First Take | Stephen A.: Who will win NFC Champ: Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Green Bay Packers?

22-Yan, 2021
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First Take | Stephen A.: Who will win NFC Champ: Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Green Bay Packers?

  • Brady fans be like brady threw 3-20 and 7 pics and gets a game winning call by the ref.... Brad'ys the goat brady brought the suckaniers to a championship... lol nah the refs did 🤣

    James BushJames Bush14 kun oldin
    • @James Bush even if the refs are with Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers' Fans should be the last people on earth complaining about the Refs because Rodgers is Notoriously for having the Refs on his side but against Tom Brady it wasn't going to happen.....

      Boxing FanBoxing Fan9 kun oldin
    • @Boxing Fan king of the nfl that would make since why the refs always cheat for him thanks for clearing it up for me

      James BushJames Bush9 kun oldin
    • @James Bush LMAO... you're the one that sounds hurt that Brady's first season in the NFC he went into Green bay and beat the overrated Aaron Rodgers in the NFC championship game LMAO... Imagine going 13-3 and having the number 1 seed Just to lose to the Goat LMAO...... Tom Brady is the King of the NFL....

      Boxing FanBoxing Fan9 kun oldin
    • @Boxing Fan someone's getting mad it would seem its ok belive what you want if cheating to win is good enough for you then continue to ride the wave of brady💁🏼‍♂️

      James BushJames Bush9 kun oldin
    • @James Bush he was a one hit wonder you idiot.. the only reason why he beat the bear in the NFC championship game is because Jay Cutler got injured... Aaron Rodgers was so terrible in that game.. he had 0 TD passes with 2 Interceptions and a Passer Rating of 55.4 LMAO.. his defense had to get a pick 6 seal the game for the Packers... Aaron is a choke Artist... Rodgers is not even Top 20 All Time....

      Boxing FanBoxing Fan9 kun oldin
  • Wrong

    Keith LeFebreKeith LeFebre22 kun oldin
  • Worse Stephen a prediction

    RektflairRektflairOy oldin
  • Bucs won. **crickets**. 🙄🤦‍♂️😂

    Robert CairnsRobert CairnsOy oldin
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    jeff fungjeff fungOy oldin
  • Never looked at Rodgers as good as brady. Dont know what the debate is about. Rodgers stink.

    Glock19istGlock19istOy oldin
  • RIP RODGERS . 1 - 5 important games . I’m gonna throw in an extra championship game for next year Because I know He will choke in that one too

    Long Duck DongLong Duck DongOy oldin
  • Drew Brees and Arron Rodgers great regular season qbs. Championship game Drew Brees with his small hands if he doesn’t Fumble it away he has his worst passing games when it counts. Rogers 10 out of 10 times he runs out into the end zone regular season. Championship games second guessing himself n split second and Too inconsistent. Brady the most clutch and smartest quarterback of all time. Huge difference.

    Long Duck DongLong Duck DongOy oldin
  • Even if Brady would have lost - SAS would have been much better off sticking with the call he was riding all season long. The fact that he flipped and got beat - doubles the amount of egg on his face!

    Chris GilliganChris GilliganOy oldin
  • Its funny that a guy falling off the cliff won the game.

    DanielSDanielSOy oldin
  • Stephen A. I am so disappointed in you man. You should have known you never bet against Brady. SMH.

    Peter ArmstrongPeter ArmstrongOy oldin
  • Rodgers is a high tool

    Paul BurgessPaul BurgessOy oldin
  • Im gonna go out on a limb and say the buccs win 31-26

    Mark JettMark JettOy oldin
  • Does one really care who the hostess wants to win? NO!

    E ME MOy oldin
  • The bad man is so special that he has been part of the problem in his team losing four NFC Championships, which just goes to show what little Smith knows about football. The host is irritating.

    E ME MOy oldin
  • The hostess is irritating. Smith, with his finger in his mouth, is childish and like most of his prognostications about the NFL, they are WRONG!

    E ME MOy oldin
  • Lack of respect? Rodgers gets more respect than anyone with a losing playoff record I've ever seen. Great player but not the greatest. Sick of hearing this argument about talent, no one cares. Its about legacy and this loss hurts his legacy irreparably.

