Florida Woman Forced To Forfeit Lotto Prize After USPS Loses Ticket

1-Okt, 2020
162 083 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • I don't trust mail-in voting at all either. I'm glad CTG, someone else besides a Trump-supporter, is saying it. Not enough people are saying it. It will definitely be an interesting election. I won't hold my breath that we will find out who the winner is on election day. Stashes of mail-in votes will be found in shredders come December.

    emiynuemiynu10 soat oldin
  • I hate USPS , I'm not surprised they lost the ticket.

    Jane ButterflyJane Butterfly5 kun oldin
  • So sorry to this women who may have really needed that ticket to tske care of important things......and some bum that has a job already money had to take hers. The alternative winner is the person who works at the mail in office

    757 AT757 AT6 kun oldin
  • LMFAO somebody else got her blessing? I guess the Lord gives and takes away

    Justin RiveraJustin Rivera7 kun oldin
  • Yea ok they lost that ticket.

    Terri QuinnTerri Quinn10 kun oldin
  • Sweetheart, you should've got the certified mail

    EricEric11 kun oldin
  • Remember to vote by mail

    Cratemoving SaleCratemoving Sale12 kun oldin
  • You talk about the ballots being fucked with & I 100% agree,& one of the scariest facts that Ive heard is that when we vote every election , something like 100,000 ballots are not counted because the signature doesn't match your signature from years ago , which could be matched to your FIRST license signature that you make have written with your finger on a digital sign pad , or an old tax document from 40 years ago & most peoples signature changes over time, so all of those ballots go right into the trash. LOOK IT UP 100% TRUE

    David KatulakDavid Katulak12 kun oldin
  • We know folks be cheating. Just look at the dnc primary. And what they did to Bernie.

    DrewSorensenMusicDrewSorensenMusic14 kun oldin
  • There a specific ballot boxes. not all of it needs to go through US mail.

    Embrace the BrightEmbrace the Bright14 kun oldin
  • This is the same USPS that Trump hired a new Pastmaster General to halt all the mail?

    IamNutzoIamNutzo17 kun oldin
  • She’s stupid I would have never mailed my ticket in, I just won $1,000 on 10/6, you better believe I completed my claim form online, made a copy of the front and back of my ticket with the claim for. October 7 I was at my local office in Santa Fe Springs, CA to drop off my ticket. Case closed

    Boo BearBoo Bear18 kun oldin
  • If She signed the bk of it it's nothing a person can do w it. When u have important stuff like that u have to take a pic of it and send it certified so someone can sign for it. Make them double ur money

    Moe BettaMoe Betta18 kun oldin
  • They need to GoFund her her money!

    D SwellD Swell18 kun oldin
  • Yeah that's right stop cursing God, yeah you wouldn't want your kids, to say Daddy dammit or Mama dammit.

    Stan d Man 6633Stan d Man 663319 kun oldin
  • Sue probably revealed her Karen on that day

    sponsored by George Sorossponsored by George Soros19 kun oldin
  • I'm not saying it's a coincidence, but something similar happened to me at a Tallahassee post office. smh

    Annisha FriallAnnisha Friall19 kun oldin
  • That donkey of the day song is funny as hell

    sponsored by George Sorossponsored by George Soros19 kun oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣🙉

    tereca braztereca braz19 kun oldin
  • And the corruption in florida needs to stop

    Joshua JeffersonJoshua Jefferson19 kun oldin
  • The violence in florida needs to stop

    Joshua JeffersonJoshua Jefferson19 kun oldin
  • if I ever won the lotto, I’m driving to Tally from whatever distance.

    senthebasedgodsenthebasedgod19 kun oldin
  • Did anyone read the article where said that the thousand dollars felt like 1 million due to the pandemic lol

    Kenney KatFishKenney KatFish19 kun oldin
  • This is sowing more fear into mail in ballots which is no better than what trump does.

    G MooreG Moore19 kun oldin
  • Bro it doesn't matter if we vote or not. Wake up! at the end of the day white people are in charge of counting the votes. Somebody can easily miscount or misplace a hand full of votes and BOOM trump wins again.

