First To Catch Midas Flopper Wins $10,000 - Fortnite

27-Sen, 2020
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First To Catch Midas Fish Wins $10,000 - Fortnite
Today in fortnite season 4 me and my friends did a challenge to see who could catch the new rare midas fish, first one to catch wins $10,000

  • Imagine he pins this

    West Ak4West Ak4Soat oldin
  • shadical cheated

    Josh GittensJosh Gittens3 soat oldin
  • gets 2 fish mrtop5: Im GeTiNg So MuCh fIsH rn

    idontgiveaefffidontgiveaefffKun oldin
  • I have caughten it 6 times before. NO 🧢

    David CrDavid CrKun oldin
  • deadlox bot

    Famp RoomFamp Room2 kun oldin
  • GG

    William StoneWilliam Stone2 kun oldin
  • How the heck did you get a Midas Flopper

    kelly signorellikelly signorelli3 kun oldin
  • I'm gonna catch a flapper

    DOGE gaming gameDOGE gaming game3 kun oldin
  • Mr.Top5: I am getting so many fish right now (He got one fish)

    xXFortniteFightsXxxXFortniteFightsXx4 kun oldin
  • I caught 5 Midas floppers xd

    Sandra HughesSandra Hughes6 kun oldin
  • This is a good vid...if you put it in 0.25x speed LMAO

    The ReaperThe Reaper6 kun oldin
  • To catch the midas flopper you catch it near the authority

    Mercy TowersMercy Towers6 kun oldin
  • Mr. top five will win!

    daniela angelevskidaniela angelevski7 kun oldin
  • i tink Mr top

    bj Citabj Cita8 kun oldin
  • I caught it a couple days ago. Have every fish now except #18 lol

    Ta2pZxllaTa2pZxlla8 kun oldin
  • Ds ,

  • Hey bois

    Rahmatulah ibrahimiRahmatulah ibrahimi9 kun oldin
  • Plus deadlox should not get money he sucks

    rosabros79rosabros7910 kun oldin
  • I got three midas fish before

    rosabros79rosabros7910 kun oldin
  • I found it alrea.y

    Phil DeSarnoPhil DeSarno10 kun oldin
  • Hello. I. Am. Jean.

    Doris AvilaDoris Avila10 kun oldin
  • How

    Trina WatkinsTrina Watkins10 kun oldin
  • I catch the Midas flopper before

    Lubna FarooqLubna Farooq10 kun oldin
  • Me catch 2 Midas floppers

    Emmett BourneEmmett Bourne11 kun oldin
  • I got it 50 times

    Saeed AsrirSaeed Asrir11 kun oldin
  • Midas Flopper : Yo What'up Vendetta Floppa?! Vendetta Flopper : Hey Hey HEY MF/Midas Flopper!! Lox : Come To Lox Midas Flopper!!!!! Midas Flopper : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (R.I.P Midas Flopper 2017 - 2020)

    Lennon SmithLennon Smith11 kun oldin
    • Lox: come back papa minus flopper

      emmett mataemmett mata9 kun oldin
  • Mrtop5 won

    Angelo VlAngelo Vl11 kun oldin
  • Can I add you my name is killa_0326

    Raquel LamaRaquel Lama12 kun oldin
  • I love your video so funny hahaha

    Raquel LamaRaquel Lama12 kun oldin
  • I got 6 midas fiahes

    Remya AnilRemya Anil12 kun oldin
  • This guy is mrbeast’s little brother.

    FiieryFiiery12 kun oldin
  • Hahah he really said flapper

    Viannet GonzalezViannet Gonzalez12 kun oldin
  • i havent caught it yet

    raGzY_fnraGzY_fn13 kun oldin
  • ha ha 😂 🤣 Deadlox nooo

    Nok TongNok Tong13 kun oldin
  • Actually the middas floper is not in game

    James ClarkJames Clark13 kun oldin
  • IM SO GLAD HE ATE IT THE OTHERS ARE LIKE THIS omg i found it and going dum eat to more likes

    Jessie garnicaJessie garnica13 kun oldin
  • The Mises flopper is so ez to Cech I have caut 13 it's so ez

    Sandra WagnerSandra Wagner13 kun oldin
  • Well done

    Shadow richoShadow richo13 kun oldin
  • I caught the Vandella fish first try in Fortnite

    Mr. FoxMr. Fox13 kun oldin
  • I called vendetta first try ones

    Mr. FoxMr. Fox13 kun oldin
  • I have caught the Midas flopper

    James DJames D14 kun oldin
  • I caught two in on round so I don't care

    snack gumsnack gum14 kun oldin
  • How do you get the Midas fish?

    Elnes-Irise TongolElnes-Irise Tongol14 kun oldin
  • Yeeeeep

    Paul SabinPaul Sabin14 kun oldin
  • 1v1

    Fernando SanchezFernando Sanchez14 kun oldin
  • He said I am getting so much fish but got 2

    Perlita MorrisonPerlita Morrison14 kun oldin

    Darla HerreraDarla Herrera14 kun oldin
  • I hate ty

    froggyplaz frogfroggyplaz frog14 kun oldin
  • Minus fish is called the midis flopper

    Jasmine CharlesJasmine Charles15 kun oldin
  • He did not get it it is black

    Sharon LumbySharon Lumby15 kun oldin
  • Lox says kill 2 birds with 1 stone me WHAT

    J mochaJ mocha15 kun oldin
  • I caught 6 Midas flopers and 8 vendetta

    Coni DobbelsConi Dobbels15 kun oldin
  • Did you really get the minusflopper

    Zack MillionZack Million15 kun oldin
  • Loz wins this i think

    Manny RamosManny Ramos15 kun oldin
  • Where does this guy get so much god damn money