    Adam MarconAdam MarconOy oldin
  • What are these morons saying today?

    Michael WilliamsMichael WilliamsOy oldin
  • What a dummy!

    BM FBM FOy oldin
  • Rodgers CHOKES! 1-4? C'MON MAN

    John WillardJohn WillardOy oldin
  • Now you love Brady Max? I shut you off years ago because your a HATER!!!!! GOAT NO QUESTIONS

    John WillardJohn WillardOy oldin
  • HA HA HA lil stevie WRONG AGAIN LMAO 🤣

    John WillardJohn WillardOy oldin
  • NFL: Rodgers is MVP Tom Brady: Ok. Watch this!

    Gary CaldwellGary CaldwellOy oldin
    • Actual evidence of election fraud. Lol

      Gary CaldwellGary CaldwellOy oldin
  • Should have stuck by the GOAT. Eat it Stephen A. !!!! Lmmfao

    Gary CaldwellGary CaldwellOy oldin

    Brian BellBrian BellOy oldin
  • As usual Stephen A is a racist idiot. He’s a blowhard & gets everything wrong lol.

    Grant ThorpeGrant ThorpeOy oldin
  • Don't bet against the GOAT and now you know why. Brady got the Bucs to the Super Bowl with his leadership and it will be played on their own field in TAMPA!!

    cr1m203cr1m203Oy oldin
  • I predict Bucs win 31 to 26

    Vennis EllisVennis EllisOy oldin
  • Let Molly talk dammit

    makepeaceumakepeaceuOy oldin
  • Told you Stephen a smith you regret not picking Tom Brady you lost yesterday never bet against Tom Brady

    Arthur MorganArthur MorganOy oldin
  • He's a saaaaaaaaaad man!

    AAOy oldin
  • Ooopsss

    Chris BautistaChris BautistaOy oldin
  • Aaron R, best QB to every play the position. Based on what? Its obviously not based on skill or success. Not stats or records held/ broken. At least Marino retired with every QB record. Aaron has a superbowl. and 4 conference ships lost. Oh but he as a high hail marry success rate. that must be it. No one throws a 50/50 ball like him. wtf

    Jordan McJordan McOy oldin
  • All this love for Brady, and then you picked against him. How’d that work out?

    Killin ItKillin ItOy oldin
  • Rodgers' NFC Championship Game is in Jim Kelly's Super Bowl territory...

    ErikErikOy oldin
  • This didn’t age well

    dburns515dburns515Oy oldin
  • 😂😂😂😂 Steven A- BRADY BRADY BRADY 🐐🐐🐐 That bad mans soul got crushed

    Matt HarringtonMatt HarringtonOy oldin
  • Steven A.... the shame is real

    Beneath the GoldBeneath the GoldOy oldin
  • Bet anything Stephen A. blames this loss on the 4th down Field Goal play? Even though Brady threw 3 picks and all they got was 6 points out of it... 👀😂

    Jesus PachecoJesus PachecoOy oldin
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    Robert GuttkeRobert GuttkeOy oldin
  • Wrong again as usual SAS, and Max Kellerman. Aaron Rodgers is now 1-4 in NFC Championship Games! When Rodgers goes up against great teams, he loses. But he can beat a subpar Jay Cutler”s Chicago Bears team! So enough with he’s the greatest QB from a skilled position. He’s a good QB, just not The G.O.A.T. Patrick Mahomes is way better

    Rayshard RobinsonRayshard RobinsonOy oldin
  • Tom Brady wins super bowls the best QB coming out of the NFC have only won 1 SB this guy has 6 ready to add another 1..

    Esmond MckenzieEsmond MckenzieOy oldin
    • Lol slow down on the add another 1.

      Joe TowneJoe TowneOy oldin
  • Don’t ever bet agains the goat 🐐

    Andre BrownAndre BrownOy oldin
  • 5.42 Brady makes better decisions. Near the end of the game Rogers had a chance to bootleg to the right corner for a TD or set up a 4th from the one. He threw an incomplete pass and they settled for a FG.

    christianpatriot125christianpatriot125Oy oldin
  • Rodgers is baaaaad alright 👍 👌

    Rick JustusRick JustusOy oldin
  • Oooohhh, please pick Kansas city next! Ha ha 😂 🤣 what a couple of asshats!