    The KingThe King20 kun oldin
  • The machines that the Usps use to sort mail has so many cracks and ways for something to get lost! The machine that they use to send out letters are really supposed to be used for packages and not letters or something flat as a letter if that is the case! So many letters and magazines are under these machines that get lost and no one sees them is wild! Also these machine are not operated correctly where mail get damaged! Not saying someone took it but im sure its lost some where under one of those machines or the machine broke it and it went to where they can’t confirm an address. Its still not a good situation but something should be done for this lady at least!

    Wil ArroyoWil Arroyo20 kun oldin
  • Thank you Charlemagne for bringing up Andrew Yang and his efforts for UBI! #YangGang #HumanityFirst

    Step GStep G20 kun oldin
  • The funny thing is I sneak out the house to go places I shouldn't lmao.

    Ramon PetersRamon Peters20 kun oldin
  • No outrage because the proud boys aren’t a racist organization. Do your research Charla before you end up sounded like a sheep.

    popies5popies521 kun oldin
  • Trump actually said more than what was reported. I don't like him at all, but fair is fair.

    Jo JoeJo Joe21 kun oldin
  • Glad C shed light on postal service, cus nobody believes it from trump

    adro90adro9021 kun oldin
  • slow news week for ctg

    Juke CityJuke City21 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/s4S4hcJukZmxrKI

  • This is dumb! Of course Florida that's why! We all read about this before this video! No donkey for von and dex beef?

    Jay SilenceJay Silence21 kun oldin
  • Mail in voting or in person voting. There has always been some type of scandal with any type of voting

    Still WillStill Will21 kun oldin
  • Bra, honestly bra you be making Florida look bad. 😂😂😂 Donkey of the day always in Florida but you right 😆. This shit wild. lovely state lovely people but this shit crazy. Not to far from our hoods be racist MF in the next town over. Then in our hoods its just wow. People down here extra lit. Young wildlings fucking shit up. You right November its going down. All our ballots lost in the mail. Still in transit. Bush stole Florida. The sad thing is i think only broward and dade and tally with us. Every other city got to much racism. This the worst state during election. Our state always still counting well after the election our true numbers never can really be known.

    Jean SJean S21 kun oldin
  • Good news is that Sue got her money. The local news station helped her get it. So, thankfully it worked out for her

    Sami MotaghediSami Motaghedi21 kun oldin
  • Vote him out!!! No more white supremacist in our White House

    Sami MotaghediSami Motaghedi21 kun oldin
  • Breakfast club or no breakfast club keep donkey of the day alive

    HALE AVEHALE AVE21 kun oldin
  • Put your in her flip flops on Florida

    Hip hop HistorianHip hop Historian22 kun oldin
  • Show you how they gon handle yo votes

    Lord YodaLord Yoda22 kun oldin
  • Local news station got involved and was able to get lotto to pay her prize after all .

    Big Gun AddictBig Gun Addict22 kun oldin
  • I know wat happened. A mail carrier got the ticket....tried to get a friend to cash it n that has the same name as hers but it was to late n they gave the money to someone else. So......they throw the ticket away. She might have a legitimate case against the post office

    Dwayne LondonDwayne London22 kun oldin
  • A lot of my packages ain’t been making it either....🤔

    Jaba T.Jaba T.22 kun oldin
  • U ALWAYS hand deliver a winning ticket

    truestdudetruestdude22 kun oldin
  • They didn't lose it, they took it. We'll find out when it gets cashed.

    Candice MoniqueCandice Monique22 kun oldin
  • I finally got my DVD two down one to go

    Job IsraelJob Israel22 kun oldin
  • See go to the LOTTO place NEVER mail it, would never do that....Wilmrbadguy

    WilmrbadguyWilmrbadguy22 kun oldin
  • Mos Def was driving the truck

    Smokee DineroSmokee Dinero22 kun oldin
  • Somebody up a rack. Not Sue unfortunately

    S /////AMGS /////AMG23 kun oldin
  • to be honest she lucky it wasn't more than that... if it was like 10-50k I be pissed off

    Prince greenePrince greene23 kun oldin
  • Usps has screwed me over two times before when I used to side hustle doing ebay sales during college . They kept mysteriously losing phones I was shipping and basically said oh shit happens you should of paid for more insurance.

    gcforrealgcforreal23 kun oldin
  • I feel you Charlamagne how can any black or brown American have faith in any country that has never been on the moral, truthful, and civil up and up on anything. Things are only done to further their own interest. It has never been about the citizens.

