First Take | Stephen A. shocked Deshaun Watson unhappy with Texans, wants out of Houston

8-Yan, 2021
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First Take | Stephen A. shocked Deshaun Watson unhappy with Texans, wants out of Houston

  • Mr. Watson, come over to NOLA. Can you smell what we cooking, It’ll be ready as soon as you get here.

    Melvin PaulMelvin PaulKun oldin
  • Deshaun Watson I hope some Team will pick you up you are a good QB. to wase your time with the TEXAN go head and LEAVE..

    Helen KnoxHelen Knox2 kun oldin
  • Trading Hopkins is completely irrelevant to this whole situation...Watson signed his massive deal well after Hopkins was gone.

    David LewisDavid Lewis4 kun oldin
  • There is just one thing that none of these guys are talking about when they talk about the owners having control. THE FANS... If the fans don't show up there is no team. So, if Watson wants to stop everything he just needs to take the Texans fans with him.

    Viper ManViper Man5 kun oldin
  • Max was kinda reaching at the end for a point Steven A. Already made 😂

    Searcy Booker IISearcy Booker II5 kun oldin
  • DeShawn needs to go to the Panthers since he's from the Carolina's anyway because Bridgewater isn't cutting it.

    Samuel PartinSamuel Partin6 kun oldin
  • The Texans had a winning formula... All that they needed was a real coach, a real GM, and some more pieces .. The front office has destroyed any chance to win.. This organization is 🗑 The Ownership,GM and No coachin’ Bill O’Brien

    OmarOmar6 kun oldin
  • Why the hell is everyone taking his word he was lied too? What if he was? I guess I’ll be the first to say this is a Red Herring. This guy is using any and every excuse to get out of Houston. To say “I was consulted on the next front office hire so my conscious won’t allow me to play here” and everyone accepts it? Come on! Have you ever heard of such a thing? Guy just wants to leave so everyone is trying to justify it. I wouldn’t have the malcontent.

    Steven WSteven W7 kun oldin
  • Niner Gang!

    MR FedExMR FedEx8 kun oldin
  • I'm not a Texans fan but I live in Houston and argue with people all the time about DeShaun Watson wasting his talent with the Texans, I never would have signed with them in the first place when my rookie period was over

    Shon WestShon West9 kun oldin
  • We can use him in New Orleans next year

    Paigedrick CrawfordPaigedrick Crawford9 kun oldin
  • Max never ever agrees with anyone, he thinks he is Mr Know it all....SMH

    Darryl PerryDarryl Perry10 kun oldin
  • Watson is a Racist, period

    brownsFan62brownsFan6210 kun oldin
  • Bring him to the Colts he’s the only piece missing to get these rings

    El GuapoEl Guapo10 kun oldin
    • Im s texan fan also a colt fan when Payton was there ..I would laughing and crying all at the same time if that happened

      Michael LemonsMichael Lemons6 kun oldin
  • Damn Deshaun Watson and James Harden wanna leave H-Town Houston we have a problem🤣

    LooterCrisLooterCris10 kun oldin
  • Life is great. Sad to hear news like this wow. 🏝🏌️‍♂️ u think I can Goff in the sand. Like like Kenny Chesney

    Texan Football HoustonTexan Football Houston11 kun oldin
  • Hope he goes to the Colts

    bwoods49bwoods4911 kun oldin
  • The owner runs their business. The player plays the game. If you don't like it leave after the contract is over. Whenever you sign the front of the check. You will have the power to say how they run their business. Shut the F up and do your job just like millions of us at our jobs.

    cong sancong san11 kun oldin
  • Watson come to the bay! Play for your favorite team :)

    Sean MorrisSean Morris11 kun oldin
  • The only way they can even try to repair this relationship is to hire Eric Bieniemy from KC.

    diypicturesdiypictures11 kun oldin
  • Unfortunately there has to be loosing teams every year, that's the way it is

    Scott MarshScott Marsh11 kun oldin
  • Watson+Saints=Next Level! ⚜️

    Johnny5Johnny511 kun oldin
  • Molly hush !!!!🤦‍♀️

    LAWANDA SlaughterLAWANDA Slaughter11 kun oldin
  • Watson is too good of a quarterback to be messing around with, if he stay with Houston he need to demand some good weapons around him next season. Put some good weapons on that defense too, JJ Watt is struggling too, he is a awesome player. Houston getting done!!!!😀

    LAWANDA SlaughterLAWANDA Slaughter11 kun oldin
  • We’ll take him ATL!

    ChildofGod229ChildofGod22911 kun oldin
  • I hope Watson gets out of their and goes to a team that will build a team around him. The Texans are a joke and continue to prove so year in and year out.