    Rick JustusRick JustusOy oldin
  • I wonder what Stephen A Smith will say afther the Packers lose.

    Travis BinderTravis BinderOy oldin
  • That bad man got savaged by Tom Brady Stephen A for ass

    Raymond JonesRaymond JonesOy oldin
  • The 'experts' strike again

    Alex JacksonAlex JacksonOy oldin
  • aaron rodgers isn't as good as stephen a thinks he is

    JakeemJakeemOy oldin
    • I agree, Steven seems to think its still 2010

      Raymond JonesRaymond JonesOy oldin
    • Bro what???

      StokedStokedOy oldin
  • Im watching this and lmao . these guys should play this back and listen to their words. How can these experts get it so wrong. Brady hating is a waste of time.

    Alberto BritoAlberto BritoOy oldin
  • The game was epic too.

    John RevelationJohn RevelationOy oldin
  • Mahomes is bigger talent than rodgers

    Igor BegovicIgor BegovicOy oldin
  • Never bet against Tom Brady!! Have these guys not learned yet!!? After all these years??

    Selmir SubasicSelmir SubasicOy oldin
  • wrong! lol

    Arctic FrontArctic FrontOy oldin
  • Stephen A...fairweather friend... When the going gets tough, he jumps ship...heads for the lifeboats... Says Rogers is the greatest QB ever... Yeah? Rogers: 1 Ring Brady: 6 Rings Rogers: 1 SB trip Brady: 10 SB trips Who is the greatest?

    Leon Allan DavisLeon Allan DavisOy oldin
  • Rodgers is so fucking ass. Brady gives you 3 picks and you only score 6 points? There's a wide ass open lane for you to run into the end zone and you choose to pass it at the line of scrimmage? I'm sure the Rams Defense is better than the Bucs defense on paper and Rodgers completely torched them. Where was the same Rodgers that beat the breaks off the talented Rams? Where was the bunny hop touchdown run he always does whenever he scrambles to the end zone? Shit, he did it last week. Why not do it when it counted the most? Why not beat your coaches ass for not letting you go for it on 4th down? Greenbay is YOUR team. YOU run the organization and you can't capitalize? You let a man, who came from the AFC, beat you in his first year? Brady throws 3 picks and you can't at least take the lead? The packers not ONCE had a lead in this game, EVEN with 3 picks. That's a Shakespearean tragedy. Brady has the same amount of NFC Championships as Rodgers. How incredibly sad.

    Claude The MoggerClaude The MoggerOy oldin
  • Well this didn’t age well

    Landon AndreiLandon AndreiOy oldin
  • Hahaha. I'm here after the play off game. Green bay lost to the bucs.🤣🤣🤣

    Damn StraightDamn StraightOy oldin
  • rogers is like lebron playing for stats

    dj kaptaingdj kaptaingOy oldin
    • Facts

      Joe TowneJoe TowneOy oldin
  • Jajaaaa BUCS baby!!!

  • Stephen A: "Oops"

    SSOy oldin
  • I respected you until you got off the train. You know as well as anyone, never bet against Brady in January

    Jeff BJeff BOy oldin
  • If ESPN has to force a woman into the conversation, they could at least pick a less annoying woman. Hell, anyone off of the street would be a better choice.

    Mike MillyMike MillyOy oldin

    Donshay CarolinaDonshay CarolinaOy oldin
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    Big SmokieBig SmokieOy oldin
  • Kellerman was right. Brady did fall off the cliff Max just didn’t know Brady has wings and can fly.

    Headless CreatorHeadless CreatorOy oldin
  • I think Stephen A Smith just likes to say "Bad Man". Rodgers got outplayed by Brady in the 1st half. And in the second half he tried to mount a comeback but couldn't do it!!!

    Vee ClashVee ClashOy oldin
  • Brady will accomplish something no man walking on earth can even daring of dreaming. 1. He retire Brees. 2. He retire Rodgers. 3. He retire that Morhones (concussion).

    andylauchoiraandylauchoiraOy oldin
  • Got she's annoying

    Joaquin MezaJoaquin MezaOy oldin
  • stephen A wishes he doesnt have to work later.