    Natasha JohnsonNatasha Johnson23 kun oldin
  • Yup, this is our third child opportunity to vote for the first time! Oh yes 👍 in our family we make a big deal for everyone's first time to vote . It's something our ancestors fought for the right to vote, so we celebrate it proudly. Especially as a women . I'm proud to be a New York Rican who votes an shows my family the importance of voting. Let's get out there with out best mask and go out to vote let the world hear our voices. Together we can and will be heard. We the people are suffering and need change!

    Jackie's SerenityJackie's Serenity23 kun oldin
  • When the package is addressed to the Lottery Headquarters, those postal workers know exactly what is inside. They probably would of cashed it if the story did not get in the news. They may come forward later and say , I am her cousin cashing it for her since headquarters promised to pay if it is found. They will wait till the story dies in the news.

    PeriPeri23 kun oldin
  • lol....I would b down there airing that bish out!

    ElzidoeElzidoe23 kun oldin

    John FarrowJohn Farrow23 kun oldin
  • Well that letter will never make it it was open in that damm station they couldn't do anything with it ...CHECK THE NEAREST DUMPSTER..MOST PEOPLE KNOW WHAT I MEAN...😎😉😉

    John FarrowJohn Farrow23 kun oldin
  • First a lotto ticket, next will be mail in ballots

    michele brooksmichele brooks23 kun oldin
  • This has the Trump Administration written all over it

    Dingle BerryDingle Berry23 kun oldin
  • Somebody please be kind to Sue. Hey let's start Soul Lotto and stop giving our money away.🌍🌎🌏🌐🌍🌏🌏🌐🌍🌎🏖️

    Princess DixonPrincess Dixon23 kun oldin
  • You mutter fuckin right. And somebody got that ticket.

    deirdra andersondeirdra anderson23 kun oldin
  • good donkey

    anthony whiteheadanthony whitehead23 kun oldin
  • July/August was a bad month for packages. Everyone was fucked up and getting shit late smh

    A WA W23 kun oldin
  • I feel ya pain Sue shit they lost my artwork smmfh

    javan Walcottjavan Walcott23 kun oldin
  • Thats why now whenever I send something I purchase retail insurance that covers up to 5 grand. USPS will have to pay if your covered

    Marlon the mighty SmithMarlon the mighty Smith23 kun oldin
  • They “Lost” my Off-White 4s!!! They BIG stealing at the post office

    Deshawn JacksonDeshawn Jackson23 kun oldin
    • Yesssss! They the biggest thieves!

      AyeshéIsAlwaysLovelyAyeshéIsAlwaysLovely7 kun oldin
  • I work for the USPS. And yes, people do send in their lottery tickets via the mail. But I’ve always wondered why they would take the chance!?! Anything can happen. That mail is processed through machines (automation) and often times mail are damaged, ripped, torn to pieces, etc.

    Jen Jen TJen Jen T23 kun oldin
  • I thought this was for like a million dollars. I was like who chancing their winnings to the USPS?? I would’ve took a road trip. But for 1,000 I don’t want to use $700 in gas trying to get $1,000.🤷🏾‍♀️

    1helluvawomen1helluvawomen23 kun oldin
  • Who, I driving to the Lottery office myself and I will wait till it's opened..

    Winona RyderWinona Ryder23 kun oldin
  • She should be cool the USPS has their own police force and investigators so I'm sure it's going to be found or resolved to a better outcome.

    In Saiyan OneIn Saiyan One23 kun oldin
  • She Got it... "God" is good.

