow no wonder the Democrats can tell stupid crap and you go with it.

    Janicez MJanicez M14 kun oldin
  • If #2020 was vice president!!

    Session SwittenburgSession Swittenburg14 kun oldin
  • Pence won, by a landslide, the media was reduced to talking about a fly.

    Siebe AlbersSiebe Albers14 kun oldin
  • Charlemagne dont no shit...

    Billy Hill ShowBilly Hill Show14 kun oldin
  • Mike Pence destroyed Kamala Harris and CTG's response is a fly landed on his head? Ahahahaha

    JasonTheMagnificent2.0JasonTheMagnificent2.014 kun oldin
  • Flies are attracted to two things: poop and trash 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    Potatoe Chip•Potatoe Chip•14 kun oldin
  • Awww Jesus christ, stop hating and grow a brain. You've been poisoned by the left and it's showing. Stop spreading it. A Harvard study done by white commie professors, you're quoting that? How many times have you had to shoo a fly away? Does that make you evil? If people like you keep spreading this kind of ignorance we'll all end being controlled by communism, just look at China, is that what you want? Biden and Harris are owned by the CCP, wake up.

    Frosti80Frosti8014 kun oldin
  • Why is butts and nuts (pause always cumming outta charlemagne the frog throat

    Savage.SmiffBeatzSavage.SmiffBeatz14 kun oldin
  • 2020 ....The things of the deep will come to light... Full exposure... this devil cannot escape... his reincarnation is close at hand...

    Paul EnglishPaul English14 kun oldin
  • The fly represents a sign from Satan...Although the fly travels with him.... came from his bowels... he is a marked man🦟🦇🕸🦗🐜🦇🦇🐜.... he is living in the shadow of death..

    Paul EnglishPaul English14 kun oldin
  • This the definition of ignorance... lets talk about how the democrats are for fracking now all of a sudden

    Rahman ORahman O14 kun oldin
  • The fly had to get a POV of the sniper shots @ Harris 😂 Charlotte tha Jester biggest woke joke on the radio.. BROWARD 4 TRUMP 🦅🇺🇸

    General xBLAZExGeneral xBLAZEx15 kun oldin
  • At least he didn't publicly crap in his pants like Jerry Nadler. Any thoughts on that??

    Beto LopezBeto Lopez15 kun oldin
  • I feel like they hate white people on this show

    Shellie PrescottShellie Prescott15 kun oldin
  • Signs and symbols are Everything. 2020 vision. You can't lie no mo. That fly landing was funny as well as his Covid related pink eye

    MentagasmMentagasm15 kun oldin
  • Thats how u know This man full of 💩

    akevia mcculloughakevia mccullough15 kun oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

    Louis WrightLouis Wright15 kun oldin
  • When someones EARS become pointy, that means they're lying.

    T. RayT. Ray15 kun oldin
  • That was not a fly it was a Trump "drone" whispering to him....don't say that say this! It was mechanical Trump Administration operated.

    Neeuq AmilamNeeuq Amilam15 kun oldin
  • This was hella 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    Just ShaLiciousJust ShaLicious15 kun oldin
  • Well said

    Jordan AlsalloomJordan Alsalloom15 kun oldin
  • The worst president freed thousands of black people while the first "black" president locked up ten of thousands of black people, and a future vice president drafted the bill that did so. Charlemagne looks like a turd.

    SYSBM 4 LIFE!SYSBM 4 LIFE!15 kun oldin
  • Ya'll ahould give Kamala donkey of the day for wanting to legalize sex work and lower the age of consent to qualify for sex work...or even how Cali has a bill Sb/ab 145 14-24yrs first institute of pedophilia..that deserves more attention

    DeathB4DsloyalDeathB4Dsloyal15 kun oldin
  • So y'all ain't never had a fly land on y'all?? You niggas is crazy

    Rich PorterRich Porter15 kun oldin

    DIME DIVADIME DIVA15 kun oldin
  • That was a stinkbug.

    AmanlikemeAmanlikeme15 kun oldin
  • God BLESS America

    Saleem HillSaleem Hill15 kun oldin
  • You right I believe in signs also so that's why God took RBG on Trump presidency so he can pick a judge to protect America from Democrats who support anarchists to destroy America. RBG died right before the election to give Trump the constitutional right to protect America. God signs for Americans.

    Saleem HillSaleem Hill15 kun oldin
  • You hear the fly at 2:09 You see the fly at 2:20

    Rich Ə WrychRich Ə Wrych15 kun oldin
  • screen share 😒 ... have to exit out of all my pro black screens i miss conference calls... 👀 could make faces when someone said something stupid

    ALL Created By One GOOD God.ALL Created By One GOOD God.15 kun oldin
  • 💀

    ALL Created By One GOOD God.ALL Created By One GOOD God.15 kun oldin
  • what about the fly buzz all over obama

    Banana ClipBanana Clip15 kun oldin
  • Esau is the enemy of the original Jews and the almighty God

    Jamal KinnardJamal Kinnard15 kun oldin
  • Lame

    Kylil JarsonKylil Jarson15 kun oldin

    Charltorio A JohnsonCharltorio A Johnson15 kun oldin

    KD SWAGGERKD SWAGGER15 kun oldin
  • Shuga Honey Ice Tea........SHIT......very funny Charlamagne

    ReShaun GroomesReShaun Groomes15 kun oldin

    Jay BrittJay Britt15 kun oldin
  • Hes dod because a fly landed on him? Ok

    focusedfocused15 kun oldin
  • Who TF threw that fly on that man head 😂😂😂

    Queen JayQueen Jay15 kun oldin
  • Time to wake up black people. Not telling you folks to vote for trump but these democrats are NOT ur friends. Charlamagne is bought and paid for by the democratic party he will push their agenda regardless of how many black people are hurt by it.