    Collin KroesserCollin Kroesser15 kun oldin
    • No shit Sherlock but my question was how does he make so much money

      Collin KroesserCollin Kroesser14 kun oldin
    • Collin Kroesser youtube

      Fortnite Pete GamesFortnite Pete Games14 kun oldin
  • Me

    Shorna Tameika AstinShorna Tameika Astin15 kun oldin
  • You're gonna win

    Antianete ThomasAntianete Thomas15 kun oldin
  • I found the Midas flopper 2 days before all of you

    Ashley TidburyAshley Tidbury15 kun oldin
  • Times

    Indio GilbyIndio Gilby15 kun oldin
  • 20

    Indio GilbyIndio Gilby15 kun oldin
  • I’ve caught the mides flopper

    Indio GilbyIndio Gilby15 kun oldin
  • tiye win

    Everett GayEverett Gay15 kun oldin
  • tiye

    Everett GayEverett Gay15 kun oldin
  • wait it’s in the game?

    Idiotic AnimationsIdiotic Animations15 kun oldin
  • I won the Midas fish and vendeda fish after it

    Keagan Cruz yaoKeagan Cruz yao16 kun oldin
  • I caught midas fish twice and vendetta 4 times and alot of thermal fish

    ts real3567 fortnitets real3567 fortnite16 kun oldin
  • Mr top5 why do you team to win?

    Jonathan YangJonathan Yang16 kun oldin
  • I have caught the Midas flopper

    D DawD Daw16 kun oldin
  • Right now stop that you are going away

    Sydney BowmanSydney Bowman17 kun oldin
  • I got midos flopper before

    Dj WinninDj Winnin17 kun oldin
  • For some reason I keep finding the vendetta flopper but I can't find the Midas flopper

    SuperSansLoganSuperSansLogan17 kun oldin
    • I keep finding the vendetta flopper first try

      SuperSansLoganSuperSansLogan17 kun oldin
  • Mrtop5

    DvppyShawn ThaGoatDvppyShawn ThaGoat17 kun oldin
  • I hate lox

    Billys vlogs and gamingBillys vlogs and gaming17 kun oldin
    • Same he sucks

      Billys vlogs and gamingBillys vlogs and gaming17 kun oldin
  • Lox

    Jayden PerreiraJayden Perreira17 kun oldin
  • I found the banded fish today

  • What happend to playing with shadical

    Damjan Kenk the fortnite specialistDamjan Kenk the fortnite specialist17 kun oldin
  • .

    Max WallaceMax Wallace17 kun oldin
  • Where-Where did his glider go😳

    Robby _from piggyRobby _from piggy17 kun oldin
  • 0:39 he sed flipper

    KAY _FNXKAY _FNX17 kun oldin
    • Flapper sorry

      KAY _FNXKAY _FNX17 kun oldin
  • 山卄ㄖ 丂卩乇卂ㄥ丂 爪ㄚ 几̃卂几ᘜㄩ卂ᘜ乇

    Kristie SmithKristie Smith18 kun oldin
  • 𓂀 𓁹♡︎𓂀☾ シ♥︎ ఌ.❣︎ ❦♡︎♥︎♫☾☽ ⌫シ✞ シ ఌ㋛𓁹♫ ❦ت✞✞♡︎ ☻︎𓁹㋛❣︎ ♫☀︎︎♥︎♫

    Kristie SmithKristie Smith18 kun oldin
  • I Found the vendeta Flopper and midas flopper😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    Savdhul ZamanSavdhul Zaman18 kun oldin
  • I fpund vendetta flopper and midas flopper

    Savdhul ZamanSavdhul Zaman18 kun oldin
  • Why does mr.five never wear his own merchandise

    Alekhya DuvvuriAlekhya Duvvuri18 kun oldin
  • I don’t care about this video I caught the Midas flopper 13 times and the vendettna flopper 12 times

    Ava’s WorldAva’s World18 kun oldin
    • Faker

      James DJames D14 kun oldin
    • So easy

      Ava’s WorldAva’s World18 kun oldin
  • Not gonna lie does he even get the $10000?

  • Stop screaming man

    Hayley WoodsHayley Woods18 kun oldin
  • if u cannot find a pro fishing rod u can find a regular 1 and upgrade it

    idkidk18 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Joe KrassingerJoe Krassinger18 kun oldin
  • How did he cach the midasflopper he is such a noob

    Maria MontesMaria Montes18 kun oldin
    • You can’t spell catch

      Minecraft DiamondMinecraft Diamond17 kun oldin
  • I got the Midas flapper in 2 minutes

    Izaack pIzaack p19 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Boot HoleBoot Hole19 kun oldin
  • I

    Christian Valencia HernandezChristian Valencia Hernandez19 kun oldin
  • Mr. Top 5 if you do another one that showed shadical and this is why good luck if you told him whoever gets the Magnus fish loses 100 daughters or $10,000

    mac of cheese pizanomac of cheese pizano19 kun oldin
  • Mrtop5 will win

    Chase SeifriedChase Seifried19 kun oldin
  • Ive got both fish in one game not lying

    Ze Gamer KidZe Gamer Kid19 kun oldin
  • I’m not gonna catch a flapper

    Meme Boy RehanMeme Boy Rehan19 kun oldin
  • I don’t give a damn btw not a hater but I swear to dear f****** life I got the midas flopper in 1 try I swear swear I got it at first try

    PADI General Contractors IncPADI General Contractors Inc19 kun oldin
  • Lox had a floper and didn’t notice

    L liquidL liquid19 kun oldin
  • jell👍👰🦲

    Google AccountGoogle Account19 kun oldin