    Luther GarnerLuther Garner23 kun oldin
  • She should’ve put it in a drop box at the lotto headquarters. USPS deals with billions of pieces of mail everyday🤷‍♂️

    ThetimemachineThetimemachine23 kun oldin
  • All year people like charles been saying stuff like "if it's meant for you, you will never miss your blessing". I guess that money wasn't meant for Sue it was meant for the alternate winner

    Gerard MeadowsGerard Meadows23 kun oldin
  • I wonder if the state offices ever got majority of the tix sent in. Delivery says they dropped it off when they definitely did not.

    Jypsy with_a_JaeJypsy with_a_Jae23 kun oldin
  • I want to thank Copper Fit for FedEx my order

    Job IsraelJob Israel23 kun oldin
  • Random day in August: a package I mailed was misplaced in TX & magically appeared one month later to the intended person in MS

    janeal 85janeal 8523 kun oldin
  • Oh it’s in transit, them funds gone

    Cherese CouncilCherese Council23 kun oldin
  • So, along with giving US PS “donkey of the day”, why doesn’t the breakfast club just give her $1000? Too much like cool/right. Right?

    QbertykeyQbertykey23 kun oldin
    • Joseph Brown was just going to write that.. duuuhhh 🤦🏾‍♀️

      Kandieapples305Kandieapples30515 kun oldin
    • U clearly heard chalamange say Holla at me what do u think he was getting at

      Joseph BrownJoseph Brown22 kun oldin
  • No they stole that lotto ticket

    temeka haynestemeka haynes24 kun oldin

    Marsa BushMarsa Bush24 kun oldin

    Tammy AmmyTammy Ammy24 kun oldin
  • I've actually been in this exact situation where I won a 1k on a out of state lotto ticket. The back of the ticket has to be signed with your info in order for you to claim the money, so there's no way anyone else can claim it. It's looking like it was just a legit fumble on behalf of the post office. Probably should of sent it certified mail.

    Clyph GlobeClyph Globe24 kun oldin
  • Sue probably borrowed money on that shit to 😡🤬 damn sue

    Dboi LaflareDboi Laflare24 kun oldin
  • This is why I drove to the board of elections and personally delivered my mail in ballot to them.

    Re GallyRe Gally24 kun oldin
  • Lol! Notice all the people who speak about how awful America is are rich people? Like for real, it’s insane how these people are being used as tools to persuade us to think and believe what they tell us. The pathetic side of this attempt is that they actually think they are persuading the majority of us. 😂

    Nicole ReadyNicole Ready24 kun oldin
  • Id be there in person to collect my shit.

    Zizou TthansZizou Tthans24 kun oldin
  • Trump got corona virus as of last night

    Na MoNa Mo24 kun oldin
  • I'm *NOT* a Trump supporter. But Trump did say, over and over, and over that, he does not want support of white supremacy, racist, or any hate group. Just click this UZworld link to hear for yourself. uzworld.info/player/video/kHDbl816edLQq6o

    PhillyDjHookPhillyDjHook24 kun oldin
  • Amen CTG

    Under GodUnder God24 kun oldin
  • I'm from Florida I don't trust the state Florida BIDEN2020 God help US

    Under GodUnder God24 kun oldin
  • So funny. uzworld.info/player/video/kHDbl816edLQq6o

    PhillyDjHookPhillyDjHook24 kun oldin
  • @cthagod you’re not active on Facebook? Then who TF am I following then on the Charlemagne the God FB page & why is it certified? 🤨😩

    LoveKattLoveKatt24 kun oldin
  • Well, it's gonna get interesting the next time Charlamagne meets his mail carrier at the mail box.

    Marc SaundersMarc Saunders24 kun oldin
  • -___-

    s02 Pzychotiks02 Pzychotik24 kun oldin
  • Isn't certified mail insured? The USPS should be paying up since the ticket was worth $1000.

    King SwatKing Swat24 kun oldin
  • joe ben racist before trump even thought about running for president im not outraged by white men anymore

    Sheritha KingSheritha King24 kun oldin
  • I was wondering if he would find a way to bring race into this...he didn't disappoint.

    blackskimask 904blackskimask 90424 kun oldin
  • F the Lotto!!

    carnell alfordcarnell alford24 kun oldin