    Koykoy GamingKoykoy GamingOy oldin
  • We have told you time and time again. Never ever bet against the GOAT.

    andylauchoiraandylauchoiraOy oldin
    • 🐐 = W

      socratese5socratese5Oy oldin
  • 😆🤣 shoulda stuck with the GOAT

    Ingenious ProductionsIngenious ProductionsOy oldin
  • that bad man is 1-4 in championship games lmao!!!!!!!!!!

    ramon carterramon carterOy oldin
    • I guess that is bad!! 😂

      socratese5socratese5Oy oldin
  • We need a new first take host for the next 2 weeks! He said he is going with GB the rest of the way! Welp, who is the greatest now Mr. SMITH? 🐐 Brady!!!! MAX, you also have some splainin to do!! NO Excuses Monday! I know yall gonna try but NO! We don't want to hear about the 4th down play!!! He had all game to get the lead!!!! No EXCUSES!!!!!

    Michael WilliamsMichael WilliamsOy oldin
  • As always these 2 are always wrong! HAHA...BRADY GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!

    r macr macOy oldin
  • Steven A.,how you gonna think the Roger's gonna 1 up Brady,You turned on TB,and they didn't care!!! Brady dusted them anyhow!!! Tampa Bay is gonna wi it all my friend. This is same as Manning in last couple years.We will see how good Bradys experience will do against the Chiefs,hope he blisters that &#$,GO BUCS! Steven A buy Rodgers a ticket and ya'll go watch Brady..... Boi

    Truett JohnsonTruett JohnsonOy oldin
  • Molly says "I ride so hard for Brady" LoL. Too funny.

    MrJeffrey316MrJeffrey316Oy oldin
  • You how fine wine ages ? Well these guys’ whines after every Brady victory ages even better!

    Bad ChukarBad ChukarOy oldin

    So Network TVSo Network TVOy oldin
  • And then Rodgers lost lmao

    l Volendrung ll Volendrung lOy oldin
  • Rodgers is officially overrated Brady is 43 btw

    Seth BriscoeSeth BriscoeOy oldin

    Walter JohnWalter JohnOy oldin
  • Who here after Rodgers took the L

    Maranatha 1Maranatha 1Oy oldin
  • This didn’t age well

    xX1Awesome1XxFTWxX1Awesome1XxFTWOy oldin
  • Stephan 💯 wrong again.... BRING IN KEVIN HART!!

    AttilatheThrillaAttilatheThrillaOy oldin
  • Stephen who won Sunday night

    Jose ReynosoJose ReynosoOy oldin
  • Bucs WIN!!!!

    Idk To be honestIdk To be honestOy oldin
  • He wrong

    NickNickOy oldin
  • 🐐

    Austin MartinAustin MartinOy oldin
  • And look at that’s the buccaneers won !!! Lol

    Llusnalvi CaballeroLlusnalvi CaballeroOy oldin
  • The Bucs had that baaaaaaaaaaad man all discombobulated all game.

    Bear77HBear77HOy oldin
  • You should never bet against Brady... and you should never bet on Rodgers in big games.

    whoisjohngalt11whoisjohngalt11Oy oldin
  • Looks like Monday is going to be a great show

    Edward RizziEdward RizziOy oldin
  • The BADDDDDDD MAN let me down🤦😂🤷, I thought he would Win at home in the freezing cold and he lost, now 1-4 in PLAYOFF CHAMP GAMES🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦DAMN........

    Deonte SwingDeonte SwingOy oldin
  • Well this clown show aged well

    mike gitaumike gitauOy oldin

    Deonte SwingDeonte SwingOy oldin

    Deonte SwingDeonte SwingOy oldin
  • And the winner is. Tom Brady. It’s been a long fall off a cliff

    Bob lesterBob lesterOy oldin
  • I got Pat Mahomes beating Brady and the Bucs 🤷....Just my Pic, I won $50 the 1st game they Played

    Deonte SwingDeonte SwingOy oldin