    Geoffrey JohnsonGeoffrey Johnson11 kun oldin
  • So yall Trash Carson Wentz over a rumor he wants to be traded, call him mentally weak and non competitive but yall don't have nothing to say about Watson, hypocrites

    DeJuan BDeJuan B11 kun oldin
  • Unpopular opinion: The Texans need to go into full rebuild mode, and with Deshaun's historic contract, and Billy O'Stooge's clownery, that can't happen for YEARS. A good GM would leverage Deshaun and J.J. Watt to other teams for big gains at multiple positions and really start from scratch. Note that there is no evidence whatsoever that McNair, Easterby or Caserio are anywhere near smart enough to do this right, and should just hang on to both and do their best with what they have.

    IlznidioticIlznidiotic11 kun oldin
  • Texans suck, Rockets sucks, Astros suck and cheat...... Houston Sports Suck!!!!! Get the Hell out of there now before you end up like Daks dumbass in Dallas.

    C ClemC Clem11 kun oldin
  • Stephen A Smith always pulls the race card when no black person is thinking about it. When we are thinking about it he's nowhere to be found or trying to figure which way the wind is going to blow. This isn't the NBA even Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers can't control who the owner hires as the GM. Maybe the coach and offensive coordinator they'll get to chime in but that's about it.

    dennis scottdennis scott11 kun oldin
  • Watson to the patriots!

    Yomama Bin FartinYomama Bin Fartin12 kun oldin
  • Watson +3rd and 4th round =seahawks Wilson +1st round = Texans

    Joe DeanJoe Dean12 kun oldin
    • @Joe Dean someone would top that in a heartbeat..... terrible offer

      James LowellJames Lowell11 kun oldin
    • @James Lowell if Watson starts making it public or threaten a hold out. It might look like a gold mine

      Joe DeanJoe Dean11 kun oldin
    • Texans hang up and laugh

      James LowellJames Lowell11 kun oldin
  • we already saw how good a qb's pick for the coaching job was with the browns why in god's name would anyone do that shit again. also who the fuck is watson, and wow his playoff run this year is so. forgot the bums only won 6 games i think so if he's the man you got to show it, also how good can you be when you played as well as cam with the pats?

    tony nelligantony nelligan12 kun oldin
  • Watson please come to Washington we need. You we will dominate with you as b!!!!!!

    landover lifelandover life12 kun oldin
  • Cowboys

    Adam CardonaAdam Cardona12 kun oldin
  • The NFL like ESPN is dying. Go woke and get you some broke.

    Al DoeAl Doe12 kun oldin
  • Trade him, there's 3 or 4 teams that can put a deal together.

    william mcdormanwilliam mcdorman12 kun oldin
  • Texas football teams lmao trainwrecks

    Raw_BeefRaw_Beef12 kun oldin
  • When Brady retires, he will be heading to Tampa Bay

    Gregory BullockGregory Bullock12 kun oldin
    • He had a no trade clause, except Miami. Tampa bay could be a good landing spot for him. Not sure they have enough draft capital.

      A HadenA Haden12 kun oldin
  • The guy they hired will turn things around...the John Carroll tree has seen a lot of success...

    Will GreenWill Green12 kun oldin
  • Stephen a turning this into a racial issue. This is about a dumbass organization, wasting thier superstars career.

    Alvin KeyAlvin Key12 kun oldin
  • Get th hell out of there and come to dallas...go cowboys

    Wendell WoodsWendell Woods12 kun oldin
  • Texans owner doesn’t care what fans think, especially season ticket holders. As long as there is a waiting list for tickets they aren’t going to listen. Everyone in the comments are 1. Not season ticket holders or 2. Just want Watson in their city. Watson like Harden is under contract they don’t have a say so. 40 million or 50 million or 1million is still more than blue collar males.

    Ruben RodriguezRuben Rodriguez12 kun oldin
  • D Watson isn't happy and shouldn't be so trade him for his sake and the team's sake. Lots of decent teams that could use a guy like him. Best for everybody I like him in Dallas. Let's go Jerry make it happen

    Lee BerryLee Berry12 kun oldin
  • Deshaun to Miami.....Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Ben YoshiBen Yoshi12 kun oldin
  • Agree with Max 100 %

    Spaine GraySpaine Gray12 kun oldin
  • Texas trade should happen, dak for watson and maybe a 3rd pick

    sneakie squidsneakie squid12 kun oldin
  • Watson is more toxic than Russell Westbrook

    Matthew BaksaMatthew Baksa12 kun oldin
  • Bruh management said that the next GM they hire Watson was promised by the organization that he would be included in the next hire and they did it behind his back

    aljohn tabionaljohn tabion12 kun oldin
  • what job have you ever had where you got to pick your boss

    WithApologiesWithApologies12 kun oldin
  • The problem is the owner told Watson he’d consult him about the hire. What?! Brady never had a D Hop for 20 NE yrs. He also had no comments about front office. Cam had no talent at all this year-also no comments. Houston is not the character standard Caserio is used and HE should turn and run ASAP.