    JDA 985JDA 98516 kun oldin
  • The fly should go inside his mouth every time he lies

    Philo JonesPhilo Jones16 kun oldin
  • You people r lost Biden out the 3rd strike rule

    David UeDavid Ue16 kun oldin
  • No offense, but only simps would see a fly landing on one's head as a "sign".... What about the children in Ethiopia too weak to swat away the flys landing on their heads and bodies? Come on people... We gotta do better

    ERROL MERROL M16 kun oldin
  • Charlemagne u a clown for this one y'all know he destroyed her I knew all the black radio hosts would be bias like u Simp and DL Hueley and im black smh

    Blackrain7920Blackrain792016 kun oldin
  • these other creatures of the world are smarter than we think. lol. That insect knew exactly what it was doing.

    J.K. AnuJ.K. Anu16 kun oldin
  • That's weak Charlemagne. U r a terd. U bastardized U get flies all the time.

    Charlotte VCharlotte V16 kun oldin
  • you cant get mad at the fly I mean they are known to be attracted to sh*t

  • Remember the ply that pitch on Obama mouth!

    Mars MissionMars Mission16 kun oldin
  • She got owned, she too weak to run this country

    Mars MissionMars Mission16 kun oldin
  • Can't blame him for a fly

    Slay-R TVSlay-R TV16 kun oldin
  • Look at Charlemagne, what makes you better than Pence? Idiot that’s all you took from the debate? A fly landing on Pence’s head? or what gives you the right to bad mouth him? You think Trump is the worst president America has ever had? Dude have several seats!

    Golda EshunGolda Eshun16 kun oldin
  • Where on your earth did CTG get his info?? This video is silly

    tommy2chipstommy2chips16 kun oldin
  • He look like he smoked a joint

  • "Tushy tots" 🤣

    Juan VasquezJuan Vasquez16 kun oldin
  • you noticed he's a gangster he's celebrating Trump . but joe he's doing so badly I don't understand the logic don't be surprised if people don't go to Election Day

    M.L.King.M.L.King.16 kun oldin
  • Black "Flies" Matter 😂😅🐜

    Neveda BryantNeveda Bryant16 kun oldin
  • And think about it... Normally if you move as much as he was moving his head while lying, flies will normally go away. That fly stayed and laid eggs in his hair.

    Eugenia CoxEugenia Cox16 kun oldin
  • Dang! Being outed by a fly! 😂

    WhatTheDeuce47 DWhatTheDeuce47 D16 kun oldin
  • Like flies to bullshit

    Malachi PraterMalachi Prater16 kun oldin
  • Pence just stink

    Andre KnoxAndre Knox16 kun oldin
  • 🔥If Joe Biden becomes President, & dies in office mid-term, Kamala Harris shall be President!! BRAHMINS of India shall then take control of USA as she is planted by Brahmins as VP nominee. Kamala believes in caste-based discrimination of Hindu BRAHMINS, who treat all non-Brahmins as INFERIOR human beings!! 🔥After becoming President of USA, Kamala Harris is certainly destined to be VERY GREAT and POPULAR as an Indira Gandhi of America!!

    Ashok JaisinghaniAshok Jaisinghani16 kun oldin
  • The sad part is that kamala isn't the donkey of the day.. but we all know (but won't admit) why that is

    Erick FErick F16 kun oldin
  • How is this completely trash channel so popular? Honestly, democrat are pathetic.

    Makchu CookMakchu Cook16 kun oldin
  • truth about the Stimulus.Nancy Pelosi was making demands for 2.2 Trillion including:-$436 billion for blue city bailouts.-Repeal voter fraud safeguards.-Expansion of mail-in Voting. EXPOSE THE FRAUDULENT BIDEN CAMPAIGN.

  • truth about the Stimulus.Nancy Pelosi was making demands for 2.2 Trillion including:-$436 billion for blue city bailouts.-Repeal voter fraud safeguards.-Expansion of mail-in Voting. EXPOSE THE FRAUDULENT BIDEN CAMPAIGN.

  • A House Fly received more coverage than both Cannon Hinnant and Rowan Sweeney combined.

  • A House Fly received more coverage than both Cannon Hinnant and Rowan Sweeney combined.

  • Sure the fly ain’t cgi? I watched the debate and didn’t see a fly land on him. Guess I may have missed it 🤷🏽‍♂️

    NonchalontNonchalont16 kun oldin
  • I heard miss Harris smoked him.... but didnt know it was THIS BAD!? LOL wow. Love a woman with class and Sass! "MR. VICE PRESIDENT IM SPEAKING"!? Seemed the Fly over shadowed him more then his rebuddle lol!

    TheRomanticTruthTheRomanticTruth16 kun oldin
  • That FLY is famous and doesn't know it.... LOL 😁😂

    gibboranksgibboranks16 kun oldin
  • Despite the obviously funny fly he still whipped her ass in that debate

    Yunginf32Yunginf3216 kun oldin