    Jeff SchwartzJeff Schwartz12 kun oldin

    ThatsThe TrickThatsThe Trick12 kun oldin
  • The new gm is not white , he’s Italian , he speaks italiano they’re not work , they’re uneducated, this guy has new gm has championship pedigree

    Chicago 23Chicago 2312 kun oldin
  • Black qb in Texas ,what else do u guys expect !!! Those guys are funny

    lano degreatlano degreat12 kun oldin
  • Texans want to be the patriots so bad. They refuse to be their own Man. The owner has a 3 brain cells if i round it off with alot of money. Thus organization doesn't mind shooting themselves in the foot. In my opinion leave the city of Houston and give another city the headaches and grief.

  • How dare they not consult with him

    elviejoinezelviejoinez12 kun oldin
  • Im from Houston and used to be a texans fan years ago, Deshaun Watson is a stand up guy who has done a lot for the city of Houston. He hasnt caused any problems, he aint been in any way a horrible teammate, and he is so GREAT at qb, that he can be phenomenal with hardly any help around him. With all this being said, Watson need to BOLT outta Houston and like scar from the lion king said, "and never return!"

    Jonathan JonesJonathan Jones12 kun oldin
  • People don’t think about deshaun Watson being one of the best because his org SUCKS

    Kevin PattersonKevin Patterson12 kun oldin
  • Dashawn Watson is going to be traded New England. The writing is on the wall.

    George MunroeGeorge Munroe12 kun oldin
  • Shocked the team went like 4-12 and got rid of the best Houston duo lol🤣

    Deion DouglasDeion Douglas12 kun oldin
  • It’s a GM. If it’s a head coach that was hired without being asked his opinion I could see his frustration but it’s a GM.

    Brent GreenfieldBrent Greenfield12 kun oldin
  • Watson got paid good money ! he doesn't own the texans so if the boss makes decisions on who he hires and fires is frankly none of his business.... and he can't be that good look at the teams abysmal record..... QBs are a dime a dozen just another sjw crybaby

    jb charmjb charm12 kun oldin
  • Pittsburgh

    ReallifemattersReallifematters12 kun oldin
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    George FerminkyGeorge Ferminky12 kun oldin
  • The Texans better trade JJ Watt to a serious contender 1st. DeShaun isn't anything special

    LEW HeffLEW Heff12 kun oldin
  • Come to Chicago WE NEED A YOUNG QUARTERBACK 🏈🐻

    Words 2 live byWords 2 live by13 kun oldin
  • This is what happens when money talks and bullshit walks so what I'm trying to say here is" Deshawn you wasn't talkin like that when you got that contract extension from the Texans owner now you're talkin bullshit is what the owner is thinking now

    Orlando WellsOrlando Wells13 kun oldin
  • Dolphins fan not Texans fan but damn players gotta shut the fuck up they just signed him for 156 mill take your money and shut up you get paid to play not to make personnel decisions they did the right thing don’t let the players turn it into the nba

    Dusty NuttDusty Nutt13 kun oldin
  • Nigga Steve be reaching

    Michael PalaciosMichael Palacios13 kun oldin
  • Man - if a guy like Watson wants to be able to give his input, you let him and listen. You could go in a different direction than he prefers in the end, but what this tells me is that Watson wants to win, plain and simple. It is not just about the money, he has the drive and wants titles. If listening to his opinions on what it will take to get there helps the team do that, it will pay back a whole lot more than the cost to one's control freak nature by giving Watson some time and taking some of his input on decisions. He is leading the offense on the field - he should know what works and what does not.

    Edward KowalczykEdward Kowalczyk13 kun oldin
  • Watson is a beast !!! But it’s not his job to find a GM and head coach.

    RedLeo3000RedLeo300013 kun oldin
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    Mosie RomanoMosie Romano13 kun oldin
  • 35 million a year , ya stay in your place and be darn thankful, The NFL doesnt rise or fall on any 1 man ,nobody made you sign an extension.This is exactly why sports is killing itself off, pompous arrogant players that really think in the big scheme there anything more then entertainers.

    Michael fMichael f13 kun oldin
  • I hear that Watson is a smoke screen. I hear this from John McCain who is a 46 year reporter and has been Texan reporter since they've been around. Rich Eisen did the interview on UZworld

    Samuel RosaSamuel Rosa13 kun oldin
    • Reporter John McCain has been reporting for 46 years

      Samuel RosaSamuel Rosa13 kun oldin
  • So now , its come to where a player should decide why the GM should be, id say you got the cart before the horse.The owner payng all the millions has the right to hire any GM he wants. At least be honest and just say its all about race, and whether this is best GM available shouldnt matter.

    Michael fMichael f13 kun oldin
  • Come to ATL

    Michael AnthonyMichael Anthony13 kun oldin
  • All these players in all sports are cry baby over paid 5 year olds.

    Kevin JohnsonKevin Johnson13 kun oldin
  • Bruh get out...we can't do nothing for you

    DloveDlove13 kun oldin
  • Stephen A always pulling the race card

    Noe FernandezNoe Fernandez13 kun oldin
    • Yep. Keep playing the Prejudice card and we will Keep playing the "Race Card".

      Brown PointsBrown Points12 kun oldin
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    John YangJohn Yang13 kun oldin
  • Cmon Down to ⚜️New Orleans⚜️!!

    7eventhprez7eventhprez13 kun oldin
    • That would be so scary!

  • Wish he come to 49ers...

    A aron sosaA aron sosa13 kun oldin
  • Hell he should want out him and JJ deserves to be with a championship team get out b4 it's to late and all over

    Deeon FranklinDeeon Franklin13 kun oldin
  • Wilson isn't good without a RB and legion of boom.

    Real DealReal Deal13 kun oldin
  • As a Watson fan I wanna be the first to say this is great 😂😂😂

    Trey ThompsonTrey Thompson13 kun oldin
  • If this is really about equality within the team/League then we need to be looking at replacing the overwhelming number that 70% of NFL players are black. We need to replace 62% of the black players (8% of America is black males) with Latinos, Asians, or Women. If its about whose the best for the job then let that be the deciding factor not race.

    Weißer WolfWeißer Wolf13 kun oldin
  • Wat the hell the other man talking about

    Derrick WhiteDerrick White13 kun oldin
  • Phila..I think they are color blind..

    Sharon SimsSharon Sims13 kun oldin
  • SAS I’m so called black but got damn nigga shit the fuck up about that race baiting shit damn

    Elliott WilsonElliott Wilson13 kun oldin
  • Watson to the Patriots !!!

    Yanic YodaYanic Yoda13 kun oldin
  • I was a fan from the beginning, from the David Carr days. I've come to realize that the franchise just cares about making money not winning games. Over all these years I've seen all the best players get traded away just to got to another team and strait to the super bowl the very next year. Even the old couch gets fired, the next year he couches to win the super bowl. OD-superbowl, Takobi Jones (no so good) but year after trade = superbowl ring. I can't even watch it any more. I hope they go broke. Fuck em.

    Millard BrownMillard Brown13 kun oldin
  • Booooooooo Msx

    Jamar GarnerJamar Garner13 kun oldin
  • Houston Texans let the whole state down with their actions over the past 5 years... smh

    TJTJ13 kun oldin
    • @Corey Rowe Well thank goodness for L.D. but we're looking at a potential loss of watson, Harden, and who knows what Dak wants.

      TJTJ10 kun oldin
    • I highly doubt anyone in Dallas cares about the decisions being made in Houston lol.

      Corey RoweCorey Rowe11 kun oldin
    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Headless HorsemanHeadless Horseman13 kun oldin
  • Carson wentz 4 watson and 1 round pick lets go philly

    Kendall HallKendall Hall13 kun oldin
  • Ninkovic speaking with SENSE from someone thats actually played.

    Ray ManningRay Manning13 kun oldin
  • League stay out our business

    Harold RoyHarold Roy13 kun oldin
  • As a Texan fan I think Watson earned the right to be in every Interview FOOTBALL can be discussed. One thing I know about Watson, is he a FOOTBALL student of the game Im asshamed to be a Texan Fan 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Allen JacksonAllen Jackson13 kun oldin
  • Man if he comes to the Panthers...

    NefziNefzi13 kun oldin
  • Want to know the crazy thing is I’ve ALWAYS said that Watson is better than mahomes the ONLY reason why it don’t seem that way is because he has WEAPONS!

    Thomas BarnesThomas Barnes13 kun oldin
  • 5$ he go to Dallas

    Frankie KingFrankie King13 kun oldin